You Can't Kill Hardcore Superstar


The Jericho network on Westwood One. Tall. Dog recall. Ricco. All right. Welcome to talk is Jericho in his the pot of thunder and rock and roll. And it's time to rock with a band love by lemme and Ronnie James, DIO and fuzzy and who are carrying the flag for straight ahead. Good time rock and roll Finland's own hardcore superstar on the show. Today. They got a brand new l. out called, you can't kill my rock and roll and you'll find out the significance of that title coming up the new video as well for the title track. You can't kill rock and roll. You go check that out now on YouTube and they get a tour starting tomorrow. Thursday, the twenty seventh in Finland, and they may be headed for states early next year. You can pick up their new album and get info on the tour on Instagram account, fall them at hardcore superstar fischel they, they're hilarious guys, man singer, lucky UK, Burg and drummer Magnus Atty Andrea Senator l. some crazy stories. I love UK's. Great and not as well about drinking with lemme sharing addressing with Brian Johnson of ACDC opening for motley Crue and fulfilling a last request from Ron. James deal. They also explain how MTV help them learn to speak English. Why they ended up in a fistfight with a Swedish journalist at the Swedish embassy in New York City and who came up with the hardcore superstar bar that they roll on stage at every concert. I was the bartender once it's rock and roll debauchery with some of the nicest guys in the biz we're talking to hardcore superstar coming up. But first speaking of rock-n-roll debauchery, only a few nights left on the Fauzi. Judas rising tour here in the United States. Succumb come rock with us. If you're in Florida before we shut it down and move over to the cruise, which will be next to be a lot more so's coming up. This will be the last show basically in the states for awhile besides Camden, New Jersey on October Sixers, we'll talk about we're at the house of blues in lake one Avista tomorrow night, which is going to be the biggest show in Fosse's North American touring history, and maybe even the biggest show worldwide. So we will see come set us a help us set the record tomorrow night in a lake. One of his to Florida, basically Orlando house of blues. Then Friday night, we do our show at the orpheum in. Tampa, Florida hometown show for me, and then we wrap it all up on the twenty ninth Saturday Fort Lauderdale at the culture room. And then we're doing the rocket legion show main stage in Camden, New Jersey. Next Saturday, October six. Then we go on the Jericho cruise Christiane because rocking rusty razors see headline by Fosse October twenty seven to the thirty first. And then we rock it on down to Austrailia, New Zealand, Auckland, November seventh, at the studio, November ninth by birthday and Melbourne at max watts, November tenth Sydney at manning bar, November thirteenth, Adelaide at the governor and November fourteenth Brisbane at the triffid. And then the last bit of the Judas rising tour is in Canada. We started off with three days grace in Moncton on the twenty-first, November Halifax, the twenty-third, Quebec City twenty-fourth twenty the Montreal. Then we do the twenty six armed prior. That was almost sold out twenty seven. We had to London Ontario eight is Toronto Ontario. Thirtieth is in Thunder Bay. December. I in Winnipeg at the Burton Cummings theatre summer second. Regina December. Third. Starlet room at Evanston, and then we end it all off of the gateway and Calgary, that is the end of the Judas rising tour and we go back to the studio, then fuzzy rock dot com with all the ticket info including how to buy tickets for Fosse's, legendary VIP in Greece. One of the best, the business we play many constant for you. We take picks we sized before you hang out with you. It's one of the best memories and experiences you're ever going to have. So come check it out, fuzzy rock dot com for all information on tickets and VIP information and stay here on talk is Jericho for all information. Hardcore superstar with add a and UK right here on talk is Jericho crank it up. We got bad as plugged into the wall. That's thing. When you come overseas in, they do all these countries and you have to have the right adapter. One has to be for England and Italy, and then I just lose everything anyway, so but we have it set up here with hardcore superstar with Abby and UK, and we're up in the front lounge of the Fauzi bus. Nice buff. Nice boss, right? Yeah. I quote here for us. I do those as one of our. It makes such a big difference when you go on a tour and you have a nice bus or bus, that's kind of so. So yeah, it kind of affects your attitude right off the bat, right? Yeah, it's like Addison said Morrison designed hours. Yeah. Jim Morrison designers. It was used in that seventies. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you said that you use this bus quite often though? Yeah, yeah. Back in Sweden. We do like festivals to save as much money as we just go with the crap Morrison. Right, so, but this bus came from Sweden. So when you guys to our Europe, did you all meet up in Gothenburg and get on the bus and drive? Yeah, yeah, exactly. So how long did it take for you to drive down to England took like a twenty four hour hours? Yeah. Wow. So this is just something that you do all the time? Yeah. Because you've been touring for how many years have you been playing next year? We have a twentieth anniversary. Yeah. Yeah. It's going to be twenty twenty years on road. Wow. On the road dogs. But that's amazing because hardcore superstar for me. And the first time I've ever met was when we started this tours, a band that always heard of, but never seen. And I told you, James Durbin, who is a good friend of mine was always talking. I'd love hardcore superstar that the best band in my favorite band. And so when this opportunity came up as a cost, James Durbin banned, but then you come over here to Europe. You guys have much more of a name than you do in the United States. Yeah, right. Yeah. I mean. Women to the states, but it was like thousand four? Yeah, we got. We got in a fight at the Swedish embassy with a Swedish journalist. I, i'm. The funny thing is that we will go into play CBGB's today after and the Swedish government paid us for about to have a bodyguard, and it was ace Frailes old bodyguard really tall guy. Yeah, the sweet Valley. I think his name was maybe something like that. Yeah. Well. Yeah, they're much into jaws that movie. Yeah, he came to see us like last year we played them poughkeepsie vow. Yeah. Do there. Just to get paid by the Swedish government to be protected by from this Swiss journalist, because would you need to do this because we were there on something called the Swedish expo. Yeah, you try to bring in some switch music into this culture? Yeah, yeah, stuff like. So you guys came to New York for that? Yeah, and Austin, Texas. Okay. And LA. So how did you get into a fight? He? We were Swedish embassy and he told me he was drunk. This will journalist, and he told me all bands in here are crap. Why bring you guys? You suck and he was begging for it. You know, did you smack him? You smacked him up. We went. It was actually headlines the day after Sweden really wild fight that the Swedish embassy in New York. I was I was standing in the big the the big room, and I did an interview with the CNN and I was kind of nervous because the biggest news American CNN. Right. Yeah. And and the reporter was like, how about what do you think about America? Like an all of a sudden, I had the glasses break. And the cameraman will like where were well trained just turned around and ran, and I was standing there. To go see your drummer beating up a Swedish journalist, right? But there's a, there's a big tradition of Swedish rock and roll bands, and even now there's a big scene in Sweden of bans like hardcore superstar and heat and crash diet in a big scene of kind of, I don't think that you guys aren't glam much more like Hanoi rocks combined with early motley Crue combined with early guns and roses, but there's more of like almost a glam type seen happening in Sweden as well. Right? It's moral. I talked to your urine list today, and he said that Sweden has become like. Like a small LA. Yeah. And he asked me, what do you think? Why do you think it's it's? It's that way. And I said like, I might maybe something in the water supply. So I don't know. Yeah, it's weird. I know like for for growing up in Canada where it's very cold for some reason, it's it's Detroit is that's a very rock and roll area for for the prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you go to the United States with Detroit kind of the mid west Chicago Sweden to, I don't know, maybe cold weather breeds rock and roll attitude or something along those lines. Nothing better to do. Yeah, right, right. When you guys started, was there some Swedish bands that that you looked up to or did you look up to American bands instead? What got us started was like the whole LA scene. Like let's say the thrash into sleaze. Music's like the only thing that really inspired us from the beginning, but along the way, a lot of good bands came out of Sweden that was looked at the gates. These are all friends of ours, like hamming full in flames, and it's called the Gothenburg's south sound right? Yeah. Explain what that is. It's really not a sound anymore because it's so widen, I, it's, you know how people like to just put everything into one box. Yeah, but you can be a Gothenburg sound band and you can still play music like hammer full or like at the gates or to haunted or doctrine quilty all not really sound the same, but right. Put into the Gothenburg Sasha from Sweden, right? Yeah, exactly. But you look at those those vans you mentioned because there's a kind of a big, the famous Swedish, death metal scene. But then also I just was realizing how big Europe is over here. The band in England, they're playing the o two arena that's eighteen thousand people. That's a big resurgence for them as well. You know, from final count on up to now they had a break for a couple of years. Something fun came back and they settle Bush. Shivers Bush empire. Yeah, like four thousand people who I mean, that's good, huge for being away for like ten years something. And what's the end having not a lot of steam in the United States. Really. It's more of just a pure European thing. So what countries are big biggest for. You guys, we're in Italy now, and the last couple of nights have just been crazy hardcore superstar fans. I'd say, Scandinavia, like Finland, Sweden, and of course, England Italy. And yeah, like mostly Europe 'em, of course, Japan. Oh yeah. And it's always going to be Japan. They liked the rockers over there. Yeah, yeah. Guys with your vibe. Your sound right talking about that earlier mean Chris, that I won't be cool to do a tour together, which fussy in Japan, Australia. Absolutely. It's great because our two bands of the same vibe. I mean the music. There's, there's there's area where it's the same and then there's a little bit of difference. But the vibe of just having a good time on stage like a couple of nights. I was the bartender, your hardcore super bar, which is a great idea. Explain that I did get a why put a tip jar up? Yeah, I think you're magic gave me a five or so. That was good. Put explain where that idea came from, explain what it is exactly that you do? I think it came from my drum tech because he he likes to have. He has like a little shop back home in Gothenburg and he likes to go welding and stuff like that. And we would just joking about it. Like we have this song collapsed cold for alcohol, and he said one night, wouldn't it be cool if you just had like if. The soup, the bar or hardcore super bar, and I just roll it out on stage and we have take shots of Yeager. Yeah. If you can build that, we will definitely bring it on up on stage right. And like it took like four or five days since like send us pictures. Let's go on the road now, but it's a great idea and you actually bring people up from the crowd and have the have drinks on stage with you. Is that ever lead to some crazy moments with people on stage? Sometimes they're more people on stage than all states because we just rushed the stage. The security guards are like. Do you have to worry about people like knocking over your gear having too much fun? Yeah. I mean, that's to me would be the scariest thing. You know, backing, you have no drumsticks, you know? Yeah. Okay. I got a, can I have. I have to tell the audience like can have my drums. If you're lucky. Oh yeah, it's almost the steel panther thing where they do that on stage. That's kind of the vibe there, but there's some nights you can't use the bar because the stages are smaller than you can't fit on there. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So you talking about all the terrain that you've done. Let's talk about some of the bands toured with, and we've told some stories, but I want to pretend that we haven't told them. So who are some of your favorite bands tour of some of the biggest issue with over the years, we're, we're open up for Aerosmith ACDC and motley. Crue Metallica kiss kiss. Yeah. Yeah, that's a big. Did you ever any interaction with those bands? Yeah, we had. I remember when we played son is fair together with Metallica, and of course they were the headline I was sitting in the catering, the big Jewish tent. I was sitting there all alone on her why? But like, okay, I grabbed a beer and my food and I've sat down watching my phone as we do these days and. Sitting there and all of a sudden I heard this voice that I recognize that cannot sit here and I looked up. It was gem-set Phil. Right. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Do the fan or now he's like, you're friendly like down. We talked, you know, and he told me stuff that the drunk drink anymore and you know, and good for you because you don't need anymore. You're. Yeah, he told me that he moved back to San Francisco and to this gated community and everyone wonder, what is this? Who's this guy? Yeah, and it with a Holly Sindhu Huck rods. And it was like Microsoft people living there, and then they had like a barbecue gathering. And then everyone noticed that he was Trump's head filled with everyone is a fan. Of course, of course. Of course, then when you had the beer was he was he like. Yeah, he said that. That's good. Yeah, I remember. I was like, oh, why did I say that? But. But you can't drink that anymore. Also, we got a mentioned, the biggest of them all, I think for us is going to be a CDC. Yeah. And what happened was that we, we opened up for them in Italy here in Italy in touring at Juventus home arena, started yelp here. Nine hundred thousand nine thousand. Where was that? You've been touring heroic events us home arena, and. They said they said that they wanted to get together and meet us before the show which is kind of they'd never do very private. We, yeah, we laid it found out that Brian Johnston's mother and her cinder. Yes, Mr and reading some relatives. They were also there so they won't like a room where they could get together and they asked, can we come into you. You dressing room. So suddenly all of the guys, all of the guys from a CDC came into our dressing room. Phil Rudd, Malcolm Angus, Brian. I remember Brian asked me who's season there smoking pot with his wife's. Do you want some now? I don't. I don't do drugs in asked me like ten times, no one any go away Brian. They were so cool as and and we just happened to have a guy from the Swedish newspaper with us a who could can like take photos and stuff like that. And the day after again was like when you fold up the entertainment section into papers here they are Swedish heroes with the with their heroes. That's killer. Man. We took like I took a photo with Phil Rodman and the Thomas who's played guitar back. Then he took with Angus and Malcolm with Brian forced me to smoke pot. Now. He's shoved it in your mouth and sit and smoke eat it. I've realized over the last four or five years that ACDC is the greatest rock and roll band of all time. I mean, you always know the good, but they to me are the best like the, you know, the groove, the attitude, the vibe, the machine on stage. It's a whole machine. Yes, it's not what you're playing is playing for the song. Yeah, I really noticed if you rocker and you don't like ACDC. It's like saying, I don't like meat and potatoes. I like food is like, it doesn't go well together now doesn't make sense right at all to be if you're into rock and roll, you gotta just love. These are sound of rock and roll. That's right. Yeah. So let's talk about some of the bands that you really liked when you first start out? I music, but before we get into that, I got a question for all of these sexy beast talks jerk listeners. Have you started your free seven-day trial of GDP yoga? Have you all yet news, download the Devi yoga now app and get started WB hall of Famer and rock and wrestling raider participation, guy participants, I guess you'd say diamond Dallas page is so sure. His killer program is perfect for everyone including you. He's giving you seven days to try everything for free. 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So wiz richest. They're listening subscribe at apple podcast and Google play. When you guys for started, who is the band's at that? You like the best. I remember when I was nine Christmas and I. Was waiting for my presence Kristie president in the in the morning. I got kiss destroyer, and then I got shouted a devil. And I remember walking down to my mom and it said, open up the final and showed mom, this is what I'm going to be when I'm old older and she's at, yeah. That's all right. That's your head. Yeah. Many years after we so loud, three thousand cap in Gothenburg by mom was there, and it's like so many years off this Christmas, and she came up to me said now understand what you meant when you were nine years old and mizzen. That's so cool. That's very cool. Yeah. Yeah. When me and you'll give we were like just teenagers and there was this huge thing. Head rings ball, biggest ball. Yeah. And the UK version with Vanessa Warwick. On summer we would get together because it was always late at night. We get together and that was a great time because we had this least bans. But we also had a great pound and we never really understood why that was. We understood it. But we always like both stars we, we thought that both sties they have a little bit of street in them like some they have looked some ACDC in them and also got some kiss delta guestbook. They have all ingredients right on Maidan. That's so and we were skateboarding as well. We know suicidal tendencies and bass like that. And people tell us that today. When I listen to music is it's, it sounds like slayer or playing motley. Crue song. Interesting. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, because we kinda grew up with both style. It's funny because the one we had is if journey and Metallica had a bastard child, it would sound like fuzzy. That's good. Yeah, I'll take it right. But if you're saying if slayers playing them all the crucial, and that's a great analogy too, because you do have that for lack of better term l. a. swagger, but it's it's thirty and heavy and thrash yet parts. But like I said, the the attitude is, well to me is, is is the best part I know you could see that. Yeah. When you started out was, was there a big scene in in Sweden at the time? Yeah, we'll sexually. You always had the pump pop jobs, but but harder was pretty big in Sweden has always always been right in all styles, right. Martin are brace pays from different part of Gothenburg, but he always joking because he's, he never got into document those bans and me. And we came from the same part and we love darken and rats. He's more Jovi. And we always tell him what's the difference pretty similar. Right. And Bunge Lovie doc in his more raw data? Yeah. Tell Martin in our part of Gothenburg docking and rat, they sold gold. Yeah. The village. It's funny because now doc and has a Swedish guitar player. Right? Is John norms or play? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. When when you think about that, it's fun. You guys actually grew up together in high school and here you're all these years later. When did you did you? Did you start playing parents basement or what did you do know actually? Yeah. You you're. He's older than me a need just our years. Away. Run into music. He had a band called raven Lord. Game of thrones and I was not into music yet. I was way into skateboarding, but they did the demo and I listened to the demo and I will. I was sure that someone else had recorded it because how can you actually play a beat to get? How can you sing in tune. It was so good and the only fourteen years old and yolk, you told me at a, you can look like a drama. Maybe you should have a goal out if I'm right there and then you're actually like convinced me stud. You had you had an old drum kit Shapiro. Yeah, yeah, Shapiro. And you got that set together and you start rehearsing in your father's garage. Yeah. So you ready for say it's funny because in our band, Franken, rich went to high school together and they've known each other since they were teenagers. Cool. It's just interesting to me that here you are still together. Yeah. Right then that we had like you had a band called dorien gray. That's good. And I had a band called glamorous. Lamb lamb boy, glamorously glamorous memory, and you switch your name later on and you call yourself gang bang, boys. Yeah, and we showed this we had we had. We showed we didn't tell that to what do you call that Jay? Not the daycare center. The guidance counselors. The youth counselor pastor? Yeah. When you when you were like fifteen, you go to and you play ping pong, you center. Yeah, thanks and we had a show and when you that is going to be packed two hundred and fifty people. We, we had like monetary monitors on stage and our name was. Gangnam boys. And we didn't tell, you know. The staff that we showed porn off and we have the American flag as the backdrop. Porn porn and when full Tara twenty four carrots. Yeah. Wonderful. Carrot. I think it was Pete Silveira and pizza north and. Yeah. What is the girls? Who cares what the guys. Was that staff were standing, you know, in the front like security guards and the kids know sixty years old swing. Can the course we're like, why are they so happy. The gang monitors. It's so funny. The first porno ever saw my friend. His name was Dan on. It was Swedish erotic. That was the name of the series. And so I was always taught that in Sweden, all the chicks are blonde and hot, and they love to have sex. Is that true? Swedish erotic Swedish erotic. Yeah, but that's so closet. Gang bang, boys. Yeah. We're world. Again. We think that our thought that that was a great band name. If you came out swinging is right, but it was taken from another band. Yeah. Oh, really? It was from Sweden? Yeah. Okay, Gotcha. Actually, the guy he runs a really cool club in Gothenburg nowadays, sticky fingers, and he actually he's been writing songs for Motorhead. Yeah, civil war more. Yeah, and but he had a band called Swedish rock. What would make you d and all. But that's another famous Sweden, Mickey d played for Motorhead for many years. We know him. Now he's in the scriptures, you guys toured with Motorhead, didn't you? Yeah, we did longtime ago. Eleni Lana shows Lami lemme. Got me drunk. Tell a story. It's great. Yeah, it's. Yeah, it's was a day off and actually I was so hangover was like all I wanna sleep. Mom come again. All of a sudden my my tormented. Sure. At that time our toward managed at that time. Your money tapped wake up, lemme store ministers here. He wants you to come to his LA Beck lounge in his buzz. What. Okay. I'm just gonna get dressed, and he opened the door like a proper gentleman as as has. He wasn't. What do you want something to drink, whatever you have, which king coconuts. So we poured up like a bear glass. We'd like seventy percent whiskey, thirty percent of coke. And I was just staring at this class like this is like mayday. So. Haven't had breakfast yet south sitting there and he was talking. We talked about everything. He talks with me about his reading aloud that already knew, but I was thinking this ill. And I can, you know, and that led you. But after after a while he asked me, this is fun, of course, and he called me joke. Now you is actually spelled j. o. CK he, yes, joke Joe. He probably saw your name on the list. You pronounce it. And is that do like music? Yeah. It's kind of why we're here. So you recruited some country into. Also recruited some rockabilly albums. Do you want to listen to it? Yeah. Why not? Imagine sitting there with the whisky the big whiskey and listen to lemme singing country songs. Now. I remember I took and he stopped after it was ten songs he stopped after every song and then like you. Awesome. And I was just pouring whiskey down sounded so no. But he he was so an all of a sudden he, he's because we were sitting there and I was there for four and a half hours and but sometimes he just stopped talking to me in this looked out the window and I was like. What to do now. And then he said, oh, you took his west up and he took like bags of cocaine bags of speed and put it on the table and was like, hey, what's going to happen now? So he took the cocaine through it been toasted? Yeah. Give it to him or something. Yeah. Then he opened up the speed and tempests teeth bone on just aided. He's like, joke. Do you want some joke. No. No, I don't do drugs. Good for you for me. I think I drank like two baths of that whiskey and then I remember Ciro. Yeah. No, yeah. I remember he said that some I think yoga's enough. You had enough carrying me out because I, yeah. Yeah, pass. That's the classic lemme experience. Yup, lament. He was so nice. We did a lot of shows with them and they were always taking care of us and being nice and you know how it is. Sometimes when you go as a opening act, their crew did not know that we were friends with Mickey's. So they treated there after being kind of pushed right we and then they saw like, oh shit. These guys are actually friends with Mickey and Ryan. I come from the same set. They sorta treat us like kings, but lemme was always nice. Always, always a gentleman, always very, like asking for us. How are you guys doing? All your fine. A cool, very nice person. I think he's been there with. Yeah, exactly. Good point. And with Lenny's experience it, his his character. I think people might not assume that, but it total gentlemen, very educated, very funny rate sense of humor, very respectful towards you. Women everything. Yeah, it was. It was. It was a good guy. Guy and a great sense of humor. Yes, and it was. He was the one of the biggest collector of the second World War. Yeah, I. His house that time when he was did my podcast, we smoked cigarettes. I haven't smoked cigarettes in twenty years. But when lemme ask you, if you want a cigarette in his house, you have one, we drank vodka because he wasn't allowed to drink whiskey anymore. And I was like your your liver knows the difference limb. But then after we finished, he showed me all the stuff and he was going through every detail description about every flag in every you know, every badge and it's like after about ten minutes, I don't know what he's talking about. I I gotta get out of here, but of course those are another hour and a half. He had like Hitler's cutlery Hitler's. And Eva bronze cigarette lighter. How do you get this stuff? People gave it to me, people gave it to you like this is like this Hitler's fork and knife, ten million dollars. Yeah, you know with that was that was him when you're talking about Sweden, and there was actually funny. I just remember this. The Mickey d who always has something in his upper lip. Yeah, go back to the did a tour a few years ago with Benkhaled sister from Sweden, and the tour go out to the club and he says, do what would you like some chewing tobacco and saved the? I'll have some as that you tobacco. When I was a kid, you know, put in my mouth ten minutes later. I'm dizzy sweating. I had to call my guy that take me out of the club onto the bus, and I passed out for four hours covering his, what did they give me? And that's when I found out about Swedish chewing tobacco. Tell tell us about it. It's good. It's too strong. It's it's actually. Fi could turn back time. Could turn back. When did you stop? Start doing that? Now was thirty thirteen fourteen hundred. Thirteen thirteen one three. Yeah. So I've been doing this for thirty years but it's called snooze news yet but like it's super strong. Yeah, it has to even know notice. Yeah. I know the people puke when they're that was yeah. Yeah, but I'd have to do that. So I thought maybe it's something for me. But it's it's, it's a, I tried to. I was off it for like two years, but when I decided to stop, I was like two three weeks for the tobacco to go out of his system. And I was like, I remember one night that was like laying in my bed and. Almost like, you know, the bowl, you got between your chest, it's like, yeah, solar plexus. Yeah, and just turned and it was like pouring water, sweat, sweating. EMMY nines, adrenaline drink weird names. James. It was awful known. Says the same as kicking heroin. Oh yeah. It's the same, but you don't give the fever and you don't Pook when he got off, but you sweating all the time. You're in a bad mood and dislike? No, it's not, but it makes you high like that's what I was laughing. The first thing I was thinking because I looked it up the next day. 'cause I thought, did they put some PCP in here, but they're nice guys. They didn't think they were trying to drug me, but just reading about how strong it is, nothing on those Mickey d with that, he's constantly got it. His house be constantly high stuff. We don't get high on. It is normal for you now it's normal. Yeah. And the first thing I think about in the morning when I wake up, whereas musters. Oh, so do is you put some in there and for the whole day, or do you have to replace it during the day? One candidate. Wow. Yeah, I wasn't doors by big factories. Weeden. Swish mad. Oh, yeah, years. Snooze is such a rich tradition in Sweden, or I'm pretty sure that if you advertise snooze for first time today, it would be classified as drugs. Oh, yeah. Of the history right? They they, we can that. We actually can do actually built a Swedish match has built big factory in Kentucky. You factory and what's the Americans are getting sued that this doesn't may give you. Cancer doesn't now they couldn't prove it. So what is it called? This is Knox Knox? Yeah, it's, you have to general a lot of different. But the first night that will the tour. You gave me a gift of a thing of not heard the story. How'd you hear it again for the Sabbath sabotage. Yeah. Told me. I'm kind of I'm like neighbors with. I'm gonna take one, do it, please. He's doing drugs in class and you drank a beer too. But he just told me the drummer Hannes from sabotage. He told me he ran into at this some at the metal hammer awards. Yeah, they're playing and I was, I was hosting and he told me they said they said, hey, going on tour with their friends, aren't car superstar the great guys as. Oh, that's great. That's good to hear. But then I told him the story and then he passed it along the you guys. So he told me like, don't offer him snooze because he doesn't like it. It doesn't appreciate, okay, let's not them. Well, I respect it because it killed me drink a bottle of Greg use and not be a problem with that. Got me bad. Yeah, that was that was the thing. Yeah, that was that was the thing. But you were talking about this earlier? UK is you guys don't really party as much as I was expecting when I saw your pictures when we're going out the other, I'm even looking at, you know, our little thing here streaming and you know, lots of kind of looking like these guys look like the rocker guys, but does not a lot of, I don't think I've ever seen. Maybe you drink a beer or two, but. Yeah, but we used to be wild men. You know. And you can do it for, let's say a week, and then you're gonna feel like shit for the rest of the tour. Just not worth it any more. Like I, I wrote much rather be sipping on brew all the time, but that crazy, let's do shots. And we did that for like ten ten years yet. Yes, heavily, but thing that you lose when you do that is interested in music waking up hungover. Don't wanna play. Yeah, you appreciate music. You stop. You stop appreciating your performance that's only because of the alcohol. It is. So I understand why people, you know, taking speed and stuff because they drink too much, but you get you get a, we don't wanna go there. Yeah, it kills your hobby. Like kills him. You say you're passionate? Yeah, definitely. In in the long run a great point. And I think sometimes you do that because he think you have to. That's a rock and roll bands doing, especially when you're younger same in wrestling as well. It's like, well, let's go and get crazy because that's what you do. Right. It's like you go, you go out and see good live bands today and like. Let's say the whole, which they are great live that they don't do anything just like they don't do anything. I'm when they go out every night. And I do like two hundred shows year, like every night, their own spot that is killer. Did just kill sit just so good. And in my book, they are very much hard core rock Mellon that because they deliver, they do it. It delivers the good. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that's what rock and roll is about after the show is fist in your face. How how many, how many shows do you guys do a year? You tour every year? Yeah, it's kind of the way you make money now. Right? Yeah, you know the, I think we're around like. Goodyear hundred shows. Yeah. He's just to do more, but we remember the firt will release the first album vaccination. Pinnacle outta we did two hundred and forty show seem on the year while. And we'll wear though, if is your first album just on Europe completely, or if we went to Canada and Japan and Canada's Toronto, we did London. Yeah. What's the name of the club in London now. Only. Now you just told me. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, Toronto. Those London thrown the bovines visit. Now, finally, the cow. Remember in London Ontario, we went into this strip club where hell sane does owned, and we're ordered hamburgers and we'll see them. They're like along the capped walk. And I was like, what the smells fishy here. Hamburger was. He was at look up pussy. Like a couple of years just away from UPN. The bovine sex club. What was the biggest differences for you guys when you came to America, Canada. Canada, I have to say felt very much like it didn't feel like America felt more like Sweden, like Pete that were very down to earth, and I'm not saying American difference though really is very, it was very cereal. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's funny because talking with you guys at end, I don't know a lot of Swedes, but but it with just with you guys. It's the same type of attitude as Canadians have. Like I said, you come from this very cold area but makes you friendlier may be still a little tough and you'd like to have some drinks, but very nice, nicer to people. Maybe we have so much in common Gada because the landscapes and we have the moose. Yeah, yeah. And you're good at winter sports. Don't tell the German. They love it. Well, that's the thing. Like I said in Winnipeg it was the first hockey team to bring in Swedes in the seventies with all Nielsen Anders Hedberg and LARs Erik Shuba. And then Thomas Steen Demosthenes. Did you guys grow up as pocket fans? Big part of the culture now seems like it is our base play. He was actually one of the. They have this tore in in in Sweden every year, and it's televised or you knock up to seventeen years old. I was called a TV puck. The TV pock its juniors and the he was actually in there. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So before rock and roll take, took him. Get lost. You guys will speak very good English to thank fine notice. Is that something that you guys learned in school or how listening to albums. Listen to monthly crew all see when we would understand him. Yeah, right, right. Yeah, because he slurs. But I mean, seriously, if you go to other countries in Europe, like in Italy, it's broken Germany's broken. You'll have some people in Germany, speak perfect, but all you guys seem to speak very well. So is it something that the school system's very important? Yeah, I think it's that. And of course that we, we watched a lot of American moten movies and. A lot of MTV when he got big in the ninety cents, Sweden verb, begin nine in the nineties. So we would sit and watch MTV all day in practice and buying Karang magazine and buying all these magazines you, you could always go to this non this behind Sheraton hotel. Yeah, express though pressed up, press stop. We go. There. Only story could get alerts forum as a foreign magazines magazines. So sexually rumors that rob hall for us to go there when they came to swear because he could find all for all really. So he was actually spotted in that the store. It's so funny though how we all grow up the same because in Winnipeg was the same. There was one place it was called, oh, Calcutta. It was like a head shop like this. Oh, like bombs and stuff was the Indian, but they had you could find aren't shock magazine and crying magazine used costs like ten bucks. Which you didn't have at the time, but at least you could try and look through it with the plastic thing over would be like, you know what I mean? I used to go through those magazines over and over and over again. Get the pictures like, hey, we have faint no more. Nine thousand nine hundred eighty nine like law. The real thing like, oh, we have king dime on this tour. I used to go over and over. You remember that talking about? Let me before. You know the magazine, math method, man, ledge I went to press and I bought that and lemme was in it. There's a big feature with him and. He said, do you have any favorite bands nowadays? Hardcore superstar almost like we made it. Wow, that's pretty cool. Yeah. Death combined with the DC tour in Europe and that combined with Phil Campbell using a hardcore soups of sticker on eight every show we use that and it was visible would see it. So we, we got a pretty good start because people say that open up for motorise very hard, very hard, but they took to us and I think they saw something like role. Well, there's, there's a similarity there. Even the style of music is still the Motorhead type five. And then plus if lemme is giving you the thumbs up. Yeah, it goes a long way. Yeah. I mean, he's he seemed to do that. All I did did that with even with twisted sister back in the day, come on stage. These guys are good. Listen to my friends in. I must be cool fuel. Just read it the magazine. And I remember when you met deal made you cry. Oh, what happens? All tell the story. We're, we were recording our second album and we took a night off to go and see most of millennium Merlo. It was rats opening round opening. Okay, listen, vocal, vocals. Ya. Yeah, and it was cool over the Deel ended. And you ended in we were in the locker room and was bigly and it was screen singer. John karate on crow. Yeah. And d- you grabbed me like, hey, sit down, you wanna beer. And he was like this, you know, I hear. I heard you first album, and I think you're really good singer. Melton I was shaking. And you know what, you know what I want us to do when I'm gone. You gotta take my hurts and keep it in the flag of the flag. Now, I was like, I started to cry and the other guys that were laughing in like, come on with Pusey what you crying for and Mickey d and you're crabby. They saved me. We know when he's going to right now with that, you really looked York. You're deep in the eye. You carry the torch now you carry on after I'm gone. You gotta do this to get wound. Yeah. What's so good. Was. That's Utah. And the funny thing is that we, when he passed away. May rest in peace. Me and Ida and Buren pulling flames and PD from inflames and stiffer Sweden to so many bands. And the keyboard player from emigrant emigre. We did tribute band. Yeah, we did this stargazer store geeze. These star teaser. Did one night into city and rock roll shield. Rin. Nice. Of course. Stargazer. Always been a, yeah, drum intro. Oh, it's amazing. And we did this Sweden rock boats crews. And it's so silly to say this, but I felt him, yeah. When I was up on states, you know, I couldn't my horns your straits like like he does some stay and I felt him why. Then off the show. The singer and gets all player making lock fell from obits came. Oh, yeah, he's great. He's awesome came. It came to me and he said, like. How did you do that? You sang like a God. Oh, you think so? Quite seriously. Yeah, because we didn't want to screw it up and and to do a thing like stargazer that song you had to, you have to nail it. You have to really are all practice. So we, I think we got together with the inflames guys for maybe five or six times. Yeah, just nailing nailing our after hours. You play other stuff besides deal or is it just was it just DO stuff now a rainbow and, and indeed all deal. Yeah. Oh, so how I just was funny. We were just in the bus last night, listening to DO and some rainbow stuff, and I played. Did you hear the metallic medley that they did rainbow rising. I'm. They did. There was a tribute album that came out a few years ago called, this is your life. Okay. Had like anthrax did neon nights and hailstorm did straight is straight from her, but Metallica did a medley called rainbow rising and its or something like that. And it's ten minutes of tarot woman light in the dark, kill the king and stargazer. A medley of it. It's really good, but we were just listening to that last night right here at school. What were your experiences when you went out with motley. Crue was. Did you have some fun with them or are they? Yeah, we, we started in Bergen Norway with them and to be honest with you at first they were kinda shy. Never like you said about us like I thought that would be party. I'm here and not anymore. Kinda thought that about them and turned out that they were basically just people, you know, nice guys, nice guys, especially Nikki. Super cool felt like he was in our dressing room. Oh yeah. You might have been when you see the story of motley Crue they don't like probably like you guys better. Yeah, yeah. But the vibe is there. Like I said, I get a real kind of early motley Crue vibe in a good way from some of the stuff that you play, some stuff that you cool. You know, let's talk about you guys about ready to to do record record out. This is how many records for you now. Seven. Maybe the ten for nine, four again. So funny, I could go ask a fan, they'll tell him exactly. For sure which is right. Someone asked me the day. Can you play end of days some with I, I don't even know remember how goes. A couple of bars for me. I remember so, but, but it's ten thousand eleven thousand, whatever it may be. So when you put out a record nowadays, I mean, it's changed a lot from when you're first record came out, which was two thousand two thousand two thousand. That's when our first record came out. Yeah, it's a whole different world now. Yeah, yeah. How do you feel about how things have changed? Some things are better, of course, and something's not. Yeah. The the Konami was better actually a couple years ago for us. But now you get a like progress, you're not meal. You get like. How things evolve you gotta go with you either like it or you don't. And I've come to realize that it's maybe it's a good thing after all. We might lose some money, but I think in the long run, it's it's a good development as far as as what way like Spotify and it's I don't know in America but isn't huge. Same thing in your you too. I used to be against it myself. I go out and buy my vinyls and you always looking for vying go looking for that. You have an app that shows you stores stores. That's pretty cool. At the same time, there's so many bands that I can't find, you know. And if I want to listen to this heavy metal band from Czech Republic, they're not gonna be in a store in Sweden, and it's going to be hard to order it. Okay. Put it on Spotify them, so at least can listen to it. Right? I can go and support you when you play in Gothenburg. Yeah, so that sense. It's good, but it's as I said, it's both good and bad. Yeah, a. o. kind of almost equated to when I was a kid, I used to listen to the radio station with a cassette in the in the in the machine. And when the song I heard came on that I wanted to hear I pre record it. It's kind of a modern version of that you music that everyone can hear it and I wasn't paying for those. Albums back then it was the standard by the record orbit. Go see the band or by t shirt. It's kind of the modern version of that. Yeah, and you can go out and you can hunt down your music and it's almost full free, you know? Yeah, yeah. Put us, although touring now. And when you guys, we do the VIP where we play a little show before you guys. I notice are staying after signing at the at the at the booth. I mean, that's kind of how it is for you now. Right? Is that something you do every night? Yeah, we try to try to. If it's a room for our suits. Today? The exactly would he not Richie Blackmore. So wanna see anybody. Right? Exactly. Last night when has night there was this girl came up to me. It's like really cute girl and it was like, and he said, can you sign my boobs? And she. And she. It's like standing there like. Hey, can you sign my book. That's when you sign your name. Really nice. Yeah, j. slow. Yes. No. Is that short for something you k- you walk him, you walk in Newark, came in. Joaquin Phoenix. Yeah. Adding Magnus, Magnus, Magnus Andrius. Okay. So. What about Vick. Dummy mo- more sandwich. Martinovic Bosnia always lead to go from Bosnian. Do you know during the ninety s during the war, civil civil war had to go to Sweden, like a refugee all, wow, they just took their diploma in the middle of the night, the whole family. They just took the photo center diplomas left the apartment and just read said, let's Sweden once again rock and roll man. Yes. Martin is also Hof Slovenian Slovenia from Slovakia, Slovenia Slovenia. Oh, wow. So south part of former Yugoslavia? Yes, the we are the only original Swedish. Just as we start to wind it up, you guys wanna Grammy in Sweden the that is yet to come. Oh, I thought you did nominated for Grammy nominated. Yeah times. Yeah, that's for best rock artist. Who beats you start beat. Does that time mustache? Okay. Familiar with mustachioed expand one time or two times. Time we will scandal mess all. They really deserved that because the been around for such a long time to the heaven had anything yet on it and the they totally deserved it just Benchley. All these bands are so many bands from Sweden that are popular. It's like, how order supplies of CIA? How big is your country? Yeah, eight million people coming to ten now. Ten ten. All right, Vic, his family came. Is that the king. We have a king and the Queen. Yeah, the Queen isn't the king isn't very smart or is he allowed to say that. The good thing about that is that he doesn't make people nervous. He's like it. I think he's a great company guy in on. Yeah, have a drink, and he's a nice guy and we, we are actually known for not starting wars. So to say, who's ever gone to war with Sweden? Yeah. In the World War Two, we stayed out of it while everybody was. Yeah. So we have a history of being cowards. You can see, you can see the rockets. Over Sweden to Finland. Let's not bomb those guys. Now. They're too busy, chewing snooze. They don't care. They don't give a shit. Do you have any plans of trying to do more in the states? Is that something that you still always think about? What does it matter at this point? We did a tour last year with Mike Monroe co headline to all that was really good and. We wanna go back. We're talking about may. We were offered to play because last three times because we played actually the whiskey three times now two years and they were all sold out. Yeah. So they wanna book us for the palladium. Yeah, that's a big room. Yeah. And they wanna Buca book with back your babies. All that's another. Yeah. And we try to just work out because they are recording their album. We're mixing our album guy just need to get like the schedule Reiten, but we have an offer from from them to do palladium but bags. So that's a big place to live there. I used to go to palladium and what's really cool bands like prima so prime minister. The ninety s I just saw 'em got an anthrax. They're a six months ago and it was nice. He's got a or it's a big venue. I'd say I'd say maybe two and change to five. Maybe it's just a big giant hall and that's an LA. Yeah, that's right in Hollywood. Yeah, right. We if we can sell seven hundred, maybe we can sell two thousand. Right. In the miracle? Yeah, miracle do you know what the new record was called yet? I think we're going to call it. Bring the house down. Yeah, we're all we have man guess. This is the, I guess this or you can't kill Mirak enroll, Kim, a rock runes down. That may be good like that. Did you guys just started using that because that's on the back of your merged said, just is that a new catchphrase for you or. Yeah, completely new. It started out as a tribute to AUSSIE going to say that we were talking about that his rocket song meets him diary of a madman. Gregory stuff. Last question for you guys have all the songs that you play on stage. What are your favorite ones? Did you live. The new one have mercy. That's a great summer so means going stuck in my head. Yeah, it's it's under three minutes, like an old house, Cooper songs? Yeah, trying to be catchy in short. Short and Kevin. We did that on this record before we always like, you know, you have to have longer songs. That's what I in Maine does metallica's, but after one doesn't matter, just whatever's best for the song. No. UK with your favorite, what's playing? No, it's the cops. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I liked that song actually. That was. That was as a senior. I mean. Have mercy on me is a good song. I like that wearing much of course bun when you play those, you know, songs that we played before when you see the audience and you get audience with you and the do what I say and thing that's of the law, or we don't celebrate Sundays. That's a great ones. You know, that's the first one when I was just this thing, get stuck out like, wow, that's really cool to it's great because what the point of the turn our, you know, everybody's set even the opening bands. Madame ahead in the last minutes ago, I like this or like that one always hearing getting stuff. So that's been a great tour leave. I always like to have people when they when they speak to leave him to give us a message in Sweden Swedish could be anything you want tell you had for dinner giving can allow. Being on toward for so long, you hate, you need some. So you go back to you wife and. Yeah, we'll my Swedish fans laugh at me for that or. Yeah. Yeah. Can you know LA news, sorta new skull, new sky, the new scurvy hem oak oak. Can you lock it on NewsTalk AM knock you there? Yeah, I don't know what I just said, but I really mean it. Now we're going to go home. And as I say that, I see the news on your front tooth, man. Thanks guys. So hardcore superstar did decide to call the new album. You can't kill my rock and roll. The album is out now and you can check out the video for their first single. You can't kill my rock and roll on their website, hardcore superstar dot com. You can also get the album there or stream it on Spotify. The tour starts tomorrow September twenty seventh in Finland, and they will be in the United States March twenty ninth and thirtieth at rock Lanta at center stage in land Georgia hardcore superstar. We'll be performing there. So if you live in the area, go, check him out. There are a great rock and roll band woman favorite bands that we've ever toured with. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go to their home country of Sweden, some time with them. So thanks get outta and you go get the album. Great rock record in great rock bands. So speaking of great, if you have a chance to come on Chris Jericho's rock and wrestling, Richard, see you should come hang and do it. Don't miss out if you're thinking about it. We're just a little bit over four weeks away and we're less than fifty cabins. You can still get your cabin, but it's getting harder and harder and harder book. Now at Chris Jericho, cruise dot com and be a part of. You're not gonna wanna miss out on this all is included in the price, your cabinet. It's all inclusive. All your food. All activities live broadcasts concerts. Comedy shows meet and greets autograph signings. Wrestling matches. Everything in between pay for alcohol and gambling and what you do. A lot of that, here's what we know for sure. Main event the big ocean match alpha club versus the bullet club, the bucks of Jericho, or is it why did you Jackson versus Kenya? Mega Cody Rhodes and mardi skirl also impact versus ring of honor, huge, ten man elimination tag the the bullet club. Once again, mardi skirl Cody young bucks and Adam page versus Brian, caged LAX Sammy Callahan, Johnny moon, Johnny impact wherever you want to call them. Also mardi scale versus Sammy Callahan and no rules deck, fight slaughter on the water LAX versus young bucks, four corner survival match Kenny king versus kazarian versus castle versus lethal Cody versus delirious chosen by Cody himself. And of course live talk is Jericho with Ricky the dragon. Steamboat another remembering Eddie Guerrero with. Conan and Ramos stereo another one with the entire bullet club. Another one with Jim Rawson, Jerry the king Lawler Mick fully during his twenty years of health status show heaping at one hundred on the town Don for and wanna see that Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler doing live with JR and the king on the ship. And of course, the first round of the see of honor tournament has been announced, who's going to win the my my bed is Jay lethal or Jay Briscoe. So I think is thinking about more live podcast beyond the darkness, coal, Cabana. Mario de Rosa doing unprofessional wrestling show, busted, open rate, David Greco, it's going to be there live comedy, Dr Williams, Craig gas, Ron funches silent coup from the impractical jokers. And then there's the rock and roll the rock and roll fuzzy. Three sets including all cover set. Corey Taylor is going to be there doing accused set Bill Campbell, the bastard sons, king, the stir who onto or three now come see us tomorrow night in Orlando, Friday, Tampa, Saturday in Fort Lauderdale disturb will be there. The cherry bombs adorns of rock dais Vivek project nominated for Calgary music award and the. Best blues recording. He's going to be there shoot the Brill. The world's best ACC cover. We're into great depth chairs with them of that in the can so much going on bradey roads Mandy, Leon, Kelly Klein soobee Sakata for the women of honor, special cruise director. So Cal Val special guest host Noel Foley. It's Paul coming together just a little over a month away. Chris geogra- cruise dot com. Come make history and joined the punt speaking of fun. Great guest coming up here, the son of Brian Pilmer, Brian human junior, or was he likes to call himself Brian, go in the second. He's gonna talk all about his dad about his new hallway, four, eight, four, eight thousand four way. Four. Eight in wrestling is a great time. Have a good time for the rest of the week until dance, their hearts down piece lemon hugs and a big boy and remember you can't kill my rock and roll. The Westwood One podcast network.

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