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Max & Herc: San Jose's Major Coup


Great news. There's a quick way you can save money, switch to Geico Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price, and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. Maxine hurt podcasts. We're on a Monday getting ready, Jobe enjoyed your weekend. Even if you're listening to this podcast on a Thursday, good to have you with, hey, hurric-. How you doing? Do you ever go weekend? I had a great week at age. You watch the fight by the way, did guy was nuts. That was bananas. I haven't felt you'll see he's got a UFC has got to be kept in check here. Yeah, we're going to be a beep. No, no, no, because the whole thing in Brooklyn with the bus that that started, and then he was completely fueled by this whole presser back and forth social media where Connors going at Cobb AB had no idea how personal could be would take it, but it definitely got out of hand. But the last time I felt like that max must have been the malice in the Palestine, remember that. Yeah, back in the early two, thousands, that's the last time I had that feeling of seeing something like that on TV it was nuts see, but I didn't see. I would didn't see the mouth of the past live. I got alerted and I started getting. A little bit later. The one time for me was Mike Tyson bit off the ear of Holyfield's which Mike Tyson tweeted about? Yeah, so that was the only thing I could think of, but it was I tell you what I was up late. I was on watching sports centres. Seeing the Dana white press conference, then Habib and then I was waiting and hoping that Conor McGregor would address the meat, hey, was way too late for me. What time were you up was up? I was up with with Helen. We're up watching it. She was into it. It's not man. I, it was probably one thirty by the time I think ended now's. I gotta go to bed early day, and then I woke up to all the news. I woke up to to reading a little bit of abuse presser. It was crazy. Yeah, it couldn't believe it was. It was worth every penny if you watched, you could've said it was. It was poor taste and it was a disgrace to the sport, but it was I, it was a train wreck. I couldn't take my eyes off. It's the official day of the death of boxing. I like to call it. Very good. Hey, you have see has McGregor for five more fights and they have to push his whisky. So he's going to have to produce pretty much in the next fight while if he gets a visa, they both get a visa. I mean, we're talking about criminal charges. You know. A lot that could be done and it happened before and it listen. I think there's a much more severe than this is much more than people realize so, but crazy stuff that that was pretty much my weekend. Watch the game. The co main event, Tony. Ferguson Kukui. Yeah. Is legit LeBron he's felt back a pet as a broke his hand. Yeah, yeah, that was that what a great fight. They, they certainly who I mean Connors and could be a good fight, but on different reasons that they win the bonus of the night for the fight of night. I don't know round was one of the best rounds of any combat sport I've ever seen. So maybe watch you get a chance you have see gets a free pup. They're going to be a partner here very soon here at ESPN, so welcome. Welcome to the family. So you have some news to break as it applies the Maxon her podcast, what you got to report. Well, this is the second biggest news of, I guess you would say the day we're recording right now. What's today's date? Monday the eighth, the ninth they it's the eighth end. It is one fifty. Two PM still about another hour left until the big news is broken. But the second biggest news of the day is Sebastian, Salazar's temporary ban slash suspension. The max and her podcast has been lifted temporarily, temporary four today, don't mess it up. Said he, this is a new humbled sevi- before the magistrate very happy to be here. Even if it'd be in a on a temporary basis. I will do my best to behave both here and on social media clue off the hawk aches, and I'm glad to be here. I understand though it is only under extreme circumstances. Extremes. We have to refer to us as magistrates for the remainder show like max week. I don't even know what a magistrate and that max lead us into the real big news. This is this is the big news. I. I admit I was watching a net flicks. I was watching Ozark with my wife rape play. I got off the computers and everything. So I only found out this morning, but this ominous, not ominous, but inviting tweet from the seventies teasing Zine. Tweet as long here is almost because you're like, nah, time mullet. The San Jose shirt and the darkness. And then it says tomorrow and it's got the eyeballs, and then it kicked in. They got a coaching hire a big name, coaching hire who in my selling this. Good. Yeah, that a big name coaching higher that they were competing with. Apparently national teams, maybe not Mexico, but maybe Costa Rica somewhere else. Matias Almeida the new coach of the San Jose earthquakes. I want first of all, get your opinion when you first saw that because I don't think anyone saw it really coming. Go ahead, semi total shock, and I'll say on both fronts. I didn't see at the Maida coming down the less and I didn't see San Jose doing anything like this. I applaud San Jose. I think we can get into this way out, kick their coverage. You kidding kidding? Me way out kicked a. They kicked into state. They they out kicked it not way out kick. They way out this is the San Jose earthquakes whenever they ever had a major bullet, you're talking about the last team to have any major. One of the originals was DC United a major book, even Colorado spent money on a Tim Howard. That was a major bullet for them in a sense, San Jose has never had that. They've never had the. They are a cheap club in what MLS in this MLS I guess new version of this league structure and we've called him the Cleveland Browns. Here we call we, we said, just if you're Anneli, what is he doing is destroying this club, they've lost. They wasted a generational talent in Chris wanted allow sqi. How do you? How are you one goal away from tiny all time leading goal score in Major League Soccer history, and you've got how many playoffs to show for it. How many titles to show for it? Don't forget that two thousand twelve supporters shield with the goonies hurt, though that was the special season by the way. Do you know what kind of. Before I was just in shopping, what kind of coverage you're gonna have been talking about them all day in the board of this k- when I spoke about him, I even took a picture. It's a picture my me to get into a car and it says, lows goonies when my. Deport this goonies. They're talking about those goonies all over land. America knows goonies by the way. Do you think of us just the photo of Al Maeda with the word San Jose on the back that someone in Costa Rica was getting all excited? Yeah. Given the links he's a man or say is right, because can we go really quickly? Why think that's why it's a shock to me, Eric is is where he had been linked crack because he'd been linked to a million other places and to see him in San Jose, man, I'll let you go, but it's just totally out of the blue what a coup, what a coup for the quake. So let's let's go back really quickly. He leaves cheetahs. He goes mutual, mutual, air quotes, racial mutual agreement. Everybody's tired of everybody. He has to be exactly. He's frustrated, five titles, albeit four major titles. These paper titles, two cups and CONCACAF. Those are the four big, correct. And then you've got like the bottom like, all right, so so you've got these five Donald. And they all count when you're trying to win something Toronto. So you have five titles. He says, listen. I need three players. I need three big players. We're going to go compete in the club World Cup. They said, no problem. We got you what happens. But her though forgotten has starting goalkeeper leaves, oh Evaldo Alani starting centerback leaves. He saw row and reload. Papi sat d- last cheetahs idol that you had leaves. He doesn't. He doesn't leave it. No hold on. So he leaves, it's a sour relations that he has what the era and this and this is. You got to explain who yet at least. Is I believe, the COO of Omni life who the the group group on life, which if you know what herbalife is it sort of same company, and then they sent him to cheat us to act like a sport. Renters president slash overseeing on these sporting site, and it's been a messy tries to do as best you can't his best. His best time was when he gave total control to Alameda. So the relationship goes sour. Apparently, the relationship goes sour. Some of the break-up is just over money. Jesus doesn't have the money, it used to have wrecked. So that is a big role in issues with Horford got his health as well. And on that plays a big role I think in on made being, hey, you guys don't have what we need to continue to be competitive. And I think that's really the impetus for the break-up. Well, not only does that happen. They say, hey, by the way, we're going to limit your power and they bring in a sporting Duran who lasted how long. Yeah, fuck former now, again, current colleague back. Oh, Dan. Was there for what? Two months? And he, I think figured out the same thing that Matias figured out, which is why he jumped ship. There's nothing here, correct. We got he leaves and immediately everybody I know max, you're thinking, I know you're thinking he's going to go to the Mexican national team. It just seems like a natural half. The population of Mexico was thinking that I think he was very much the populace Choi. He's still is the people's choice jam ever. The would never the federation's choice after time goes by, here's started to think it's not going to have. Here's why not choice. It's going to happen. Well, I think back xactly right? The further went on without that real clear link. I'm with max, you realize, no, this is this is the people's choice, but it ain't the powers. Why is it not the power choice? So in Mexican soccer, in the FM math, the eighteen ownership groups have say, eighteen clubs in Mexico. They have a say in what happens to the net all not all clubs are not created equal all clubs. Thank you very much. Are not created equal there to clubs that are the heavy hitters in Mexico and FM at that is glue America who was backed by Televisa. Who pretty much runs everything, and that is global only life who has Cheever's Walla that is better God as people better. Got you. Get got us. The owners, they are upset. They do not want that anywhere near the national team. So they carry enough weight or he is innocent, excommunicated blacklisted from anything. But yet me now, wait, let's let's say this both sides have denied that conspiracy theory. Both Muttiah said no, look, I think it would. He said he get a called me and said, that's not true. And those guys on the side have said they are not stopping him from being the manager. But when Costa Rica had a conversation with him before Mexico, something's up and that that did happen. Exactly. But who who was San Jose competing with? Well, it's not Mexico, and that's why. I'll give Costa Rica a quick list of teams that we've, we've heard it in the media. Okay. Over the last I don't know since he left Chiba since he let us even before he left us, his name was circulating. The Mexican national team that didn't happen. Lets you lay on what she went in and had loan was close apparently, right? Yuka. So group of you go with low and there, lots of eagle who if you big name, Muhammad, now, coaches, ex, Monterey coach get Duffy at national, the Colombian national team, the Paraguay national team Qatar, and basically everyone his name was even rumored for Argentina. Yeah, that's right. The Qatari was a club situation took over the Argentina job that seems seamless. No one's going back. Oh, this guy's out of his depth. He's putting calculate again to vigil in Argentina. Anything right now is in shambles. It's a massive, Phil, Argentina Martinez in a crisis. Well, hold on crisis. It's it's, it's it's not the Nash. It's the federation. You think automate us turning down Argentina, it's they're using. He thinks it's that much of a mess. I don't know, but I dream how other choices. If like San Jose earthquakes. Well, hold on, look at the commerce. We're talking about national teams. Okay. Maybe Costa Rica's not the biggest national team, but you're going to be in a World Cup, Argentina, Columbia. Yeah. Let's talk about the Qatari DIO because apparently there was a an agreement back that of that. He backed out of an agreement. I believe that had a clause that would have led him leave for national team, but it was a million dollar deal. They were talking about big money to take him to this Qatari club. So whether we're talking about prestige international, whether we're talking about higher levels of football, Europe, cold, hard cash, whether we're talking about that cold hard cash maks in Qatar, San Jose, fall short on all of those things, and they got this guy. So again, that's why. How did that so so who has San Jose? What do they have? What do they have an eye stadium, a nice stadium. The biggest sports bar in the world backed by the. I love John Fisher. Okay. Who also has a stake in Celtic. They've got some money that they've not used. They are one of the original MLS teams that has not made a splash in Major League Soccer. You don't think of the new players in Major League Soccer, the Atlanta's, the Toronto's, the Seattle, the the galaxies and then think San Jose next San Jose's the bottom of the pecking order, San Jose, little business, some equity, what is a historic team that had the name? It has a little bit. It's not the bottom. It's max. They are having a historically bad, the basement, who's the bottom. And I'd say I ain't going there well. But I don't. Yeah, we'll know Orlando. No, no. Mission inviting. Sure, exactly. You know. We talk about that all the time. I think grant wall is famous for his ambition rankings, right? Yes. Well, I think if you talk generally San Jose has to be at the if not last, at least max in the relegation zone of ambience of one team. That's worse who New England great call Graha call and you would have said United before Rooney's stadium Rooney's changed that got after some players. They just missed badly on their targets. I mean, they're writing these targets. He got players. Yeah. I mean, any Hoosen hike. These guys are just they don't know. Had they don't know in their own countries, but they're paying these guys money just go wrong, invest or not paying these guys enough, not the big, it'd be more savvy with their their. They were linked Darwin medal before the season. That was a pretty heavy link before he ends up going to Minnesota. I thought that would have been a little bit of a statement from San Jose. Don't know why that didn't come to fruition or if it was just smoke and no fire. Well, I didn't come to fruition because they wanted a maximum self figure plus his salary, which is odd because they ended up selling selling him per believe. It was a couple of hundred thousand dollars, but they made dollar sure San Minnesota's not known as a team that's going out and spending massive in the international. So if they could get logos as well, if they could, if they could get Darwin, I think San Jose could've correct, correct. So this, they've got some money, maybe now they're willing to spend. Maybe Jesse Farinelli was sparked by the conversation going around. You had to drop some coins to get omega. It's not just a or. A lot of power if very, go, hold on z. going. I don't think. All his shot. You want me to go there. I need this. I need control. And if you give him a, where does that leave news first quake fans? I think what if what, if it's very narrowly and might the, they eliminate the eliminate that middleman to eliminate that sporting director because it's essentially a combination of both. Yeah, yeah. What if it's a, that's that might have been the discussion? Hold on, but people are saying, this is the conversation I've had somebody said, well, it's a lifestyle change. Like, wait a second stop. Who's the biggest name right now? Most likely to leave Major League Soccer. What do you mean? Men, you leave him. Coach? Yes. I don't know who you think data that exactly max if he goes, what's a bigger more attractive job with still a very good lifestyle. Change Atlanta? Yep. So, hey, you could wait on, you can learn on this good now. I was just saying, I don't wanna lose this point. I want to mention it some way policies interrupting. But when you look at the list of coaches that are brought in, I remember the Premier League really invested in coaches, and this is not apples to apples. By any means. These are the astronaut, Michael biggest name coaches the world, but they brought in pep Guardiola Josie, Marino Uragan Klopp. I mean, these are the these. These are the biggest stars in the league. The coaches are the managers were as big as the players. And I'm seeing that a Major League Soccer, and it started recently obviously with Patrick Vieira. That was a big name and it worked and dot Martino. Bob Reilly here, Dell EMC coming back telling Michael star is not on par with those guys. No, but I'll made as a big name and now you have these stars on the sideline. That's I, that's exact- correctly. If I'm wrong, both the but the league outgrew San Jose. Oh yeah. The league outgrew is. Where way say that about a lot of teams that haven't well have, but MLS is two leagues. Man. There are really is right there are there are haves and have nuts. Right, see. And so maybe the haves have outgrown San Jose, but the league itself is still made up of your San Jose's, your Houston's, your New England's, not. They're still here. Correct. How successful those clubs, not very Houston. Got to a conference final those. Those clubs can still in an offset like in a Cup setting setting compete. Correct. All right. So what do we know about San Jose also is in the biggest region of wealth in America to douse applies, but you are in northern California where that has some clouds. So I have a bit of info on this. I'm gonna tell you, I would. I've heard, and the port is, and this is on there and you can take it for what it's worth. And I'm gonna tell you what source said. Okay. On deport is. They were talking about the two million bestsellers that Almeida is still received from from cheetahs monthly. So it's not a money issue for him. He's he's getting some good coin. I do believe he got paid. I don't know how much San Jose forked over. It's a big splash. I don't want to guess, but I think he's getting paid enough. The report of the Qatari deal just to put out like the only other one we have finances with multi million dollar deal wrecked. We know dot us in seven figures, right? That's what's been reported. I believe that's been reported not scuttle, but it's it's yes, I think he's got rewarded. If not seven figures darn close, man. I I would guarantee which from you don't know what what MLS coaches make. That's that's a lot of money. Dom Dom Canir reported. And I've asked a few other agents in the agreed to be making around six to seven hundred when he was in San Jose and that was a good Dom coming off dominant Houston, dominant Houston, San Jose, coming home, multiple MLS cups. There are a lot of coaches that made less than six and seven. Yeah, that's not like an average. No, no, no. All right. So let's can we can we first second try to wrap our minds around why Matias would want to come. Can I just add one thing for contextual? You said he was making two million pesos a month from cheetahs just so people know. That's like one hundred thousand dollars to one just to give people idea the the currency converter. Well, yeah. Eighteen at twenty ignore but close. Basically one hundred thousand a month. Yes, sir. All right, really quickly before I jump into what I what I know, why would he want to come to MLS? You know, he's got some ties in the states. He has an academy in Houston. Okay. It's been rumored from the port this today that Ben coming Lena will be joining him. Wow. Becoming Lindow was also rumored to be his choice for sporting directors, the guy he wanted guy remember Huns of credibility. Okay. He was my coaches, Santos Laguna. He actually coached an in somewhere in Texas in an NPS l. club or one of these PSL. I don't even know what it is. Coach coach there for a bit becoming in in the son. Benji junior is actually dating my on made his daughter connection there. Apparently from the port of this people, he has a clause, a release clause that any national team or European suitor of his choosing and he gets out of his deal. Okay. Here's what I know Corinthians of San Antonio is the team that. I'm going to Hari. I'm deep into Wikipedia here. I mature soccer club based in San Antonio, Texas. They made their debut in the national premier soccer league, which is the fourth tier in two thousand four. All right. Cool. All right. So this is what I know. He's met. My has met in San Jose twice since September seventeenth. The last occasion before last offseason before Michael Storrow was an option they reached out to and his people, and there was some interest which is straight because he was still achieve as there was some interest, but probably because he saw the writing on the wall at Jeeva creek right hits people. I should say not the directly now at the has come to San Jose twice since September seventeenth. They last met at a restaurant, nice little steakhouse for launch. It was Jesse PR Nellie. It was Tom FOX in Alameda Santiago. Her chic who's made his agent was not present. So there's been some contact, goup Gomez. I know there's been a little look into the little steakhouse. I was. I was always waiting for him to give the appetizer shrimp cocktail. Well, it just goes to show you. He was in a major market not recognized by anybody had lunch with these two individuals are very high up on this club twice in nobody had an inkling this was going to happen. Sure. What you're saying is a similar situation going on in Spain or in Mexico, and it would have been all over the papers, right? Right. There were pictures and they would have known what they ate lifestyle right there. So he comes in and let's say he has control. He comes in, he brings his own people. He comes in, let's say he has got a little bit of money to play with because this is the domino effect and San Jose wants to show. Now they are major player because as we know who will eventually come into the league, Sacramento, do you want an l. a. f. c. l. a. galaxy situ. Nation. My alma mater to San Jose blows my mind, but it starting to make sense. Okay. What do you say? Are you just basically saying that. San Jose is seeing an opportunity here? Yes, because what I what I'm thinking. So I'm trying to, oh, what's the motivation if you're San Jose? Right. Are you talking about Sacramento? You're in, you're in the basement, that's motivation, but you've been in the basement for awhile. So why hasn't something big happened until now? Well, let's just say Jesse Paranal. He's able to convince well, they tried something. It didn't work well, Jesse, depending on if narrows able to convince John Fisher and the rest of his, you know, ownership board that we need to spend money if we want to be with the league's elite, we want to be in a leisurely, I think. I think that's the point. I think a lot of those conversations are happening around the league and I want to go back to MLS all star game because remember length comets, Arthur blank was asked by the Commissioner Don Garber to appear at the meeting where he gave what we're told is a long discussion about what it landed does. And basically the core of that discussion was it ain't a secret. We spend money kind of. Shaming the other owners, the absentee owner. And I think a lot of owners are now like, oh, we're getting shamed and you know what? Their other stuff. It's. Yeah, and it's me yelling about DC United owners, or you guys going on yell about other owners. Owners are now starting out about DC United donor? I don't. Maybe I blacked out, I don't remember, but you know, the media's paying more and more tension to owners and owners are going to start to get called out if you're being cheap. Because all we gotta do is look down the street at Atlanta and say, well, there's no secret. You just spend money just be invested. Yeah. Okay. I think you're absolutely right. So San Jose is going to have to start spending money in addition to their coach. Well, you think might has made is going to come here to coach Danny Hussein, and but is it? Is it a commodity cleaning of the house? Well, is very similar to what happened. If you remember savvy, remember what she does was where he before he took over my one in a decade, then won a league title relegation-zone. Yep. He, oh, he comes by slowly. Starts change the culture Aumont of rival who's like I, Chris, Wanda allow ski. He was important in that role going forward, but then was slowly phased out. This is a restructuring of an organization. He's done it. He's done it before. He's taken a team from DFL quickly to the top. And so I think there's a lot of waste idea though. Google it. All right. I think there's so many ways in which this is a a good fit. Right? It's obviously a good fit. If you're saying Jose because he's a. A good manager. Like I said, I think like a little bit out of San Jose's league, but I think there's some obvious correlations between and this is how crazy the us job and San Jose. Oh, you're absolutely right, right. You're right. You're right. Also what I do know this is a multi multi year course. Three, three guaranteed and three guaranteed is kind of like the, I think, like the standard right for sometimes they go or steel. Sometimes they go like a five year deal on threes guaranteed in the next two or option. Right or whatever. But we do know it's multi and three are in there. I got. I don't want to presume on the money, but I've got to assume the forked out a little bit of change for them and plus that for him, he's got more at his disposal going forward. Listen, we've been as hard as anybody would San Jose here. I refused to talk about San Jose. Actually. We talk about them about fourth, most of all the team, right? I've reviews the talk about San Jose since since you talked about them a lot about him a lot, but Jesse pure Anneli what he's just done. He's made San Jose relevant in this league in a league when they won swift, how Lada longtime. I've asked jesse's head many. Times. Jesse Pierre Plata Jesse baron Nellie. He just upped the bar, but if this isn't, yeah, this is this is his move. It is. It is, like we said, oh, what I? What I've been told this is jesse's a major major major coup. I mean you you gotta stand up in applauded on on multiple fronts, and it is look. MLS keeps things competitive by limiting the way you can spend your money, one place where they don't limit you is your manager grant. So if a team wants to embarrass, where can we get an advantage? I can look at Aachen spend more my kademi. I can spend more here. I can spend more marketing. I can spend more than the other guys on a manager. Atlanta did that Atlanta said change this late? The Atlanta blueprint. This is Atlanta's said, wait. We're the average manager and MLS. Let's out a number. This is like a three, three, four, right? Three hundred, four hundred thousand dollars. No, no, no. We're going to hire mentor who's worth millions of dollars. Now we're having advantage over everybody else. Could Atra apartment. Yeah, and because in theory, if you're paying a guy too many should be a better manager than three hundred thousand dollars a year manager, tactically he should be better motivational. Everything's better. And so I think this is a move from San Jose that says, okay, we need to have an. We need out Spence people in some category. Here's one, let's be aggressive. Let's go straight out of the Atlanta playbook, and it's it's the perfect thing to pull thing. Max do things for you, and you tell me your thoughts but Atlanta had thought who they have with them. Okay, it's Carlos bocanegra. It's somebody who understands leak and understands gamble understands, Tam. They had all that. Now, who are you going to have with Aaron heels. You who you're going to have with him to help him understand this process one and number two, domino effect that has been Major League Soccer and his coaching carousel, you can have Gregg Berhalter in charge the US men's national team. You could have Martino in charge of the Mexican national team. You talking about launching pad for players Major League Soccer. Now you have the same thing with coach is insane talked about the Patrick? Yes. All these different things happen because a Major League Soccer in the platform, not only for players for coaches. So if you're a young coach and I'm thinking up went in Mexico. Why wouldn't this be a great platform for you? Let's think bigger than up went there with all due respect. See this. Yes, yes, absolutely. So the fact that Mohammed before he went all the all these coaches, listen, you're not only fighting sporting market bef- writing in these markets for tension, and it's it's to me such a major deal for the league beyond the marketing, and we've talked about this all the time. I think anytime MLS can put itself in a similar conversation or the same conversation as the Mackie's. It's super valuable because obviously for MLS the Hispanic fan and which is my majority in this country, Mexican American fan pays attention to that league. And if you can be in those conversations and have some of those characters in Major League Soccer, that's good. But her I fall back on something. You've told me off the record. I'm pretty sure you've talked about it on the record as well. In your time in MLS and then when you went to Mexico you, you talked about the difference in the level of coaching. Oh, it's still exist today. Okay. Well, this is what the US MS national team within the federation. Well, so and you said what coaching MLS was not good surprise subpart when you got to other places you were like, you didn't realize it until you got to Mexico. Right. Well, this is changing that a guy like Monty on made is a real coach, and that's going to have beyond what it means to selling more tickets or -tracting Mexican-American fans, blah, blah, blah, is going to have an impact on the quality of the league. And I so many people that ought to be line item number one. What are you? Sorry, go ahead. This is not good for the Mexican league. It's exactly they're losing coaches that's exam, whereas Matias Almeyda going to look for reinforcements guys that he's familiar with well in Mexico, or he might go the Argentine playmaker because he has the Argentine connection much as many teams have done well for the first time he has. And I say with all due respect, not saying the Mexican players limited, but he's only limited to Mexican players. So now he's more players that his little. I actually think that's, but he has to streams of players he could go to. Yeah, I think I think the point you bring up about Jesus being limited as is important. I think San Jose. Let's let's also be honest here there eighteen thousand twenty three and spending the season. If you go off total payroll, they're not going to jump to one overnight. I don't think unless, hey, maybe they are. It's a new day, their limitations in San Jose. This is a guy who's very, very familiar both in terms of talent pool limitations. I can only pick Mexican players that us also financially hurt us at the end at the end, maybe at the at the end. Any? No, but she was they paid neither bizarro and also, yes, but Chiba spending at the end had fallen way off and he's still had to make do and his biggest. I mean, you could argue the development will its biggest. I the big title for me. One of the biggest as CONCACAF champions that comes once the money is starting to dry up. So he had success after the money dried up. And I think that's where you say, this is a guy who's accustomed to to working under certain constrictions and maximizing them. And I think San Jose is a place where he will still have some restrictions, but he can maximize, you have to wonder guys if Concha cap Champions League at all, struck his interest going to New York, you saw AB Toronto, seeing the stadiums, seeing the people, the cities, you know, being, I guess in social settings, rubbing shoulders with Major League Soccer exacts and others. I don't think Monty had a, I want to say this had a bad experience in Walla, like he lived there. He loved to the crest on himself and not just the club. I'm say he seemed to like living in Mexico. He wanted to be the national team manager. So you know, he seemed to really enjoy being in Mexico when we say quality of life or whatever those things are. I think in some cases when you talk about Latin America, that's very obvious that the guy's from Argentina who come up here and say, I'm getting a steady paycheck. I don't actually getting word of mouth is getting out about the life. You can have up here too, pretty good down, but Los Gatos is in a bad place. Let's keep that in mind. And if he's going to have a nice little paycheck and he's going to have not an open checkbook, but his own freedom do things his own way with a release clause that gets them out anytime if there's something actually attractive in there, I think it's a win win for both. Yeah, I think it's an immediate jolt to the to the bloodline for percent Jose. I think my guess to do something. Innovative. Cool. And for as long as he wants? Yup, in San Jose has made it official. So he is, he's going to be the man in charge, and now we'll see how it all plays out. There's going to be this is exciting obviously for San Jose, but it's exciting for the league because I think you get excited about the coaching match ups. You get excited about what's happening with those rivalries as well. And a club that's been dormant is now mean you can't buy this kind of press. This is smack sure, exciting. I mean they just sensually did, but you're talking Los goonies all over ESPN in Latin America. Are you serious and and think about what that means? The title of this loonies you're breaking news here. You're breaking news overseas or across the border in all these places. This is obviously big news in Argentina. This is big news in Italy because he is a legend for his playing days. There we forget about what a great player might DSL may. This was a star player for club and country for many years, and then he's transferred to the. The coaching the game, and he's been trenice short time with Jesus and there's an important, you know, there's an, I didn't wanna down play the off field impact here on two fronts. San Jose has a new stadium, obviously. Now there's some more ambition, I'm sure they wanna feel that stadium every day, and we talk about it all the time. A lot of times Major League Soccer, and this is something that work on, and I think is a cognitive, a goal for the league to to better engage the Mexican American community, the Latino community. This guy is a name in that community. This guy is a commodity in that community. This guy is hot in that community. And so I think. This is a really powerful opportunity for San Jose to plant their flag in with a demographic that in that area, right in San Jose is going to be pivotal and critical to their successes a franchise off the field moving forward. And then the other thing that we talk about all the time hurt says, well, you know, my my experience and MLS with managers, maybe that if subpar max, let's let's turn that on its head and talk about from a media standpoint, MLS managers of stake. They're not really interesting. They don't say a lot of stuff. Oftentimes pet key going on a rant or for Burmese. And then when you compare it to Mekki, it's like every every week I gotta watch game because peel and unmade and whoever else you wanna throw in there have been going back and forth and press conferences all week. Now on may not angel Premier League, right? You want to hear from the coaches, you don't wanna hear the players you wanna hear from the coaches. It's part of what makes such a juggernaut of league. We talk about villains and characters and heroes. And on may not be, oh ho. So don't expect them to come in and be wild, savage crazy. Like be always, but he is a character. He does play the game in the media. He, I think that is another thing that's super valuable to this league characters villains heroes, and he has the potential to be that for San Jose and really beyond San Jose for Major League Soccer is as we're talking San Jose as literally made it official max just said that thanks for listening. Yeah, I blacked out. Listening, not let me go. What we saw in Matias was a coach that bright success by creating loss right or right to emulate this is Jesse Farinelli the GM. Ten out of ten Jesse out of ten on the higher stuff. All right. Thank you very much. My friend bad. He made a huge impact and my back on the banned list now though. Yes, you're back. We'll discuss it later. Yes, please and makes you back to my dungeon now talking about DC and the great Wayne Rooney. That's all I, yes, another win what a game from him game later, you know, semi, you'd look good in Indochino suit. Made-to-measure suits fits better compared to generic off the rack suits and Indochino is the world's most exciting made to measure menswear company. They make suits and shirts to your exact measurements for an unparalleled fit and comfort. So here's how it works. You visit a stylus at our showroom and have them take your measurements personally or measure at home yourself and shop online at Choose your fabric inside and out. 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However, the search is on, but it's some of the players that are pulling out late duty injuries that has got to be pretty frustrating to see about what you can get out of these two games. So let's start with the roster and with the guys that are going, what? What are your thoughts about that group. Well, I mean, we have to, I think, address Christian pulisic Christian pulisic has missed now how many games with the US men's national taught? Well, I don't know if it's injury fatigue. It's not wanting to be there something, but something is up and this is now the new face of US soccer in certainly if you're US soccer, if you're US men's national team fan, you need you want to see Christian pulisic at all times. So he's not there. I don't really know if it matters. Now. If he's not be honest, there's no coach. So what are these? I think it does kids playing for four, they showcasing themselves and I don't think all they do is they're showcasing themselves for us for the fan base. For the select you media members. That type of thing. But it does it really matter the new national team coach when he comes in whatever style he implements, there's going to be a player who comes out of nowhere because he fits his style. Where was that player? Was the time lost for that player? Well, let me let me say something really quick about politic. You don't have a coach, but as you said, this is the face of US soccer. So his presence he has to take regardless of who the coaches because he's going to be the guy unless the new coach is. Thinks he's not the guy which I hardly believe the going to happen. You're right. It's not gonna have a, he is going to be the leader. He's going to be the coach on the field. So I think he has to make his presence known. He has to be in that camp and show those guys. He's going to be the leader because he's going to be the leeann l. messy to Argentina. He's going to be. On you just said, coach on the field, you just told you told us before Leonov Massey's lacks leadership. Yeah. Well, that's the guy that everyone gets in behind wet for better or worse, hopefully for better for the US team. He is the leader. I agree with you that if he's there, doesn't matter who's who's here who's not. Here he's still going to be the man. He's going to be the face of this organization so to speak of this team going forward. And for good reason for what he's done in his limited amount of time with us MS, Ashton forty offers for he plays for what he's shown us. It's I guess the word I wanted to say depressing, but it's not depressing. It's. Opportunity in. It's frustrating for us not to see Christian pulisic at this time, but I don't really think it matters right now. There is no coach. So who knows? New coach could say, Christian pulisic comes in and I don't see you as a central player. I only see you as a wide player and it's all these different factors come into play, and we've been seeing Christian when he has played here. Where has he played? You know, he's played in central how they utilize. It could be a totally different system totally permission, totally different. Just tactical responsibility that he has at his hand. So it worries me that for whatever reason, he's not coming a believe. It was a few months ago. I've soccer by Ives had a very interesting. Story. He broke out about Christian pulisic and his father being frustrated, and he being just worn out and they forced him to come down with doorman for their preseason camp and how that kind of snowballed into the main being forced to play a game in Pennsylvania because it's his home state for US soccer, and that game that he played correct me if I'm wrong, was Paraguay that they played against the net game Bolivia. It was believed that you're correct Bolivia, and there was a very lackluster performance from Christian. He could not have looked more than not want to be on the field right now. Get this over with type of moment. I believe Dave, Eric, and afterwards had a few comments about it as well. So for whatever reason he's not here again, injury related or whatnot, but it is a little bit of a concern. My overall gut tells me not that much of a concern because he's there's no coach in with who aren't really playing for much and it's Christian pulisic. His spot is not in jeopardy, but the overall, I guess, wellbeing body language mentality of. Of this does leave some speculation anytime you leave doubts like this out in the open, it's it's a growing list. Yeah, I think there's the value to these two games if Christian pulisic was playing because he could put his stamp on it. As I said without it, I don't see a whole lot. Some guys will get some reps. I think in a while from now we won't even be talking about this stretch because as you said, it doesn't really matter and everything's gonna look very different. But I think Christian politics got to reconnect with that national team sooner than later because it's going to be his for the foreseeable future. Everything's gonna go through him in the play success for the US will determine largely on what he does and some of the other guys Weston mckennie Tyler Adams, I like see them play, but those two alongside politic and I almost think those are the three big names for the US in the way you shape this. Well, they're part of that spine, no doubt if. Do you think about the potential spine going forward? You have, you know, Zach, Stephan, you have a Oscar Brooks Amihai ska Brooks, and then you have what is McKinney atoms politic, and then whoever's up front. So you're missing a big part of that spine in in one of the most crucial places in the midfield. So it's definitely not a good thing. When you lose these players to injury, listen, they're young. They're not significant injuries Weston mckennie coming up a great week where he scored and champions. Andy also scored his first Poon Bundesliga goal. Tyler Adams missed the game against Atlanta with a tight back, and they still went right through it Lanta without Tyler Adams. So it feels like Tyler is gearing up for this porter shields, close potential Leipzig move. So you'd would've liked for him to been on the field? Definitely don't wanna see players missed you to injury, but they're not significant injuries. So. I guess you move on, you go without them, and then what we have. We have Brad Gazon Cohen back in the mix with the goalkeeper's, Ethan, Horvat keeps getting calls. I do not know why. What about we had someone reach out us about William Yarbrough at a guy who even should be getting a sniff, you know, absolutely not. Well, not bro. Wasn't really starting in loan a few months ago. He's had his in his ups and downs. The last I would say three and a half seasons down in Mexico for loan. So Zach Stephens the the guy of the future, it would be interesting to see with the integration of Brad Gazon how this now works because I mean bracket John's not by any means so hold. You don't think he may have a chance of playing next World Cup. You could definitely be there. It's what you want. It's what ha- is whoever comes in and what they decide to do. Even if he's not playing brags s still a very capable goalkeeper. We had Marcus Hannam and when I was in two thousand ten World Cup team is at third goalkeeper and I believe he was forty forty one forty maybe, and he was a tremendous addition to our group, the overall wellbeing in the locker room the training sessions, how he kept everybody accountable. He raised the level still at his age despite his age. He was a very, very good player. So all these things coming up, what about as a backup? Because I think a lot of times and experienced goalkeeper could prepare a younger guy. If it is Stephan. I mean, obviously, Gazon wants to start in his. Our started, but it's still play that role. Our producers spoke in my ear and said, maxi literally, just said that, yeah, I know that's look going forward. That could be his role. We don't. I, I do think he would my point is, do you think he would be on board with that Bragg fans? One of the better people I know in this wants to start. Better. That's even better because if he's not starting and he wants to start Zach, Stephanos, he has to keep his level raised, Zach, Stephanos. He can't take one playoffs ex step. A knows he can't take a day off at training because somebody's breathing down his neck. That is what we need competition. Accountability, and now we go to the defenders. John Brooks could get him back. Reggie cannon helluva seem likely FC Dallas, one of the better players. Younger players, this this season on a very good FC Dallas team in hats off to FC douse with continue to do just developing players, you know, developing players and tournament after tournament, no matter who leaves they continue to do well on what they don't do. Well, it's, it's, it's one of these, I guess, odd type of seasons for them. You know, you're almost amazed that they haven't done as well. Kevin Carter Vickers. We will surely see some air long continues to impress Matt me is one of the overall winners in the last couple of cops, Anthony, Robinson, rough first game pick back up at the second game against the granted. The first game was Brazil, but picked up again against Mexico, very good showing as a substitute bent sweat getting getting a shout. That's that's an interesting one for me, d Andre, gatlin he, he's, he's going to be a mainstay. Why. Why is it interesting. Well, Ben sweats wasn't really all the radar wasn't really on the radar. And at what point is you on the radar in New York City of c. is probably going through their worst stretch since we're talking to Jason Kreis years. So you see him on this list. I definitely surprised me that goes to the to these. This whole argument of form isn't relevant. When you're talking about a national team, it's about who you have at your disposal and the how can they help you at what you're trying to achieve. Then we go to the midfielder's kellyn Acosta he's back on Jonathan. Is it? How do you pronounce Amman Jonathan, Amman, very, very interesting player. He was with the Columbus Crew. In Major League Soccer didn't get a sniff and you. I've read things about other players in the athlete. I think it was Ethan finley's book, very highly of this player, saying, all he needed was a chance he goes off and he is absolutely just on a tear, a very exciting player. Believe he plays on left hand side. Very good one, be one player, very vertical, very gold dangerous. So you always want to see that Marquis Delgado gets called in after a few players pulled out. I'm surprised he wasn't there to begin with. I'm surprised this player hasn't gotten more of a chance at -tunities. -tunities. I think they, I think they like him a lot and they would because he does get minutes. And I think he's going to be a player in the big picture of things that may not be showing what this elections in this case where he's called into injury, but I get the feeling that he's going to be there close to the finish line. He's had three caps and now it's. Amazes me that a player like market ogodo at his young age and what he provides a distinct skill set. The ability see plays ahead of time, be very simple player. He can be in linking up with the offense have been. We've seen it with Toronto in Toronto at its best. I mean market, oh, God was one of those players is one of those cogs in the why they're at their best. He understands what it's like to play in a very detailed system with a lot of responsibility. A lot of count ability because he's played under these played under Greg Vanney. He's played at the likes of Michael Bradley's moved Alexa Josie, Sebastian, Giovinco. Victor Vazquez. He understands his responsibilities at such a young age emperor him not to get really anytime anything of significance in the last few call ups I thought was disappointing. This is a player who's distinct on the offensive in his creativity. Some. Something technical creativity, something technical, understanding that a lot of players in the pool historically have lacked. So I was really surprised not to see him get more playing time. Then you got Michael Bradley. It's the biggest. Most polemic figure. And let's extrapolate here on this this one because this was. Sorry. I don't know what that means. Let's expand on this topic. Go ahead start expand on the topic of Michael Bradley because when they released the roster, people got up in arms and I remember you sent a tweet and you said you not understanding the the push back that the people on Twitter, at least the US men's national team fans on Twitter have towards Michael Bradley, Josie out door and how they are viewed in the big picture of things and like, you know, maybe which was field by you? Yeah, I could believe started. Well, I've changed it. I specially with Michael, I think they need him and I think this is an opportunity for him to did you change your notion behind that. Before Bob Bradley you every everyday it's just at the workplace or after notes? Just basically I changed it when I saw the last two games and I saw how they needed a rudder something there to help that team. There's two huge gaps in with Josie. They don't have a number nine score that really you can rely on. So there's it screams for an opportunity if there was competition and there were options there in those positions that you feel comfortable in? I'd be like, all right, but we don't. I don't necessarily disagree with you that if there was something better already that you'd be like you don't necessarily need Michael Braley even to mentor or groom the next generation. But what we've seen against. Just really their peers because when they played against Mexico, it was a rival, but their peers, it was players who may be experienced, but not experience at international level, and they really struggled struggled mightly. They may have one US MS nationally may have one. Yeah, it they struggled and he struggled essentially at midfield will trap may not be the solution for you there. And if he is, he's definitely not ready for it. So if you can learn from a Michael Bradley, it's one thing to see how you act with your peers. It's another thing see how you act with the veteran group now that the big dogs are in. How are you? Can you take the reins? Can you show you belong? These are things that we're going to see with Michael Bradley's presence, say what you want and you're entitled to your opinion. He was part of the biggest failure and you as MS national team history, we need to clean sweep, fine. Do you really think right now what you have is better? Michael Bradley is doing terrible. It's Rondo FC Tronto. Didn't make the playoffs fine. I'll say it again. Your form has nothing to do with national team, right? Okay. One thing I would say about Bradley, if it is will trap who's going to get that position, we'll trap what we did see from him as he put his foot Ford. As the leader of that young team, he addressed the media. He was the September eleventh anniversary not September eleventh memorial and he was there with the first responders addressing them. So he did those leadership roles. So if Michael Bradley there and they play a similar position, he has to withdraw. And to me, that's a strength of will trap because he's embracing that leadership role now and I don't know how that dynamic will against Michael Bradley. No, I'm saying that is that is something that's going to be pushing against what you wanna do. If we'll play up is going to be that leader so you don't want the Michael Bradley experiment. What experiment? What you're just you're saying you're saying you don't like the push back. Michael Bradley is nice trap, but I said, if your goal is to make will trap the leader in that team as he demonstrated in those last two friendlies, he was the captain. He came out, he what does it matter? What Dave Saragan wants to do. That's well. That's true. But I imagine if the pig the picture is for him to be the next coach based on. That's what I'm saying, MAC based on new. Well, that's why we're having this discussion. We don't have a coach, but we've got to push forward and we can't put our head down. I hear the so much and I'm not. I'm not picking on you. This is this is in general, but we, we get this well, he's supposed to be. The guy says, who because I've seen it from so many different national cultures and different national teams were there. Guy is not your guy, their idea isn't your idea. What they want is in what you want, what they demand out of a player isn't what you think that player should do. Okay. I'm asking again, we don't know why does that matter? If we'll Sarah. Skains selection. But if we'll trap is the guy and maybe he is, that's all we can say. At this point your he has to relinquish some of those leadership roles somewhat because those guys play those positions or he ended up or he says, or he says, I'm sorry, your time's gone all in void. I'm sorry, your time's gone. I'm taking the rings. I wanna be a louder individual. I wanna be okay more alpha in this situation. And then that's how you see who response who steps up you think Michael Bradley became Michael Bradley and his leadership by saying. You know what, Tim, you're older than I am. You take the reins on this one. That's a good point. That's a good point. So this is a challenge for we'll drop or whomever is going to be or whomever we'll trap may not even be three when the new coach comes in. I understand you ask any. We can't starting Tyler Adams, but we don't know that you're right, and this is maybe what we can get out of this in a situation when there's less and less you think you can realistically get out of it is who steps up and takes a bigger leadership role of those guys who figure to be leaders. Some point if they want to be leaders down the road, now's the time to plant those seeds. That's what it's about right now. It's how, how smart. How would these players respond with Michael Bradley with Bragg, Hassan when the other guys like Josie, all two door who's not on this list comes back because if you're telling me there's a better nine right now than Josie door at our disposal hand. You're delusional weird. That's been very, that's been very pessimistic when everyone's view. When you see it, who's going to score these goals that what about just sergeant sergeant, we want to take a look. He's raw on young. Is that something how many games that have we had out of how many goals does he have him first division, but he's but this is at least a guy figure regardless of who the coaches is going to get a look every time because of his talent his, I, it amazes me how people think sometimes I think about proper footballing cultures, proper footballing countries. Have you say you've got this player so many World Cup so many. Goals, but this happened to him. So he's autumn medically out, but hold on his twenty eight years old is turning twenty nine. He could still help us. Yeah, but I've got a kid who hasn't played yet who I'm really excited about. I'm not saying Josh sergeant to start at number nine, but I'm saying to start to look at it because that's why he's there is right, but I'm not saying it's one or the other at this point. But I'm saying, I'm going down all this would are the positives. We can get out of these two friendlies coming up and Josh sergeant was at the top of the list I go. All right. Let's see what you got. Doesn't mean you're going to be the starter when we start pushing through two thousand nineteen towards the Gold Cup, etcetera. I wanna take a look. I warned caution when it comes to these young kids doing well in this type of Miami won their friendly's. Okay. But that's a low pressure situation for them to do something this good about why I warn caution. Okay, because we've seen it before. We've seen wanna Nago bellows scoring his debut. We see mixed disco rude score multiple times with US men's national team where you've seen Freddie do have good moments for the US Mozelle team in we are a hype machine. This is what we love to do in this country. We love to churn out the next without without even without even grooming without even developing the next. We want already talk about the next. It is an illness, this is something that hurts us hurts them. I want Josh sergeant to do well. Okay. I know I've told you club form is not relative. Okay, but Josh sergeant, Sean, these guys, Josh sergeant needs to do club. Josh sergeant has done well with his peers. I'm excited for what the future holds for him, but don't put that mantle on this kid yet. Don't put the pressure on these kids. You let them develop who's putting pressure on them. They just want to give him a look. You are max. I'm not. I wanna see what they do. You want Michael Bradley out. You wanna will trap to carry the arm at you putting pressure. I am looking at how the the perspective of these players. I'm not saying Josh large to start, but I want to see what he has to see what he how he adapts in what has to be a high pressure situation. I'll tell you who's got some of your country. I tell you who's got some pressure on him. That's Bobby wood. It's he's almost an afterthought at times. 'cause you wonder if we've been waiting and waiting for that production, we've been waiting for that town to shine through and it hasn't really happened. He's got forty one caps, twelve goals. I'm not saying it's bad production. That's not easy numbers decent numbers, but Bobby wood has underwhelmed. He's been movie. He's been trending in the wrong direction. He scored what did he score a double this last week? I think yes, for two double this last week. So hopefully it's been a great production is comes a couple of weeks and he can change things, but I, I'll tell you what. This is neither here nor there, but I remember reading Bruce Arena's book, and you spoke about Bobby wood and how upset Bobby wood was and how it affected him at training because he didn't start versus Trinidad Tobago, and then leading up to the game vs Mexico. He was gonna start. He was still focused on the fact that he didn't start and. How he had this, I guess. This sad look like he was a puppy dog holding onto it. You should hold onto it. You should be upset. You should want to get on the field. The next day score a goal and go celebrating the coaches space. Don't do it, but that's what you should want to do. That should be the mentality. You have this. We the fiery of the drive. Bobby wood when things were going trough when things are going rough. They stayed rough. I wanna see. Bobby would learn from this. I wanna see. Bobby would say, I've got some whippersnappers behind me. I've got some kids nipping at my heels, know what's a whippersnapper. I don't know. It's just what the old folks like you call young guys like us. Okay, old timer. But you know what I'm saying? I want us to Bobby would say, Andrea Nobuko, which you're not. You're not thinking my spots what just sergeant know what you haven't even played. You're not taking my spy. You can't touch me. I wanna see that. You wonder how much not qualifying in that process has affected some players? I don't know of it's affected more than others, but that is preventing them from saying that, hey, hey, kid. Get down a peg. This is still my gig and I'm not going to relinquish it easily. You know, max, I think what you just said is very relevant in something I didn't think of is some of these guys have been involved in this. You know, you have guys like. You know, Bobby, would you have guys like calendar Kosta you have guys like John Brooks, you know some of these guys who were on the fringe brag Zahn of playing those games who were part of this debacle. How's this affected those? If they'd have been offended at the very least it has to. I mean, it's a fair fair assessment. You sit there and good that's going to be you think about the the rough patches had. Does it coincide with the failure of the US men's nationally? Miami? It probably. Does. You know? How has that affected? Deandra Yod, Lynn, these type of kids. Even if they weren't there on that night, they were part of that process, but remember that the game, remember the interviews with guys like Omar Gonzalez, and there was. Quotes from Dax McCarty. It's like they saw something or experience something awful. We experienced it from our perspective, but to be there that's going to that's going to have a residual effect. It has to mall or large. I experienced something awful. I had to watch the game to watch the game was shocker his laugh. So it's. I'll never forget it. I remember every detail of that night. What I was doing I was working and then it was the whole thing I remembered. Yeah, you're right. And. We will never know what these individuals these. They're not kids what these individuals felt not only that night, but being part of that process and knowing that you let your country down knowing you're part of the biggest failure in US MS nashnamie history. We will never know what that's like, and we will never know how deeply it impact impacted them or didn't impact them. We won't it, has it affected politic? He was there. Yeah, I think you're right, and it's very good. This is one of your first experiences. You don't have a huge sample size of how do you compare these experiences on the international stage because his career is in diapers for still his international career. We don't know. I imagine playing games, we'll help flush it some of it away, and we'll hope to see that in the years ahead and hopefully things get a lot better, but we'll watch these two games hurt. Yep, right. So that's that we will be continue our max, it hurt podcasts. We're going to get a look at what happened Major League Soccer. In particular, the reigning champs, we're talking Toronto FC next. It's a normal day. You're rushing out the door to get to work on time when suddenly there it is the dreaded service light. So what is it this time, tire pressure, low coolant time for an oil change. When it comes to service lights, head to jiffy lube, we've got you covered drive in today and make the switch to Pennzoil asked for Pennzoil synthetics getting you back on the road in a jiffy. Jiffy lube, leave worry behind. Back on the Maxon her podcasts, and I want to remind you if you're a small business owner, you got to have stamps dot com. All right. So these days you can get practically everything on demand like the Maxon her podcast. Listen, whenever you want when it's convenient for you, did you know you can even get posted on demand, all you need is stamps, dot com stamps dot com. 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So much stuff happening in the league and we could talk about a lot of, no, he touched on a little bit earlier when we were savvy about DC United, they win again and galaxy or still pushing for that playoff position. So a lot of good stuff brewing there, but we'd be remissed if we didn't lock into the the state of Toronto. FC nine wins thirty one games. They lose it home to Canadian rivals, Vancouver Whitecaps, and I was looking at curt Larsson who is usually our our measuring stick with all things t.f see in what was going wrong. And he asked that question and it's a long list. The long list of things that went wrong with this club here after they did everything all conquering at the to be the all of last season at the beginning of the season that you're going to have champions age, they were triumphant, but just fill short to Muttiah, Sal, Maida, and chiefs. So we could pick out three or four things. I'd love to hear what you think we're. The top of the list of things that went wrong and I'll let you I'll I'll fill in the gaps with the couple of things, but what eventually went wrong with this team. Well, I think it's a combination of things max. I agree. I've a lot of things first off the injuries. We go back to the cock Champions League final versus chief. As a second leg. You're starting the game with Gregory Vander Ville and Michael Bradley as your centrebacks one of three in a five-man back line trying to accommodate, you know, for the shortcomings you have. You lost drew more at some point in the season, you lost Eric, seven leda youth lost. Nick Hagglund. You've lost Christmas being. You've had to play without Victor Vazquez the whole Champions League. Essentially, he had an injured back and then Josie gets injured right after that. So no Josie. No Sebastian, Giovinco plane together for and Victor Vazquez playing together for what essentially felt like three months, Sebastian Giovinco, somewhat disgruntled in you contract that he wants. It gets thrown out there in the media. Another dark cloud hanging over this team's head. They start losing games. Early on starts snowballing and no matter who it is that they don't have on the field. Whoever is on the field. Now has this losing mentality about 'em the becomes habitual. And Michael Bradley addressed that towards the later the season, how the mentality was fragile and they didn't know how to step up and defend what they've worked so hard to achieve. And it just because one thing after another Ingrid Vanney was at fault and every single player. I mean, Jonathan will start had a banner year earned himself in you contract what he's done. But the good overall performances on an individual basis. We're not good enough. You had maybe two or three players at really stepped up like a marquee. They'll Gado a Jonathan, no sorrow. I'm trying to think of other players here and there who were really not a year ago. All those guys had career years. You know, these are guys that had the careers of a lifetime and I may one, we don't want really came close to matching one three Joe fees. And I think that's what's the most difficult for people to digest is how good they were before this. And a lot of that a lot of that you can say championship hangover or whatnot, but because of the and the little time you actually have to train in the preseason. If you're going to go into Champions League Akaka Champions League. Tournament play, it puts you behind the eight ball. So now you are bringing players in and trying to do as much physically to get them at optimal levels to compete. And when you do that players tend to get injured and that was the case players got injured, it became a snowball effect. He was just one thing after another. They were playing like, we've never really seen it looked like the Toronto of old this, this Toronto circus of old. You use around that with with everything happening off the field where they tried to paper over cracks by bringing in different players in some players to impair really plan out like an catchy. You know, Gregory Vander into our Vanderbilt auro, maybe look Heinsohn is he's trying to make his way in their players mean, you know for what you bring in what you are denying in what I mean by denying is a homegrown player, young player and opportunity. How much do you really get out of these players? It's been a lot of that for for Toronto. Toronto's bid. Fantastic in they obviously had that nucleus of Josie Giovinco and Michael Bradley, and they were gonna build around there and they nailed these picks to get guys to come in and play, obviously getting Marquis Delgado in a dispersal draft years ago. That's vision. And now he plays, obviously a soil came up the ranks, and that's been a great success story getting. Victor Vazquez. He was the right guy. Stephen betas shore basket. He's one is on one leg right now, so I know you got it right for that. You've got it right for the year, and that's what you wanted. You wanted. And now on. But the new guys that you mentioned, they didn't hit on any of those, whereas they hit on, they hit a home run pretty much that they've not always hit on all the guys they brought in in now we can go here they did or the years, the two years around it. Well, not the tier. I mean, I, I was a player for them that didn't pan out up to me. So there are there are players who haven't panned out for them, but when you win and when you immediately go to the next task at hand, and what you do is you showcase for yourself and the league, what type of team you are in such a dignified manner? Even when they lost the cheetah's. I was still very proud of what Toronto did to go on and have this kind of affect in league play. It was unprecedent I've never seen. I mean, with the exception of Chicago this year, can you name another team besides Toronto with as many injuries? No, it was. It cleared up a bit, but then even then it was. It was too late is just the damage was done and I would stand by. I think that Concha camp champions. He does take a lot out of you. Of course, it does. It did. I, it just, I watched every game of that and I was blown away at their effort. And it's so weird because we're dealing with to Toronto. ABC's. I was inspired, you know, I waved the MLS flag and I was cheering for them at every step and they kept. They kept fighting and battling. And I said that has to take its toll, especially when it takes its toll on Cheever's, but they want it. And that's going to put wind in your sails. They came this close and came away with without it. I mean, let's look at a couple teams. Let's look at the two teams in Los Angeles. Are you trying to tell me Toronto from one to the last player. On their roster isn't better than those teams. Top to bottom? Yeah, they're better team healthy. They've they've got it hell autumn and levels. They are a better team front to bottom. And those two teams are in playoff contention. One teams fighting for, you know, to close out well in the west and maybe win it. You know, the other team LA God's. You could surprise you could say whatever you want. Yeah, but they got a lot then. Yeah, they got Carlo hold on a second. Fins best foreign product ever come to in Major League Soccer is civic Sabbath, theon Giovinco. So top to bottom, they're better. The season hasn't been better. No, losing becomes a habit. It becomes a bitch. Will you know you could ask anybody in Toronto. This season would have training sessions been like, you can ask the coaches, they will tell you. We haven't been able to to have consistent healthy bodies on the field to train well, that affects you. It's going to it's going to be tough, not having the reigning champion the MLS Cup playoffs. It's going to have an empty feeling, but I'll say this is just goes to show you in any sport how tough it is to repeat. You know the things time in Major League Soccer that the reigning champ hasn't been able to go into the postseason such high profile players. You want to see them. You wanna see them in there and competing and that great for us visa. We were part of one. Yep. We were part of the two thousand five MLS Cup. Did we won the double tournaments that we were allowed to plan? We one next season abysmal season. We went to two coaches at believe, Samson, and then Yallop. Yep, you know, I it didn't happen for us. It's it's not a good feeling. It's one of these. Oh, here we go again, feelings, unbelievable anyway. Well, that that's the way it goes. It wasn't Toronto season. We'll. It's going to be another interesting off season for an MS club will see what they do. And I was he Jozies a guy's been mentioned. Is could be in the crosshairs of some clubs elsewhere, but it's going to match. It's going to look somewhat different. Maybe not too much different than some pieces. Well, if they've shown us anything, is there an ambitious club so expect movement expect splash Toronto has shown to be one of the clubs that's willing to do that Major League Soccer. All right. Toronto. FC their season there it is for all to see will not be in the Cup playoffs, but it will be fun looking in a lot to talk about here as we have seen on Maxon her with the coaching carousel, never a dull minute. All right. Herk till the next time look forward to see how this what happens in San Jose as the Medina's Almeida is now officially the man in charge. Make sure your subscribe to our podcast. Leave us a review and rate us.

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