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This is taking care in business. A podcast dives into the topic of corporate social responsibility ability from many different perspectives host. Kathy Potty Hayes is an expert in. CS AREN'T PHILANTHROPIC. Giving and her co-host Vicki Wilson is the founder and CEO Bulletin Group A unified marketing company that was also the first B. Corp Certified Company in Indiana Cathy Vicky became friends and equally passionate about CSR when they first worked together several years ago join them as they talk about why it is always worthwhile to take care in business. Hey Kathy Hey Vicky how are you today. I'm I'm great. How about you? I am doing well So I wanted to talk to you about something because of our very first guest today okay It made me remember her. Why was it that one time that you were raving about your bank any idea? Yeah because we switched to National Bank of Indianapolis US Several years ago and I just never even knew that a bank could be like that they were so thoughtful. They know our names they call us. They talked to us Just make things so so easy. Yeah Okay I was. I was just I was writing the show today for our guest and I was thinking that. Oh this is Kathy Bay. Yes that's right so yes oh I'm just so happy. We're going to have an Merckel with us today. She is the founding member one of the founding members and a senior vice president and chief market development officer for the National Bank of Indianapolis I'm proud to call her a new friend Today we're GonNa talk to her about National Bank of Indianapolis and announced that the bank is a new sponsor of taking care. And yet we're we're GONNA have a new special segment that we're going to discuss in today's kick off season episode But first let me tell you a little bit more about the bank. The National Bank of Indianapolis Annapolis was founded in Nineteen Ninety three and his locally. Owned the bank takes pride and putting money in energy to work right here in Greater Indianapolis where podcast is produced in addition to contributing to local nonprofit organizations. The bank has internal teams with goals focused on enhancing promoting and improving saving the environment and the health and wellness of their employees. At any given time you may find bank employees volunteering at a local tree planting participating in luncheon learns about green living or healthy eating or sponsoring events. That help build a stronger sense of community. National Bank of Indianapolis is not only the largest just locally owned bank headquartered in Greater Indianapolis. It is one of the nation's fastest growing new banks. So let's welcome antidote to today's kickoff episode of this season to talk about the impact. They're making the Indianapolis community and to talk about our new National Bank of Indianapolis sponsored segment. That will be part of every episode bestowed moving forward so exciting. I know I an hello. I just saw you Friday. It was a great lunch Friday a good day to day. Nice way to start the day. Well we gave an introduction about National Bank of Indianapolis. Is there anything that I missed about the uniqueness of a national bank in Medina apples that you'd like to share. Well actually Vicki. I think you did a very good job so I'm not sure how much more I have to add to the conversation You highlighted the fact that the National Bank of Indianapolis is our city's largest locally owned bank and that Really really underpins our commitment Because we are locally owned our commitment to serving our community Since the very beginning we've believed in strengthening a Greater Indianapolis through our partnerships partnerships with organizations such as yours but also uh directly with the nonprofit community. And as you mentioned we have a team that is completely dedicated to serving the needs. The banking banking investment and lending needs of nonprofit organizations here in the city And then I also have an opportunity to represent the bank in the community along with many of our other officers through board service as well as the volunteer time that you referenced so being able to partner with you all In taking care of business and taking care in the community. is a great partnership for us. And we're very excited cited to be able to join you today to kick off the new segment. It's wonderful so I just have a question I think it so unique in. It's wonderful to that. You guys really have a like a nonprofit division. How did that come about That that is a very good question. We have always been and committed Since we started the bank in Nineteen ninety-three we began By introducing products Banking products. That were specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. Basically a reflected a reduced fee structure And also paid interest Christon all deposits. Because we wanted to make sure that our nonprofit clients could put the majority of their resources into delivering covering on their mission So that was really how we we started and we began Having a lot of growth in that market segment and to the point where we felt that we needed to dedicate a team To managing and growing those relationships so it was probably about twenty years ago so five years into our into our banks young I guess our youth that time and we Decided to create the division. And today we have in that division of a total of seven people taking great care of our nonprofit clients cuts great. I I feel like you know I do consulting work with nonprofits and part and It's just so refreshing to have that as a resource because a lot of times I feel like bank sort of treat the prophets like red headed. Step children a little bit. So it's really nice to be able to say you can pass. Pass this off to somebody. That's really going to take care of you. Well I think I think it does allow for our officers because we work with so many organizations in fact about thirty percent of the nonprofit organizations. He's here in Central Indiana Our officers have not only the expertise in working specifically with nonprofits but they also also come to know best practices and we like to share those best practices We participate I mentioned Having the Special Services for our nonprofit clients but we also offer on a regular basis educational seminars and those The topics six are basically Surveyed from our clients and Non Clients in the nonprofit community and then we bring in guest speakers who are subject matter experts for whatever that topic is so. That's another way that we feel that we are Strengthening our local nonprofits fits Another benefit that they receive from the bank I love that So you have sort of a consortium of love helpers and it's just a collaborative effort between internal and external you mention collaborative effort and. I think that that hat speaks to community. When I think of collaboration I think of community and really? That's one of the things that I have found in working with. The nonprofits profits in our community is the most rewarding on. That's part of Why this segment was developed? Because you have what market share or do you have. I mean it's about thirty percents. Thirty percents huge number. Given if you certainly you understand market share and your business and you know that that Uh especially as we look at the banking business That is a very impressive number and we are honored to be able to to take care of that many organizations nations So you have seen so many amazing impactful con- you know organizations come through your doors And are your customers. And we Bolson group we work with nonprofits and Kathy works with non profits and so Collectively we decided that to start the segment called taking care in community. That's going to be a segment of taking care of business. Moving forward I'm super excited. What about it? What we'll be doing we'll be having various? I mean anybody can write in two info at taking care of business email address us and nominate a person or an organization that is taking care in community and then We will pick one for every episode of the of the of the podcast highlight so Thank you so much for for sponsoring the segment Hopefully it will be something that will Just be more for our listeners to to learn about the things that people are doing doing and how they're contributing to their own communities. Well certainly. We are very excited To have this opportunity to partner with you because It is as a way I think by highlighting different organizations During the day taking care in community segment that we are just further supporting the mission of these organizations the more people That can be aware of the great work. That's being done here in our community. The better Indianapolis is our home and we really are committed to doing whatever we can to make sure that that home is a great place for all of our community members to live and work and relax. Yeah I'm excited for that too because we'll learn a lot right in total. The three of us are somewhat veterans and the whole nonprofit thing but I what I love is that there's always something that's constantly evolving in different organizations and Certainly different leadership. So that'll be a really cool thing And Vicky mentioned some of the initiatives that the the bank takes on in terms of your your own corporate responsibility. Can you talk a little bit about how. Some of the health and wellness initiatives came up. And and how you've implemented those I would. I'd say that they came up. As the organization grew we started with eighteen employees and we now have around three hundred and thirty. Wow and we're always looking for ways to engage our employees and to help our employees Really feel will feel better and live better and so our our green initiative we we have a committee that that takes a look at Eh All things we can be doing at the bank to reduce our footprint and in banking that can be a challenge because we have a lot of paper and there are a lot of us that find it hard to get away from paper so recycling is big Making sure that our buildings all operate efficiently. It's really a there are many areas in the bank that come together To to make sure that we're doing what we can You know we all. So obviously we want to have a healthy workforce to a healthy and happy workforce and so we feel that it's important to bring topics Especially health related topics to our team members and so we'll have a lunch and learn Periodically or we'll have other through volunteer opportunities -tunities We'll bring our employees Into situations where they can learn more about The right things to do In terms of our health I bet you get asked for advice a lot from the different organizations that you guys you know work with. What kind of advice are you asked for? And what would you give especially To an organization that maybe feels calls that creating some kind of socially responsible program at their company is going to cost them. Money it's it's going to be outside of their budget. Well we do receive a lot of questions and and sometimes To to the point that you just mentioned how do we create a program program within our own four walls. And I think it's really you have to look at it as an investment and I don't think that there you can do little the things I think is what I'm trying to say you can start with With conservation type efforts environmentally mentally friendly efforts within your own organization that don't take a huge dollar investment and really only take a little bit of time Certainly recycling cling you know is something Along those lines were Y- doesn't it just takes some organization and creating awareness is within the Oregon is within your organization As to what's available how you know. How can we each do something small? That's going to have a much larger impact And do you feel like that's Impact your your workforce in terms of engagement with employees. I do think that It does have a positive impact on Engagement because we all want to feel part of something that's big and when important and good and I think these opportunities help They help our employees ease. Feel more like they're members members of a team And that's important. So Vicki mentioned that you were one of the CO founders of the bank so when you all were putting this together how did corporate responsibility or did it really Was it part of your vision in terms of what what National Bank of Indianapolis was going to be some nearly thirty years later actually cathy. I think that's a really great question When we formed the bank our focus for corporate responsibility was We were in the timeframe when so many headquarters banking insurance and other headquarters. There's were leaving our community so that very fact is what led to the creation of the National Bank of Indianapolis our founders we. We all felt that Indianapolis which was a major city in our country deserved local ownership and local decision making so we began our investment in the community With that concept also all of our vendors were local vendors under just going to ask that. Yeah so I think that that. That's a part of corporate responsibility that we don't really think about absolutely but I think By supporting that economic economic ecosystem Dating back to the very beginning we were all so hiring local employees so so we have been since the beginning putting a lot of money back into our community growing other other businesses Certainly adding wealth and the community. So I think that's a that's a piece of it that we don't think about when we talk about corporate responsibility but certainly an important one and I would say that was part of our core. Yeah and our reason for being definitely do you feel like you know You probably don't know this but I have a company. That's called best. Boeing company were local. It's a condiment company we give one hundred percent of our profits back to charity which is cool But part of what fuels our growth is that so many people are interested in buying local of course we're consumer facing. Do you find that in sort of a Corporate context. Do you find that corporations are interested in trying to do business locally and or customers Yes yes I believe that. Both businesses are Certainly our clients very often. They say you know I really appreciate what the the National Bank of Indianapolis does in our community and as a result I want to bank with Your Bay so I think that's where we see at the most host is people who experience what were doing to support other organizations. Say yes I want to buy locally and I want to purchase my banking services offices through a locally owned bank. Okay well this is Greg. Keep talking forever Let's recap the taking care and community segment just so our listeners. Listeners know how they can nominate their heroes mentors Whoever it may be work so excited to hear about these people and organizations and if you want to nominate someone then you can do so by sending an email to info at taking care in business dot com? Also you've seen and you'll continue to see different things on our social media platforms Both the banks and taking Karen businesses please nominate and we will probably be doing a bonus episode of Maybe more than just one episode so because we expect that we're going to get a lot of of nominations but an where can Listeners find the the bank how how would they find Information on the National Bank of Indianapolis well they can go to our website. WWW N. B. O. O. F. I dot com wonderful so again we just wanted. Thank you for coming in and spending time with us today. Thank you you. It's been my pleasure and we are so excited again to be able to to partner with you in in taking care in community. I think it's a wonderful idea. And a great the opportunity for our local nonprofits and for those people that serve our nonprofit organizations. So thank you so today. We have an exciting. I we have our I Nominee for the taking care in community segment of our program. I love them I I know. Will you've been involved with Dav Recovery House for quite some time right. Yeah yes I guess I mean I go to. They have these amazing fundraisers where they invite women to kind of an unusual activity. Something they might not consider doing and they pay you know a pretty good ticket amount in the money goes to dove so I have learned to make floral arrangements. That's cool I would have never taken a class on that But no they're fascinating. I've taken a tour. I'm very supportive of this organization. Since two thousand Recovery House for women also known as the House has been at the forefront serving women with substance accused disorder in the Indianapolis area dove houses committed to empowering women to become substance free self sufficient in healthy by providing free and and safe sober transitional housing trauma based recovery programming and a community based therapeutic network of support for women as they reenter their communities With forty beds available. Dove House is the largest transitional recovery program for women in Marion County. Every three minutes a woman goes to the emergency room for prescription painkiller misuse or abuse. Wow in addition to the potential loss of life. Drug addiction is having a profound effect on the community at large. According to the National Institutes of health the abuse of tobacco alcohol illicit drugs is costing our nation more than seven hundred and forty billion polian dollars yes. Annually and in costs related crime lost work productivity and healthcare in Marion County. There's a significant need for women with substance use disorder to have the life saving life skills and sober safe living environments Indiana's not immune to the crisis where OB opioid Wade overdose deaths More than doubled between two thousand fourteen and twenty seventy he. Just don't get that at the local level of houses experiencing a drastic increase. I'm sure and the demand for recovering recovery programming with nearly one hundred inquiries per month as of July twenty nineteen eighteen. There are fifty four women on the weightless for admission unfortunately the need far outweighs the resources. My Gosh have you had a tour. I haven't you. You should go get one. I mean it's really it's it's just amazing and and when I got the tour they told me some personal success stories and it's really awesome. Awesome did you know that they have a success. Rate of seventy percent no. That doesn't really pretty unbelievable. Yeah but no. I'm super super glad that this was our first. One that we highlighted. Yes and so Stay tuned for next week to hear who is nominated for taking Karen Community. Hey let's give a big thank. You are sounded. ooh And are taking care and community sponsor National Bank of Indianapolis if you'd like to nominate someone or an organization for a future episode. 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