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It is producer Sean with their classic episode of the Steve Austin Show today we do a soda for four hundred. Seven with Kevin Owens original air date February twenty eight th two thousand seventeen. Kevin is right in the midst of his Universal Championship Reign He's about to face Goldberg at. WB Fast Lane Gene. Sadly Kevin did not retain his title in that match. He would go on to wrestle Chris. Jericho at that year's Wrestlemania has a part of the fallout of of the festival of friendship can talk about his time on the independence as well as transfer over to annex t at how he adjusted to that with his family also some stories about first. I can eat genetics. Tea and being told not to get his hopes up by the town relations apartment But Kevin knew was a challenge and he rose up to it and here he is today One of the best promos in the business just one of the best characters DOT W. TV in my personal opinion but Kevin has some stories about dusty Rhodes exte- and how the American dream had a profound effect on his career. You're also how Kevin loves the TV. Show the office. That's what you'll find him watching in his hotel room as well as Steve has some tips and maybe a little bit of contention about Kevin using the stunner in his recent matches at the time. But you guys are GonNa dig this one with Kevin Owens He's just a great talker. Just a great personality and a delightful man to be chatting with stone cold out in the mean streets of Los Angeles as well. Let's get into this dates dates Yvonne history today being December twelfth. We start off in nineteen ninety-two. WW in Columbus Ohio Erik. Watts fought Steve Austin to a the draw. We go to two thousand in Little Rock. Arkansas Adobe of smackdown taping stuggles Yvonne and the Rock defeated world champion Kurt Angle L. and WF European champion William Regal and. That's it for today. December twelfth disdain. Steve History I got information from the history of WB DOT com. Tom And I just WANNA give a quick shout out to some of the guys behind that website. Graham cawthorn and their twitter at the history of Debbie on twitter and also Richard Land and his podcast. Our Vantage Point The O. V. P. E. PODCAST on twitter. It is a retro podcast. That you guys should be checking out as as well as Richard's twitter masked wrestlers. You guys got a check these guys out because there is some stuff. They're posting on regular that you normally taft to really big on Youtube for just some of the stuff. They're finding of videos in dark matches and just clips pictures and stuff. It's great just recently. He posted posted something about it was the undertaker nails batch from ninety two. They did a run of those before nails left the company. I don't know somebody taped them but somebody somebody did and I got to see it so you should definitely follow those guys and support their website to the history of WBZ dot com also use profile DB DOT com for some information this week in this day Steve History. All Right folks thank you for listening. Please rate review the podcast on Apple. PODCASTS and send Steve Message at questions at Steve Austin show DOT DOT COM. All right folks. We'll take a quick break. We'll come back with Kevin Owens on a classic episode of the Steve Austin Show and we wrap up two thousand nineteen sports betting sane continues to deliver some big events including UFC. Two forty five this weekend featuring walked away clash between Kobe Covington and and tomorrow oestmann plus check out. What's happening an NFL? This weekend we got the Texans versus titans rams facing the cowboys the bills up against the the steelers and the colts taken on the saints visit our good friends and exclusive partners podcast One dot ag to take advantage of the best bonuses and business sign up today for a free account bed online dot ag and use the Promo Code podcast one again that's been online ag online sportsbook experts and exclusive partners of podcast one sports net podcast one presents. The Steve Austin show classics so these times. When you go to special places relations I mean like today? I went to Chicago to the shed. Museum Sala King Tut thing. I had to get one of those gimmicks house. Do you do this every time you go somewhere or did I. I really don't actually everybody who knows me. We'll tell you that unless personal appearances set up by the company or the shows House I just bury myself in my room with my ipod. I watched the Office for some reason. That's the only TV show. I watch him and I've seen on one of the most despicable men on television elevations. Today I speak finally of you. Thank you universal champion and your washing office. I do your hotel room. What is it about office? You Ain't watching football game. UFC watching hockey. If I'm not watching wrestling I'm watching the office because it brings me a sense of comfort from home and I'LL BE I. I've you've said this many times and I you know anybody like again. Anybody who knows me will tell you that I you know my wife and my kids are everything. So when I'm not with them I I long for that feeling of home. Oh so that's what I do and I I sleep as much as I can to kind of make the time go by faster and Alaska was just one of those places where I thought it's the first time I'm going and I may never go again. I have to see that and you know I've done it a couple of places when I was in Rome Austrailia. I've actually trying to get get out and see those places but most most countries as we go to especially if I've been more than once and I just the only thing I see is my hotel room door closing behind me. And then I'm happy ending those those four walls on the bed you just gave from mm-hmm Alaska like did you a chance to go home. Or how long have you been on the road up until now actually I did. We did Alaska last Saturday and Sunday. And then we flew to Vegas Rau- and then I went home for a couple days. I got back out the whole crew cab back out Friday Saturday but commitments back home so I got back out Sunday with a long beach yesterday. You know the the more gets the more time away from home. Is usually that Europe the European tours because those are like two full weeks. I love organ over in Germany in the UK. The crowd Galway's hot now because we haven't been there in so long so the crowd jaw. You dig it over you go there. I mean I dig work in front of all the crowds that only a couple times a year obviously the UK Germany or anywhere else Japan. We went to Singapore two years ago. We're going back this year. I I think I was at. That was an incredible especially considering I it was my first international tour on the main roster and I was working Sina in the main event. You know what I mean. It's not a bad way to start and also what I remember from that particular show in Singapore. Was You know I was pretty new. It was in July and I started in May Eh Cup just a month and a half before but when I got there that entire arena knew exactly who I was. It was really cool to see how strong they responded to to me and you know John Always has that dynamic of let's Go Sina Sina sucks. Yeah so it was really split. Fifty fifty like some of them like fifty percent love scene but fifty fifty percent were on my side. And that I've always said this. You gotta get heat. You GotTa get you know you gotta be Hill. You've gotta be gotta be that but to me. The optimum reaction is when you get a lot of people like you and a lot of people that hate you and then they meet in the middle like John has a Roman has these days like that's the reaction. I aspire to get one day because I find that clash is so interesting. Well what I what I've found about it from seven years that I've been in the business in watching businesses. That crowd is on fire. There's electricity electricity going on. I mean there's shoot. Let's go back to a royal rumble. That was a great car that you had a great match with Roman rain. But chanukah chapter. It's a whole different level of electricity because they're competing with each other and all but my point is I mean whether people love him or they love to hate him. Yeah Gauge Yeah. They're engaged also because I feel like I said they're competing with the other people right. They see those guys saying. Let's go see no Hell No. Let's Go Sina the socks you know what I mean. And that's critic this with them themselves and makes for a very interesting time. Everybody's always engaged me because when you go to hot crowd it makes it so much as he's your. Yeah relax and enjoy the match and take those people on a hell of a ride. It's all about crowd participation participation. Talk about being on the road. And now that you've been in the assist full-time for Jesus Christ the last time. We talked three years ago years ago. December of two thousand thirteen. I believe. Okay Yeah So. You've been in Grad for a long Tom. Now you dig the road road. You know one thing that you can't ever tell the old man as you know just a little burned out your never ever do that so I'm not saying you're you're going to say that answer me and tell me how you like being on Road and how you feel I would never say anything healthy. Yeah I would never say that because I don't ever see that happening simply from the fact that before I got here I was on the road for three or four days a week already for three or four or five years on the indies. You know I I start with that busy. Yeah you know. I started wrestling. I had my first match on my sixteenth birthday and I didn't get that busy right away. Obviously it took me a while to work up to it but about ten years. Here's in by by twenty twenty seven. I was working three or four times a week every week. So you know as great as my time on the independence. Was it as much as I enjoyed myself and as as crucial as it was for me to get here I feel I was really ready for it to be done like I always wanted to be in. WWe So so now that I am. It's funny because I kind of had this talk with somebody last week in Alaska when we showed up in fairbanks and the bus was supposed to pick us up. Wasn't there for some reason. And we have to take take cabs and we have to wait for ten minutes in the blistering cold the next day someone that the shall remain nameless at the show was Kinda complaining about in the trainer's room and I saw his his point or her point. I don't want to but I said look if I came to Alaska for an indie show out have been dragging giant suitcase full of merge everything and I wouldn't have been a bus anyway I would have had to hop in somebody's car that's too small that doesn't have heating and he would have driven me to this place and I would have slept in on his couch in his basement. Somebody I don't know like this is nothing who cares what the way ten minutes in the coal catch a cab. You know what I mean like now wrestling for thousands of people and we're taking a charter back to Vegas. It's like you know what I mean so to me. That's nothing and I feel like if you've been if you've been around on the indies and stuff this is the road is just a very easy easy. Sacrifice to make in order to live this life and achieve this dreamlike sounds Corny as hell. No no man dream it is a TV's tough. I'm in for me back when I used to roll up man. I mean I'd be like almost therapy for me. It was okay. What kind of Shit can I tear up Run some stuff by me. I said okay. No no let's do something else and so it was always fun. But when you put the work in. And that's when you gotta be dialed in and zoned in just got finished watching the Monday night raw last night that y'all did last week attacked Jericho would like that in just a minute but when you get to do something like that you got to be on that with. That thing was executed to cheer perfection of the camera shots. But that's that's the that's the fun part of it but it's the work of it in the road. Go to house shows. Nice when you have flying you try out different things experimental about are you trying to perfect certain things and you try maybe a different level of psychology work. Something different good a a chance to experiment and have fun but I mean to me that the road was easy just because I'm probably very much the same as you just love being in ring. There's no no better. There's no better smell the land on that Matt after a bumper giving someone a bumper cover and just smelling that Matt and just it's wrestling their earliest. That's entertainment. There really is no better feeling the side of getting married and having kids then one two three and hearing the crowd. God give you the exact reaction you were working for the whole time. I really can't put that into words the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that we get from that right but even beyond the ring you know those fifteen twenty thirty minutes. I spend the ring Are Are you know. That's the reason why we we make the sacrifice of being away from our families families and stuff like that. Obviously the money and being able to secure their future is a big part of it but the passion that I have for this part of it is part of the enjoyment really is sometimes the best part of the night is getting in the car with the boys and driving to the next town and talking about what happened at the show. What happened the night before? What's GonNa Happen on RAW? What are we doing what are you doing? How can we make this better? And that's something that I get a great deal of enjoyment from how. How can we make the house shows better? How can we make the team better? We make what we're doing better. How can we help other people make it better? That's a that's a big part of a you know just being passionate about what we do too and look I really enjoy every aspect of this business as hard as the road can be like. I said the only negative really is being away from your family because once I get here. I'm so zoned in on everything. I'm doing and trying to make this place as good as I can. You and I have had conversations when I got up here and you would give me advice on how to go about things and all that kind of stuff always stays in my head and then I share the the guys on close with and it's just it's just a it's a great feeling to be in a position where we feel like we can try to help get the make the show better and whether it's in the ring are outside of the ring just everything from being on the road and being part of the shows is just so It's just everything. I've always waited for really how hard wasn't survive on indie scene with a wife and two kids yet while I was on the indies. I only had one son and then right when I signed unlike a couple of months before my daughter was born in April of two thousand fourteen and I started. WWe In August of two thousand fourteen so she came along right at the end of my days but I already knew I was coming to. WWE when she was born so I was sporting my wife and my our son. It wasn't easy like for the first ten years. I worked another job Monday to Thursday. You know whether it was I worked without a gas station for a long time for seven years and then my wife got pregnant so I felt like I needed a better job. I moved to a warehouse. I was working for actually wearing the staple center is working on staples warehouse for about four years and then they were very accommodating on my schedule they want to be arrested or this and that so Friday Saturday Sunday off like come back Monday but we weren't. We definitely weren't rich one time. I got my heating cut off because I couldn't pay just my wife called me. I remember I was at my parents doing something. My wife called me so they just came. showed the eating off like well. It's April we owe this much. There's no lb band that anytime soon thankfully we live right right next to her. MOM's so there is no hot running hot water for for months so we'd have to go take showers at her house. And then you know the The summer months came so we didn't need heating then by the winter I had to like scrubs up all the money to pay that bill and get it get started back up again so that was. It wasn't easy but then and by twenty twelve or maybe even twenty eleven. I really started doing better like that's when I decided to just completely focus on wrestling so I dropped the other job and I I just went in three or four times. Everything I could I would take. I started going back to Europe because when my son was born I stopped doing overseas altogether because I didn't want to be away from them for that long but then I figured out. I could probably go Friday Saturday Sunday in Europe and still come back on them only gone for a couple of days and Europe was always very England especially was always very hot for the indies so it was a great place to make money so by the time I was in twenty twenty eleven two thousand twelve. I was doing a pretty good. I was making a pretty good living and we were living. We weren't rich by any means but we weren't stressed about money for the first time. How is negotiation process of the Anti and get paid more? I understand the structure auctioned off. Always been territory system or a big company going from yes tabulated. WCW AC WWW e sondhi. Wendy saying not again. I'm not asking for numbers. But what is the process. Won't you've been around all of your becoming an you are an established draw on indie scene so so is it strictly owned a house. It's going to be on a house but what's the process so you know it's funny because at first when you're trying to get so like like in two thousand and seven two thousand eight. I'm still trying to make my name on the indies. So I'll be working places for a lot cheaper because I'm hoping to get in with them but then by two thousand twelve when I already have the name on the. There's a new place I want like. Now they're coming to me first of all. I'm not really asking them now charging more than I would if I worked for them regularly. So it's like switch you know you can flip it upside down but then like I'll give an example so pwg. I wrestled Foreign California from two two thousand four all the way to the end of my indy career. In that place like the promoter was like my brother first of all and he was really the one who took the first shot on on me and Sammy so we never ask them for a raise. We started at one hundred bucks and then he would just give us a raise when he father was right and we never ask for more because we were so grateful well and we loved going to. PWG ring onerous kind of the same thing you know. We started what they gave us but then for them we actually had to ask for raise once because they also have of contracts with them so whenever it was time to negotiate the contract we'd ask for a little bit more money but more money but more money every couple of years I guess but then all the other places like by twenty twelve by sir wrestling in a I W in Cleveland and the first time I went there. I didn't know whether I'd ever be back so to me with a well. It's for some Russell for them. I don't know if I want to go back there. So this is how much charging and it was a high price and they paid it. I went I enjoyed myself and they said well. Maybe we'll come back next month. I'm like well if you bring bring me back more often than that. Here's my price and they're like Oh and I dropped it significantly because I knew I enjoy that place and I WANNA go every month. You know. That's that's Kinda works. There are some places where wrestle for the first time for that and then I'd be like well they wanna bring me back still the same price because this. This isn't really for me but I'll come back if there's money to be proactive in the process because there's a lot of guys I was just talking to a guy who will remain nameless names podcast. Yes and he'd never really picked up the money the aspect of it and just got paid. What promoted him and so I think I? It's not specific to pro wrestling but almost any endeavor got minimum wage these days but you know people want to pay anybody to do as little as possible to do whatever the required tasks shirt and is you. Don't learn anything always GONNA to make the same. Yeah but it's always tried to tell. The boys are people who listen to buy gas coming up into the business that it's incumbent upon himself up on them to learn a business from all facets when you first get in. You're trying to be a mechanic. Learn how to do the work in the ring. Yeah until it'll store psychology in there but along with that comes to money and everything that goes with it and that's what being a pro is all about. You have to know what you're worth exact but with that comes along some delusion for a lot the people you are correct that is a very. It's a very touchy topic for a lot of people whereas subjective. It's very subjective. You have to be realistic. I think a lot of people like now even now I still keep I keep my finger on the pulse of the indies and sometimes find stuff out the blows my mind like Oh this guy wants to this much wjr get Outta here. You know what I mean but then also hear about guys who work for way too little my opinion you know what I mean. You GotTa know what your worth and you gotTa have you. You GotTa have head on your shoulders and you have to have common sense but you have to protect yourself for sure because there are those people who are going to try to pay you as little as possible to get as much out of view as possible and you know that's good for when you're trying to make a name for yourself but you can't let people take advantage of you either old man. Winter is out there laying the smackdown with all the snow ice and freezing rain this season. So what sense does it make you to get. Your car. Braved the elements just to get all your supplies in order when you could find them all in one place. The girl dot com figured out how to make your life easier by having all your off splash in one easy to access location. Neuro Dot. COM spelled. The Oro is where you'll find everything you need businesses of any size almost any industry and I go plumbing contracting manufacturing. 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Obviously because you're trying to get noticed and they're cool moves you learn a mile from but you're not doing the same ninety five move no not at all. There's is a lot of those moves I haven't done in years in fact but is that because you have been not your Kevin owns now you have you have a head of steam going are are. You're on the road you've got to work for on jeopardy. You don't need to get noticed. Or the now more about the persona the gimmick the personnel and a lot of it is really because throughout those years. First of all the video referring to ninety five moves if you look there's moves like there's videos for me in two thousand four all the way to twenty twelve so so it's it's over several years. Some of the moves in two thousand and four. I stopped doing in two thousand six. Because maybe it wasn't me. You know now I was I you you know when you're a you're coming up and you're trying to find who you are in a way. I realized that some of that stuff doesn't apply to WHO I am who I'm becoming and stuff like that you know I wouldn't say SAV cut out any move because I'm trying to protect my body because I don't remember ever doing a specific move. That was really hard on myself or anything like that. There are moves. I cut out because I want to preserve the health of my opponents. Right sure those are definitely those but there's also a big aspect to it as I like having stuff in my back pocket for when it's time to you know what I mean time to cranking up or maybe evolve or show a different side of myself. eventually. I'll probably be asked to be a different plans and wants that time is is there than I have stuff. You gotTA leave exactly. That's a big part of it. I'd say where were you on January. Twenty nine two thousand seventeen. I may be maybe a detective -tective so to speak throughout the day I was in San Antonio Texas and throughout the night. You're too I was there to one point. I was even in the ring. Yes you were. I was this. Would this very worthy adversary. Very Worthy Roman reigns someone who in hopes of beating him. You have to throw everything at you know everything but the kitchen sink. You just got to put everything you have in and sometimes maybe even borrow a thing or two from other people. I wouldn't flat say steel. Hi Jack just plays your is a move out of the moves out of stone. Cold Steve Austin Jesus H Christ Kevin only got got three four moves in two of them was each middle finger. While you gotta bastard is a stone cold stunner on Roman reigns. What enough flying duck was going through your mind? You just tried to pull out a daughter how to win and where we're in Texas of all places. What better place on the bus that out? Listen I came us. Close to beating Roman reigns with stunner. Has Anybody as come close to beating anybody with any move in the last ten years. Kevin is less Steve. I gotta be honest. Yeah be honest to sit here three feet away from me and ally in the sink close room where anything can go south anything could happen. I remember sitting in a room with you in a I don't remember the specific arena but I remember sitting in a room with you about a year ago and saying Steve. I'd love to start doing stone. Cold stunner if that's okay with you and I remember the answer being positive and I didn't do it right away because it didn't feel right. I waited for the right time and to me. The right time was in San Antonio Tonio Texas when I'm trying to beat Roman reigns one of the toughest man in the history of this business and obviously I I gotta work on it but I came real close Roman ranges come a long way. I'm proud of the progress made as promos are starting to come. He's going to be there. He's going to be a hell of a damn champion one. These days the Dan W superstar. He's still working progress. I like what he's done very tough opponent. Good looking kid body powerful former collegiate football player. He's very athletic. He's charging you undoubtedly Donnelly's going for the spear there's a table in the corner. He's going to spare you through but no you need to the temple and then decided to go ahead and go for the coast now as smart as I've always known you to be when I was studying youtube videos of you before I talked to you. The last time was jollies years develop into a top top tier dub w superstar now the universal champion. How many belts you've you've intercontinental title right universal champion Right now? I can't believe it didn't bring the belt so I can look got it here in the podcast. I just thought as smart as I thought you were smart as I know you are. You would have studied the delivery mechanism assist deliver cold stunner the boot you wanted to borrow from me which he did say I Now say steal it to call me on the phone you gum a damn phone number in your own. Should hate Steve. I'm thinking about busting the thing because I got Roman reigns. He's tough as nails. I might might need it and I could have explained to you the McCain. It's more than Edison. Anatomical division logical Kenichi logical aspects that go into performance former such a maneuver Kevin. Now when you watch it on TV bom set up with a gut. Shot wham down you go. But it's much more than that. What were you thinking because I want to break it down to you on a scientific and molecular standpoint so you know what is going on from here on out? Well listen I like I said you just you you set the scene perfectly. There's a table behind me. There's a giant Roman reigns charging asked me all I had I put the knee up by instinct and then the next thing I knew I I've has done so much this guy. Nothing's work wham as you would say. Here's the stunner. I didn't think of the gut shot I didn't think of you know I I did the best I could. It wasn't enough but hey you know maybe I should have called you but it was just a just happened. It wasn't something I just came. It just came to me but now we're in the same room together. There's a ring out there. I maybe tonight's the night where you teach me how to do it. Exactly how as how I should so that becomes a successful ones. Let me break down and you know what I'm gonNA give a little. You know you got a big football fan you've got inside. NFL You got ends at him. And my I'm GonNa give you inside the stone. Well here's the thing though. I feel like if you do that now. Other guys might listen and try to start. No no no I ain't nobody got the the guts to Jack my move. Okay Okay you did. Hey I dig it go out on a limb short. I did what you took ever. I and I'd like you knowledge. I've said it a couple of times and you haven't given me the gratification of I did come close. You gotta give me that close. Ain't good enough brother. Universal versus title on the line. Come home and shape shift goal on land and you're talking about being close. Well I feel like as close as I came now with your wisdom that you're about to impart me. It's full purview. been deep into well many times long physical ballots with any opponent that you've had ups and you have barn burners owners with a plethora of talents plethora as you know means a whole bunch absolutely work with anybody on a damn card sometimes when you get deep into your oxygen reserves. What happened happens you kind of start to lose the top process? You can't perform up to your utmost ability. Well See. That's what's the beauty of is when you kick again the gut riding a die friend Bo. You sap his lungs full of all the oxygen you start seeing action right out of his see all of a sudden his brains like I need to breathe halfway blown up this deepen the man. I need oxygen. So that kick isn't just about bending over a little so that you have easier access to the head corrected the positioning of the mechanism. But there's more there's more time with them. Robbing the lungs of oxygen is oxygen in heart needs to pump to the cranial reason which houses the brain all of a sudden. That person doesn't know where to crap. WanNa Watch because they can't breathe it in him. Here's the thing you didn't really secure. Romans hit hard enough on your shoulder because what happens. Argue argued boxing fan at all. Can you appreciate a great uppercut. Yes I can okay like Mike Tyson style uppercut right on the right. You got two holes here in each side of your Gel uh-huh nerves. That's where people get knocked out so basically when you grab that head. Put It on top of your collarbone is AC region. You're trapezoid read an interview shoulder. You're locking that JAL down underneath the JAL so all of a sudden. I'm like a spring I'm learning. I'm learning to see someone. Okay let's say like someone comes into one hundred twenty pounds. They're going to hit you with uppercut. Yeah okay now. Let's say someone to fifty hits you with an uppercut okay. Now let's take double body weight. Five hundred pounds give or take hit you with an uppercut. That's boatmen's wait coming down on that shoulder. The you hit your ass on Matt Matt Springs. Rebound that's right vertebrae and your back. Give that energy a direct path through the shoulder to his damn jawbone wham lights up. That's all scientific it is. This is very one because three step process. It's on the other end. If executed to perfection. As many times as I've watched you execute a stunner. I've never realized that there was the key the key to it was grabbing so that your shoulder is right underneath the jawbone I figured you know you grab the head maybe the rebound you're talking about. I get that part but maybe the shoulder are your shoulder. Hits the guy in the nose or the ice hockey face. Whatever you really the key is to get him under the Chin right see now look? You're imparting warning this wisdom on me I feel like the next person eats that stunner the Ko stunner what we might rename it. We'll talk about more than welcome. Welcome to rename the chaos. I would never go that next time next. The next person who eats that stunner kick to the diaphragm locked the jawbone right underneath that a shoulder and then lights out. I'm very glad we had this conversation kind of wish. It wasn't happening on a podcast. Where a lot of the guys in the locker room have access to but now but like you said I feel like I'm cut from a different cloth I don't? I don't think anybody would have the balls to you know by the same token I mean you know the effects are devastating whether whether they know about it and it happens to be laying there and just basically a mass. You covered the three. Yeah wants you locked that Jawbone under the shoulder there's nothing they can do right. What was it's all about? What about well? Then I have a question for you though. So what about those times where you would one matt specifically with the Rock where you would hit the stunner on him and for some reason we kept kicking out and then the rock bottom on you but then he hit the sooner argue about a guiding fluke. I mean well not even called a fluke because you're talking about a guy. He's He's played football at the University of Miami. That's play football so you're not talking about some wallflower. There's just hanging around on the fringe at the business. You're talking about a full blown six foot for three hundred sixty five pound piece of electricity. The most extra sports Samoan descent said so you talked about one. Tough stick stick would. That's his biggest movie star in the world. That's right but inside the circle one of the toughest opponent I've ever faced in my live live in big game situations in big match situations when all the chips are on the line. And you're the main event of three wrestlemanias and whatever else. I wrestled him. That guy can summon up damnedest courage energy perseverance. His recovery abilities are unparalleled so so the fact that I gave him the best that I could give him and he was able to cook out and he was able to kick out is just his testament to be in the man and that he is tough. Ask performer right. One of the toughest I've ever faced in my life. Those a lot of accolades former football player simone descent multi wrestlemainia Humana Banter. I feel like I just kind of describe. Roman reigns at the same time. A man who also kicked out of my stunner so I feel like we're giving his lineage and the fact that he was a hell of a football player at Georgia tech still had you known to rob if I knew the details. Rob Field yes chain-reaction through the burden breaks to the AC joint Michelle alert Bam bottom of the Gel so now. I doubt if I'm going along with your logic which of course why wouldn't you're the you're the master of the you know exactly what you're would you say that the fact that you in those matches with Iraq you apply the kick to the Gut. You'll secure secured jaw. Hit The stunner and he still managed to kick out. Would that make them tougher than Roman reigns. Oh you WANNA smoke. That's a that's a tough thing because I think it's hard to compare generation sure esmer's it's a very close generation but still these Roman is the next evolution is yes rations. So it's always like you take like a guy like buddy rogers. The Bruno San Martino could take an astonishing. Dave kicked out. Yeah so generational. Comparisons are tough but Rome ranges the tough guy. The bottom line burtless move on to beat a dead horse here but Roman tough guy. If you face again if you execute it right I could smell a w on end of it and tangle kick out now that I feel I feel the same way a lot of times. There's a couple of times in house shows all over the world you know out. They're pissing trump. Yeah crap himselves. Didn't WANNA bring it. But that's how devastating that move Kane Chris Jericho before our unfortunate unfortunate turn of events had told me about maybe urinating on himself after taking a stunner from you at a live event. You brought up Chris Jericho. I'm glad you did I just. DVR Monday night wrong. I watched wrap up your dog because I want to see what you've been doing lately. I knew you guys were kind of making around is doing a lot of stuff. You've got to create a lot of chaos. You were wrestling Roman range. Your victorious was he was suspended in a cage all of sudden Monday night raw. And and this is what was a carnival friendship over so fast we call it the festival of French the F. O.. With friendship and man got the six or eight girls bringing y'all ring and here you you come dragging. You'll bellwether you. He gets into rang. He's got his hat on Chris. Jericho was so entertaining. And of course I think he broke again right before I did or when I did. And he's listed the test of time and he's still cranking up excellent stuff and in a show of complete friendship and appreciation for you for some reason he rubs you the wrong way and obviously he'd been rubbing you the wrong way for several weeks six because you already had the present ringside what went wrong. What the Friendship Chris Jericho? Well I don't want to go to deepen a Today here but I will say that it had to happen and it was a long time coming You know I feel like just on my end regardless of y you know as far as the relationship Chris and I had. I feel like I've been ever since I won the Universal Championship. I I really haven't been myself and I got here by being myself for sixteen years but once I took that title I feel like I got sidetracked with Chris Chris and it was more about Being entertaining and being funny in a pop in each other at an entertaining each other and just seeing how much fun we can every Monday night. which is important than what we do? But there's also a site of Side of what we do where You know I want you gotta get serious and get your head where it needs to be and and I feel as universal champion. Really haven't done that yet. And now you know you've got Goldberg Coming after me. You Got Brock Leser here every week almost now and and I went through south went to Roman reigns. But there's a lot of other people coming for that title and I think it's time to get rid of the distraction extraction. Shen is the word of the day. Do you feel that you would still be universal champion. Had you not had essence of one Chris Jericho and recent past ashed. I think so I because like I said I probably without that distraction I would have been in a different mindset than I would have been out of different level as far as my entering competition in my entering skills but speculation but confidence in that speculation. I I mean I. I've always believed myself quite a bit and I have faith in my own abilities like I said Chris was a distraction. It just had to happen and it happened and and if I may say so myself what a moment it was probably disagree due to the road that I've travelled. I could appreciate the despicable act itself last Monday night perspective though you call it a despicable I call it genius to the fans. It was to speak despicable As you talking to us. Don't Steve Holliston a great job of a great day at the Doug. Indeed it was it was it was a well played out dill uh-huh dug into motion. So you got Goldberg coming up on March fifth. That's right now. I understand that I think you were quoted in some I I get my google alerts and your name POPs up in a lot of them but I think he does Goldberg or whatever that you a fan of his. I wasn't no I'll elaborate more on on that matter tonight on. Of course I don't know when this podcast is after all so As people will ever heard me talk about on raw I was never a WCW Guy Wwf wwe guy entire life. When I was a kid I discovered Lord wrestling because of Wrestlemainia Evan? My Dad got the VHS from a video store back home and that was it. I heard W W I knew of the BBC. I never watched it. I didn't care but ninety seven ninety eight whatever it was I was the biggest Dunkel. Steve Awesome Fan out there. And I'll I'll say that to anybody who claims otherwise and and to me I would see this other guy on. CW wearing the black trunks bald head similar. Not This guy's just a cheap stone call rip-off oh gold. I don't smoke all Steve Austin and W W where it's at I mean I carry that through my entire life I was I didn't like WCW even when WCW Guy. I start showing up on raw because the WER bought. WCW Booker T.. And all those guys and Saturn and Guerrero Malingco and all those dudes I I. I had a hard time accepting them because they're not my. WWE is eventually over time. I did but Goldberg really wasn't around enough for me to food that same sense of like okay. Yeah now he's A. WWe Guy even his run that he had here whatever. It was eleven months from a might after Wrestlemainia Maine in nineteen th wrestlemania twenty. And then he left to me was the dude from WCW. Because at that point I was still very much just the fan. And that's how I view them forever until he stepped through guerrilla that one night and went out there and talked about how he's glad to be back and wants to show everybody's a superhero. Yeah well that's Nice but now I'm a wwe guy and to me you're still an outsider. That's why I've told them that I was never ever a Goldberg Guy. I really wasn't but I will say that. It is quite surreal to now being a main event of a pay per view with them. That's for sure. Might Heidi going into into that match coming up on March fifth seeing the destruction that he put out on brock listener in one match any elimination there in a royal rumble. Yeah yeah well I have a lot of faith in myself like I said the thing is I know a lot of people probably would never give a guy like me much chance against the Guy Goldberg. Y just there's some armchair quarterback this guy looks like a Greek God certain and Kevin Lynch not so much. Yeah the key for me when I'm Goldberg. Greg is to outlast them because everyone knows the longer gold match. Goldberg maps goes the morning advantage goes through his opponent. And you know in a way I feel like I've already outlasted him. Because when it comes to our industry I grinded fifteen years to get the wwe and gyms and church basements and bars and absolute salute dumps. And I loved every minute of it all the way to get here. His first match was in a sold out arena on national television in front of millions. Liens of people watching. He had really good from the start. He reap the benefits and rewards of this industry. Right away any lasts. What five years before we decide to go home I grind it out for seventeen years dreaming of being a champion and wwe the whole time? And now I am and I'm not going to let that go easily. Just because does someone decided they wanted to come back and show their wife and their son that hey look. This is what I used to do and I was pretty good at it and he was. But you know I'm just not willing to accept that. Think about that. Jumping keys to victory for you are not get caught up and the simplistic sick but highly effective offensive meuse of Bill Goldberg. That's right cerebral as you are in your approach to the game I would think that you're on red title are five knowing what you've got to watch for. Goldberg Keys. To win is not get caught up into mind games. You're gonNA pose that him powder from the ring confuse views him getting anxious. But here's the thing I don't think Gulberg can I don't think has the abilities not to fall for those games. That's what I'm saying but that's going to be one of the keys. I think there's going to be a physical moves. It versus a psychological. It's very interesting. It's going to be a very interesting chess game for sure. And I feel like Gotcha on the physical side of things. Sure He. He's Goldberg. He's a run through everybody that was put in front of them but as far as the mental side of the game I fill. He'll have a very strong advantage. But notwithstanding the fact of the pop up our bomb everything else the power apron whether you position. So there's shortly things on the physicality and that he needs to look absolutely one of the things. Now your offense up no no no I would never do that but I will say this. The rumble Roman reigns bigeye coming for that spear boom the knee right and the not quite as effective as I wished stunner but now golbourn spear knee you kick to the gut locked now. I have the keys to the kingdom. I think it's going to be a bad night for Goldberg fastly. Let's move forward the road wrestlemainia on you gotTa get past March Fifth Romania. This will be your walk. How many many of you have participated in my second one? Really first one. I went to was Wrestlemania. Thirty One as part of the company but I was just an annex t so I just watched from the sidelines. Thirty two last year was my first one. We defended the the intercontinental title in the ladder. Match of course I ended up walking out without the title. But that's another story from other time. I actually countered you on the way up to the guerrilla position right before for that match and I don't know if you remember. I told you I told you without your advice about airport like a decade before that I wouldn't have I wouldn't be right now. So what did you think when you walked at one thousand thousand people in Dallas Texas. I like I told my friends later that now all these guys that I've seen me worked to get to that moment then we're watching back home in the texting asking how it felt and all I keep saying to all of them was I really cannot put it into words like if my career ended the next day. I think I'd be okay with that because it was such. There's really something incredible like comes with hearing one hundred thousand people so in essence because of the nature of our business and what. I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and the kind of reaction I'm supposed to important people hearing one hundred thousand people. Pop shouldn't bring as much satisfaction. Addison is a dead man it really did. It was just just hearing the excitement of. Oh man this guy's coming out now we're about to see this latter match and it's going to be kick ass let's kick off Wrestlemainia and like if you can't be last you want to be i. You know what I mean. That's always felt if I can't close off a show. I want to start off as good as I can. All those elements together and being in the ring with you know Sam Museum after all the time we put in trying to get there and even being in the room with AH start us. Cody Rhodes after. He and I got very close over the short period of time we spent together in this company. And you know I got to spend about ten or eleven months sitting on their dusty learning annex t and I got pretty close the dusty during those times and I know that he he would talk to cody about me and those are things I found out you you know after dusty past cody with me you know dusty would say this about. It doesn't say that about you so I know you're one of the good guys and coating got close like that so sharing that moment and not even just that but Sankara. I know how to son in the crowd and it was the first time since Kara was really featuring in a big you know an actual mas- wrestlemainia and like just getting to share those moments with those guys just made for such a special night above even you know hearing one hundred thousand people go crazy for the matches it just everything together. My family my wife my kids. My parents being there just made for such an incredible experience. What is your Approach to a big event like that you you rustling ashland pay per views every month. They don't come views anymore. It's on the W network which is not ninety nine by subscription. Get it but a big event. You've been to thirty one you you see the table said you're watching the guys. Go there things you've been in business sixteen eighteen years whatever it is all of a sudden. You're thirty two hundred thousand people Bob when you come out your prep. Are you nervous when you go out. Are you fully confident. You're you just chomping at the bit used to get started to just elicit a response and go accordingly and tell that story well I I. My wife asked me this just about two weeks ago. If I still get nervous before I go out and I honestly I can't say I'm nervous because I don't think I am. There's butterflies but it's not nervous. It's almost excitement and want to get out there and do it but I really do have a lot of faith in my abilities. I I think I'm here because I belong here. Belong to the top of the car and then I belong in the main events. Anna Belong Wrestlemainia and I felt that way from the moment I stepped foot on the ring on Raw John. Cena that first night you know you starting off with John. CENA's pretty crazy task. I felt right at home because I put in those fifteen years before to get to that point and I had a couple of months and that really helped me just kind of get acclimated to the wwe environment. So when I stepped foot in the ring with John on raw just like when I stepped foot Wrestlemainia for the first time or anywhere else or made them into the first baby or the universal title. I I was never nervous. I was very excited but I was always confident confidence. And I think that's a big part of being successful in what we do too is. If you don't think you belong where you are those people can tell you know and I don't they Along with what you're saying I don't think you're is loose or as free as you need to be on the rain to be in the moment. Get to not think because if you think in your stinking if you're a ball of nerves is out there and you're gonNA miss out on opportunities or moments that you could create. That just happened and you don't notice them because you're too worried about just. Oh you know what I mean I am. I doing the right thing. The right thing will come to you if you're ready instinctively but I think that's one of the keys to your success here. Obviously you're a great talent but it's all all the years spent on the indie surrogate learning over and over and over again and the lares dig years experienced. Like I got when I was here. I came to wwf seven and a half almost eight years in business. I get an opportunity. It's not the greatest gimmick in the world. But I'm ready to go I'm laying fan. I was all about the ringmaster master by the way. I know I've heard you said before wasn't great. What did you dig about? The Gimmick. There was nothing to dig about. I see I think that's what I dug you say it was boring I to me. It was straightforward like. I've said this before. I think there's so they're working on. They're working on a dvd of me. And I think it's coming out in in July but I got to see a rough draft of an in it. I Say I've heard Steve Austin talk about how the Ringmaster Suck I. Then I was all in right away I think because at that time especially everybody else was so extravagant elaborate. You were the complete opposite. I think that's what what drew me to you as you were. I guess I already dreaming of becoming a wwe superstar to me. I could see myself as being more like you then and being like all these other extravagant characters I see your point there to go back to the ringmaster thing and I loved Diaz as my manager. My manager's the favorite pro wrestlers so no knock against Ted but I needed to be by myself but the thing when I came through the doors here having to plan for me hill changing tides edged green trash can those back to black and I said hey man kind of boots should I wear and it's not just wear the boots you weren't w w Hollywood block boots wise with the black star and I'm thinking boy they really got plans for me here. They repackage everybody and brought in Mark Henry Vader Jonah be bad cactus actors Jack. Everybody was was on push except for me. I was on a holding pattern mechanic. But here's the thing. When I got the ring I was very physical? You can see through anything thing that I was doing. So people like man. George Animal Steel just past associated. So good me. BLACKJACK Lanza Jerry Briscoe. Uh sarge a hall of Famer. Those guys would come up to me and even then before I was stone cold they could see down the road. I couldn't. I was in the battle. Aw but I wasn't trying to work. No crowd I was getting my stuff over in the ring and it was a very physical and it was it was it was super snug conceit. There nothing and it was violent and those guys will come to me and I said Steve Goes all of them. They said you're going to get over is that it's going to take you longer to get over but when you do get over you'll always stay over and come up with stone. Cold thing was is gonNA cake and so it was genesis. It was a foot in the door like I always say it was a great opportunity to come into the WF. This is a major league so not not doing good cute continuing on about me but everything from then on it's Kinda lined up for me with the King of the Ring Win that three sixteen stone cassettes on other stuff so it would just heavy duty work style with the right Gimmick Right. How did you feel when you first came here? Are you come up next Hugh Ross. You're you're in the system. What what was your main concern going out? Just as far as creating a persona work style did you just tremain you were from India seen what was your Mo to get over and strike a nerve with the people will so. When I got the next day I was really I had had no idea what what or who I would be really you know I I got signed but I was never given in the case of what what the plans were if there were plans as a matter of fact when I got signed signed Canyon Seaman who triple H is kind of right hand man with the recruiting talent called me and said while we're going to hire you but I was told to let you no no not to get your hopes up as far as Ron smackdown goes because you know as you're aware you're maybe not. Somebody who Vince McMahon would gravitate towards. But YOU'RE GONNA get your chance and annexed exte- like everyone else and my exact words back to him where it well. I look forward to the challenge. And he said well. I thought that's what you'd say and then I got to an extent I those words were you know always kind of resounding in my head like. Don't get your hopes up. Don't get your hopes up. But I didn't know who I would be. I had singlets made because I forgot all. WWe You gotTa Look Nice and cleaning that. That wasn't me that was never me one time of the performance center when we're getting ready do these. Id shoots was just like a standing in the ring with them. Kind of just shooting around us and getting some footage for like the entrance video and whatnot. Enzo Amora at that point. I didn't know who I am. I didn't know what my character would be. Nothing ends Omar Assam in my singles. Thing was like well. What is that? That's not you know until you're told otherwise. Just be you go all right so I put on some shorts. I cut off the sleeves off the tee shirt. I had on at the moment on and I turned it inside out because it was a guns and roses t-shirt which obviously I couldn't wear for that stuff. But you know Ballard at the time was Paint you know the demon stuff that he does. He had some body pain that he was using Splattered paint splattered fight on the shirt. Just so I look like something then. I went into the issue. It's Chris Chambers. Who's who was Kinda overseeing the whole thing looked at me and that kind of looks cool? That's different and that right away. And I've never gotten the chance to tell Chris that but That gave me such a confidence boost because I was walking into an entire new environment. A new place and as confidence has been my abilities at that point. I had no idea what they expected of me and it was always my dream to work for. WWe So I was really. I say those issues that they actually. It was probably the most nervous. I've been in my W W run because I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing when he said that looks different. That's cool gave me such a confidence boost. You know and and I'm really thankful for Chris for that you know years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday so then we did. The idea shoots. I expected fully expected a week later to get a call from Whoever build them out WHO's running the center of the time or maybe even aaa saying what the Hell were you wearing like you know but I didn't I in fact I got a call later later saying? Hey so I'm with the creative department and we're working on your your look. You WanNa see what we've got and when they sent through I was wearing shorts. Cutoff t shirt. And I'm like man that's me you know. So that's when I realized they got here because of who I was and they want me to be me and I've always stayed true to that. Of course there's little aspects of who I I am that I've played up at different times and you know like the last few months. Evan more about being entertaining and this and that you know but I feel like I've shown all kinds heads of Shades of of my character through from the time. I showed up with Sina to now whether it's about Asu confide I won't give up to being You know a lot more entertaining character to being you know maybe somebody who's not as courageous as you should be but I feel like I can make all those work so I've always stayed with the same base which is myself and then I just turn up different aspects when it's time and I think it's been working out pretty good. That was a great piece of advise it Enzo Mori gave us at. Hey until until they decide to tell you who you are just be yourself. Yeah because that's who I was just turned up a while to find that I mean I've heard you say that in interviews countless heartless times to your volume turned up. And you know I kind of always felt that way. That's what I wasn't honor. That's what I was going to do. That's what I was on the indies for years. And when I got here I just didn't know if that's what they wanted once. I got the feeling that that that is what they wanted. I went head first and never looked back. What were your thoughts when You know you hear that you're not really good at Ventura looks for eventually the body guy. I think that's what you're referring to. I guess that's what they were referring to righteously. The point is now it's a very different environment in a very different Territory if I may borrow the expression you know we really do have guys of all sizes all shapes you know there's a cruise awaits there's all everything's really changed in the last two years. I feel but at that time it still wasn't this way. You know there's already been guys that much like myself. Were were very successful even though they weren't the kind of guys that you would expect Vince to be on board with like Daniel Bryan He was You know he's probably. You probably deserves a lot of credit for people like myself and Sammy's and Samoa Joe being here you're because he really broke down the barriers the a almost like the fake barriers. That people were putting I putting. Perception really changed the perception. Yes but when I got that you know that Oh don't get your hopes up what I told. Oh Canyon was really how I felt like. I'm up to the challenge and I remember the put a chip on your shoulder. It really didn't because again I knew ability. Yeah you know up until that moment when you know the the only thing that was kind of scared was what. I don't know what my name is going to be. I don't know what they're going to try to put me extravagant character like I feel like I can make make everything work but it's really not me I'd be a lot more successful being who I am and then once I got word of that I I really felt like I was exactly. I know exactly who I am. I know it works for me and I I can apply that to wwe. Just like I have on the indies. I remember telling my wife. We were moving so we moved to Florida in August of two thousand fourteen eighteen. My son started school like a week later so we moved them kindergarten in Montreal. Then as I was in Florida which is a big deal because in Canada in Montreal. School is in French obvious in Florida. It's not it's an English and Owen for some reason wouldn't be okay. He didn't WanNA speak to me in French at home. He doesn't like it just doesn't like it. If I speak to them in French it gets very uncomfortable. He's only comfortable talking to a financial my mom and my dad because that's always what he's done you know but then he was going to school in front so are we starting to pick it up pretty good but then we moved to Florida. I wouldn't Florida for a year but we didn't know that at the time we didn't know like at that time annex t you could be an extra for years so however however long I'd stay in an xt we'd be living Florida which met Owen would be less and less around the French language which probably meant he would lose his understanding and his has ability to use it so my wife was always telling me you know and not just that but obviously he would make friends. If we're in Florida for two three years it doesn't feel right moving back to Montreal once you get called up or whatever because then we're asking to leave friends behind. He'll come back to a French School of French environment. And that's GonNa be very difficult and I told my wife I'm like listen because I really didn't want to stay in Florida. I wanted to move back home as soon as possible because I'm close to my parents. She's close to her parents. I wanted my parents to enjoy their grandkids. I wasn't okay with living in Florida for an extended period. So I don't know what made me say this but I told her once. I'm on television. I'll be on the main roster and six months and we can move back home and As much as she loves me as much as she believes in me she was always the one to say. You know when a lot of people tell me you'll never get the wwe or if you do you'll never be successful. She always told me they weren't right and I would as much as she loved me. Believe me she's still well guys stay next for years like it's a nice thought but come on but then if you do the math I started an extended December eleven and may eighteen. I showed up on raw and I was called up that six months so it deigned drew. So that's why when triple h told me you're getting called up my first as incredible as I felt and as happy as I was my first question was can I move back to Canada and I remember probably took them took him by. I surprised a little. But that's the one question I have after that news but he said Yasser Call my wife. I'm like I guess what we're moving back home. So and only had spent year away from the school and then he went right back in and picked everything back up and now everything's good and so again. I think I know the answer. This question based on what I'm hearing but how did Kevin Kevin Stein on indie scene. Yeah the time when I got signed. Now it's obviously changed again But getting to keep your name name wasn't a thing. Everybody was changing their names and we went back and forth on what name we could use for a little while until eventually triple H. I suggest that Owen something to say. Well what about Owens. As a last night you know because obviously you're you're fond of a heart and you know you named your son after on harden that meet the name means something like yeah I like. When's the last name for sure? Then he goes well. What about Kevin owns thing right? Sounds good and I was like oh and even back then just keeping your first name was unheard of remember. So I'm like yeah that'd be great second. Let me see with the legal department and sure enough about a week. Later I got the word that was the name which was is great and a pretty funny moment dusty. Actually because I mean that's the talked about what my name would be in the form center and somehow it had leaked online. That my name was now Kevin Owens even though I hadn't started an xt there are no plans for me to start next anytime soon on TV or anything but for some people knew. Kevin Steen is now Kevin on once I walked in and I remember. I forgot my key card that day so at the walk in through the front instead of the back so I rang dusty. Open the door for me because he was reading the the lobby. So as I'm walking with a AH towards the where the ring area is goes Kevin Owens like yep you like it and he goes nope and as he keeps walking to his office. I'm laughing who thought of it and I go hunter and he goes I love it. That's that's the pop me. No I love it. The slow pretty good not worked out good though. Because you got the Owen. Barner Owens yeah but also just from emerging stand. Ko Knock out. I mean they're just so many ways you can go with that. Yeah Yeah I mean it's just I don't know. Ko Sounds it's it's cool. It sounds good. I like it and obviously it's funny because Before I got there there was cash ono in annexed and then I got released I came in. I took the KO and now he's back so we've got Ko and keio going he's an xt for now but who knows what's going to happen in the future. Yeah the battle over the initials seniority is going to rule that decision. Hey Tim does his story After we go back over one time we was airport you saw l. me and I was saying that day. Yes and you said hey man you got invoice for me as a man Bernadotte Promo Burke around as a kid you would you and obviously you know maybe maybe that got you thinking you're an excellent talker or you always an excellent talker stole that honor upon myself but I think and I again. I'm giving you a lot of credit but it really no no the moment but the the moment so I'm getting us back to where I'm going but so I would always talk Qalat especially read before I met you in two thousand and three two thousand four. I had a pretty strong French accent still because French. My first language but once you told me to learn cut a promo the exact words were never stopped running your mouth. I started applying that immediately and not just on the microphone during my matches. And you know you see it's part of it's a big league part of who I am and it was a big part of who I was on the independence as well so I never lost that but as far as talking on the microphone. I guess I was always apt doing it. I was I was good enough that it was always something that people would praise me for but I think when I got to annex t we would get to work with us the in the Promo class that he would call it communication education communication skills but really it was him trying to teach promo and he the advice he he had for me through those ten months spent. There was invaluable on how to communicate. Because there's a difference between cutting a promo and like you the best in the world but if the people aren't listening to you it means nothing happened. So dusty was the king of finding ways and teaching you ways on how to make people listen and then you could cut the great pro because if you don't make them listen I you're talking nothing. Dusty was instrumental learning that and just Also once I figured out that I can't be who I am dusty was kind of even he wasn't even trying to do it but one of the things I learned from the most was I would watch him be himself all the time and he would buck the system and he was just not walking the straight line that everybody else does and it was okay. You told me that that's okay. That's a very valuable lesson activity. Let's give it up guy code. For Supporting Steve. Walsh over all these years and just fifteen minutes you could save fifteen percent mall car. Insurance GEICO has been offering great rates a great service for over seventy five years. And anytime you need help you can speak to one of their trade specialist. Twenty four seven go to GEICO DOT COM and start ark saving cash extra money in your pocket. It may just be the most rewarding thing you do today but it give me to go home huge. Wrap up his podcast right off into the sunset. Don't get rave reviews. 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Thank you to all the fine sponsored Steve Austin show especially Zoro dot com livestream gyco that online dot ag. That's I'm able to do this podcast for you twice a week for free place for them because they support us if you need more info all my sponsors checkout to show description description to this episode for details folks when you see me in the woods I will probably be riding a Kawasaki. And that's the bottom line until next time my name is Steve Ouston and our catchy razz down the road. Thank you for joining us for another classic. Episode of the Steve Austin Show. Please leave a rating and review on Apple podcasts casts and tell your friends for St Boston show go to podcast. One DOT com. That's PODCASTS DOT COM.

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