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Skylab: NASAs Best-Kept Secret| We Fix Anything | 2


Its may fourteenth nineteen seventy-three a warm afternoon in in Cape Canaveral Florida Skylab America's first space station sits atop a thirty story Saturn five rocket ready for launch puffs puffs of white vapour from its liquid oxygen fuel tanks billow down the rocket sides three miles away on the roof of the manned space flight operations is building a group of Skylab astronauts anxiously watch and wait for liftoff two of them Pete Conrad and Alan Bean playfully fight over a pair of binoculars jewelers. Let me see be no. It's just sitting there. You Act like you've never seen a Saturn five before. I'm just excited. Wouldn't you be Conrad Wears a surgical mask doc a requirement for all astronauts in the days leading up to a mission once you're in space even a common head cold has the potential to be life threatening in twenty four hours Conrad right and his crew will take off to rendezvous with the Space Station in orbit two hundred seventy miles above the earth when Conrad's crew returns it will be beans turned to lead the next skylab mission from transistor radio the astronauts here the Skylab Program Director Begin the final countdown sequence and countdown. Dan Continues to go smoothly guidance release team is thirteen twelve eleven and nine eight. We have ignition nations sequence has started six five four three the guy lab lifting off the bed. Now moving up guy eleven the astronauts cheer the Skylab slowly rises the sky over the fiery orange glow of the Saturn five engines it picks up speed as it climbs into the clouds Conrad claps being on the shoulders. It's eight thousand site. Go You big beautiful. Bird looks like it went off without a hitch. You better go get some rest. You're GonNa have a busy day tomorrow. Skylab continues its ascent the launch team at Cape Canaveral Transfers Command to Mission Control in Houston almost immediately a flight controller gets a strange alert alert that he reports to a supervisor a sir. I'm I'm getting a signal that the heat shield has deployed that doesn't make any sense if shield deployed it would be causing drag but were rated R. Target Cricket Velocity. There must be an error disregard. Yes Sir as it leaves the Earth's atmosphere Skylab detaches last of spent rocket stages and settles into orbit orbit put something is very very wrong. Solar internal temperature what's going now with the Heat Shield people at those temperatures. The station interior could suffer permanent damage flight controllers finally realized the problem. It's not that the heat shield deployed during takeoff the G. Forces of the launch ripped it off entirely along with one of Skylab two main solar wings. The second wing is still attached but damaged. It's pinned to the space station side and won't deploy Skylab is crippled without enough power and without a teat shield the space station can't function function Pete Conrad and crew were supposed to rendezvous with Skylab tomorrow instead there indefinitely grounded NASA engineers scrambled rambled figure out a way to fix the damage space station if they can't devise a solution fast skylab will be dead on arrival people start companies for variety of reasons. Maybe they fall in love with the freedom freedom of being their own boss or maybe they wanna make their mark as an innovator in their chosen field but there's one thing all businesses have in common in order to be successful. You've got to get the word out. 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Skylab was Nasr's underdog a cobbled together program that lived in the shadow of the Apollo Moon landings but with the last of those moon landings completed in December of Nineteen seventy-two. It's finally Skylab time to shine that is until launch now. The eighty ton space station is in orbit but it's badly damaged possibly uninhabitable and the timing couldn't be worse with America in the midst of a recession politicians patients for NASA's huge budgets is wearing thin skylab turns out to be a two billion dollar boondoggle it could set the entire American space program Graham back decades but there's hope yet on the ground NASA engineers and astronauts are devising some scrappy creative ways to salvage the space station doc if they can succeed Skylab still has a chance to be one of the American space programmes greatest achievements. 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Ai That's just works dot com slash Ai. It's May Eighteenth nineteen seventy three four days since the Skylab launch at the Johnson Space Center Aaron Houston teams have been working around the clock on possible replacements for Skylab all important heat shield but so far no one's come up with a workable solution Shen today an engineer a white dress shirt and horn rimmed glasses hustles down a long corridor carrying something you don't usually see at a NASA operation for telescoping fishing poles fellow engineer hustling the other way stairs them confused Dave. I don't think this is a good time to be. He planning a fishing trip. All I know is Jack. Kinzler ordered them. Something tells me he's not gonNA use them to catch fish. The engineer hurries on with his strange cargo around the Johnson Johnson Space Center the name Jack Kizlar has taken on somewhat legendary status over the years. He's the veteran head of NASR's technical services nicknamed Mr Fixit it thanks to his knack for devising ingenious solutions to seemingly intractable problems. The engineer enters the technical services shop a warehouse like space space with two story ceilings cinder block walls covered in conduits and support beams in the middle of the Space Kizlar is supervising a team of engineers say they test various fabrics under heat lamps ultraviolet lights. He's in his early fifties with a thick head of white hair that gives them a bit of a mad professor look when he sees the fishing rods face lights up oh great everyone the the rods are here. Let's start rigging them to the parachute. No one's quite sure what kinzler has has in mind but they follow his instructions together. The team attach is the handles of the fishing rods two central metal spring then rigs the whole thing into a large piece of parachute fabric when they're done kinzler releases the spring holding the rods together and the whole device pops open like an umbrella the fishing rods telescope outward at Ninety degree angles pulling the parachute top Kinzler smiles gentlemen. I think we have our new heat shield two days later NASA engineers and astronauts meet to discuss their options kesslers fishing route contraption what they're now calling the parasol is just one several possible heat shield replacements. Unfortunately no one can agree which one has the best chance of working or not fixing a two billion dollar space the station with some fishing rods the twin poll sunshine designed for Marshall is much sturdier and has a much higher chance of success but the sun shade will require virus spacewalk. It's too dangerous. Kinzler parasol designed can be deployed from the airlock and then what happens if it doesn't play cleanly. They'll still have to do a spacewalk to get it into place. We just need more time to calibrate it. We're running out of time. Among those at the meeting is Skylab head astronaut Pete Conrad. He's been listening learning to these arguments for days. He's had enough Conrad rips off his surgical mask and slams his fist down on the conference table. Just get me up there. God Damn it. We're not GONNA fix the damn thing sitting around here on the ground in the end the parasol design wins the day Kinzler team gets to work reading up version that we'll actually be taken up by Conrad and his crew it won't feature actual telescoping fishing rods and the parachute material will be supplemented with heat resistant layers of mylar the Laura aluminum but the concept is the same meanwhile at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Alabama. Other members of the Skylab team are trying to figure out a solution into the space station second problem. It's stuck solar wing. Everyone agrees that fixing it will require a space walk so astronauts spent hours in the neutral buoyancy tank running through possible procedures for freeing the wing from whatever debris is keeping it pinned to the space station side. It's May twenty-first seven days since Skylab launch Joe Kirwin heart of Conrad Skylab crew drops into the neutral buoyancy tank in a full spacesuit suit he and another astronaut Rusty Schweickart a running yet another simulation for fixing the undeployed solar wing they talk through the communications headsets headsets wired into their helmets. You got the cable cutter recipe it. Let's see if this thing was worth the wait. The cutter they're using is a modified version of the same loppers telephone. Lineman used to cut down tree branches. Only one company in Missouri makes them so took a few days to get some. They could experiment with now now Schweickart brandishes one. That's attached to a ten foot pole. He sings as he gets into position. alignment for the county come on rusty. You know I hate that song. Well the sooner we do this the less you'll have to listen to me. Sing among astronauts Schweickart is a bit of a hard luck case as part of the crew on Apollo nine nine the thirty-seven-year-old redhead came down with Nasr's. I documented case of space sickness severe nausea caused by the weightlessness in zero gravity ever since he's been grounded but he helps out wherever we can especially in the neutral buoyancy tank during Apollo nine Schweickart fought through his nausea to become come. One of the first American astronauts do a spacewalk in Earth orbit is firsthand understanding of what NASA calls as short for extra vehicular regular activity will be crucial helping the SKYLAB team determine which of their rescue plans is the most feasible today for the first time he in current managed managed cut away a piece of metal representing the Heat Shield debris the mock solar panel on their Skylab simulator pops into position the phone company Loppers are success a nice cutting rusty. I can't believe that worked. Let's get the rest of your crew here and walk them through it then he locked in just a few days you guys it'll be operating the world's First Space Loppers finally on May twenty third NASA leadership approves all Skylab repair procedures. A launch date for the first. I skylab crew is set for me. Twenty fifth time is of the essence by the time Conrad's crew gets to Skylab it will have been in orbit for eleven dates. No one knows for sure how much damage the heat of the sun might do to Skylab interior during that time food and medications might have spoiled film for the Solar Solar Telescope might have melted sensitive scientific equipment might be damaged beyond repair though everyone hopes for the best. There's the very real possibility skylab might already be lost. 'cause it's three. Am On the morning of May twenty fifth astronaut not speak Conrad Joe Kirwin and Paul Weights take the elevator up to support tower to their command module perched atop a Saturn one B rocket the smaller all a cousin of the Saturn five. The unmanned launch of the space station was called Skylab one so their mission his skylab too though no one wants to say it out loud and they're all hoping there will still be skylab three and four for a moment three astronauts stand on the service platform waiting for the support crew to open the hatch to their command module. It's a clear night on Cape Canaveral in the moonlight they watch seagulls gliding out over the glimmering waves of the Atlantic. They look at each other through the bubbles of their helmets. Exchanging nervous smiles Kirwin breaks the silence. Well hope this isn't a short trip Conrad's Rad's Pale Blue Eyes narrow. He's not a fan of negative talk even unjust it won't be if we could get apollo thirteen back from the moon we can fix Skylab Conrad's fellow astronauts nod. They know what he means about Apollo Thirteen on that mission a man space capsule on route to the moon was nearly destroyed by an an exploding oxygen tank and still all three astronauts on board returned safely to Earth compared to that near Disaster Skylab dilemma seems downright downright manageable but still it won't be easy. No one's ever had to repair an eighty ton space station in orbit before their mission to succeed a lot of things will have to go right things that have never happened before in the history of manned space travel the hatch opens and the crew who enters their command module Kirwin is the last one in he glances one last time at the moonlight over the ocean waves and takes a deep breath before stepping into the capsule minutes later. Everyone's strapped in and ready to go the hatch closes then they wait a lot has to happen between the time a crew enters their space capsule and the time they get launched into space. Every system has to be checked and double-checked support personnel have to clear the tower wind and atmospheric conditions carefully studied it takes hours hours. The crew spent sitting waiting strapped into a space not not much roomier than a station wagon atop a million pounds of liquid rocket fuel finally around nine. Am Conrad and his crew here the program Graham Directors final countdown team is seven six five four three engine sequence start to one zero and we have lift off the clock is Conrad takes this mission more seriously than anyone still. He can't resist a a little humor as his Saturn one B clears it support Tower East Skylab two we fix anything and with that Nasr's most ambitious repair air project gets underway in less than an hour Conrad and his crew will get their first up close look at Skylab and realize what a monumental task is could have ahead of them. Halloween is on the way which means it's time I'm to break out the fake cobwebs and rubber spiders and put on a scary movie but if you've got a family realize stuff can be a lot scarier than any horror movie the shopping for Life Insurance. If the idea of looking for life insurance intimidates you try policy genius dot com policy. Genius is the easy way to shop for for Life Insurance Online in minutes. 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A suspected solar wing to is completely off the bird solar wing one is partially deployed portside micro meteoroid stiffer peace city school one copy. Can you get close enough to attempt these stand end up. Va I think so a radio back when we're position got stand up. Eva is a technical sounding term for a straightforward but risky the procedure rather than do a full spacewalk. Whites is going to attempt to free the stuck solar wing by sticking his head and arms out of the command module side hatch while Kirwin holds his legs to keep them from floating off into space. If it doesn't work they'll try the telephone loppers next whites and Kirwin of rehearsed this many eight times in the neutral buoyancy tank but doing it in orbit is something else entirely whites curses under his breath. He wrestles with the solar wing. Kirwin hangs is onto him for dear life. Don't wiggle around so much whites. I can't hold you sorry Joe. I I just can't get enough leverage. Pete could key Feis closer unless you want me to barbecue you. You're right in the path of my four trustor finally give up if they're going to free the stuck solar wing it'll have to be with the loppers on a fool spacewalk exhausted the crew docks with Skylab and settles down to eat dinner and sleep in the command module in the morning. They'll enter the space station for the first time and assess the damage inside on the morning of May Twenty six whites becomes the first astronaut to enter Skylab orbital orbital workshop after pressurising space they test the air for carbon monoxide other toxic gases to everyone's relief it comes back clean now whites floats across the workshops spacious interior to check its temperature gauges and report back Houston. It's about one hundred twenty five Fahrenheit in here but it's a dry heat feels like a hundred or so but I can feel the heat radiating from the exposed side of the workshop copy check food medical supplies and let's commence with parasol deployment miraculously. Nothing inside Skylab appears to have suffered any damage from the heat. They won't know for sure until they start eating meals. Doing medical title tests and taking photos NASA sent the crew up with extra food just in case now they turn their attention to the Parasol Jack Kinzler designed to fit into a small airlock advance out in the space once it's inserted whites and Conrad pull the Spring and wait on the ground in Houston Engineers Watch watch the parasol anxiously from video camera mounted on Skylab Exterior Parasol opens about two thirds of the way enough to cover most of the section of Skylab that lost to T. chilled. That's close enough flight controllers in Houston erupt in cheers parasol deployed Skylab. You should notice it cooling down in there soon the Skylab astronauts breathe a sigh of relief. It may be a dry heat but after a few hours inside the workshop they're all bathed saved sweat. Their next task is to free the pin solar wing engineers on the ground have determined that even with one solar wing missing sky. I love enough power to function as planned but the pin wing is only operating in about fifteen percent of its capacity for it to be fully functional. They have to free it. It's June seventh the day of the solar wing spacewalk because the space station still isn't running at full whole power the crew eats a cold breakfast cereal and room temperature sausage links through one of the workshop windows. They watched the sunrise over the curving irving blue horizon of the earth in about ninety minutes. They'll get to watch the sun rise again. Skylab is travelling at over seventeen thousand miles per hour about two hundred and fifty times faster than a car on a freeway at that philosophy they get fifteen sunrises every twenty four hours Conrad and Kirwin when are tasked with performing the spacewalk Rusty Schweickart is there capcom the astronaut and mission control in charge of talking them through the procedure. You'll be in communication with them for most of the spacewalk in their bulky white spacesuits the two astronauts opened the airlock and poke their heads for the first time into the vacuum Acumen Space Conrad leads away. It's dark out here. Why the hell did the world go Skylab this Houston? We're right here. I mean you rusty. I mean Earth a catchy thing out here. You should begin the sunrise in just a few minutes as the light of the sun gradually peeks around the earth below them Conrad uncurling begin rigging together a series of long Poles. They can't venture all the way out the solar wing yet because there are no handholds anywhere near it no one designing Skylab expected this sort of in-orbit repair job so they'll offers will be rigged to the end of a twenty five foot long pole from their perch just just outside the airlock. They can see what's holding the solar wing down. It's an aluminum strap one of many that once held the heat shield in place but maneuvering the teeth of the loppers around the strap is easier said than done the segmented poll wobbles chimneys and now as they pass back to the dark side of the earth. They're having trouble seeing Joe Joe. You're way past it. I don't think I am am I bring it back towards me and this is like China drink a coke coke through a twenty five foot Straw. Finally they get the Loppers in place now comes the really hard part Conrad has to climb halfway down the poll grab roken police system it will give them enough leverage to cut the aluminum. At least that's how it worked in the simulator whether it will work in space is anyone's guess Conrad is in position he pulls hard the loppers close the aluminum strap snaps into and then nothing happens pits the hell solar wing jerks a little but stays pinned to the Skylab side. Something else is holding it in place. Conrad Decides Rides to improvise Joe Wiggle the poll under the wing and see if we can use it like a like a lever. Just hang onto your end okay all I'm hanging okay Joe Ready on three one two three on Conrad's count current pushes against the poll with all his might the next thing he knows he's tumbling through space. His tether must have slipped. He can't see Conrad or the Solar Wing beat Peter you there grab my other. I'm I'm loose headset. Here's Conrad laughing who worked just hope our tether sold. Are you tumbling two I I. I can't see you yeah whatever I'd Houston wings out at a locked. Can we come back inside. Now everyone down here is shaking hands Pete which we could reach each up there at Shakespeare's great job within twenty four hours skylab remaining solar wing is operating at full capacity Houston reads the Skylab. I lab crew a congratulatory note from President Richard Nixon in the two weeks. Since you left Earth you have more than fulfilled the prophecy of your parting words we can fix anything. All of us have a new courage bow that man can work and space for the remainder of their time aboard Skylab. That's just what the crew does us work they conduct scientific experiments and take extensive photographs of the earth surface they track hurricanes ocean currents and they perform myriad exercises exercises and tests on themselves to see how their bodies are adjusting to prolonged weightlessness one involves regularly drawing and freezing their blood for later study Conrad's Fan of that he may not be afraid to walk in space but he hates needles the biggest and most complicated piece of scientific equipment aboard Skylab is the solar telescope or the Apollo Telescope Mount as it's officially called. It's a marvel of seventies technology she it's actually eight telescopes in one each of which takes photographs and collects data different wavelengths from xrays to ultraviolet to visible light a windmill the four smaller solar panels powers telescopes so they can continue functioning even when the rest of the space station is shutdown between crew visits three weeks into Skylab. I lab twos four-week mission Nasr's major investment in the Apollo Telescope Mount pays off Paul Whites manning the telescopes when an alarm goes off the telescopes sensors have detected a solar flare the first ever observed and recorded by humans in space. It's the first skylab many breakthroughs in solar astronomy. The study of solar flares help scientists adapt their radio and satellite communication systems to account for the changes. They've caused housed in the earth's magnetic field. It may even improve the technology that's powering the Apollo Telescope Mount Solar panels finally on June twenty second the Skylab two crew climbs back into their command module. They're coming back with over twenty eight thousand photos of the Sun along with reams of data on everything I'm from Earth observations to measurements of their own body mass and sleep patterns Conrad is the last to leave Skylab. He does one last flute through the main workshop making sure everything is in order and a few weeks Alan Bean and his crew will begin their mission Peter. He doesn't want to leave them any surprises before he turns off the lights begins powering the station down. Conrad Takes One last look around his home for the last twenty eight days. He's forty forty three years old. He knows this is probably the last time he'll ever fly in space three hours later in the Pacific Ocean southwest of San Diego. Oh skylab two crew splashes down there the first humans ever occupy an orbital space station and return safely to Earth. They've beaten the record for longest space mission by five days more importantly they saved Skylab from near total disaster aboard their recovery ship. The greeted raided by cheering mob reporters Navy crewmen at that very moment back in Houston Alan Bean and his crew prepared to enter quarantine their departure departure date has been moved up nearly a month to July twenty eighth so they can replace the Parasol Heat Shield something more permanent aside from deploying a more elaborate heat shield shield. They expect their fifty nine day mission to be pretty routine especially compared to the white knuckle adventures Conrad Kirwin and whites but Skylab Bob is not done throwing curveballs quite yet the crew skylab three will face their own series of challenges and on the ground scallops backup cup crew will need to start planning for a possible rescue mission around the American innovations sponsored by Caserta by Lutron smart lighting control brought to you by Lutron pioneers in Smart Home Technology. 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Ai That's lutron dot com slash ai it's August August second nineteen seventy-three and the second Skylab crew or six days into their fifty nine day. Stay aboard the space station in the Living Quarters Mission Mission Pilot Jack Laws MMA gets out prepackaged breakfasts for the crew. He's a clean cut thirty-seven-year-old from Michigan whose biggest claim to fame at NASA was serving his cap con on Apollo Thirteen. He was on the receiving end of the famous transmission Houston. We have a problem task. This morning is less dramatic. Matic Skylab food looks more like the real thing than any previous astronaut meal plan but it's still bland and unappetizing glumly allows reads off the label one of the frozen metal tins in which their meals are stored. I hope you guys like biscuits and gravy beats powdered eggs. I guess last month loads the breakfast into special metal trays that heat up the Food Skylab is the first time in space so while he waits for the frozen meals to thaw aw gazes out the window at the earth below. Have you never gets old the second Skylab cruise mission is off to a good start despite a few minor hiccups all three crew members have experienced some of the nausea called space sickness but they're bouncing back from it and the command module's. He's had some trouble to it lost one of its four quad thrusters small engines to the pilot uses to steer and also to slow the module down during reentry into the Earth's atmosphere atmosphere but the thrusters designed to be redundant. If one fails the others pick up the slack. No one's worried about them outside. The window. House sees a startling sight. He calls out to his crewmates Allen. Oh and you gotta see this being in the Apollo Telescope Mount Out of shouting distance in the low air pressure of Skylab interior sound doesn't travel all that well but science astronaut Owen Gary it is in the compartment next door strapped into a machine that measures body mass. He frees himself and floats into the kitchen area. What is it Jack? Aurora Australia's really pray once. Take look wow that's beautiful. Let me let me grab a camera before we're out of range but just as Gary it is about to float off. He allows Muncie a more startling pulling site. Whoa what was that like snow here but since we know it doesn't snow in space the fluid leak asked my guess right on to the hearing alarm but it's not coming from Skylab it's from their command module the spacecraft to be used to reach Skylab which is now docked at the far are into the space station quickly Lousa and Gary it float down the length of Skylab past the Apollo Telescope Mount through the docking station and into the command module official inside Alan Bean is already seated at the controls flipping switches trying to figure out what's wrong? He pulls on a headset and calls out to Mission Control Houston. Are you reading this alarm. We read it out. Investigating now standby after a few tense minutes Houston gives the Skylab crew some bad news in Scotland. We've lost pressure in one of the command module's Quad trustor's. It looks like you've got another propellant. Leak crew exchange worried glances glances being says they're all thinking Houston that means we're now down to two quad. Thrusters is going to be a problem during Reentry we're looking into into that now. Skylab being takes off his headset and addresses his wide eyed crewmates listen guys. There's nothing more we can do about this right now. So let's not sweat it sure sure the grand crews are already working on a fix and they got fifty days to figure it out. We'll be fine but his last month floats back to the kitchen finishes fixing everyone's breakfasts he's worried after having had a front row seat for Apollo Thirteen. He knows how dangerous any damage to the command module can be. It's their lifeboat back to Kurt now that it's lost half its thrusters. How would they get home at the Johnson? Space Center in Houston Director of flight crew through operations d.c Slayton convened an emergency meeting of all Skylab astronauts right away. Everyone can tell that the situation is serious. The usually calm slayton nervously runs a hand through his crewcut as he gives them the rundown. We think we're not sure yet but we think they can perform reentry with only two working quads we. We need to start running simulations right away to figure that out. We'll also need to start planning for rescue mission. We've been working on a modified command module that can fit five astronauts all signed to rescue astronauts by the end of the day. That's all for now before everyone leaves. One astronaut raises his hand the rescue module. It's never been tested before. Has You know it hasn't so I guess this is our test. Skylab August six bowsman Gary it climbed through the airlock and they're puffy white white spacesuits exhausted after a six hour spacewalk but they accomplished their goal putting up a new more secure heat shield over the parasol installed by the first Skylab crew as they pull off their space suits they discussed the latest word from Houston that plans are underway for a possible rescue mission while Smith explains to Garrett yet how it would work they'd send to astronauts up in a modified command module with two additional seats under the three main ones under them. Is there even enough room. I'm for that fell short in fact being part of the team that helped him design the configuration state but will fit. I hope it doesn't come to that how so too but I don't want to pilot the command module with only two quadra sisters either bus if two of them failed. I'm not sure I trust the other two. They say the failures were unrelated but yeah that would be an awfully big coincidence bean floats in from the command module where he's been monitoring their spacewalk good work today guys. It's dinner Erin go to bed early. You must both be wiped out Gary. It speaks up. I'd sleep better knowing we're not stranded on this bird. We'll be fine either. They'll I'll send someone up for us or the figure out a way for us to repair the thrusters. It's just concentrate on our mission and trust the ground team to do. Their jobs is being tries to reassure his crew. Through NASA. Spokesman tried to reassure the media. They insist that the rescue mission is a highly unlikely scenario. A last resort engineers are working working around the clock to figure out how crew might be able to get the faulty thrusters back online and if that doesn't work they're running reentry simulations so the Skylab astronauts what's will know exactly how to guide their damaged command module back to Earth safely. Thanks to Pete Conrad the unofficial motto of Skylab. Is We fix anything thing they can fix this too but they're not taking any chances in Cape Canaveral Florida on August fourteenth a six million pound crawler transporter vehicle Rolls Up to launch pad thirty nine B carrying on its huge tank like treads a Saturn one B rocket atop. The rocket sits a modified command man module was seating for five a rescue vehicle for Skylab Skylab. I crew had to save the space station from disaster now. SKYLAB lab second crew may be in need of saving to on our next episode and aborted rescue mission a crew mutiny and the first spiders in space. Thank you for listening. If you like our show. Please please do give us a five star review until your friends to subscribe. We're available on Apple PODCASTS spotify stitcher as well as at wondering Dot Com if you're listening on a smartphone tapper swipe over the cover art of this podcast you'll find the episode notes including some details you might have missed. You'll also find some offers is from our sponsors. Please support our show by supporting them. We'd also like to learn more about you. Please complete short survey at wondering dot com slash survey survey. That's wondering dot com slash survey American innovations is hosted by me Steven Johnson for more information on my books about science and innovation clearing quitting my latest farsighted which now out in paperback you can visit my website. WWW Steven Berlin Johnson dot com is episode is written by Andy Herman Herman and edited by Audrey dealing sound design by Landon Lipinski produced by Emma Cortlandt Executive Producers Marshal Louis

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