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BEN LYONS BACK FOR MORE ESPN LA Sodano. Show ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance all our guests on the Sodano show appear via the shell pennzoil performance line. What a night last night out in Orlando. Lots to get into from the Lakers win over the nuggets I was sitting there watching the game and going back and forth and my dad and I'm introducing him to WHO BOWL BOWL is. Bowl Bowl played his first NBA game just a few a week ago two weeks ago as part of this restart in Orlando I'm showing my dad who Michael Porter, Jr. is kid doesn't miss a shot and a half. He's lights out. He looks like if the bad guys in the mighty ducks grew up, he looks like the bad guy in every eight ninety sports movie ten years later this guy looks like a future man who is Michael Porter Jr... So. If all the excitement is around all these young nuggets and this team that might be finding himself. Look some tells me number zero is GonNa come to the party with a chip on his shoulder and sure enough tile Kouzmanis Ma put on a show last night and hit a big shot. You all saw you heard it. You've seen the tweets and it's such a big deal to me because I look at the current state of this Laker team, which was struggling three losses in a row the. Bubbles Weird. You can shock it up to the seating already be done and kind of existing in this weird limbo of were preparing for the postseason but we're not really trying to win this game, but we're also trying to put these lineups together that we might need us but it's just as a little felt a little scattered to be honest the last few nights watching the lake show especially against Indiana. So so here you have Kyle Kuzma who if you go back to the beginning of the season? When Anthony Davis was traded to the Lakers. It wasn't just okay. We got a D.. He's the last of the young kids remaining. Let's collectively move forward. I'll know don't don't forget the ad trade was done well before the July first free agent signings were made official. So that was done what end of June last year. So Kuzma it has to exist in this limbo of lamb I the third guy are they elevating me? I'll know they're trying to get collide still they're still out free agent hunting, Jj Radic's in the mix. Oh. So didn't really feel fully embraced beyond simply, Hey, we didn't send you down in New Orleans. Then he gets a shot to play with Team USA in the Global Games the. World. Games in while that might not seem a lot. 'CAUSE is not an Olympic year. It's a big deal for a young player to be part of the Team USA program and to go overseas representing the country and he's having a nice nice little tune up for that, and then he rolls his ankle and. Foot and his legs never find his footing. This season doesn't really get off to a good start never healthy and like to traditional Lebron teams that third guy kind of struggling to find his footing. You think of Chris Bosh. As the third wheel down in Miami, it was often such a brunt of the criticism. The focus of the criticism took a brunt of it and then he had you know Kevin. Love would often get made fun of in Cleveland for not taking not being in the photos on the plane with Lebron or being the odd man out third wheel and all and. Will now have Kyle Kuzma, who is not even nearly the accomplished player that Kevin Love or Chris boss was at the point in their careers multiple time all stars and things like that profile for agents. sagay was traded by the team that drafted him sits guy who would kind of overlooked planet Utah Secondary Big. Major. program. So he's playing with a chip on his shoulder keys. Staying within himself and he gets a moment last night and they dropped the play to perfection. It's just a great moment for Laker team for him to hit that shots after trying to get the charge, you did the right basketball play the play before it gets called for the blocking foul his night could have easily gone another way. But Frank Vogel draws it up Kyle Kuzma hits it, and forever as basketball fans, we are now going to have this piece of sound which I'm about to play you, which is just so tremendous moon again. Today Laura can you t up what Kyle had to say about the last shot of the game afterwards I think Jesus could be in front of me and I'll probably you. Don't matter me. got. Look play that we kinda ran. And practice a few times no prior says that restart in no coach Dave me in this call number and I A straight talk from Kyle Kuzma straight talk wireless has the full court cell phone coverage. You need just forty five bucks. A month gets you the unlimited plan with twenty five gigs of high speed data. Then two G. for up to fifty percent less than the big carriers only at Walmart. Savings may vary see terms and conditions at straighttalk dot com for that young man come out there afterwards and say Yeah Jesus Christ in front of you still would have shot it not only as a basketball moment that's going to be part of Kyle's journey but speaks to the confidence you have to have to really assert yourself. Alongside Lebron, James it alongside Anthony Davis. Now I gotta be honest I haven't seen the footage. I'm not I didn't watch him play in college and and Jerusalem I didn't see him coming up in the game i. don't know what kind of defender Jesus if he has a wingspan like bowl bowl. That's impressive. But Kyle Kuzma MMA with the confidence that had to make coach. Happy. What is thank Baldo say about it after the game. I think it's unlikely that we keep ministry lineup is something I want to look at something we have available with how massive we're looking at. we're likely going to need to to quit guards the way most of these teams. That we could be facing it's a small ball league so We're these offensive speed on the perimeter. So Casey and Danny is likely to the lineup but you know again you get in different mass up. There Freeman is six ten. and Michael Porter Jr.. So it'd be get any to match up against Denver where it gets another team that is big like this. Could be an option for us. So it's just another part of the trial and error and evaluation of looking at different things during seating games. I love the voice of reason right there. Everyone's gas. Everyone's excited. Kyle hits big shot I shoot over Jesus I'm confident. Will Frank. Vogel. Comes in sobering adults voice of reason, and says, well, let's let's see what what are matchups look like in terms of Kyle starting in the future and starting still means a lot to guys at might sign sound a little juvenile but it's true and you saw kyle after the game saying everyone in this league, not a starter I'm just playing the two best players in the League or Two of the best players in the world and so two guys it's definitely definitely a point of pride to be a starter and you see the ones who are able to switch that mentality and embrace coming off the bench whether it's Lou Williams Jamal Crawford Jr Smith at one point his career that that they're able to embrace that and have success. But it takes a little bit of humble pie usually comes a little bit later on in your career Kyle. Still sending this guy's a star I mean look at follow on instagram. Friend Count Vic tweeted coups can wear the sweater with holes in. Again. We don't care. We were going to continue to stand for because this guy's in instagram model. He's got the confidence of a number one dude. So he's GonNa take shots like number one dude. So it's been a struggle for Kyle. Let's be honest this entire year to find his footing and to have that happen, it speaks to the power of coaching too because Frank Vogel when you'RE A. Coachee of choices to make choose who you want to start you choose how many minutes you guys are GonNa play you choose what type of offense you on Iran your day is constantly filled with choices. You hope as the leader of the team to make good ones, and then your players will follow suit. You can easily take in that moment to say Lebron James Best Player on the planet you. The last shot that's the way it goes I make that choice would have been a bad choice. Of course, not Lebron James Anthony Davis has been so under the microscope for the way he performs or lack thereof as performances in the fourth quarter maybe they take those last few seconds to run an ice Oh separate and get him a shot off to see if he can get some confidence. Going but no frank mogul made the conscious choice last night to draw up a play for Kyle Kuzma to build his confidence up to get him to feel a part of this whole laker run and it paid off in big ways. Now, Shack said something Greg last night in the broadcast afterwards that like Frank Vogel was a sobering kind of reminder of of there's still more work to be done. Shack it's very sensitive when you refer to Kyle Kuzma it's part of the big three. You think last night's shot kind of establishes Kyle as part of the Big Three in Los Angeles Greg. I mean, you would hope so but I still think that were it's GonNa be a different guy that's the third guy every single night I love with Kyle Kuzma has done in the bubble especially. But To call him a part of the big three I if that gets him as confidence and he's hitting eighteen to twenty points a game every night. Great and he goes there for that but he's not there yet. He is not the third wheel in the in the big three right now when he scores eighteen plus points there eleven in two when all three guys scored twenty plus points there two and one. So when he balls. Out They have success. So don't they need him to be the big through I? Mean he's the one he's the guy that's supposed to be I mean he was always from the beginning of training camp in the summer when he was in at Team USA, he was supposed to be the third guy on the big three but the inconsistency that he's the shown throughout the year as made it so that he hasn't been that guy. In the bubble I've actually been very impressed with him in hopefully because he doesn't have the pressure of playing in front of fans and what we're seeing with a lot of guys actually with TJ. Warren and Michael. Porter. Jr.. And calicoes mkhize that are just bawling out with nobody in front of with nobody behind them. Hopefully that's what's going on with him right now. So if you can be the third guy, let's I'm all for it gets back to choices because cows someone who's young he's in the limelight he's out there stars coups on the Graham is we get it right? It's OK having young young successful Los Angeles go out there and have a good time. But. The choices we make oftentimes is young men can define us for the rest of our lives or the choices we make. Now we have to, you know report we sell if you will. So Kyle by maybe being in a bubble environment some of the choices that he might make might be taken off the table. He doesn't have to make those choices anymore you just go play basketball and I think you're onto something and we've got a Hassen calling in a little bit later. Ben. Lines phone in for Sodano all week long here on ESPN LA except for Thursday because the Lakers have their final seating game of the arrogance, the the Sacramento Kings, and it's an early tip on Thursday. So no show for US Thursday. But I'm here all week and we're going to have a mean on the show and let's see if there's some truth to that theory Greg that guys are able to have sort of a different approach to the game by being the bubbles who are. Who The star players are, who the key players are, which teams have to feature and focus on certain guys. So of Kuzin was a bubble guy if he makes the all bubble team, that's only a good thing for the Lakers because Lebron talk about pressure Lebron had some some interesting quotes for a about Kyle Kuzma, and the role he has for this Laker team we'll get into that. Coming up a little bit later on in the show plus we're going to keep you posted on the status of college football as any at any moment. Now, the PAC twelve is expected to be releasing some type of statement about what they collectively do as a league out affects USC and Ucla of course, we'll get into all of it plus a tough night out at Dodgers Stadium Ben Line. Filling in for Sodano, on seven ten, Espn Ben Lyon here filling in First Sodano. ESPN radio is presented by Progressive Insurance Drivers who save with Progressive Save over seven hundred and fifty dollars on average call or click today and find out we could save you hundreds on your car insurance talking about Kuzin the big shot he at last night. I know sex with you guys a little bit. And Lakers despite ad listening to our show and coming out strong out of the gate clearly a loyal listener seventy ESPN because he heard US calling him out last night bawled out from the start. They still looked a little flat not gonNA lie. Let's nitpick a little bit right. We can wake up with a positive attitude or we can wake up when they did. They were good but so. A little bit of that and get some realism realism in here for a moment. Any Davis struggles with double teams. Doesn't he Greg Oh? Yeah. He's having some major issues with double teams where if once once a second guy comes on 'em, he kinda gets. A little jolted and he has these throwing balls out of bounds just turn the ball over. It's a it's a tough spot for him but I thought yesterday was actually their best offensive performance of the bubble and it wasn't even close. Yeah they look significantly better on offense last night so much more fluid and when guys are moving without the basketball cutting like they were, they're gonNA get easy shots. AC- dion waiters give them a little spark and that's all you need from a guy like that three shots in a row get them going twelve points keep moving. But AG. He so good Greg. He's one of the Great. If I came down like an eyeball alien tests, you'd be like that's one of the great athletes on planet earth. Let alone basketball players yet. He's takes two shots in the fourth quarter again and played thirty minutes. So what why can't I just grabbed him and shake him and say, Yo, get it together do. Well also thinking about this on the box score yeah. It says he had to shots and we were talking about this before the show also, but he had he had six foul shots and then he went five or six from the free throw line. So to get to the free throw line, you gotta be putting up a shot to get. Vowed well said so that's more than the two shots he's actually having. So in that case, there's six that's at least five shots and he put up seven points. So at least that's he's hitting his foul shots in those in those situations and getting to the rim. Defense to the defense is going to be there for them. We know it is there such a long team versatile team defense is not something that that is a great concern on this team because despite not having Rondo and Bradley, they're able to provide somebody different matchups. Danny Green is such a versatile defender. You're right. The offense is kinda flowing and humming last night, and it's a testament to Kyle Kuzma I mean I'm. Not The only one who thinks that I mean Lebron James spoke after the game about just how important he is to this team the future success they WANNA have a deep October now, and here's what Lebron had to say about cooed, you said that year that you've got Communism coups what his rolling under Steve is all what are you made a displayed in the bubble and how do you think that could change things? As. You get into the post again. I think the best thing about the I guess the time that we had office has got an opportunity healthy. You know he was hampered with his foot injury ankle injury throughout the season. So he was always playing catch up a lot of stuff to give healthy and. A lot of work. Is. This confidence is. Soaring. Some go ball but more importantly defensively just been locked the and you know and just take a challenge on any given night. No matter for his. Opponent or anyone escorted it doesn't matter. He's taking the challenge in essence step in the right direction of his growth. Mike sure on the question there too and and you know it's it's so true kyle is is growing right in front of us. She had so much success early on while the team was struggling. But now on your contributing team competing for championship, it's a whole other level of expectations, the whole set of pressures that you have to deal with responsibilities and. These are the moments we talk about it a lot with bad scenes, but his applicable for good teams, you have to have moments throughout the season that you can point to and rally around and despite the success that they've collectively had as a group in terms of amassing a number of wins. If you. Look at a couple of the big moments throughout the year. Little bit of a letdown I mean you know let's let's take everything the court side but just in terms of the actual basketball first night of the year, they get pounced by the Clippers they lose on. Christmas to the clippers some of the big moments you know some of the matchups, maybe not as as exciting as it could've played out. But so they get a big emotional win and jared Greenberg from TNT did a great job on the broadcast I thought he. was talking about how this group in particular is struggling with chemistry in the bubble and Greg you're saying the younger guys the sort of. Second Tier Players Tj Warren's if you will seem to having more individual success in above all maybe than some of the more established star players and I think maybe that's the reason why is that that? Bubble life plays to a younger more AAU tournament style kind of a guy. WHO's not as far removed from the basketball camp life is as somebody who has a father who has businesses or investments, or as distractions off the court they have to attend to between their basketball obligations during the bubble I might be the theory. Yeah I mean it's a pretty good theory too because like look if you're watch everybody follows NBA bubble life right on twitter that has all its showing his all these guys they're they're either golfing or they're going fishing or their shot gunning beers. But you don't really see the older guys doing those types of things. So they're all just kind of comfortable they go. They go out they do their thing to go practice and all it is just them on the court. So it's they can. They're much more free and not really thinking about anything else that's happened because they don't have to because they don't have all those things you're talking about businesses the big families. All what other distractions that you have outside of the bubble so it's interesting I mean if you put together a all NBA team of just all NBA bubble team. The big names are probably not really there. Well, let's put together be a bubble team throughout the show because you got me no hasn't come on at ten forty and he'll have some names obviously to add to that as well. So you start to put together some some bubble folks bubble all-stars. It's fine on the post game. They're saying nobody cares the bubble MVP is nobody cares if you're all bubble at so lame but it's not for these Lakers for cow Koussa his resurgence bubble. Is Power around for them to win a championship. They needed him to have a good seating couple of games to find his footing in Lebron said get healthy but being about this. Okay. So you're Lebron James you've got responsibility of leading your team being this sort of yard for the NBA players in a lot of ways You're this symbol of of greatness for all witness. You're more than an athlete you're taking on voter suppression father. He's got a guard Yokich she's doing everything. And so after the game. You got to answer questions about Dwayne Wade unbuttoned shirt and his. His Eddie Murphy Raw. That he put together on TNT and then you have to answer this question about Kyle, Kuzma shooting over Jesus. drive the incident question. Who Confident competent? Count, young man and. I'm having Marcet you have that confidence in In. Goes on spikes. He's worth a lot like I said. He's still young. Crazy is only in his third year but. I'm better is starting to slow down. He's starting to see a game at a at a pace works not only for himself, but works for our team but. no-confidence player and you gotTa have compass. Go take a shower light debt. Is Always have that confidence? Is he starting to earn your confidence? Not just yours you know his teammates competency. Norfolk Championship yesterday Arthur. Best Player and Bob Shogun or eighty struggle and our second best player. Any given night I mean, it's just We can't. We can't win a championship doesn't play well. We can't win a championship if clues doesn't play well deadlines filling in for Sodano let's Lebron James talking last night after the Lakers big one twenty, four, one, twenty, one, win over the Denver Nuggets who had kind of an interesting approach to the fourth quarter Greg had early success in the game for Michael Porter, Jr., Jim, Murray who I love and Kinda put on the tier of Mike Conley. Point. Guards very, very good solid guy. Bowl. Bowl is looking like John elway out there throwing passes like never seen before Yokich none of the starters played in the fourth quarter last night. But yet I'm not sitting here today saying that doesn't mean that the what the Lakers did was impressive. They're just on different time line and have a different strategy then what the Lakers were hoping to accomplish out of last night, but the young nuggets did not back down at all I'm. Super, impressed by Bulbul, you are shocked that Anthony Davis didn't just take you right through the young kid. Yeah I was I was sitting there the whole time being like look. It's Bowl Bowl Anthony Davis just get the ball. It's not. You're not going up against against Yokich or even Paul millsap about these big bodies it's this teeny it's like this been deuce any. Tall very tall very tall. Sorry. He's this song of. The Bowl he comes from basketball blocking shots royalty. Right. But he's also seven to like one, sixty five. So I mean the dude is very, very thin. If if you're if you're Anthony Davis and you have a guy, that's one, sixty, five, which I don't know. Guard you. Being generous you might be. Sixty five. In and out of the bubble. You should be taking it to the rim like showing him like a man get your and you'd like to block shots but I'm Anthony Davis I can I can get through anybody I'm getting through Paul Millsap I'm getting through Yokich with with that with ease you've got nothing on me and they All Ball, he's back. That's what makes that Kyle crews Mashad even knowledge more impressive is you've got it over Bowl Bowl seven-foot. AIDS. Coming at him so. A reminder to. I hate the phrase stay in your lane because of the origins from when it came from Lavar being mean to Christine on that show in the whole thing, I just don't like the concept of it but the idea of. You have work in front of you do your work focus on your job. What your collective group is doing and try to put blinders onto what everybody else is doing because if the Lakers had. Paid attention to the fact that the nuggets weren't playing their star players last night maybe they take the foot off the gas a little bit. Maybe they don't take that confidence that they get from that Kyle Kuzma shot with them to the next game because they say, well, it wasn't against the guys know stay in your lane senior time on your focus do what you gotta do run a great play at the end of the game you draw up for coups and I'm so impressed with Frank Vogel and the outcome of that game last night a huge Laker win if not. Arguably. The biggest win of the season for emotional reasons, and we'll get into some of that next plus we got me now. Hacen. Coming up on the show lots to get into on a Tuesday is Ben Lyons filling in for Sodano. This is seven seventy, SPN. Ben. Line filling in for George ESPN La. As always ESPN radio presented by progressive insurance guests. Appear. Via the shell. Pennzoil performance. Line. I Love Baseball Trivia this time of year, and sadly we lost someone Greg Carroll Hardy was. Carol hiring don't died on August nine Carroll Hardy. The only player to pinch hit for Ted Williams Carl Yastrzemski, and Roger Marris. s impressive for a now guy or Schmil journeyman. If you will. You Pitch Hits for Ted Williams Collier's shrimps and Roger Merson was a former San Francisco forty niners carroll hardy. Gone on August ninth Saturday announced that put but happy to learn about his life and his career. So I, love those little nuggets about the game. We're GONNA try to sleep in a few more throughout the show speaking of of random players and players outperforming their names if you will talk to me about some of the names coming up on our ESPN LA twitter. Yes. At Espn, Los Angeles for who the bubble MVP's are because we got our who the all bubble team is because we got some interesting names. So all bubble tea this is from starfish and coffee who love show always on says. Pascal, Siachen but I mean he's really good player just General Devon Booker another really great player but it has been fantastic TJ warren of visas zoo boss who has Basically been perfect or close to perfect in the bubble. And James Harden, I, think I would add Michael Porter Jr. in there somewhere. Right. I mean again Michael Porter Jr. does look like he was part of like the Cobra Kai. He was averaging like seven points before the bubble and now he's now he's around like thirty. It's told us that he was trying to steal nick cannon's girlfriend drumline or something I believe. That's the perfect role. I could absolutely see that. While the drumming on the. Mock. Totally got his letterman jacket on. He's like a big scar. Like the guy that like will smith would be with on the fresh France or something it looks like Michael Quarter Junior. You're like he's the from the years three thousand. Love that he really let me get a picture because honesty's haircut is on some future things like with lines it looks like in the movie demolition man he'd be. Silenced Phoenix is like like like henchman or something. That he doesn't even talk though. Phoenix attachment. Doubt she lies and demolition. He's a featured player and drumline and mighty ducks five. He's like one of the biggest. Iceland's return kind of. Totally. Interesting store fourteenth pick in the draft image. The Knicks. Cut Adam Got Kevin Knox. Happy Twenty first birthday to that guy today. But yes. Please I mean Michael Porter Jr., clearly coming into the league with some the prove and had injury stuff and saying with bowl bowl I mean it goes to show you roll the dice in. You take a chance on these kids they might pan out but. Even Bowl Bowl like you're saying like, yes, he is not as as. Physically developed as hopefully he will be later in his career I almost feel like you can be too tall in basketball. Like there's a reason why historically very few players north of seven one have been truly elite. Because they're always way too thin. I mean Shawn. Bradley was one of those guys manute bol even though he was a great shop locker was still you know Overly. Thin. It didn't really last all that long. So yeah. If you if you don't put on a little bit of weight that's GonNa who was it was it was it reggie was shack that we're talking about how he looks like he could be pretty good. He's got to put on sixty. pounds. Sixty. What are you GonNa do is GonNa eat burgers all day and sandwiches and Kinney's twenty years old and to see some of those passes and just to watching dribble the ball up the floor last night and put it through his legs you like Oh, my God. Is this the future basketball but besides durant porzingus other than that one, you're north of seven feet my you know you become kind of more of a one dimensional player Mark Eaton shocked blocker Y'all had success but I mean George near son Boban you're kind of stuck bowl bull last night was just like really fun to watch and was just Man I'm I'm all in on that guy a lot higher than you art sounds like. Well that's down by any means he actually did he has a good three point shot. He's got great passing abilities. He actually does have handled, which was pretty interesting to see but I mean he's still pretty young. I, think he's still any way too thin I think is inside are gonna eat him alive which I thought Anthony Davis, should have been able to do. Now I look great and I joke and say he was listening to our show because yesterday Greg said I would've loved to come on with you and then like hey, eighties the MVP back is incredible. He's the man and I'm I'm probably would have led the show that way had coups not hit that shot and stepped up the way did because ad really did look fantastic for the first three quarters last night even glimpses in the fourth but really to start the game was as if you're listening to join the put back dunk to at the end of the half I mean that's the Alpha, the aggressor you WanNa, see it in him can he can he? Bring that out during this postseason run we'll obviously find out but you had to be excited about seeing what he did last night to start the game. Oh Yeah I mean did you there was one play where? Michael. Porter Jr. was going up for a don for A. Dunk and ad jumped up, grabbed it with two hands. Shouted out. Got It to. Ron. And then he came all the way up floor headed got into the three point line did a little pump fake and went right into into the basket and scored. So it was just a great offense of and defensive play all at the same time. That's the aggressive. Anthony. Davis. That you need to see game in and game out in the playoffs. I understand what's going on Right now in the bubble. But if you can have that guy game in and game out then I, it's going to be very difficult to get past this Laker team. Yeah. Now, that was one place particular to I've felt like it was a video game glitch when you try and throw out your video games, it's really hard. Usually they get snatched out of the air by a guy like that and that's what she did on that play but while we're all excited. About coups today, and we're all looking forward to seeing his Laker postseason Ron something else popped out last night that I am concerned about with this Laker team and it's once again the bench play being inferior to their opponents. That's the strength, the clippers, their deeper than the lanker than the Lakers they might not have the length size, but they definitely have the numbers over a long seven game series physical series that's GonNa come into play especially role players who oftentimes. Don't perform on the road in the playoffs will be that much more important. I think is in bubble setting Greg's been talking about how the Middle Tier guys have been able to excel. So I would say the clippers have superior Middle Tier guys in the Lakers last night the Denver Nuggets Bench Denver Still Without Will Barton without Gary. Harris. They've got some guys injured. They're throwing random guys out there their bench played the entire fourth quarter and looked really good last night. I still if I'm fine tuning and tweaking and nitpicking this number one seeded La Laker team, it's GonNa have to the To have some rest going into the playoffs next week. I would still pause for concern from the bench production, which is why Kouzmines performance and why he needs to stay on the bench is so so important for this team because if you're relying on Dion Waiters Dwight Howard and Jr Smith and what other cast-offs you can, you can mention from this team jared, Dudley will not convinced his better than me than I think you guys are going to have a problem on your hands. So the bench is still something to focus on which gives us focus for the game Thursday. Again, a testament to Frank Vogel for maximizing time in the bubble trying to get something out of this limbo time. I am not going on a limb here by saying I've doubt Labron or Anthony Davis sees any serious action on Thursday you're going to be seeing Dwight and JR jared, Dudley and the bench, and they'll use that as a tune-up game. So taking advantage of the opportunities and the moments presented to you. All right. We gotTA menial housing coming up at ten forty who as you guys know is a big. Star Wars Fan apparently Laura. I'm finding out. You know nothing about Star Wars I never been a star wars person I the right that a Disney but other than that. nope. They've done a really nice job with the Rides Disney that New Millennium Falcon is. But Wha- what's the plot of Star Wars Laura? Somewhere somewhere in the sky. No clue. I really don't wear somewhere in the sky. It's time. Time Melody. I mean, that's all I. Read your daughter Star Wars. Somewhere somewhere in the sky destroyed is not what you're looking for. Saddam Hussein would it be so? mattering. Curious to hear how need is able to explain to Laura the plot of Star Wars as well as talk about Kyle Kuzma and I wanna get to Laura's headlines because guys were on this text message chain sitting in for George this week and you know we're talking about stories and we're watching the games last night the stories that Laura fines in the news are fascinating. So we need to dedicate segments Laura's headlines that say we'll do that at eleven thirty Kazaa. What's in your Google search, but it's definitely different than mine. right amino acid. When we return Ben Lines phone emphasis Donna Seven, Seventy Espn Sodano show rolls on Ben Lines voted for George Pennzoil synthetic motor oils are made from natural gas. It gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is independent oil based on sequence for a test using s e five W. Thirty. Ben. Lines flown in for Sodano on the phone by amino acid not only is an expert in all things hoops but also loves the world of Star Wars knows today that President Clinton's birthday. So I'm sure he celebrating in style. Amine. Works on her show doesn't know what Star Wars is about. Can you explain the plot of the movie Sir? No Wow No, I can't. It's because I told you what it's about. It probably make sense. It's. It's it. I mean, what is it about like if you look at it what what star was actually about the life of skywalker. The rise and fall skywalker but I think if you pulled like thousands of dollars and get my something different about Luke skywalker. Oh, it's about the fight of good versus evil. Oh, it's a fight off. You know you underdog versus the overwhelming favorite and I, guess all those answers are chew in some. Shape or form, but to me, it's the. Story of Antica. Style Walker. Guy Who is incredibly gifted and was Deduced by the dark side and became a bad dude and then. Ultimately was redeemed on his deathbed because redemption is never too late for any of us is I guess what I would call goes. Well And I think Laura can identify that. There are some things in there that we can take apply to our own wives where, for example, if we're looking at the story of the Lakers, some people might think it's the story of Lebron. James. In your seventeen, will he be able to rise above the haters and still have the skills to win one more or is it anthony? Davis proving that he is an Alpha and can lead a team to a championship or as we saw last night mean is it the story of Kyle Kuzma and can this man be consistent and a legitimate member of a big three to win a title? What can we take away from coups last night? I if the story of LAKER missions in big trouble. Rather really. The Lakers is the story of how could coming into his own. That's a little scary but got said better than me. He doesn't play a part right and maybe even a major part and you know part of that is his aggressiveness on the Pentagon. But also part of that is is what appears have been renewed vigor on the defensive end at least what we've seen here in the bubble and ultimately to me that the stuff that's going to keep them on the floor and allowing all the offense and stuff all because his ability to guard people is potential guard people should say is gives Frank Vogel a lot of flexibility with lineups. particularly. As we all imagined at some point or another Lakers are going to have to go to a small lineup with Anthony Davis at the five and so clueless as ability to play the four and more importantly defend after four is going to be critical to that. Amino hasn't joining the show Ben Lines tune in for George, Sodano seven, ten espn don't forget this season hard knocks will follow two teams the Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles chargers watched the premiere tonight at ten PM HBO and streaming on Hbo Max. If we could follow the Lakers around the bubble over there too often as a mean, would we be? Would we see them playing ping pong together and playing cornhole against the Dallas Mavericks and barbecuing or because this is an older veterans team are the guys off in their own silos doing their own thing and not really that communal time you'd think to make bonds in the bubble. Funny Given Brown felt if he's taught him I, go today about. Just from a mental peace of mind aspect you need to disconnect is an the bubble mates are hard to disconnect hard to leave work behind. Most of the time time, you leave the leaning practice facility. You come home in your home runs to deal with anybody from work and I have to do anything work-related as long as I'm home. Now they're kind of surrounded by twenty, four, seven and and. Like some days you Donovan Mitchell. Donnas guy were friends I. Don't WanNa see anymore. I. Wanna I WANNA be alone. And so I imagine. you know the Lakers obviously. Seventeen. Very different agendas, I imagine cost of for instance, and probably hanging out with his brothers. You don't get to do that on a regular basis meanwhile i. can feel Lebron. Yeah. Like sitting in his. Portrait at the top speed mountaineer. His hotel. Unlike was being alone catching and disconnect is going to everybody. And that's why I think last night was so important for this team because it's something they can rally around together as a group and you see them celebrating and having fun and bringing joy to this very stressful, an uncomfortable, an unusual situation. Jr Smith poured water on. The. Guy Loves porn stuff on people's heads The be cared would never never confirmed that it was over the head. Guy When they won the title out Vegas you got you last night. God's loves it. What says league my emotions better than pouring liquid as Lamont. But do you see that joy from that Laker team and do you feel like it's kind of a I don't know a release in some ways because they are under so much pressure they are in this unusual environment. So to see them rally around one of their role players kind of help give them a lift I would imagine going into the postseason. Ben With before the shutdown I would've said that the Lakers were one of the strongest chemistry. When or teams that really did seem to get along and and like he genuinely off the court and and it kind of bled over into the play and You Know I. Obviously, it's a lot harder to tell these things from. Outside the bubble but. It doesn't seem as harmonious. As they were earlier this year maybe that's just because they haven't been playing that. Well. No you're absolutely right and I I was more confident for their chances going into the bubble than I have been watching them perform during the bubble however last night. Just a real a real big win I think for this group heading into the postseason in a reminder that some of the players are the ones who are really shining in the bubble greg and I've been putting together an all bubble team, some of the names that have really popped out as some of the all stars at the bubble if you will for you. It definitely starts tweeted Warren. Moon. Spectacular last night notwithstanding and. That is opportunity He's always been a very gifted score the differences he's getting more opportunities more listen, and obviously there's a lot more attention in the bubble where pretty much every game. Almost every game nationally televised game now Devon Booker has been sensational for Phoenix undefeated, but he he himself as played out of his mind Let's see who else I'm trying I'm drawing a blank share. A lot of a lot of a lot. Of Oakwood Georgia. Oh. Chris Yoga you know what? I hope he gets with. He's been a favorite of wine ever since he was on that delete selecting that beat Team USA and then they ran it back in the USA. Harder. The second dominant I'll you know I like to do. So, I think of a big fan of. Michael Porter Jr. who I was saying little she's a one of the bad guys in the Cobra Kyle up which eighties nineties movie. Do you think Michael Porter Jr. Started? On you got to strike kidding. Chris your he's he's guy he's a kid when the kidney. Old Census see the legs because. He's he's on the talking to begrudgingly Daniela Russo has earns respect I I think. Something good karate kid for because he's got the haircut you gotTA. Karate Kid DOJ Joel kids haircuts. Strong so strong purported looking like he's when the year three thousand live you with this I mean was giving us the straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless no contract. No promise I've Laura has to go home tonight and Watch One Star Wars movie. What's the one to watch? Again like this, this is complicated I to me. I've I would say in parasites bag the lights she won't know anybody because everything was established in the first aisle was a new hope. So I would say watch that one but then I would also argue that one. Over time has held up, they leave the worst out of all of them. Something that you could just watch one it's not like Indiana Jones. And call me later. It's one of the things that you win or you're not in and and that's when I was when people say Yeah I've never watched star wars at my guy you know school I might be too late to. Yeah. Yeah Laura's definitely got our work cut out for her. She's GonNa keep up with you appreciate the insight buddy. Thanks for checking in be well. Nobody? third-level. Amine Alhassan joining the show. He's absolutely right about Michael Porter Jr. being the guy on the Cobra Kai who has earned the respect and afterwards, you can tell yet he's bad but you could tell there something better in his heart and that's what I think. He'll think Michael. Porter. Jr. I'm Hey, the dodgers lost the baseball game but I'm not freaking out get into that next ten ESPN.

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