SPECIAL EDITION: 2020 Democratic presidential candidates discuss El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio mass shootings; Beto O'Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Tim Ryan.


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Since you got back to el paso yesterday thank you jake aac grieving right now for our fellow el paso ins and this community is also thinking about dayton and the people there who have suffered such extraordinary ordinary loss <hes> came back yesterday and got to spend some time with some of the victims and their families <hes> i'm seeing extraordinarily courageous people who have suffered the most grievous wounds and who have also learned that it wasn't just one family member it was two or three or more who were shot and in some cases who were killed. This community is coming together. Unlike any other time that i can remember <hes> donations of blood donations nations of food <hes> just just the love and the encouragement and the strength and the support in the face of a horrific mass killing el paso castle will see on average eighteen murders a year. That's the average of the last ten years we lost at least twenty people yesterday in and it took someone coming from outside of this community of immigrants to come and bring their hatred and their death to to el paso in the face of that <hes> this community has shown own just incredible strength and love and is more than a match for this we will overcome this <hes> but but something has to change and one of the wives of one of the victims <hes> he had been selling <hes> things to raise money for the soccer team he coaches shot in the chest. His wife asked me why is is this happened in our country right now. Why will this continue to happen. How do we how do we change. This and jacob got to tell you in in addition to universal background checks in addition to ending the sales of weapons of war into our communities in addition to red flag laws. We've got to acknowledge the hatred the open racism that we're seeing there's an environment of it and united states <hes> we see it on fox news. We see it on the internet but we also see it from our commander in chief and he is encouraging. This doesn't just tolerate it. He encourages it. Colin mexican immigrants rapists and criminals warning of an invasion at our border <hes> seeking to ban all people of one religion folks are responding to this. It doesn't offend us. It encourages the kind of violence that we're seeing including in my hometown of el paso yesterday so i i wanted to talk about that in a second but i do want to show this picture of you visiting with victim named ro rosemary <hes> who you said was shot in the chest but she is doing well after surgery. Obviously we wanna bring as much attention to the victims of this <hes> as much as possible so i i do want to talk about how we can stop it and one second but if you could tell me about that moment meeting rosemary i'd met her son on the flight back from las vegas approach me on the airplane and told me that he'd just learned that his mother had been shot in the chest. His grandmother had been shot in the stomach. His great aunt had also been shot. Us is flying back to el paso <hes> and he asked if i would join him going to university medical center where met rosemary <hes> both of her lungs punctured her lung being drained as always talking to her big smile on her face just extraordinary courage <hes> not only was she shot but but her mom her aunt was also shot her family around her these extraordinary caregivers at university medical center nurses who had been working twelve fourteen hours <hes> already doctors. Here's who'd been seeing <hes> multiple patients with multiple gunshot wounds <hes> just <hes> really moved me and makes me so incredibly incredibly proud of rosemary her family <hes> families all across el paso right now who should never have to demonstrate this kind of courage and yet nonetheless are are doing so <hes> met families who who have not heard from a family member and and fear the worst have called del medical center of called you. I don't know where their mom or dad are fear that they are one of the the at least twenty who who are dead already <hes> and are resolved to ensure ensure that this changes. I heard that from so many people yesterday they want this to change. This cannot be the normal for the united states of america and i know this community he's gonna do everything within our power to make sure that it is not so <hes> congressman you wrote on twitter and said publicly in el paso president trump's racism does not not just defender of sensibilities it fundamentally changes the character of this country and it leads to violence <hes> now the document that this terrorist el paso that law enforcement is investigating whether or not he actually posted this document which refers to latinos coming into the country as an invasion which as you noted as a language that we've heard from from the president of the united states it also says and i know it's hard to make sense of any of the stuff but it also says that he had this ideology before president trump kind of anticipated assuming documents real the alleged terrorist and people would would blame president trump forward and said. I felt this way before president trump. I don't know the the point that you're trying to make jake but it's pretty obvious to me in anyone who's listened to the president and we'll look at the facts that his anti immigrant immigrant rhetoric <hes> not just the things that i cited but calling asylum seekers animals or an infestation now you might describe a cockroach or termites nights as an infestation something less than human you might hear someone in the third reich describe a given people based on their characteristic as an infestation or subhuman subhuman but that's what the president of the united states is doing right now and it's not just with mexican immigrants conflating congressman ilan omar with the terrorists from nine eleven even encouraging that chanting in north carolina of send her back <hes>. Let's not mince words right now that this president is encouraging urging greater racism and not just the racist rhetoric but but the violence that's so often follows this shooter in the manifesto sites in part for his inspiration the shooter in christ's church new zealand who cites donald trump as as his inspiration <hes> this anti immigrant rhetoric rick and again it is not just president trump but he's certainly as the person in the position of greatest public trust in power most responsible for this is fox news. This is what we're seeing on the internet. This is the toleration of intolerance and hatred and racism in this country. This is what is causing what we're seeing here today and it will continue to happen unless we call it out and unless we change it the f._b._i. Director christopher ray has worn congress congress about the increasing threat of white supremacy in the past. I want you to take a listen to something that f._b._i. Director ray said in april of this year. We've seen an increase in <hes> the reporting of hate crimes and the f._b._i. Zone number of crime cases have increased the danger. I think <hes> <hes> of white supremacist violent extremism or any other kind of violent extremism <hes> is of course significant <hes> we assess that it's a a persistent <hes> pervasive threat if the kinds of shootings we've seen in el paso <hes> or in california in which individual there was suspected to have white supremacist ideology and other white supremacist murders the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh and on and on if those were muslim men committing meeting those crimes. How do you think congress would be reacting as opposed to the fact that it is white supremacists committing these crimes. They weren't muslim men committing the i know i know that's my point is not a double station. Problem is what i'm saying dan. That's what i'm saying well yeah but let's let's focus on the problem that the f. b. I. director has called out to members of of congress into this country. We have a problem with white nationalist terrorism in united states of america today so so i don't i don't want to to confuse as people about what is going on or use a hypothetical about what if this was somebody else from from a different background or profile the these are white men motivated weighted by the kind of fear that this president traffics in the mosque in victoria texas was burned to the ground on the same day that president trump signed into his order attempting to ban muslim travel to the united states of america when he says after charlottesville clansman and white supremacist and neo nazis these are very fine people <hes> the commander-in-chief is sending a very public signal to the rest of this country about what is permissible and in fact even what he encourages bridges to happen so let's connect the dots here on what is happening and why it is happening and who is responsible for this right now and the fact that it's going to take all of us republicans democrats independents alike rising up standing up to be counted against what this president is doing against this white nationalist racism them against this violence and getting this country back they are saying that our differences are in fact dangerous if you're muslim your your inherently dangerous if you you are an immigrant you are inherently dangerous if you are an asylum seeker. You're invading this country. You are an infestation. <hes> those words have very real consequences excellences. You don't get mass shootings like these. You don't torch mosques. You don't put kids in cages until you have a president. Who's given people permission to do that and that's exactly what's happening happening in the united states of america today just to be clear. I'm not trying to confuse anybody. I was trying to point out that there seems a glaring double standard and how law enforcement and congress talks about these incidents incidence. These are these are white supremacist terrorist acts over and over and over in which people are being murdered and i was trying to offer a hypothetical if it were a different group i feel like it would be a red alarm fire four long fire but but let let me move on because during one of the debates you're twenty twenty opponent governor. Jay inslee washington said that president trump is a quote white nationalist. That was a fairly stark accusation. Do you agree with that. Do you think president and trump is a white nationalist. Yes i do and again <hes> from some of the record that i just recited to you the things that he has said both as a candidate <hes> and then as the president of the united states this cannot be open for for a debate and and you as well as i have a responsibility to call that out to make sure that the american people understand what is being done in their name by the person who holds the highest position of public trust in this land he does not even pretend to respect our differences or to <hes> understand that we are all created created equal. He is saying that some people are inherently defective or dangerous reminiscent of something that you might here in the third reich not something that you expect in the united states of america based on their religion based on their sexual orientation based on their immigration status based on the countries that they come from calling those was in africa shithole nations and saying that he'd like to have more immigration from nordic countries the whitest place on planet earth today so so again. Let's be very clear about what is causing this and who the president is. He is an open avowed racist and is encouraging more racism in this country and this is <hes> incredibly dangerous for the united states of america right now. All of us have a responsibility to stand up and be counted on this issue you in home to el paso yesterday after the shooting to spend sometime <hes> with your wife and your children there are a lot of parents across the country right now trying to talk to their kids about this or even debating whether or not they should tell their the kids about it. What did you tell your kids about what happened in el. Paso i was laying down with with my youngest henry who is eight years old <hes> and he was asking me question after question after question about why this is this is happening <hes> for him and really frankly for me. It is so hard to believe that this happened in el paso it's it's one of the safest places in in america and safe in large part because of our differences a quarter of those with whom we live were born somewhere else chose. This country made us better by their presence. Why why is this happening here. Why would somebody come to our community. I don't know how he got here but it's it's a ten eleven twelve hour drive to come here in in order to do this. You know some of this odd explained to you in terms of what our president has done in terms of this environment of racism in this country really hard though for a child understand why anyone would do this to anyone else but my responsibility your responsibility is to make this better for henry rian for generations that that followers they need to know that we knew exactly what was happening in the face of that we stood up and did the right thing and i'm one hundred percent it focused on doing that right now all right former congressman that over arc from his home city of el paso a city that is grieving today <hes> good luck to you and your fellow citizens reasons <hes> it is a horrible day and we're all thinking about you. 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When you heard about the el paso shooting and then you wake up and hear about dayton first of all the horror of it having been the mayor of a big city you we know the horrors of mass shootings and what it does and so my first and foremost obviously your your thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims families please who've lost people the people who now have months years of of recovery but you also know that thoughts and prayers are not enough and i turn my attention to the person who is leading this country who is in my opinion this moral moment who is failing and i think that at the end of the day especially because this this was a white supremacist manifesto <hes> that i want to say with more moral clarity that donald trump is responsible for this. He's he's responsible because he is stoking fears and hatred and bigotry. He is responsible because he's failing to condemn white supremacy and see it as is it is which is responsible for such a significant amount of the terrorist attacks he's responsible because he is president united states and has failed to do anything significant to stop the mass availability of weapons to people who intend to do harm and lastly. He's responsible because leaders take responsibility. We are responsible for each other. In this culture in this society and our president and the highest moral position in the land should should be taking responsibility in this painful difficult moment and coming forward and telling us what he will do to address hate to address white supremacy address the availability guns to address this mass violence his talking about the cowardice of others <hes> is more of a reflection of his failure to take responsibility and cowardice powered isn't a time that we need courageous leadership now the the the screed the document that the law enforcement is currently looking into about whether or not this terrorist this white supremacist in el paso wrote it he he uses the language that we've heard from the president in terms of calling migrants coming into this this country and invasion. It's in the second sentence of this manifesto screed <hes> which is obviously something the president trump has said but but the shooter also said that he thought on this way and had these beliefs before president trump and the president trump is not responsible. I don't know how you make sense of any of this. But what did you think when you when you saw that all bass murderer whose trafficking in hatred and bigotry all literally trying to give some kind of expo spoke sculpture tori a reaction to the president. I mean come on our president right. Now is using the same language a racism of bigotry white supremacy the way this president is talking about immigrants the way he's talking about minorities in this country <hes> these are the words that are used by the kind of folks it that are in the darkest corners of the internet and as we see in this terrorist attack back the kind of people that are ultimately manifest that hatred and violence and for him not to take responsibility for that is a moral failing and for him not to understand failure to condemn it or see the seriousness the majority of terrorist attack since nine eleven have been whitening white right wing extremists the majority of those have been white supremacists and we have a president that not only is failing to call out white supremacy who in charlottesville tried to to create a savagely false equivalency but but he himself is using the language of hate on a regular basis talk about congress people to condemn urban places to talk about immigrants he is responsible in his language and he is fuelling and giving yson's to this kind of hate our country. There's this theory. I think it's called scott. Tastic terrorism which is the idea of a leader using the mass media to demonize zemun is a particular group whether it's jews or immigrants or whomever and then what appears to be lone lone wolf individuals psychotics attacking that one group <hes> where the individual attack is not predictable but the general real trend of it is predictable because of the amplification of the bigotry and it sounds like you are saying not to be using you're not using the clinical clinical terms of of of of <hes> scholastic terrorism but it sounds like you are in a way holding president trump responsible for some of these individual acts whether it's the tree of life synagogue shooting shooting or el paso check. I just want to continue to speak in this time with moral clarity. We are a nation where we as a poets. We are each other's bond we each other's magnitude. We belong to each other and we have a president of the united states who is savagely frame the bonds of our nation by speaking consistently words of hatred words of division words of demonization and demagoguery. He is fueling a climate that it is tearing at the fabric and fuelling an environment where we're we're white. Supremacists and people who have ill-will are finding more and more license listens to strike out against the vulnerable to strike out against the immigrant to strike out against quote unquote the other this is a moral moment in our country three and our president is failing in his moral role to unite this nation to heal to bring about the best of humanity in america work and so he is response available for what is going on and is doing nothing nothing to stop the carnage the chaos nothing in terms of gun legislation nothing in terms of of taking steps against white supremacy that we should take nothing in terms of the kind of rhetoric that elevates that brings together that bonds instead. He is ripping at our nation. He is tearing people down. He's tearing us apart. This is a moral moment and he is failing this nation and what we saw in this last twenty four hours i he must be held responsible. Let's talk about the bold ambitious <hes> overreaching depending on one's point point of view. I suppose <hes> gun control plan that that you have said you would pursue as president <hes> as the senate has been reluctant to take up any gun legislation asian in the wake of mass shootings including after twenty. Little children were killed at sandy hook <hes> whether it's universal background checks or red flag laws. What are you proposing that. You think you could actually get through the senate and i'm sorry to to to put it. You're talking about morality and i totally appreciate that on on in a morning like this but they're also is the morality and there's what can get through the senate well again. Remember strong. Thurman longest filibuster in senate history was just trying to stop civil rights legislation but we were this nation that when people died whether it was shirt waist factory factory fire we changed laws in the senate in response to women throwing themselves out windows dying to their death in those in those sweatshops we were. We're a nation that overcame filibusters in the senate when four girls were killed in a bombing we responded and so now here we are a moral moment again and it's not for girls or the horrific deaths of women. This is mass shooting after mass shooting before we can even bury our dead ed another one happens and so you want to know about our president. That will take responsibility. Don't tell me what can't get done. Senate is replete with a history of things it could not pass but then did what we need is a leader who is going to have a bold and ambitious plan and let me tell you i make no bones about it. I challenge everyone in the democratic primary race to have to join me on common sense things like gun licensing. If in this country you need a license aisin's to drive a car. You should need a license to buy and possess a firearm states that have done that have seen dramatic drops and shootings shootings and the problem is right now as we saw recently in gilroy and in gavin newsom spoke to this the governor of california that we now have a reality where because because the laws are actually getting strict in some states the way these mass shooters get their weapons go to the neighboring state with less laws. We need to stop. This patchwork of laws in our country endangers people everywhere. We need to have a federal policy of gun. Licensing of of one handgun a month of the kind of things i put out my plan that are evidence based that will drive down shootings will end this nightmare of the kind of carnage we're seeing and i challenge every democrat to to to stand up in this moment and say that i will do what is necessary to protect folks and by the way we will. How will i get that done the same way. We've gotten the big things done. All the time is having leaders number one or willing to stand up and put forth a bold vision a dream where this country should go and then muster the moral majority majority muster the the the majorities in congress to get done. That's the kind of leader i'll be last question. Sir that is the mass shootings shock walk us and they horrify us twenty people killed in el paso nine people killed in dayton but as you know better than i being the mayor of newark most gun deaths are not from mass shootings most gun deaths are not from semi automatic weapons most most gun deaths in terms of homicides are from handguns and they're individuals individuals like the people that you invoke the victims on the street in newark <hes>. How would your legislation prevent those the ones that don't get the media attention because they're they're one offs. They're incidents that take place in the inner city and frankly because their individual and because it takes place in the high crime areas the media doesn't pay as much attention to it jake. That's why this is such a personal issue for me. This is why feel so driven because when mass shooting waiting to mass shooting as as frequent as they're getting where we barely even have time to to digest one in our in our in our gut we see another one happened but the reality is in communities like mine. You know you see these happening with chilling frequency every day. In america hundred people dying due to gun violence and for me having seen a child teenager bleed out trying vainly to stop them from bleeding seeing enshrines on street corners with teddy bears and candles to children kill going to the perversion of funeral where parents are bearing their children and this is what drives me on this issue why i'm gonna use every moment of this presidential campaign and god willing in my presidency to drive this point home we need fold measures full-throated commitment to deal with this uniquely american problem with americans need to know this does not happen at any way in any way in other countries unless they're in war than we've had more people die in this nation in the last fifty years to this gun violence crisis than all of our wars combined from the revolutionary war to the wars in the middle east. This is a uniquely american problem but i believe we can solve it with that unique american spirit. The chest says enough. We were going to do the things we know that can protect your families in our communities and our houses of worship and our concerts in our malls. Also we have to stop this before visits upon your community this time for moral courage. It is time for more courageous empty. We need leaders. Take responsibility responsability all right senator cory booker democratic new jersey. Thanks for joining us on this this tough day appreciate it. Sir thank you guys are terrible taking care of their health. Whether it's a knee injury bad back or something worse guys usually more comfortable rubbing dirt on it than seeing a doctor. I'm guilty of it myself. The same is true for erectile l. Dysfunction studies show seventy percent of guys who experience he d- don't get treated for it. Thankfully roman created an easy way to chat with a doctor online with roman. You can get medical care for e._d. 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These two shootings el paso dayton there. Some of the deadliest mass shootings in our country's history between them. They've left at least twenty nine. People dead forty two injured in a thirteen hour span. Do you think this is actually going to spur lawmakers into action action well. Every time this happens we say never again. We say we're going to do something. We say it's going to change and it hasn't. I've been thinking a lot about the fact that this same debate and the same cycle has been going on my entire adult life and i'm wondering what it will take to get the sense sense of urgency to get washington to actually respond especially when americans frankly in both parties want to see changes at least some basic commonsense measures on gun safety not to mention the need to stand up to white nationalist terrorism and we got a call that what it is if we're going to fight it. I wonder i wonder what it will take to deliver the sense of urgency. After sandy hook we said surely after this and time and time again this has happened at the end of the day without a political change will get the solutions we need but if it if this doesn't do it i don't know what will you have a personal connection to the mall where the massacre in el paso took place. What was your emotional reaction. When you first heard the news of that shooting when i hear the heard heard the words cielo vista i thought about being a teenager being excited that my grandma is going to take to the mall because we used to visit every summer just think of it as a as americans should be able to think think of of of shopping malls as either place to go grab something or replace teenagers look forward to going to and instead. It's a place where americans were murdered in a terrorist attack and it's happening all over i mean to go from el paso paso dayton in a matter of hours and meanwhile to continue to deal with the fact that <hes> we lose so many lives one at a time to gun violence on a daily basis around the country including in my hometown we cannot continue accepting the unacceptable as if nothing could be done. We're the only country in the developed world where this happens routinely and and we we rub up rub our hands as though there was some cosmic ause mic force. This is the consequence of policy failures. It's time to act <hes>. There's still so much we don't know about both of these shootings your gun safety plan calls for a variety of measures from banning military style. Semi automatic rifles to establishing a nationwide gun licensing system. I know i don't have to listen to for mass casualty atrocities that have led democrats to push time and time again for for far legislation far less sweeping than what you're proposing just closing the gun show loophole for example legislation that every time fails is there a proposal. You have to end these mass shootings. We're at least curtail them that you think could get through the u._s. Senate here's the thing in america things are impossible until they happen and time and time again talk something hopeful <hes> we have seen policy breakthroughs around issue after issue in this country. It's time for gun safety to be that issue. We're the impossible became possible by the way how can it be impossible at least deliver something like universal background checks ninety percent of americans most republicans most gun owners want to see happen either. This senate needs to respond to the american. People or this senate needs to be replaced not to mention the need for a president who will actually do something about gun safety in this country and do something about standing up to white nationalist terror. I can just tell you as a journalist. I've literally i've literally been covering the debate over closing the gun show loophole since you were in high school i mean i remember covering it in nine hundred ninety nine and interviewing senator john mccain when he said he was going to support closing the gun show loophole and even even that couldn't get through the u._s. senate. There's a tweet out there. I forget who wrote it. Some something along the lines of the moment that this country decided did it was acceptable for twenty first and second graders to be massacred at sandy hook was the moment this country decided that it was not going to do gun control no matter what look at the beginning of this decade it was considered preposterous that somebody like me could be married by the end of this decade at least in my state of indiana china <hes> we have to believe in the possibility of political change but we also have to hold our leaders accountable when they failed to deliver it and this isn't just a policy issue. This is a cultural issue. This is a question of how we handle responsible gun ownership. You know here's something to think about this sunday morning in gun a tool or is it an idol anytime i've carried or handled a weapon whether it was in afghanistan for self defense or whether it was to go skeet shooting hunting. I viewed it as a tool but if the gun corporation lobby which is what the n._r._a. Is is now has people viewing as a thing to be loved a thing to be protected a thing that is a source of our freedom and power and and a thing to which we are willing to sacrifice human life. Isn't that the definition of a false god. We've got to change our thinking. We can absolutely honor a second amendment rights for responsible gun owners without shooting down. Even the most basic common sense measures to save american lives including including our children or we can fail yet again. The choices right in front of the question is whether we're serious about this or not. We can't go on like this. I was part of what i feel like. Was this first generation where school shootings were routine now. We've seen a second. Are we really going to allow to be a third. Are we going to be proud of what we've done. By by five ten years from now on the current track wrong we already have more guns than people in this country <hes> but they're saying by twenty thirty one hundred and thirty million more guns on the street we could tell our kids by twenty thirty that we finally changed or we could let it be one of those issues that we just accept the unacceptable for as long as we look in the beginning of this interview you talked about how to dimensions to this the gun laws and the white supremacist ideology. Let's turn to the white supremacist ideology if you could police are investigating reading this document the screed filled with white nationalist and racist hatred towards <hes> latinos immigrants. They believe it to be written by the alleged terrorist in el paso taxes. Now you said in response to the el paso massacre quote america's under attack from homegrown white nationalist terrorism. You also referenced since nine eleven inspiring your generation into action and you call for similar action once again. Why do you think there is a reluctance in the congress and in the f._b._i. To to label and investigate white supremacist terrorism which is what we're seeing in a way that there is no reluctance to condemn other forms of terrorism islamist or other kinds. I think is because our politicians are embarrassed. Certainly are whitehouse's embarrassed. There's a parallel between i mean the failure to keep our election safe from russian interference because acknowledging that that's a problem would be embarrassing to this president who benefited from it and the fact that confronting white nationalist terrorism would be embarrassing to a president who helped stoke many of these feelings in this country to begin with but it's time to turn the page it's time to move on in and actually do something this administration actually cut funding for homeland security programs on countering violent extremism and has as far as i can tell l. not produce any kind of national strategy on far right terrorism after nine eleven. We swore up and down. We were going to be different. We said this was going to change as being attacked by terrorists was going going to make us better than we were. What about this time is being attacked by terrorists. Now homegrown white nationalist terrorists going to make us better or are we going to allow those terrorists to make us worse and more divided the choices are but it requires leadership and we are emphatically not getting that leadership from this white house or or from congressional republicans now if the white house is beyond redemption so be it but congressional republicans have a choice every member of congress right now and the senate in the republican party. I believe knows better at least some of them. No better and one of the reasons i think so many of them are leaving is because they don't have the heart to stay but they don't have the courage to stand up to the current reality. If there was ever time for that to change its now what is the current reality <hes> congressman federal work and governor jay inslee has said that they think president and trump is a white nationalist do at best he's condoning and encouraging nationalism look when you got people chanting jews will will not replace us in the streets of charlottesville and somebody gets killed in an act of terror and the president's he's very fine people there whenever president who made his career politically on demonizing humanizing mexicans and now we're seeing reports that the shooter yesterday had his goal is killing as many mexicans as possible. You don't have to use a lot of imagination nation to connect the dots here. This is very clear that this kind of hate is being legitimized from on high and if that were not true the president would be acting and speaking very very differently than what he's doing right now one last question the shooter now paso could be facing the death penalty in texas and this seems like the kind of example of a case where you know you probably could get very strong support for somebody like this a white nationalist assuming he's found guilty in a court of law a white nationalist white supremacist murdering innocent people because of their race or the color of their skin but you don't support capital punishment would you would you oppose it in this case as well. Give your against it. Then you're against it and of course we can find cases of heinous situations people. Perhaps that's who deserve to die. Just never met anybody who deserves to kill all right fair enough mayor people to judge. Thank you for joining us horrible day really appreciate your time time. Thank you tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Xeni offers thousands of affordable eyewear styles starting at just six ninety five no ridiculous markups. No hassles just quality affordable. I wear delivered right to you visit today at xeni dot com slash c._n._n. Now i want to bring in the former hud secretary and the former mayor of san antonio and the only latino in the two thousand twenty presidential field joining me now presidential candidate secretary pretoria julia on castro <hes> secretary castro. Thanks for joining us on this horrible morning. <hes> tell us how you reacted when you learned about these horrific mass murders like all other americans heartbroken. <hes> i have a family i can only imagine what the families in el paso in dayton this going through and i also think like many people <hes> it is infuriating to see another to mass shootings when and we average shooting day now in the united states and we know what we need to do to change the country <hes> i think i have both of those spewing this morning. What do we need to do to change as a country what can be done to if not stop this at least curtail it. We need to do a whole slew louis things <hes> from ensuring that we have universal background checks to limiting the capacity magazines <hes> to ensuring during that we have red flag laws out there that are able to catch <hes> individuals who may represent a danger to themselves or to other people we we also need a renewed assault weapons ban so that these semi automatic weapons. These weapons of war are not out out there on the streets. <hes> you know in most americans i believe support these kinds of measures but because of the inaction of congress of politicians who listened to special interests instead of listening to the american people we haven't made the progress that we should. Let's talk about the el paso shooting in your home state. Law enforcement officials are right now. Investigating document that they believe was written by the alleged shooter the alleged terrorist and this document i is filled with white nationalist and racist hatred towards immigrants specifically hispanics. You would be the first latino man ever elected president. I don't know if you read the document or or have read about it but i'm wondering what your reaction has just <hes> i did have a chance needs to to read through <hes> the manifesto and i mean this is something that <hes> represents the complete opposite eight of the country that i know and the state of texas that i know what's special about place like el paso and city like san antonio that i'm from our that now for generations it has been a bi cultural place where people of different backgrounds get along <hes> they go to church together. Are they go to school together. They live near one another. <hes> you know there is a lot of <hes> you know camaraderie a sense of community. It's so different from the picture that that shooter was a painting of what we can become in the united states and <hes>. I know that is dark. Heart does not reflect what's in the hearts of the vast majority of americans no matter what their background is and this is another example of the hate the bigotry that we have to reject it also points to the fact that we need leadership ship at every level in our public and private life that is encouraging people to understand each other to have compassion and respect act for one another and to appreciate our differences instead of to fuel bigotry and hate and division your <hes> campaign rival and fellow tax in former congressman bedroll rourke said quote president trump's racism does not just offend our sensibilities. It fundamentally changes the character character of this country and it leads to violence <hes>. You haven't gone that far this morning. <hes> do you think that congressman work is saying something. That's unfair fair. Do you see any sort of link between the comments. The president makes and this kind of violence. What do you think oh. I believe that president trump is making it worse. Look <hes> <hes> you know. The person that is responsible for this shooting is the shooter at the same time. If you're in a position of leadership you set the tone for the country and there's no question that this president is setting a tone of division and fanning the flames of bigotry and hate and you know he's not making any better is making it worse worse and so i do believe that president trump himself. I hope it personally the events of the last twenty four hours will cause that's him to reflect on the kind of president that he has been and what he wants for this country so that as he goes forward <hes> <hes> he can try and unify the country more than he has <hes> sometimes for some people and i believe this for the president division is a political critical strategy bigotry. It's a way of stirring some people up so that they'll vote for you. That's dangerous. President trump condemned the shooting in el paso so he called it a quote hateful act an act of cowardice <hes>. What's your response to that. Is that enough. The president needs to be quicker. You're in the future to routinely condemn the type of hate that we see in this country and to refrain. I'm from stirring up that kind of bigotry whether it's at those rallies or after what happened in charlottesville you know now. This president has been terrible when it comes to trying to bring us together as americans four of the ten ten deadliest mass shootings in modern american history took place in your home state of texas. <hes> twenty six people were killed at the first baptist church in sutherland springs in two thousand seventeen twenty three killed at luby's cafeteria nine hundred ninety. One eighteen killed at the university of texas nine hundred sixty six now twenty twenty people killed in el paso. What do you make of that fact that almost half of the most deadly shootings in the united states in modern american history have happened in your home on state taxes the n._r._a. For years has said that the answer to these mass shootings. It's more guns that a good guy with a gun is the answer but i'll tell you jake think about this and i hope that your viewers will think about this. We're in texas. That shooter went into a situation where where people routinely carry guns concealed carry is allowed here open carry his allowed here. Campus carry is allowed here. He knew that he was he was going into a walmart mart with one or two thousand people in it. Certainly people are packing that didn't deter him that didn't determine at all and it didn't keep those people safe your fellow presidential candidate cory booker suggested that even twenty twenty candidates who don't support his gun licensing implant requiring every gun owner in america to get a license the same way drivers will get a driver's license that if you don't support your part of the problem do you support gun licensing zinc and if not how do you respond to senator booker. I do think that we have to strengthen our laws. When it comes to knowing who has these guns <hes> when sold who do they change hands into and so you know i think that cory booker <hes> has a good point about having more information about who has these guns but we i also have to combine that with <hes> things like red flag laws that give courts the ability to take guns out of the hands of people people who shouldn't have them in the first place <hes> people who represent a danger to themselves or to somebody else secretary castro. Thanks so much for joining us today on this horrible sunday. We appreciate your time. Sir thank you what makes great political journalism. Is it breaking news so new the not even the newscaster knew about got it before the cameras rolled or is it old time honored shoe leather from the city council meeting to the capitol rotunda is great political journalism in the question asked an unanswered and so asked again and again and again until the unanswered becomes an answer or in a world drowning in facts is good political journalism. The journalists who explains sousse facts each week the sunday morning political shows practice political journalism and each week on the pali log podcast. We break down. The four major. Sunday shows looking looking at the substance and style of political dialogue. We take a critical look at the policy maker the politician and the journalist extensive audio clips from the sunday shows. Paulie log is released in time for your monday morning commute subscribe to polly log at apple podcasts pitcher google play or wherever you get your podcasts log p. o. l. l. o. g. u. E. learn more at poly log dot com joining me now from las vegas. Nevada is democratic presidential candidate in california senator comma harris senator under harris. I would say good morning. It's obviously not a good morning. What is your reaction to the mass shootings in el paso yesterday and then you wake up to find out what happened in dayton ohio earlier today well that's exactly it went to sleep just morning the tragedy of it and <hes> and frankly frankly really it's it's a combination of feelings <hes> none of which of course match the feelings of the families of those victims but the sadness the frustration shen and frankly the anger jake <hes> because we can do something about this and and so you put that fact right that we actually can do something and you combine that with the fact that our children are right now living in fear like seriously living in fear our children are going going to school everyday elementary middle high school students having to have a drill were they are taught about how they have to crouch in a corner are hide in a closet closet in the event that there is a mass shooter roaming the hallways of their school. If you talk to our children they will tell you. They are afraid to go to school. They sit in a classroom and they should be paying attention to a teacher and learning the wonders of math or science or music but half their brain is aware sure that somebody might walk through that back door carrying an assault weapon so it's just it's tragic on so many levels apples but the frustration that i feel comes from knowing that they're actually action. We can take action impact on let let's talk about that. You've you've laid out a number of executive executive orders and executive actions that they would take half and what are they but let me tell you why because we don't lack for good ideas. They're all kinds of good ideas. I've had some plenty of my friends and colleagues or running for president have some great ideas. I'm supporting them. We don't don't lack for good ideas. We lack for action so yes when elected. I am prepared to take executive action. If congress doesn't pull its act together. I will give after being elected elected. The united states congress one hundred days to pull it together. Put a bill on my desk for signature and if they do not i will take executive of action and do three things in particular. I'll put in place a comprehensive background check. Why because it's just logical that you might wanna know before someone can by lethal weapon if they've been found by court to be a danger to themselves or others you might just want to know before somebody can by gun if they have been found on by a court to be guilty of committing a violent crime so background checks. I'm going to require that. We put resources into a._t._f. So they can take the licenses of gun dealers who break the law. Do you know that up to ninety percent of the guns associated with crime are sold by just five percent of the gun dealers. We need to take their licenses and then the third piece is by executive action. I'll put in place a ban on the importation of assault what weapons into our country because we gotta get this under control and again. It's within our ability to act and i know there's been there's been a lot of conversation this morning about many things but you know the the reality is that we are not without hope on this issue where without action and you know you leaders got elite lead and in particular when our babies when our children are living in fear and they are so law enforcement officials are investigating this document this screed that they believe was written by the suspected terrorist who conducted the el paso massacred words filled with white nationalist white supremacist racist hatred towards immigrants specifically towards hispanics your former prosecutor cuter. Was this a hate crime. Was this an act of domestic terrorism assuming that the document is right. What's your take on the legality of it based on everything i know yes and yes and yes hate crime and act of domestic terrorism and on that point and i'm in las vegas as you mentioned <hes>. I did a big rally last night. Las vegas experienced one october. Which was the deadliest mass shooting in recent history. A couple of days before i was in colorado and of course columbine happened there and then in in my home state of california gilroy and and so let's talk about it when we're talking about domestic terrorism <hes> we also have to recognize that under this administration they have not been putting the resources into investigating in dealing dealing with these cases as they are what they are which is to your point domestic terrorism and so there also has to be some accountability by this administration to take these cases seriously and call them what they are and this is where we also have to acknowledge that we have a president of the united states who uses the microphone which is probably one of the most powerful tools in the hand of the president of the united states and uses that microphone in a way that is about sewing hate and and division in our country in a way that is about not acknowledging domestic terrorism when it occurs and in a way that is highly irresponsible responsible and not a reflection of the values and the morals of who we are as the american people president trump condemn shooting in el paso is a quote hateful act in an act of cowardice. You're twenty two thousand nine hundred congressmen bedroom. I work told me this morning. He believes president trump is not only encouraging racist rhetoric or engaging in racist rhetoric eric but is also responsible for racist violence because he is creating this atmosphere. Do you agree what role if any do you see the president playing when it comes to this obviously the shooter is responsible for the shooting but in terms of the environment of hatred. What's your view of that yeah well. My view is pretty pretty simple and direct which is there is a consequence to the words that the president of the united states speaks and when she she uses the microphone in a way that is about elevating public discourse and speaking to our better selves in our higher angels there will be a consequence for that as well well. We have a current president of the united states who does not understand the responsibility that comes with the office which is to be a leader on every level including encouraging challenging us to be our best selves instead we have occupant of the white house in donald donald trump who completely and continuously goes to the lowest common denominator so yes. I do believe there's consequence to his words. Your fellow senator and two thousand twenty opponent cory booker said he was frustrated that some of his fellow candidates do not support his plans for gun licensing gun licensing zing pardon me and he's calling on his opponents to support. You said you agree with lots of your competitors ideas. Is that one of them. Do you support federal gun licensing. It's a great idea. I think it's a great idea but again jake. My issue is i. I do think it's a great idea. There are a lot of great ideas and and this is not about corey. It's about the just the fact of it. We have not lacked for great ideas. This has been going on for far too long long. You can go back to the reason that we have the brady bill. You can go back to president reagan being shot. You can go back to you know in my my backyard in san francisco one. Oh one california we are not lacking for good ideas. We are lacking for congress to have the courage to <music> act and listen and i want to say something else that i think is really really important to also acknowledge recognize those children who are having those drills else are not registered with any political party and could give a you know what about what party you are registered with to vote. They are are scared. Those victims of these crimes their families will mourn them not through the identity of the party with which they were registered mr to vote. This is ridiculous. That congress is simply not have the courage to stand up and have the spine to to say hey. It's a false choice to say. You're either in favor of the second amendment or you wanna take everyone's guns away. That's a false choice have the courage to say fine if y'all wanna go hunting but we need reasonable gun safety laws in our country including universal background checks including luding a renewal of the assault weapons ban assault weapons were designed to kill a lot of people quickly. There is no oh reason for them to be available on the streets of a civil society senator comma harris democrat of california yeah and a presidential candidate coming to us from las vegas nevada this morning. Thank you so much. Thanks remember to create an ad like this. One visit visit pure winning dot com slash c._n._n. Joining me now from las vegas democratic presidential candidate and senator from vermont bernie sanders <hes> senator under these conditions. It's horrible to bring you in to talk about this but thank you for doing so to mass shootings in within thirteen hours us. You tweeted just a few minutes ago. Quote mr president stop your racist hateful and anti immigrant rhetoric your language creates a climate which emboldens nhs violent extremists. Could you elaborate on more what you mean by that tweet look. I am sure that president trump does not want anybody. In this country tree go round shooting other people but what he has got to understand is that when you have language that is racist that that is virulently anti immigrant there are mentally unstable people in this country who see that as a sign to do to terrible terrible all things so i think the president has got to stop that racist racism and xenophobia immediately a second of all a a jake. I think the issue of the moment is whether the n._r._a. Will continue to determine gun policy in america despite despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the american people gun owner was a non gun owners want commonsense gun safety legislation so i have asked mitch mcconnell republican leader of the senate. Bring us back to watch the end the recess right now. Let us sit down. Don't work on the kind of legislation that we need. The truth of the matter is the the american people want to expand a background background checks. They want to end the so-called gun show loophole they want to in many cases ban assault weapons and my own view is we may they wanna be thinking about treating sold weapons the same way we treat machine guns today having very strict license requirements for them. We wanna i wanna make sure that we end the process by which people can legally walk into a gun show by all of the guns that they want and then sell those guns to criminal middle elements so there's a lot to be worked on but i think the american people are sick and tired of the n._r._a. Determining gun policy in america as you yeah no machine guns in this country are very tightly regulated. It's almost impossible to get one <hes> you're. You're you really think that the united states senate would vote for measure that would make them as difficult to obtain a semi automatic assault rifles as a difficult to obtain as machine guns jake. Here's the fact there are somewhere between five to ten million assault weapons on the streets of america. Today that is more unbelievably. The united states military has so what we need to do is to sit down together and determine for start clearly. I think no more sale distribution of assault weapons and then figure out how we go forward at a time when you know it's doesn't listen. Give me a good feeling to say this but we all know what to be true. There are thousands of people in this country and every state in america who are either suicidal or homicide lettuce the sad reality of mental health in america today and when you have hundreds of millions of guns out there at five ten million assault weapons not it's not a good mix. That's not a good combination so we need to do some bold thinking but essentially do what the american people want not what the n._r._a. wants c._n._n. Has learned that a twitter twitter account linked to the suspected terrorists in all paso was sharing and retweeting some of president trump's tweets and postings about the the border wall and president trump has condemned the shooting and if that so-called manifesto that screed by the accused shooter was his when i believe law enforcement says they think it is he does say i felt this way long before president trump but given that what do you make the fact that that he was re tweeting some of president trump's tweets about the wall and look. I mean clearly donald trump does not want anybody shooting down innocent people you know trump and i disagree on everything but i'm not suggesting you for one second. That's what trump wants but what he has to understand. Stand in a nation where you have many many thousands of people who are mentally unstable that when you talk about invasions hordes of people and when you you talk about mexicans as criminals and rapists and the country of the siege you'll have unstable people who see that as a sign that they have got to take up arms and do the horrific things that we just saw in el paso so look bottom line is if there is any civil lining in this horrible horrible horrible a period in american history it is that all of us conservatives progressives republicans democrats independents have got to come together and think our way through this but the bottom line is the n._r._a. Is way way way out of touch with where the american people are on the issue of gun safety mitch mitch mcconnell and donald trump have got to stand up to the n._r._a. And let's sit down and figure out a path forward that protects the american people one of the things jake that bothers me so much is that you got kids who will soon be going back to school and these kids are traumatized by these invents. They're worried that when they go into a school which should be a place of learning a place where kids enjoy each other and now now they're they're frightened so don't underestimate the trauma that this has on children and all americans. This is a major major issue and we've got to to come together to resolve it. One of your twenty twenty rivals congressman better overall told me this morning that he believes president. Trump is a white supremacist or a white nationalist. Do you agree. I do look and it gives me no pleasure to say this but i think all of the evidence out there suggests that we have a president who is a racist who is a xenophobe hope who appeals and is trying to appeal to white nationalism and you know it breaks my heart to have to say that this is the person we have was president of the united states if you don't don't mind my asking a personal question because you're not really one for that but after the tree of life shooting which was also part of this deranged changed white supremacist theory of jews bringing in latinos to commit white genocide on this country so this it was no longer a white country again. This is an insane conspiracy theory from the far fringes of the fever swamps of the internet that was what motivated the tree of life terrorist against jews. You would be the first jewish president and i'm wondering if you feel less comfortable less safe in america today then you did ten or twenty years ago jake. It's not only jews and you're right. I went to that synagogue in pittsburgh and talked to the rabbi there and what a horrible shooting that was it is the african american community community don't have to deal with the mowing down of people in a church in their community. It is the muslim community today the terrible attack attack on a mosque in in australia. I was at a mosque in meeting with muslim leaders in los angeles. It is latino community. It is the gay community mm unity and again this is we can disagree on healthcare and the environment education policies but there should not be in a moment in american history where we have a president who is very deliberately trying to divide us up based on our religion based on where we came from based on the color of our skin that is so un-american that is so much against everything that i was led to believe you will lead to believe the american people led led to believe about what this country stands for you know and we've gotta get over that and i hope i hope that trump understands that. Maybe he's got to change the way he is doing. Things and i hope very much that mitch mcconnell will have the courage to bring us back to washington and put together legislation which has the white supported the american people. This is radical stuff. This is what the american people want. They want expanded expanded background checks. I want to end the gun show loophole and they want to end the straw man perdition. Many people want to ban assault weapons. Maybe we should go further but we have got to come together as a people. We cannot let the n._r._a. Dominate the discussion senator bernie sanders. Thank you so much for joining us on this horrible day. Thank you have metric trick the cases we gotta find who wrote this. No we do that. We find the killer. The science defined out police used luminol a a chemical which glows when it comes into contact with the iron component in blood the drama but where was the rifle and which richmond was telling the truth forensic files the legendary true crime show is now a podcast join investigators the gators as they take on the toughest cases with cutting edge scientific tools subscribe now with apple podcasts with new episodes every monday and thursday chris day. You'll never miss out on getting your forensic fix joining me now twenty twenty democratic presidential candidate and and ohio congressman tim ryan congressman ryan your reaction to the mass shootings in el paso yesterday and then of course you wake up to learn what happened in your home state of ohio in dayton yeah no it just it's brutal <hes> jake. I think the whole country is exhausted. <hes> scared me when you're getting calls. We've got kids going to school. Parents are scared to death the send their kids the school you watch the videos of this and you see walmart in the background dillard's dillard's in the background the churches in the background of some of these shootings and you'd think there's no place safe to go and that's eating at us as a country which his why are part of the reason why are anxiety level is so high and then you know what happened down in el paso with you cannot connect you cannot not connect the president of the united states and his rhetoric. I read that manifesto this morning. <hes> a couple of times in the language in there is so similar to the kind of language that you hear in a trump rally you see in his tweets and the president isn't just speaking to you know really smart art people who are stable at his rallies. He's speaking to the lowest common denominator to wear this. Jackass gets in a car and drives ten hours to go kill latinos and hispanics and mexicans mostly mexicans. I mean he's creating a culture in an environment german in which this stuff keeps happening and we're so dysfunctional you mentioned that we <hes> in the last interview we passed universal background checks out of the house of representatives. It's sitting at mitch mcconnell's doorstep right now and he needs to act on it in this country does need the mobilize and get them to act on it earlier in the show congressman when you're twenty twenty rival better rourke said that he thought president trump was a white nationalist. I ask bernie sanders. If he agreed he said yes. I ask people to judge if he agreed he said at the very least he makes white nationalist. Feel comfortable or words to that effect. What do you think is president. Trump will white nationalist while the white nationalist think he's a white nationalist and that's that's the crux of the problem. They support him the david dukes of the world. I i support him. They said he's going to implement their agenda. That's all you need to know and it's causing killings happening here in the united united states and it's created a toxic culture now in the united states around the immigration issue around now now on the gun issue <hes> in and he has to bear responsibility more than anything the laws and executive orders president of the united states they create culture and that culture can say we're going to reach for the stars and we're gonna go to the moon or that culture can be you know go back to where you came from or you come from a shithole country. I mean those are two different examples. What kind of country do we want and we have got to mobilize qu- people cannot be quiet anymore. I'm not saying we gotta yell and scream. I'm saying we've gotta how to act in people who are on the sidelines who want to kind of ignore the toxicity. That's happening have got a step up so we can actually start getting some stuff done. You used to have an a rating from the n._r._a. And you have changed your views. Why did you change your mind on supporting further restrictions on gun ownership ownership because i'm a living breathing adult who is awake and watching what's happening and and could no longer watch the inaction <hes> happening. I come from a state like ohio. Where we we have a sportsman's culture we we hunt and so that's kind of where i started <hes> politically but watching kids get killed in schools and watching the nightclubs and what happened in nevada. I see i didn't want anything to do with it. Not only do. I have an f rating now. <hes> i gave every dollar that i got from the n._r._a. To the gun control groups groups <hes> because i want them to have the resources they need to continue to push <hes> this message out and and we've got to activate were starting to have conversations conversations jake with some of these groups about a national vigil tomorrow night about eight o'clock where the whole country goes out by candles. Go go to your town square. You know get your priest. Get your pastor. Let's go out and let the world know that this is unacceptable. We're not gonna yell and scream. I think we should do twenty nine minutes of silence one minute for each of the victims that were killed in the last two days. I certainly invite all of the other the presidential candidates to help communicate this with with their <hes> email lists and all the people that were always asking them for money and asking them to do things. Let's do a national vigil tomorrow night with twenty nine minutes of silence and start the process of healing this country jake this is this is just exhausting for everybody and and we've got to do something about it and i think we should start immediately <hes> bringing this country together.

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