Break Up Meals with Annaliese Puccini


This is heart radio Spratt cast with Stephanie Pratt and well data. Brat cast episode four starting right sh- Mel swells. And Steph Pratt coming at you from two different places in the world. I'm in Pebble Beach right now at the AT and T pro-am, and you are in London town still way. I didn't know you were at Pebble Beach. You got invited to that. Yeah. Dude. I hi everyone. Sorry. Dude. I grew up here. This is like my hometown. So when I heard that. Yes, this this. Winter's coming back to episode one great callback. So when we got the offer to do the pike cast from here and go to the golf tournament. I jumped at it also long con-, I'm trying to figure out a way to get to play in this at some point in my life. So I get star. No, I'm just here Instagram. I don't that's terrible laugh that was very embarrassed for streaking last you put betting loose. Now. What it was? I was so jealous because it's like such an exclusive golf tournament. And you know, I used to take some gulp lessons. Not like I ever go to this. But I just know like I remember when Chris Harrison went was like, yeah. He's now Josh to mall. I mean, huge celebs seven. I thought you were playing next to my boyfriend Josh Jamal is really jealous. That was spiteful laugh. Sorry, spin spin a kind of I don't know coming back to earth realize that I am nowhere near the fame level that you need to be to get in this thing. Like, it's reality. I know. So I don't know. I don't know what I gotta do. But I've been trying to figure out a way to get in the tournament. So I think this is a good good first step, by the way, everyone is say Hello to analysts. She is on the other side of the table right now. At least how you doing? At least was on at least was on bachelor in paradise last season. And then you were on already season of the bachelor. Okay. Hold on real quick. And also Steph you guys know each other, right? Yes. We were in San Francisco together during the Super Bowl last year. Exactly cool. I saw you guys made some video where you thought you were getting a rose from analysts. And then you didn't wait a minute. Why did we this again what happened on your series when alcohol? No nuts. And least what what was the joke. Was it that you kissing him or you at the rose or probably about I didn't kiss him. I can't remember though, I would have to go back in like rewatch our video. I think RV was like just a spoof on a spoof on a on the bachelor kind of I feel like it wasn't. It wasn't like a specific thing will make fun of Ari or make you. Because we were bored, and we are at a Super Bowl party like to circle back around to the answer being alcohol. So you guys went to serbo party. You had a few drinks. And then you made funny Instagram video of a picture, I think Stephanie were you the one with the Jack in the box head on. Gun. Do you? Remember that Jack in the box. I have a picture on Instagram. I don't eat fast food. No. But never it was it was it was a whole weaned costume somebody. Brought it out. And then there was the huge. I'm gonna send you a picture. I don't think that what if what if what if Steph is like a famous DJ, but she wears one of those hats, and we didn't know like she was marshmallow. You no doubt. Right. Thank you travel. Evan. Anyways, so analysts you were on you had a rough. You had a rough go let's be fair in the bachelor world one you had to already which I don't wish that on anybody. You know? And then you went on paradise kind of fell fell in love with Camille. And he kinda showed his true colors in in like the after the reunion reunion show. Here's my dining Camille. Yeah. Look him up on Instagram. Exactly. And I should've known. I should've known better there that was that was the thing that was the red flag. I should've been looked didn't know analyst turn by on bachelor in paradise. And I'm like, oh, very progressive. So here's my question. Okay. What was worse dating Ari or dating Camille in retrospect in hindsight, I never felt like actually dated Ari? Like, we we just hung out in group situations. Yeah. We never kissed like I never had a connection with him. Where I felt like I was dating him. I think that was like hard. Why it was so hard for me to even be there? Because I was like this is just some dude in the room. And all these girls are like, you know, and everyone's gushing over about somebody that year kind of like, I don't know if I have those feelings, I'm trying to get those feelings. But like this is a lot of effort for somebody that it should becoming natural actually are going to have a connection. Right. So if you like it was like, and then Camille, I felt I got an instant connection with him. So they were just very very different. Like, I don't know if you can even really compare those relationships how were you -ffected by the ending of season because I know. A lot of people were like like Sarah felt victimized by Ari. What he did? Do you grow fund? Or is there? Sara on the show. You my girlfriend was like she's like still like mad at him. Like if he we saw him in public. She would talk to them. Oh, really just crazy. But as someone who's on the show, and obviously probably friends with Becca and Lauren. Yeah. Like, what was your perception of like watching it back? I. I I know it's not good to not have an opinion. I just like don't have strong feelings either way about. All right. Like, I I didn't watch him and think like, oh, he's being such a jerk the whole season or I don't know. I just felt like he was just there. Like, I was more interested in the like when I was watching it. I was more interested in the girls because I knew them they were my friends. He was just like a guy. You know, what I mean like because you hang out with the girls all the time. You get to know them. Really? Well, you see him for like ten minutes every couple of days. So. I don't know. I just didn't have strong opinions about him at all. And I think that was again like why we could never have a conversation. Like, he, and I just didn't we just are not people that vibe in the world. That makes sense anyways, he doesn't make me angry or anything. No. You don't care about them at all. I love it. I know I'm sorry. We're the only woman in America that is like eight that guy. I know how are you saying so calm are you on medication? I want to start time just waiting for my coffee to kick it. Of course, the coffee is kicked in your this show. So then you go on paradise, you meet Camille. Yeah. And you think you've found the guy like I remember have those conversations do the bar being like got might be the one. And I was like, whoa. Okay. That's that's crazy thing to say after meeting a couple days, but I'll roll with it. And then that kind of like famous reunion show where he just seems so cold. Yeah. Yeah. I think that was the hardest thing. I mean, everyone who's ever been through a break up. You you kind of, you know, the energy shift a meat like when they're about to break up with you can feel it, you know, but it was different because you already have the sort of the anticipation of seeing each other the anxiety of being in front of a live studio. Like, I didn't know what was going to happen. I didn't know if he was going to propose to me that day or like, I I thought we were just going to be like cool. We're good like we're going to go and spend the rest of the week together. Like, I didn't think anything extra. Ordinary would happen either way. But that's not good television. Either. So we met on the show, obviously. And I felt like he was we just had a connection. I feel like it was one of those things that we felt more than anyone else ever got to see. And then we left I like flew to New York Mets family. No way. Yeah. We talked every day. I'm I got even spell his name like a woman. I'm googling ham. I need a visual because right now all I'm seeing is Camille grammer. Looking so no since felt like that. That was just everyone searched him spelling it like that. K A m. Commit cycle. So anyways. So see this is where I lose marchers. Down the rabbit hole. So anyway, so so then we go to the reunion show. We're like have made plans to spend the rest of the week together after the reunion. So that was also part of the reason where I was like, okay, we're good. We wouldn't make plans to continue to hang out after you're going to break up with me either. What I mean? And I remember like being really nervous day. I just felt like something was off. I hadn't seen him at talked to him. I just felt like the energy around me. Like, there is just something kind of walking on eggshells around you. I think I think I think my producers and Chris know that this was going to happen. I mean, I who knows I would venture to say, yes. Because I think I would venture say that. Like, what do you wanna talk about? And then he was like. Wow, listening doing this or whatever. And they're like, okay. You know, like every there's always a plan came to you. What do you want to say, you know? Yeah. So I sat down with Chris we talked. He was like, how's your relationship? I'm like, oh, I mean, it's not great. But we're good like we're trying to figure it out. And and he was like, do you think you're going to get engaged anytime soon? And it was like, no, we're not there. I was like very realistic. I think about it. But I was not expecting what then happened. He walked out. It was like he had seen a ghost. And he just sat there in like the most cold for lack of better words. And it was just really uncomfortable. And you could you could like cut the tension in the room everyone. I was like there's no air left in it. And it was so it was that was my moment. It was not fun. And then I left the stage, and I had 'cause Chris such me. What do you want to do now? And I was like I don't wanna be sitting here. I wanna get off the stage. So I left had like a little meltdown collected myself came back on and then confronted him again. And then I was just like get me out of here. Because I and then I just I. Just dealt with the break-up. Like you do for you member? What you ate after that? Question. I'm a break up meal was. Yeah. I do. I do actually I went back to the hotel ordered a pizza. I thought that's what I. Yeah. He oh my gosh. Thing. Question that such a good question. I mean, I don't know if you've ever been dumped, but I've been dumped in its or is the food. What's your go to break up meal? This is kind of like your last meal before like you get sentenced to death. You know? But not as my different my break up. Big dont. It's MAC and cheese. Baker take feel so sick. And you can't even wake up because you're like in this comatose. I think mine would be chicken wings. I also ordered. Got like eclairs or something very random also. Oh, yeah. Because I was I was just like ordering takeout from some nearby place. And we were like in. I don't know studio city or something like that. And so there weren't a ton of options. So I was just like give me everything. But the pizza was the main thing for what if it'd be my second choice if you were sentenced to die, and you got one less meal. What would that be? Steph you go first. Ooh, I'm gonna go with a surf interf- yawn and lobster. My mom's mashed potatoes. I guess any Kazan knows my mom would be there, depending how about the crime was suppose. EM if you were she she so sick of visiting me in jail, though. You know, the stories can I go shark diving. No, Stephanie, this is not trip. You're you're on probation. LA? So yeah, she's she probably would sit this one out. The surf intere- sides of MAC and cheese pizza side of a cheeseburger. I would literally make the list every food that I love and I feel like they have to deliver. Don't they? Dick. So. What about you? How they are. I would do I would do the same. It would be just like a a. Buffet of all of my favorite things. But there would be like Mexican food Thai food for sure like those two things I think I would definitely have just 'cause they're like might come for foods in life. Anyways. Why would probably and then is cream a big thing probably ice cream because you don't you don't have to worry about tomorrow. You can have as many calories as you want. You know, not gate that says, but also not allowed is there a time limit on how long you can eat these things too. Yeah. I would make myself sick. If I had those three things together after you like pretty an pretty sure that when you die you've void your bells. So it's not well, I'm not cleaning. Like, it's kind of like like your last like f you to the world, you know, your wrongly accused I'm going the Indian food. So she don't like the guard that you have just look into is Indian food Mexican food. Yep. Just to circle back around are you in contact with all or is it not? Not really he's reached out to me a couple times. And I feel like we're like cordial with each other. What does he want just like to say merry Christmas and things like that? Oh. You guys do that detects like X's like happy birthday. Never never. I used to be that person that like on birthdays holidays. I would go through in text like everyone who's ever impacted my life ever. And now, I'm like, okay. You get you get one in. That's it. Let's see. I still do it. But I'm like that weird guy. Who's like cool with all my exes? I never had like a bad break up like that stuff. So I feel I still do mcalinden. I'll be like, hey, happy birthday. Did hope. Everything's well by. Is that weird? I shouldn't do if you are actually friends, and I don't think it's weird. It's weird. But she's I spend part of my life with that person. You know? So I feel like there's a there's a maybe I shouldn't do that. I don't know. I don't know either. Was it like someone that you dated for like two months or was it like a year or two years like years, someone that you dated? Okay. I've never been friends with an axe ever. But. I mean, that's nice of you. All right. Thanks, so. Okay. So I have I have a proposition. Okay. I like this idea analyst was on both the bachelor and bathroom paradise. She was heartbroken one time. And then I guess just kind of indifferent. The other she deserves a shot at love and the new season of the bachelor, albeit phenomenal and amazing. It's chock full of nothing, but like twenty five year old, and if you ask me twenty five year olds aren't ready to settle down and find love. So I'm the fishery starting to campaign to have analysts be the next bachelorette. Oh my God. I love that. Some don't. Where do I sign? She's the prettiest. Honey is tech. The problem is my he stole my name. All of those fears that she had on the series. First of all the editors were geniuses when they would like like a kid in like who go. Only. Anyways. I do want to say when I first met her is like you really scared of everything. Couplets wrong with me. How are you? She's not. So editors had a good laugh at that. Or scared car hilarious. I mean, she's the most down to earth beautiful funny chill girl. Would you do that though? So why are we seeing? Seriously. Let's hang out. I need some single friends to go out with. I would definitely consider that just side side me some of them if they allowed you to be the bachelorette, wouldn't you go on a bumper car date, totally. That should be your entrance. You know, how many guys would show up in like cars like do something? The virgin thing with Colton. I feel like there'd be for me. It would be like dogs and bumper cars, and maybe like sixty forty stuff would you actually be the bachelorette is like are you down road? We consider it. Yeah. I mean, I feel like if I'm single why not I'm like over the idea of dating sites, and I've tried all my ways to meet people feel like right now the best way those two like just be set up. So. What sites? Did you try? I'm gonna make some notes literally tried every dating say, really. Yeah. Which one do you find the most user friendly for the I like, I tried them back when I lived in New York like back in the day. It was like two thousand seven or something. And I met a serious even singles that long. No, I had a serious boyfriend that I met from match, and so matters kind of always my go-to one because I felt you pay for it. So you got people who were like a little bit more serious. So I done match throughout the years of actually like had a couple boyfriends from match like serious ones. But I don't love match as as much I like bumble probably now that's probably if I was to re go on a dating site. It would be bumble. I think Steph what are you on that people are scared that people recognize you, and they're like, oh like, I don't know what these people want. But. Reasons. I mean dating sites right now fueled kind of daunting, though, just the idea of of what you just said. But then also just it's like a fulltime job being on a dating site like responding to the messages and then going on these. How to work? That's going to be a lot of work. It's a different kind of work. It's a totally different kind of work. I kid swipe through all these guys they show up in limos, totally fine. 'cause I'm that's seven doing. Wait, wait Steph. Are you on a dating up? I am on my gosh. So adrenal, and I made me a magic out. It was ridiculous. Actually, it'll be on the hills. But I can't get off it like I tried to quit it, and I'm still getting messages every second on my Email. But like, I don't know if I'm still paying I literally did so many things to quit it. Working. And then I just joined a riot yoyo. That's the one for like celebrities. Yeah. Thank god. Frankie's friend started at all said have no chance I tried to back in my suicide tried to get on it. And they were like you. You're not of the caliber, I was on wait. Up on it like two years ago. It been like at your wait list. And then Frank us like we'd minute Cajon did our genus up your account or she just was like you need to get on. I wanted to and realistically got me so excited about it was to do like all the photos, you know, for the profile like don't take losses studios. Wants today. Just like silly different poses. And then we did the profiled together. The word has many questions is I thought like I had a lot more to get. Well, no because I met her the other day, and I really liked her. And I was like maybe she should help me with my dating profile. During so now, I two people in the hills family. Mhm? A buddy whose in a band, and they set up a farmer's only account for the bass player, and they would look same thing. Like he would keep getting messages on his Email. Why people barbers? Barbour's and for like years, and he kept on going on like like unsubscribe me or whatever they kept on like, redoing it. So that's a fun trick very fun. Knowing. Don't. Hi, I'm Robert Lamm, host of stuff to blow your mind and invention. And I'd like to invite you to the science fiction podcasting event of the year transgenesis into the world of the second oil age a richly realized world in which humanities thirst for oil takes them to the bottom of the sea. And the threshold of eight in each short-form episode you follow agents con as she investigates. The disappearance of missing you dex petroleum executive aboard a sprawling deep-sea station. It's a tale of intrigue action and scifi horror a ten episode season publishing. Two parts April fifteenth and twenty nine listen subscribed to transgenesis on apple podcast the iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts. Okay. So if they do make you the bachelorette hashtag analyst for Batra twenty nineteen that. What kind of guys are you in into? I mean, looks wise like Camille was definitely. Just Adana ses. He's a monster of two. He's too muscular for me. But like, otherwise, I like I like sort of like pretty boys dark hair, but I dated literally across the board like every type of guy, I'm pretty open. I feel like personalities what is what really like gets me interested. But obviously like if I'm talking looks. Then that's what I'm going for that personality. I want somebody who's funny who's well-traveled. I always say like a renaissance man 'cause I want somebody who's going to go to a museum with me is going to travel the world with me who's going to go to flea market with me like, you know, somebody who wants kids like somebody who's close with their family. What are some absolute like can't do it? If they definitely didn't want kids. I think that would probably be the one thing that would do it for me. Yeah. Undo it for me guys out there listening. You heard it here. First if you are drop dead gorgeous. If you have abs- days, if you have great hair, if you're cultured if you want kids now good ABC dot com slash the best rates. At least you were a fan of we can do better than that analysts. Give your phone number out. Shows real. Okay. Find mine is three one zero. I really want to it's really lonely over here in London. But I won't okay. At least you're a fan of the hills. Right. Do you have a who do you who do you love the most? And who do you hate the most from the hills? Okay. So this is my thing with the hills like review is that I need a refresher on everything. What were we like? I mean, it was that high school college when the hills was kind of out what like years was that. That it was on your thirty two, right? Thirty four thirty four. Okay. So it was. Yeah. So that was so call it like I had just graduated college thousand six to two thousand twelve because the show ran for six years. So I think I was like probably a little bit more into Laguna Laguna hills gonna be triggered and patient. I can't even. The hills. I'm like learn something a geography thing, actually, so. I thought everywhere in the OC was like waterfront, and if it's not it's called inland. I've never known what inland meant it means inland. Laguna? Yeah. Yeah. So. My point being is that I think I was really into Laguna beach. And then when the hills came I just finished college. It was something that I watched. I was still familiar with like all of the characters I need like a reboot. I always loved and this is where I might. I don't I don't really remember. I always loved. Oh my gosh. Kristen Cavill cavalry. Not on this new one. So I know us sorry. I know my God. My god. No, I won't. Okay. First of all, I'm pulling myself out. So I knew you meant to say me. And so I guess on the same page with I'm you know. Yeah. Anyways. So one is is on the table. Even if you haven't seen it lately. Whatever you remember, we'll help you with names. So Kristen cavalry was your favorite. Yeah. I just like the most annoying. I don't know. I was I was gonna say, maybe your brother, I thought that. And then I thought me I went to Spencer, and then equate actually could be me. Okay. For the Pratts. Just bundle them together. Just want to be the answer to all of these questions. I think are always like really related to it because I was born in Newport Beach. And so I was always like that's the life. I could have lived. If you've stayed down there. I think that was like in. I was the same age is like most of the people. So it was for me. It was just like felt like watching my high school being played out just in southern California. I think that's what I loved about it. And then it was like college. But I think that's what I loved about it so much as it was just like these much cooler attract more attractive people that were doing exactly what I was doing. And did you see that Michel Barnes? It'll be on the show. Now, I did see that. And you're saying that a lot of people think that you look like her used to get that all the time. And I'm so I'm really curious. I'm like, this is where I'm like, I need some I need some previews I need spoilers because I like I want to see how she fits in. I'm still kind of confused on the guy. Does she fit in stuff? Awkwardly tickets better. But also, it's like it's gonna be so interesting for an actress to come to reality TV. You know, because we're not on a studio sound set. So we should pulling up to the beach. She's like what's going on? She's she's used. It's hard transition for actress. I'm sure I'm so it's awkward at the beginning bless her. But she fits in great. She gets along with everyone. Unfortunately, really wish you take back on some of the time in. But it's it's good that she is just that nice and not lovely. So she's duck not one of those girls at talks about you behind your back. And definitely, you know, not like this happened to me. But if you drink too much, you know, she might be like, okay, you're done. I saw her to someone else. So she stops. That's nice. Well, actually, she told me it was she told the producer stop sending Stephanie champagne. I really appreciate that. That's looking out for me. I I make huge fan. We I was I was wondering do you ever get mistaken for like the sister of Chris Pratt? No thank God. Because I used to think I was going to marry him. Bombed just told me he was engaged. I was like two because I live in a bubble over here. And my mom is like Katherine Schwarzenegger. I was like she's twenty two. No, she's not. When I was like, okay fair. So by brother just ran into him, though, really? Yeah. I can't remember where I didn't watch the clip, but I can't make the produce. Matt Chris Pratt is like this like religious wholesome wonderful guy. And then your brother not that. So I imagine this. This guy. Did he give them a crystal? I don't know. I wish I had asked. I'll find out by curious report back. I love Chris. Actually, I read an interview when he was going through his divorce with NFL s and he said like, basically what got him through. It was this one book called faith forward and dark times last year. I read it. I was like this rules. So Chris shadow to that book Chris met at the forum in Inglewood. I'm not sure yet what they were doing. They ran into each other at Bela Tor to fourteen out in his are. I don't know what Bella tour to fourteen is. Oh, they were the by because he's friends. He's got a good friend who's a fighter. I know that interesting. Well, what do they do? You guys spell it. The same. Yeah. Ever casually say that that was our cousin perfect. If you did marry me perfect, you keep the same driver's license because I love my dad's so much, but if I get married one day like I don't even wanna change my last name because like I love my dad, and I always want him to be a piece of me. So I was like this is perfect. Did you slide news now on? No one man, we'll say slide into DM's who's looking at their hams. I don't have notification from my messages, sir. Harlot might like text messages. Yeah. That. Hard. But I was so afraid I could lose everything love is wonderful and confusing magical and infuriating often in the same day. She just finally said like if you think something's wrong with the baby, you know, what let's just check. And then thirty six hours later, they called me. And they said you have to rush to the hospital, then I started mildly panicking, and I googled looking for a quiz for is. My husband transgender that's not really his choice. He doesn't really have control over that. But yet he's still chooses to be the partner to me that he is. Because I love you. I'm Joe Piazza join the millions of listeners who've made committed possible and promise you it's cheaper than therapy. Listen to committed on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcast. Wait. So I went to the Super Bowl, by the way. I wanna tell my funny Super Bowl story. You guys ready for this? Yes. So sarah. I go to the Super Bowl, and we're at the it's a direct TV night before party and the foo fighters were playing it was really cool. Right. And it was star studded. And so Sarah is really good friends with Vanessa Hudgens who was with us all night and Sarah had done a movie with Paul Rudd as a kid. She played Paul Rudd's daughter in a movie called object of my affection. And I'm a gigantic Paul Rudd fan. I think every guy is a gigantic Paul Rudd van, and you think that you would be best friends with Paul Ryan. So exactly every girl. I would also like to. You know? Yeah. So so I say oh, holy crap. There's Paul Rudd. Will you introduce me to and at the same time. But as hunting goes, oh my God. There's Paul Rudd, Sarah, you know, him you introduce me to him. So she was like, yeah. What let's go. We walk over to meet Paul Rudd. And so obviously, Paul Rudd knows who Sarah is because they work together. And obviously Paul Rudd knows who've as Hodges because everyone knows who Vanessa Hudgens, right? And obviously, I'm like the odd-man-out, and I'm feeling awkward. You know, when you're feeling awkward in everyone else's people are talking, and you don't really know what to do you kind of looking around. You know, like just checking out the scene. And so here's the deal, Sarah and Vanessa the same height kinda look similar, right? Like the same dark hair and someone looking around like trying to play it cool, and I start rubbing Sarah's like lower back, you know. And all of a sudden, my hang it slapped away. And I looked down and Vanessa's like that's my back. What are you like oh my God? And she was like she was like, honestly this really funny. This has happened actually like in the reverse likes my boyfriend thought that Sarah was me. So it's like cool. I was like oh my God. I am terrified one because Paul Rudd like why are you stroking this other ailments? She's like, it's totally fine. And then I had it'll be like, Sarah. I'm so sorry, actually rubbed back. I didn't mean to. And she was like whatever goes it was a really loving like touched like I felt really love. So that's my story. That's your karma forgetting your butt grabbed. From the air. What those old ladies? Oh, yeah. They were goosing me. That's totally true. Yes. I got to Paul Rudd that like, I know you're thinking is Paul Rudd at schools. You think the answer is no, he's more cool. Just give me a heart attack. Was this is getting crazy. He was so nice, and I would want I wanted to wear a suit this party like Diller suit wearing suit like just like a leather jacket and the cool, but like to like, okay, fine. But I just wanna go on record as saying I'm gonna wear a suit. And then what is Paul Rudd wearing a cool, slim European cut suit? And I was like see he's wearing suit, and Sarah goes, you're not Paul Rudd. Right. And you're not gonna sa- Huggins learned the hard way. There you go. There's much story. It looked epic. I was watching the story, but it was fun fun the game suck. But whatever. Okay. I think we who won the patriots won. They always land. I know so annoying right analyst, you gotta you gotta jump on a plane right now. Don't you? All right, dude. Hashtag analyst for bachelorette twenty twenty. Let's get that thing trend in right? Whatever whatever you're better. Let's not make. Older already like two old Basler twenty five guys forty five year old. Thanks so much have a safe flight. Thanks for having me analyst. Thanks so much. Hope you'll see you in LA yacht were in London. All come out there. I'm coming lights. Okay. Well, see you. I'll see you see you in LA then. Have a fun weekend. All right. Bye. Bye. Real quick. When are you not going to be in London anymore? When are you coming home? Phone. I'm actually leaving on Monday back. Yes. I got some work to do extensions. Bakken laser facial last night hair colored Thursday nails browse coming in hot right in your coming in because of what? Pretty hot I met, Mike. I'm coming in like but saying hot. I would say I was I mean, but also you said all the things that you like did to get ready. So yes, you are coming in hot. You know, what true? Yeah. Just naked both ways. Yeah. Yeah. But it's been like such a nice, filming hiatus. I literally I've only been here for four weeks, and my work here is most of it's designed. So it's not on camera anything, and I had my extensions taken out like the day before I left. So I actually really hate extensions. And I hadn't I haven't worn make-up once in four weeks, no spray tans like it was just the best. I'm like at heart of very low maintenance like used to live in Hawaii. I totally go back there live, you know, one pair of sandals and a few like, cozy no shirts in bikinis. Like, very minimal so. Yeah. So now with all this fake stuff on me. I'm just like. This. But I I need it for continuity. Might be here. So when I get back to LA I have Tuesday, I'm getting a spray tan and then Wednesday have got to photo shoes. Thursday, another shoot Friday, filming. And then more of photo shoots. And filming the next few weeks a nine we start our press tour in New York. So it's gonna be quite busy when I get back. Do we know when the show is going to be still up in the air? They haven't confirmed it, but from looking at my breasts schedule the New York own thinking, it's early April. Okay. I love it will come home soon. Okay. Okay. So wait, you know, what you should do for this skull thing? You should ask to be the ballboy. Kind of in it. No, the ballboy offer to clean them. All my gosh. Have you seen happy Gilmore? Remember when he is the homeless man and the wall Bosh ball washer he's doing his on air. Okay. So you want me to be the homeless caddy? Yeah. Not caddy. I think they have caddies. I don't know what the ball boy is picks up the most in the reign of pigs little balls. A little balls range. Find your favorite celebrity up and be like look after your balls. Again, I need to think for speak. Hills. Yes. Shows over that. We've got to end on that one. All right. Well, always pleasure and happy for back weekly. I know I missed you. I'm going to jump on out. Go find Chris Harrison, tell him I wanna clean his balls. Sure. Go real well and pitch analysts. Well. All right later did follow Pratt cast on iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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