Steelers Brunch With Tony: How the Steelers could miss the playoffs in 2020.


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You'll really enjoy it. I had a lot of fun with Brian on last Monday show talking about. You greatest offensive players in the modern era. That didn't make the pro bowl. So I think you're really going to enjoy that. Then, of course in the regular season the steelers. QNA turns into the steelers hangover where we we discuss. The previous day steelers matchup, so please subscribe to our channel like our channel and. There's plenty to choose from when when it comes to podcast and also encourage you to. To check out behind the steel curtain a website where we bring you ten articles each and every day breaking news commentary film breakdown everything you need as we like to say, it's our. It's your one stop shop for all your steelers needs so please check check that out. And I? Just want to say hi to everybody. There's Dennis Sheridan as Ri-, Shy Manahan. Oh familiar faces I'm so glad you guys are joining me. Here's a new one urban precious metals buyer. I. Don't know what that means, but. It's a it's a mouthful. That's for sure there's scraper. steelers Pittsburgh. Victory Asher. Wow, what a name that is! That sounds like a Sounds like a English football name I. Don't know much about that, but it sounds like. English premier soccer. Name. If it doesn't. I'm sorry I. Don't know much about soccer, but anyway. Today just like to As always share a my opinions on a number of topics. That mostly have to do with the steelers. Perhaps making the playoffs in twenty twenty and I know there's a lot of optimism that they might that they're make it. into the postseason this year after. Missing the last two years, but You. Just never know right I mean and lot of things that are going to discuss. Our are why they might not make the playoffs well. We're counting on Defense Big Ben injuries that sort of thing. If those things don't work out they might not make the playoffs for a third straight year and I personally think they are going to make the playoffs I personally think this could be one of their most complete football teams in a number of years. I mean. They have a very talented defensive. It looks like it's just hitting its stride. I mean last year. It's easy to forget that this offense was was considered a big question mark heading into last season. Right but then you know you had a Devin Bush to make you add Meka. Fitzpatrick Atta Steven Nelson to already existing group that included Tj what Cam Hayward. Steph to it onto and who was hurt last year, but you know Joe. Japan hardgrave took his place. He's now gone, but to be back this year, but debris. If I. Miss Anybody. I'm sorry, but but you know those two or three players specifically make if it's Patrick made that defense so much better so. if that defense anywhere near where it was last year, and you add big Bentham mix, and if big Ben's. Anywhere near what he was prior to his injury last year. then I think this is going to be a very good football team and you have. Jew returning and he's GonNa. He's going to be leading a a very talented. In my opinion, young receiving court has to question marks. Guys like James Washington Deontay Johnson who everybody's excited about Chase Klay Pool the the latest edition their second round draft. Pick out of Notre Dame soda. There's optimism there and there's optimism. With the with the ground game lead by by James, Connor and Benny Junior jalen Samuels Anthony Mcfarland your fourth round pick out of Maryland this year, so there's hope, and then of course, the tight end situation looks a lot better with Eric. Bryan, joining Vance McDonald, and then you have the. The offensive line which has question marks at right tackle. Zach Banner, and szucs core for going to be battling out for the right, tackle spot, and and and the plan for for twenty twenty s Matt Father to move for my tackle to left garbage. We've discussed that before, and hopefully if if banner in court for a core form story. hopefully if they if they rise to the occasion or funding, this guys writes the occasion when it's at right, tackle spot then. I think you have a chance of having a pretty good offensive blind again. You know Markey's pounds. He struggled last year. There's no question about that, but. We don't know if that's because of an injury or because he was missing band and you know who knows why he was. He struggled last year, but it wasn't one of his best years. But I think we you know we can. We should be able to expect him to return to close to his prime in twenty twenty hopefully so. Relative a young guy, he's coming into it whether it's eleven th year. So you know. Returns to form big Gal returns to form. He kinda struggled last year to Castro's. Probably the their their their best on the line now I would say him or filer at this point, so if again if somebody can can if they're offensive line return to form. And Ben is back to normal close to. It could really be a good team, but as I'm about to get into. There are a number of reasons why they couldn't miss the playoffs again. And the number one reason number one, but the first thing I'm going to talk about. Is that maybe? As good as they might be. Maybe there's so many teams in the league that are more complete than they are. And better than they are regardless of of how good their defenses and how how healthy Ben Rothlisberger is effective. He isn't twenty twenty. Sometimes you know it's a it's A. It's a sick Clo- league. It's a parody league and and. sometimes Other teams just pass you by. I mean look at the AFC champion. Thirty super bowl championships right there the. we finally looks like we finally got rid of the Patriots as the the Boogeyman for the steelers and other teams in the NFL, and and now the chiefs look like the the far and away the best team in the NFL led by Patrick Mahomes A. Former MVP and the reigning super bowl MVP the face elite. Designed a what five hundred million dollar contract for it and fifty million dollars something like that. Big, money. So? They're going to be a formidable foe for a long time they have. Probably the best offense in the NFL, so. You know they look like they're heading for the number one seed once again in the AFC, and of course the ravens through the two time. Defending AFC north champions, and it looks like they got a lot better in the off season the. Clare's Campbell They drafted Pat Pat. Patrick Queen linebacker out of lsu looks like a typical ravens draft pick. He fits a need perfectly for them They went out and drafted. JK Dobbins in the second round, running back out of Ohio. State a Lotta people. While the steelers fans thought that they should've picked him. They had a chance to and and they they pass him for clay poll so. You know they. They got a lot better than of course they have the rating. NFL MVP and Lamar Jackson returning. AN CO coming into his third season and you know his major strength obviously is running the football right I mean. He's proven that the The first two years in the NFL the only question about him is, can he? Kept up his game in the passing department you. Can they become a better passer? Can he add that? To his it. You know there's already you've already seen it. On some occasions I two years, but certainly not on a consistent basis, and certainly not at all in the playoffs I mean he's really struggled. He's really been exposed last two years in the playoffs. At Arabia's been one and done each year, but if he puts that. Part of his game together. Then I mean steelers. are going to be a playing. Catch up for a number of years. It looks like. You. Talk about the browns. one of these days. They're gonNA. Put it all together I mean they have all the talent in the world on paper. They just they just got a new head coach. These days they're going to learn how to win. You know they have Baker Mayfield. myles Garrett Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera. They, have a lot of star power on the team right now so if they can put it all together. steelers might be playing, not just catch up, but they might be going for third place in the AFC north you know, and then you gotTa talk about the other teams the AFC. like like the broncos withdrew lock. They might Make take a step forward this year. The bills WHO were proved to be a pretty formidable foe last year, because they came in Heinz field and beat the steelers. They're led by Josh Allen. They have a great defense. So you know just because the steelers might be better this year and they were last year with the with the addition of Ben. That doesn't mean that they're gonNa make the playoffs I mean I realize there are now seven seven spots instead of six. But. Holy Holy Cow I forgot about another team. Tennessee titans you know Here's a team that just barely snuck into the playoffs. They basically. took the the number six seed from the steelers down the stretch, but I mean they have a decent quarterback. They have a in Ryan Tannehill. They have the right now you would. You would guess the best running back in the NFL Derrick Henry so. That's a pretty good football team to. And the Texans. You know they're going to be battling out with the Texans for for AFC South, supremacy. To lose your of that race figures to to Contend for one of those three wildcard spot, so it's going to be a lot of. A, lot of teams vying for the postseason this year so. just because the steelers are better doesn't mean they're going to be good enough to make the playoffs based on on on the competition. They'RE GONNA have to face the AFC so that's the first reason why they might not make the playoffs in two thousand twenty. The second reason is. Too, many could be possibly too many distractions from the pandemic mean. We already know that. That they have moved training camp from from Saint. Vincent College in Latrobe to Heinz field by seem like a big deal to you, and and maybe it's not, but you know coaches and players. Athletes are creatures of habit. They they they're. They're They liked their routine right they. Are doing things a certain way each and every year, so if you, if you switch things up because of know things that are out of their control like the pandemic like the the protocols and. That have been put in place. You know that could. That could affect them right? You know and. How many how many of these guys are the whistle blows? They're to completely forget about. You know the ongoing pandemic, catching possibly contracting cove at nineteen from. from playing football. How many of them are going to forget about it? How many of them are going to have that in the back of their minds right? How many of them are going to be thinking about this? While they're trying to play, you know furthermore. How many of these guys are going to opt out? Because I think that's the? Players, are they? Agreed to that or they're trying to get that in writing that players could be allowed to opt out. Of the twenty twenty season, you know for health factor for health. Reasons have to do with Cope nineteen. So what if what if a star player ops out? Or what if a star player? Comes down with the with the with with this virus. You know. Maybe he doesn't have symptoms. Maybe he's not sick, but if he if he has positive, has dimissed a couple of games. That could be a big deal and what a? More than one player from a specific unit. LINEBACKING CORE TJ wanting but the pre. Test positive have to miss a couple of weeks. That's that could be a very big deal right so. You know. I've I've written in the past that I think if any head coach is. Equipped to. To help. His team through a time like this it's it's my because he's. He's brought them through some. Tough Times in the past and he's never lost his football team. You could say a lot of things about my common through his I was thirteen years as head coach, but he's never lost one of his teams. Never I mean Ben through all the Times one of his star players suspended or injured. You know last year with Ben Losing Him in in the in the second week. He never lost his team, but this is a whole new world for everybody right? I mean. There are football problems, and there are these kind of problems. and. It's GonNa be interesting interesting to see how each and every team handles it and not to mention. Those kinds of distractions where where? You can have players thinking about this disease and catching this disease coming down with this disease, and it cautioned player. Playing time, but but what about the whole? Idea of not playing games and empty stadiums. How's that going to change? The intensity of these games right I mean. Football's a very violent sport, and it's a very intense sport, and if you've ever seen seventies, pre-game rituals, he's players. Go go through I, mean they? They rely on emotion and get them through these games right I mean they're out there going one hundred ten miles an hour. banging into each other you're. Their enduring small. Car Crashes TIMES, each and every game. and. It would seem to me that that having the crowd behind. You're having the crowd against. You is a really great. Rush that that that helps. These guys get through a game. Get through a season. You know like I say get through, say you're at week seven or eight week nine somewhere late in the year. And you know you have to go out and play a game in a a an empty stadium. You know Are you going to have the intensity whether it's at home or away, or you can have the intensity to get through that game? Maybe you know without the crowd behind you or again against you, those bumps and bruises, those nagging injuries. You notice him a little bit more. You feel them a little bit more. You know so. Again there are any number of distractions that could you know from this pandemic? That could that could. Cause a football team to. To act in a manner that normally wouldn't act act in a way that normally wouldn't you know in a normal year so? You know just because common is very good at getting through tough times and I think he's proven that A number of times throughout his career doesn't mean he's going to be able to pull the right strings this year and and get his football team through a season. It's going to be unlike any other in the history of of the NFL so. That's another reason that could I could re another thing that can prevent the steelers for making the playoffs is Are Distractions from from this pandemic, so that's number two and number three. is every question of the of the steelers defense. You know I. Know It seems impossible. At this moment, the thing that the steelers defense could regress right because it seems like it's just getting started. And I. It's a young unit. It's it's. It has stars at just about every position now i. mean there's you know Cam Hayward's stuff onto it TJ, bud, Devin Bush now, Vince. Williams is a is a really capable. Player inside Linebacker Joe Haden Stephen. Minka you know so. There are stars everywhere, but you know, and and again just getting started, and they have a number of years have them before they start to regress, but you just never know you know. one thing about about. Coaches, coordinators head coaches, etc.. They're They're always looking for ways to exploit an opponent. They're always looking for ways to to find a an opponent's weakness. Right then they never stop until they find it right If you remember the the early two thousands in the steelers dominant defense. What was taken out by? It was taken out by the Cincinnati, Bengals, and who was the head coach at that time? About Oh one. Dick Lebeau he was in between stints as steelers defensive coordinator, but in that short time he figured out a way to to stymie the steelers. Pass Rush, and that was spread everybody out. And get rid of the ball quickly. the the bengals did that, and and even though they were having a bad year, they beat the steelers at the end of the year. The steelers were were a lot of teams in two, thousand and two picked up on. obviously most famously the the Patriots you know. They barely even tried to run the ball against the steelers and week. One of that year blew him out. I was after week two game at Heinz field against the raiders, rich Gannon I think he through like one hundred fifty passes all about two yards, and they had no answer for the raiders at whole night, right they they lost that game, too so and that continued all throughout the year, and ultimately cost him in the playoffs. They just could not off the field on third down, and this is a really good defense. This is a really good defense led by guys like Joey Porter and and Who am I missing name, show Jason, golden and Etcetera Etcetera. It was good defense. Casey Hampton. That's the name of of missing, so it was really good, defensively defense, but The opponents found its weakness and it took took that defense while recover. It took to fight back and. It did but. But two thousand two was a big struggle, even in two thousand one. It was maybe the best defense in the NFL Oh, to not so much so. that's. You know in in certain players just because they're pro bowlers in an all pro players like TJ. What maybe J. Watt has a down year for him, not for a mere mortal, but for him maybe as it down your. Maybe he gets instead of fourteen and a half sacks and he gets nine. Maybe bud gets eight right Maybe they don't. They don't take the football away at the same pace that they did last year. Which is what about? What two point two times a game. They had thirty takeaways last year. as somebody pointed out on behind a curtain I think it was all Rocco. The last ten years that a team has led the League in turnovers. The following year they regressed. I think I think. He said they had twenty four point five less. Less takeaways the following year, which would still be a pretty good amount for them right I mean if you go from thirty eight to say twenty, eight or twenty six, it's not it's not a bad. as a healthy number of takeaways, right? You know as long as they don't regret and the to the. To the average of nineteen, which is what they were. Putting up for about almost a decade prior to twenty, one thousand nine I think our average from like twenty twelve twenty eleven through two thousand eighteen rabbeting. Takeaways year, which is not going to get it done. I, don't see that happening. I. Don't see them. regressing. In the takeaway department I see them regressing in sacks, but you never know you never know the eighty five bears. One moment they were the greatest defense ever you know. They seemed impossible to stop. And then within a couple of years they were still pretty good defense, but they were, but they were exposed, and and and they never won another title so. That's another. Third reason that could keep them. I think that's one big thing that the steelers fans are counting on including me. Is steelers defense being every bit dominant as it was last year. And last year and a lot of ways you look at somebody some of the takeaways like that like the the rams game. The, The touchdown that make Mickey scored I mean that was like fifty fifty incomplete pass, but it was ruled a fumble. He picked it up. He took it back for a score, and that proved to be the difference for them and winning that game, it was like a a five point game. You know If that's ruled an incomplete pass. Who knows how that game turns out right? You know and. There were there were a number of of occurrences like that last year. That could have gone either way, right? You know so a lot of people think that the takeaway matter of walking I guess there's a degree to a truth that I mean up all the boss of certain way. you just never know I think it's going to be a capable defense I still think. In my opinion takeaways, you're a matter of of of. You know lining your roster with with playmakers. Nothing still have plenty of those now. Led by teacher, what Micky Fitzpatrick but. You never know from one year to the next. It seems to me there's no, there's no correlation. There's no consistency with with take at least not in today's NFL in in you know many years ago. before the West Coast offense, not things of that nature. It seemed like turnovers takeaways for more consistent than they are now, but but I. It's it's not the easiest thing in the world to to rack up thirty plus takeaways year after year so. Regression in defense. Of the defense could be another factor that that keeps them from making the playoffs and of course. And that leads me to my next example. Excuse me which would be a a an injury on defense to t j, what to a bud? The pre to a cam hayward to Joe Haden. Stars. Among the starters on that defense and I just named a lot of them right, but I think we. We knew going into the offseason. We knew going into free agency in the in the draft that. They were thin at just about every every position, not on just on defense, but the entire team but I'm focusing on defense since that's considered. one of the that's considered the of the team now defense. You know and as we discussed before. If TJ walk, it's hurt. WHO's GonNa? WHO's GonNa? Fill in for him and while he'd be effective, they were right now. You know there's three unproven guys of course Alex Smith. Who's WHO's a rookie? Totally unproven, and of course to our skipper and Ola Ola Denny two guys that have had exciting stretches into preseason, but they haven't really done a whole heck of a lot in the regular season at this point, so you know if. If, if one the outside linebackers goes down, you know that could that could spell trouble for for the defense, certainly for the the pass. Rush Right Even a defensive line which I think is the the deepest part of their defense You know you don't have your defined hargrave anymore I. Mean You have a? To really you know pro bowl level players and Cam Hayward in to it. But a guys goes down I mean you have Tyson to Lulu who's a a capable veteran? Really really good veteran, somebody you could trust for a game or two or three, but for an entire season. I don't know I mean I'm sure he'd do a good job, but he won't. Probably won't be nearly as effective as hayward or a to it you know, and of course we know about the how thin they are at safety. you have Jordan Dangerfield who did a great interview last week in this time timeslot. We go, but you know he's. He's basically a a backup and mostly a special teams player, so he has to play. A lot of steps as the starter, that could be trouble for the defense especially if he's replacing a guy like like Mingka Fitzpatrick, who is your? Who is your a all pro level starter, so go from an pro. Level Guy to a guy like Jordan dangerfield. You know that you know, and then, of course you have Antoine Brooks a rookie six round pick totally unproven You're you're you're? Even pretty thin at cornerback behind behind Joe Haden in Steven Nelson, you have. Cam Sutton. He's been around for a few years. You would think by this point. He'd be a able to fill in, and maybe he could for a couple of games, but how would he do for an entire season? You know. Would you have to move Mike Helton and they're one of those starting spots i. mean he's He's a smaller guy five nine. Is He capable of playing on the outside for a full season or even for a few games? We're just lane at his his his development right so. You know even if the defense is every bit as dominant as it was last year, meaning the you know from one through eleven, and maybe a couple of the backups. What happens if if a if a big time starter goes down if a major guy if you have a major loss. You know I don't think this defense totally off the table. Right I think there's just too much talent there for that to happen. It's not going to be like. Twenty seventeen when Ryan Shazier was was unfortunately lost late year with that devastating spinal injury I. Don't think you're GonNa you're gonNA. Defense would be exposed like that, but. without a TJ watt without a Minka without even a depre- or somebody like that if you Joe Haden at this defense lost one of these guys I mean you know it's not GonNa be nearly as effective I don't think so, and it would be, it would be. Ripe for the picking as far as being you know, exploit certain areas so. That's the fourth reason and of course. Maybe the biggest reason that they don't. Make the playoffs this year would be. The performance of Ben Rothlisberger I'm not talking about an injury I. think that goes without saying if big Ben goes down again, they're going to be in trouble. You know like they were last year. You know I, think a lot of people will will agree that. It was kind of a miracle. That they. Stayed in the race as long as they did without Ben in there, so. If he goes down. It's probably not even going to be that good this year, but although I shouldn't say that I don't want to. Talk myself into a corner because I've been such a big Mason Rudolph baecker hopefully he takes. A big leap but. You know that's a conversation for another day or maybe in a few minutes when I take questions, but let's say Ben is healthy, right? Let's see hundred percent healthy is elbow feels great, but he just doesn't have fastball anymore. You know it's been known to happen, right? You get to be a certain age and you just fall cliff. In terms of your talent. Whatever made him special. You know for a decade and a half. I mean you know when it comes to a hall of fame player in a guy who just an ordinary player, sometimes all it takes is is a losing ten or fifteen percent of your abilities talents, and and that's that's all you need to. Be a a you know a regular. Joe Right, so what if he struggles all year and never quite put together, says his, you know. His interceptions were up. For those for a few years prior to last year I. Think there's there's no. There's no question. Interceptions Ben. have been a problem dating back to. Midway through two thousand fifteen season when he came back from his his MC L. sprained right so. If. If a problem again this year I mean are they gonNA take him out if he's healthy. Probably not I mean I mean. How can you take your best player out? Especially somebody you're. You're going to be paying thirty three million dollars right so. You know it could be one of those years where where the fans might be calling for for Ben to be replaced certainly not going to do that if there's no reason to health wise so. If is. Old Ben said of Big Ben and you know it's pretty obvious that he's lost lost. His special talents. That could be another reason why why they don't make the playoffs. Loser Five! I think. Pretty. Pretty tangible reasons why they they may not make the playoffs and. If they're having struggles in any any number, those areas. You know you could be looking at another year where they go into week seventeen. You know at nine and six or eight and seven needing help get in, and as we've seen the last two years. That help probably won't be forthcoming so. Those are my five major topics of today and I also have a bone. This topic thanks to. The. Very popular bud debris and I say that facetiously because he's not a very popular player, it would seem a lot of steeler fans and. It was reported yesterday that that depre-, who who signed his franchise tag I guess back at the end of April. or I. Think many-sided either way. He signed it and you know He. He's GonNa play in twenty twenty, regardless of whether he makes a him and the CEO's come to an agreement or not going to play. In twenty twenty, the question is. Is Now the question is would be playing for fifteen point eight, million or seventy more at point eight million, because he, he followed agreements with the union to be designated as a defensive end instead of outside linebacker because. I don't know how this works. For certain certain positions are deemed more premium than others and defensive. End is considered a more premium position. And the NFL the Thailand Becker, and if you get if you get franchise tag. As a defensive end, you make more money so I guess. It's not an unprecedented move by debris in his agent Shaq. Barrett of the buccaneers he did. He's also doing that. You know so. It's not an unprecedented move, and it's probably like a like a small hair Hail Mary. You know if that's if that's in the language of the CBA why not go for it and a lot of fans from what I read yesterday on on the in the comments section. Of the article that was posted on behind it and a lot of fans didn't like it and. You know again. Bunch thought that the most popular guy as it is for whatever reason I guess. Because he wasn't. He didn't live up to his first round status over the first four years and finally. Finally had a breakout year last year, and a lot of people think that it was because it was a contract year, so he could. Just you know flip a switch, which if it were only that easy right? If we're only that easy why when you've done that his first year, but as a lot of people think and. My opinion about that is who. Who Cares if the priest gone after another two million dollars? He's not going to hold out I. think that would be. That's pretty obvious right now. If he was GONNA if there was a danger of him holding out. he wouldn't signed a tag right. You know. He was really concerned you know about. A long term deal and and not playing. Until he got one then he wouldn't have signed his tag Allah. Levy I'm bell two years ago and you know when he how all two thousand eighteen. So. He's GonNa play this year. It's just a matter of well. He win this grievance or not, and as far as I'm concerned between him and the steelers. I think when it comes to the fans. Are Our main concern. Our biggest concern is. The Guy The guy show up. Is He playing? Wants to season starts. And if he's not then we can get angry, but. You know this. Stuff's always going to be going on in the NFL in sports in general, because it's a business, right, it's a business and. and. you know. People are naturally going to try to get as much money as they can. While while while they can, and if there's an opportunity to to. To earn extra money. You know you have to try to do it I guess, right. I'm a perfect example of that. You know a few weeks ago. My car broke down. I didn't have roadside assistance. But called insurance company because I heard that they might be. Reimbursed me after the fact for my toe, you know I had my car towed a couple of hundred bucks. And I'd have roadside assistance, so it's on me right I. Why should I get reimbursed for that but? According to language of my insurance. My Insurance Agreement I might be able to get reimbursed. Maybe I do maybe I don't but but you know. Is it ethical for me to try to do that I? Don't know, but I'm trying so we'll see what happens. So. You know my bad guy you know. Don't answer that question. Maybe I am maybe I'm not, but I don't think the bad guy for for trying to go after an extra couple of million dollars. Fifteen point eight, seventeen more. What's the difference a lot of money and certainly not to hold out just because he didn't get that extra two million, he's GonNa play and he's an important member of the defense, so for word is he in the steelers are still far away on a on a long-term deal which I think we're all none of us should be shocked by that because you know if he's going to be. If, he's GONNA WANNA contract worth fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, million, a year over four or five years. Well, you know the steelers have to pay TJ. What and he's probably GonNa want twenty million a year. You're going to have that much money up into one position. We've talked about that before and you have jude you have. Cam Hayward yet. Minke coming up so I think the the the. The possibility of of signing bud depre- A, long-term deal was always a bit far fetched. You know I think we. A lot of people including me hope that would happen because I think he's a really. Gifted athlete and I think he's. He's still really young and I think he's just coming into his own and I think a lot of problems. His First Four Years had coaching you. He was coach directly by Keith Lascaux. Who Assumed? Duties as the outside linebackers coach after porter like oh so. it looks like he's coming into his own and he has. He's coming into his prime, so you know I. It's a shame that he's probably gonNA leave after this year, but he's still going to be here for one more year, so. We should be happy about that, and you know again whether he's making seventy point eight or fifteen point eight. What what difference does it make? It doesn't really affect the fans. It's between them. You know so. Those are the topics. I wanted to cover today and and now. Open up some questions so. Hopefully I, I was enlightening hopefully. I didn't talk too fast, you know. So I. Hope you enjoy what I had to say or maybe you didn't. Maybe you hate me, but maybe it was entertaining under the less so let's say you have to say civic. Find some really good questions. Here's one from Rhino Torch really another question. It's a comment. Then cap hit next season is going to hurt. Yeah, well, that's That's a very very good point I mean. You know. It's a reality with most teams that have franchise quarterbacks you know. We saw back in two thousand twelve but JOE FLACCO who he was upward line franchise quarterback, but he became, but he had his best. Stretch at. Just the right time and he did. Just what he needed to do at you know he was a free agent. He had the playoff run of his life. Eleven touchdowns zero interceptions. The Ravens won the Super Bowl. and. He cashed in and you saw you know. The Ravens struggled after that they struggled to make the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl, they struggled for five or six years. You know people forget that up until a couple of years ago. Big Way through two thousand eighteen season John Harbaugh was in danger of losing his job. I mean people you know they. They I've seen her ball listed. As the third best head coach and Mike Common Seventh in some recent ranking I forget who CBS sports or somebody did that. But you know. Harbor just two years ago, he was in danger of being fired now. He's the third grade coach in the NFL. Why because they got rid of FLACCO? They put Lamar Jackson in They freed up some cap space, and now they're able to take advantage of the NFL. Whereas the steelers are still dealing with the The realities of of of having a franchise quarterback on the books and you see it in Green Bay Green Bay won the Super Bowl ten years ago. You know and they've been contenders like the steelers have most have been contenders, but they haven't been able to get over the top because they haven't been able to put a a complete team. Together behind Aaron Rodgers because they don't have the resources for that same with the saints with Drew Brees, they wanNA, know nine. Your brees has gotten paid over and over again right, but the saints have been contenders, but they haven't really been back to another super bowl. You know some say they should have two years ago and they were screwed out of it, but still they didn't get there. You know and the chiefs should probably gonNA find out. the same thing with Patrick, Mahomes I've. Read I think it was a flip Fisher. Article maybe it was Shannon White. Maybe Dave I forget you know there's so many people on our site that do a great job on on a daily basis day. They mentioned how the chiefs are still in better shape than the steelers. Even after mahomes signed his megadeal for. Ten Years Four, hundred and fifty million whatever it is. but It's you know they're going to. You. Know Patrick. Mahomes plays ten years if he if he fulfills contract and why Whitney. Why wouldn't you get into the very heart of that deal before before? He loses his skillset I. Mean You know they're? They're not going to get rid of him in ten years. If he still an effective player so you know once he gets into the meat of his contract it. It's GONNA be. It's GonNa be hard for the the chiefs to put a Rosser together. So you know it's just the reality of it, so that's a good point. It's GONNA be a big deal for the steelers next year, but It's just that's just the reality of it. You know it's like with Terry Bradshaw our franchise quarterbacks. You can lose with me, but you can't win without me when you have a guy like that, you just have to pay. You have to pay the freight to keep them. That's just until until he either retires or just is washed up. That's just that's just how it goes. Let's see here what else we have here. See if I can find some old. As I've been rambling on less forty five or forty minutes. Seems like longer than that. Let's see. Here's one from as a while ago, ex. Oh, wait! No, he's acting somebody else. At some sorry, it's a broke into a private conversation. Shown me. Let's see some new comments down here. Yeah here. Here's another another good a good point from Rhino tool that was discussed on the site. Maybe budge agent is one that came up with the grievance idea, I'm sure he was I mean. These guys are are paid to look for stuff like that and again if you're not if you're an agent and you're trying to get every last cent that you can for your client and you're not doing your job, so you know. I mean we could. We could be angry at Bud depre- I'm not I again. You know as long as they show up and play, I really don't care you, know I, it's between them and the steelers. A couple of million, and yeah, you know it could hurt the calf I guess, but at this point it's two million dollars, and he's probably not going to win the grievance anyway, so you know Who? Who Really Cares You know I certainly don't. Let's see. Here's one from. Explore Your World Twenty nineteen. Montana Joe Montana famous quarterback for the forty niners won four super bowls. You playing in and I'm not even sure if he ever had an interception in the playoffs in this entire career. Yeah, he was a machine to machine in my money. He's wanting to top one or two quarterbacks ever left, but then again I watched him as a kid, so I think we tend to We tend to look at those the guys, it'd be washes youngsters more finely than when we get a little older and more cynical, but you know if I pick one quarterback. To lead my team on a last minute drive in an important game. Joe Montana would be on my shortlist of guys that I would consider because. I think he was you know they call them? Show Co for a reason. And here's a five dollar a five dollar super chat questioned from WHO I call our Robin masters of of the A podcast family because he's always donating big bucks I think he's a I think he might maybe a very wealthy novelist like Robin. Masters, I'm talking about the guy from Magnum Pi of course. Anyway here's the question and thank you for the donations a snowman. Do you think but a steeler next year I do not I do not. I was holding out hope but after. After what I read yesterday, not so much grievance, but the fact that he and the steelers are not close to a long term deal, and they only have told July fifteenth to to reach a long term deal before before they have to wait until the off season to negotiate again. No, I don't think he's going to, and I really didn't anyway. I mean it was more like a pipe dream. I am I am I and I really didn't think that he would ever be steeler long-term because you can't. You can't pay. You can't again you can't. tie up so much money in one position not when they have so many other. Players! They have to address and I think that's why. Alex Smith. Smith. Development. This year is going to be crucial. If! He shows anything this year any any. thing in his rookie year, and the natural ability is a pass rusher anything that they can build on I think the steelers are going to be are going to be a a pretty hopeful that that that he can jump in next year and take budget place, and hopefully become a better you know. Become a very good outside linebacker, opposite TJ. What because it's going to be TJ? What and a lower price guy from here on out I think it's just how that's just a reality of it. Let's see what is this here? Let's see. Rhino told Magnum Pi remake is really good, but the original original was better. You know but That's that's just. That's just the reality of of TV the reboot or are never as good as the original because we kind of. kind of know what you know. We kind of already know the essence of Magnum Pi. Right and You know it's your you know for that for its time. Magnum, Pi was pretty Pretty Innovative. Snowman might Montana's my top five of all time quarterback. Yeah, I think you know Joe Montana. Dan Marino. Yet to Throw in Tom Brady peyton Manning Bradshaw for winning four super bowls auto grant made it to ten championship games, joining United States I mean I can go on and on. You know it's a fun debate, the have. Joe Jim Kelly who never won one, but he made it to four super bowls which. Is No easy thing to do John. elway I mean Ben Aaron Rodgers. Brett Farve I mean there's so many quarterbacks that you can name Warren Moon. I can go on and on and on online. so yeah. But Montana. Montana all the top five I think he was an absolute. Machine. and. Maybe, the greatest playoff quarterback I've ever seen in my life. You know he was just he was fantastic. Let's see here I. Think I'll take one or two more then I will call it a weekend. Here's Ezra calling me out. I have to address this. I read your article. The cowboys what he's referring to is teams, said I root for besides the steelers, not not big time like I. don't go crazy and and jump up and down if they wanted to list I just I just appreciate their history and the cowboys are. Are are a team that I just can't help it. I've always enjoyed their history I just I respect. especially what they were able to do in the late sixties, seventies and early eighties. and. That's one reason why the ice bowl is. My favorite non steelers game of all time. I'm going to read an article about this and probably do a show about this. Sunday I mean. Here's the game that you know. Two teams read a crossroads. You know the the packers were. Basically at the end of the road with in terms of their of their nineteen sixties, dynasty and you know the ice bowl as you know, he's in minus thirteen degree temperatures. And the the packers needed every bit of an advantage. I think to to win that game and they probably they probably Forced her will onto the cowboys, they they they. They imposed her well. That's where I'm looking for. They imposed her. Will they were championship knew what it took to get it done, and that little bit of edge at the end of the game was enough. And the cowboys, why find them so fascinating is because number one I mean. They came close so many times they lost back to back heartbreakers, too. The packers in the NFL championship game in the late sixties. They lost a couple of years in a row in the playoffs, browns after that and the browns team back then I'm not I'm not you know I wasn't a? It wasn't an embarrassment. Bacteria lose to the browns in the playoffs. And then they lost super bowl, five colts, and they were clearly. The much better team in that game. They had no business losing that game. You know you see the famous image at the end of that game Bob Lilly the lynch legendary defensive end, throwing his helmet up in the air, like fifty fifty yards up in the air seemed after the colts kick the game winning field goal. And you know a lot of teams throughout history when they have a run like the cowboys and they they get close time and time again. And they keep losing. Eventually at our window closes, and they're just look at the bills. Look at the Vikings. There's so many teams out there. Look at the Browns, right they they come close time and time again. And they just don't get over the Hump and then there window closes and they're never. Never heard from again, excuse me but the cowboys. They just kept fighting. And eventually got over the top good over the Hump and they were a for two decades. People talking about the seventy four draught, the steelers four hall of famers. But the Kaaba was seventy-five draft. They called the dirty dozen because twelve players from that draft class. Made the squad including Randy white in Hollywood. Henderson and That's how the. Cowboys were like They had a nice decade long. Run up to that point. And You know probably about ready to fall off. And then they had that great draft in seventy five, and its spirit him on for another seven or eight years so. That's I just I. Just like their history, you know. Don't don't worry if it when it comes down to the steelers, cowboys. The steelers! You're up here in a cowboys. Your way down here but I just appreciate the cowboys history. And I just love. I just love watching old cowboys games I'm sorry I can't help it. You know you can. You can put me on trial I guess you know. In steeler nation. We'll see we'll see what happens, but That's pretty much today. I appreciate everybody joining me and hopefully I didn't. Make enemies for life of my cowboys rant, but it was a fun show and. I'm looking forward to talking to you guys again on Monday with Brian, so stay tuned to that two steelers Qa at five o'clock on Monday. It's going to be a fun night because we're GONNA do that. Show again ruined the retro show. So you guys all have a great day and a great weekend and talk to you soon.

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