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I'm sure you have your reasons, and I'll just keep picking winners of the people that actually do re tweet us at Ross Tucker NFL or at RTF Todd cast or just do the like on Facebook Facebook dot com slash Ross, Tucker and L it's a Wednesday, which means Andrew brand. And how about? This week. Are you kidding me? Af Kyle Murray Kareem hunt just three of the headliners that we have to talk with our dude Andrew about it's the big show. Andrew a million things to talk about as always I do want to start though with the af over the weekend, which kind of gotten overshadowed now by the Calum Murray news, the Kareem hunt news, but I'll give you a blank slate on the af especially since you had that awesome interview last week on the business of sports podcast with Charlie Ebersol, one of the co founders of the league. Yeah. Thanks for us and good day. And I encourage right off the bat. I appreciate it. Let people listen to this podcast with the founder, our should say co founder along with Bill Polian of the alliance for American football. That debuted last week. He really went into trying to differentiate it from the NFL, especially really from the XFL of the past and the XFL of the future. More like true football with some innovations that could help it. He goes into the funding a lot from Silicon Valley, and then a lot of NFL connections. As everyone knows with Bill Polian with Mike Martz, Steve Spurrier trying to make it quote, unquote, real football. But it's a fascinating interview. And I guess I like you and everyone listening was pleased surprised and noted all the positive reaction on social media, especially Saturday night filling avoid for football that we missed after the Super Bowl. I know ratings were down on some. Monday night. But it does seem to have a nice reaction. The question is everyone knows is will at last will it be sustainable. I don't think it'll outright Saturday night basketball of major teams in the NBA on a regular basis. But I think it will do well enough. And the point that I got which arly is that there's a ton of investment here. And you know, you have investors like, my friend Justin tuck, the former New York giant who's now working on Wall Street. You have a lot of corporate investment the churn group, which owns barstool, sports and other media properties. And you have a lot of tech investment. You have a lot of Silicon Valley investments. So it has legs because it has money. And I think the key to any league that's not the NFL is managing financial expectations. So players are all making seventy thousand this year eighty thousand next year. And one hundred thousand year three if they've course there is year three, and we'll see what happens there's free rein to go back and forth with the NFL. There's no free rein to go back and forth anywhere else. And that of course, brings up the XFL coming online next year. But this, and I guess my final comment is you have to be skeptical of any football league. That's not at the NFL. There's no question. But this seems to have legs at least this year. That would be one of my questions, it'd be all these people invested a lot of really smart people. I guess I'm curious as to what you think they saw on terms of it being a good investment. Yeah. I mean, if you're an investor, and I know a lot of people listened, especially to my podcast or in finance and corporate finance. You're looking at okay who they got right? You're looking at the people and the ever Saul name is royalty in sports media. Then you're looking at Bill Polian royalty in NFL circles. Then you're looking at coaches like March and Spurrier new Heisel. Okay credibility. So that's sort of behind the investment and the cell is really look speculations on salary. And I'm sure you know, spreadsheets are out there. You know, we pay seventy thousand that's the number. We came to where we could be profitable and still get players. With some value. I think the question everyone has and maybe a month. -ticipant your next question is can they get names? And we saw Trent Richardson we cross Christian hackenberg. That's probably as big names as you're going to get. Washouts that were big names in the NFL. I don't think you're going to get players coming out of college that would turn their back on the NFL even low round ticks. That's just not going to happen. So that's going to be the real challenge. And obviously they're gonna have to make some stars on their own. What what about some of the rules? I feel like if nothing else it's a good testing ground. And I even looked at and said, even just, you know, having the replay official have the microphone and the camera on them, man. It feels to me like it would almost be tough at this point in drew for the NFL to not have that kind of transparency. Now that another league is proving that you can't. Yeah. I mean, these are things that are going to too strong a word but shame the NFL with transparency on replay. Gosh, getting great reaction as it should because I say this phrase all the time, it's not one of my Troy ter- 'isms, but transparency breeds trust. And the more transparent the more trust. This is a problem. We've had in the NFL with Roger Goodell sometimes lack of transparency so this will. Go along way the other thing that will go long way and Creech this all the time the younger generation is not going to sit through three and a half hours anymore. And this product is closer to two and a half hours. I know people say, well, they gotta get in all the commercials and the ads. Yeah. Well, let's figure out a way the NFL figure out a way soccer does it. So I just think this is something the NFL has a look now on the negative side. Ross it seemed like the officials are letting them play which is fine. But then there's the safety part. I saw some hits that would totally have been flagged in the NFL. And yes, those flags would cause delays, and blah, blah, blah. But safety didn't seem to be the number one priority in the way, the games were called, and I know our friend. Chris Nowinski noted this on Twitter few times too. So that to me is something we gotta watch. Obviously some other big topics. Let's dive into Kyle Murray who on Monday afternoon, put out a social media post that he is fully and totally committed to being an NFL quarterback. Andrew. Yeah. He's made the choice. And you know, I think we have to know. A couple of things if I'm him and his advisors, and we know to design with our Burkhardt NFL agent who represented Brad shove last year fifth pick. I know Eric well and future podcasts coming Eric said. He can't come on this week. But it'll be on soon. So he must get some really good info good Intel about being picked high draft. I don't know if that means top five top ten to fifteen, but I think he's got good Intel on that number two. And it's been noted by a lot of people out there the as are given up. Right. So baseball is not saying, okay. We're good good luck in football. And that creates an enormous amount of leverage for this kid because if he's got the as in his back pocket after saying I'm committed to football. Wow. You know? So I I don't know what that means. I mean, he's limited what it can get in football by the rookie pool. But gee, it's nice to have that. Now. I know he told baseball is committed them. But so what you know. He's he's got the leverage of very few people in the history of sports and talk about Dion Sanders and Bo Jackson. He's right there. Yeah. I didn't realize 'til recently that he'd evidently sent a letter to all the major league baseball team saying he would be one hundred percent committed to baseball if they took him in the first round. And all I could think about Andrew was how much the NFL teams are going to grill him about that letter at the combine to. Yeah. And I know burkhart will get them prepared for that. I mean, it's you know, he'll get the grilling and you and I saw him at the Super Bowl. I mean, I didn't seem physically, but these interviews with Dan Patrick awkward. He didn't know what to say. You know, it was there for Gatorade. But now he can say come into football. And of course, he's going to have to have answers. But in the end the talent rules now, I'm not your I'm not that guy. I'm not the scout. But and I could say what everyone says he looks kind of small, but if scouts are saying top ten top five, I mean, gosh. Yeah. I mean being of quarterback in the NFL for long term career. That's is good as gets moneywise. Gotta move onto Kareem hunt. Andrew, and there's a lot there the Browns signing him on Monday kind of came out of left field that you know, it wasn't. Nobody really hurt any whispers about it. There was no rumors. There was no report is just the Browns. Just boom. We have signed Kareem hunt. Yeah. Yeah. And that's my longtime associate John Dorsey and his crew up there. No, they're getting grilled about it. You know, and they're talking about due diligence and people are getting on them for not talking to the victim. Listen. I just think we have to be adults here talent roles. We just talked about Murray. No matter what he said to baseball or football. The talent is too too much to pass up this guy. You get a talented player for low risk money. And I'm sure he had offers. We heard about the bears earlier, and he chose Cleveland worries from you know, you could make the argument. Why would you choose Cleveland, you know, they got chub and they got got do Johnson there. Why would he go there? But maybe that's where he wanted to be from there. Listen, he's in Commissioner exemplified, and I guess you can defend the sort of the character issue with the Browns saying to- serve his time. And then we'll be there. You know, I think the Redskins got excoriated for taking on Reuben foster. This is kind of the same thing, you know. And you just the Browns have to just hold there. Hold their face in the in the wind on this. And they knew there's gonna be blowback and here's the blowback. But how many people are talking about the Redskins signing foster right now. No one it'll pass it'll pass. And then at some point he'll be able to play and by that time will be midseason or early season and people won't be talking about. Why do you think it was so important that he signed before the investigation concluded and the suspension came out? Yeah. It's a good question. The timing is a little weird from both sides. You know, why why now? And maybe you know, there was pressure from the Browns like we're going to chase somebody in free agency or we're gonna do this. Or maybe there's pressure from another team saying, yes, or no, that's the only thing I can come up with you know, offseason program doesn't even start for two months. So yeah, I'm confused by you as you are about the timing. You know, you also, and you wrote recently, and it was over at the rim QB, and it was good timing because you wrote about February is a rough month, and we're already starting to see that a bunch of places the falcons released some guys the bucks just released Vinny curry yesterday. The Texans releasing DeMarcus Thomas who's a little bit different situation coming off of that torn achilles. But it's it's that time of year. Andrew, isn't it? Yeah. It's tough for veterans and. I say it every year, you know, I. These are guys that were signed maybe some of them even last year like curry. Yeah. As sort of the treasure to trash in that quickly, a timeframe, but others signed, you know, years ago. And here's the thing. People have to understand is that these these contracts have zero value, you know, some of these guys that are being cut have whatever on their contracts six million eight nine nine nine ten million. And because of the lack of guarantees that money is has that paper has no value. So these were I just wrote that that there's hundreds of millions of dollars of contract value that will turn to dust think about that where dozens of veterans cut with tens of millions on their contracts that just go away, and it's really the difference between football and other sports. Sure, these other we'd see basketball buyouts contracts and cutting guys. And Carmelo Anthony that they're paid. They're paying these guys aren't paid. Now, they'll be a future guarantee here or there. We'll see. But gosh, it it's and here's the thing. And I'm media now. So I get it. But fans and meteor are brainwashed Ross. Because instead of lamenting this poor guy got cut they're looking at their team. And they're saying, okay. Who can we sign with that capper? That tends to be the reaction more than. Wow. Too cold business. Well, on one guy that did get signed with some cap room the Panthers, and Eric read, you know, there have been so much discussion last year when he couldn't get a job and collusion and all that Panthers. Finally game a chance Andrew he performed. Well, and now he gets a really nice deal out of it, which I guess you think would would damper the whole discussion of collusion a little bit. Yeah. I don't know if he's still got his case. And I I'm not sure the case against the league or case get the Bengals I think it's the league in general. But. Yeah. You know, I look at it. Ross this David Tepper new owner of the Panthers doubling down doubling down. So first thing was bucked the trend of no one signing read, certainly Jerry Richardson wouldn't have and then doubling down re-signing 'cause we're in this age. Right. You know time right now where people are pending free agents. We talked about glow in ski and Bobby Massie. And here we are read voiding free agencies. Stay where he is. And makes sense for both sides. Good players staying where he was staying where he was accepted. Unlike a lot other places, so we'll start to see some more extensions on the verge of free agency in and on the other side to more cuts. Lastly Jeffrey Simmons projected top fifteen pick out of Mississippi State, tore his ACL during training we found that yesterday from Chris Mortenson. What does that mean in your mind in terms of his his draft stock? I know things have changed probably a little bit. Maybe a lot of bit since you were there, Andrew it's been almost ten years. I guess and modern medicine all that stuff, but it has to affect them on some level. I mean, you know, there's a lot of guys you can draft or you're gonna draft the guy that just Tories ACL and you haven't seen him play after that. Now, he's a really futures pick. And. Listen, this is unfortunate. This is a big blow to his income. Because if if the people in the know are telling Chris or whoever that this is a top fifteen pick pre injury. There's no way there's no way post injury. I don't know. How far it goes down after that? But you're right. I mean, you'll invest a pick into a talent like him with an ACL, but it won't in my mind, it won't be high pick. So, wow, I'm just saying the news. They talked about it. And it's. It's a big blow. I mean. But then again, so so we think about what can you do? I mean, everyone's working out for the combine right now that is a risk of getting injured. There's always that risk. It's just really unfortunate for this kid. Andrew, I always appreciate the time. Terrific stuff. We'll check out the businesses sports again this week last week with Charlie ever saw man that was good timing for that podcast. And a terrific. Listen terrific interview. Encourage people to go back and listen to that one. If they missed it for sure, and then well here we got this week. I'm sure there's a lot of rants and other stuff. You can get into all of this different new one of the busiest February eleventh weeks, I can never remember. Indeed Ross always a pleasure talk soon. You know, what is the big show? Also, Angie is always the big show. The other big show your health your body taking care of your skin. That's why I'm all in on getting the trial kit from art of sport dot com. You get fifty percent off the trial kit art of sport dot com, specifically designed innovation and science with the guy. Guidance of world class athletes to take skin care the next level for everyone. I've been in art of sport deodorant for a while the hair and body wash is awesome. 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Well, so this is obviously what he needed to do and in his best interest. When it comes to. Trying to have the best football career. He can and most importantly get drafted as high as he can I guess the thing I would say about it though. That's interesting bribe is and I didn't realize this until yesterday. He reportedly sent a letter to all the major league baseball teams saying if you draft me in the first round, I'm one hundred percent committed the baseball. So I'm just telling you at the combine they are really really going to grill him on this because he sent a letter to baseball team, people can change their mind, and his heads have changed, blah, blah, blah, and you can have different feelings personally as to what he did. But all the NFL teams are going to care about is. How do they know? He's totally committed to them. What if things don't go? Well, the first year or two really look to go play baseball. I don't. I don't know. I will say this. You know, we talked about them a lot on yesterday's college draft podcast. I'd encourage you to check that out as a prospect. I'm pretty bullish on him. And I think that he's making the right decision. You know that commitment letter notwithstanding because it's clear as day that is heart is in football, Andrew, and I talked about it just seems to me like it'd be hard to succeed in baseball. If your heart is somewhere else. I mean, he was tenth grade state champion Alan high school in Texas. I mean, you do that you're a legend in Texas, his hearts and football. And I think you'll have a much better chance of success. If you do something this is like a life lesson for you. If you do something that your heart in mind or totally invested in. All right. Let's talk about the Browns signing running back Kareem hunt, and obviously Bry, you know, Android. I talked about that quite a bit as well. I think the most interesting aspect of it is probably that. He wanted to get signed before these suspension came out or before the investigation was concluded which leads you to think Adam Schefter said maybe ten to twelve games. And then also that he's going back home where he's from in Cleveland. I saw where Mike Florio pro football talk said yesterday that he. You know, his dad was just arrested January twenty fifth for selling crack cocaine. It's just so sad. You know? I mean, it's just so sad. And people can a lot of people do overcome such circumstances. And he has just to get to the NFL. But mean magin that imagine your dad getting arrested for selling crack cocaine? I mean that that's supposed to be one of the strongest best influences in your life. It's tough. But I just I know a lot of people say that you don't want to you really don't want to have guys go back home. I mean, you think about like Reuben foster going back to Alabama or they said the worst thing that ever happened Aaron Hernandez was when he played with the patriots. Right. I mean when aired her. Sandos went for the patriots. He was close to where he's from in Connecticut. That wasn't a good idea. I mean. It's rough man rough. And I'm surprised he's going back home and that he thinks too good idea. And the Browns thing that's a good idea. A lot of times, I think that's where some of his issues have popped up. And I think that's where you know. I think that's really where. A lot of his negative influences are and where some of his issues have been. So maybe it's a good thing. I hope for him. It's a good thing. But I don't know, man. That's that's that sounds like a tough situation. This next bit of news kind of went under the radar a little bit Panthers signing safety. Eric read three years. Twenty two million dollars. Right. I mean, Eric read, you know, there was all the talk about collusion, and you know, if he was going to be able to ever get an NFL career again and the Panthers signed him. And it went extremely well. I mean, he was able to go ahead. Have a good year. I thought some of the drug testing stuff he kept talking about was nonsense. But he was able to have a terrific year and got rewarded with a deal from the Panthers and good for him. What do you make of the story coal, Madison? He was the fifth round pick for the Packers last year. He has yet to participate with the team in any practice. Right. And that's pretty sad. Just because it's because you know, he got draft in the fifth round last year as you said his teammate at Washington state. Tyler Kalinski committed suicide quarterback, and it's just really really had a negative impact on coal, and it's affected him. And it said and everybody handles these things differently. And I hope he can I hope whatever place he's in mentally he can recover. I don't care about him playing football. And I just hope he's in a better place, actually, his Tyler's younger brother Ryan was in the all American bowl that I- broadcast. So I'm very hopeful for him that he's able to you know. You know, go ahead and. You know, get through it coal, Madison. Mentally, I know Ryan still play and he's going to South Carolina, and he's been able to do it. So let's hope the case is the same with Ryan just a couple of other thoughts Bri before I forget, you know, Damaris Thomas released yesterday after the torn achilles, Andrew Nye touched on that a little bit. You know, he's one of the guys getting cut this time of year, the bucks releasing Vinny curry, Jeffrey Simmons, tearing his ACL and training, which is awful. So there's a bunch of things going on. I would expect him to be interested in Vinny curry now at the same out of money. But now that he's available teams want. Everybody wants a pass rusher. Everybody wants to defensive end Thomas had that. Torn achilles. So that's rough for him and Simmons man as I said with Andrew very curious to see where he ends up getting drafted now. That's thanks. 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It's time to move on blah, blah, blah, which is fine except he doesn't control that they have his right for the next three years. And I've seen some people say that he's hurting his trade value. I don't know. I mean, maybe a little bit. But all you really need to increase the trade values to have more than one suitor. So I don't know that he's decreasing it that much, and he doesn't really control it. But he's clearly wants out that's pretty obvious at this point. Then you have cliff Kingsbury who said Josh is our guy in terms of Josh Rosen because the Cuyler Murray to the cardinals rumors are running rampant, and as I put on Twitter at Ross Tucker. NFL? You know, if you really wanted to end speculation you would say Josh will be our guy moving forward. He's our franchise guy. If he says, Josh is our guy. I mean to me that's kind of just stating a fact, right? Josh is our guy right now, he's our guy until he isn't our guy. So I don't know they put that out there like they were, you know, getting rid of the speculation there. But I don't know that that's going to do a whole lot to quell the speculation finally before I forget, I wanna give a shoutout to Sean Grady are AUSSIE from down under whose amazing. He also just like Todd Bergman helps to grade the even money podcast. He's a huge listener he's prolific on tuck heads and amazing. And I found out through a little birdie that today is his birthday the day before Valentine's Day. So happy birthday, Sean. Thank you for being such a stud in every. Away with all the different shows and tuck heads in grading, even money the way, you do and your special format. It's amazing and much appreciated. Wanted to ask in NFL player question will here's your genius? It's time to ask. Ross Email address Ross at Ross Tucker dot com. You guys know the deal hit me up Ross at Ross Tucker dot com, and I am always able to read and respond to your question. Whatever it may be as long as you took advantage of one of our sponsors. What do you got bright? Hey ross. Hey, Brice if any plans for the one thousand podcast anniversary coming up on the RTF p it's kind of a big deal. Keep up all the great work. That's from Darren in Jacksonville. Yeah. And it's kind of a big deal. I guess I don't even know when we started keeping track of them Bri. Like when was the was it when the year, we did it and the podcast is only available. It's Portugeuse say or was it when the first one we ever did it Ross Tucker dot com. Yes. The ladder. Once we went independent and did it ourselves. So once we were at Ross, Tucker dot com. This was because it was called the Ross Tucker football podcast, even before we went to Ross, Tucker dot com. Correct. But that was number one. That was number one. I want to say it was some point in two thousand and fourteen. Wow. I don't know she'll be do something big. I don't know. What should we do? I don't know. Maybe you guys. Can you guys can tweet us or Email me Ross at Ross Tucker dot com. I don't know what we could do special for thousand. I don't know Brian. Maybe just give you thousand more. I like it March twenty fourteen by the way. Marcher twenty fourteen while and here, we are March to twenty nine it means we do two hundred a year that makes sense. We're actually in February twenty nine hundred we do at least two hundred a year. I love it. Thanks for keeping track of that though. Darren if you guys have a good idea for us. Let me know we'll come up with some type of special giveaway or something. Maybe we'll maybe we'll do some type of memorabilia t-shirt giveaway or something. I don't know. I do know that today's podcast was awesome. Remember fantasy feast even money couch Schrafft's, they're all already posted. We did yesterday. So you got them bright and early and they're all already posted. So hopefully, you enjoy that Warren sharp was amazing on the Fancy Feast. He always his Dane Brookler such a stud breaking out Cuyler Murray. And the combines not Snipes on Snipes snubs on the college draft podcast. What's wrong with you before? I was just going to say I've had like three to five flubs today. On the day show. So we might be we might not even make it two thousand. I think it moves it. I'm going to lose it. I think we're done here. Thanks for listening to the rust Tucker football podcast, make sure to subscribe to the fantasy feast even money and the college draft podcasts all available on I tunes and Ross Tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found. Hey, you the old school romantics total sweethearts? And of course, everyone hyped to swipe we're working to help you find the perfect Valentine. With dating advice for all ages tonight at five the must have for every first date a safety plan, including this do a screen shot. 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