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Paul request Wednesday Travis it is an all request Wednesday. This one comes on the sprint people's hotline in Gardena Wellman. Well, good morning. Good morning fellas. Hey, the best show in the world. Key? Oh, boil the and our dude. Chris in Raj who need their own show. Man at some point, I don't know if they gotta pay over refer Sodano and company wherever they gotta think his goal. They need their own show that is my request as well as what I tweeted love the show boys, keep up the good work Rackham. So you wanna smack the he was. So we wanted to hear who's loving you Jackson Five along with the classics black. Sometimes he's daddy black, and then something about Raj with the Cougars in which Roz you that long. No sometime. I let the cougar then. Hey, we got hor, he doesn't get his own show. Now part of ours. He can do. He can torment you guys the way that you do it us, seems fair. Oh, by the way Travis asked you last week who wanted to smack off? Who did we get an answer? Matt Brad in corona. Oh, yeah. Good for a lifetime champ, apparently, it's not on here. So I couldn't hear it. No. Come on. You know what is here? Seven fifty nine. These Doppler, sixty four degrees downtown cloudy, high of seventy four today. National chocolate pudding day. He's been presented by sprint. I'm not a big pudding guy. I've never got that was some of the worst desert. My mother would try to little cups rose. You know, if you get that out our kitchen bomb serious, jello, all I cannot stand that now those nasty, but real pudding, that's made real the banana. That's a different deal, but that RIA pudding out of a box. Well, you the instant pudding, they mix and they kind of do that, but hook it up. Why? Because bill. I mean I don't any pudding. Pudding, but that look back at it and that smile. And that whole deal. Putin. No, no. This is just think about like a you look at him in a commercials, and everything. And he's did and go. That's like our context matters. You know, when you do the rewind with him Kevin Spacey that whole crowd you'd like, oh, there's an episode of never mind. You're interested. Interesting barbecue sauce, episode good to your cockatiel do kakaako noodle new. So this is this is this is right up. You guys alley the four of you in here, obviously and l z from a political science. Well, I don't think we're hey, does with you guys do in terms of what I'm getting ready to talk about? Oh, you download. Trust me. All right. He's a. So carbon diarrhea for you that I don't know if you know what that's at. But it's just north of Camarillo, south Santa Barbara. Okay. And Santa Barbara county is known as wine country on the central coast. A lot of the Penoles things that initial even to heal plus Rebozo. I don't want to get into that part of the marijuana business is booming in in the Santa Barbara county area in particular, in Carpentaria because of the grow factories, but from a political Cy it is hurting the schools because of the smell of the skunks mail within the marijuana in the plants in the factory in all of the things that they do. It's all around the baseball field. It's in the air in the carpenter air. It's state of California legislation is Santa Barbara is eighteen percent of the marijuana industry. In terms of the growth, the food, Martin must be doing well walks everybody got the munchies. But go ahead. They don't have Zony laws, it, it's in the heels man. It doesn't matter. It's. Pa-. Maybe it's that. It's true. Because to your point, you can't put a dispensary next to of that. But it's not the dispensary gross growing because of the forms. And I was going to ask you from a political standpoint should. They have some sort of zoning where it's gotta be so far away from that. It doesn't affect kids when they're playing baseball there out in the fields, the teachers the classrooms, it's the skunk smell of it. So not only are the kids, get nauseous, and high is just a mess her home. I will say if you look at what was going on in the Carolinas with the pig industry, and how the, the smell from the pigs in the manure will penetrate, the neighborhoods, the neighbors of all complained they've gone over and over again. And what happens is that the lobbyists overrun them because they make sure that the politicians doesn't vote any laws so. If it's similar to marijuana situation, as long as the marijuana, lobbyists, or whomever, putting money in the pockets of politicians are greeting those, those hands, they're not going to do anything that's going to negatively impact the marijuana industry, just like with the farming said about the cinnabar, the Santa Barbara school district is faced with suspending kids. This. The Santa Barbara school board have the unfortunate job of voting to expel a handful of students from schools primarily because of the marijuana nearly every day student as young as seven graders or walking high and I don't know if they get direct contact or purchasing a what it is that you could get this is. Purpose. And I didn't think that was my understanding. I, I don't know. I don't know walk by, like a rose Bush and get a I thought you actually had to actually process it in order to release the THC, dude. I've, I don't know. I don't dabble a Dibnah. Whatever your high of you. I don't. That's. That's the message. That's the language y'all us, you know, y'all copying some of that stuff. Just telling you, you don't just you walk into a store and buy it. Now. It's like going to the grocery store. They have it all laid out. And I like that. In the funny thing is he all talk into me like me to experience. It's not going to happen. That was keys headline in the morning. He you're listening to k p Los Angeles. Checking advantage g so they're pretending they're high because of the get out of jail free card. You got to watch kids man this morning. You think seven? Baby's already know how to manipulate parents. They know if they cry here this one was gonna come for this have to do that. This was gonna come for that. So by seventh grade. Oh, yeah. They got down to a science free agency coming up this weekend. And Jimmy Butler is near the top of the list. Jimmy Butler is a guy that a lot of teams are going to want to get in on obviously. Philadelphia would love to keep him. But according to wo- JR. He says that the rockets are trying to get a sign and trade deal done, which immi bowler, this is classic Daryl Morey. Right. They have no salary cap space, but he's out chasing max free agent, what he will try to recruit, Jimmy Butler to do is tell Philadelphia do a signing trade with the rockets or I'm going to leave into a team that has salary cap space somewhere else in the league and you'll lose me for nothing. Now they might need another team, you know, to take on some contracts, Philly men, I wanna take all that money back, but they're all more is nothing if he's not going to be creative aggressive. He wants. Third star in Houston, creative and aggressive. I think are the two most important words right there. And that is the Darrell Maury has looked at the rockets, the last couple of seasons in realized that it's not enough and looked around the rest of the Western Conference. Obviously, the warriors are going to be a little bit different for two reasons injuries. But I like that he's willing to look at what he has and say, you know what I can't roll it again. This is what the clippers did for years and years with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and the Andre Jordan. They just kept running it back. And it never really improve. They kept getting the same result over and over again. I'm not saying that adding Jimmy Butler, all of a sudden makes them the best team in the west. But I do like that. He's willing to shuffle the deck a little bit, and try something different. Can I be real with you for a second be one hundred percent baller? James harden. Needs to be better. That's the difference. He needs to do Yonathan Cuco dead with Jordan has done with Kobe has done LeBron has done, which is when you need it be able to bring it on both sides of the ball. I swear to you, and I'm not doing this because I hate James harden. I really like James harden, but I can't think of single monumental defensive play that he's made not once not once. Top three of offensive and defensive efficiency this year. That's why he's MVP coli Katie, why all all these days defense, so much better? Yes. Golden State his game is a little bit. His game is a little bit different in terms of what you get from him. Which is often he's not a defensive player. He wasn't going to ever be a difference, a player because his mentality is score in. That's who he is in, if you could if you could swallow that as a general manager in, in, then you're okay. What having him and paying him that type of money, but you have to put people around him to balance that, that now having a guy like Jimmy Butler, who does pretty much the same thing in terms of ball handling of scoring although he plays defense. You steal on the office of an if he doesn't get his touches in shares of the offense aside. Now, you creating something that you don't want to do in terms of bringing that in a locker room when you already potential. We have issues with the third guy who makes about forty five million dollars a year. So Kate, you know you've got to slow down with it. We the next team stuff. Well, it's interesting because. Chris James harden, LCD your point is never gonna throw that defensive switch he it's not gonna happen if, if it was going to happen. I think we would've seen some at least indicators that he's willing to engage defensively. He's not. So I think if you keep asking him for that you're going to continue to be disappointed. Jimmy Butler does bring that defense. And maybe I'm thinking, like I know I can ask James for it, but Kevin McHale on TV because he asked him for it. Okay. Mic shown is not gonna ask him for the more he's not gonna ask them for it. They're going to get their thirty five and night from him. And that's going to have to be what it is. If I can get defense from somebody else, namely, Jimmy Butler. Why not try it now key brings up a good point that maybe course a mix of that, that Jimmy Butler is not going to watch James harden, score thirty five and give up thirty three and be okay with that. He's going to say something, maybe it's a combustible mix. But if I gotta go find defense somewhere because I know I'm not going to get it from him. Why not Jimmy Boe because you know why? Because in order to get Jimmy, but you gotta do what you, did you got to give. You're going to be given up defense. Right. Right. Right. Exactly. So you just spinning your wheels James has to decide that dude is not getting this bucket tonight. When he starts making those decisions then you will see their their fortunes change. It's a little too late to ask him to, to play defense in his career really is. Because everybody wants to be with the cool kids, we let Travis join in for a few minutes next on the morning show. On this date in nineteen sixty three Universal Pictures unveiled in color. King Kong vs Godzilla shouts out to Tommy. It's legit. That's a drop from the movie. You like monster movies. I do you say nineteen sixty three. Remember? I don't know if I remember King Kong vs Godzilla, I just remember got Zillah. Do you remember king concourses got, then I remember all of them. I remember on. There was no remember, king wound. They remember. Oh, the PLA the blob was the bowling alley. Right. I didn't want to go to bowling alleys as a kid because of that who won King Kong. God Zillah, Raj wanna say villas and feed, it, yeah, those the kind of remember it now that we're talking about it. The, the blob. Bob was I didn't want to go bowling alleys, the blog. See the blog, I did not want to go, very vividly. What I thought it was the scariest scene in which guy was given a change TV channel any out. No. It wasn't a chair. Oh cherry. And he kept going back and forth, trying to fix the, the right channel. And I was like those. The blog was slow moving, but it was going to get you remember when it came underneath the door see the need to do it. Yeah. I think that's one of the reasons I don't like flying. Remake the blob. Give gave a personality and stuff. Oh, talk to far in tentacles pretty good remembered as a key. Yes. I do. I do. Why did he burn them up the special effects in Godzilla vs? King Kong, not grace, nineteen sixty three drivers give him a break. I'll look congress got killed clapping. Poor kong. He's dead. He's speaking buried him under the rocks. Zillah. He's, he's crafty for why did he just burn? They need to remake covered in hair. Right. I'm gonna let that go jumped in my gear and move on. Go ahead. All right. So the rockets are in on Jimmy Butler with a sign and trade, the Lakers, maybe in on one of their old guys that Kyrie Irving if he goes to Brooklyn. And that's the one piece in free agency that it feels like everybody's already kind of said, okay. That's going to happen because of the change in his representation, because of the people inside of Brooklyn and reportedly Kyrie's already been waiting. He's not dead. He's alive. Studio. Oh he's mad cow. Now, you just kicked him down the side of a mountain now he's those aches dot multiply. And then he more rock zonal suppose cow. Check out right now. Now he's did know he's back up again. That's it. He's buried them under the rug since it delivers is king gong play by play is brought to you by Caspian. Los Angeles back to understand why he's not firing the fire and just burning them up. He's covered in hair because they got five more minutes, a movie to get too. That's why we kicked him with the tail King Kong can take a beating. Hidden behavioral who? No. No, that's it. He's got to check out right? Did they think they're using Legos to make King Kong hair than liquid face are weird because? There's going to be a five there's going to be a storm the. Look missed him though. Who wrote this man Bryce, but actually messed them with the flame. We're actually looking at. From nine hundred sixty. Di multiply. On God, God Zillah by the tail, and he's like cuteness something swinging around like a hammer throw. This isn't fantastic. Why isn't isn't feeders? How that's a Hammerfest right there. That's. Move move, and that is just going burn down the forest. All right. Move along. Why does started raining out of the blue? Well, it was already a thunderstorm coming, but they didn't have the weatherman do the weather there. Johnston's. Right. I res going to Brooklyn, which means the Angela Russell may be available to leave, which means he may be coming back to LA. Here's watch the Lakers. Now at this point are rooting for Kyrie Irving to go to Brooklyn Brooklyn renounces the Angela Russell who a restricted free agent he becomes unrestricted. And in the Lakers could sign Russell as their third star in LA. And they get back a much more mature, polished player who's been in all star who's put a team into the postseason like parents who sent their into boarding school. Yeah. Finishing school at Kenny Atkinson, and Sean marks. You run back the Angelo, again you bring it back. Is it a good fit because Dangelo obviously has become a better player. It seems that he's mature just by the way. Why wouldn't he? I mean he got older. He got more experience. I dare you to come into a league as a nineteen year old guy, and be the same guys at twenty three twenty four twenty five year old guy. You're going to be a different person. Does it feel like this just staying for him in LA, because high left, that is that why you question whether or not you bring him back because he was traded in when he goes trade at the Lakers were bad and new coach imagine like many pillow talk, and he told in it is that why I think that's the biggest question about specifically cares. Nobody's on a team. Very fewer in the organization. He's a different individual. He's not a nineteen twenty or kid fans or the same. Yeah, but if he's balling. And he's giving you seventeen and he's giving you seven and he's giving you five in three what do you care? Well, because the expectations we talk about it all the time, the ex. Speculations that would be on him coming back because the expectations the first time we're real but he was the second pick in the draft. And it was all, and he seemed to struggle a little bit under the weight of those expectations. I think there are explanations why because of the youth and all those things. But you come back in, and all of the things that weren't working before, if they start to bubble up again, they're gonna come back that much faster here than they would anywhere else. That is true. But I would bet that it doesn't bubble up. I would bet that he knows what he's getting into because he's already been here and he's dealt with it, and they know what they're doing. He he understands it. Not only is he coming back to LA. There's not much difference in New York, having play their live. They're played in L A live here. There's not much difference in the way you are treated. I would argue in fact, you can be treated worse in New York. Even if you're a member of the team, the even if even if you member to be team because team still has fans is not it's not like being at the clippers as a team in LA the that the, the net still have fans. People still is still a New York, New York, people are just New Yorkers. They just passionate about their sports, even though they don't win anything. It's it's one of those deals. So I would say that, that will help him in allow him to understand coming back to LA. Is is going to be pretty much the same type of deal. Good fit. I mean just from a basketball, we can handle this like logically. That's the whole question. But you're playing off the ball for the most part because LeBron's going to we can talk about a million while the Bronco. No. He's not LeBron LeBron's going into his seventeen season in the league, he's played the I sixteen one ways not going do a different in your seventeen on paper. He'll say but we know how lebrons gonna play. We know what it's gonna look like DeAngelis off the ball, his skill set with what the Lakers are going to have with LeBron. Anthony Davison cow, Kouzmin just never mind. The the back story just basketball's a good fit. Well, he averages about six three point attempts to game shooting over thirty five percent from the field. So I would say, yes, from a bathroom perspective, it can work, but I don't want the ngelo Russell or kyri for that matter if it's going to eat up too much cap, Narinder, stand Dangelo may be able to come to us cheaper. But how much cheaper because in order to win a championship, you're gonna need solid role players built around that tandem? And while DeAngelis Russell would be a nice piece to add if he's going to prevent out some being able to gobble up maybe one or two more three and diguise, our much rather have three or four three D guys who are sea-level players, then he'd be leveled the Dangelo Russell, and then only one other guy. So it's the money thing, here's, here's the other point to that for Brooklyn, which guy would you rather? Have I know that Kyrie's a bigger Q fach a bigger store, but durability youth money? I don't know if there's not a decision for Brooklyn to make him I rather have the ngelo Russell to begin with rather role with the guy that got us to the play offs. Don't give us that look Travis. That I will look to how I wanna look at you. Happy birthday. Michael vick. Turns thirty nine years old to them. Leave Vicki Loman. Birthday what's on? Would you play for him? No time should we play Tomek dog. Everybody I get it. But, you know, with this is this is I don't know. It's a different deal for me. I get it. I have dogs. I understand people love animals and all this people's upset by that. You was down there in Atlanta at the time that this all that's why I'm like a couple seriously. The last time I saw Vic before that the announcement already made and we were at an s I think it was SP party ESPN magazine party. And I walked up to Vic covering him. And he and he was like I was I was Vic. And you say it was, and I said to him, and I was like, man. Worry about it dog you good. He's like he was like, yeah, man. I worried about it before, like the chargers really came ready lecture crew. I didn't know the real. I didn't know the details. Worry about a dog. He was there. He was like, man, when they think about it, the, the act was vicious, obviously, that was it was in cruel cruel all wrong. On taxes. They probably got him on everything out him most stuff after he got him on some stuff. They got him some more stuff. But at the end of the day, from a from a down south in that particular area that the culture of fighting dogs was like, okay, but then all the other stuff came. It was I come a Vic man your quarterback court up your human being. No, I'm from an NFL. I'm talking about from an NFL standpoint just from thinking like football player when he was playing with us. You just like you supposed to you're supposed to be way smarter than that. Because that's the way they hold you to higher standard plan that position. I mean I get that. Yeah. That's the only thing I'm like your human being care. Yeah. You do that. No, not at all. No, there's no way there should be something in your soul says Hank doing that. No. He's. Damn song. I'm not. I mean don't love. Won't give me start it. He's ever to play that position. What the best athlete ever to play that, Sean? It depends seventy yards fastest guy on the field, but that do down Carolina do down Carolina's a monster to can't as fast as Vic as big as powerful as him. So, you know, it's, it's, it's Steve Young was ridiculous to a lot of people don't give Steve credit. Because when you think a skill set, you think typically that type of quarterback, you think of a black dude, you don't really think a Mormon quarterback from BYU young ridiculous on the air as well as on the ground. But at the end of the day, he Michael Vick probably was one of the guys that I would say who has cousin replied for he's a QB Mark mates does his brother. No, no. His cO each brand Brooks Brooks. He wasn't. He was. Not he's not in nowhere near athletically as three people, I just mentioned killed news. On the heels he had like Mike. Ditka coaches. He has little something didn't work out. Great. You saw some this morning, the paper talking about athletes in college and getting paid. And this is a topic that pops up every once in a while about getting guys paid, but hailing dollar -fornia. We might have a little bit of a different situation where they may pass a law, which would prevent the NC, double A from Brit. Swing in their hammer actually it's interesting because my longtime attorney agent Jerome was talking to me about this yesterday, and it happened to be in the paper today, in at the end of the day, the NC, two A that's not this isn't what they want. The state of California is doing the right thing. Let's say you're not getting ready to tell these universities in these student athletes, not to accept money when you when you sit up selling jerseys in making money and putting face their faces in uniforms at the jersey numbers of names on the back of mug selling them for six or seven dollars in the student stores but you don't wanna share any other f- site. So tell you what we getting ready to do it our way in now. NC two A saying to the universities if you if the if the law passes, then we're going to remove you from postseason competition. Okay. Well, try to remove Stanford in USC from postseason competition, and find out what happens go right? I dare you to eight UCLA and in God dare you to try it. There's a couple of things going on here. Number one, there needs to be something like this, that's going to code, you know what I mean? Because the NC double A is not going to get there on their own. They're the instability has made these teeny tiny incremental steps as far as increasing stipends and allowing some guys to do Seinfeld him some some small things that they didn't do before I would not I wouldn't have done that one. But the idea the idea that they're just going to all of a sudden say, you know what we're selling key to your point where selling a jersey in the bookstore with Sam darnold number on it. For one hundred dollars, Sam darnold doesn't get a nickel of that is stupid. They're not going to get there. On their own. But if there's a law that kinda cracks this open and says, you can't ban us from postseason play. That's how these things are going to start to move this law is going to change everything overnight. But at least moves the ball further down the field to where it's not just a we won't do it. It's gotta fight you legally. And if Stanford and see wanna come in heavy with lawyers, they can fight the NC, double A. Yeah. But they will fight the NCWA. Unlike SE tried it, obviously, the Reggie Bush stuff or whatever the case is in the this is a different type of deal. They lose that this is different. This is where major law firms in backings from Stanford law and USC law. They're, they're waiting. They're sitting down in century city in their talking a little buddies Frank and Tony Tommy. And all you guys sitting there in their getting together with the other law firm down in Orange County, and DC and New York City, and Chicago innocent. Let the let the NC two A scrutiny. I'm ready. They're ready to do it. Any NC two A should be willing in want to. This has been going on to like you need to chop it up with everybody stop playing games in give these kids and opportunity to earn some money while they're still collegiate athletes in all request. Once they continues g get right on Instagram, one of the air song. We can't play. I don't think you could play that. I heard it Cameron can't play that anyway. But he didn't wanna hear these greats new drops. So here we go. The first one it's being dubbed as the l z Lee, call the gargling sound. Karen. So there you go. That's how you do it on an all request Wednesday Travis. There you go. I don't like that one. A lot of requests for that. That wasn't what I said. I didn't say that there weren't a lot of requests for it, right? That's and I don't like it either. Thank you. None of fell to kind of finish the thought, we're about the, the law that may or may not get passed in California talking about NCAA paying guys. Here's the part of never understood that how the NC double A has the authority on some of the schools. I get how the NCAA has thority on Cal State Fullerton or San Jose State or, or Tolson football. Okay, fine. I get it. Did you need them to administer you need them to do these things? But if Texas and USC Notre Dame and Ohio State and Oklahoma in we, we all know, the is thirty thirty five forty teams we're talking about if they all just said together, you know what go fan you go. Where you guys can do we're gonna pay our guys we're going to allow them to make money on their likeness. We're going to do it ESPN's not going to not show the Notre Dame USC game just because the NC two is having a win Alabama and LSU play football Saturday shoe at the money, still gonna fluent. I don't understand why everybody agrees to play under a set of rules that I don't need you to administer my sport. I've no idea why they're governing with the NC two. I don't know. I mean that's been around and see to been around and they've been in business together for a long time. So I really don't know. But you're absolutely right. At the end of the day, they should be able to just tell them to go pound sand it. That's we're gonna we're gonna make several billion dollars regardless whether or not the NC, two A is involved or not in a specially when it comes to bowl games, and the college football championship the NC double A does not administer that stuff. The NCW does administer the NCAA tournament. They do administer the college World Series in the golf championship and the tennis in water. Hello and get it. You need some governing body for those things that aren't entities in and of themselves. But college football is a multibillion dollar business. I don't need some guys in Kansas City, calling the shots and making the rules when I don't need them at all. They don't they don't bring anything to the, the problem. I see from the just I'm we're going to take ball, and go home route the to say that there's a brotherhood of sisterhood of return to your sorority of all these college administrators, and just because Stanford in SE and whomever or in a financial position to right away. Just are paying players doesn't mean those lower rank schools, that sometimes we still play, like a western Michigan university, for instance is in the same position. And so you need to be mindful of the financial differences between the top tier school Lawrence here school. And when you have these conversations you need to incorporate that I'm not saying that western can't play. Right. But they're not a position to just are paying next season. They, they need a little bit more of. Runway western Michigan wouldn't be in this quote unquote new league. Now they can play a c. I will give him money. Like we did last time we played them so scrap money. We, we two million dollars. Ask it wasn't a scrap win. Western comes way, it was hot when western comes out to play SE cuts, check here, here's your is your seventy thousand go home. Run your program for the year on that we just pay you and Mr. gore, go back home. See that's here you go. Cut to the white. But here's but, but Travis though, what does western do that two million dollars, right? They put it in a program to coaches pay the players. Yes. Now you're saying, oh, now, western gets to pay their players. But now central Michigan camp. Okay. Schedule. Because they give heyday got the right to anyway. All I'm saying is, is that as we're having this debate the idea that we're just going to do this with no respect to the process for tier schools? We have to have that sort of respect because where they are financially just totally different than the other school that basically what you're doing is you're creating tears your creating tier where there's Chapman in playing one school. And then UCLA is playing the other divisions, get smaller the top instead of having how many division one football scores. I think there's, like one hundred twenty you'd have thirty maybe thirty five or forty you wouldn't have a bunch, but those thirty five or forty are running their own thing. The rest of these guys can still operate under the NC double A and use the money from those top thirty to fund their program. We're talking about money. Breaking news. Kevin Durant has declined his thirty one million dollar option according to ESPN wold Rosh. Yeah. Apparently the nets are ready and willing to offer him the four year max right away. Even with the injury. They're ready to jumping in breaking news on ESPN LA, seven ten powered by valvoline instant oil, change home of the fifteen minute drive through change, visits, socaloilchange dot com to find him. Okay. She near you and download up to fifteen bucks coupons. Now, you could obviously still re-sign with the warriors, that's still an option. But it feels a lot less likely. Now, doesn't it? I thought he had up to sign right? Or can use it. In the free agent at the end of next year. No, no. I'm saying he he opted out. Yes now and they could give him a five-year extension opposed to the four, correct. So the five I mean they still in play. I think I think they're in play makes it sound like they're down the road. The I think he's gone because think about he's not playing. So why bother decline in the option? Now when you can actually the reason. Well, the reason is so you can. Guaranteed chance. But you anything can happen nothing's going to happen because he's not playing for the I'm saying if he sticks around just for the thirty one and get to twenty twenty at the end of twenty twenty between now and the into twenty twenty. He slip and fall tears. Other king vowed to gosh, me who vicious, I gave them the Kelly's you gave them a headache. Him out. Because buzz won't matter if he's got. We'll to the are on the rest of the Durant's care. Bit. But he could anything could happen is what I'm saying. So he's probably, I mean, he's obviously did the right thing because he knows that the money is there. Somebody already told him, we got you don't trip Knicks. We'll do it. Post dated nets. We'll do it. I look, I would argue that just about every team in the league if he would consider them would do it. I don't think the Kevin Durant injury. Like we talked about the other day. I think there's probably a quick meeting. Hey guys, we're still good on K D. Right. And everything. Yeah. We're good. Okay. Cool. Let's go. I don't think it really. Good. Okay. D-. Why are you not? Why are you not good on clay? The warriors. I know I'm saying the warriors they act in that way we Klay but not we Katie here because I'm trying to put myself in the warriors head right now because Katie is a unicorn, Katie is if you have Katie on your team, your Klay Thompson is a hall of Famer Klay Thompson is a multiple time champion. He's all NBA player, but he's not a unicorn, maybe that's what they're telling themselves. Man, I'd rather. I'd take my chances with do they gave me thirty and thirty one minutes with, with a ACL did not take, it would do that Aquiles fell apart in history shows that that's not a good injury to come back on, especially when you when you gotta shoot the ball. You gotta elevate. And you do all sorts of things I'll take my chance with ACL before I will do Keith fast forward to Sunday. Let's assume that everybody signed Sunday, it's going to trickle out a little bit. But Kevin Durant is a what warrior. I think he's going east to is either going to be the Knicks the nets and I'm leaning towards the Knicks. I'm I'm leaning more towards him and Kyrie be knickerbockers than anything in. I would think that LeBron James Hardie told him. No food, no damn kyri minstrel. Okay. Yes. And here's the what, what are we talked about with Kevin Durant last several months that he's a little sensitive that he doesn't like the criticism. They joined the wires, right? If Kyrie go somewhere, I he does not want to be the second guy wherever he goes, he's gotta go first, because the ideal now look at it again he just went with Irene. He's going to try to avoid that if that's right. Travis. Show.

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