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And now the low has welcome to the low post. Podcasts live from the NERD CONFERENCE AT MIT. Sloan where I am thrilled to be. Joined by a guy who was one of my favorite players to watch when he was in his prime one of the all time. Nba Characters and you cannot tell the history of the NBA over the last twenty years without the one and only Metta world peace. How're you doing good? It's really good to be here Such a different world over here might see. I've seen so many different. So many familiar faces Sports broadcasters that I work with NBA general managers owners players has been good quite an arc for you. Yeah quite an arc for you ending up here so I was just I saw Jackie macmullan in the break. Room said I'm having met a on my podcast. What's your favorite Metta World Peace Memory? And she said go back and wash that press conference after they won the championship and I went back and watched it your jubilation. I had forgotten like you're yelling at the people on the laptops in the side. Hey Laptop people big knowledge me knowledge me. That isn't that's an all time or do you still. Do you have any lake memory of that or were you just like that? Just you're in a haze. I don't really think about that a lot but when I go on Youtube and I watched Ole clips. It's makes me feel good because it was a it was such a pivotal moment in my career. 'cause you know an always thought. I was going to be a champion but I didn't do all the necessary things to be a champion early in my career. Meaning the professional side of basketball. So I thought like that I thought would say you're never gonNA win a title. Something you always wanted in two thousand ten comes upon herself in a situation and I'm like wow. I'm very grateful analysis so much emotion. Two THOUSAND THAT GAME. Seventy at twenty points. Yeah you you hit a three. I just watched it with a minute. Left yeah put the Lakers up six almost that kind of Isis again. The biggest shot of your life now is the big shot of you know I had. I had one of the biggest show in. I was sixteen years old but I mean it was a sudden death type of game and then we was tied up going into overtime and I wanna five wins or what is I was sixteen point in an adult adult. Okay forty seven and then and then like they score three and we had to and I just came down shot that three and I was real young and crazy about maybe three hundred four hundred people on the on the gym and that shot reminded me reminding but it was definitely one of my biggest shots. Actually what's the best team was? That Laker seem the best team you ever played on. I mean I don't WanNa Championships got the farthest. But what's the what's The teamer like? That's a group. Maybe it is the best team I mean. One will argue. The Pacer Teen was pretty good. One paced our loans pretty good veteran. Pretty good And then the the Houston Rockets team t MAC conveyed Shane. Del is a hell of a team. So it's it's hard to say you know but Koby would argue that. It's no way those teams will better you. You your other big shot from that. Playoff run with the Lakers was bailing out. Coby in Game Five Against Phoenix into conference finals or Kobe. Airballs potential game winning shot. You catch it and we watch just now. It's a harder play that I remember because you kind of catch it on one side of the backboard one side of the room and in the air flow to the other side and all in one motion launch. How the Hell did you make that shot? That's a really hard shot. It was no form I look at that shot and it went in and we wanted. It was a big game gear right but you know I look at that. Shy Really It was so lucky. Lucky Hey who was? No elbow wasn't in. I did not follow through. I just I just put it in the basket off the glass. Hey you chased it. And they didn't walk you out in the added Jason and moved out a couple of people all the way. And if the if you don't make that shot your you bite lose go back to Phoenix. Down Three two. Yeah we didn't want to go back to Phoenix down three two and you know we still had game seven but we needed that one. So so what's the real story? Maybe maybe we know the real story but the famous story is that. Kobe and the Lakers lose the two thousand eight finals against Boston. Kobe showering trying to wrap his mind around. Just I lost. The Celtics. Still haven't won without shack all these emotions and somehow in the locker room is then. Ron artest invades the shower and says to Kobe. I'm going to get your title. Don't worry about it. Is that actually what happened. How did you get in? I guess if you're a player you could potentially get in the locker room but not every locker room so I went to go see. Lamar play And coby coby but be went to go. Watch the finals. Because what happened was I was with my cousin. Marian and I never been in the finals. We gotta go to the finals because my career is almost over eight years in but who knows what is going to be over and I said I need to I. I used to have a lot of anxiety at that time so I needed to figure out what the atmosphere is going to be like. Because I never been to. Nba Finals. Ever so I go there just to Kinda see how to play the plane. How to fans are acting how crazy. It is in the arena. Who's making shots? Who's not able as I was in the stands I would just absorb and everything and two years later. I was actually in the final. Yeah which is so. It wasn't a new experience. So that's the only reason I was there and there were Kobe thing I wanted to do. They lost really bad. If Phil Jackson. Low CORREY's idolize. These guys and I wanted to say hi to Kobe. Kobe was in the shower and I wanted to leave. I wanted to go back to New York so I didn't want to wait. So I say anybody Colby Phil Jackson. Says he's in the back and I said okay. He was in the shower. He's naked in the show and I was just like you know I'm a he. He was mad because they just hours so he turns around and he was like Super Shocked. Like house run tests in the show. I just wanted to tell you a good game. I gotTA head out. I wanted to tell you. Go game and Some people say Toby. I wanted to play with him. Yeah that was the story. That's the story. That wasn't what I said. No I told him good game and I was. How have you coped with it? Do you have favorite memories that you've leaned on in Africa? Yeah in the aftermath. Ooh I was flying to Europe to my wife. I left on the twenty six and a day. No no no. I'm I'm just now. Oh what's the this February February? Yeah I'm so my ways. I was coping with it. So I'll give you an example was February twenty six. I'm GonNa play watch a movie and somebody died at the end. I cannot control my crying because I've been suppressing so much so it just comes in waves it just comes comes in wave and on a plane literally and I was like what the hell crying for the also and data the only reason I'm crying uncontrollable so I was glad you know I. It's something you don't cope with. I don't want to cope. No I'm not trying to make it better. I don't want it to get better. Tell you the truth. So you know. Time heals wounds zone. You know the thing that the thing you said during that press conference that hit me right in the gut which I forgot about was you were talking. You mentioned the Pacers team. You were talking about Stephen Jackson and Jermaine. O'neal some of the guys on that team. After when said you know I think about those guys? Yes yes yes. Yes and the fight we had to guess and you said I. A part of me feels like a coward because I I went to the Lakers. What did did you just mean? 'cause I was the last guy to join a great team like the power that that really hit me. Well Yeah when you bill on where you're playing a team sport and you get one person has a big ego and then you bill. Eagles one thing and they've got insane. I don't WanNa play you guys. That's that's that's a coward because you're not you're not you're you're referring to your you requesting a trade from the Pacers wasn't a trade and not taking on situations head on like if you don't like something said tell them directly in China and developed a little bit more of direct. You know over the years but I feel like those guys supported me. They had my back. You know and I felt like I wasn't. I felt like I wasn't as supportive as I should have been. You know like I wasn't that supportive at us. I I was reading all these clips. Why did you request the trade? I couldn't figure that out from from reading it. Requested Trade. That year was because this is the year after the mouse in the PAL mal's on the Palestinian and I cussed trae because I one I couldn't deal with all the pressure that young at that age at that time nowadays but at that time and then going back Indiana playing and playing in Indiana Jersey. After the Bra way too much pressure so I didn't. I didn't know how Tartu approach that saying. Hey I don't want to be here because I'm just I? I need some different because his way to pressure will and I was telling I was telling you in the break room there amid I'm not just saying this. I remember arguing with my friends at this time because I wasn't covering an MBA and a big fan people forget because of the mouse and the palace and the other fit the other famous stories and all of this and like two thousand two to two thousand five six seven. I don't know where you WANNA book end. It like you are first of all defensively. Forget about it like you you were just a brick wall at every position and you were scoring. He looked at the numbers. Twenty one twenty a game. Thirty eight percent from three. You made it all. Nba team like for for a while. There was a period where you could argue a top ten player in the League. That's people need to remember like this guy wasn't just a cartoon character. Notches defended stories. Like this too could ball now. I was definitely a baller. I 'cause you know when you when you put so much effort and time into something and and you know my all the trouble. My career erased a lot of memories of how good I actually was waiting time into the game not to tell myself how good I was because they don't really talk about that. Have you see a documentary? On these ads. You'll see them Dunkin on people shooting baskets and they don't play those clips of me so not I'm not trying to relive moments cavalier? Don't tell you the truth. I even get rid of my instagram. Every time I get one hundred I literally don't care about attention but in terms of basketball is something that was such a huge part of my life so I always myself are good. I was because I love basketball. God I don't I don't see it. I don't see a lot of you know when you when I retired. I didn't see better tired. You Know Moves Indiana. I how good they don't show him even in my documentary. They didn't showa half a good move. So like you could score lockdown defensive guy you were a twenty twenty game score double team triple-teaming post but I got rid of all my wars have no awards. I don't like to talk about the wars but I just like the time that I put into the game it. Just I like to relive the memories of because it's really hard to be good at something. Racer I like. I like to relive it. Defensive Player of the award has gone on. That's the only one that's not going yet but everything else has gone by championship. Ring is gone on route for that off I gave I just recently gave away. True my my defensive all defensive first team all NBA. Thirteen award to two kids. I got three more give away and I don't like to look back. I like to look forward and now looking at awards. Sydney back too much how I was going to say. How are you because you feel like the moment? It's it's it's not funny. It's it's I think it's a real thing you know. We have a lot of players coming out and talking openly about their mental health. Kevin love and Demar Derozan and several others. And I think it does go back to the moment. Were you think you're psychologists after the championship? So how are you doing? What do you want people to know about your current state of well? I don't really want to know anything but I mean you know. Seem great but we're going to talk about 'cause. I Yeah Definitely. I don't really not gonNA podcast. You know we're talking but but I don't really seek as much attention as I used to. When I was young I was always trying to do something to get in the public eye. Something silly color my hair. Wrap anything to get more attention by the way. Did you really? Did you really Recorder App Song With Your Seventy eight year old neighbor Indianapolis. She loves you. She loved it. I was reading clips like she loved living next door to you now. She's amazing so she was a singer. She was older but back to her day. She had albums so she's my neighbor and We had a piece of property. Indiana was connected to her property. We put fences But we didn't put a fence up to our house. She could always get to us. She needed us. That's great you know. And she would make the best. Stachel Cake Man. She can cook and we did a song together and I wish we could have put it out. It was it was a fun song. She she had a great voice and I haven't had contact with her in the ten years. Getting contact with her if you saw alive because she loves anyway you were talking about how it used to do these things to seek attention. Yeah you're young. You know you're in the limelight is like okay. What know the game is over the fans screaming? So it's like what can I do today to get more attention? I just every just a Lotta young. Young athletes not a big percentage of small percentage of athletes. Want a lot of attention. Talk to me about x versus x this new company. You have because it's a new business. You're starting 'cause it sounded concept. Sounds very cool and not like anything I've ever heard before. How did you figure it out? And what is it well as a concept that I need a team to help put it together sold basically. I figured out that a lot of athletes don't really have the opportunity to play sports and get exposure now you got the NCAA. That's a really good platform an MBA is obviously the ultimate platform. You have high school which is a platform but a lot of kids out there. That don't have the connections to get them high school team connections to get Asian Connection Getting College right on this platform. Mcconnell democratizing centralized a little bit It puts everybody on even playing field. So if you're good you'll be able to get exposure. So what do I do if I'm if I'm one of those kids? I'm good and I I. What is it? What sign up to the at x Verse Exports X. VS X? Sports coming out into March is not available right now. We're almost there so you sign up builds your profile and you find games. It's very similar to win. Twitter twitter first came out. I was like what did I do? I find people I signed on to it. I'm like okay. What do I do now so it was invader in Beta and had to get user. Uses are GonNa make the AC so when you sign up You'll you'll try to find games and you can play opened runs. If you can't really get scrimmage game I'll play in High School Game Plan College Game and you WanNa get exposure. You're good player. Nobody knows you play an open runs. You win a game. The game hosts will press in game and everybody gets a win on their profile. Okay and then as you get more wins. People are starting to recognize you. Then you can play in our showcase games directly on the APP right and so case Games we keep stats right and stack keepers at the game score keepers and those stats uploaded directly on the AD We also have have child so we had one team from Puerto Rico who held a tryout on our platform so we had a bunch of experts ex players actually qualify for trial. And if somebody's getting five thousand dollars a week. Wow so that was our first a partnership with a protein now with Fiba we want to be able to work FIBA FIBA teams in Europe so people who have opportunities to get seen not only in America but also overseas. Everybody don't need the million dollar contracts and you probably grew up with guys. What do you use this salute. Absolutely and then retired players can use it cause retired players also starting to stay in line linking exposure. You know so this I. It essentially plays as an agent. But we're not trying to lock down. We want to agents to actually use the planet. Yeah you want them to find plays search out. The play of the players are trying to get you know opportunities and also if you wanted to be on the platform as a recreational player. You're not trying to get exposure. That options available just looking for a game just looking for game look look into place to two houses stats looking for a place to get some recognition and get that. Nba experienced the APP. Do also it's kind of a cool idea. Yes great Let's let's bounce around highlights of your career a couple more when you you mentioned Getting traded from Indiana and all that and obviously the Malsin Palace is one of the Great. What if events in the history of the League when you? Maybe you don't ever do this. But when that enters your brain today is there a moment that freezes for you like if that had gone differently or if I had done that day? Is there any? Is there any moment back onto? That's that's the one where it could've it could've turned to the other way so you're saying well not really no. You can't really control your destiny. No because I like you foul Wallace Ben Wallace shoves you hard And that is like it could've started there. You go underscores you go onto scores stable and it's okay it's okay and then just out of the sky but everything's destiny. You can't really can't predict the future. I mean you can work hard and try to do things and move things around and try to do things right away and if you do things certain ways you know You know this will happen if you study hard. You're GONNA pass you know if you shoot a lot. You're going to become a better player. You can do that but then after you become a better better player somebody can Tho bear you. You can't really prepare for that so I I never looked back. He doesn't he's destiny and that is what it is. Are you actually still friends with a guy like you? You know you got to know the beer throw John. I think his name is. He's a cool guy. You're still in contact. Yeah we we we talk. We talk a couple of times you know we had an incident that was super big in public but to him or to me. It was like a fighter. He threw something. I mean we fight over such a public a black eye and different things to you know to a sport which I get but for me. It was just an incident. I haven't one person my colleague. Jonathan Abrams formerly. We used to work together. Wrote a giant mouse in the palace oral history. You didn't talk to him for it. But there are stories from Jack and Germain and some other saying and we get back in the locker room and people for you watch the video. You forget that was like a war zone. You didn't even see half angles. I I I don't even want to think you'll see when the netflix documentary. Coming out mills. Doing yeah stuff. I just did an interview for that documentary two months ago. And I'm like wow really. It was stuff. I've never known that happened. Can I never watched him? I didn't know somebody actually threw a chair at Martini. I didn't it was so many angles. I'm like wow. This happens all year. Could CATCH ME ON TAPE. Gain like first time reactions. While they're there it tells stories of you all get back in the locker room. And you know Ron ron gets. We're going to get in trouble for this and everyone's GonNa fight back home. You'RE NOT GONNA get in trouble. You get you get in a fight. You Know Momma Momma GonNa fight okay. Did you win? You know you saw has I think we'll get in trouble but this is the corporate world absolutely. You're done buddy. It was the they they they hammered you guys and that team like you said that. That was a really really good team. As was the rockets in two thousand nine hundred one season with the rockets. The starting lineup of that team. If everyone had been healthy you told me before. It was probably Aaron Brooks Tracy McGrady. Shane Badia Luis Scola Yao. And you're coming off. The bench. Is the six men. Are you started a lot because everybody was hurt? That is bad is a bad ass team back hurting playoffs so before the playoffs. Obviously I was on that team. If you really wanted to you t MAC. At the point I could have bought the ball acting God Point Guard Act and God. Every you put you t MAC daddy on the floor together. Three four and everybody can shoot. I want to three. Yeah one two three put school. Yeah Yeah it was that that team team was a series team. Do you think obviously you lose to the Lakers in game seven. But you know without t Mac. I'm not sure how far you guys got. But you look back at. That team is also like boy. What if team x stays healthy if t Mandel Nosey? Yeah that would have been really interesting. Give t MAX stays healthy. Because I wouldn't have been planning but I would have been coming off the bench. I think he would've been playing a lot Shame barrier would have been planning. Shan't shine and you on the wing defensively. Yeah we would have been nasty. There's only so much room for did you really did you really went rented Lamborghini for the playoffs there. I have all my all. My teammates had expensive cars. I've never had expensive cars so only for the players. Were in the car just to just to feel just to be like is is like I want to read. Oklahoma friends. Got Rolls Royces and stuff and I'm showing some Tahoe or something so for the playoffs I I would just. I was just rent a car for the playoffs Lamborghini. Sometimes yeah this is what color red white color. Yeah and luckily I mean we. We lost earlier loss to the second round so turned back end so not funny a a a a non sort of Meta world. Pc Story to your point about working hard at your craft. I was texting. Some of your former coaches and one of them was assistant. Sacramento said to me the number one thing. I remember about Meta his post-game workouts so we used to go back to the Jim after games and he would shoot and shoot and shoot and he would have to make ten threes from every spot on the floor before we could go home no matter how long it took like insect people. Don't people like those? Are The stories people? Don't tell us that true. Like after games now is a little bit of sesame with the game you know and I you know I wasn't working smart 'cause I was doing a lot of the same things over and over again but you know it helped me with my career you know. I just wanted to be as good as I can interesting when you planning Kobe. Bryant Ya you gotTa You. GotTa Stay Jim. Did you really go onto the owners bus with the rockets in your underwear? Heard about the story It wasn't so they looked like under his into that. This is two thousand nine playoff game seven. That's right so I was. I was actually getting my haircut and I didn't want to be late for bus so I had He's long boxes on it. Looked like briefs but they will boxer shorts and I had no shirt on. I'd my suit in my hand and I got. I got on the bus Owners were there but you know the owners. Usually we take the bus. You know the players. Yes I didn't think the owners are going to be on the bus. You know they never on the bus on the bus for that game so I showed up with no shirt on you. Know look like boxes. Can I had to address the run? Yeah to you are publicly. A big game of thrones fan. What's your take on? The final season can't speak on game. They just disappointing. There's your take. I guess I'm disappointed. I'm not disappointed and I'm disappointed that as no more seasonal just might be have you build an IP whatever the case may be and you're tired network and produces give it to somebody else. Us wanted to keep going being. Give the gift that somebody else we don't really need to produce networking and we don't need you no more. We need game of thrones. That's what we need so sell it and go off in the sunset because like you can get us that excited about a show right and then now it's over what they all end. No simplicity in death row. Was that come on. You know that's where it's didn't even do ten seasons. No they squeezed a lot into those six or eight to don't WanNa do it no more because y'all worked a lot and what give it to another network give it another produce and put out more game of thrones. We need two more seasons Lord. Were you satisfied with the end? I was very satisfied with him. But when you know is coming to an end okay you know. There's a lot of game thrown fanatics out there. I'm one of them. Oh it was. We might not ever have a show like that again where everyone stops what they're doing. I don't think I was actually. I don't think that you treat the public like that. I don't think people will support your show and and that's another story. I'm very highly upset about that. Is the Hennessy thing real? Not I wasn't real. There was all halftime. That was stories man. You said it you know. I was writing a book. Fishing people made it out. Tim Floyd Era Bulls could be a book. The Post Jordan Bulls with Tim Floyd the coach and all the young players that could be a whole book by itself. We should make it a book. That's your first team. I I forgot you got traded for. Jalen rose my colleague. Espn Oh wow bulls pacers trade. That's how you ended up. Magellan gave me a lot of confidence. He told me one day. I wasn't shooting the ball and said don't shoot just play defense and I'm like no but I did it. You Know I. I didn't shoot and Jalen rose's he's wanted to pay he said. You Wide Open. Why are you not shooting? I say my coach said I can't shoot. He says shoot the ball Jalen Shuna ball after that. He told me he said. Shoot the ball. Man where you less all here a lot longer than the NBA. And Tim Floyd Floyd. It's just it's just true statement. Well he's a great defensive coach. Tim Floyd He. He was a he. He wanted the reasons while I was a great. Nba Defender really absolutely he. So even at that age you're still learning fundamentals. Tendencies what is he? What is he teaching you? Tim Floyd had these different strategies on how to teach individual defense. I guess I'd I guess any coach credit told me I was locked in. I was paying attention and I had Tim Floyd at a young age and he had some techniques that I have stayed with me for a long time twenty years ago so I don't quite remember but I remember him being a big influence on defense. It's interesting because you do. It's it's funny because you some coaches get beat up and particularly see coach from college like he did to the pros for doing too much fundamentals too much technique NBA NBA players. Don't need the fundamental. They don't want the fundamentals but some sometimes years stories. The coaches who thread that needle so you know was helpful for me to drill down on. Tim Is Great. I love to him but you know Tim was put in a bad spot. Tim was put in a bad spot because I don't think he has. I don't think he had control interesting. I mean you know. I don't think he was able to do what he really wanted to do. I don't think he had a shot and following Phil. I think a little following Phil I don't think he I don't think he was able to do what he wanted to do. As a coach. Would you ever coach coaching my app? Yeah I coach. I coach I coach a lot of places that people always ask me what I want to coach. I'm doing so much basketball. You know. We're going after twenty billion basketball plays in America and a lot of high school players and a lot of that. We're trying to give guidance on where to play. What do it's a lot of basketball coaching on that? I'm doing absolutely that's cool. I think you'd probably be good at it. You know the game you know the craft of it. I you know if I'm good at is cool and I would love to be good at it but I think I really enjoy it. You know so. Just the main thing. I really enjoy coach on Basque. Not playing as great making shots but coaching is ready to well you had a hell run in the NBA. One of my favorite guys to watch in your prime and I know you've got to go. You got a lot of games here. But X versus x coming out at the end of March sounds like a cool APP. And it seems like you're doing great and It's been good running into that senior. Absolutely thanks for the thanks for the time and Plugging MY APP ARI GO. And we got La Times is coming in as a best in in the APP. A partnership beyond the chairman of F C Barcelona Spain China wicks Found US everybody stumble upon has come in a lot of other people. That's coming into the act. They see division is more than just the basketball. We actually have a plan but I need those type of people involved so I can service the basketball players that want service in America starting America then hopefully going global after that but I think it's cool interesting of the game because like I said people remember the the the whatever stories but a lot of players look look at you and your perseverance and your openness about your mental health stuff and say you know that guys has had a lasting influence on the NBA. And it's good to see you sort of stay in basketball. Absolutely thanks for your time. Metta world peace everybody. The low post is presented by goodyear. Discover THE POSSIBILITIES. Goodyear more driven.

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