Zeider-Man 2/3: Rush Limbaugh, Madonna, Nick Lachey, Dumbledore


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I'm not Rome Spiderman your mom but I know that version where homer seems right or pig and he's doing whatever a spider fig Ruined my brain in Portland. Who are like I to Simpson's is my lovely? Which happened to a generation of all of us? Alright Miles West trending lets people was bringing a rush limbaugh trending because he has announced that he has advanced lung cancer which that's server good Yeah has been then. There's also apparently is like a secondary search hit of lung cancer treatments. I saw like under real fulltime searches search trends happening on Google. I don't know if they're related but they're very Very similar yeah Yeah I'm I'm sure people are hoping you know he's got a lot of Lifelong fans out there like Go Way back to the eighties with him. So one of the first books I ever bought was Al Franken's rush limbaugh's McFadden. Yeah did not know over my head. I was as a child because I only knew Al Franken from SNL SNL. Oh this has to be a joke book right and then I'm like I don't know any money. Yeah I remember getting one of his books for Christmas and reading the whole thing rush limbaugh us. No Oh Alfano went out Franken's but I think it was lying liars and the lying lies in the liars who tell them. Yeah anyways Madonna lawsuit also trending. Yeah she's being sued by a couple of fans because our concert started late. And that caused all hell's the break loose. Look this happens you go to a show. It says you know doors at seven thirty show. At eight thirty they get their Show starts at eleven thirty dam which is like some Wu Tang level. Shit if you've ever seen Wu Tang live. Yeah add about seventeen hours to whatever the the stays time Ms. And that's when the show will begin. I mean but these guys these fans are they basically said the fact that the show ended so late in In like they were out the streets around one. AM completely up like they had trains. They were taking. They had rides our schedule now. I don't know how much this is. Just a finesse or just trying to get your your tickets refunded refunded ray. They're saying like it. Basically up ended things because they had work and school to go to the next day. And but the kicker is since they take your phones at the Madonna show. They couldn't even try and sort something out during the show. Because they're like you get to show when you get your phone you leave is what they're saying. Ray so you know I mean they could have left early right. Is that the thing. I'm sure probably will that. Be the defense. They'll probably be like. Yeah there's I mean I can't imagine a Madonna shows like you. Leaving Evens like madge has not gone on. You will sit down. Yeah but I need to get home. I'm to my need to study for my cat. I mean but that's a real thing like in in New York. If you have like a train out to something you can be stranded ended. I understand yeah when you actually take like mass transit. They're like it's funny like in Japan in the train scheduling APP. There's like one you can just filter like last possible train home rate so you can immediately be like okay where we hanging out. Let me figure out what time I have to get the fuck Outta here before I'm stranded and I'm taking a nap on the street until five four so did did did the story continue to continue on to say like what their solution was or they were just like as all fucked up at work. 'cause yeah they know they're just like all right fine. We're probably have the we know some people that will file a lawsuit on our behalf and we can have fun. I 'cause apparently live nation told them even at the time they're like we're not going to issue refunds for that but also there's a similar class action lawsuit that Madonna is facing. I think in Florida or or did face last year. So she's late you know. Just gotTa know that you know. Go to tank shell. It's going to happen nine hours hours later. Go to Madonna Shells GonNa happen three hours later. Yeah I mean I once but tickets that made it impossible to see the screen at the Jay z beyond say show totally my fault but I still felt similarly angry about the whole thing. Oh the angle some of these resell those such an acute angle. Yeah Yeah you couldn't like couldn't even remotely see the this last year the last tour while really blue. Oh we. He went on different nights. Though didn't yeah we did too the second night. Nicklaus Shay. Yeah on. He was on today show with his wife. The Nessa Mini Nilo Luce. Okay got to have a three name name. If you're nasty. You brought up the new Jessica Simpson Book. Where where she says that John Maher was mind fucking her that John Mayer anecdote was sort of like sh she was like he's so smart and like like if I said anything anything wrong? He'd immediately challenged me. She's basically saying like the dynamic was such that she was petrified of making mistakes around him and also when she would text him. Have the people like check for grammar and Shit. Because she just didn't want that like John. Mayer gaslight smoke something There's all kinds of interesting stuff. There's another other part where they talk. But we're talking about Nicholas Shane. It's very much like you know we met when we were young are our new marriage played out on TV and then at a certain point I realized like we just. We weren't actually good when the cameras weren't on legally turned it on for the show and then we realized something was happening but she didn't really take shots at him or anything. She kept it very respectful. She's like you know because I don't want to say anything bad because I obviously married him for a reason and we stayed together for a reason just didn't end up working out and they millions of married married couples on Instagram soon learned with I was like yeah so then like when Hoda asked him this is what he said he goes. I'll be honest I obviously. I haven't read the book. Okay so I don't know what she said or what she revealed there but I'm certainly happy for her in her life. I know she's happy for us. You know there's definitely mutual respect expect there so that's you know. Obviously it was a long time ago. We've all moved on classy answer. Classy classy May lassie man. Although like it was something like she says. There's like a line in that book she's like I went straight from my father's arms into Nick's arms so I think she's eighteen or something. At the time they they met or got married is is was he older than her okay. How much though do they have kids together Nick because she only at sheet that they do not have kids? Let's go okay. So they're able to keep it pretty amicable rape I Have Nicholas Shays lullaby album. That's on on. Repeat at the House not repeat but my son like some of the songs on there. Oh Wow so is it just all lullabies. Yeah it's all songs he he's he's singing to a baby. Oh my God wait. Hold on if she's thirty nine and he's forty six. He was twenty five when she was a young. Your anyway. It's anyone with that arm. Tattoo that ninety degrees here that dude. I'm pretty sure everybody. Ninety the eight degrees had that same like tribal prints. Whatever Dan Armband? Tattoo US Dope Tattoo sick. TAT's lead I got mine. I can say that foreshore sing tat sick. lattes that's right because Dumbledore is also trending wise. was that because Jason Crowe who is part of the house Impeachment team one of the managers are Democrat impeachment team in part of his closing arguments. you know everyone sort of had a theme like where some people were like. Hey the framers of the constitution rooted in this way so that you guys would have to do something down the road. Every person who takes oath is entrusted with like with keeping its sacred and doing what what they can to act impartially to do. It's for the best of the country a lot of stuff like that and then his part of his comments were saying you know my wife and I. This is is a direct quote. My wife and I have tried to teach our kids what we can always control that we can always control our choices. It's in that spirit. That hanging hanging in my son's room is a quote from Harry Potter. He added the quote is from Professor Dumbledore. WHO said it's our choices that show who we truly are far more than our abilities immediately? Mitch McConnell his knees asking for forgiveness Rand Paul. Oh I think just right van is he turned to a poof cloud. If there's one thing that we know is meaningful to conservatives it is obviously Harry Potter and using they think is doing the devil's work. Yeah it's when you say. They all had a theme. It sounds like it's like a child's birthday party we're the other stick closing people your mandate the use. The pacing for one person was first given context of Concentrated at another one's being like what you saw Over these last two weeks was that Donald Trump has done all these things and their bad and none of them have been dispute. Yeah then moving on like each sort of each speaker had I just sort of peace that fit together Shifting get up there and he was like in this will be cowboy themed partner justice in the Old West. Run this bucker band out of town. What do you say shit? Well that those are four things that are trending this afternoon and we will be back tomorrow with another podcast in the morning And we will talk to you guys then bye bye guys. It's bobby bones. I host the bobby bones show and pretty much always sleepy because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple hours later I get all my friends together. We get into a room and we do a radio show with our allies. We tell our stories we try to find as much good in the world that we possibly can and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music too so wake up with a bunch of my hi friends. On Ninety eight point seven W Z Q in Washington D._c.. Or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP.

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