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We'll hear how the scheduling of a state fair grandstand tags and its subsequent cancellation has become a full blown controversy. The state's it's prison population has been dropping. What is behind the decline? Also the State of Illinois has set aside money to renovate the state armory building in springfield will remember the buildings passed and you're what might be ahead for that structure a basketball tournament. It has a unique spin pairing kids of different races on the same team. What I'd like is if we can get everybody to be a friend with somebody else different race is that achievable? I duNNo. We're GONNA find out and it's been forty years years. 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A controversy has developed over who's playing and WHO's not Steve you're grandstands and Bitcoin and Springfield later this summer we'll find out more interesting approach to getting black and white kids to be teammates will discuss special basketball tournament that forces the issue and when it comes to sports there are a lot out of promotions. This week marks the fortieth anniversary of one that works so well it gone out of control that more on this week statewide first up this week for decades. The number of men and women in Illinois prisons appeared destined for permanent growth but several years ago the population actually began getting smaller and today it's more than twenty percent below. The High Watermark in our Illinois Issues in-depth report support for this week. Brian mackey looks at what's behind the trend. A more direct way of saying behind the trend is who gets to take credit. We'll come back to this question in a couple of minutes but first it's important to understand the context in which Illinois began locking up more and more of its citizens the numbers began inching up in the nineteen seventies in the years that followed Republican Governors and democratic legislators teamed up to lengthen prison sentences. The population doubled in the eighties and doubled again again in the nineties. The number peaked on February ninth twenty thirteen when forty nine thousand four hundred one people were locked up projections headed going even higher but that's not the way things worked out the numbers began to drop gradually adulation. I then more quickly until late last year when the population dip below forty thousand for the first time since the late nineties the question is why. I think it's important to recognize that there the idea that there's a single state policy policy that guides prison utilization isn't really accurate Mrs David Olson. He's a professor of criminology at Loyola University Chicago Olsen says there's no one policy because of how decentralized the Criminal Justice System Adam is here eight hundred police departments one hundred two separately elected state's attorneys hundreds of judges so when the police chief in Dixon sets up a program where the drug addicts can turn themselves in for treatment instead of jail that makes a little difference for larger scale change. You have to go to the places that send the most people to prison and that means Chicago and Cook County Olsen says the city has seen a huge drop in felony drug arrests over the last decade and fact a significant part of the statewide eight white prison declined can be traced back to just three Chicago police districts and that's really been concentrated in specific neighborhoods just like the tripling and quadrupling of arrests in Chicago cargo in the late eighties tended to be concentrated in very specific neighborhoods. Another significant drop is connected to retail theft in two thousand sixteen nearly a thousand people were in prison for the crime by the end of last year that number over was cut in half in between Cook County got a new prosecutor the number one charge in two thousand sixteen that we were prosecuting was not gun was not shootings. It was retail theft. This is state's attorney Kim A._M.. Fox from an interview she gave last year with Chicago Public Radio Station W._B._Z.. It's pretty easy for an Illinois into get retail theft up to a felony prosecution. All they have to do is steal more than three hundred dollars worth of stuff. That's a significantly lower threshold than a lot of states. Even though the law had not changed Fox directed her lawyers to act as though it had from then on retail theft would only be charged as a felony if more than a thousand dollars worth of stuff was stolen some of the people that we were seeing repeatedly were not people in sophisticated retail theft offerings we saw people who were stealing <hes> because they were either homeless had addiction issues had mental health issues poverty related issues and not threat. This reminds me of something. A criminal justice reform once told me he said prison should be for the people you're afraid of not the people you're mad at returning to Olsen the lil a criminologist. That's the effect of what's happening happening. He says the population that remains in Illinois prisons consists of people convicted of more violent crimes. They're also older even so the twenty percent drop in the prison population is remarkable which brings us back to the question we started with who gets credit for the turnaround. Everybody can have a little piece of the Action Olsen already talked about police and prosecutors. He says the legislatures contributed and the Department of Corrections is trying to improve how it treats inmates which leads to better that her outcomes and then there's you the electorate now is more willing to allow for prison and not be the primary response behind crime so everybody take a little bit of credit <hes> but if something goes bad everybody'll say it's not my fault some things. It seems never change. I'm Brian mackey. You can read more Brian Story Lincoln's at our website statewide show dot COM <music> economist is predicting Illinois's new nineteen cents per gallon gas tax increase will cause many of us to drive less. Even if we haven't changed our habits yet eric stock reports the long-term sensitivity is much greater and and we cut back a lot more in the long run than in the short run Mike Seaborg economics professor at Illinois Wesleyan University says once motorist feel the effects of paying more at the pump that likely start to make changes to reduce their need for fuel people ah who are deliberating on whether to keep that second car or facing the different additional expenses they get rid of the second car or maybe shorten your trips a little bit to save on expenses. The gas tax hike was a key component. Tired of Illinois it's forty five billion dollar. Capital Plan Seaborg says many companies that have to budget for higher transportation costs will pass that cost onto their customers. I'm Eric Stock The AUCOIN State Fair Mr over a month away but people are talking about in that conversation centers around a band that was booked to play the grandstand but now won't be appearing the group confederate railroad was signed to perform then the pritzker administration pull the plug on that show Gabriel neely straight as a reporter with the Southern Illinois newspaper newspaper and he's been reporting on the decision and the fallout and he joins us now Gabriel. What was the reasoning that was given behind the administration's move to call off this show well for a long time? There wasn't much of a reason given a one line fine. <hes> statement basically said that the state fell up that cancelling the show would be in the best interest of you know representing all citizens of the state. It wasn't until you know this kind of thing is blown up that we got a more detailed detailed explanation of who cancelled the show and why the state believes that it's not appropriate to have a band called confederate railroad and that uses symbols like the confederate flag on t shirts and merchandise not appropriate to have a band like that at a state venue and that decision is certainly left up to the fair or the administration to decide but what was interesting I think about this was that the band was already signed to play even announced to the public and then the change took place. Oh very public reversal here that's happened but by the PRITZKER administration apparently someone higher up weighing in on that decision right well you know it was originally done very quietly. You know we noticed that the band had been removed from the lineup and I think the first people to ask doc the administration about it and even prompt that <hes> initial brief explanation was the do coin weekly newspaper so it is also kind of a nice indication of the way that the important still of of very hyper small town you know news in creating a larger statewide conversation. This is a band that has been around for a while. It didn't just come on the scene a couple of years ago. They've been playing for many years. I believe they may have played the fair before yeah you know they they do a whole circuit of fares you know <hes> and that's I mean that's a lot of their summertime concerts <hes> and you know I. I don't think they're the first band to play. I mean other other folks who are playing currently or have played have reached reached out expressing their support for the band. The band itself is <hes> made some comments <hes> about you know to them the name representing their southern heritage and <hes> rebelliousness <hes> so yeah they don't appear to be directly directly advocating for any kind of <hes> like like slavery or any other sort of of the dark legacy of the civil war and and the way we associate what we associate with the word confederate you can look at it from a administration viewpoint of feeling as though this is something not appropriate they feel to be displayed at the fair. It'll be promoted by the fair at the other end of that spectrum. You have people who are saying now. Wait a minute. <hes> this is a freedom of speech issue or you know some type type of censorship. That's taking place bright. There's I mean there's a couple. I think issues going on here. One one issue is freedom of speech and the other issue is just representation. You know I think people in Southern Illinois <hes> some are frustrated with the idea that folks in Springfield or Chicago might decide what kind of entertainment they get to enjoy and their feeling is like well. It's obvious a lot of people in southern Illinois wanted to go see confederate railroad and <hes> it's not really affair that in this case we learned later basically a few senior officials from the PRITZKER administration. <hes> were responsible for the cancellation. You know people feel that it's not really fair but then like you said also there's this larger debate going on about about <hes> freedom of expression whether whether there's something materially different about you know the confederate flag being represented on a state fairground versus an artist Snoop Dogg the rapper whose going to perform at the Springfield state fair and who has you know lyrics that some people might find offensive that include you know <hes> denigrating women and you know talking about glorifying violence including against police officers <hes> there's a lot of people down here who feel that you know that's just as objectionable actionable as the confederate flags and a local state representative from your area has has raised that scene point representative Terry Bryant's of Republican as she met with the administration. What did she say took place I? I don't think she got what she wanted out the meeting you know her goal was to <hes> get them to reinstate confederate railroad and <hes> the folks she met with told her that's not happening. She felt like <hes> she tried to show them why she believes that Snoop Dogg and confederate railroad or essentially intially equivalent <hes> in terms of how objectionable they are and then <hes> the those those the pritzker administration expressed its own view which is that you know the the confederate flag is a very powerful symbol <hes> and then it continues to be used <hes> in you know by white supremacists and that it you know it it's just not it's not something that people might feel safe or comfortable around and it's never going to be appropriate. Terry's position is that you should either you know cancel both shows which would then of course have a larger first amendment implication of wall. Should we cancel every show where artists says something that people might find objectionable <hes> or you should cancel neither one her overall stance she thinks is that you know both should be allowed to play. She said I would never fly confederate flag and I consider it to be a symbol of slavery but I would not stop my neighbor from flying a flag in front of their house if they so chose well this might have gone as you mentioned. <hes> somewhat unnoticed certainly local media might have picked up on what I think seems to have gotten more. People's attention has been an effort. That's underway to try to at least call for a boycott of the new coin State Fair. <hes> believe there's a facebook page for that that seems to be gaining some some momentum minimum. How serious does that seem to be? It's growing really fast. The facebook page was created on July fourth <hes> six days later. It's got over four thousand members <hes> part part of that I mean and and I spoke with the the guy who started the facebook. Page was a local guy and he he said he he has no way of knowing really how many of those people are local people and there is a question about that given the fact that the story has been picked up pretty <hes> heavily we buy like national conservative outlets so like <hes> Fox News commentators like toddstarnes and Glenn Beck headed on his please TV network. It's possible that people are piling into this facebook group from outside the region but you know I've spent a good amount of time on it. <hes> for my reporting and I think that there are a lot of people in it and a lot of people who are pretty interested in trying to make their opinion felt in Springfield through a boycott. The interesting thing is that there's a lot of different opinions about the way the most effective way to boycott the fair and also the potential danger of doing that given that the fares lost attendance year-over-year recently and is widely regarded down here to be in pretty dire financial straits. I mean to the point that people worry it might disappear someday which would be unfortunate because it's a pretty big economic driver for <hes> a small town in a region that need just before. I let you go the the night that confederate railroad was supposed to play the fair. Is there still a concert. That's it's going to be taking the stage that evening. Yeah <hes> to other country bands will still play that night at the grandstand and <hes> confederate railroad <hes> just announced <hes> that it will be performing <hes> a makeup show about a week later September kimber fifth at a motorcycle dealership down here in southern Illinois so it'll be interesting to see how well attended that is and how many people decide to boycott the state fair this year the do Coin State Fair runs August twenty third through September the second Labour Day eh thanks to Gabriel neely straight. He's reporter with the Southern Illinois newspaper for joining us here on statewide. Thanks Gabriel thank you after we spoke with Gabriel. Governor Pritzker made some comments to reporters about the decision. We're talking about a band that has sense its emblem. The confederate flag the confederate flag is a symbol of not just slavery <hes> but of treason against the United States. It's also a symbol of murder of kidnapping of rape. That's what happened under the banner of the confederate flag many years ago in this country it is today a symbol of racists of white nationalists of the alt-right <hes> and so I do not think that the state of Illinois I should be sponsoring something that is amplifying that symbol so that is why we took the action that we did well remember. There's a big difference between what I just described where hundreds of thousands of people died millions in in fact tens of millions of people were enslaved. We're talking about a history of terrible history in the United States death and destruction that took place under that flag and on the other side political satire with snoop has a history of misogyny of he wants to put out a video that was essentially Angelique porn called Snoop doggy style. You're comfortable with someone who endorsed four no again. There is an enormous difference Tamang between you know the political satire the discussion by a single artist <hes> his political Ol- views and the representation of truly millions of people being enslaved hundreds of thousands of people being killed under the banner of treason. Remember it was under the banner of the confederate flag that the assassin of Abraham Lincoln our favorite son. The son of Illinois was murdered. That's governor pritzker speaking to reporters this week more to come on statewide ahead. We'll look back forty years ago to disco demolition tonight at the Ballpark. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot. Com Free Talk live in the light. There was a being starting to are you saying Michael Jackson has come back and said I am Michael Jackson. See I called there. You go you talk with God throughout your life. You heard this voice that you recognized as God telling you do you believe magic inviting you to look out the window where you then saw Michael Jackson coming down from a rainbow ray of light coming from the sky so what happened then did he invite you to his playland or whatever it is. He has nine months later. The Virgin Birth happen again he could resurrect <music> by the Meat Jackson's baby. I'm back listen to free. Talk Live seven nights weeks six to nine P._M.. Central time heartland newsfeed radio network and heartland news phone dot com. You're listening to statewide. I'm Shawn Crawford coming up bridging the racial divide through basketball that story is on the way and later we'll look back at the state armory building in springfield its history story and what might lie ahead this week back in nineteen seventy nine baseball promotion got out of hand and that might be putting it mildly sadly known as disco demolition at prompted fans to bring disco records to the White Sox Ballpark to watch them blown up at wound up in what some called a riot and it has gone down as one of the most infamous moments in baseball history the white sox owner Bill Oh that was known for his wild promotions but this idea belonged to his son Mike a White sox executive at the time since then Mike Vick has built a long resume in baseball but he'll always be connected to the disco fiasco. I talked with him back. In Twenty Tony Thirteen and today we revisit that interview in nineteen seventy seven the white sox <hes> <hes> with whom I labored at the time had a promotion with disco clubs all around Chicago and at the end of the evening Jeff Schwartz who was a record bugger Auger at that time for united artists and a group of US retired Miller's pub which <hes> I'm happy to say still stands in downtown Chicago and we discussed what we thought was a blade on American music scene disco. Oh and we thought it would be really fun to have a night honoring rock and roll music for all the people who didn't care for disco and loved rock and roll. We went home laughing at four in the morning and never thought about it again until Steve Dahl on WWL U._p.. Blew up a disco record and <hes> about five minutes. After Mr Daul got off the air I called him and said You WanNa do that live at Comiskey Park and he said well I've only done it at shopping centers and I said well go practice because we're going to do it. <hes> between Games twenty double header against the against the Tigers and so- July twelve came and I told everyone we were going to have thirty five thousand people and they thought the funniest thing they ever heard and there were thirty thirty five thousand people lined up at three o'clock so we opened the gates <hes> at four o'clock it was twenty nine double header a long extinct. You'll never see one of those again except for two admissions and we opened the gates that we sixty thousand people in Comiskey by six o'clock and after losing the first game and the kids ran out on the field and as they say the rest is history Jane Byrne Road in <hes> the riot squad came in after an hour. We were forced to forfeit my dad looked at me and said every once in a while you have one that works too well. He was actually the only one who understood it. It did not do wonders for my baseball career from their <music> emotionally. You know those were some tough times for you following that event. That's putting it mildly. I just went right off the deep end ran right off the deep end anytime that <hes> you know your your <hes> earring on the street behind your back reportedly this would cost your your <hes> potentially hall of fame. <hes> father was a it was a disgrace and of course. I didn't know what a slow news day meant which meant that everybody everybody wrote about it. Had there been something else going on it would have been relegated. You know two maybe not so <hes> large amount of coverage but <hes> I hit the sauce pretty good after that and <hes> didn't work again in the big leagues for ten years the fact that you had to forfeit the second game of a doubleheader. That's especially in the seventy nine season. That wasn't such a big issue. I guess for the White Sox but there was some cost involved in that and I'm sure that created some issues for your father is well. Oh Oh yeah there's it's a marketing man's nightmare actually to to have a promotion that goes <hes> as I said almost too well too many people show up and you end up forfeiting what was then only the fourth game in the history of <hes> of <hes> Major League Baseball and there there comes a a real onus with that <hes> but I refused them John to apologize in terms of this being a terrible <hes> terrible tragedy you know I know what tragedies are <hes>. We all know what tragedies are. We see them every day. Those are those are our veterans who don't have enough to eat or or children who can't walk those are those are tragedies. Forfeiture of a of a ball game doesn't rape very high up there. That was all I said and of course the press just just killed me for that but now I'm happy to say that ever since the twenty fifth anniversary people kind of look back on this event now with kind of a warm and fuzzy approach is opposed to the first ten or fifteen years in which I was a pariah you've been in baseball probably about as long as your father was yet yet I I assume you're still recognize more likely as Bill Vic Sun is the second frustrating for you at times. Oh I you know you go through your period that had a lot to do with my drinking and and you know your maturity level I mean I'm a mistake genetics. You know if I had been Charlie Brown. <hes> not the famous one. I would have gotten another chance after disco and I would have had was not well liked in the front office so the name was not helpful to getting employment and <hes> but the fans loved it and I know which one I choose and it was easy <hes> being his kid because there was never any money he died broke but not broken and <hes> I think kids who have famous parents who we have a lot of money to worry about have a problem but I think when it's just infamy I you don't really have a problem and I've had a wonderful you know. Run has worked for four and a half major league teams. I've owned a dozen or so minor league teams. I've got ten years in the bigs twenty five years in the minor so I I have managed to to have a dream life with very mediocre towns. I've never thought your father gets his due for contributions nations to baseball. He was seemed to be all about having fun giving fans a good time making the game more about you know an enjoyable experience out there rather than people just sitting in the seats all the time and that's an approach. You've honed his well with your ownership. Talk a little about on your leadership style when it comes to baseball hire good people and stay out of their way listen to the fans make sure that any decision you make is is for the fans I and and I appreciate your your comments about my old. Oh man he he made a lot of contributions <hes> to the game and unfortunately you know because of Eddie Goodell midget in Saint Louis <hes> a lot of the facts that he won a world championship in Cleveland and forty eight with Lou boudreaux and and tennis on the south side of Chicago with the White Sox and fifty nine are lost because he was so unpopular with the owners and they would like to have him remember it as a man of gimmicks instead of as a renaissance man of substance he made the game the game I might add that he loved and it was the only way he made his living. He didn't inherit money he had no money. Except what are your into the box. Now you mentioned doing everything for the fans. You had one tonight though with one of your <hes> minor league teams or recently where you lock the fans out of the stadium you set a record for lowest attendance at a game. What would your dad have thought about that? I think he laughed. You know I've been a fool not to learn a little something and <hes> the juxtaposition of ideas and the idea that we spend all day everyday laboring to draw the most people we can. That's what we kill ourselves all the time so I just thought that the opposite would be kinda funny and whether or not any of the purest agree we do one hundred and twenty six interviews all over the world and H._B._O.. Coming to came into the twelve minutes special on itself I stand by nobody nice silly but effective you're sort of in the entertainment business as well as the baseball business can some of what you preach also apply to other businesses and and <hes> you know people in other fields well I. I didn't really think about it. You know I could never work in the hockey business. I could never work working basketball business. <hes> just because baseball is so ingrained and that's what I love my my son. Nine train for example is fourth generation now working for the white sox. That's kind of our game but a few years ago I wrote a book so called fun is good and the people who responded to the book where businesses all over the country and I did some touring around and speaking for corporations and it never really occurred to me <hes> in bet you could apply it but the long winded answer is yes. It really does work. If you have a fun creative shop. No matter what you do you can make widgets or you can <hes> pedal baseball. That's Mike. Effect from an interview in two thousand thirteen he was the man behind the promotion known as Disco Demolition night at Comiskey Park forty years ago this week since the event the promotion has been remembered fondly by some who see it as a wild moment from their youth some others others though tie it to what they view as racist homophobic undercurrents among the predominantly white fans in attendance VAC and Steve Doll he was at the center of the controversy. Don't agree with that perception in a recent statement. Doll said we blew up disco records made fun the B._G.'s and Saturday night fever. It goes no deeper than that. The added sometimes a stupid radio promotion is just a stupid radio promotion the White Sox mark the fortieth anniversary of disco demolition night earlier this season they ended ended out special t shirts at a home game Steve Doll throughout the first pitch in Springfield will host an unusual basketball tournament later this month. It's designed to have a positive effect on the players long after the games are over dusty Rhodes as more that about ten years ago. Al Clinic was scrolling through youtube looking for videos about his hometown when he stumbled upon documentary that shocked him. I came across the race riots in Springfield. What did it do to you when you found out that Springfield field had this horrible history because we call it a race riot but really was more of a massacre? Yes and I can't believe that I grew up in north. Inborn raised lived here all my life and didn't know the true history history. The massacre sparked by white woman's false claim that she had been raped by a black man do you black men were lynched. More than a dozen people died and scores of black owned homes and businesses were burned to the ground by white mob over a period of two days in the year nineteen ninety eight at the time it made national news and inspired the establishment of the N. Double A._C._p.. But in Springfield the episode was kept quiet for decades by the time clinic found out about the riot full century later he realized that if something so so horrible could have remained hidden there were probably other things happening in Springfield that he knew nothing about so clinic began searching for a way to bring people together the only way he knows how I'm a basketball person. It's been basketball all my life I as a player and then I wanted to play college ball. Nobody wanted me so I became a coach. His coaching gigs have included Lanphier High School Sacred Heart Griffin and Rochester high but that's not all twenty years ago clinic clinic and his younger brother Steve Opened Basketball Facility. That's home to various recreational leagues and the Springfield Predators traveled teams. The facility itself has called the gym. That's capital t capital g the gym. It does get confusing <hes> when people ask where we plane we tell them at the gym. Periodically they'll go to another gym instead of the gym but they only make that mistake once so how does basketball intersect with racism system well clinic says it actually happens a lot traveling to tournaments all over the Midwest you see a lot of teams where all the players are the same color even at St Ball tournaments like the Gus smacker. I've gone to three on three tournaments for a long time when my son played in I can remember going to a peoria that used to be one of the biggest tournaments round for the smacker and most of the teams were either black or white. Clinic has witnessed this phenomenon so many times is he now wants to try putting his own twist on it. How do you get people to get on a team with a person of a different race and want to play that way well? Here's a way to do it with our two onto tournament that that you have to get a teammate of a different race. He's calling it that community unity to onto tournament the very sure he's handing out 'cause it the most unique basketball tournament you'll ever play in its are little biddy way of saying a let's be teammates instead of against each other and have a good time doing it. Clinic started by recruiting Letitia with Anderson to co-chair the event like clinic Anderson grew up in Springfield but she comes from a politically active black family. She works as a lobbyist for small municipalities and served as Springfield mayor. Tim Davlantes Chief of staff during his first year in office. I've known about the nine hundred eight race rides and that's actually tells you a little bit about Springfield felt so I mean I like Alex said people may differ 'cause Allen. I different a great deal on a lot of things but we're still very good friends and I think that that's what this term it is about. I think it can change the way people perceive one another just from one little basketball game you've gone out and talked to different organizations in you've run into teams that are all white or teams that are all black and they're like sorry letitia. We don't know any other players right right that is correct. They've never gone outside of their comfort zone outside of their neighborhoods outside of their churches and so this brings them together it then makes leaders that are supposed to be leaders in our community. Bring these kids together to bring families together to me. I think what makes a difference in our community is when there's an open dialogue and people are working together for particular goal so you're can play travel ball. My kid play travel ball and the best part travel ball to me. Was the families became a team behind the kids. I was very trimming. We played with kids from little bitty towns that were all homogeneous the when you're in a hotel room and I'm sitting there braiding every a little kids hair. That's on the team but I thought okay. This is a way to bring us together and that's what it did so you're GONNA get two sets of parents cheering their team on together and those parents might not know each other and the we sitting together other side by side cheering on their children. I see a wonderful ripple effect. Actually that's pretty much how she became friends with clinic. He trained her daughter Alison Anderson. Who was the star point guard for Springfield high school? In two thousand Asinine Allison has agreed to team up with clinic for the Hotshot Competition at his community unity tournament. That's the side contest designed to attract players who might be too old to play the game. What I'd like is if we can get everybody to be a friend with somebody else of a different race that to me would be wonderful to have at the end of the day? Is that achievable I duNNo. We're GONNA find out you know. Is that too pollyannish. <hes> I don't know the tournament is scheduled for the last weekend in July and all proceeds will be divided between two charities compass for kids and Saint Martin Depor's clinic hopes this tournament will become an annual tradition. I'm dusty Rhodes leads looking for our podcast. Statewide is available through N._p._R.. One one sweet and you can also find links to all the stories you hear at our website at statewide show dot com just ahead here on statewide. A lot of history has taken place inside the walls Illinois state armory in springfield field. What does the future hold? Their story is coming up. Get to old navy now because this week only there's a new red hot deal every single day plus up to fifty percent off store-wide. That's up to fifty percent off your favorite old. Navy styles also get ten dollars off your next purchase. Just when you buy online pick up in store so hurry and get today's wow were the fashion pieces at a price. You won't believe only old navy valid seven twelve to nineteen select styles only ten dollars off valid in-store only one time use excludes clearance Gift Card Register Register Lane Items Jewelry. 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Armory building in springfield played a big role. In life in the city and Rockford it's one of those communities banking on a new casino. We'll take a closer look at what that could mean all ahead on state wide the area in the Gulf of Mexico known as the dead zone is projected to grow to the size of Massachusetts this year. That's according to a recent federal report. Christine Herman is more than what it means for fishermen in the Gulf and how farmers in the Mid West can help. It's called the dead zone because it kills marine in life which takes a toll on the fishing industry in the Gulf A._C.. Cooper is the president of the Louisiana Shrimp Association last season. We'd probably two thirds less than we did last year. At this time Ed goes to show you how much freshwater yearly affects the environment and the fish that live in the problem is caused in part by mid West Farming Dick Lions grows corn in Montgomery County Illinois. He says he's changed the wiki farms to prevent nitrogen and phosphorus and fertilizer from entering waterways. He says it's boosted his corn yields without raising costs it. It hurts me to think that I'm causing problems for someone else in the industry that I'm in is causing these problems but I think it's a moral obligation that we as stewards of the land do the best we possibly can Kuprin lions made their comments on the twenty-first show. I'm Christine Herman. The Illinois state RB building is perhaps the largest state owned building. You don't know about the two hundred thousand square foot behemoth was once a fixture of life and culture in downtown Springfield in a central component to the state Capitol Complex but the more than eighty year old building is a shell of what it once was since the state police abandoned it in two thousand eight at has fallen into disrepair. That's all about to change now that state lawmakers voted one hundred twenty million dollars from the latest infrastructure plan to fix up the place as plans for how to do that began to take shape one big question looms can the state armory be made new again and if so what might it look like our reporter Slam Dunk Log explores the legacy and what lies ahead for the Illinois state armory. I'm walking to meet up with a guy who's an expert on old buildings Anthony Rubino. I'm a product designer with the state of Preservation Office in the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. We've met in front of a five storey limestone in concrete structure that spans an entire city block in downtown Springfield across from the State Capitol Building Anthony Starts to tell me about it. Oh we're looking at the Illinois state armory that was built in the Mid Nineteen thirties and functioned as such for many years Illinois has had three of these kinds of building since the civil war they were designed to store weapons in quarter horses for the state militia the I was torn down and replaced by castle looking structure but that was destroyed in nineteen thirty four when it was set on fire by a ten year old kit kit builders commissioned by F._d._R.'s Work Progress Administration set to work constructing this building in its place and it's got the nineteen thirties written all over it art deco lighting fixtures vertical columns with wavy lines steel window panels as with Brahman looking shields in the middle of them all by design Rubino says it reinforced the power of the Republic and democratic ideals but then also this veneer of newness of modernism of streamlined design. The armory kind of looks like a giant Sandwich Sandwich. If viewed from above the bread in this case is the buildings two sets of offices that sit on either side and the meat is a giant auditorium. Wait what I asked. Rubin Awaiian Auditorium is smack DAB in the middle of a military Harry building turns out. That's where the National Guard used to train its soldiers well. The drill hall is a large open space and armories have normally a large open drill hall so you have this large central volume that really could be used for anything thing that required a large gathering of people so it functioned very well as an indoor like an amphitheater an amphitheater that in its heyday was a cultural hub for downtown Springfield and the state at large to find out a little bit more about what took place in their over the decades. I I met up with historian Curtis Man. I am the manager of the Sanguine Valley Collection. He spends all day researching Springfield area history which includes state buildings like the armory really was interesting is that it was supposed to be for the military components of the National Guard is a place for them but they also had two other purposes. One of those was to supply state offices at the time state government was expanding and needed more people to fill more roles more people equals more offices and the third purpose which it served for a long time was kind of like a civic center it was used for a variety of large gatherings basketball games conventions political rallies people like J._F._k.. F. K. Martin Luther King Junior spoken hall shows concerts. That's right a government building once hosted rock and roll concerts at the height of the anti-establishment movement the man who brought them here wasn't enterprising a young promoter named Len trumper who started his company. Whatever productions in nineteen seventy one? I just knew there was nothing going on in Springfield for kids do I went in and out of the army and <hes> phenomenal and stuff and mm-hmm came home and I still saw there was nothing for people news. I thought I'm going to try something over the years he convinced at least a hundred national acts to perform at places like the state armory. We're talking bands from A._C._D._C. Nine to blue oyster cult. Tom Sullivan was a regular at those shows he lives in California now but remembers the Springfield armory stage well usually candy only <hes> you could sit up in the bleachers if you want to but they basically cleared out the whole floor of the armory and people would just be sitting around standing or the only circles the group of friends have kind of a <hes> anything Kinda goes. Perhaps one of the most infamous of those anything goes shows involved in early Van Halen on July twenty seventh nineteen seventy-nine Van Halen arrived in Springfield for a stop on their world tour their self titled Debut Album had hit the charts and they were well on their way to becoming a rock and roll sensation and they we're about to cause a whole bunch of trouble. I came the car right between their downtown hotel and the armory when they got there. My driver told me he couldn't do anything about and he said I couldn't stop them. Like what are you talking about. Come out and look at the car and we got outside and they had taken the anything in that three block that they had to go anything that was small enough to tear off everything they threw out the window. As they went down the road. Once inside the armory they were greeted backstage by one of trumpers trusted stagehands Michelle Lechner in the dressing the room that I had very nicely set up with these tablecloths and these trays of food and all of this David Lee Roth got up walked across the whole table full of food. It's like thanks you know. Great guys are fun. Curtis man says what Van Halen did after the show was all over the local news satisfied with the service they got. I understand that they said a small fire there and were on their way out of town when the police stopped and made them come back you know the answer answer for their actions. The state would put an end to armory shows shortly after that around the same time a new downtown convention center was completed rendering the armory stage pretty much obsolete as for the building itself the the Illinois State police were the last state agency to move out in two thousand eight. The armory has since been used as a giant storage locker and has remained closed to the public which brings us to today about one hundred twenty million dollars has been approved for the state armory and other springfield projects in the new infrastructure plan. The building is controlled by the State Central Management Services Agency which says the money will go toward making the armory a usable space. Anthony Rubino says that will involve some work. There's a certain amount of baseline line cost that it may take to bring a building up to a certain standard in terms of roof repair and utility replacement HVAC and mechanical and plumbing but the goal is to renovate the place so the state and the public can use it again what that will look like is up up in the air right now but some already have ideas take Lisa Clements Start Executive Director of downtown Springfield Inc there are thoughts about how it could be an indoor farmers market. You could potentially have the Bank of Springfield Center being the overseers of any activities where repub the public could use it or the different things could be booked in there or springfield state representative Tim Butler the E._p._a.. Building on the north side of town of North Grand <hes> part of that building's going to be eliminated as part of the Tennessee rail project comes through there so there will be a need to house <hes> e._p._A.. Employees whatever ideas state planners end up going with there will be a review process approval and bidding before any shovels in the ground as you can imagine that might take some time but both state and local officials want to see the state armory returned to its former glory corey. Just don't expect a raucous rock concert in there anytime soon. I'm Sam Dunk Law. They WANNA see photos of the armory in its heyday and its current state will confine more information at her website speedway show dot com if you were trying to quit. 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There are no contracts and we give you a ten day money back trial period call provision enrollment right now for your risk-free guaranteed health insurance quote starting starting at six dollars a day eight hundred four seven. Oh eight zero two one eight hundred four seven. Oh eight zero two one. That's eight hundred four seven. Oh Eighty twenty-one governor Jay pritzker assigned to measure at the end of June allowing for six casinos in Illinois and legalizing sports betting Rockford is the site of one of those casinos and cheese cavanaugh has more on how it will contribute to local and state revenue a comprehensive gambling bill has been repeated priority in the state legislature for several years. One of its biggest supporters has been republican state Senator Davis Iverson. He says a major concern is gambling dollars being lost surrounding states last year a little over over one point five billion dollars left Illinois to go to the five surrounding states who have all built casinos on the borders seaver some worked in tandem with Democratic Senator Steve Solomon who's district comprises much of Rockford one of Solomon's priorities was it was funding a state capital plan and some possible funding streams like attacks on streaming videos weren't well received by the public eventually most people came to realize that we could fund a majority of capital plan through gaming expansion and to me that was the key to surpassing larger package Solomon says initial estimates on casino revenue would add at least five hundred million dollars for the capital fund see Verson adds that the capital plan since the money to very specific sources that includes things for universities. K Twelve school woke projects state facilities state parks. It's really dealing with deferred maintenance. Municipalities like Rockford will also get a share of each casinos revenue stolman explains Seventy Percent City Rockford twenty percent for one day Oh county and if five percent for less Park Manchester Park so they'll divide up the amount that a local casino would bring both senators say it's better for the revenue to remain in state rather than go across the border severson is also concerned that cross-border casinos can open up more quickly because they aren't taxed as heavily as their Illinois counterparts. He's as the plan to Ho Chunk Casino in Beloit Wisconsin as an example rockville would clearly a at a big disadvantage because <hes> the Indian casino by not paying taxes makes a lot more money and mm can subsidize their water park. They're talking about or subsidiser hotels or they can pay larger larger winnings stottlemyre adds that the lost revenue isn't necessarily coming from the wallets of out of staters so we had beloit to the North <hes> you you have <hes> Indiana casinos to eastern. I think any given day you look in the parking lots of those casinos in Indiana again all Illinois license plates even with the State's legal blessing to expand casino gambling the revenue estimates aren't perfect also there are different tax regimes teams for different types of gambling. Stop them and says the video gaming machines commonly found in bars and restaurants are taxed at a flat rate of thirty percent. This doesn't apply to casinos but there's a progressive element to it so <hes> the more revenue brings in its tax at a higher rates furthermore the introduction of sports gambling brings in questions of what tax rate is ideal casinos are also devising different ways they can provide sports betting in a legal setting while still appealing to the convenience of certain ways. It's done szeged with mobile APPS governor. Jay Pritzker says regardless of method. There's money to be made the ongoing revenue not insubstantial from tax revenue from sports betting as it ramps up is I believe between twenty and forty million dollars a year. You're not a small amount of money but relative to some of the other things <hes> maybe smaller finally a portion of the tax revenue from Illinois casinos goes toward treatment for gambling addiction. Stop them and says that amount will be significantly higher than in the past the state will provide six point eight million dollars and treatment and services and therapy for gamblers who do have addictions. That's a seven hundred fifty percent increase or what's currently provided. I think the current eight hundred thousand dollars at this point Rockford kicked off an application process for parties interested in building and running the new casino the city can send multiple applications to the Illinois Gaming Board for approval but only one party will ultimately receive a state license once the Gaming Board makes its decision. The casino will set up a temporary recite while their main building is under construction so receivers in hopes that can be done by the end of the year. I'm Trish Gavel Hi. I'm Joan London when I needed to find senior care for my mom. I really struggled to find the right fit until I found an adviser. Here's someone who had been through this before. That's why I recommend A.. Place for mom the nation's largest senior living referral service they have experts who will help you ask the right questions and find the right place. Call A. Place for mom today who speak with a local senior living adviser call A. Place for mom at one eight hundred nine zero eight zero two six five. That's one eight hundred nine zero eight zero two six five A. Place for MOM has helped over two hundred thousand families find the right senior care for their your parents from assisted living to independent living even Alzheimer's care and have local advisers that can help explain your options at no cost to you speak with a local senior living adviser call A. Place for mom at one eight hundred nine zero eight zero zero to six five. That's one eight hundred nine zero eight zero two six five call today. That's it for statewide this week. Join US again next time for more reports and conversations for in and around Illinois and a reminder. If you missed any in this episode or others find them at statewide show dot com you can also get a podcast through N._p._R.. One I'm Shawn Crawford statewide as a production of N._p._R.. Illinois with help from other Illinois public radio stations uh-huh get to old navy now because this week only there's a new red hot deal every single day plus up to fifty percent off store-wide. That's up to fifty percents off your favorite old. Navy styles also get ten dollars off your next purchase. When you buy online pick up in store so hurry and get today's wow worthy fashion pieces at a price? You won't believe only old navy balanced seven twelve to nineteen select styles only ten dollars off valid in store only one time use excludes clearance Gift Cards Register Lane Items Jewelry get ready for back to school with old navy two days only Saturday and Sunday. Kids Polos are on sale for just three bucks. That's right colorful kids Paulos. 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