Tech competition seeks climate, COVID-19 solutions


I'm Dr, Anthony Lies Wits, and this is climate connections. Technology can serve any purpose including the greater good. Down Inspired Entrepreneur David Clarke to start an annual competition the call for Code Global Challenge. The. Basic idea was to create this Justice League for good where we would encourage developers around the world to solve social challenges with tech solutions and really create. What would be akin to the Nobel Prize for developers. CO-FOUNDED WITH IBM and in partnership with the UN the contest offer cash prizes and help bring promising ideas to market issues a different challenge each year. Last year's competition focused on preparing for natural disasters, which are becoming more common as climate change causes more extreme weather. The innovations that came out of it quite frankly were amazing and are actually being deployed right now. For example, the winning team was led by a firefighter who lost a friend to smoke inhalation. He created a wearable device that monitors air quality, an firefighters vital signs this year. The call for code is seeking solutions for two of the world's most pressing problems covid nineteen and climate change so soon the world may see winning ideas moving to the frontlines. Of climate connections is produced by the Center for Environmental Communication. To hear more stories like this visit, climate connections dot Org.

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