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Good Morning America. This is catch mount table. Chunk has Matija Witnesses this morning's tongs Joe Wilson. He's currently serves as the system. Majority whip and sits on the OB- services aren't affairs committee and what a mess? There isn't a world that Good Morning. Congressman. How're you Joe John? It's an honor to be with you and I wanna wish your many listeners. A very happy healthy eater and I This in I also express the great sympathy of the people of South Carolina New York region. We all have family in the New York region and so I thought some prayer so with people who are currently ill and also for personal superblocks love West and It's really special city. The New York region including New Jersey and Connecticut very important to the people of South Carolina particularly those of us in South Carolina. So many of my constituents are transplants. And so we Our thoughts prayers congressman. I know we already epic sector of the problem and and This Sunday morning. We all pray for all of France. We pray full. Whoa people will Americans. You're running off services committee. You're on it a majority whip tell us the world besides the virus this go around the world. Iran has Iran has shot some missiles at our soldiers in Afghanistan China. Nobody's saying anything because I think the president is trying to be as is you can't control or antibiotics but there's gotta be somebody who say scratched ahead at say. How guilty to Chinese congressman your floor. Well first of all I wanNA thank you John. I had made history your interview with Dhaka instantly. See who we all appreciate on January. Twenty six is is so critical because in that interview John Doctor. Faustus indicated a direct quote. It's very very low. Risk to the United States. This was an interview with you. This is an historic interview because it actually clarifies that all of the fake news From New York Times from Cnn from the Washington Post. It's all untrue that interview clarifies that indeed the American people had Were being misled as you Actually correctly identified by the World Health Organization and the People's Republic of China particularly the Communist Party C. C. P. of China They had Concealed this information but your interview clarified that indeed. Republicans and Democrats should be working together and not be subject to fake news and Talk Radio John y'all performed such a wonderful service supervised the truth in the midst of chaos and misinformation and propaganda. And so I'm so grateful for your service showing Hannity Rush Limbaugh Mark Levin Also local radio talk shows at home and then Fox News and so thank you because John Your interview of January Twenty. Six twenty twenty will go down in history as very important so that we could actually discuss the issues before us and put aside all the propaganda and political backstabbing Mister Curry. Oh Tech could congressman now. A president trump was the first one to start monitoring Chinese coming into America. He set up people. Picking Sap is Cisco Los Angeles and a JFK AIRPORT. And if if he was criticized for that he was called all kinds of names by the Washington. Post by The New York Times. And if he didn't do that I would say ten times amount of people that are sick today or dying today would have died. What say you on your John? You're absolutely correct. The president on January thirty first key announced they bar to persons travelling from China. That was a very. That's another historic event. The president acted firmly. It never occurred before. It's not like we bar people from A country where we have seven thousand visitors a day coming from that country and so the president was very courageous and indeed. The are far left accused him of being Ben. Bobick of being racist John even that was disingenuous Chinese or not erase their nationality. And and it's the people have oriental race and so the level of hateful is To me I call it trump derangement syndrome. There are people and we saw that with the killing of Sola money that the Enemy of President Trump Then defended their weight. Needs now tragically. The trump derangement syndrome has Carried on to where now almost defending the virus in over and over again people need to remain calm and focused in and stop this partisan attacks and and that's why I talk radio and John Your program makes such a difference Pacu. I'm not gonNA blame me. Asian people are not going to bring the Chinese. I think it's whether it's ten thousand twenty thousand one hundred thousand communist party Chinese that's causing. Whoa this at making the Chinese people suffer at baking the rest of the world suffer for what they do John. You're dead corrected. In fact we don't know how many millions of Chinese people citizens have been Affected because the Communist Party it's authoritarian state. They don't allow free information We know that they arrested and incarcerated the first physician who bravely pointed out that this was going on and So it's a real touch. It is that the Communist Party to maintain their total control of the Wonderful people have China I I've been there. My Dad served in World War. Two joining with applying tigers and. He always told me how much she loved the people. I've seen on chunk to in Kunming. The president acted firmly positively to protect the people of China and protect the people of America. I agree with you. One hundred percent Congressman there's so many things going on all over the world. Is there a particular area you want to talk about and to bring an this Easter Sunday print revelations to the American people of something. Maybe they don't know well I do. And that is that This time as we are wishing our dear friends Happy Passover Happy Easter indeed. The people of Iran are suffering due to the dictatorship. They have there. But the dictatorship there is making every effort to further their efforts to promote if they're a death to Israel death to America and they're proceeding by providing rockets to the to the Iranian militias of a rock to attack our forces in Iraq would also Iranian Financed initiatives are underway in Afghanistan to attack our military forces there and we know that they're providing additional missiles to Home Office that Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon so Iran is trying to divert attention from the incompetence of their Totalitarian State and I'm so hopeful for the people of Iran that they will see through this and as the government of Iran in. Tehran is concealing level of death We can actually by satellite say that trenches being dug for the Providing of burial of persons who have been killed by the krona virus in Iran without the people of Iran being told of how serious this is and how incompetent they're totalitarian government is are trying to push us into a war well. The good news is that The president made it very clear. It's called peace through strength by rebuilding our military As the president's correctly said We were not We had not been prepared but we are now and I. The president was very firm last week and and very clear that didn't require any interpretation. He told Iran they must not take any action against the American personnel or against our allies. Iraq or there will be a extraordinarily response. And we've seen that that did cause them to stand down and so I'm really proud of president. Trump's the theory of all of this is what Ronald Reagan established and. That's peace through strength now. The last sixty days the world has been turned topsy. Turvy one virus. A to financial buckets and three the argument between a Putin and Saudis and taking the oil markets and turning topsy turvy to the extent where they can put out the bankrupt. Seven your parking companies in the oil business what say you about this indeed I'm really hopeful that good can come out of this to John and that Russia itself has been described as a nation as a service station Masquerading as a nation They are so dependent on oil exports to provide for the modernization of There are forces threatening the American people. And so I'm really hopeful that as a President Putin has dispute with The king and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That this will have a negative effect on Russia. But you're right and also has an effect on America and I'm grateful that the president has recognized this in with the Efforts TO MAINTAIN JOBS IN AMERICA OF THE PRESENT Will be a stepping in and Either by way of Taras or purchases on strategic for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve again. We can use this To the benefit of the American people and hopefully to the people of Russia that they too could have the opportunity of having a free and open. Society Congressman. Joe Wilson Pacu so much happy Easter. And thank you for for what you do for the American people and for all America at will catch up again real soon. Thank you under the Syrup and Happy Happy Easter. To all tack this is the CAC spout table. We'll be right back.

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