Episode #42: The Rise of the Ratty Muscle Cars


Welcomed episode number forty two of talking Mo- pars on today's show. We are going to be talking about the rise of the ratty muscle cars specifically Mo- pars so without further ado. If you are a moped disease than you are in the right place, don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best moped. Enthusiasts driven podcast on planet. Earth and I'm your host Chris Albrecht better known as the moped hunter, and this is talking Mo- pars. And You're listening talking. With the Mo par hunter, your direct mention, all things MOEPO. Hello my friends and welcome back to another episode of talking Mo- part before we kick things off, I just wanted to announce that. In case you have not heard the build Mo- par project car has been chosen and we. The people have decided that the modern Hemi will be going into a nineteen sixty eight dodge DART superstock tribute car, so now Hemi pages is on the hunt for nineteen sixty eight dodge DART hardtop to use as the platform for the built. So if you or anyone you know is selling a nineteen sixty eight dodge DART. Please reach out to my friends over a Hemi pages. You can go to Henry Pages. Dot. Dot Com or even build. Mo-. Par Dot com and reach out to those guys and let him know what you got. This is going to be a really exciting build, and if you didn't get a chance to vote on the first round, be sure to vote in on the next rounds and also tell all your friends about this project. We need to blow this thing up. We need to get thousands. Hundreds of thousands hopefully, millions of people involved in this and just see what we can come up with as a community I'm sure we can cook up something crazy, so that should be really fun. Maybe you've got a moped project. Project you're building or maybe you just went out and bought yourself your I. Mo par. Maybe it's not a show car. Maybe it's a little ratty. That's what we're talking about here today. I WanNa talk about the rise of the ratty muscle cars, because it seems to me that in the past few years, these ratty muscle cars and radio trucks have blown up. They are huge right now and I think I have the answer as to why this is occurring, but you know. I think it's multifaceted, but I really liked the movement I think it's an awesome movement. I think. It opened some doors for people that would otherwise not be able. Able to get into a muscle car. I think it lowers the barrier for entry for people like myself that don't have a lot of money can't buy show winning car that can't buy a fully restored Khuda or something crazy like that, but maybe you found a ratty mo par in your local classifieds for a couple of grand that needed a little bit of work, but you could tow it home and get running and driving lickety-split and get it on the road. That is Iraqi muscle car, and that's what I like to see. I love to see these cars on the road and not rotting into the ground. I think it's awesome. So now that we're warmed up, let's get this show on the road. This week project car the week is actually a truck that was posted on Wednesday July twenty, second at three PM, and going with the theme of ratty muscle cars and ratty trucks I thought this was a perfect fit, and it also happens to be really cool and has a ton of potential and would make an excellent project vehicle for anybody that wants to get in the Mo- par game and doesn't have a lot of coin in their pocket, so let's get into the at. Nineteen Seventy Dodge D. One hundred short box, five, thousand, six, hundred ninety five dollars Columbia Falls Montana lowered six inches the right way twenty inch wheels out back in eighteen inch up front wheels and tires, brand, new three eighteen auto, call or text titles. Status is clean. All right folks what we have here is what appears to be a running driving nineteen seventy truck. And it's got a cool Patina on it. It is not a show truck by any means if you think you're going to get. Show quality paint, and no dense dings or bumps bruises. You are wrong now. In case you're new to the show. I am a huge fan of mope par trucks and especially the nineteen seventy two to nineteen eighty, because I do have seventy six myself but I really love the early swept lines, and they have a ton of potential, but the good thing about trucks. For some reason they look amazing when their team it out. Maybe it's just me and now don't get me wrong I. Do love a beautiful. Beautiful Show Truck I. Love Him. I think they're gorgeous. There's something about an old. You know for lack of a better term farm truck that I really like especially ones that are slightly customized. You know little lowered with some nice wheels. They just have a personality and its personality that I really liked the nice thing about this one is that runs drives so like many of the other project cars? We've talked about the past. You can go out and enjoy this thing while you work on it this. This thing is good to go scout brand, new wheels and tires on it, and you know what it runs and drives. It's got a three eighteen in it, so you can keep three eighteen, or you can upgrade. Get a modern. Hemi, you know five thousand this. You could probably get this trump for five grand, and you know great project truck three eighteen in it. You know plenty of parts available to hop that thing up if you really wanted to, or you can swap in a big block you. You can go modern Hemi. I think there's a lot of possibilities with this truck. Other than the fact that it's just a great body style. Their amazing looking trucks and I'll put this up against any C Tan. I see out there at square. They calm square bodies for a reason because you have to be square to drive one, you know what I mean. At least dodge has some personality. Pick any year of Dodge truck and chances are. It would make a great project I'm serious. Pick any year. They're all awesome trucks, and they have a lot of potential. Every single one of them I've never seen a dodge truck where I've been like you know what go ahead and burn that thing you even Dakota's Dakotas or cool I like to us. I tried to tell people not to shy away from the trucks. You WanNA muscle car. You know we all want muscle cars, but sometimes the trucks are great entry level. MOPE bars to get into to have some fun with to build an engine to put something else down the road, but here's the thing they are appreciating in value, so they're really investments. Even Patina trucks like this. When you get it for five grand, who knows couple years down the line? You might be able to get seven out of it. You never know. These trucks are getting harder to find and with all the see tans going up in price. A lot of those guys are gone. Will what's the next trend and they're going? And they're going. You know they're. They're trend followers. They're they're bandwagon. Here's and they're seeing these dodge trucks. Come onto the scene. Some really cool ones on the first episode of talking milk bars I talked about Seema of two thousand nineteen, and how one of my favorite vehicles there was slam sixty fours dodge truck and Mo- Parts Dodge truck that they brought both amazing examples of what you can do with these trucks, but these trucks are coming up value folks and you can get one hundred five grand. I mean get it. You know what I mean I think they're investments and I hope that the aftermarket industry amd. I hope you're listening. Realizes the potential in dodge trucks and I think they will. I think it's just a matter of time I think the scene needs to blow up a little bit more, but hopefully. People understand what's about to come because I don't WanNa hear people complaining. You know five or ten years from now that all the dodge truck so expensive can't by lay should bottom when there were five thousand dollars, five thousand dollars is nothing. I bought mine for two thousand and EH needs a ton of work, but I got it for two grant. And I am telling you right now. If I cleaned it up and fix the problems, it has I could probably sell it for five now. Zanele optimistic, maybe. But. I think that dodge trucks are great investment right now, and they make great projects I'm not gonNA. Say it again I. Really WanNa, see these trucks catch on because I love him, and the more I get to see out there on the road, the happier I'll be, the more I get to see shows. The happier I'll be the more to see at the. The racetrack, the happier I'll be and I don't care what year it is. I just want to see more. Dodge trucks out there, and for those of you out there that have not yet landed project. I'm telling you right now. Do not hesitate from looking at trucks, I don't know how you can't look at one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy or even. Mid late sixties dodge trucking of God that's beautiful. And even into the seventies and eighties, they're just nice trucks, and you can still get them for reasonably cheap. They're still out there and they're not going to be out there forever. And the prices are gonNA continue to climb. No par left behind. This week's installment of high performance parts brings us back to the nineteen seventy-one film two lane blacktop this time around. We're featuring the nineteen seventy super duster, funny car. It is a legit funny car. It was the Taylor in Wolf Super Duster, and it's featured in the scene where the guys fifty five Chevy to Shelby County International. Raceway also known as Lake Land International Raceway and drag race it and it's a really cool peak at the era, the early seventies and drag racing and what it was then. So cool, one of my favorite sequences in a movie because you're just like. Wow, it just gives you a really nostalgic. Look back into the past, and I think it's really cool and I only suggest if you are a fan of Mo-, par nostalgic drag racing. Go check that movie out I know. It's a fifty five Chevy that's the main car, but there are still some really cool Mo- in it so I suggest you check it out so this week's high performance part was the nineteen seventy super duster, funny car from two Lane Blacktop, and that was high performance parts. This week's listener story comes to us from Michael Doll here is Michael Story. Hey, Chris just started listening to the show, and I love it. Fellow truck out of Mount Vernon for skagit transportation episode three. You talked about tactics when it comes to buying cars, and how you should see a seller as a friend and not your enemy I completely agree with this and would like to share how I came across my nineteen seventy six warlock I was heading out to sandy point one day buying grill off a buddy, cruising out to his place, spotted the tailgate of an old beater step. Step side with a camper top around it and the fence leaning on it I have always wanted an old dodge step side so I slammed on the brakes and decided to knock on the door. An older gentleman Paul answered and I could hardly hold my excitement. He let me take a look at the truck, and it turned out to be a nineteen seventy six dodge world with three eighteen and a four speed rust on every quarter panel faded, paint would bid and I. Instantly fell in Love I offered. offered. Paul, twenty, five hundred for the truck. And before he accepted my offer, he wanted to do a little yard work for them, so we had me Mos- lawn finished he accepted. We sat and talked for a bit, and had a lot in common, the biggest, being both vets Iran back to the bank, as soon as I could pull the cash out when I got back, Paul had made me a different offer. Michael will make you an offer. You can't refuse if you agree to do yard work for. For me, I'll send you the truck for what I paid for nineteen eighty-one. How much I asked eight hundred fifty bucks, he said, so we made the deal got at running, and I drove home a week later. It's been my daily driver for three years now and is currently my only vehicle. It had fifty four K. on it when I got it and now has seventy one k. just about bone stock with the exception of new clutch leaf, springs, motor and tranny mounts would rails and front bumper. I still keep in touch with Paul into yard work for often he's made one of my biggest moping. Dreams come true, and he's become very good friend of mine. If you ever see a big Blue Skagit Kenmore TA truck rolling through, give a Hong wave once again loved the show. Thanks Michael. Hey Michael thanks for sending in your story, but most of all thank you to you and Paul for your service to our wonderful country now. Your truck is absolutely awesome. A lot of us is mope Wait for a day that we see a Mo- par in somebody's backyard in their side yard, and you get a chance to talk to the owner and see if they're interested in selling. Your case turned out to be one of the good ones where the guy was willing to sell, and that's awesome. It's amazing that you got the deal that you did. Eight hundred and fifty dollars for a warlock is amazing I don't care how beat up bruised. Rusted or how many parts are missing on that thing? Eight hundred and fifty bucks a steel for eight hundred fifty bucks. There is zero complaint for me. I would have paid the twenty five hundred as well. I think you've got a screaming deal and a really cool truck. It's actually you know considering how old these cars are and these trucks. You can't really judge them if they got a couple bumps and bruises. defined a really nice one. That's not scratched. Not Dang not dented. You hit the Jackpot basically, but Michael Your truck is awesome I, love it. I think it's really cool I hope. I get to see it out in about maybe sometime. Maybe I'll see it at a local show or something trucks like that need to be shown with pride I. Think it's Great, and you actually shared some cool pictures with me and I'm GonNa Post those on my. My social media for those of you listening, go check out Michael's truck. It's really cool and I'm sure all of you will agree with me. That eight hundred fifty bucks was a steel. Even if you to do a little yard work, no big deal. I mean who hasn't motors lawn once or twice in their life. You know what I mean. I'm on my lawn every week and I, not giving me a truck for hundred and fifty bucks. But awesome truck, man I'm really happy for you and like I said I hope I get to see it in person. Thank you for sending in your story and once again for your service to this great country. That was listener stories. We've all seen him. In fact, they are surging in popularity, and they are great for the world of Mo- part. If you ask me some of US love him, some hate him, I'm one of those people that love them. I think they're changing the game. They're allowing for more people to enjoy the vintage aspect of culture. We're talking about ratty Mo- pars they are on the rise and I. Don't see him going anywhere, and you're probably sitting there like ratty mole parts. What is this guy talking about? You know the Radimov ours come on the ones with the weather beaten paint the faded performance decals on quarter windows, the old MAG wheels, and of course I mean the barefoot gas pedal. What ratty Mo- pars complete without one of those you know. Okay okay, maybe some of those aforementioned items you know. Maybe they're not necessary on already MO- part, but I enjoy seeing them that way and there are a lot of folks that just don't get it, and that's understandable. Society has conditioned us to believe that when you have something that's worn or old out your place. It was something nicer or you just fix it. We've been conditioned to look at old cars that have never been restored and or non perfect near perfect condition as beaters POS's boxes or Radhi amongst all the other terms used to describe these types of cars. It's time to reverse that thinking folks. It's time to appreciate the fact that these pieces of American car culture are still on the road, or they're going to be on the road again after being left for dead, it's time that we as a community embraced the fact that not all muscle cars need to. To be restored to be enjoyed. It's time to accept the ratty muscle car movement as a positive thing for car culture. You know it's a subculture within the car culture, but it's cool, and it's just not going anywhere. I've seen a huge explosion since the creation of road kill, and which I'm a fan of by the way there's just a crazy amount of people that are finally realizing that. Oh! Know you don't get it beautiful. Just get a running and driving. You know what I mean, and I think that's great. I think it's time to embrace that you know it's time to stop stereotyping. The owners of ratty muscle cars to everyone who owns a ratty mo- Parts Joe Dirt Okay. And you know hey. I'm a Fan Jota. Let me just get that straight, but I can't seem to grow sideburns and my mullet game is far from being on point, okay. I want people to be okay with driving ratty Mo- part. No matter what their social status says, I want these cars everywhere. I WANNA see him. You know from the trailer parks to the gated communities from drag strips to car shows. I want to see this ready Mo- part movement continue growing, and it's because the more mopeds that are on the road. The last aren't GonNa be rotting into the ground simple as that and please don't get it twisted I. Do love fully restored Mo- parts just as much as the next part theseus, but like so many of us out there I feel like there's just so many cars that are out of my league as far as money you know. The lack of money shouldn't deter someone from enjoying the classic Mope our hobby, and that's where ratty muscle cars come in. It's a trend that's been happening in car culture the past handful of years and I stand behind the movement one hundred percent. It's a great idea. The idea being that you don't need a fully restored show car or an untouched survivor, great car to enjoy a classic bar and this obviously doesn't just apply to Mow Pars. Look, I'm a car, Susie, so seeing any classic car on the road. No matter what condition it's in is cool in my book as long as it's not sitting idle somewhere rotting into the ground. And I like that this movement opens the doors for the folks out there myself included. The don't have really deep pockets. You know a lot of us have families and other financial responsibilities that make it really hard to afford those high dollar muscle cars, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't able to have some fun in an old car, you know. I want to stress to those of you out there. That are in the same boat as me that it's perfectly fine not to have show quality. Paint all right right? It's okay to not have the police car at the cruise or the trophy winner at the show. What is important is that you have fun, first and foremost K., and for some fund may only be had in a really nice fully restored car, and that's fine. That's them. This trend applies to enthusiast who don't want to be afraid to drive the hell out of a car and are concerned what others may think about it? Not all of us get lucky enough to find A. You know a highly sought after Mo- part like a wing Karna Barn or Hemi Khuda and a carport or something like that. Let alone able to buy one. Some of US just have to make do with either what we can get or what we already have. This is a run. What you? Brung type of movement a culture within a culture. That's why we call it a subculture ratty mope. Ours are a subculture of the car, culture and the MO par world. I respect anyone out there. WHO has already a car that? They got back on the road and enjoy. I don't like. Knowing that there are people out there that walk around shows and at these races looking at all the nice cars and are plagued with envy. Here's an idea. Kill that envy and go find a project version of the car you want. Get it running safely and driving and restore it as you go or just enjoy the car as it is. What's wrong with that nothing? If you ask me and I think people need to. Relax a little bit. You know you don't have to wait twenty years to get the car of your dreams. You can get the car of your dreams may be in perfect. Condition you may have to wait to get it there. But the point is getting these cars saved before they rot into the ground, because these cars aren't getting any cheaper either. It's cheaper for you to go get. A, ratty muscle car right now than it will be ten years unless you can afford to get a driver quality one. Four out the twenty five thirty grand cash and you got a nice driver car. You fork out sixty. You've got something really nice and restored course depending on what it is. This is all subjective, but there's so many Mo- parts out there. That would make such cool ratty mole powers that it's really a shame that they're often overlooked because they aren't a. Charger Challenger road runner, or any other highly sought after Mo- par, but guess what folks there are tons of. You know a bodies see bodies lower be bodies, trucks, and other Mo- parse out there. That would make a great candidate for any ratty mole par project. And you've heard me say before that it's okay to build an engine inside of a car. That may not be your ideal car. The cool thing is that when you find your dream car, you have. You know the engine built for it. You know maybe you have enough money saved up that you can finally get that roadrunner you've been after, and you find one, but maybe the engines tired in it, but it's a great driver. Quality car you know may not be fully restored, but it's getting there. Hey, you already have an engine. Let me just go pull that out of my old. Beater duster and throw it in there. You know that's perfect right, so you'll have a drivetrain ready to go. Don't be scared to go out there and go find a car. That needs a little love. Until you get something that you really want, or until you can get the money together to have. It restored the right way or even just brought up the driver quality. There are a ton of people that would look at a ratty car truck and only see. A, hoop, DPL of rusty junk. I'm sure they would say a bunch of other more colorful terms, but you know they just don't appreciate. The effort goes into bringing one of these cars. Back to the road, which is quite unfortunate, because there are a lot of people out there that have done just that and have saved cars that most people consider a lost cause or only good for scrap. Go to Youtube and just type in you know barn, find rescue, rescue, and you'll see these guys getting these cars running after they've been sitting for thirty years. You know so. It's like these cars aren't so far gone, you know, are there some that are just you know? Complete piles routed into the ground. Sure some of those. Aren't necessarily lost causes. I mean there are. Don't get me wrong. There are laws causes, but there's some cars that just aren't close enough to running and driving conditions, but the reason why they're so expensive is because they're highly sought after cars like chargers or Anything with an Rt.. Attached to the end of. Things like that. You'll see higher prices, but I mean what's stopping you from getting the Old Plymouth fury or the old duster the old. Or a valiant? There's so many options out there for you to get into the moat. Park game at a reasonable cost that you shouldn't be scared of Mo-. Parse I know a lot of people every time I meet somebody that is afford guy or Chevy Guy, you know. They always joke with how much it costs. have par whatever or they talk, smack about a mole part and I go. Hey, you'd have a MO- PARV. You could afford one hot. You can't tell you don't like Khuda. Tell me don't like Khuda. He told me you hate a charger. Okay, sure there. Those folks out there, but I haven't met any of them her right. But. I just want to help. Promote the idea that ratty or even driver quality cars are great for this culture. No, they're great for the world of Mo- pars the more cars. We can get back on the road. The less that will be crushed. Okay, that's always a good thing and to be honest I. Get anxiety thinking about all the cool cars throughout history that had plenty of potential left that were crushed, because people sometimes don't have the ability to envision what a car could be and you know they judge what it is, you know you see. See an old dart, and it's missing all the body parts on it, and it's just basically a bearish on. You're like there's nothing left scrap it. It's like I mean. They're still bones there you know what if I just lost out on a sixty nine dodge dart swinger for five hundred bucks that had been wrecked partially. It's still had so many parts that you could find another car that needed the parts that that one had and throw together and boom. You got a complete car, so I'm not against scrapping cars. What's left of them is? To save another. That's the only time that I. Find It okay to be honest and I'm not I'm not crazy about it I'm not gonNA. Go nuts if you crush a car or something. I'm going to talk smack, you know if it was done for no good reason, I'll talk. Smack about it, I mean. Go back to episode one. But. Here's the thing every single ready car out. There has the potential to be a show car period. You put enough money into a car, and you'll make it nice eventually. You know what I mean, but here's another fact every single Radhi, car or truck out there is unique. All of these cars have their own battle scars and their own character. If you ever ratty duster, you'll never see a car. That looks exactly like yours. The Sun doesn't wear out. Paint the same pattern on every car. You know each car. Weather's differently and I love that I love Pitino cars, and you know they all look different. You're never gonNA find one exactly the same whereas you may have a fully restored sixty eight charger black rt four forty in it. Council shift automatic. You think it is the bee's knees. Many roll to show, and there's an exact replica of your car sitting there and you have to park next to him. You know whereas three cars down. There's a sixty eight charger that was a barn. Find that the guy I hate saying that term, but we're GONNA. Use It for the situation, anyway they. Got It back on the road in its in survivor. Condition, you know how cool is that? He stands out in the crowd. I'll tell you that much, but the fact that they whether differently that may be one of my favorite aspects of variety muscle car aside from the affordability, of course, because it's nice to know you know that you'll have a car that no one else has, you will have your own one of one mo part, even if it doesn't hold the same value as a truly unique, restored or surviving example of a rare Mo- par you know such as the one of one Chrysler three hundred h Hurst convertible. You don't have one of those, but that's okay. You don't need one. You just want something. That's cool the U. K. and maybe that's the car. That's cool to you, but unfortunately travis got it and I. Don't think he's selling it anytime soon, but that's another story. I think it's awesome that you have a chance to have a mo- par unlike anybody. Anybody else's when you get one. That has natural mother nature weathering on it. Okay, that should be celebrated when I talked to people who I can tell just aren't kearns. real confused about my Mo- parts they always ask me the same question you know. Are you GonNa? Restore them and you know. I like to say Nah I like him as beaters. Mostly to see their reactions, but I used to think having a nice restored part was like a symbol of class or success, but now I just think of it is one of a few things either possess the great skills required to restore car the right way the checkbook to make it happen or mixture of the two all right but I can honestly say that even if If I had the resources to have a beautifully restored Mo-. Par You know I'd have to keep ratty around I just wanted that's the way I am, and if I had the resources I'd probably have a highly sought after ratty Mo- part just to honor the car history if I could be the guy you know two cars down. That has the sixty eight RT charger. Car that got running left as is I. Love to be that guy you know. Of course there's GonNa. Be Some that WANNA. Burn me at the stake for not restoring the car, but you know hey to each their own I completely understand why this movement of ratty muscle cars gain traction over the past. You know handful years. In my opinion, there's a bunch of factors involved my favorite idea being that many of the ratty motorcars were simply saved from death. Biden, Mother Nature and you know brought back to life in safe roadworthy condition just to be driven just to get out. I love to see cars being brought back to life. Life from sitting and saved from the fate of being rotted into the ground and I love hearing stories about cars were saved, and simply just made roadworthy again. You know the epitome of variety muscle car. You know some other factors that contribute to ratty muscle car. Culture are the preservation of originality. Sometimes you find a car and you just want to keep it as original as possible. Because once you start a restoration, you can't go back once. A cars restored. You can't take it back to originality, so that's a factor and here's another factor. Some people like myself find the natural deterioration of cars. Cool. You know the Patina the weathering. And another factor is the lack of money to conduct a real quality restoration, you know not all of us have those deep pockets, so that's where randy muscle cars come in and the want to get the car back on the road sooner rather than later, and because you find the nature, ratty muscle cars to be for lack of a better term, a unique form of automotive art, but going back to getting a car back on the road sooner rather than later I mean who wants to sit on a car for three years while you undergo a restoration, sometimes even longer. If you have somebody else do it personally on the type of guy who's like hey. You never know what tomorrow's GonNa. Bring you could die tomorrow. Okay, the question is what are you doing today while I'm getting this old car running today because I don't know what's GonNa. Happen five years from now. I may be in a completely different situation and may have to sell the car that I never got around to enjoying because it took too long to restore it whereas I could just get running and driving and go have some fun in. It doesn't have to be pretty and other people's. Is it only has to be pretty in yours, and if you're the type of guy like, I am where you can see the beauty even in the disasters you know. Then oh might be for you I. Fall into all of those categories you know that's why I love writing Meltzer cars, but that's not to say I don't love a beautifully restored Mo- power I. Absolutely do and I have the utmost respect for the art of automotive restoration and Resto modding as well. You know I can't help it though there something about a mole pars imperfections that make it perfect in my eyes. I love shoebox Parse, there I said. You know self censored. That's okay, but I know that both of my cars or my car in my truck, my six nine Dart and my seventy six truck are. Not, pretty to a lot of people's eyes. But you know what I love him just the way they are. You know I'm not sure they're going to be the. If I ever have them restored one of the reasons why I bought them in the first place was because the condition they're in I. wanted to bring him back just enough for me to enjoy into them my own and that's exactly what I plan to do with those cars. I WANNA conclude are talk on remote parts here today by saying that I don't see the ratty car culture slowing down anytime soon and I'm one hundred percent. Okay with that in. You should be too because if you're like me, you'd rather see an old mopeds on the road rotting into the ground, and that's the idea behind the mobile hundred talking parts tagline. No par left behind. Long live the Rowdy Mo Pars. Am I right? Come on, guys before we sign off here today for this week. I wanted to remind you guys to keep your eyes on build Mo- part dot com, the nineteen sixty eight dodge dart superstar tribute car with the modern Hemi is underway, and the next round of voting is going to be for the color of the car. Now the colors available are going to be all the nineteen sixty eight dodge colors that were available for the Dart, plus they're also going to have some modern colors to choose from so keep your eyes peeled on that by the time you hear this, you should be able to vote on the color so. Don't sleep on this round of voting. You know. Get as many people as you can involve share the build. Let's see how many people we can get to vote to see how this Dr will be built. It's GonNa. Be Really Fun and I'm looking forward to it I wanNA. See the car turquoise. That's me I really like that medium dark turquoise color. I think it would really help the dark standout. Standout but I'd like to see what modern Mo-. Park colours are going to be available to so we'll have to wait and see be sure to participate in the next round of voting, and all the ones thereafter all right there you have it folks another episode talking Mo- Parts End, the books for more information about this podcast or to listen and subscribe to the show. Please visit talking mopus dot. Dot Com and don't forget. You can send me your questions your stories, your comments, your suggestions, complaints and everything else on your mobile addicted mind to Chris at talking about parts, dot com, or leave me voice message on my voicemail box at two zero, nine twenty eight bar to hear yourself on the show friends. We also have a merch shop. Now you can get talking parts. T shirts, hoodies stickers mugs. Mugs and more so if you want to help, support the show and get some cool stuff at the same time, follow the link in the show notes or just jump on over to talking Mo- parse dot com I just added a new design, and there are plenty more in the works, so that's it my friends until we talk again I'm your host Chris? Albrecht and that was talking Mo- parse. Thank you for listening to talking parts your direct connection to all things part until next time remember no more par left behind.

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