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What's up everybody? Welcome to kind of Funny Games daily early for Friday October fourth. I'm host a very very small Enron. Con Joining me this. TODAY IS MR thirty under thirty tandem baby. I love the look I can. I stand up if you look at how this looks on me standout. Let let the people see yeah for us. In fact wearing Greg Miller is pumpkin suit jacket and he's just rounding yes. This is Greg. Miller fills it out perfectly Wrigley but this is a this is a bed comforter on basically. I love the commitment though it is. It's it's Spooky Halloween month. I totally forgot about it until I walked in and I saw on the chairs like Oh yeah I did tell Greg to leave it here and then as you did this to yourself. Yeah I did it to myself I. I don't know that I regret it yet but at some what I'm going to need access to my hands hands which is sounds like a future. That's feature Iran's problem yeah so if you don't know today we are today stories of Red Dead Redemption into gearbox already pitcher and has been exonerated house the database on the way and so much more but we'll get to all of that and the French a little housekeeping. We're going to thank our Patriot producers blackjack and Mohamed Mohamed and today we're brought to you by third eleven quit but I'll tell you about that later. I we're GONNA before you do that rural the first time we've done this show together. You got the whole what is Kinda Funny Games Daley okay. Do you remember any of this. I don't because I didn't write it down so this is is kind of funny games daily each and every weekday right here on twitch dot TV slash kind of Funny Games we get together Tomah all the nerdy video game news that you need to know you can watch it live on twitch dot TV slash kind of funny games at ten. Am every day or you can watch it later. Youtube dot com slash kind of funny games dot com or you can get it on podcast services around God the globe La La. It's a whole bunch of bullshit. I usually put that paragraph and like no I've done this enough. I got yeah we'll get there. I love but first we're going to talk about the news stories of the day today we have six stories. All big ours ours doesn't so I wasn't ready for that all right. I put this one of the top because it was it came up while I was actually like writing up the stories or stories for his in red dead. Redemption is coming to this November definitely the biggest new story of the day Yeah Philly this deserves the top spot it. Kinda came out of nowhere like obviously in the COMECON is going on and this is a good time to sort of announce star in New York yeah that makes a lot of sense there but they this comes from Rockstar Games directly today. WE'RE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE IT red dead redemption to is coming to a piece of amber fifth with special bonuses available to players who pre purchased to the ROCKSTAR Games launch starting October ninth the first game of the read the first game seriously featured on the PC platform read-end two for PC features a range of graphical and technical enhancements for increase emergent along with new bounty hunting missions gang hideouts weapons weapons and more red dead redemption to PC. We'll also include free access the shade of living world or read online featuring previously released improvements from the latest content updates for a complete online experience frontier pursuits specialists roll of bounty hunter trainer and collector for players to progress through earn unique raynor roads now when they said like you around rocks are larger. They're doing a little over that if you do it between October Ninth October twenty second you could also pick up to free rockstar games. PC tunnels from their launcher so those I include from the list of three Vice City Sarah Andreas bully scholarship edition La in war or Max Payne three so they're very much incentivizing that launch bangers there but if you don't want it on the rocks if you have a game Stan Esteems Dan whatever readiness for pc it will be available for preorder et Ebbing Games tour Green Man Gaming Humble Store Games off an additional digital retailers October twenty third the pure both of two thousand five gold bar for read online the game will be available to purchase on on steam in December two. There's like a mother Xm and everything but steam it's not mentioned in their pr but it's also going to be a launch title for Stadium November antastic Stadia in the background grounds getting these deals left and right and just kind of building the portfolio for relevancy. Those you know what I mean. I'm glad to know I'm not dumbed that Gd when they were showing all those games it was something like that looks a lot like red dead redemption under iconography of there's a cowboy hat and then they didn't announce anything so like maybe they don't yeah. I feel like there's a lot of things that are up in the air. The Google might be hinting at one. We don't have this thing sign on the dotted line yet so we can't talk about it yet but we're gonNA start seeing a lot of games coming out date at launch with with Stadi- I think come end of next year. Even you know read coming to is a big deal. Yes grand theft auto on especially with all the mods and stuff I think really is what gives that game extra legs to run in a direction that it just simply can't on consoles cancels the console Gt Online experience is the one of the most money making endeavors in video games right so they have that all going for them but there's just something about the player base and the creativity that the P. C. Community kind of allows and I think that that's really going to benefit red dead and read it online specifically. I mean even if you don't like about red dead online. This is just a a win for PC gamers. Who've been longman saying why? Why the hell is it red dead on? PC like red dead one famously non pc even though pretty much every other Rockstar Game Frog intially the last ten years has been on our on the the platform I what do you think about redemption to now my tied the game. I didn't even really give it a shot. I everything that people were talking about it. They're like Oh oh man. It's real slow and it's real open absolutely those and it's just that I know me and I know that's not for me. Did you play the first game I did. I loved the first yeah so that's basically where I am too is i. I gave up to two more of a shot. I did play because obviously with game of the year Soviet game form I had to you know give this. It's going to be in the discussion yeah. In the end of the day like I didn't finish the game. I might just resort and see if I like it better now but the other day I really didn't like it. I thought it just whatever I systems. They had in place to make it a more realistic world where things that were pulling away from it being more fun world for me yeah so when when I've posted news he's on twitter like the red one. VC as well because that's a better game timmy thing is to you and I feel like you're dead is such an interesting video video game because it's so divisive because the people that love it absolutely love it and I feel like they're very vocally adamant that the raft in that whereas the people that don't like it are also vocally adamant. It reminds me a lot of loss Janai. Yes where it's like. There's something brilliant in it whether or not people vibe with that brilliance is up to them but I think the people who dislike read to our dislike. That's a bummer because I really want to like this same last Jedi yeah yeah yeah. It's a when I play that game just okay. I can see exactly what they're going for. I understand what they want but I I also see why people want I mean money is not just what they want. I think they achieved it. Yeah they made the project and I feel like they totally knocked out of the park for what they were going for it just what they were going for is pretty much as far away from what I want from a video game as possible but I understand that I'm not I don't represent everybody jared petty who also doesn't represent everybody honey monster of a human being but he loves the game you know he probably behind getting on stadium honestly. He's a single man doing it all but I I'm so glad that this game is coming because one I got a little tired of people say like when this red coming it'll come when it comes to leave money on the table. I kind of I would like right now. The answer to why red dead one isn't there I think because there've been so many stories especially when there's Michel benzes lawsuit with Rockstar there was that game was basically you tell together by bubble gum and tate that he had to come up there and rescue it and it's barely runs on consoles as is miracle it works out as well as it does getting into PC Z. as a titanic effort like both the size and sinking ship kind of West so I kind of want like maybe that's the reason but I would also like maybe just scared to estadio really WANNA big thing not the game that everyone wants like it's good that has ready to be the one to let's see if that works out that could be cool. Although all games old you know when it comes to a lot of those things even classic games it's like how exciting is it that you can get free copies of GTI city and San Andreas. Obviously I love those games but I shall out the what to ninety nine games cost to the to get a hold of it in pretty much any medium possible any console phone. PC whatever you can play those games yeah and red dead granted a little bit more than that but still it's something I wanna give a shout out to is rockstar shouting out where red redemption to we'll be able to be bought or pre-ordered so EPA game store humble store game stops team eventually the green man gaming in store and what does that that is a key reseller but there they sell keys basically so they're they're often like discounted keys you can go. There used to be a lot cheaper than they changed their business model. I WANNA say about two or three years ago so it's it's a it's another store like game stops. I guess like digital key. He's telling us about your. I've just I've never heard of it and I just love the idea. The small little group Rockstar shouted out. That's what do you make of the delay on steam. I don't know I mean I is that some type of exclusivity deal or timed window thing going on with epic I can see to two scenarios and maybe both or neither or whatever but it could be that epic paid for them for a month to keep it off steam because like I obviously he calls out humbling game stop and green man gaming as places as you can get this but mostly just going to think like Oh. It's epic is the main one that's going to be on like these are not competitive stores fairly the other option. I think rockstar really wants because the way the revenue raking works out is Rockstar is getting the most money from the rock star launcher. They're getting the second most money for a game store and they'll be getting a decent amount of money based on the mega seller like criteria on steam but it's still the least money then from any of these stores so maybe they wanted. Incentivize people like us rockstar launcher first and then maybe use a game store but then Steve is like the least place. We want you to buy man you're. You're making a very good point there like that's probably what it is over epic China actually like have some deal going on although I wouldn't be surprised if the tempted to do that as well I I would bet epic how rush limbaugh give you for a year and then they went more money than you can pay because it's rock star man the kind of makes the rules when it comes to literally rockstars yeah exactly but the stadium launch again. I think that that is the sleeper hit of this news story where it's like. It's not that surprising that to me is the interesting part art is that we're not surprised that giant games are gonNA come to stadium yeah at some point and I think it'll be next three stadia. Logos are just going to be next to whatever Consolo goes that we have at that point I mean it was like eighty three when he saw the big vendors banner now the first time we saw stadia logo on something and I think that that's going to be the the standard and the Norman. It's GonNa be weird when games coming there will be new stories written up of Oh. Why isn't this coming stadium right and I think that stadium needs needs as much of that as possible for it to be able to succeed because it's going to need to work obviously but also for people to want to play it and to want to play some of the biggest games on it over other systems right? I mean like the argument for stadium actually works out perfectly for redemption. Let's say you're one of the hundred million the people that own. GTE Five. I've heard so much good things about ready redemption to its next big office. I don't own a next Gen Console Council. I don't feel like buying one I don't own a PC that is going to make this game. Look good. I do have a web browser with chrome yeah so maybe I go into Sadia for like one month. I read this game by game whenever their business model is going to be time and I try this out or I play this game and I enjoy it without having the need the need to buy a new in numerous a. and all that stuff what what's your stance on the whole stadium thing I think it's a great are interesting concept that I think that flooding with their business model like the it should be the NFL Games for absolute foundational purposes of Oh. I'm watching this. This has to create video. I just want to click this and start playing as greed. I don't want to click this goodwill store. PAPARAZZIS CREED PUT IT in my credit card number pay pal formation or whatever and then buy it and be like well. I don't really like this game now. I wish I could have just tried this before. I played it interesting. Yeah the we're entering the streaming wars on the consul side. It's GONNA be interesting to see how stadia and whatever X. Cloud ends up being competing with each other and then on the other end seeing now. ps now in trying to get more competitive with Xbox game pass at what point do all of those things kind of like faulk can have a sexy beautiful baby. I mean I think I think we're GONNA have the EXCO Betas next month. I tried that at eight three. I did not like it at all there I did did you yeah so. Did you play the gears of war demo. No I played halo. Okay I play gears of war on a phone and I couldn't active reloaded for the life of me and that was a thing of like maybe this thing doesn't work out well but maybe that's just like that. One Demo me that one time. Maybe it just colored my experience. I was playing it with the xbox. Ask Controller with like a little holder thing. That had basically what I was doing that but I think wasn't a phone. I think it was like a mini tablet that I was playing on and my biggest this problem was that everything's too small like the the Hud just isn't designed for a screen this big you know so some of that was kind of difficult to see but otherwise it was like it ran more than well enough for me to be having fun to be like Holy Shit. I'm playing halo five right now like yeah dream for me as a switch like device that I just dedicate to being the streaming box for the games that I can't bring with me right now. When I go travel for like gaming stuff or whatever I like a little mini hoary monitor that I'd you'd bring with my ps four because that's what I play are used to play or hook up to a hotel room or whatever I that's inconvenient especially bring me tire? PS Four because that takes way more room in a small suitcase than you would think but I would love the idea of bringing a tablet that I could like lashawn controllers to just put up somewhere and look. I use that delayed whatever gave I'm playing right now. Kevin I was Gonna ask what do you think of the idea of bringing a chrome cast ultra to a hotel where you can just plug in Ethan it to it. I like that idea. I don't mean where he let's breakdown on pretty much. Every avenue for this for me is am. I going to have good good enough internet. Wherever I go to make this work real concern because like right now I'm playing dragon quest? I'm planning on my switch if I'm going to travel in the next couple of weeks I'm just going to bring my switch with me L. I don't need to worry if a like Oh. It's not going to have be able to stream on the hotel Internet it's I have the game just locally there so it's a it's a number of concerns of I know this Oregon. My home is going to work for the use case I wanted for yeah absolutely and I think that's GonNa be the big struggle and it's this text GonNa get there yeah for sure yeah we need. Edwin Block needs to get out the gate and just kind of see where the fumbles are go from there. 'cause I'm excited about the idea of stadia kind of pushing forward Ford as quickly as they are and as hard as they are to allow you know the guys to kind of learn from that and I ex cloud. I'm extremely excited about but with playstation it's like what are they going to do. Like at what point is playstation now going to be rebranded entirely because I feel like that's the thing that's holding it back the most at at this point the changes they made this week great all very exciting stuff actually giving real quality first party titles to be available to play from a huge move. You know the price cut huge move still not competitive though they don't market it well. That's the problem so I I know I've known longtime longtime that the pleasure now service will allow you to download games light game pass and they don't say that enough. I didn't realize we're three hundred games you could do that with I thought it was like thirty like they that should have been part of the price announcement. It was like hey do you guys know. Remind here's this list of games that were doing yeah I honestly believe that with with the PS five they're going to come forward with a new name for the service and directly try to compete with game pass and marketed correctly. Now I think the the way they do it. Call it places and plus pro like game pass alternate. Here's the Plus Ganj your. ps now wrapped in the one subscription. It'll be a bit more expensive but if you don't want to do it you could do either separately or whatever yeah but that's the way to do it. This is the way next is going to work. is if you like you can subscribe to this and get as many games that you want on the service as long as you want it and then they can change trade games out and do whatever they you know go. Basically they should copy game pass. They put their Sony Spin on it. Do you think they'll ever fully copy game pass and have their first party titles available on now. I think they're afraid of that particular market change as you think that that's a wise decision. We'll see how it goes like. I think part of it is I'm. I'm really eagerly watching gears of war five to see what the numbers on that breakdown uh-huh because might as well just saying Oh. This is the successful longevity meanwhile. I'm looking at the steam numbers in the xbox numbers. We'll see on NPD next month but it looks like but I'm betting it didn't sell well yeah. I've been in eligible subscribe to game password because of that two dollars a month thing right before it yeah so is that does that does that mean for them. Are they still that game so profitable well it is. What are the numbers going to break down the same way for say a last of us? Yeah I mean that's that's my thing is i. I don't think that they're going to do and I don't think necessarily that they should because because of the level of quality and quantity that position first party titles have been putting out that if you don't do it if you do like some games in some games don't you create a two tiered system makes which may work out better for their marketing like decorating so good. We can't give it away. You have to pay money for Prestige title the criterion collection kind of game because when you look at the game it's mark side of things it's like probably one of my biggest pros of when I was reviewing gears five was that I couldn't couldn't believe the quality for a game pass you know but I feel like that is kind of coming from an opposite opposite perspective of the playstation side where it's like it is well. This is too good of course this would be. One of these things until xbox is putting out first party titles at that quality at that clip then it's just going to be kind of a novelty still all right. I mean imagine a world years or five did not come to gain pass and gang passes biggest titles were sea of thieves and crackdown three and you can have a like an image of well. I see what they're doing here. They have a two tiered system of these Games are not the highest these are not aa but like somewhere between double and triple eight kind of games James W First Party title yeah like Games that they don't have a budget confidence. We're going to sell retail and then but they also want to make sixty bucks number five if they did that a lot less conference game pass doing this. This is our big game for the year. We're we're spending millions and millions of dollars to get this made and we want people to be able to play it on game pass because game where we want our games I don't see Sony and decreasing because halo infant is going to be on game. Yes that's nuts man 'cause like halo. It's a smart thing to because the games were five different. Games is a service like they have great campaigns and all that stuff but they are games that they want you to play a maybe not every day but they want you to touch every weekend for the next six months and thus give them ten dollars a month. Yeah I like when you're done with strength constraining the last of US I mean where did they put multi player in some point but they that's not scillies portfolio right now yeah so I think for them in for like Nintendo and stuff like that that model doesn't quite work but if the markets are changing that direction they're gonNa have to adopt either either the games lot to change the they. We'll have to start adding those now but we'll see all right on to the next story some ghost RECON breakpoint trans transactions pulled at cre being posted an error according to Ubisoft Mike Williams the sexiest voice games journalism heard him talk. No I haven't EAS E. Basically has like a barry white voice. Okay okay. It's it's quite impressive. All Right Ghost RECON breakpoint begins its full launches evening with all players able to handle handle. UBS latest Tom Clancy title ahead of Watch. The breakpoint one has a rough time defining itself. We contentious Beta in a full scale of its Michael Transactions. The latter problem seems to be one UBISOFT keen to address with community statement coming from the official Ghost RECON forums in opposed in post breakpoint developer ubisoft Peres outlines overall philosophy of the game which evolves not having any pay to win elements are which falls out having to announce the team wants players to wish that wished to avoid Michael Jackson's to feel like they're not being affected by that choice this seems to conflict with a huge list of ideas actions conclude weapon blueprints vehicles and weapon attachments which translate the TV MPV play. The store has had also had cosmetic items that time savers the letter which ubisoft says says we're meant to be live at launch where aware that during the early access of Tom Clancy's ghost RECON breakpoint October first some type items skill point bundles. XP boosters parts so apart bundles for advancement upgrades were available for purchase and a few are for a few hours in the store but this is not our intention an error on our behalf. Azra design is an option no way for players arriving late to the game post lodge to catch up with those who have been playing for a longer time for coop and challenging game experiences these time savers have been removed. ooh From our store for now you is also monitoring the game economy and balancing carefully in the future. The studio also contains breakpoint is alive game and like most of us at least these days are likely awesome Yousof leases these days it'll be tweaked and changed our regular basis pos launch so what this says to me is yell. We're going to add that shit. Just we don't want to interviews right now yeah to absolutely man so being greg always talk about how you'd be soft is so great about being transparent and getting out there and when there's a problem the address it they're immediately have a voice talking about yeah. Hey here's our plan in this and again that's great that they're doing that here but when it is launched a and it is around review time and it's like Oh shit those things that you obviously aren't GonNa like are here. That's that is a huge issue and on top of that looking at this problem. It's it seems like a solution that they can twist as being pro gamer where it's like. Hey we're doing this so if you and your friends later WanNa play they can just love to you. It's like or just make that a feature in the game then. Can I tell a U I hate that it has time savers as a proper noun in this. I'd like the tax times ever it is capitalized each and every time they use it as a mechanic of the game. Yeah I mean look at borderlands right like the their they seem to be trying to address this problem without forcing you to buy X. Expe- boosters yeah if you're lower level you can play with people that are higher level and still have as much fun. It's becoming a worrying trend like ever since said we're going to label label blue boxes on games. Everyone's been like okay. That's cool. Let's add them later. After the post launch. You know whatever the fervor is goes away. Okay so like call of duty theoretically doing that because somebody like data mine some information like but other games have done that in the past and it kind of seems like the micro transactions here are her going into the same thing like when I was looking this morning I was GonNa do like Oh also ghost recon review round up. There aren't any ghost recon reviews yet there might be some now but not enough to hit critical mass but it it's weird that they the game launches today. There aren't any reviews yet and they're already saying like yeah. Don't listen to those people about Michael Transactions. We're we're not gonNA really. We're not doing that yet. Maybe later yet yeah dangerous stuff man but again I do applaud them for at least coming out and giving their side side of it right and then it's on us to look at that and decide you know how much we believe of it and how much is just lip service but yeah it was like right now. Even Janet Ghost recon eight point review in progress yeah. I'm looking at biologists posted in you're wrong. You're wrong. If you WANNA correct us. there are a couple of reviews right now. The metric is fifty three but that's only based on five critics right now. So who knows like I've got a chance to play the game yet. I like. Maybe take it out this weekend and see how it is. I enjoy wildlands for what it was. I haven't seen anything about breakpoint. That gets me excited for it. Yeah I played very point at e three and I I really didn't like it. I I felt like it was Kinda. Just everything in the kitchen sink being thrown at us that might have just been the demo that I had like with the way that they had us do it because there was like four people sitting next to each other in the squad and then like the one of the DABS was Kinda just like guiding us through what to do and it felt very piecemeal where we never completed any one aspect of what we were doing. It was Kinda just like hey okay. There's a tank over there. You need to go get this rocket launcher and then you guys needed form up you over there. You go there. You go over there. You've over there and we did as I call on the next thing and it's like are we going to blow up the tanker not why and it felt weird and felt like they were hiding stuff. It felt like they were not letting us get to the goal parts because the cool parts weren't that cool yeah. That's kind of what I've been hearing from the Betas. That's like Mike alluded to it. In the story. People were not super hot in the Beta and they were saying like well. This just feels like a kind of boring wild lands but not it doesn't feel as ambitious in any way maybe this is just another generation like we notice games wildland sold fantastically. Basically I think for the large part of that year it was the best selling title of that year I maybe they just know like okay well we were already on ps five and Xbox to to wherever let's just phone this one in a little bit like let's not worry too much about it by John. Byrne Paul Yeah in his dog is done in the game game so why even because what's the point yeah all right. Let's move on to Randy. PITCHFORD has been exonerated with quotes in the headline around exonerated in legal battle was executed box lawyer came over an idea and he is my desk made an idea and other. I think about it gearbox. Co Randy Pitchford has settled a legal dispute between him and the former gearbox gearbox legal counsel according to a new report the to have agreed to a settlement while Patriot has been exonerated from all allegations against him in a new report from the Hollywood reporter the legal battle between Pittsburgh Pittsburgh and give random all reporters getting on the game news honestly legal battle between Pittsburgh and gearbox. You'll council Wade calendar that began in December. Two Thousand Eighteen has reached conclusion the decision was covered discovered in a filing that Dallas County Texas District Court on Tuesday or Thursday upon review of all the evidence in the case in the opinion of counsel that the evidence exonerated Randy Pitchford for the allegations against him the official dismissal statement read all misunderstandings between the parties corrected and apologies were exchanged because has the parties have been mutually bound by confidentiality no additional statements will be forthcoming countersued Pitchford in late two thousand eighteen twenty eighteen after he accused of allegedly receiving a secret twelve million dollar bonus but borland's publisher take two interactive gearbox countersued claiming that calendar borrowed money for personal expenses and never repaid the company the legal battle became salacious when counter-accused pitcher and leave a USB drive in Texas Medieval Times which contain confidential company materials pornography under raise should probably early be the modifying thing there. Something Gearbox said we're allegations made by disgruntled former employees with no basis in reality law gearbox also filed a grievance the state bar the Texas against calendar for filing lawsuits that includes accusations that he knows to be untrue. The lawsuit came at a particularly inopportune time for gearbox which is in the middle of announcing releasing a highly highly anticipated borderlands three in two thousand nineteen Helberg borderlands was successfully released another lawsuit is settled as well counter also joe recently joined the NRA as general legal counsel so I don't know if you remember all the details about the story but when I I remember it 'cause it was the first week I was back at work vizier I was I was doing like a Vr demo for Oculus way the fucking redwood city and my phone's blowing up while I was in Vr and like I can't deal with this right now whatever it is over fifteen slack message of like. Did you see this thing. What are we talking about this? How do we report the story? It's sort of weird one for sure like the whole thing with him. Leaving a thumb drive at Medieval Times with like an underage cam girl wall so that that was the thing that like was was underage because I remember that was what the headlines are saying but then that was calendars allegation yeah so I don't remember the legal term for what this like stage of discovery or whatever accusation is but I talked to some lawyers about they were saying yeah in this part you exaggerate the fuck out of whatever you want like you're taking they make it sound really bad yeah which is why gearbox also talked about him. You know like yeah he uses money for better ads or whatever yeah so they they both basically talk shit about each other and to get the judge to like parrot down to something reasonable. Yeah makes sense. Oh this has been like the lawsuit apparently reflecting pox on both their houses kind of thing paying of this didn't work out for both of them so they just settled it and been dealt with it. Exonerated is a word that I feel this is weird for reason here and they're using the dismissal statement but I rarely pitcher. I don't know he's you just stay gearbox. Pr Stuff forever ever at this point. I don't understand how they could have him. Just have him. Let him continue to do the things he does. It say that he dies because it feels like it's so not congruent with their vision in the way that they speak the way that the handles things the way that even like their developers handled things the content team is all that stuff. It's so out of left field where it's kind of just like like it feels I can feel the cringe of a lot of the people when he starts to talk yeah I mean like after the game informer blow up like there are people who argue at gearbox a DM me like yeah. We're kind of embarrassed about all of this like to K and all that too like they. I think it's a thing of if anybody could lead to Randy Pitchford they would and even though like this thing went away all of the if he continues to talk. It'll be like that I guess I never really told the full story blow up. We'd like this thing of like when Paul Sage was screwed by Randy comments because what ended up happening is we all the game informer for the gearbox borderlands three reveal event i. I don't think you were there when it was like Greg Fran Yeah I and I had an interview view with Paul Sage. I said I ask Rick like hey these random onstage. There was no micro transactions. I saw in the game. There's all these that are going to be like for sale. What do you think is like okay well? Yeah those will be for sale. That's deal well okay. I'll just write that down. Do whatever and I didn't end up using the story because they wasn't interesting game has Michael Transactions on its story yeah but then ready get on stage for the actual stream and again says no no transactions at all so at least fabulous was I think I was in an Nintendo meeting for cadence of high role at the moment so she was running up the news and the tweets and I said Hey ilise lease. He said that on a stream there are actually my coaches actions. Here's the quote from the transcription. Put it in the story like you do a tweet about it as well so she does that I go into my meeting another situation where my phone is blowing up the entire meeting like I'm kind of looking down a tree or they're like. I might have to go to walk out and deal with something Real uh-huh quick by the time I walk out Andy McNamara saying like yeah. I'm dealing with don't don't to you don't do anything so for the rest of the day. It's him talking to Randy page who is yelling at us about us. Lying in the I think the explicit line was W- how could you guys fuck me on this specific line was how could you I just came in for her to the account directly eaten late meanwhile at Lisa's heavy like a slow breakdown. I feel like now you can say that to to. I mean they do good work. I'll just say that like sports illustrated thing gives me like pause them losing half their staff the yesterday but but I will say that when that happened it very much like there was a feeling of Zany to shut this guy's a fuck up of of like just not even a game for just everywhere. Why is he getting directly involved with one thing that he's super wrong about to even if he wasn't wrong about it? Why would you have the CEO of your company? Go out on twitter and start fighting with an outlet over it. Yeah you know it's such a such a weird place where Herat with social media where everybody is entitled to voice their opinions and being able to say things in like editors doesn't represent the company but what if it does then and it doesn't matter when you're the CEO Oh yeah and I feel like that's the thing is when we've been reporting on the story the last couple months. It's like it seems like there's so much that we don't know obviously and at the end of the day it's like these are two guys as they used to be friends that shit went bad between and they are now dealing with it unfortunately has to be very public yeah and a lot of shit being thrown. Both ways is right but then all of this adds when there's these stories plus that story plus God knows how many other stories it's like all of a sudden it's like people are looking at him waiting for him to say something stupid and then to jump on it right but then when they don't need to wait because he just keeps doing it like that's the part that is it's scary for the teams that have to deal with that right. They still have borderlands Konta roll out the question. If I weren't by some I might be please as for the love of God do not let Andy Get Iran to get involved with any of the features things and I think that they have the power to do that if you wanted to if take take two could stop him they would. I bet that's written to the contracts forelands four for like yeah. You can't talk about this like if someone asks you a question walkaway away all right moving on departing arena that president was working on potential Gilmore sequel this Stephen Not low at Arco Taco and they heartfelt heartfelt message that arena nets webpages afternoon. It's president Mike O'Brien announced that for nineteen years he's leaving the company he cofounded. He noted that he'd been working on a new project arena net but was now going to start a a new studio with the friends. The time has to take a step back. He said expressing the desire to work something smaller scale. I'm going to skip ahead because this is a long thing that goes over like ah when he was working on he when we're going to get worse to previously but O'Brien didn't say what products could work for two years. He did know that he had something already. Had something new lined up up next week. I'll join some of my old friends forming a new studio. We'll go back to the beginning and make small games again. Kotok understanding via our source is it will O'Brien will be working with other departing developers. I who had recently worked not acknowledging for potential Gilmore's our future Gilroy project developers are not taking what they made with them so basically Gilmore arena has been having some issues over the last couple of years but fifteen years ago they were bought by NC soft and then they did this big thing with Gilmour's to where hurt they're not going to do a subscription model. They're going to just sell expansions and survive off that in about two three years ago and see soft said this model isn't working think and since then they haven't done anything so it kind of feels to me like code of conduct could argue saying again this news is that the founder is leaving with a bunch of the people from that company but could say they were working on something new something next. It sounds like it wasn't going well yeah yeah I mean I wonder what what's GonNa come from this. Are they gonNA take the team. Kinda like branch off start some new stuff and then continue working on the version of the project that they were working on there. Was it not working for them. What was it not working for? The bottom line. Yeah and it's another question of like is this three they were working on by guild was projected. They mean we're making a Gilmore's fighting game game now or not yes or and so that makes sense for any developer to go. You know go off and do yeah but you can't really launch from the Garage Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm really curious like again. It's one of those things where there's a diverse right now and I think they're feeling the squeeze more than anything of of the old models aren't working yeah. So what do we do in the future and they don't have answers yet. You got to link up with the game pass game stores. Things like you need need that money. There's so much money being thrown around in all the spaces and I feel like so many people are looking at it like Oh. All these Indians are getting so much money. Obviously the triple A.'s get the money like kind of organically manically but the double as they they can get money to from these these resources and I think that we're GONNA see a lot more of that. I acting in the next year or two of both xbox game pass and a game store really kind of like just throwing money at higher and higher production value games so you say that but I feel like that's also tenuous 'cause I if you asked me two years ago like where's the money in like literally the empirical answer was investors are putting it in Vr the that money's entirely dried out because they don't it's not taking off you can still get money from Oculus but that's one company like maybe Sony will toss. VR Roddick's your way yeah but is gay like there's no permanent answer and I think that's that's true but I think the difference is there's inherent money in subscription cushioned services and there's a lot more money coming in with the the way that like I have a game store set up right where it's just like the way things are being split whereas VR like there's one time investment of buying actual hardware and then buying the specific games but I feel like that that is a there's much less money to be made back back then compared to the audience is big enough on that sort exactly so I kind of like with every game store and the like I kind of wonder if that's the when the breaking point point or whatever point for that stuff has been one line crosses the other line yeah. What is that point where everyone is going to go okay well? Let's all jump in now yeah yeah we've invested rested enough and we don't need the key throwing money. That's true but I feel like two years is a safe bet that they're going to. They're going to need to keep growing because you need to hit that cross that line of Saturation -Tuation of people understanding this is just how we get games now because until then it's an uphill battle but you know no one would have thought that you're you buy an MP three you buy a single song instead of buying a CD album but now but then like that we've we've both lived long enough that we've seen tapes CDs. MP threes and then streaming services so like we've gone through four see changes in our lifetime yeah. That's true but I feel like when you look at where we're at now now. I don't see there being any more after that because the most amount of money being made for the least amount of money put in has been hit yeah right at the end of today it's all about the money and it's like you know all those things required tower records or required like buildings to to sell these things physical things to be made and distributed and all this streaming streaming society. We can make one hit and make a ton of money off of it. I think video games we're seeing a similar thing where we're going to see a lot of games that are are designed around these different services and we received with Apple Arcade right where it's like is kind of changing how some of the Mobile Games are being designed. We look at grindstone of like that game would not be designed that way. If it was a yeah no I could definitely see the hooks in that game of Oh. This is where they would have put the free to play Shit. Yeah and I think that we're going to see a lot more of that over the next two years and I think after two years it's going to have worked. It'll hit a point where that's just the future we're working with as opposed to VR that not say didn't work it just kind of become an became their money off so you really quickly and I think they will be back to. VR At some point I think so too I think I bought a quest based on that like recess. That's right yeah that lasts oculus connected like Oh. This is cool when I have a rift compatible computer as couldn't decide between if I want to play beat sabre away from my computer or not yeah and now I can just do both so like I think people in the future like people who are not made that don't leap on new technology are probably going to do like let's say five ten years I can see a quest being a saying some people just like go to Walmart at Christmas and by but we'll see I was way too paranoid about this jacket being hot. It's basically like a giant like Air Vent Elsa. The Fan occasionally hit me like it just sort of around through this thing again. How's the one and two remakes confirmed the village at the kind of unreal Zombie shooters that dominated Nice Arcades House little water to are being remade publisher forever entertainment confirmed on twitter that a deal has been signed signed so no further details are available at this point? We don't know the platforms remakes land on nor when they might release Hi guys we confirming the signing of the agreement the remakes of the Games. How's The dad awesome to read the tweet? No platforms are at least confirmed. Unfortunately we can't say anything for now. Rumors that Sega shooters would be getting a modern face her first Florida a Polish website cross Pelita a month ago the Article v O Euro Gamer contains unconfirmed reports that megapixel Studios Handling Development Mint and the game play will be modified slightly original script however were apparently remained untouched as important as the important need. I'll make you suffer Gedid you the other point. There's no point. Did you see the House of the dead movie. No I was lucky enough to have seen it in theaters. There's a line in that movie where a girl who I think's name is liberty who is dressed like an American flag. I don't remember why but the halfway through their like trying hi to figure some stuff out in their stock they don't know what to do and they're in the house of the dead and they're in this house and they're looking around the room. Try to look for clues as she picks up a book and she literally goes. This book looks old. It must help us. They opened the Book and tells them what to do and I'm like what the fuck and it was played totally seriously that was not Oughta joke. It was not a parody and I fell in love with that line for deadpool like you might WanNa talk to that guy might move the plot along my God. It's ridiculous but besides the movie I love this man I love on wheels. Shooters like hold such a special place in my heart. Where's time crisis at you? Know what I mean. Yeah love. I'd love to that I went to a barricade recently. They had a dive Rice's cabinet on like like faulk. There's nothing like that physical recoil of feeling like the these Games and I think that speaking VR and the last story like VR's the perfect home for these type hypoth- I was GONNA ask. How do you think these are going to have a modern face like? Are you gonNA play it with A. I don't know controlling stake. That's the weird the weird part of this is like I can't imagine it not being. VR 'cause like VR has kind of the triggers like what are you GonNa hold a control unless they sell peripherals but that doesn't sound like switch joy con. Maybe like yeah for like a week ago. That is very weird to me but I loved the until dawn. Forget the name of it but Russia Russia blind yeah loved that Shit because to me. That's what we are. Games can be fun experiences. Where like your day and you're shooting at stuff? That's fun and I think they did a really good job with it. They could have done a better job with it but I would give that game like a solid eight right where it's like. It's not perfect but it's a lot of damn. Am Fund they committed to a vision and I love seeing these games. Come back. I I want to play this. It's like what the one thing that does give me pause. Is the publishers yours forever entertainment they. They're the behind the recent Panzer Dragoon remakes I've heard knock great things about how those are shaping up but maybe by the tie they do released that'll be fine but they also did fear affects Sedna which is part of the square nice collective kind of like any developers take licenses and make that game sucked it was bad ed so hopefully they're not hopefully they're better than a reputation by this point that's true but at the end of the House of the dead one in like you can't really fuck doc this up you got yeah. We'll see how they're so simple. Yeah that's true but as long as they said there's the script remains untouched touch which is the most important yeah. I'm I really liked has over cal. I know a lot of people have a- The we version basically yes yeah dude like the Grind House the style thing like that was super cool man. I ll the we for all of its faults. I liked it. They doubled down on these type of light gun. Shooter Games like even the Resident Evil Games Games that they put out there was two of them umbrella chronicles. Yes those are fun cool. Yeah I like student. Digs eggs yeah decent leg shooters. I was talking about this. The friend the other day they were saying switches the best console because has third parties in these whatever quantitatively they're probably right. I feel like I the we had the most weird games had the most weird games aims for sure yeah. I had enough of them. You know what I mean. Every boom blocks there was a dyke. Ah something I didn't like. I can't think of anything right now but I'm sure jared petty could have a list of one hundred of them but yeah I love and respect the we for what it did head for the Games and Times that I had with it. I can put that behind us. You and I don't want to put behind us though is point blank. Where's point blank? I brought this up so the show I wanNA point blank remake. Remember point play. I remember pointblank. Hell Yeah you do. I wanted to a cop yeah. Oh yeah why not yeah Kevin Silent Scope Yep exactly I just I really want someone I mean I wanted to be playstation but I want someone to make it's a Vr game where you walk in and it's an arcade and you go to the booth and like it takes over everything and then it's those classic games that we love so much cool but that'd be cool that exists. I'm pretty sure doesn't I like you're talking about. VR game where you walk in if if it was an arcade and it has all the game just like cabinet so there you just go in and like you put all these giant peripheral games that like oh that not seeing anywhere basically it's basically just centipede and it's not exactly the names are cool and stuff like we've got those IOS versions of games on every platform in multiple things right right yeah fits like game so well yeah all right one final story and this 'cause. We're hosting together at him. Hell Yeah I love it all right. This isn't intendo hiring for new two and three games at Tokyo studio. This is from me because I noticed it last night and I hadn't seen please explain that a little. You're the new source is you yes how I will. I occasionally look I have alerts for new recruit listings on Nintendo websites and also other game studios as well just because it's a news thing to buy that out and never turn those alerts off so I got last night the they added they had had a new recruit pages. They jobless things have gone up for Nintendo's Tokyo studio for new Tutti Three Games with the equipment ads using Mario imagery it is I added as a note here in the thirty fifth. Mario anniversary is next year. Hell yes now. I will say that Nintendo doesn't do a good job of celebrating Anniversaries Twenty Fifth Mario they did pretty well like was twenty. There was at twentieth when they did that twenty fifth year collection the horrible we collection yeah hey we're gonNA take a Raum of Super Mario all stars and just put it into a box yeah but it was also like a very rare game yeah so like whatever they they did that and the result is bursary they kind of made a big deal out of it but didn't do anything and thirtieth was Mario Maker in the end three with that big like Mario Celebration video that was like really weird like talking about how much they loved Mario. It's just weird mentioned it and talk about it but like there's never like a big like oh well. This game comes with this. I think they're going to do that. I think this year they're going to I would love that. I mean we're we're outta interesting place with the switch where it's been out long enough that the library is now very deep when you look at original switch titles plus all the we you ports I feel the reports are kind of thing that that muddies the the waters a bit when it comes to what is the trajectory and plan for Mario Games because we have already seen a three-game a to D game. Mario maker like a lot of the kind of verticals of Mario Games are already represented. At what point does that cycle restart you know the one type of Mario game that we haven't seen yet is die symmetric three D World Three d land style. We're GONNA get that. WE'RE GONNA get three world from we. It's one of the last remaining titles titles to get it right and we have Mario Three D world right and most of my wishlist is already been granted. I like those games are also like the last remaining one for me. Martha world is fantastic. Love that game and I feel like it'd be so good on switch. It's going to happen I wouldn't be surprised if it happened in January in the same way that this this year started off with a new supervisor Bros.. You Yeah but new two games new Three D. Games very exciting stuff to me. You got to imagine agent that we're getting a odyssey to I would assume so like they got real quiet after Odyssey even though they went like hard breath awhile DLC yeah I'll just use like it's ripe for for new worlds and I'm kind of shocked that we never even got a world. I kinda suspect they're doing the same thing that they're gonNA come out and say like we had a bunch of ideas and it turned out would be so many ideas we just had Alexey Galaxy one that we got galaxy to speak in a galaxy. I'd love to see Galaxy wanting to remastered poured it over fucking fantastic. Ask and I think we're GONNA see it. One day sunshine getting report. I think is a little less likely it's less likely I could see one day getting remain because it just it's such a bastard child of the the three. I don't want to go so far as to say it's a good game. It's a fine game. I would say it's a good game. It's just compared to Mario Games. It's a bad it's the most unpolished three D Mario obser- yeah but I definitely see it one day like we've touched us up real time three D style yeah. That's really all that it needs. There's just a little tweaks here and there but the thing that excites me more than any of this is the idea of a new to Myo game especially now that Mario maker maker to is out on the switch and it has the the all the art styles that it does and it has the art style of three worlds kind of the two D. version. Whatever this this more than ever makes me believe that the next to de Maya game were get is going to be an original art style that is not the new Super Mario Bros style? I'm hoping they go back to the originality -ality the creativity that they had from one to two to three to world to sixty forty you'll style and all that were every game had its own unique vibe and unique feel. I feel you like that's what made Mario Game so special when you look at the last ten years of two D. Mico Games it's Kinda hard to remember the differences between new super. Mario Umbro's Diaz versus new Subaru rose. We versus you versus. You know what I mean. I will say somebody that I actually really loved you but that holds it back absolutely and we see hints of of Brilliance with the starry night level and whenever you see that though it makes you feel like where the fuck is this the rest of the game and like you look get Mario maker to and like the like nighttime area three levels and like Oh. This music is really Nice era like for an old any s looking game. This looks amazing zing. When I was playing the three world the two three D world levels God that's bad naming but like this sort of new Super Mario brothers you was this Tutti playing with HD graphics and a very inventive cartoony art style like toy box backgrounds and it's just I it's long overdue? I can't wait. We haven't gotten a new look for a two-day Mario game since two thousand six when new Super Mario Bros Diaz came out that's crazy. I will say what's interesting about this. This is both these job listings are for eighty Tokyo which is they're. They're the Mario Odyssey team so that makes sense for the three game. I love that it it then were denied Tutti game. Oh my God and especially when you're looking at intendo recently with the with link's awakening right yeah what a beautiful remake like style wise like I want to see more of that to me is one intendo is is timeless art styles that in thirty years when people look at link's awakening on switch. They're going to be like wow now. That's something special. Have you seen the super. Mario brothers super show our viewers okay. That's awesome looking yes. I don't know it's a homebrew grew game that a guy is making to make Mario Game. That looks like the Super Mario Brothers super show. It's like a weird nightmare of how good it looks like like wow. This is a stall gic and I don't know if I'd appreciate it Sir Weird way it feels me with a lot of conflicting emotions tried to try to find this place Mario Super show game yeah but while you look for that Lazy Gentlemen let me tell you that this episode is brought out to you by. Did you know that nearly everyone kinda funny uses equipped toothbrush. It's true I brush my teeth this morning with quip and I plan to do that again tonight tomorrow morning the next night and so on and so on because that's how brushing your teeth works but what actually makes a better toothbrush industrial strength power claims of Miraculous Trendy Ingredients multiple modes ask your dentist. 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I want to see what kind of game this guy makes four real. Yes absolutely wow oh very cool stuff so many layers and so much spaghetti so much Spaghetti Eddie. I want some spaghetti but spaghetti seem so far away Iran. If I want to know what Games are coming out today. Where would I look a whole lot of upcoming software across each and every platform form this kind of funny games daily show host each and every weekday they did people all right first up ghostbusters ghostbusters the video game remastered which is the real reason Greg Miller is not a ps four xbox one which is out today? Tom Clancy's ghost RECON breakpoint for PS four xbox one one PC slab well the quest for tunes Alpaca was for xbox one rhineland the hammer of thor switch the tiny bang story for switch story. That's about me Oh yeah wide for a one night stand for switch beats runner switch cross nick plus for switch dodgers the volunteer. Pc Sword and this live short for pc into arose where PC new dates is for red dead redemption to is on easy on November fifth in a month later on steam for deal of the day they a bunch of new places in game just went for their heads lineup so you can pick up on both retail retail. NPS Now god of war unchartered a loss legacy grand juries sport far cry for the Crew Raymond Legends and watchdogs all right. We're looking at that slab well the quest for cocoon Alpaca cheese this looks like it looks like an HD and sixty four games yeah yeah this is a fake video games deal like a Sitcom really does man all right. That's a weird as hell. I kind of Juanita guys for God of war. UNCHARTED LOSS legacy. That's insane honestly got Atari. Probably the biggest ones to get watchdogs took a weird thing there launch game. It's now twenty bursting of Rayman legends too. I mean I guess he was. I was like Oh this thing exists yeah. Let's throw a couple of things on there. If you want to buy your physical game with an even worse box go for it. That's I honestly like when I started game informer. I just went all digital because I kept getting code so why not I don't know that I can go back to physical again. It's too annoying to like pick are put in disks and all that lives hard man Dan Yeah we'll tell you that much. It's a little bit easier. No thanks this reader mail. Let's go from the highly in guard good morning. I'm Runnin Tim earlier this week game informer who were they shared a quote from game three. There will be eighteen Galore region they then clarify there would only be agents that players would challenge the other ten served Morissette Race Dressing Endgame Explanation Asian for why folks would change between versions of the game. I personally don't think you'll see more than ten or twelve of these different gyms between sort and sailed alone. Do you think this might mean the game. Freak might be planning the Third Jim for the global region or certain shield might our virgin to or you might eventually see all eighteen these gyms over the course of these games or could this may be an idea for a leader deal see where he could challenge Jin's. Keep up the good work interesting stuff right when I first saw this I saw like kind of I've been trying to stay out of the POK Mon it kind of hype cycle where I'm GonNa play the game when it comes. I'm ready for it. I don't need to know every single thing I kind of want the sense of discovery they definitely showed way too much last time I I saw the last like four generations. They just won't stop talking about stuff right. I would love to be surprised by the POK MON like told us. The pokemon wanted the game now like when the random battles star like Oh. I have no idea what that is. I wonder what type it is. I wonder what like what is like dot to me was the what made Ruby and Sapphire Gen three special always like six hundred hours was they were just like you know what we're bouncing like. You're familiar with these two fifty-one Pok Mon right and also the Gameboy advance made us. Oh Damn he's it. Does it Yeah I love that game now my favorite game for sure but I loved it introduced us to to so so many new characters felt like a different region right then you keep going great but I like Gen five again had the black and white had had that moment of like who are these things but the problem with like white is I feel like it was a bit more derivative versions piggy. That's just this was but I liked like did limited to that. I didn't have to like I'd have to go see a PG and then see the Virgin PG true and this had this one thing so with this one already seeing that they're kind kind of like mix and match tonight. Only it's GonNa be that whole new experience that that I'd kind of hope for Yeah but I'm China limit my my eyes on this until till we got our hands on a game came in a month coming so soon it's very simple but when I saw this tweet about the gyms it I got so excited eighteen gyms and the way that they're talking about it is that there's a minor league gonNA majorly and instead of just being like you go from gym to gym to gym than face for there's no lever it's an actual league where they're all kind of competing with each other to see which they get into the major league and how worked at a bit more like I think how traditional sports work don't quote me on that but that's cool to me that sounds like superfund superfund especially what we've seen of the arenas and stuff but the original kind of tweet was talking about there being eighteen gyms in each yeah and ads that are eighteen but you can't play them. I'm not about that like I want a gym though so if they boy that for so long so I feel like this is okay I think that it's weird coming out so close to fire emblem three houses that easily could have done more than one game yeah right based on the different storylines and when you look back to the last firemen game with what was it the birthright conquest and revelation fates yeah they did that and I'm actually kinda shocked that they didn't try to double double dip on that or triple dip with three houses right yeah but I'm happy didn't then to see them with Pok Mon now seemingly creating the two most different games this smart play to make them more similar to differentiate them more. I mean I I. I think that it almost doesn't matter because they're the people that are going to buy both games. We're going to no matter what and I feel like no matter how different you make them. I don't think it's really going to change the amount of people that are interested in a slightly different thing like it's just different gyms like different types that you're facing off against the biggest thing for me is like when are we going to get a pokemon game where you're not just facing off against one type that you can spam one move against their entire team and just destroy them. What are we going to get real trainers like that have real balanced team yeah someone who has like like a golf trainer that has like a fairytale or something like yeah like that would be really cool? I think these are baby steps towards all of that but I don't think this is a hint of the third game. I don't think we're going to get a third game I. I think that the third game thing is kind of over this yeah I I definitely I think they probably burn themselves a little bit on this one. I think they're going to put their heads down next year. And just you know we're GONNA game for two years so now that has more character ma arpaio models than this one. Did we'll see man. I don't know it's still weird to me. They just haven't given a number yet like the just the band aid off and tell people like this is the number of the list. It's going to be in here yeah but I I you like I'm fine with the idea of different kinds of pok mon in different versions different Gyms Kinda Rosie the wrong way because I'm going to get a virgin. I'm going to be like Oh. I like that trainer or that JIM leader better it sucks. I'm not going to get a chance to like experience them that Jim or that type or whatever yeah that's weird all right now. No biologist says hey Tim Ron. I guess that's that's her name. You illegally the impossible layer of us were coming out and it's going to be a great modern platformer at the initial collection three D platformer game came out or clicked with on on the game came out. Are you playing to the sequel a shot after reading a couple of reviews I went ahead and `priority or do you think sweetie collect games like Ukulele Banjo because they we place in the modern the Era Games and fast open worlds it compelling stories. How can these franchises improved to be improved to be a part of modern gaming be more ambitious or stick to their roots and be registered game name? Thanks nano-biological Gist I do not think that three D. collected on games place in modern era. I think that if you if they're going to happen they they need to be more ambitious to be a retro style. Game Baird is wearing an anti for sure but I I just really don't have a place in modern games. Did you have a place though as Retro Games and I feel like you just need to commit to that and when Games commit to that shovel nights MHM that's when they're at their best when you try to do too much you just Kinda lose what made the game special in the first one I mean it takes deft hand right like you. Odyssey is basically Lee a modern collector thon game but it doesn't feel I don't feel like I'm just running around collecting coins and stars or whatever I feel like I'm doing objectives to get these things and there resulting in those if a let's just use the clock Gygi lying around. That's boring. Just oh I grab this whatever yeah yeah and like I honestly had a couple of those honestly like thousands of dollars so I can't be too much yeah totally but I feel like even when it had those for the most part there's a couple of exceptions there. They're placed in areas that are rewarding you for exploring them right right. It's not just like Oh. It's just here. It's like Oh. It's up this random thing around a corner that you wouldn't necessarily think to look yeah you know and like this is the thing when I'm playing borderlands recently. I went down this past like Oh. This must be something cool here because nothing like this is a very off the beaten yesterday's apply for him to get here fucking ammo chest. Yeah you need to be able to reward people with what they find and that's that's the most difficult part of the balance protective. I am interested in Ukulele possible air. Though I played that at Pax I talked to one of those items like Oh this is tropical okay freeze and he looks at point blank faces like we've never played tropical freeze and like you motherfucker. You're lying. You're lying. No I know they're like somebody's tropical freeze works on that game so I think they're trying to get away from that comparison of when they went with Ukulele like okay. We're making a spiritual signature the badge Kazumi yeah like we're executive Joe in the game when he played it. It's like this isn't as good as agile like that yeah so they're trying to get away like this is not as good a tropical freeze but and it turns out it's actually it seems pretty good based on reviews yeah cool all right not to squat up and this could be a slightly different one with Ninos Amedeo who is a bob squatting out for the American Cancer Society on twitch. The American Cancer Society is hosting a twenty four hour charity stream tomorrow from ten. Am To ten am Sunday we are we we are live streaming live streaming. He wrote love that we're streaming Loesch. Obviously I like the the buzzword the branding of that from local host and Philadelphia. If you're local we'll stop by and say hi please check it out and donate if you can all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to fund research that patient services thank you all he did not put a twitch channel for that can be so just post that on the subway or like go look up society on twitch tomorrow when it goes live. I'm sure AH hopefully they'll be front. Page is trending all right now. Let's check out. You're wrong where you guys can tell us what executive gotten wrong over. The course of this show goes because listening at fifty nine on metacritic speaking games getting launch crash team racing nitro feel got thirty two or thirty dollars MT X. for in game what I remember that it did get pretty egregious actions at the very end there yeah Randy's exact are posted exactly. I don't care gotta read that thing again. Umbrella Chronicle drug side chronicles the Enriquez's both are pretty good Darci chronicles in my favorite Claire Redfield design and she's now in muscle hunter. I I saw a tweet today. Yeah that's Weird Oh. CPR got a new item transactions today great oh man it was so good like as an idea and concept and then once the migrants actions and stuff started you mother fuckers like just make this easy. There's so so much content. That's good make it easier to be able to play it all and to get it all out having to pay ridiculous amounts of money or ridiculous amounts of time that's simply not worth. We talked about it in a game sky's history. I just want a simple kart racer that will add new tracks over time without having to pay out the nose for other things yeah like with Mario Kart it may be. I'm not getting a Ping Luigi costumer whatever but I'm fine with whether getting giving me that game to Ha- then a biologist says we're also waiting for twilight participated maker. HDZ The word over as true. We're always waiting for those. I would kill for I would I honestly we pretty much you can play almost Zelda I think I I can't think of I probably obviously the ones or the Oracle Games Order yeah wouldn't game away compatibility so wouldn't have those links awakening the way so asking more advanced right yeah so it had happened like at ds compatibility so it had a lot of Zelda Games but I would love like them using it is our initiative to make sure every game can be played on this system. Yeah that'd be fantastic and I would buy them all close. Yeah put him on a couple. Oakland like mega man style disks yeah. Here's a collection I still have my Zelda promotional game. Hugh yes became the preorder masterpass quest for master quest and oftentimes massacres but then there was also another one you got from Nintendo power that had on to the past it had all of the Games on it yeah arena. I had the Gameboy Zelda one or two carts yeah. I never played them because I don't like those games are hard to get back to ones. Oh you mean yeah yeah yeah. Those were fantastic owning. The cartoon like I said never actually bothered to go back to them all right tomorrow's host well not tomorrow but Mondays Monday and Tuesday Greg. We'll be joined by Bruce Green. Hell Yeah Wednesday. It's GonNa be Greg and widow for Winter Wednesdays Thursday. It'll be me and Greg Friday. IT'LL BE GREG AND MR thirty under thirty right here. Tim Getty asked me they'd be games. Cast next week will be me Greg friend and you It's going to be fine all right. Thank you for coming this kind of funny games daily. We bring you all the news. That's fit to hear

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