Politics and the Gospel


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And this is just a couple of weeks ago, but you're going to agree with me. I think the title. Was politics and the gospel. And he got my attention quickly when he said, if we do not live the gospel in our politics, then we won't live at affectively in the other areas of our lives. How true is now this pastor? He doesn't tell his congregations how to vote. He doesn't say whether you should be a Republican or a democrat libertarian. He doesn't ask you if you're conservative or liberal, but he does encourage his congregation to be involved to be involved as citizens to be involved in our local government. There's so much talk about the separation of church and state, and that concept is always so misinterpreted. It doesn't mean that churches can't be involved. It doesn't mean people. Faith can express their beliefs in a public body doesn't mean that we can't pray for a government and look, and that's where I'm headed with this because now more than ever we need to be praying. The whole idea of the separation was to prevent the government and telling us what church we had to attend from telling us what denomination it was to prevent a national religion. If you will. As we've talked many times over the past couple years, we live in just very trying times. I've never witnessed such divisiveness such anger. There's just no civility in our political process anymore. So what do we do these past couple weeks is been even worse as we've seen the left just totally crucify judge Brett Cavill and his family. And I say family because you know, last week when he was testifying, he brought up the story of his young daughter suggesting that they pray for Dr Ford. And now the left is even making fun of this young daughter. I think she's ten. The left is making fun of her praying. There just doesn't seem to be any end and and I just can't imagine what judge Brett Cavanaugh on his family are going through right now. And that's why I pray for them every day. And that's what I want to ask you as listeners to do because this is a pivotal week we have to get this man confirmed to the spring court. Now back to this disarmament or teaching the pastor's teaching was based on the book of Romans. I might as well, go ahead and tell you it is some of you who are listening, you may eventually, no guess at anyway, Charlie boy, Charlie boy is just a wonderful teacher. And again, this message from Romans could not have been more timely. It's it's Romans thirteen. Verses one through eight to be exact, how I want to encourage you to read these passages sometime and you know, I typically don't read scripture on the show, but I need to hit the highlights for you because I'm sitting there listening to Charlie Boyd, read the scripture. I thought this is us. This is where we're living right now. It says, let everyone be subject to the governing authorities for there's no authority except that which got has established the authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authorities rebelling against what God is instituted and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. The authority that exist has been established by God. You got that. This is the Inabe translation I'm reading from you. You may wanna read it in your translation or other translations. I often do I like to compare, but you know how every day at the end of the show I leave you with just be happy because God's in control, and I've always believed that. But I'd met that. I'd never really studied these passages of Romans. I've read these passages. I've read Romans, but never really studied it as closely until I heard Charlie boy talking about it. And if anything, this confirmed to me that day couple Sundays ago that what I say every day God's in control, that's it. He really is. It goes on verse three for rulers. Hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong, do you wanna be free from fear of one in authority then do what is right, and you'll be commended for the one in authority is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid for rulers, do not bear this ward for no reason. And if you go on in the overall gist of the teaching that day his at folks got his in control, he's watching over us. And yes, he's in control of our government in that very first. Verse where he says that there's no authority except that which God has established. God put Donald Trump in the White House. Now, if there's a liberal and and someone on the left listening to me right now, they're probably laughing. I believe that. I believe God has a sense of humor and Donald Trump was at someone that we necessarily thought would have been president. Probably not someone that we thought that God would have chosen necessarily. But as Roman says, he was put there by the Altman authority. Got. Charlie pointed out that Jesus lived his life under the rule of the Roman authority and that the Roman authorities, crucify Jesus. From the cross. You'll recall Jesus ask his father and having to forgive them so. So how does Jesus life and death in teaching of Romans intersect with one another? There's all kinds of ways Charlie pointed out that the great temptation in hearing a message like he was teaching this. This particular Sunday is to just dismiss it because many of us have such strong political convictions. You know, I do. But again, I keep going back to what he said. If we do not live the gospel in our politics than we won't live it effectively and other areas of our lives. So here's what I wanted to do. I want you to pray. I always ask you to pray, but yesterday I asked you to start calling and emailing some of the senators who could be pivotal in this vote this week. We need to keep that up. I had a lot of respond to that yesterday on an animated release for you know, I want to ask you to do it again. In just tax. Yes, tax just award. Yes, to our big rock Texana eight seven seven two three five nine four zero five techs. Yes to eight, seven, seven, two, three, five, nine, four, zero five. And I'm gonna send you a link so that you can easily contact genita- Senator Jeff flake so that you can easily contact Senator Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and even added Joe Manchin from West Virginia because he someone that he's the one of the Democrats that they say might. So port Brett Cavanaugh. So we have to be hurt. We we have to pray that our leaders do the right thing. And after you say that prayer, Email them or call them, and I'm again, I make it really easy. Just text the keyword. Yes, to eight, seven, seven, two, three, five, nine, four zero five. And I mostly knew this info so that you can easily contact them. Many of you did so yesterday I wanna continue doing that. We we've got to let them know where we stand and that we need judge Brett Cavanaugh confirm to spring court. Glad to have you long today out of time. So I didn't get back to the phone calls. You can text me on the big rock Tech's line and please text. Yes. So that any contact your senators? I'm hoping to sleep so many of you over in Spartanburg here in just a few minutes as we see the movie GAAS nail denied hope to see. There's also many of you last night at the governor's form and the good dec- there's well, but as always say, just be happy. Because God's in control.

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