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This is the podcast. The official PODCAST. The Atlanta Falcons on the espy nation. Podcast network. I'm David Walker. He guys to call me. And this is the next part in our series of podcasts. Were you will listener. We'll get to know. Our stable of writers over at the COM. Next guest is to any of you who listen to our podcast. During the season he is my co host on the post game. Podcast is one of variety at the site. I'm talking of course. Evan Burchfield Evan. How are you doing man? I'm doing great. I'm ready to just talk about myself and be selfish here. Yes obviously this is all about getting to know the people who make up the Hollick DOT COM and make this podcast. You're a critical component of that. So let's jump into it first of all. Obviously I question Aid You Falcons Fan. And when did that happen so to summarize it because I could literally tells the story all day I was born in western North Carolina near Ashville. Which is the main city there And growing up before the Carolina Panthers came in there in Ninety five me and my Dad. went to Atlanta because it was actually about the same distance in my dad has is a lifelong Minnesota Vikings Fan since he was a kid. Mom because in he'd explain to me back then they didn't have you know today's youth in don't They think it's you. See All these different teams in stuff on TV all the time. And that's not how it was the main teams back. Then where you'd see the Dallas cowboys on Monday night football or whatever the same Cisco Forty niners packers. Whatever debt in the Vikings being one of them In it was the time of the Purple People Eaters. Or whatever ninety ways. He's he's a diehard vikings fan in the Vikings in nineteen ninety six. I was actually six years old Where playing in Atlanta so we went down in its Two two and a half hour drive so we went down to Atlanta Georgia. Dome and I I mean I was only six so unfortunately like I don't remember a whole lot of the game. I know the Falcons did of course lose the game Seventeen to twenty three I think tomorrow Anderson was on the roster I don't think June Jones might have been the coach Aside from that I mean. That's all obviously stuff. I looked at after like I was a kid in. The nose bleeds. Like I don't remember anything about the game. Got Some pictures from it and stuff like that but he took me. You know thinking I would become Minnesota Vikings fan like him. I don't know if it was the black jerseys black helmet just the coolest they had or because they were the home team but ever since that moment I've been you could say unhealthily obsessed with being a fan. It's life I think the Falcons I this point is living an unhealthy. Life are so long you got started early. So what is one of your earliest memories? And obviously as Falcons fan it could be a fog gallery or obviously be a very non positive memory. What's your earliest memories watching this team I mean when I think back to obviously like the dirty dancing Jamal Anderson like I I remember you know when you're older and you can look back like you're you realize yeah. He wasn't the best running back that ever lived but when I was young I thought he was God on off-field leg of the way he was his big dude who could You know and they even look bigger back then because in today's football they have. Everything's tighter the uniforms. Tighter shoulder pads on its big back. Then it was bulky in. He had a big shoulder pants. He had that face. Macs with the little. I don't know what it is but it's like old school little horn or whatever like the little U. shape thing In I just thought he was like amazing so doing the dirty bird eventually going on to the NFC championship against my dad's team. Obviously but in the Super Bowl but That I loved Tim to White I just I just remember being in North Carolina Even though we were so close it was rare. That like a rarity to be a falcons fan or see Falcons fans in anytime you did. It was like this big thing 'cause I mean it wasn't like you see how you go to the store and see like the cowboys had or something even today. I guess you could say it's the same but It was almost like a honor. Like self honor where it's like. Wow you know. I'm the Falcons Fan. This is unique. There's not a lot out there but then eventually you get on twitter and you're like oh there's a ton of yeah but when you're back in the days of Social Media. I didn't know any falcons fans. Yeah it's It's interesting you you'd think for a team like the Falcons which doesn't have the broad appeal like you mentioned the cowboys or forty niners. It does seem like regionally for a period of time. The Falcons were very popular with fans in other states. I I know someone that lives in Winston Salem North Carolina. Who is still to this day? A Hardcore Falcons Fan. Even after the panthers came in. Yeah because originally there were the only team really for him to to root for so. Yeah and here's a here's a fun fact. You know it the Falcons. It's like that first game I went to. That's the only home game I've ever been to. I've been to probably ten or more away games. You know in Florida where I live in. I am into a home a home game since. Yeah it's actually something that's relatively true for several of our writers at the Alchoholic Dot Com including our made editor. Dave coates lives in the northeast. We will not pinpoint his location for those who would stock him but moving on. We're here to talk about Evan number three. When did you start actually writing about this team and in what drove you to actually write about Instead of just simply being fan well for me. It started with twitter Which is basically writing. You're just not writing a long article you know you just put up your thoughts during games or after games. Whatever in early Are Corey Woodrow Foods with the Foul Golic? Now he was with risa breeder And you know I got to know corean stuff and I went onto right there for I think like a season I think the twenty seventeen season In Corey obviously came to the Falco Hollick and already knew pretty much all of the writers anyways just through twitter and stuff But I got an opportunity to write for the Falcon Holly in I've been doing that since Twenty November twenty eight team so It's it's I I enjoy it. It's fun to know that people are reading your stuff in some disagree in some degree in just being able to share your thoughts with people. You know even this kind of stuff where people want to listen to my background like. That's an incredible thing I will say for those listening if you're looking to interact with alcohol and its various writers twitter's absolutely under percent the place to do it. Most of us have very significant Twitter presences and Evan is no exception. I exception exceptions so and it's not just football. We'll talk to you about anything. Oh really yeah. I think if you're just looking to get to know the people who also enjoy watching the Falcons get tortured by team. Twitter's the place to do it All right so not. You've been writing about the team for a couple of years. You've been on twitter. You've been at the alcoholic What is one of the worst takes where you look bagging? Fake Oh man a wish. Take those words back because Sarong I I mean the ones that instantly come to mind. I remember being like amped when we signed Ray Edwards. Probably like we'll unease too easy one where like a lot of people share that same opinion but I remember just the excitement like I remember. I told you where I was like I was. I was working at Sports Authority in college and I was like. I went to the restroom to read it. You know and I'm like Oh my God we side Ray Edwards. 'cause I think the eagles were the other team. That was like rumored to be interested in. I thought Oh this is gonNA change stuff. Obviously that fell flat on the other. One is more recent I guess In another easy one but miles jack I remember wanting him in when the Falcons passed on. Komo Neil like like. I didn't have anything negative to say about Neil but I was like what is wrong with this team like war. Why would you pass on Miles Jack? Like he fell into your lap. But you know I guess both of them in hindsight have Kinda had some injuries like So but I mean when Kiana kneels on the field. He's incredible so yeah. I write that up as a self Where state you were alone. In absolutely Ray Edwards was all many of us are always many of us. Were in that boat. So Yeah. The former underwear model did not workout for On the flip side one of your best takes. Maybe you saw player. He thought okay. This guy is and I'm a fan of him and and other people were aboard or someone that early on you thought they were going to pan out and it turned out that they did. Well if you follow me on twitter My most infamous one is probably the Giorgio. Takeo Oh no where like. Everyone was grilled me for but I didn't think he proved enough to keep him and I know he went like eight for eight. In what would that have been twenty twenty eighteen from the team He went like eight for eight He you know he did have a great. He did a great job but I thought it was. Bizarre that Falcon just handed him the Job In we're kind of in that same situation now Where the Falcons haven't brought any competition yet in for Cou. I mean they probably will because there's still a lot of time between now and Preseason but yeah that would probably be one of my better takes because I was in I spent like the whole off-season like why are you just giving this man the job? Then they eventually bring Blair Walsh who was like the King of choking on big kicks like it was like they just doubled down on it and then eventually Matt. Brian came back. But in all die on the hill that it was the place holding a having a rotation of hunters last year that really ruined it for Matt. Bryant's return That's probably another argument for another day. Yeah probably so I will say I do want to remind our readers listeners that it was Evan in not the national writers that broke the News Matt Bryant Being Adam Schefter and Ian rapoport steal my source it is also I wanNA give a shout out to Jack Crawford member. There was at one year. Yeah where like he was coming off the Think it was a torn triceps. It was like something on his arm. in like I was saying he's you know he's gone in for a big year he actually did have a career year any finish like tied for second in Sacks L. Probably me my other some weird best tanks. I will say I like Jack Crawford. Lot for being Just a quality player that Falcons didn't have to spend a lot of money on so yeah and I've got I've gotten to know him personally and he. He really is a genuine Full like a quality person. You know you hear these stories of some of these guys were just like jerks. They liked the fame. Go to their head in just being in the league but he he really is a nice to now. He's in Tennessee. Yeah as as many falcons are all right. So what is something that our readers listeners may not know about you? That's interesting different unique I'm a Disney annual pass holder. 'cause I live in Florida so years ago I got bored in. I used to like put on social media mainly facebook like pictures I would go to Disney and take pictures and put that on there So then eventually I made a facebook page and you can go to. If you're a fanatic. it's FACEBOOK DOT COM SLASH. Disney annual pass holder or on instagram. It's the same thing instagram dot com slash Disney annual pass holder And I have like over to. I think twenty twenty two thousand followers or something. I just share. Yeah it's it's a hobby like I don't get paid for it and stuff but it's it's just like if you're a Disney Fan Theme Parks whatever I share like news on there and pictures and that kind of stuff. So that's kind of my random didn't know about me. Think wow I didn't. That's very cool and taught to almost every week during the season. That's all right the a penultimate question before you head into our break Your favorite all time Falcons player actually Clarify doesn't have to be a falcons player last week. Dropped a couple of names. Neither which were falcons players. Yeah but your favorite player all-time and why my favorite player all time in why That's tough 'cause I I literally could name like six or seven right now. That like I consider amazing. Early wasn't mean yeah Favorite player of all time. I mean I Brett Farr I guess would be. I just loved how he was like not really a rebel but a rebel to the position where it was just completely different than the pocket. Passers like this is mainly because yeah because when I was growing up you know it's like there was like Dan Marino and I guess Joe Montana was on his way out like Week men A lot of these kind of passers Kinda similar where Brett Farve. It just seem like he was totally different in. I know he was on the packers who I'm not a fan of in stuff but I always thought like. He's one of my favorite players. I don't know that's a tough question to be honest because like I said there's like I feel guilty for leaving out so many names. No that's great answer. I mean yeah and I've always wanted a Brett farve throwback Jersey just to have it because you know why not. I think it's fascinating. That he played for the Falcons even though it was only for what a year one year for Jerry. Glanville ship them off. Yeah and actually. I was watching the other day that there's a nfl time-line thing. It's like the nineteen ninety-one Falcons. It's very interesting For anyone who is in that kind of thing I will say about four of the one the one stat that I just love about him is that when he retired he led the NFL touchdowns and he was number one interceptions as well. The guy was the the truest definition of NFL quarterback gunslinger. That you he would throw in the traffic if there were four guys. He didn't care. He thought his arm was strong enough to fit it into a small window and times. It was but he was often proven wrong. Do Yeah definitely but a fun. Fun Fun player. Watch love watching him play and he was in. You didn't grow up in the nineties like he was huge in the nineties He sometimes gets forgotten Like you know talking about the modern quarterbacks like peyton manning. Tom Brady drew brees obviously but Brett. Farve was like back in the nineties. He was one of the top. Dudes like dance. Oh Oh yeah the without a doubt that if not the guy up a period of time so All right. I'm a narrow. This down to the Falcons go to break. This next question is who is your favorite active. Falcons player. And why just one right to swim? Gosh my favorite I mean it has to be Julio Dudes incredible It's one of those things. Where like if he played for in I hate. I hate that this thing. But the hall of fame shows as National Media shows if Julio Jones played for the steelers or the cowboys or you know one of them. Big Market teams be literally considered one of the greatest of all time. He's had earned that even with like the Falcons thing holds it against him. He's just incredible him. Calvin Johnson I think out of this kind of newer generation are the best receivers you know going back to Algeria. Rice and stuff. Rainy Moss obviously could be one of them but just a super rare talent in. We've been blessed to be able to watch him You see him in big moments how he actually does step up on like wider Some other ride wide receivers around the league. Who Don't run very deep routes. But Julio when you needn't he's there you know I'm not GonNa talk about that. Well I know I know. It's probably going to be one of the questions soon but for now. I'm not going to talk about that event that we gave us all depression but who he stepped up in. He did his job. He did not do his job in that game. It's one of those things where it'll be lost in time. But he really is a phenomenal player in not only that he is A. He has diva talent in his nut. He's furthest thing from it. Some people probably don't even know what he sounds like like just a professional even in interviews where he's ambushed by TMZ to try and get him to throw dirt on Matt Ryan or something. The Dude is class. The Way and Eric Robinson our in our last Getting to know the writers series podcast mentioned the same thing. We talked about the fact that you've got these other wide receivers You look at the US Obviously Antonio Brown in Turlough wins in his time. There were incredible talents but along with that came a lot of headaches. And with Julio like the biggest headache that we've had was if very very short holdout which was lasted entire week. Yeah and he wasn't trashing the team or anything no not at all like he was quiet through the entire thing and it just says so much about the player character in Like you said he's. He is a diva talent without the drama. That goes minute so Love the answer Before we get into the remaining questions about Evan. His love for Falcons and his time covering the team. We're GONNA take a quick break. We'll right back. Hey everyone this is Karen editor large recode and I'm Scott Galloway professor of nyu Stern School of business. We host the twice-weekly pivot podcast. Where you break down all the news in Tech and business and anything else that we fancy we want to talk about. The news is moving faster than ever. And we're here to bring some analysis context sanity and occasional levity to a lot of sanity around here anyways to the covert Nineteen Economy Keira art. Listen Scott Listen. We don't bring levity to cope in nineteen. We think it's a very serious crisis. We WanNA give people insight and other ways to cope with Cova nineteen. We've had lots of ways to talk about it whether it's through the relationships and we talk about how tech is being used to track data and health and location the privacy risks of living out our lives and platforms like zoom which can be a little dangerous how streaming platforms like Netflix will excel or fail without sports broadcasting and how this moment is changing a relation between labor force and major companies like Amazon. We cover the entire landscape of we also bring on great guests ranging from Robert Rice to astaire Peralta got us to the economy and how covered is changing our relationships. How is our relationship? Changing Scott Bo. I think you know it's getting stronger. I think you're finally in touch with your emotions. Let's be honest. I am the future ex Mrs Swisher anyway got puts it over. Nineteen has been the great accelerator for companies the economy and public policy. Stay on top of it. All by listening to pivot with Cara Swisher Scott Gallery. Every Tuesday and Friday. Subscribe on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. We're back on the PODCAST. Is David Walker? I'm speaking with my friend Co host during the rhythm season on the post game podcast Burchfield. We're talking about his time. As a falcons fan some of the things finds him that defines his His wife as a Falcon Span And Ever GonNa dive into these remaining questions to the fancy little bit a little bit better. So we've talked about your all time favorite player your favorite current player but the one who are your top three all time Atlanta Falcons like if you were if you're thinking about Evan Burchfield as a teenager putting posters on his wall who were those three guys. They're going to be those posters on Evans. Birchfield's wall now candice Not Be like I don't have to do this politically correct because all like this is to me in how they make me feel right huns. Oh yes I would have to say because in Tommy notice absolutely deserves to be up there. I didn't watch him play like I. You know I find it that you need to have watched. These people play to fully understand like what made them great. Unfortunately I mean. I didn't get to watch him play. I'm not that old but Matt Ryan. For what he's done you know for the franchise We've been lucky to have a franchise quarterback you can talk about. You know super bowls and stuff like that. But he's given us a chance every single year in. It hasn't always been his fault so he'd be one with him Matt Bryant because he's like my him. I Love Brian. But a lot of Matt Ryan's comebacks you know in those early years was off the map. Bryant's leg and we were blessed to have a kicker for so long who was clutch. You know in those moments. I think the true. What worries me is that that last year where you know there were struggles. Obviously I mentioned I think it's it was having a different punter and placeholder every week Not Helping but when you go. Let's say like a decade from now. Hopefully fans aren't thinking. Oh yeah remember how it ended like remember the Times. Where like against the seahawks where he steps up in makes a big kick. Matt Ryan used to get him into field goal range to where he can make. These fifty yard kicks to win the game. You know in a lot. The accolades obviously go to quarterback has got him down there. But a lot of Matt Ryan Wins. I actually did a Falcon holic. I think last year on a lot of the winds came from Brian Light. So He's definitely In my top three and I said it Julio Jones I gotTa keep him up there some great top three. It's just it's tough because like there's a lot of people who deserve to be on the list that I did watch. You know that I like Tony Gonzalez. I love Tony Gonzalez. But there's no way I can knock one of these guys off of the list Michael Turner I loved. Him Chris Chandler was like my first like real quarterback as a fan like I always had a soft spot for him. I even had a Chris Chandler Jersey. And if you're looking on the FALCONS DOT COM. I'll have the picture will be up there but Yeah I'd have to go Matt Ryan Map Right. Julio Jones because that's my teenage years into my present that those were the three instrumental and You know being fan I. Let's be honest. The best stretch of continuous. Winning seasons in Falcons history happened with those three guys team. Anchoring like you said that the comebacks we often talk about Matt Ryan his comebacks and he obviously one hundred percent deserves credit for them but same time. Many of them as you noted came on the heels of Matt Bryant Punching in many clutch field goals. And I don't want any listener to forget the fact that Matt Bryant was as clutch as they came and It fantastic lists of completely agree with you a little bit of a different note. Because in the time the falcons have been around they have had some interesting Yeah obviously we've got Dan Quinn. Currently we've had a guys leg. Do Jones Just a whole host Mike Smith but who is your all time? Favorite Falcons coach doesn't even have to be the most winningest coach used to coach. You enjoy watching or whatever your reason. This well just for the sake of picking one. I guess I'll go Dan Quinn but like I really don't have a favorite Like I'm not willing to go to bat for any of I think it's they had so much. You know like Dan Quinn. He's had so much talent in obviously couch in played a part in that Mike Smith I believe is the most winningest coach Probably like what sixty something wins? He's at Dan Reeves I love the suddenness of like he just I mean growing up I remember thinking he was great in everything in He just he was. You see different techniques from these coaches or different coaching styles and stuff. We're Mike Smith. You saw little more passion You know during Games think wind has kind of that passion also. He's got that like where he wants to give inspirational. Speeches in quotes and stuff like that You know they're all very different. But I mean Dan Quinn he. I think he's had the most success in the years he's been given where you know you go to the Super Bowl You almost go back to the Super Bowl. you know. We've been in a dry spell recently but you know weird stuff like hey think wins going to get fired and then they all of a sudden go six and two or whatever you know and it's like I have you know we have mild I guess connections to the Locker Room where we can hear stuff in the one thing I've heard constantly in. It's now out in the media so everybody knows it but the players loved like they. They love him. They played their azoff foreign last year. Like they that's the reason he's still there because the players really tried to keep him and they they succeeded but they love Damn Clinton. I think that's the kind of coach you want Obviously everybody wants to win. But you know you want somebody who you want to play for. Its like leader. You know you want somebody who's GonNa Legion battle in Dan. Quinn is a guy you know and the I'm a big fan of in Queens and I know a lot of fans obsolete into this podcast in those read site a ready to move on from him but I feel like he's done a lot of things right. I'd I really hope. Twenty twenty goes well for him so to your point I like. He's he's connected with the players in the way that many of our other coaches have not and I think he does things right way so all. Right moving on Falcons players. We have seen quite a few come through either training camp or the team throughout the years. So on. Talk about the most underrated in the most overrated. That you've seen in your time watching the falcons. So we'll start with the first. The most underrated Falcons player in your mind that you see fans constantly criticizes person or Anti Consort Review like dare not appreciated in a way that I mean the obvious answers Matt Ryan but I'm sure like everyone else's picking net so I'm a go off in different but that's who I would pick is obviously what he's done for this franchise something. It's one of those things where once he leaves. You'll appreciate it more in it's unfortunate but that's how that's how it goes. You know the Miami Dolphins are doing that right now with Marina. They've been doing twenty years or whatever so for me. The most underrated in Like it's Jessie Tuggle. I just you forget. It's easy to forget. He was there but he was such a force. You know linebacker in. We've had you know even Tommi notice. These are guys who it pisses me off. But it's like even this past where Tommy no biscuit snub from the hall of fame. It's like these guys were great at what they did. It just ties back to that thing. I mentioned earlier about the Falcons by where it's like. They're on the Falcons so it not. It's a knock against them In a lot of these guys like Tommy no miss might can like. I didn't watch them play. It's been more research afterwards but Jessie tuggle actually did watch play I think he's severely underrated the linebacker. Yeah I mean I. Unfortunately it's not just one it's like. I have a list of Falcons Who were severely underrated. A lot of them were in the past in. It's a shame because you know if you WanNa underrate Matt Ryan. I think they'll be more appreciation when he's gone anyways. Because of just grady was for the franchise but it makes me sad to think of these guys like Jessie Tuggle Tommy Notice. Might Ken Hell I mean I know. Quant humphries in the hall of fame but Unfortunately this dude had ninety four and a half sacks is a falcon but unfortunately the. Nfl did not count sacks entitled the year after he retired he with the Eagles for two years and so Abraham John Abraham who's phenomenal not taking anything away from him but he gets credit as being the lead sack even though it's caught humphry but he's in the hall of fame so he doesn't have to worry about being underrated. But you know but there's a long list of guys like like you mentioned Mike and Thomas and stuff were underrated and if they had you know a steelers logo on their helmets. They would've already been in fame. Tom was on the I. Believe the nineteen sixties. Nfl decade team and not in the hall of fame even though like Dick Buck his But you look up the linebackers I guarantee you all of but maybe one is in the hall of fame. Aside notice it's it's a travesty really I know like even you can look at like billy white shoes. Johnson was Part one of the all decade teams and he was like one of them. He's like the only dude who's not in the hall of fame like. Yeah so my my underrated. Nece I guess comes from the bias of conspire all right. Flip side of that equation. Who is in your your mind when the most overrated? Where'd fans maybe got behind this player in a way that you didn't completely understand Ooh Cautioned I'm prepared to duck because the tomatoes are gonna be thrown at me. Ha Like I was a fan of Michael Vick right like throughout my childhood. You know he was the talk of the town like he explosive But like in Hindsight. It's like he didn't play that long in. Atlanta obviously He never threw for. I think more than twenty touchdowns I know he ran you know. Obviously he was running as much as he was passing. But you know stuff like that. It's like I didn't even win win. A whole like we went to the NFC championship in lost to the was at the eagles and that was like for this. You know he went in you know incredible talent I think he him like Dion Sanders impact came more from their prestige in like off of the field. Like giving a talking point to the Falcons Dion. Sanders had to go win super bowls elsewhere. But like he brought a notice to the city of Atlanta. You know what I mean like the same thing whereas like their impact was more off field strictly as a player. I mean I would say it's overrate he's overrated but I don't know I mean there's probably a lot of people who disagree with me on that but You know athletic. Of course there no debating it and like that but is he like one of you know. Some people say veteran Matt Ryan at quarterback like No. It's not even close a belief Critters actually chose my. I think it was James said Mike Vick as well. So you're you're not alone in that. I want to make it clear like it's not that I don't think he was a good player. It's just you know I wouldn't personally bill the statute for him. That's what I'm saying like you gotTa be here for like look at Ryan insecurities been here. How long he's been with the Falcons. Yeah we went to Bolton and great but like that success long-term vic brought more of a socially impact. We're you know all of a sudden. You're getting Monday night. Football Games in you know everybody wants to talk about the Falcons. 'cause the Nike commercials and stuff like that. But so I'm just speaking strictly as a player hundred percent all right. The most gratifying win for the Falcons. Since you've been watching them I mean it's gotta be the packers in the NFC championship a few years ago. And obviously that's probably because it's more recent but I have never felt more What correct where it is like I could ran through a brick wall. I would've been knocked out but I would have tried more like cocky confidence like we were. It wasn't like we defeated them. You know we beat the hell out of from it was. It's one of those feelings where I'm scared. I'm never going to get it back. Like even if the Falcons do you know they become great again like we didn't know in that moment maybe we did. But we didn't really want to cherish because we were too amped up on the success but those were the greatest times like that feeling even before that playing the seahawks. You could say like. That's one one. Am One be quick even the back of it sometimes in all it like I get sad. I'll just watch the highlights on Youtube and it's like when Julio is getting pass interference in stiff arms at dude and just takes off like he's running a damn you track me. It's like caused elect. Bring me back. Please I'm getting choked up just thinking about it was it was remarkable. It felt like finally the years of you know being upset over this team feeling crossfield like they're personally out to get you like doing dumb stuff. it's being rewarded in. You know. We obviously didn't know what was to come. But at that moment it was easily the best feeling in the world you know in this also ties back to earlier. What I was saying about being a falcons fan if you live in Atlanta. It's probably a little different because there are obviously more fans there but you know like in my family around my friends. I'm the only Falcons Fan. They know because you know it's a rare thing to falcons fan Especially outside of Lena. You're getting all these texts and Oman. Everybody's watching it's the NFL it's the NFC championship game. Like there was only two games. That we You know it was. It was a great feeling. You know getting congrats and stuff from people you feel like you were a part of the team you know exactly so. I wonder what your next questions Shirley. That's the end right. Oh no because part of being a falcons fan is suffering and a sub to ask you because many of us at the Falcon Hollick came close to retiring after this particular game How hard did the super bowl loss hit you personally and it? Will you look back on it? Who Do you blame? Do you blame anybody to blame. Sean Hannity Blame Freeman a what does that. What does that game quakes? You okay first off. How hard did hit me I cried like real tears like somebody passed away in. I'm kind of ashamed of it because it's like one of those things where it's it is just a game. But when you live being a falcons fan you know being a football fan in general Especially for a team. That's not had a lot of success like this is your you know. We're in the off season right now. And we're constantly talking about the falcons. Served in football. Played Falcons football played months in. It's all we can never talk about so you know in just the build up. I think the thing that hit me. The hardest was During halftime you know having family and stuff like Oh man good job. You're you're GonNa win and you know all this stuff in I. I live like my mom. For example I remember like it was yesterday saying. Oh you know you guys are doing great. You've got this in. I told her I'm like it's not over yet. You know trying to slow people like I was excited at halftime I was. I was more excited than I was at the beginning of the game. But I wasn't like parading around saying yeah. We got the Super Bowl. I can't wait to go to Disneyworld. You know because obviously I live in Florida so I would've been there but I wasn't doing that sort of stuff. I was like Willett slowdown. I've seen this team. They have this thing where they do. Love to let people get back into games. You know and sure enough. It did end up happening in. Just remember bawling my eyes out. 'cause. It literally hurt Yeah so what was the second part part because that was enough. Who Do I blame going? I mean I guess it has to start at the top Dan. Quinn 'cause I would have been running down the chain again. Like what the Hell Are you doing? Run the Freedom Ball I mean we all go down that the sequence of plays where Julio had that the greatest catch in that game like we'll be overshadowed by elements. Lucky ask fumbling of the ball. That happened to go into his arms. But that I mean I can see that play in my head just by thinking about it It remarkable that play summed up. Julio Jones's in Matt Ryan Trust in Julio Jones because he probably shouldn't have thrown that ball and Julia probably shouldn't came down with that ball but they did that have been a statue in Atlanta. And I think that's the worst part is it'll always be forgotten but it's it has to be in obviously we're biased. Perhaps be one of the catches. Plays whatever you WANNA call in. Nfl history are in Super Bowl. History Yeah so anyway. Do I blame. I mean I guess Dan I don't know I I don't really put a whole lot of blame. Look back at it because it's pointless at this point we were. We were one of the best teams scoring wise in. Nfl history So it's hard to be like. Hey you know call. She hit him with the hill. Like he's a big reason. Obviously why we were there to begin with so I don't I try. I know it's a boring answer by. Try Not to blame anybody just because you know in that moment like I don't remember it'd be different if I was stopped back and we'll say me and I was screaming at the TV. Why don't you guys run the ball? But I wasn't I was like you're a Julio they they could have run the ball obviously in hindsight. But I'm not GonNa Bash anybody. I hear last question to wrap this all up looking ahead your thoughts on the current regime Within the Atlanta Falcons that starts at the very top. You Know Arthur blank all the way down to the janitor in whether your hopes for the twenty twenty season. Yeah so I mean I love Arthur blank. it's just. I think we've been blessed to have a Greek owner. You know there's a lot of bad owners out there in. Yeah maybe sometimes. He's more recently been putting his thoughts out there more than he probably should but at the same time. I think it shows that he cares. Yeah he owns this team but he wants to win I mean I can't imagine you know. I heard obviously but imagine how he must have felt after that super bowl like we saw him in the boosts dancing because the Patriots fans huge. Show the clip of it. Like this dude was excited. You saw that energy After the NFC championship. So I mean I think the world of Arthur Blank Goff in track. I should have mentioned this earlier but One of my greatest moments and I I know that was a question but one of my greatest moments in two thousand eight when we got Matt Ryan First thing I did I bought a Matt Ryan Jersey in I went to the preseason game in Jacksonville which was officially his first like NFL game. It was preseason though After the game me and my dad or like stand around In the stands taking pictures and I'll have D. W. Put this into the article too. So you can see it if you want But Arthur blank and like his entourage start walking across the field and he sees like my Matt Ryan Jersey comes over In you know he asked. I kind of blinked. Because I was like oh I didn't mean to make a pun. I spaced out. I'll say because I mean I was shocked. I was you know I was a teenager. Like this was amazing. The owners coming up to talk to me You know he was just like Oh. How'd you like art young quarterback and I have no idea what I said? I probably said he's great. Whatever he ended up signing Matt Ryan Jersey in ever since that moment. I've just thought the World Arthur blank and then you see like the charities stuff he's doing more recently Yet so that start the top blank I think the world of him Dmitrov that would take me hours to just talk about so. I'm just going to say it is what it is Ali reload. Yeah Dan Quinn. I like him. I wish the best form. I don't think anything negative about him but I do want to win. In if he's not he's not I'm hopeful I know we have. The most difficult schedule came out recently. Most difficult schedule based on two thousand nineteen opponents by like like I said On the phone colleague Dot Com in our roundtable article. You WanNa be the best. She got beat. The best like we definitely will be facing the best. You know playing the packers saints twice. Lord knows what's going to happen with Tampa Bay but for some reason what they have on. Paper transitions to the field. You know that's going to be tough. That's I think we played them twice in the last three weeks. And that's your bread and butter games where you're trying to make the playoffs In I believe the chiefs are week. Sixteen like that's insanely man. We have a talented roster. So I think that's the biggest Thing TO BE OPTIMISTIC. Avowed his yeah. We're playing some tough people but we have some tough people to I love the draft. wasn't huge on. Terrell early but You know faith in some of these voices. I trust like Eric Robinson Kevin Night. Obviously every day they know they're talking about you re read their content on Dot Com. They'll give you some more optimism What actually happens you know will will let that play out on. Its own but Davidson Hennessy like I love that there you know the Hennessy pick was more looking towards the future. But we do have some guys. You Know Matt Ryan's getting older Julio's getting older Alex Mack. This is probably last season. I don't think anybody's GonNa think that's a crazy thing to say Our defense is better So I'm optimistic in. That's a scary thing. To be a falcons fan but would it be a fan if you didn't go into the season expecting a super bowl at the end. Because what's the point of being a fan exactly? Yeah and that is the roller coaster ride of any Atlanta Falcons fan over the past decade two decades three decades to pick so Evan we've gotten to know you much better here on this podcast. I'm not sure if that's a good thing a bad thing. But it's a great thing so one you remind our listeners where they can find you and what you've gone. Yeah so you can find me on twitter at Edinburgh in you know like I said earlier. I'll talk to you about anything I do like to do. A lot of fantasy football Which I you know Humble Brag but I'm pretty decent so if you ever need advice on that I do have you know fantasy articles one of them. I think comes out Friday Which is like a cre- training camp rankings list I do have currently out some more. A undrafted free agent content Like mikey Daniel Dying on that Hill. I think he's GonNa make the roster call my shot Zone read stuff like that. And then you know largely just stay tuned to the alcoholic Podcasts IN ARTICLES WAY YOU KNOW. There's a lot of falcons material out there in content but what makes us better than the rest is. We're falcons fans You know that's Dwi's role in this kind of format we're doing is we're not lying to you. We actually when when you guys are hurting or hurting when you guys are excited. We're excited And you're not getting any B. S. from us. We're not gonNA coming and gives you optimism when there's none to be there We're fans you know. That's the only reason I write for. The alcock is because I'm a fan. I love this team They make me WanNa Bang my head against the wall sometimes. But that's you know that's being fan but largely you know some of us. I know I do. I read the comments. You know I appreciate you guys taking the time to read articles Even if you disagree with what? We're saying just commenting and sharing your thoughts You know do the do the fan posts on a foul colic dot COM. Get messages from people interested in reading? I mean not reading writing. If you're interested in writing do the Fan Post it's Great. It's not only. Is it a great exercise for you to craft your writing Skills It also is something you can later on when you're ready to take that leap whether it's with the foul. Colic DOT COM or one. Or the other numerous falcons websites. You can say hey. This is what I've written in the past you know and hopefully it's all content that makes you look like a great writer and boom there. You go you're writer now a just thanks for you know. Renar stop listening all that stuff absolutely very guys as always you can find me on twitter at alcoholic. Dwi and subscribe to our podcast at pro bowl where you can stay tuned to the podcast as the drop in any updates super burke my partner in crime during the regular season. Pushkin David Walker. Thank you guys to talk with you.

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