Jairzinho Rozenstruik & Paul Felder


Really wanted to fight this big scary guy. Staying less those people rid show. Hey scars born tonight his name Char Lausanne strike all you top five guys out there. You can't know for coming here. Kt Tony Connor. I don't care who you are and whatever all right welcome to UFC unfiltered matenaer. Still separate. Matt still is not shaving. I'm very used to it right now. and we have. We'll make sure I say his name right. Your Zenia rose strike. We will never talked to before I don't believe in on and we also have Paul Feld returning the show who we both love a lot. Now Matt what did you want to begin with because we have a lot of ground to cover may ninth to fight Islamic and talked about already. What was it you wanted to cover? Well let me tell you the fight. I'm excited for the car. The car dressing insane. We're going to get into that but this this this this news. Is this something that happened. That is pretty epic. Did you see did you see Brett Akimoto? Okamoto did you see Brett Okamoto singing. Fine Ireland No. That's the news though it to me. It's news but listen. We're not going to get sued. We have to play the soul. I two right now. Producers are getting that song for us. Okay go to his go to his instagram. The direct these people they know what to do. I get the Komodos fight island saw him. You're not going to answer coalition when I get in trouble. He's at U. OF C. Guy. Play that freaking. Did you hear Jimmy? I did not. I don't even know what song that is slow. Jimmy was just picture this pitcher this bread bread. Okamoto you pronounce his last name. Make sure I say right Okamoto. That's what I say Okamoto. Yeah I used to say Akimoto and I was wrong but I ended two. It's understandable we. Will we got that right? So it's bread Okamoto. I'm pretty sure had sunglasses playing a banjo. Eight you're singing the song. I think it's fight Ireland. Okay well ready play DOH him. It's no fun to watch. The accidental apples student. Days are getting along. When will this four down and lays swansea's announce starting being the one thing to keep me from Wine Tena? It's only about it any better not be lying on that. Nothing in Moscow this shooting. You're going to see you cry talking. I five autorite thoughts on Fight Island Bread Okamoto. I'll say this bread Okamoto. Who's a very very good? Sports Guy is crazier than I thought. God bread is nothing but I say he put some work into that and it sounds again. This is very bad I would have to hear it on my phone but it sounds like he might be able to sing a little bit. I don't want to commit to that in case I hear hear it and then it sounds terrible. I would have to hear it again. It's I'm hearing it like you said well. Listen I'm the expert but I expect Brag Okamoto's getting waves coming ato and he's not a surfer right. Listen to me. Yeah runoff Goto. I think it's great for him though. Well Yeah I mean I would have to hear Banjo like that and just thought fucking played it. We would look ridiculous both of us. Yup We would with high fools. Look like fools guys I. I know that could pull that off one of them. What you just seen the other one might be Ray Longo. Why can play all you put a fucking Banjo? That guy's not a bad joe guitars. I only things get he's not Jimmy Hendrix. But he's fucking you know he can do fucking little thing or do. We want to make sure we're saying properly. It's your Zeno correct this. Oh okay good. We're you now you already in Florida blue now when you went down there a little concerned about about being around other fighters or being camper how you handle this whole thing soon but the Jimmy Dante American Fixed Group for us and we contain several times So my time is like a deadlock in the morning I get doing forty five minutes. Go Out and fight his sin so kind of Good I. I'm sorry Jimmy. How being in quarantined training. That could be a good thing because you don't want to go out anyway. Keeps people from doing so bad things. Going the rest of the restaurants to go to rate how out partying it keeps you. In is how is your. How do you look at it with the Quarantine? Is You look at it quite like dad or for me? There's there's a normal the normal way we do our camp relevant fight gambling. Auditing I do mostly is like maybe go to? The movie is not like boarding or go into restaurants. Gabby it clean. We don't go out. Stay home but though if you wanna go out the going to movies and that's for us like home. How did you feel during the last fight was over him? Which you want. I mean literally with less than ten seconds left. How did you feel going into the fifth round? Because he was ahead he was doing very well. And what was your thoughts going into the fifth round of their fight. GonNa only give me kick India like A? If if we don't want him out GONNA lose the fight so we'll Salata Ziegler would depress undefined undefined opening and And then the ten seconds on the screaming last fifteen seconds in the cloud like Papa so I know is the less than seconds in the pressure. He is down now. Yeah how did you know you know he was Kayode? You did a Yoda Mark Hunt. Walk off where he was done before. The referee jumped in. You walked off and you know that might have won you the fight if that referee was a little hesitant. So what was your what was going through your mind you. This felt he was done no matter what 'cause you've seen as liquid you didn't see his lap or for me. I saw this aisle. So you've been down and away rendell. I don't always five to get well. I think soon as he hit the ground he woke up and any bounce up and if you see in the video also he doesn't come at me. He walked off the side. So I see this is US really down and you've been in the UFC. I guess what were your first. Finding of Albanian February of twenty nine thousand nine so a little over a year and people are already you and Francis saying that this should be some type of an interim heavyweight fight. You've really kind of rocketed up. Are you surprised at how fast things have? Your name has been mentioned. The top five guys. Yes and no. I'm being deficient now and donating. I WanNa do is recited and I want to get to the top no matter what so is going to now is going to be now snuggling up tomorrow and pedantic entitled to have revisionist Stop and I think that. Who deficient need that now. Now being that you you're coming off three stoppages of very good guys. That means you believe in your power but now you fight and Francis who is arguably the most powerful heavyweight ever. Does that change up the game plan or as far as you just believing in your power of knocking him out. Ni- going with a guy that's not everybody out also different strategy for good strategy Islam. I I I'm going to the guy like Francis and I got rid to dance with him. Yeah Yeah I mean because you possess the power obviously to hurt him as well. I'm sure he knows that you're giving up five inches and reach. Does that concern? You know? I don't know why I'm always obsessed with Francis is just so long and it seems that couple inches. It makes it harder for guys to get in. But you've so you're okay with that so As I always big gut bigger eyes than me. I'm like a small every so yeah. I'm doing this almost years and I always find big with your very first martial art. What was it? And how old were you muzzles like Emma myself anything traditional Allama through time was I was seventeen kickboxing and you walk past the gym. Or what got your interest. Alves had trouble with my friends on the fulfilled in these as you WANNA fight. You did it as a gym in and I started talking trash and I say who WanNa fight against me and I got my ask. Ano- saying okay coach and I say I want to be the guy and he say if you really want to do that you go train in this. I would start. When did you realize you had the power you had? Because again certain guys Roy Nelson spent all those years doing Jujitsu and then he just realized he cannot people out with his right. At what point did you realize that you have one punch knockout power? My coach always says to me like you cannot people out with your hands emulate so but the thing is as a young fight that you don't believe that you just do what you told and would you train so you believe in there. I think when I was my food is professional kick books fight NOCCO guile set around also at one point and then I stop believing that we start working and how was your nerves before that very first fight of yours amateur or professional amateur preferably I think goals notice how is it now in the UFC. Very first fighting a UFC. Was there a difference? 'cause a lot of times a lot of guys even if they have a lot of fights in the smaller shows the production of the. Afc would everybody behind your on five. And you're on in four and everybody's running in and the crowd it can get to fighters how was the difference when you've got your first fight Lucy but the electrical engineers was like Only one option decide and yeah the food's it all Will go with a little bit rusty get dominant and then the second goal you'll opening down. You said she was seventeen when you try to kick boxing. When will you I? What did you first get acquainted with the ground like Jujitsu? They'll to those in eleven awhile. And how did that happen? Was a sparring partner of a friend in Aruba Gregory Malone and he had a fight and then he asked me thinking for three weeks with him. Say Okay no problem. I go Iran and they start doing the DIGNAM defense. I also big body and the Guy. My friend used to fight A four kilogram smaller. You so he was using me to do you know and he did something and I guided defend myself and say hey do it again do it again. The show you have to decide that and that's how it go and I rolled in your joy. Did you did you took the kick. Boxing yeah even like MMA more than Gig wealthy more with me or you see a Lotta guys who just hit. Their weakness is getting kicked in the legs. Or if somebody shoots for take down so that you can do all those things and you do have big heavy kicks which. I think is a giant advantage especially the heavyweight division? Be Able to kick like you kick. I do I'm accomplished fighter It can't go anywhere. Maybe not that good at everyone but I can save myself. You have enough weapons. Where no matter what they do? Well you have something that you can counter it with it. They probably don't do as well finding a guy like over and you've coming off some huge knockouts and he's a pro allister's Ford everybody. He sold the former champion. He knows how when he's hurt. He knows how to get somebody up against the cage and get himself breath. So what's going through your mind like in the first round the second round when you're unable to put him away and you know that he's gone long and fights before you got it was. It was a three round fight. There's a three round fight right. So what goes through your mind right when you when you're getting into round three and he's just not going down for me everything that really fast In the fight is like and as wrong for so yeah Most of the files most individuals a little bit of frustration. Because every time I was Kinda have second to show so I was like okay. Let me see okay. Let me let me and of course he ever game plans always easy so I got it. He attack so I have to defend that end goal in full attack in my way. So yeah a little bit confused and then suddenly. I got the bullet against own visit. Am I also keep screaming at me? The openings in his legs so deadly his knees you know he's so good because he's He's so good putting his knees up and if I remember I haven't seen the fight sense of happened but if I remember right he was having some decent success with with with knees and then getting away just finding a really really the fight that you'd expect a veteran to fight against a stronger guy. You was he was. He hurt his knees because he's so powerful with his knees. What was he hurting you and where you prepared for that you had this opening. He had his opening but I was prepared for it and soon as he did something. I it's a fight so I know I know he's GonNa Committees Weapons and I know. Ls Or is therefore. Is there like forever and I know who he is and what he's done for the sport so I wasn't surprised we haven't gone who on Not this last time. But the time before and he was saying that there's no fights he's waiting for a fight waiting for a fight and I guess in the time you kind of I think you you want. Probably two fights in the in that period did you. Have your eye on Francis like a little bit earlier knowing that he's the guy you're gonNA have to get through if you WANNA fight steep may or may so was he a guy you were looking at a little earlier on. If he's in these he's in a position of the perfect spot to get the title shot and I know soon as I get up there is GonNa be there. So is the guy we need to defeat to get the show. And he's on an impressive run he you know. He looked unbeatable then Steep afford a brilliant fight against him and then he had that tough fight with Derek Lewis and then three straight knockout so whatever was going on with him he's back to fighting even think even better than he was fighting before the lost. Yeah I mean he's there to do stand. I'm here to mind so I'm ready to go my nine and I'm put him we had gone. Here's yeah I think everybody's looking this. The third fight there's two championship fights As the main and comb event your fight could be a obviously what's going to be a main event fight. Everybody is looking when you were growing up. You said that you had trouble on. The soccer field was it was in a bad area. You grew up in with their always fights. It's not a bad area. What boys do and dominant guy always wanted? People in soccer is another way to meet people. I'm happy I'm find his way and soon as I stopped much. Lots and lots of things a lot of places Showed me really discipline helped me in life? Also where where are you from originally soon? I'm not even sure where that is close to Brazil. Goes to grant is in the Caribbean. Oh okay so. Is that the first time you really traveled? Our good martial arts took you and Kinda showed you the world as much as well all right. Well listen this is a fight. Everybody's looking forward to you. Look incredible and your four you see fighting even even though Alastair was winning the fight the the fact that you came back and did that ten seconds left you really. There is no relaxing against you and I think that the over eating steak of just let his guard down for one second and you showed dangerous. You are Jimmy. May I add that Some heavyweights powerful heavyweights are very powerful and the very openings of or beginning around to do what you're Zamora just did at the end of the fight with how many seconds left a power to face altering power? Yeah that makes it very intriguing. So I can't wait for this fight. Neither man that must do a lot for your confidence to because no matter how the fight is going. If you're still standing you always know you have a chance but to have not not to have done that to him with that little time left. That's got a boost your confidence a lot like you're never out of a fight through. I feel good. I've always so confident. Memeber Halloween the fight when I have to say always ready to go and then you guys. Good luck may ninth We have loved every fight. You fought has been exciting. And I'm looking forward to Franson Ghana. The third fight on. May the Ninth Enough Florida. So I hope you stay healthy and I'm looking forward to watching you. The Anchorman you guys they say okay. You're talking to you take care. Thank you Buddy. Rose and strike. Yeah really really fun to watch and It's interesting anybody. The heavyweight division can probably knock anybody out when you see a guy who is that devastating with power fighting guy like in Ghana. Who's that devastating power? You know that in Ghana has to worry about him and and yes the worry about him for the full is is is a three of five. It's not free initial three rap. I was that's why I wasn't sure I forgot. The over in was the main event. There's a three round fight and then crews and who's Oh this there's guys that are powerful. But they do they do face. The power feeds just a little bit. He's shown that it doesn't so dangerous from Belva Bell so that's can. I don't know if that's going bell to bell. I don't want jinx it though. I'm just saying I'm knocking. Never know sometimes these fights against Derrick Lewis. Everyone expected to the best. Can I just add that since? Then you seen a different mentality. No matter who he thought and he took out two former champion since then yeah in in a jd US and came and Cain Velasquez so any did with the same metality that before our store over eight before before he looked so you know. I think he's mentality is fantastic. And obviously your Zeno. I'm not killing aimal do it right right. Yeah I think. So he's He's mentalities. He's just put away his last three guy. So man I'm ecstatic. There's no way that fights born. If so point come back. Appointed this is a matter in eighty eight. No I would never but but because I'm also expecting it to be. It's almost like whoever gets all. I like whoever lands the first couple of shots. I you know no matter how good your Chin is. It's going to be hard to take two or three shots from in Ghana and I think it's GonNa be hard to two or three shots from Rosa's strike so whoever whoever gets through I that's why the rich I know I seem obsessed with reach but with a guy like Francis I mean that's five inches is a tremendous amount of ground together but timing is crucial in his ways as a guy five six we used to fight it. Felt that welterweight. There's ways to come in Behind Your J. Double Triple Jab and yeah I this timing the way in where you can strike a guy obviously reached so I wanted to call me as a master of getting in and covering ground because he's usually never the biggest in the ring. I'm always so intrigued of not of what. What these fighters what the first discipline of what they started with right and also y the reasoning. Why like some people got bullied or some of them are like we took a toll frozen and he just wanted to try boxing? They will the McCarthy US I don't think ever through standing up you just fuck it. Takes guys down strangle. So it's just so now he's one of the most dangerous guys with so it's funny when you first see when they start always interesting I find. Yeah no I'm the same and I think that I'm always interested in what they were like. Growing up to draw because so many of them. I think the first time I remember hearing that was from a rampage interviewed years ago. And he was just talking about like you know guys kicking his ass when he was younger might have been someone in the family and these guys all have these these things that so many of us have they want to do something about it and they become fighters. I'm I've been somebody wrote to me. Jimmy I how I think I kept them can hopefully get confusing The whole getting smoke and getting shade and all that kind of notice not fucking older than you. I don't I don't know so so you know now you know what it is. I took a picture. I took a picture of half the things I can't do it. Okay here we go and This is from headquartered. Seventy five this is guy is on Instagram Romi. He goes chaos. Okay so when you and your buddies walking down the street and someone gets into dispute and you tell the other Guy Bro. You definitely don't want that smoke. Got That lead to support your buddy. You don't want that smoke. There's not so much be smoke on you. Oh Shit expression all the street and someone gets in a dispute. You tell the other. Go Bro. You don't want you definitely don't want that smell smoke old saying you don't want this heat you understand. I never said that either headquarters is telling going so. Thank you got no one I would say should front and I would say do me a favor. Sir. Please don't strike me. That's what I would say. It's very clear you don't have it. Not Generational I don't WanNa be. Clearly you don't get it. It goes through transcends. Everybody will know you don't want any. You don't want any heat be smoke. I don't WanNa keep tonight now. Do not might me? I don't want to be beaten up by the way but Okamoto video. He's pretty he's a big guy. I didn't realize that he was a bigger guy. I guess I think I'm the only one who's involved in any peripheral way of the UFC. This completely shut shape and literally took. It just started kickboxing cove. It hits everyone else seems to be in good shape person in this business. They couldn't strangle me including Jon Anik raw genetic. I think he trained Jon. Anik on genetic very fun guy. I'm like the talk him again. Much man living through a quarantine. How you make it how you handle it like mentally. This is something that works totally against your your nature or do you work with you. Oh I would say it goes against me a little bit in on like to be around different people and like my job. I like being on the road. I like doing commentary and traveling. And that's all taken away with this stuff going on right now. You know. I'm sorry it's about like balance right because you love your family but the balance of just going out to my school's back hanging out with Jimmy come. It's like it's it's all about balance it's like guard is that what a stir crazy bowl. I'm a little stir crazy. I just got a dog actually last week. So he's helped out with Kind of keeping me busy keeping me. What taking walks going outside? I have something else other than my. You know my daughter obviously too but this guy almost more of a pain in the butt to take care of then Ben Ben Affleck He. They said he's a Pitt but he looks like he's got might have something else. It's a little bigger. Let me see if I can flip this around here and show you just show you hear. Petey for the little rascals got some spots it looks like a cow on certain parts of the body. He's huge. He's eighty six pounds. Oh my God. He's A. Yeah Yeah I. I rescued him last week. Went and and we went there just to look and he wasn't even that friendly. I kinda like ignore and this is kind of being like a Dick and I'm like all right. Whatever I'm not gonNA save you then you know what I mean. I came here to help you out. And then he sat in his his Crate afterwards you know in in the rescue spot and he just started hitting us with the you know I'm about to cry is screw it. I'll take a risk and soon as we got him home and he was just a big huge baby. I mean he's just just happy to be out of their house around your daughter and everything. And how will you with that? I'm very. I'm like a worry? Wart will make Kia animals and I grew up with dogs always two dogs in the house. So I'm a very admiral person but I don't know man I get really really paranoid. You know as a father how. How do you get that? How do you get them acquainted and stuff? Well she went with me so she you know she was there. The whole time she met he came right up to her before it came up to anybody else. Let Liquor in the face and then just didn't even bother with so I was like okay. He's not and he. You know the place he was before had kids and the kids were great with him but he got into a fight with the dog. That was already. There said there was already an older dog who lived house. They adopted him brought him home. It worked out for a while and then they got into a scuffle over whether it was food or a toy there were both playing with and he didn't start it but he's a big guy so they both got roughed up. He's got scars all over his face. He's got you know marks on his legs and things like that so whatever whatever happened they they got after. That's they're both okay. Both dogs are okay but he got the you know the back end of the stick because he was just a new guy brought in and he's obviously a pit so anybody that sees that's going to be God I gotta go but I'm telling you he. He doesn't care in the world when I see other dogs on the street. Unless it's a big monster who's coming at him then he's like. Yeah I gotTa Watch myself but other little dogs. He doesn't care. Are you a good dog? Only I've never owned a dog before so I think to get an eighty six pound pit bull that's previously all probably. I should like have you had dog your life or you go with them. I've had dogs my whole life. Growing up My my family's always had dogs but this is my first venture into deciding to have one on my own and it's GonNa you know it's it's going with the amount that I travel but right now. That's all slow down that at least I could get him kind of acquainted everything then if things start to pick back up with with commentary and work maybe a fight. That'll be so far down the line he'll be already. You'll be comfortable here and we'll have that all figured out but Yeah just one of the dog. You also don't believe him home at your family when you're gone as a former protection in a way to like if you're on the road and you're not there to help a nobody Even though he's not a you know an aggressive did they don't know that you see in eighty six pound pit. You're going back okay. I'm the next house. Yeah that's out some risking it. You know so yeah it does. It makes me like all right. Nothing's happening to my stuff for my people while while I'm on the road you know if somebody comes in here I trust that. If he didn't trust him he'd be He'd be sinking. Some teeth to be had to do that. Anthony Smith Story. Get you a little bit like that. I mean that that was. That's a scary story craziness. That's not any of the reasons why I picked this guy up but yeah and like you know especially when people are fighting for their lives and that kind of situation imagined in front of your family. That's that's wild man and he had just put guns in a different place or something like that. I don't even have any so I. I don't even have that that option. I don't I don't have a gun but he put placing what couldn't get to it as our today. He said he said he's normally got them ready to go. And like a place that he knows about but I think it just clean them or he was like re he did something different. Had them locked up you know where it would take some time for him to go and get them and that guy was already in the house so he didn't really he said something about his guns but anyway yes scary. Scary Situation Policy Nella. Jimmy was saying earlier about you. Making the total like one eighty after your decision In the in the cage if your last fight and let me tell you because I know what it's like fighting before I had kids and then after I had kids because I had a couple of fights after after I had kids so I know the emotion finds motionless is it is but oh man. Is it different? Especially if you've been away from I knew exactly how you felt. Tell us the feeling 'cause I don't even before but tell us it wasn't like an on the moment decision right there. Mcgary man you do not on the fly or just your gut feeling what the fight ends super close fight really. Yes so for me. It was something I personally had had run through my mind a few times coming up to that fight that if this one doesn't work out I knew somewhere in there that there's a chance depending on how it went if I got knocked out I was done right then and there. I was walking away from the sport. Hooker put me to sleep. I'm done because that was the you know that would have been the the bad fight. I need to stay home with with with my daughter but since it was so close and you know I thought I did enough. But you know it's one of those fights he can't do anything about it. I it still felt like it's slowed down my momentum and I always kept telling myself and tell my family. The only reason I'm still doing this is is to become champion to be the best and when you lose a fight like that you know it's like Oh man while now now what so. I split second. Yeah I thought you know what I can't do this anymore. I can't be away for eight weeks at a time. Not See my daughter not see my family income all the way around the world and then you lose a decision and I'm not arguing. Do I think I won? Yeah of course. I'm a fighter. I'm in there. I always think I want but anybody out there. You know I I. I don't WanNa make it seem like I'm being a baby about it either. Like Hooker did his job. He fought a great fight. That had nothing to do with it. What have to do is like you guys are saying just the stress of being away and then you know that doesn't guarantee you a win. You know what I mean. It could have been worse to. I could have went all the way to New Zealand around. The World Gun. Slept in thirty seconds. Thank God that didn't happen. That's never happened. I mean this is amazing. Thing about you lost five fights three were by split decision. One was by decision and one was a doctor stoppage. Like you've never quit. I mean three split decisions means that you were this close that you could easily only have two losses on your record. That's not being a baby. That's that's that's those are closed fights dam's defects. Yeah Tim's two facts. Yeah I mean those three fights go on my way who knows though right. I mean what position does that. Put Me and let's say I don't lose that Ross Pearson fight than I don't change things that may be needed to be changed so I always look at them as you know things that that needed to happen. The Mike Perry fight. I don't think I won that fight. You know what I mean I. It was a great fight. The fact that I was able to do as well as I did with a broken arm is something I still hang my hat on it and it very proud of but I thought he did enough to to get that win this last one. You know that that was another one. That's in Shit. That could have been another one. That's didn't go my way. I mean I've been in a lot of really tight fights with some guys at the top of this division and You know. In retrospect and looking back I still feel like I've got some fight left. I WANNA win. At this point this kind of slows everything down for all of us But hopefully we can get back to where this is safer to be fighting throughout all this stuff. And I'll wait till then you know I. I don't WanNa rush right back into until the UFC kind of figures out how we're going to do this stuff. But I'm glad we're doing it. I'm glad we're glad we're fighting at least trying to hopefully a couple of weeks away so hopefully may ninth Actually goes down and we have something to watch. That is not prerecorded. Yeah and apparently Anneke is a little anxious to be calling a dominant cruises. Fight against a pseudo. Have you during that at all where you've had to call a fight of somebody really rough so many times? I've called Anthony pedestals. Donald ceremonies fights before now. They're fighting each other. I've called Gerald Mercer Arts Jared Gordon I've seen him You know lose a really tough fight that he was winning. And I've also saw you know he was put into that that What's that what's that movie called Matt? the stretch move the LIBOR. Looking thing that everybody said nowadays I I don't fucking know. Get every all the FUNKY NAMES. But he was talking with these fancy with them. You know but yeah. I've seen a lot of fighters go through a lysine. Anthony Papas rebound. When he's fighting Pori and was all you know. There are both bloody so yeah. I've had to call some teammates and friends fights and it's it's socks man's. It's just hard to walk away when you're just doing so well. I mean this last fight very well. Could you talked about in this? You know the other two studies James Vick and Edson up to I'm thinking of Era Oliver. Yeah and you're not slowing down so it's like it's not like all right man. Well I took a beating this morning and I give you now you said you would have got finished then then you know all right makes done so you're not you're walking out not the skating Mike Stitcher to it. Maybe but you looking good afterwards all right take me a few days but yeah my face up pretty quick but I was. I look like Frankenstein after that. One couldn't cost your brain still there. You Still Gonna be able to do the commentary you know what I mean. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I'm not Being separated from consciousnesses. They like to say. Oh I'm still I'm just taking some some flesh wounds. Flesh wants got stranger fighter. Like some guys on the stand when sometimes you always need to get to get beat down of the right. I don't have to walk away. It's hard to walk away. Just you're not slow down. You're looking great. And you're one of those guys that gets better as the fight goes on to you adapt. Which is that's very. That's a very good attribute you adapt with within a fight. And You keep coming forward if something is it just your will not to stop and go forward or did you have a very high Threats shoulder pain. I think that might be a collaboration at the two of those a combination because I I've always been that guy even sparring room. If you catch me with something good I just I just want to get you back so bad you know. It's it's been what drives me for a long time even in an argument with a friend a girlfriend. It doesn't matter I feel like I have to. Kinda fight my way back and win and that's just how I am eight feeling like you got me. You know what I mean if you got me I wanNA fucking hurt you even more. Which is something. I've had to slow down. Which is where Duke really came into play for me because I was fighting with just pretty much a lot of balls and toughness for a long time in my career and I did pretty well with it now. I feel like I got a little bit more strategy behind it as well now despite have nothing to do you use right. Oh yeah is that help. Does that help your poker face there or is that the stupidest budget you ever. You have great. Thank you will get hit again. Look like they stepped Alaba. A I'll tell you. Wince what is that man? Is that just stubbornness show that you got hurt? Your fucking hamlet where you don't get the satisfaction. Trust me. There's no there's no acting involved when it comes all the stuff beforehand. Maybe hyping the fight talking about it. The faceoffs you know Media Day acting really comes into play for all that even backstage preparing to go out there and like getting your mind right for what you gotta do that a lot of things. I learned through the years of what I was performing apply. But it's still such a different frigging beast. I mean you you know. We're going look exactly but it doesn't matter. I don't care who you are when you're backstage about now. That is where it helps right the fact that I know. I'm going out to to put on a show even though it's a show of you know athletics violence. It still helps me know that it's all it's all theater. I mean it is theater that's what the UFC is. There's a stage the octagon. There's a crowd. There are people involved directors producers in the. It's all the same thing pull over. There's no fucking script no script but it every play doesn't have a script you those Improv out. There are things that are made up on the fly. There's just a rough even movies and films have been. There's a rough concept is an idea. We know what we're talking about but we don't know how it's going to go down to what's going to be said and that's what that's what fighting is a very loose script you certain things you know. There's certain things you can't do you kind of have to stay within the bounds of a very loose when the lights going to start. You know. It's either over this way or that way and there's GonNa be another fight after we've got a timeframe we've got a schedule you know so the more you look at. It actually helps you if you look at it like that instead of you know the violence that you're about to go into but once you're in there man it's you know it's instincts for you ever think like when you're about to walk out like if I have five to show tonight and I'm feeling fucked up. I look at the clock and I'm like okay in twelve hours. This whole thing will be over in twenty four hours this. Do you ever look at the clock. I'm going to fight an hour so at in ninety minutes no matter what it's over yet and then when it's over it's over. I wish I could wish. I wish I would have lived through that a little more. You know especially once we do finally retire like God. I wish I was just savored. A little more That and that's one thing I feel like I'm pretty good about especially that last fight in New Zealand. I told myself that a lot I was like. Don't just wait for it to be over kind of how you're talking and we. I have definitely been there election fighting in like three hours. Initiate Shit is. It's done win lose all. I don't handle stress about this anyway. No matter what happens and then afterwards you know you're relishing in every moment of what went down. How long did it take before? You're not like whatever feelings you have before you fight like once it starts then you just lock in. Or how long does it take before you go to like all right? This is going to happen to is just the beginning of the fighters on soon as a fight. The fighting soon as the REF looks at you looks at him or vice versa. Whichever way does and you go everything shuts off for me. I. I don't. I'm not nervous anymore now. I'm just I'm fighting. You know and I have a goal I'm trying to. I'm trying to fuck you up. You know what I mean. That's IT and not get taken out and I'm listening to my coaches. There's there's things that are keeping me focused whereas everything beforehand. What if what if what if what if this happens? What if that happens? What if I slip on the first punch I throw and I go to get up and I get choked out you know? There's so many variables that drive you crazy. At least when the fight starts there was nothing else other than respond to. What's going on? What is something you can? You had signed Matt? What is something you've had like one of soul when we were kings with Ali informant where he says like this nightmares here? And it's happening. Is there anything you've had in your career whether it was Barboza's kicks or something that one of the fighters was GONNA do like you? Were dreading a little bit and then once it happened. You're like okay I just hear it is. It hurts as much as I thought. Or it's not. What was something that happened like that for you that you dread it a little bit and then when it happens. You're like okay. This is the nightmare. I was worried about an probably one of the ones I was most worried about. Was Charles Oliveras Jitsu I? I just know he's such a finisher so slick on the ground and almost immediately in that flight we came out. We touched each other a little bit with some punches through a couple of leg kicks and the next thing I know I am not only all my back. He's transitioning he's got my neck and he's looking for for finish and I'm in the dark choke and I'm hearing myself gargle almost a minute into the freaking fight and I'm thinking here we go this. Is it done and I remember saying to myself. You're done and then I remember saying to all right. We'll do this do that the next thing. I know I'm still there. I'm like all right. Well we'll just you know you're going to tap let's tap like this sucks and then you tell yourself no. Don't tap these are. This is all within twenty seconds. Ten seconds yeah the conversations you've had. I thought about my dad. I thought about this. I thought about going to sleep in my gonNA ship my pants here when he puts me to sleep. The next thing I know I'm out of it and I'm L. Bonehead. It's just but that was one of the ones where I was like. God Damn it. This is what I was saying about. And He's good. It's I can't move. He's he's every time I fight this. He's on that transitioning it so that was one of the more intimidating moments. I've been in in the UFC where a guy is in his wheelhouse performing. Well thought date. And it's as bad as I thought. Perseverance Shimmy. That's one of those when you're watching it and now it's done it's over. Always he's gotta get out you jump up. I remember that because then he went from young to a mountain guillotine if I remember correctly yeah under the chain Holy Schipol then He. He had me in that Dr Santa going back and forth with that and in the moment for some reason I think I was going to appeal his leg off. I gave him my leg so now. He's gone my leg annex folding me in half with the choke and he's got these long wiry arms and I remember thinking you idiot like I've finally kicked kicked out of it and I was able to roll out NATO my back the same way he took a man I forget the guy's name but he choked him out with a standing rear naked choke and I was in a standing joke but I was able to pull my his arm over my head and like throw him to the Mat and that was kind of win the tables turned and he was so tired because he put about five chokes on me s in a few minutes. And I'm a big guy in there at fifty five a much bigger than Charles was so I was able to use that to my advantage. Thank God you're last loss to offer. Last loss was to you. Yeah trying to keep it that way. So so you get back tonight you you get to quarantine and then you like all right. Look look at my last fight. What I've been doing. What am I thinking? I got a little emotional. I got a lot of family. Time now. Built up overflowing. Let me get back into clear that what goes through your head a lot of that for sure right because you don't expect you know what I'm thinking retirement. I'm thinking I'm GonNa go back. I'M GONNA start being on the road again. I'm not going to see my family as much. It's going to be stressful enough with just commentary. Which makes me think okay. Well at least if I'm just doing that I'll have time to see. Then everything is shutdown. And it's been you know eight weeks nine weeks where I've pretty much been home the whole time and spending nothing but I'm with the family so now my well I could go away for at least one more. You know what I mean. I put the overtime here at so we'll see though it really depends on timing and how this all plans out because you know I. I'm going to be busy with commentary now once we get going if Dana gets this ball rolling. I'm GonNa be working these shows because I will be in. I'm I'm scheduled to go to Florida if things go down so not for May ninth but the the you know we got two more shows after that they need commentary desk work. So we'll I'll be finding out what's what's going to happen. What do you think happens? You Division is so good And obviously is such a an interesting choice to fight Ferguson? Nobody is disappointed about that to see those to go out. I think that's almost as interesting as as hit against heavy. What what do you think happens in this fighting? I know they're hard to predict now. They're so hard to predict You know I I like. Hp chances are a lot more now that he's had a little more time to prepare. Nine just goes out on his shield so much that I think he's either going to you know like even said he's like I if I don't go in there and and get a knockout her finish him. He doesn't see himself getting his hand race. And you got to appreciate a guy like that. That knows that his style is. You're either taking me out or I'm taking you out. He doesn't want it to be a decision. He's GonNa go at you until you either catch him or he catches you but As far as predictions you know I have no clue. You say that when he came in when he fourteen or fifteen when he came didn't get you go again. I know my style lends itself to be a knocked out. It's probably going to happen eventually. He said something that will happen. Resent he was waiting and he kept saying he's waiting to meet is equal and you know and he found that in the UFC which is why he wanted to come over here and why. He wanted to compete. You know not just in these other organizations. He wanted to come here so that he could do that. And then rise up like he has again. You know what I mean. He took his losses. He found the guys that were just as good as him and he worked on the things he needed to work on. And now he's you know fighting for an interim belt and potentially fighting for the the lightweight title. So you know everybody kind of comes at me. A lot of his fans. Come at me hating on me. Because I've called him out over the years and I've said some things about them but I I always back it up with saying anything I say about Justin or Tony is out of complete respect and you know I recognized their skill so trump people people give me shit but it is what it is guys. I WANNA fight the guys that are the best and those guys are those. Those guys came with Connor. Disabled any of these guys. Of course I WANNA fight them. Say THINGS ABOUT THEM GUYS? What do you? What do you expect us to do if we're all together? I'M NOT GONNA sit back and keep quiet. You know otherwise I might as well just retired fucked atman enough range. You could use some enemies and you're right you're right that's that's a true statement right there as I got. We got enough people in our lives. You don't need. You don't need twitter to love. You do jared below man. That's all you need for a hilarity. At least that's all I need is my roofing for guys is some of the guys. I haven't here philly between them. The text message groups that I'm in on a daily basis. Keep me laughing my ass off on this. I need one other friend. I don't give a shit I by Jimmy Beverly Let me issue after this fight with with Tony Adjusted. I am intrigued. I am intrigued with a fight between everybody talks about Tony Versa. Bieb and obviously I WANNA to see that everybody wants to see that what about Justin versus need. Just fucking pot who keeps guy down down work and relaxing. Its Guard fight once I saw and then he gets back up but he wants who the guy down. He's devastating his power standing up. Endurance is it is top notch. Kicks I would love to see him if he beats Tony. Instead of what would have fight with Abib. How would you see that going? I think that's I think that's even more intriguing because of the wrestling background. That Justin just use it purely for defense right so I know. Habib is an absolute monster when it comes grappling but I wanna see somebody really that is is is as good of a grappler as abib tried to take down. Justin and see if he can if he can neutralize that and keep it on his feet. That's that's a real bad fight for beaming. I'm not saying to all those guys out there. We're GONNA come at us now either. I'm not saying that's going to happen. I'm not saying could be can't take down but that intrigued me. 'cause Justin has such a solid wrestling background that we barely even get to see. Imagine if you really did tap into that imagine if he was taking guys down putting them on their backs and using that power that he has to to ground and pound. We're only seeing a portion of what that guy is actually capable of. That's how mentally crazy to me is that he's like now. I'm here because I like to fight. Now he's wrestled back in college and high school. I don't need to do that anymore. I just want to punch people in the face and kick their legs off well. Connor I mean did better on the ground again to be. The people thought he would. He lasted longer than people. People tap the first round any wound up going into the fourth so I thought that his defense was better than people expected. I feel like he's a better grappler than he gets some credit for you know he's gotten caught by D. as he sat some issues in the past. But if you really watch me. Swept the as at one point in their first or second fighting sets moments of seems like a legit Jitsu guy under cavenaugh but Habib's just a different of relentless animal. You know he would have given up on certain take downs or positions on the ground. He just doesn't stop right. I would have been like all right. Well she had. I can't keep this guy on his back I'm GonNa he's GonNa stay up for Awhile. He's like now. I'm just going to do until I die. Also issue now have power in his hands. I think it'd be heavy hands. He doesn't get better with it. And I said that before that you see's working on his boxing He stood that one round with Connor. And you might not want it but he he did that to prove a point and then was able to get to take down in the round that he wanted so he's a smart guy and he's a very very technical martial artists out there. He doesn't do things that are just for show. He doesn't go out there and try to appease anybody he. He implements his game plan and gets the win and you know he's got a huge following. It's nice to see somebody that doesn't really talk a lot of trash. Just defend himself and does his thing you know and goes out there and fights and MMA fight and people love it. It's nice to see. Well Paul I gotta be really happy that you've changed your mind about retiring really happy. I mean you're a great announcer and I listen to you and qualified great at it. But you know I I would like to see a couple of more Paul felder fighters guys in that division. I still I'll never rest until you and I went to fight. Still fucking heard about that one getting into the right. Now please as a fan this yet. That's just too fucking another guy that you know I have about respect for al knows that too. I've seen them all I see on the road Moment when we were functioning as organization and this stuff wasn't going on is we see each other all the time. We see each other ring a combat she. Fc shows. I mean it's you know to East Coast guys that have very similar mindset so I just wish I was good at selling real estate like he is. That'd be sweet right now. Once this is done people are GonNa WanNa buy stuff. Well it's always good talking to you man and you know again. Congratulations on the dog. And I hope you again soon Buddy Airport. You guys yeah. I'm glad I got this one in. And hopefully you guys stay safe and keep their minds occupied. I know this is Times Yanks. Times man throw will our party. Greg spotting really is great news. His decision to maybe fight again is really happy because he really one of those guys like Justin. You never don't want to watch him fight. His fights never suck. He's always in it until the last second again. Three out of five losses split decisions people about quarantine if it wasn't for the quarantine maybe we would not have seen both. Are I gotta get something good at us? Something horrendous. We'LL LOOK. Here's some good news before we go. It's April twenty-seventh a twelve days. Whatever it is until the fight so a week from this Saturday we got fights so where we got something forward to. I mean we have that we have Bret Okamoto's song fight island is I mean. We're GONNA listen to that That should be played as we're closing the show and you know between that and my all my favorite musical artists are all see related now because we know a big fan of tyrod s really falling in and out of love even though that you should be in no. But here's what I WANNA do. I wanted to have a conversation with Mrs Sarah and ask you what she really thinks about this. She's not a fan. She's not a fan Jimmy. She's helping the kids in the in the dining room doing the homework or mind getting frustrated. Three kids she goes to their dobra husband is got the. He's got a headset on all leaning out. Let's Mark Morris average and then she's like really really it's a lot. I'm doing common core with the kids and your yellow comores savage bitches the kids. It's a lot jenny. I liked to have fun. I know you do. That's good you should and we had fun today. Yes we did and next week by the time we talk again at all two days from now but we're getting closer eakin closer to the fights thank you to your Zeno Rosen's strike and of course the great Paul fell to who fucking if you don't like Paul felder Paul. You don't like them. I get why you don't like it but if you've never fought tooth and you don't like him you just basically a Dick. Because he's he's great. Listen he's he's a good guy in a is dog. Looks Awesome Man. And he's as tough as they come all those guys. You're talking about Tony or Sabih and Tony Justin Justin versa deed poll felder fight anyone of any connor. I should be said that when we were on air within the making but I think he whatever I'll say it now I thought of that like I literally as police talking. There's nobody in that division again. I say I just because they're both such tough guys that don't quit but there's also of course there's also just engage against Feld. It'd be fucking amazing fight. I would hooters. WanNa see GAIJIN fight. Paul fell to just two guys that don't stop every guy we just mentioned you just match each one of them up and everyone every fight will be phenomenal and we will talk more on Wednesday about these fights. I WANNA go through. How excited I am about this card. I mean literally I looked at the. What is the prelims? Prelims are better than some fucking headed and cowboys of prelims. Let's talk about it on Wednesday. We have a whole lot of ground to cover all buddy real whole dude. It's amazing he's on the feelings. I'm looking at it now. Jimmy I cannot of Bir do I know for BCS doom against ALMANAC. Yeah I before before. I want to say you're right. Hold on I'll tell you the second at the end but I don't have to try to smart. I can literally look it up. That's what analysts do. And that's coming or Jimmy and they may have fought before look I'm sitting. Alvie is in the early preliminary and he's the first night of the night the day who gamers Nico Price before. This isn't a May do they have not. It's really an amazing. They have not fought both heavy grappling based fighters. Yeah that's a good interesting fight. There's so many good fights on this. I cannot wait you me. All right buddy. I'll talk to you soon. Matt thank you again to Paul and Arsenio and we'll talk to you soon couple days. Good-bye everybody goodbye on fielded army. We really got to come up with official goodbye all right. How about this? I'm Jim AMAC. We'll do that one again. How about this say? I'm Jim that you'll be saying I'M JIM. I'm Jim but which Sadia city I'm Jim and together. We'll go and where unfiltered let's now okay. I'm Jim I'LL BET and we're jake three. I'm Jim and together. I'm Jim Bat and together. Where filtered awesome just lost every.

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