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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show, and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love. Happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go, Sarah Paulson touches adele's magical voice box. What Sega the up Sarah Paulson touches adele's, magical voice Bach true story and Hathaway tells us why she gave up drinking, Fred savage, discusses his onscreen engagement to Billy Eichner. Caroline quinton. And peers Taylor, tell us about the world's most extraordinary homes. Marie condo tidies up Ellen writers office and James corden prepares for his upcoming role in cats law, blah, blah. Okay. I don't care about what's on the Ellen show. They care about us. That's what I'm coming to realize about this podcast. It's not really about the clip Savell. It's about Andy and his cat and and his cast of characters. Mary little band of friends. I'm anti laster. I'm mary. Conley second. I'm Ed glavin, welcome. This is exciting. So our team of producers. There's about one hundred people who work on this podcast. That's a whole separate staff. Well, that's not what I think because we have gathered a bunch of nice emails from people huge stack huge stack. People who listen to our podcast and reading it's just lovely stuff. There's a deer dr- nappy who lives in Brewster New York, which I know is near Connecticut, I believe who is an eighth grade teacher, and I haven't crater and she listens to this. And she says that the podcast puts her in the right mindset to teach kindness in the classroom because she sees me specifically as kind of yes, kind of a beacon of kindness, not read. Well, maybe I've read maybe I misunderstood what she was saying. But Deirdre thank you for Deirdre. Thank you for listening. I think sample of people who are different the her kid should include in love, even though you're tad. Oh, my different. And is there. A fun fact about Deirdre. Let's see a fun fact, you know, I don't. Yes, she was one of my first ever Twitter followers as soon as I saw her face. I was like she always likes my tweets. I would say she's probably a big fan as probably most as or probably most people here. And then I think Deirdre, and I probably could relate and have a lot in common because I have an eighth grader who takes math. And she's in eighth grade math teacher now. So that's a little bit of a connection. What are you have you have some freshman algebra? So maybe. I have this is like you say we have a whole stack. But this one just got me this is from Lindsey Myers. Listen to this. I just wanted to answer your question about where we are listening from. I am a peace corps. Volunteer listening all the way from a small rural village in the south of Muldova in eastern Europe. Wow. I love Ellen. But I'm not able to watch her show on TV here. So it's great to be able to listen to your podcast. How sweet is that? First of all. She's a peace corps. She's our salt to the earth. Just there are there better people than peace corps people. Probably not based on her picture. She's in a location in eastern Europe. That is called. Oh, yet does. All right. We'll stay warm and thanks for all the good work. You do you. I love that. That's amazing. I will sign it. Do we have eight by ten to me? I can sign sent to people Daniel. I'm just talking producer. Do we have stock of things I can say what Lindsey I'd love to say. Take your good picture. Sure. Eight by ten is your jam buddy. Yeah. Well, we can touch it off. Saying it's not it just sometimes takes awhile to get a picture that Andy feels good about. Want to mention? Instead men who's listening to us over in Tennessee. I know and she listed us alphabetically. I like that. Yeah. I only started with Andy because his name starts with o. That's we chat to explain it to you guys. She cares about your feelings. It would be an honor to talk to us. She thinks maybe we'll call her someday is speaking of far away, another huge fan, who's always tweeting within seconds of the podcast coming out, and I'm going to pronounce the name wrong is Len Shikha David who is a blind woman who lives in Romania, and she has been one of our most avid fans, and we thank you for your dedication. And for always tweeting about what you love about the podcast. He doesn't show. She does gamma games super. She's a fan. That is really awesome. So thank you. And every week. We will mention people who are listening because we really do. Appreciate it. Does anybody who if we mentioned somebody to they get something we have you only only you'll keep trying if you send we'll send them. I mean, other than a podcast t shirts, I'm going to randomly pull out one. And we'll see who's going to get today's prize about that. Okay. Brian stack riff riff riff Lynn point. So the next person is going to get a prize from the stack if Natalie Pearman Peyron perran, what is she getting? We'll check your mail, and they'll see what you get a prize. That's so from our gift closet. Congratulate Natalie lives in Ormond Beach, Florida with other half, our two cats and a horse. Love animals fashion. Her husband is the shirtless guy. There you go. Shirt for your house. Feel old. She says grew up watching Ellen every day after school. Oh, gosh. I love the podcast. I've been listening every Monday and Wednesday since day one nothing makes me laugh louder than when Andy jokes about being the creator of. Right. Because she knows what she knows what a joke. It is Andy come on. We'll thank you everybody. That was very sweet. Thank you, everyone that was fun. And we we're going to start sending gifts to our listeners. We had fun this week preparing for Sarah Paulson to comeback on landlord. Kevin how much did it cost? I don't do the numbers. Ed. You spend the numbers some fun ideas. Pay for them. Yeah. We had a wonderful producer, Melissa scientists, Sarah. And she came up. We've scared her first of all we scared her in every way we've ever scared anyone on this Ellen in the bathroom at the scare table creeping up behind her built a special box. It could scare her during five second rule. Right. So listen, I've been to one hundred house with her when we send her house. So let's camp with some really crazy ideas to scare her. That seem insane. We actually dug out a tunnel underneath Ellen's those you're eighty member. That was Mary's Eddie. I'm hearing now dug a tunnel under Ellen's chair, basically. So that sorry, a sub flooring flooring. Well, if you notice the platform of of what we call home base, which is where Ellen's chairs are you have to take a couple of steps up to get to them. So there's gotta be some room underneath a little bit of room. So they cleared out some some boards, and we made a tunnel. Corey could crawl from backstage into that box after. Ellen showed her that it was empty. So we open the table to show, Sarah. There's no one in the table to scare right? Then we close the table and somebody crawls you guys you guys, you know, what we are suddenly we're kind of like magicians, it was a lot. Like, we're a little like, look there's nothing here. And then suddenly something was there. Elissa head an insane idea. Elissa had an absolutely shame. What to do an a ninja dropping from the sky to scare Sarah Paulson? It was so fast. And so startling. It was and the what you really you have in your mind what you hope that will be. And this didn't disappoint was great. So if you want to see that go check, your DVR's, and and check out this show because because we're a podcast, even if we play a clip of screaming, you can't see how it happened. You're going to play a clip here's a quip of screaming. God can I open it up? Yes. There's nothing in here. There's nobody in there. You guys know what they like to do to me, right? Did it to yourself now? I'm scared. I know and you just you scream. I did I saw you look tiny bit over my shoulder. Like something was happening. Nothing's happening. So you do impressions, and you really good at accents and impression. So we're gonna play heads up because you like has and love rice game. And I like your impressions to I didn't know. I saw you on Jimmy Fallon. Maybe doing who? Are you doing Barrymore? Maybe yet. You're just good at impressions. Thanks. All right. So I'm going to guess who you're doing and. No this. It out. I'm saying play Andy. Okay. All right. This is fun. Okay. Okay. Oh. I don't I come do this very well. But I'm doing all kinds of poses in anonymous state. That's not a good accent NAMA stay. Does not done. I have no idea. Oh, I'm Ravin. Have you share your what am I doing here? Kevin Carlin ban reading when lock to order, some kind of this. We'd we I'm doing event he'd been t- thing with the tool with lots of earning something, but I don't know who you are. I'm not supposed to be a pass and it's an accent. Okay. It's supposed to get. I don't know if it's all right? Let me tell you something. Even the whole he has. I wanna say that looks like sit down. It's all right. Creative. We have. Can I know we had to build a tunnel and a lawyer. That's why I was able to show it was empty and then he came in during the commercial break. That's how far we have to go to get, you know. What's happening next? I'm nervous. Not the only thing. I'm happy about is that you did make it very plush for him. It's like it's like a red carpet for his that really is because that one scare wasn't enough. Kev. What else now then she really wanted to Ellen back for the last time. She was here and she ended up under the table shivering. She was scared. So let's told her that's great. We won't tell Ellen. You're going to scare her later in the show. And fortunately, Ellen was on. But he told told Ellen and guys we don't really we don't often keep secrets a celebrity, and you tell us that you or you ask us to not tell Ellen something. Here's what you need to know. Ellen pays us. So we dressed Corey up as Bush hiding behind Ellen. So once Sarah came out to scare Ellen. She got scared again, the whole fish not like a former President Bush a. Wailing bush. We mean like plant. Okay, are no on this show is to make people laugh and feel good every day. So I got this letter from viewer in Cumberland Rhode Island, and I knew I wanted to talk to her. While she was here. She talked about Adele in her magical voice box. And if that doesn't make any sense to you listen to this. I heard this at my birthday party, you you, so Adele was at my birthday party. And you ask her if you could touch her touch voice box. I have to touch where all the magic comes from. And she let me did. She look at you like, you're crazy. She let me do it. Why did you wanna touch thought? Maybe then I could it would excrete some stuff that I can have do you sing? No, okay. And they wanted some of it. It didn't happen. So you. Bad. Can you say? You're good to. We could harmonize you. Go higher lower. Galore. The one album either. I mean, how about the guts of just being able to say that to Adele, can I can I touch your throat. I love Sarah. Yeah. Kevin. How did how did that ninja get up there? What do you actually we used the same people that rig are people for games right guy named Pat Ramona? We like. Yeah. They have these. Game game that can crank people up and down insanely fast. It was he came in two nights before they had a clear a couple lights, and it was very specific for two nights. No, they just put the rig up there. And then the guy snuck in he stuck in from the rafters didn't have to be there before the audience loaded in fully dressed like an engine which was Craig dressed like an engine. It was so funny and then he's hanging prone. Yep. By something I guess strapped to his back like mission impossible style. And then he just drops like a rock, and then the exit the drop in was terrific. But then the exit was really Sarah gets are like splash or water, Adam. Yeah. But by the time, she gets her Cup off the table. He's already gone. Yeah. Just poof. It was awesome. Sure. I just gotta read this. This was one other fan. Her name is Jessica wild from Provo Utah. I'm just gonna be a little part of it. I have grown to level the Ps please see my other letter, I wrote Ellen tube last month where I talk about how amazing Mary Connolly's. She is accepting full of love. And complementary and humble. And I am really really impressed with her. I've said it before and I'll say it again the world needs more care. Mary Connolly's in it. That's funny. Jessica funny. That's a good one not gonna live attached Connelly could use an additional Mary. That would be so helpful if you'd like to be an additional Mary Connolly right in and let us. Let us. Oh. That's very nice. Thank you. Jessica. That's that is very very sweet of you. And it's also it's also. To hear what about us too about the rest of us. Once you something great, the someone will writer, Jessica, you just Mary Mary. Mary's Mary is happily married Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway made some news transition and Hathaway ready. Do you write that she gave up drinking? Well, it was it was very it was very cool. It was very cool. But what was interesting is that a couple of days earlier? Matthew, mcconaughey was on the show right and talked about a night of drinking with an half. And that was memorable to Matthew mcconaughey, which means that it probably was memorable to everyone who is part of it. But Anne Hathaway I thought was it was a very handed. Yeah. Handed and mature decision that while she had a young child. She didn't want to be. She didn't want to be. She put it. She put a timeframe on when the kids eighteen back to drinking, right? That's great. I may do the same thing when my kids, but me. May not know for her. Like the way she felt the next day. It was I applaud it. And it won't be around. I'm not everyone can function completely drunk at all times. Like, Kevin Kevin it did get a lot of attention. Yeah. People like to hear about someone giving up drinking. But here's a little bit of Anne Hathaway. All right. So serenity is is a movie that is hard to explain. So try to explain it. Oh, good. Yeah. Well, it's it's a sexy surrealist modern war. Yes. So if you are into thrillers, and you are in into I don't know morality, that's not black and white and you like to be taken on some kind of surreal adventure. You should check it out other than that. It's hard to talk about McConnell. Hey plays the captain of fishing boat. He's obsessed with the fish. I come into his life. I asked him to kill my husband, who's a monster. And is abusive to me into to my son and Matthews obsession changes from whether or not he's going to catch the fish to whether or not he's going to kill the man, right? Because and you think you're watching a movie, and then there's a surprise that that. So you don't know what it is. That's what we can't give away. Is that something happens? You're like, oh, and it was filmed on a beautiful island. He said it was where wasn't Marissa's. Yeah. Yeah. Beautiful. Yeah. Yeah. I think it's if you go to South Africa, and then you go to Madagascar, and you keep going then you hit Marissa's. Well, that's a long flight. It was a long fly Jonathan degrade on it. And how long did you stay on that island? I was there for about five weeks five weeks. I've weeks. Yeah. And it was incredibly Matthew and Camilla had been there for for a while. So we arrived, and you know, I knew Matthew from interstellar, of course. And so got a call from him. Hey, you're in the northern part of the island run the southern part of that you should come down. And so we did and Matthew and Camilla took us on an amazing kind of little bar side tour of all the best in the island. Wow. And how was that? I don't remember. I have no idea. Really? Oh, man. Well, because they're both cool. And I just can't drink as much as them. So anyway, yeah, we drank the night away. And then I had to go to a meeting with Stephen night or director the next day. Just kind of have you ever had to do a meeting hung over? You don't have to admit it. And so I was just kind of like stumbling in one eye open, and I was trying to convince them about certain things about my character. And at the end of it. I said, listen, I've got a confession. I was hung over the entire time. And he just goes, oh, really I couldn't tell and then two days later, we had another meeting I should up. He said, oh now I can. The difference between the other meeting, and then you quit drinking after that. Right. I did I quit drinking back in October. Like like forever for eighteen years. I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna stop drinking while my small my son's living in my house. Just because I don't totally love the way. I'd do it. And he's getting to an age where he really doesn't need me. All the time in the morning. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I did. I did one school run one day where I drop them off at school. I wasn't driving. But I was hung over. And that was enough for me. I didn't love that. Yeah. Yeah. Nother reason. I don't want kids. True. Kev. We will you fan of the wonder years. You kidding me? We watched it as a family every week. Did you really it was not in? I did not hit the years of yet. I really wanna. Really sorta missed me. But I know people were passionate about passionate about highway to heaven wonder years highway. I remember that that was big in your. Yeah. So you must have been excited that here. Sure. Him on the show too. Years as well. I loved Fred savage. He was yeah. Was such a great guest like he really, well, energetic fun. So warm. I just wanna be around. He was exactly the same to he. He was nice kid. And he's real Mench. A very easy conversationalist. Yeah. Like, they just had. They just had a nice chat and good dance. He's he's married to a woman in real life. But plays a gay man on the show and talked about that. And he's his co stars Billy Eichner, and it was really funny. How sort of self deprecating? He was saying that he has to be in relationship with much more handsome, Billy, Billy Eichner. Who's handsome won the jackpot. Yeah. He feels really good about take a listen. So you were on wonder years, which is I mean, it is blessing. I'm not gonna say it's a curse, but people must because you're just that little adorable boy that we fell in love with and people must bring that up all the time. I mean, they do and it's great aunt Hathaway talks about this. She really liked it. It's a credible. Yeah. So people like still to this day. Like, we'll bring it up, which I absolutely love it makes you feel like any room. I go into it. Feels like old friends like grew up with you. Yeah. And they feel like they have this positive relationship towards always. It's always really warm. It was a great show. How long did that go for that? When for six years six years. So when I was like from like eleven to like sixteen or seventeen I was on that show, very important time in your life. I did a lot of growing up in front of the camera. Yes, you are. So all right. So now, you're on this new show explained with this show is about shows called friends from college it's on net flicks. And it's about a group of six friends who went to college together who really haven't been able to let go of their dynamic since college. So they're adults and they have adult lives and relationships, but everything is little stunted because they haven't quite evolved. Fully from their college, sell, right. And Billy Eichner is your fiance. My fiance. We get married at the end of the year. So the season starts with our engage in party and ends with our wedding. And do the best. I feel like the show if people can believe that I could get Billy Eichner. I'd be very happy with really. Yeah. I mean, that's totally toll drink a warrior, so handsome. He's SCRUFF is always perfect. He's very handsome. So when I do see God. His hairs, great great hair. I feel like if I could get a guy like Billy Eichner if you believe that. Well, thank something. That's fantastic that you like him so much. I really really do feel the same about you. Because you're handsome also does he if you could ask him for me, I will? Cooler. He's a funny guy. She's great. Yeah. Great knows how to order at Starbucks helps. They're like, he's great. He's wow. Splash almond Billy Eichner order a splash almond milk in the coffee splashes that such a loose term. I mean that you don't know what that means to somebody. He says at Starbucks that is a measurement is a splash. I've tried it. And I've always been happy with it. All right, fine. All right. And then the other thing that was really funny is he showed us some dance moves, which was cool. Stays moves again. Because they did a scene in the show and his kids made fun of the way he danced. Right. So he learned how to do the body role. In demonstrating gotta watch that the name of his show is friends friends from college. The name of the show is friends from college, which is really good show premise, I would be remiss, you know, I'm so sorry. It's broken record. But games is on tonight. Yeah. Talk show host passer present go Andy one Johnny Carson. What's that talk show? Host pastor present go Phil Donahue, Roselle Conan O'Brien chain Whitney five for David Letterman, joy Behar. Merideth vierra Jenny Jones Morton Downey junior give. Get. Joy behar. Ricki lake so no games over one win. Sorry. He didn't win. Word. I got it. Here's how the contests tonight with that very same category. Bet your wife. Zachary? We are going to start with you. Okay. Talk show hosts past and present how many can your girlfriend name? I bet my someday wife can name six Damian Sunday wife can name seven. She is your wife now my wife. I am going to challenge that. Okay. All right. Show host past and present names in thirty seconds. Okay. Ellen degeneres. Lake. Arsenio hall Oprah Winfrey. Rachel ray. Martha stewart. Yes. More. There. It really is less. You seconds you start panicking. There is Jay Leno, of course, David Letterman. All right. That is a strike for you. This is what happens. That was tomato soup its way to see it. It's a it's a big mess. Are you guys watching game of games? I'm talking to you people listeners of the podcast. I hope you're watching it really is fun. It's fun for the whole family. There's not a lot of shows on TV where a whole family consideration in watch in the same way Kevin used to watch wonder years in highway to heaven. This is one of those shows. I promise you if you haven't seen it, even if you're not a fan of game shows, I promise you, it's so much more. It's just silly fun. And it makes you feel good. It's a little house on the prairie. But with games. I'm gonna say like little house on the prairie except maybe less hungry. Ellen got us all into a show called the world's most extraordinary homes. Yes. Yes. On netflix. Yes. Yeah. It's awesome. And it's just this couple. They're not actually realize. What it's a man and a woman who traveled the world and visit without the owners, the hair the most outrageous extraordinary homes, and the world's and what's fun. It's real estate with your shows full on real porn is in some of the houses. They get to spend the night. Yes. And it's really interesting. It's like a whole new take on looking at looking at homes. Here's a little clip of them talking about that is, you know, people are like, oh who've you had on that you you know, what celebrity. It's like, I'm so happy to have you to on because I love this show, and I love home. So this is is exciting for me is any celebrity I've ever had on because great on the show too. You have such great energy together. Thank you very much. We we have a ludicrously good time making. I think you can tell what Shing it. Yeah. How Steve piddly silly pharmacist remind the best we have the best. We make the best show in the world. Yeah. It really is. I was very jealous. I was like why didn't I think of that? And why can't I do that? Although I don't know about the travel y'all go some crazy places, and and it's hard to get to. But we've seen the world we've managed to sneak around people's properties at the same time. Exactly, you're invited to these. Okay. So I mean, you've really been everywhere. So I'm wondering because you're an architect. Right. And you're just a TV personality that love architecture and design actress, actually, I'm on my next to the Royal Shakespeare Company. So I really do have the best of both because I do acting on stage and television and then for I'm. Of a serial doer oppa. Yeah. So I've done about twenty properties in the last twenty years. I'm there with you. I know I know you all three my enthusiasm. I was introduced to his Reffell into it. We came here to LA about three years ago. We turned up the other side of the world, and we looked at each other. And we said how we gonna make sure about houses going to do. We had no idea we had no script. So we thought we invent something we had a crew ten people wanting to make for Tammy. And we just started doing what we do. I guess it's a it's a great show. So basically you travel world you go to the world's most extraordinary homes is a big deal. Travel bid is actually where we have most fun on the road. I'm looking at things and actually setting up an anticipation of arrival at a house, right? So when you go to these houses, and you're invited and you get to spend the night in these houses. Right. They give you the keys. Leave you alone in their how much. Like would would which is your favorite? Do. You have a favorite style of architecture. But the really interesting question, I meant that inward Goodell contextual cockatiel challenges me and takes me out of my company to be tested by building easy buildings. And who do you like currently for me? It's really about how a property sits within its environment. And how you feel to be that? So it's not just a lovely house it somewhere that has to make you feel the one in the desert you love that. That's that's one of the my mountain retreat. That's in Arizona right on the one of the most beautiful houses. I think in the world is made of mod. So the light as the sun. I'd never been in the desert before this, by the way experience if the does it was so extraordinarily useful as the light changes. The house changes color will say the house is open on both sides. So the draw is car to this act. Call. Thing. Like, right. It just stays cool. Because of the way it's been built very beautiful to it invites the rattlesnakes into the house from the. I would worry about it. It's in the middle of nowhere. We said why don't we do the things that we would normally do like the producers wanted us to have dinner at the table. Like, we we wouldn't do that. We'd sit out in the desert coke something on the barbecue. Wouldn't look at the sunset. With the beasts do you notice? How in none of those houses there's any clutter. There's nothing. There's there's no. Visit because no one lives in those houses, seeding, Lee wealthy people who are. The craziest CD's houses that are outrageous that are millions upon millions of dollars just parts of the house take millions of dollars to build. And then when they're interviewing them one specific house that I loved in Norway. She goes. Yeah. Try and get your little bit in the summer. Our main house, I wanna house you normally living a male where do you put your keys where where old like after your paper bags leftover grocery to your assistant, Mary like it? But haven't you also been to some homes in Los Angeles. That are the same way you walk in you, go. Oh, really Ellen keeps her house extraordinarily. She moves so much. She just said she gets easy way for her to get rid of clutter. Yes, she's moving. That's how you how you prevent hoarding. Ellen's idea of decluttering is moving exactly. Marie condo show is doing. So people have too much stuff. Transition. How you transition Marie condo writer off. We had. Right now at our house. We are we have a professional room organizer who is coming through and helping us organize our house. How much stuff gets thrown away? When that happens a lot of stuff gets thrown away. Yeah, I'm gonna do it. I gotta do. It's it's I really didn't actually feels great. Because when you when you're getting rid of stuff like it's earmarked for people who could use it people who need it. So you look at it, and you go if you love it like, we don't do this. No offense to Marie condo. But we don't do the sparks joy so much. But the rule in our house is if you love it, and you use it you can keep it if you don't love it. And you haven't really been using it. Let's find someone else. We can give it to Debbie will Debbie purges never every you know, what she does is. She puts it she puts it all on a pile the stuff that she doesn't want to keep. And then she realizes there's nothing in that pile. Exactly. Well, we have a writer who's a genius. But crazy, and he like most riders legless renters he has a collection like a little bit of a hoarding problem. And he's very proud of all the stuff. He does for the shows was office is covered with anything that we do on the show. He has a picture from his the props from it. Everything cords, whatever he says, it all and we also have something here called the free pile where people send us promotional items or whatever books t shirts, and there's just too much for Ellen to keep. So she puts extra stuff in this free pile, and he is checking it who's the free pile usually meant for peace for like as he's don't maybe salaries the lease money their jobs as well. Here we have the benefit of really getting some great stuff from people who they wanna show to Ellen. And she can't keep everything I mean, Troy's in the writers guild, so he's barely getting by. So he goes in there. Eight nine times a day. Ever he can get and he makes a point to get here early. So he beats out the pe- as to the think I've left my office nine times this year. Probably right. As prize to him. We booked Marie condo to help him. Eliminate some of the clutter from his office. It's so worth watching this piece, but will play a little bit of it for you. You know, you gotta watch this piece go to your DVR and watch Troy's office kit rehabbed by Marie condo. And just know that you know, it seems to you that choice not wired up like everybody else. You're correct us. No, we couldn't live a more. Boy, and somehow married way up. Yes. Yes. He did. She's beautiful in cool and normal and he's such a he's so weird. He's a baby. Daddy now. So one of my writers is name is Troy has a very very messy office. I mean, there's clutter everywhere. Can I say where it comes from? We there's there's a pile of free pile. We have lots of things that are sent to the show. And there's there's too much for me. It's just too much. So I offered to whoever wants it. And have you been to the free pile before? No. Well, you need to know about it. Some of them are promotional items. There's some gifts sent from different. You know, if I mentioned something on the show, whatever. Anyway, I decided to do something about it. Do you know who Marie condo is everybody? So given show it's on Netflix cold tidying up. And so I had her surprise Troy and make him clean his office. And he was completely caught off guard. Condo who you are. Room with this many things on the wall. One of my roles to greet the space that I'm about to tiny. Quiet process down to. At the heart closure eyes and just in your heart expressed gratitude for all that this office for you. I'm good. Quite. So what's important hiding that you must touch each item with your hands? Do that. Who? One. Kim kardashian. You know? Tidy. I think he wanted to showcase all the things that's his office. This. You know, what Troy likes what drew likes cats? He does love does. He peaking of cats. I love James corden cordless going to be in the movie of cats. That's a good. Wow. Great segue, Hugh. Yes, James corden, stop by promoting show that star actually this weekend. Immediately after the. The best time slot. You can get in television, which is the time sought right after the Super Bowl is that the best time slot because so many people are watching the Super Bowl. It's usually the highest rated event of the year. It's absolutely one hundred percent the highest rate. Don't correct means. Don't a direct me on. Hundred million viewers every single you think he's please edit out at correcting me three hundred million people who live in this country. Million of them will watch SuperBowl before we're gonna get back to James corden. I'm going to give you a quick piece of free advice from the efficiency department. And that's me if you wanna do anything out of doors anything anywhere, if you don't wanna stand in line if you wanna ski, but not standing Lifland if you wanna drive the four oh five and go seventy miles an hour the time you do that is during the Super Bowl. It's it's so I'm going to drive the four oh five from the airport to the one eighteen and I'm going to do it solely because I can was when was the last time you missed watching a Super Bowl. I have not missed watching the Super Bowl in many years. But I'm gonna miss it this year why because I wanna go. I wanna go skiing. Just gotta make sure I'm all connected. But I wanna go skiing, and I wanna go when it's not crowded. So how you gonna know what happens in the Super Bowl not gonna minimum? But then you'll have my report when I get of course, I'm going to have an army of staff watch hit I'm going. Yeah. You're going to. I am going to this last year. Yes. And the year before and it's a hilarious to all my friends who know that I didn't really follow football that I sit in the first row of the Super Bowl every year. Get so mad at me. Tell us this year who who'd you go with last year last year, I went with Dax Shepard. And we had a good time. You can find that on Ellen to where was it Minnesota and it was freezing minneap ice cold. Of course, I do the Philadelphia. This year. I am going with the hilarious Ellie Kemper. I love her who knows nothing. She literally said I'm googling Super Bowl. That's gonna be interesting Andy when you go to the Super Bowl. Yes. Will you rent a car? Are you insane? I would Uber. I'm not gonna wait for car and parking in a city like Atlanta. I usually for everything and I find that Uber makes getting around town easier than ever before. And now, this is interesting that we were talking about Uber. Uber's introducing Uber rewards a new rewards program. That helps keep modern life going. We all know, how mazing Uber is it reduces the stress of traveling makes it easier to run errands and makes a night out. Feel extra special. Uber has been doing a ton of great things this year and Uber awards is going to make you love. Uber. Even more with Uber awards. You can earn points on rides and Uber eats earn points. Whether you're staying in or going out and unlock rewards such as Uber cash for your next biride or your next Uber eats order, and that's just the beginning. You can unlock new benefits every membership level such as flexible cancelation. Ones with gold price protection with platinum complimentary surprise upgrades with diamond and more the more you ride the more you eat the more Uber awards earn. That's a good idea for terms. And to learn about all the ways, you can earn Uber awards. Go to Uber dot com slash rewards. That's Uber dot com slash reward. See program. Terms for details. Once again at Uber dot com slash rewards, James corden was here. Yes. To talk about that show. But also just. The name of the show is the world's best name of the show is world's best. And it looks amazing James corden and like fifty judges everywhere. Berry more our friend, drew Barrymore, rupaul, rupaul and faith hill. Yeah. It's really good. And it's different than anything you've seen. But James corn was here. And he's just so sweet entertaining charming funny, self deprecating. I dislike everything about that guy. Just nice. Yep. You could tell they love each other like their conversation was. From what I've been really impressed by is that faking accent? No us down. He's from Ohio. Yeah. He's a good guy. I like him and someone who spends a lot of time with celebrities in their personal. Oh, good. Else? Yeah. Yeah. They love being. That's good. I had felt differently about that gals from maybe that's why. Maybe doesn't have as many Eddie stick with me. See show business. He doesn't refer to them as gal. But anyway, here's a little bit of James corden. Hi, James, you it seems like you walked, and then you you decided you were going to slow, and then you sped up to to run to the chair. That's my life. Yes. That's my life. Mostly I go. No, I'm doing this slowly just yet. Get that quick walk when I did. Walk when I did your show, which was really fun, by the way. I recently did your show, and it's a long walk yen. It's down steps awkward. It's have you thought of changing that we'll because what we want to have a show where we want to show when we started our show. We were like how can we be different would like everybody walks. Cousin right. Let's just have them come through the audience. Right. So that we're all in it together. Right. Okay. Okay. No, I think it's a great idea. And then the audience gets so excited because you know, you get to like high five on the way down and stuff. Try and be a little different in whatever way. We. I like it. And that you sit with another guest, and it's fun because you interact together. It was great again same thing. How can we how can we just stand out in some way in the massive shows that are on in the middle of the night? Jeremy why didn't why do we pick that picture to show of me? Why why is great? Yeah. Well, clearly, I'm doing a fish thing. But I don't know why. Well, I can't remember. But you were terrific guests. We really felt like and I mean this. I don't mean this in any way. Sycophantically? We are genuinely felt like it was a real thing for our show to have somebody who just kind of respect for Saddam. We've only been on the full years if you to come by our show a great deal to everybody. I mean. I mean, I mean. Thank you. We'll I think that you're unbelievably talented. I mean you've been on four years. It will be four years before that like, I don't think I wasn't aware of you because you were living in London doing plays a lot of theater, and I saw you sing and dance. And do it was like, oh my God. This guy is amazing. So I thought you do very very well right away. Did you think the show would be perc- received that? No, I wouldn't we came here. My wife, and I our Assam was three outdoors was twelve weeks when we moved here. And I wouldn't I said to my wife, I was like we're not buying anything. Like, we rented furniture. We rented account everything in our houses. I was like I'm gonna get fired. And the only thing worse than getting fired. We'll be getting fun and then left with a couch. That we've got to get rid of somehow. Right because we'll be on the first flight back to London bright going. Well, that was a disaster. And I'm genuinely meant like. When did you start buying things at what point did you realize? Oh, the shows doing very well. No, we we know what we bought a house about a year ago. And then and then it was like, okay. If we voted house you probably by by. And so you've been on for years. And then you how long how many more years do you have on your contract about a year and a half? And will you do you think you'll renew or do you do you wanna do other things? Choice. I'm not sure it's it's still get fired. I think that every day. I came in slow on if I come in slow they might go off. That's the wrong guy. If I. Speed to the C down to say sort of. No, I'm not sure I've no idea. How long will do it for? We'll see. We'll see how it goes. And you're going back to London to to be in cats the movie right doing the film of the musical. That's amazing. I it's it's a lot of people who's in cats Judi, Dench McCarron. Idris elba. Rebel Wilson Taylor. Swift Jennifer Hudson and. So you may be fired. Go tomorrow, I might be back here by Saturday tomorrow night's filming mazing. Yeah. It's amazing. And have you seen cats like a lot like is it pretty much sticking to the play or? Yes. Kind of it's still people being cats and how have you prepared for that? I'm very much. You know, I'm I'm I'm like. Day lewis. I immerse the character. You know what I mean? So what have you done? I've just been living as a cat. I don't use the bathroom. I have a little tray. Just. You know, the whole time that's been me. I can't wait to see the movie. Thank you for listening. Thank you for the emails. We watched the show to see the whole thing. Yeah. You can subscribe today on apple podcasts bought a fire ever listening to this right now. And don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays feel more Ellen fund. And welcome to our new listeners on Stitcher premium. Welcome to the podcast in the world. Thanks, everybody. Take care. We would so love to know more about you here at L and on the go, please head over to wonder dot com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wonder dot com slash survey. W O N D E R Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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