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Welcome to the murder minute podcast today, the story of DJ freeze, but I some true crime headlines. Police in North Carolina have captured four of the five inmates who escaped from Nash county jail this week leaving one inmates. Still on the run the prisoners were able to escape through a hole in an exercise yard fence a security camera monitoring the exercise yard was pointed in a different direction at the time of the escape, the remaining fugitive twenty two year old Macquarie's battle was last seen wearing white long Johns and police suspect that he may have had some outside help. They're offering a fifteen hundred dollar reward for information leading to his capture a Houston police sergeant is behind bars facing murder charges in the death of his wife. Police believe that alario Hernandez, fifty six shot and killed his wife. Belinda fifty two in her home in parallel, Texas. He was apprehend. While driving and kings Ville, two hundred and fifty miles from whereas wife was found dead. The victim was a longtime librarian at parallel laments school where she was beloved by staff and students. Her husband and employee of the Houston police department for thirty three years was relieved of duty with pay. His bail is set at eight hundred thousand dollars. Cook County prosecutors have dropped all charges against actor Jesse small, it, though, the Chicago police Commissioner, and mayor Rahm Emanuel, both condemned the decision the state's attorney's office didn't immediately explain why the sixteen felony counts of disorderly conduct were dropped, but released a statement explaining that they came to the decision after reviewing the circumstances of the case, including small. It's volunteer work in the community and his agreement to forfeit his ten thousand dollar bond. Most of the court records have been sealed, the lawyer for a twenty four year old man accused of gunning down a New York City mob boss says that his client was influenced by right wing conspiracy. See websites and hate speech. Attorney Robert Gottlieb, said that his client intends to plead unequivocally not guilty in the death of repute, again, beano crime. Family boss, Francesco, Frankie boy, collie, who was shot and killed outside of his Staten Island home on March thirteenth. Authorities have not said why they believe that the accused twenty four year old Anthony camello shot them up boss, but they have said that they don't believe that the killing was tied to Kelly's reputed mob. Connections. Opening statements began this week in the trial of North Carolina man accused of killing his next door neighbor's Jonathan Sander live next door to victims, sandy, and Stephanie zella, who were killed along with Sandy's mother lane, the victims and the accused were embroiled in an ongoing dispute over property. And the Basell is had filed to restraining orders against Sanders in the weeks before the murder. Sandra had also filed a complaint in court, a short time before the shootings alleging that the Mozelle is had refused to transfer titles onto cars, which he had been paying them for this is believed to be the motive for the shootings. And those are your true crime headlines coming up after the break the story of DJ freeze for true crime, anytime. Download the murder minute app on the app store and follow us on Instagram at murder minute. Christie, Morocco always knew she wanted to be a teacher growing up. She and her siblings would sometimes play pretend school Christie, always wanted to play the teacher after graduating from high school Christie, left, her small Pennsylvania, hometown of Shimo gin and moved to Lancaster about to our south machine rolled Millersville university to study teaching she got a couple of part time jobs. Pair way through school one working out a local pharmacy and another as a waitress at a country club. She rented a townhouse with the roommate the two young women shared a nice three bedroom townhouse in the quiet community agreem-, Ville states. The complex is situated just a few minutes outside of town and bordered the picturesque, Amish farmland that Lincolnshire county is known for this, peaceful neighborhood was an ideal mix of city and country and a great place for a young woman to start hurdle life after graduating from college Christie was offered. Job at nearby roars town elementary school. She I worked as a reading specialist and long-term substitute before, finally getting her dream job teaching her own classroom of six graders. Harry Goodman, the principal of the school where Christie Todd described the young teacher as energetic enthusiastic effervescent, carrying in-kind. Exactly what you'd want young teacher to be Chrissy spent the evening of December twentieth. Nineteen Ninety-two preparing Christmas gifts for the students in her classroom. She got each of them a copy of a book called miracles on maple hill. She fixed a candidate each package, along with a small car that red wishing you a merry Christmas, and a great nineteen Ninety-three. Love miss Merak, the next morning was a Monday, the last day of school before winter break Christie Mira classroom filled with students, but their teacher was nowhere to be found concerned. Principal, Harry Goodman called christy's house. Nobody answered the phone so he kept calling. He tried calling five times before reaching out to Christie's, parents and Shimo can to see if they had heard from her they hadn't and by now everyone was very worried. So Harry Goodman, decided to drive over to Greenville states to check on Christie. He arrived at Christie's sometime after nine AM, Christie's townhouse was an end unit with the front door on the side of the building, not facing the street as he approached principal Goodman, saw that Christie's front door was slightly opened so yelled for her a few times after received no answer. He pushed the door open, and Christie's body beaten, bloodied and partially nude line on her living room floor horrified, Harry Goodman ran from the apartment to alert the neighbors to call the police upon leaving Christie's town home, the principal in advert. Gently pull the door closed and locked behind him when police and paramedics arrived, they had to break into the apartment to get Christie, she was wearing gloves and a coat but was nude from the waist down. She had clearly struggled with her attacker, and her elbows knees board, deep bruises, the packages. She had so carefully wrapped for her students were stern round the room and there was a slash in the sofa slip. Cover Christie had been raped repeatedly beaten with a cutting board from her kitchen and strangled to death with her own sweater, almost immediately, detectives theorized that Chrissy had known her killer. There was just a small window of time each morning that Christie would be home alone. Christie's, roommate left at seven AM for work and Christie around seven forty five because she was wearing gloves, and coat when she was killed police believe that Christie encountered her attacker, as she was preparing to leave for work. I witnesses reported seeing. Man near her apartment around the time she was killed. They described him as a white, man, twenty five to thirty five years old, with an athletic, build sandy blonde or light Brown hair. He was believed to be driving a white car possibly Datsun. Police had several leads in the early days of the investigation. But none of them win anywhere a strange man had dropped off flowers to Christie school after learning for disappearance police tracked him down and learned that he was a secret older married boyfriend at Christie's, but he was not her killer, there'd been a few reports of peeping Tom and Christie's neighborhood in the months leading up to her murder. But police were never able to identify him. They interviewed dozens of men and were able to eliminate all of them a suspect's, even the ten thousand dollar reward offered by the Moran, family didn't help to solve the case by nineteen ninety five three years after the murder detectives. I had interviewed more than one thousand five hundred people and had eliminated. Every possible suspect the trail had gone completely cold. The local news would revisit the case periodically usually around Christmas. And sometimes that would generate new lease for the police to investigate but nothing panned out. In two thousand seven the Merak family helped pay for a billboard asking the public for help solving Christie's case in the murder of another young local woman that had also gone on solved. The billboard didn't lead to interesting either for years later and two thousand eleven a local businessman named Fred Nell pay to a wreck signs around where Chrissy had lived and worked, the signs featured photo of Christie smiling, brightly and asked who murdered Christie Merak for more than twenty five years, Christie's case remained unsolved. Investigators had exhausted every possible lead at that point, and not essentially run out of options, then in two thousand seventeen Lancaster county district attorney, Craig stead, men attended a convention in our presentation by para Bon nanna labs arrest in Virginia based company. Specializing in high tech DNA forensics. Pair bond offers a service called snapshot DNA typing which uses DNA to predict the physical characteristics of a suspect and then generates a composite sketch of what they might look like based on their DNA Semin had these DNA samples from the morale crime scene. And he contracted para Bano labs to take his quarter of a century, old evidence and try to build a sketch of crissy's killer, para bonds, DNA phenotype composite was released to the public, and October of two thousand seventeen it generated some renewed interest in the case, but didn't lead them to a suspect. Their last chance appeared to be just another dead end, then it may of two thousand eighteen para bond approached Edmund with one more idea. The company was offering a new service genetic genealogy, which compared a DNA sample from the crime scene with those available and public ancestry data. Bases and track down suspects by finding the genetic relatives. This technology had been used identify suspects and several high profile court cases, including California's alleged Golden State killer, Joseph Dangelo, who is awaiting trial in Sacramento, for a dozen unsolved murders committed in the nineteen. Seventies on may ninth two thousand eighteen the district attorney decided to give it a try and by may fourteenth just five days later, para Bon had identified a strong viable suspect in Christie's murder. The man who pair bond identified as Christie's killer is named Raymond row of the time of Christie's murder Ray row was twenty five years old fit the general description of the man seen in the facility of Christie's apartment, and also drove a car similar to the one seen near Christie's apartment on the morning of her murder in spite of those things he had never been a suspect had never been interviewed by the police and was never on their radar. After pair bond identified him as Christie's killer detectives had put his home under twenty four hours, avalance and started planning. His apprehension. Raymond row. Didn't try to keep a low profile after he viciously raped and murdered Christie. In fact, he lived his life as a bit of a local celebrity in central Pennsylvania. Having worked for decades, as a professional DJ under the moniker DJ freeze. And then I t nineties he DJ at a local nightclub and hosted a popular Friday night dance party that was simulcast on a local radio station for few years. He owned and operated, a store called the twelve spot that whole DJ equipment, and he offered classes to train up and coming DJ's. He became one of the most popular and sought after DJ's in the region working countless, weddings, school dances, and civic events. Row, Mary, divorced, remarried and divorced again in two thousand thirteen. He married, a Ukrainian single mother with a young daughter and move them to the United States to live within investigators went. Undercover at an event that row was DJ at a local elementary school. They collected his discarded chewing gum, and a water bottle. He had been drinking from and the results came back more than conclusive. There is a one and twenty seven Octavian chance that he wasn't the killer, which is a one with twenty seven zeroes after it police were ready to make an arrest but were delayed for a time as Ray and his family set out for weeks on cross country. Bakke Shen upon their return to Lancaster police arrested Raymond row without incident and his home, just four miles away from the townhouse where he took Christie's life all those years ago in January of two thousand eighteen Raymond Rowe pled guilty to charges including rape and first degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus sixty to one hundred twenty years he spoke in the courtroom apologizing. To the Moran, family and admitting his guilt, though he offered no motive planations for his crime. Don't forget to download them, right? 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