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GT Reloaded: SHOT Show 2020 - Brownells Retro ARs; Smith & Wesson's 9mm EZ; Squirrel Hunting with Timney Triggers: Gun Talk Radio | 04.12.20 B


Crimson trace now a complete line of electronics sites ranging from fixed magnification battle site to reflex sights with the latest power management features purpose built versatile. Find Yours at CRIMSON TRACE DOT com. Hey welcome back to gun talk. Yes this is a recorded shows were letting the staff stay home with their families right now on Easter Sunday. This is the shot show from Las. Vegas comes in trace boot. We had a lot of fun. We've talked about a lot of products. So here we go. And you've got folks. I mean it. I know it's it's terrible for me to actually say this because you can't be here and I'm here but it is just way man I'm just telling you Ryan Raptors walked in for Brown hills and we were talking about that. It's like hanging out with you buds. Yeah but we all have this passion. This shared Pash. Yeah absolutely you know it. It befuddles me because everyone. Here's somebody industry black Chacho they're not into it because it is long days is long hours but to your point. See All your buddies. It's cool but you're right. You're right before we went on. I said Yeah but you gotTA understand. It is trying to kill you. Yeah between the desert and the The social hours after after hours it does try to kill you so you did the IV thing I did. I did an IV treatment this morning with with a friend. Not that I needed it. I go into a bar place with IV select. And it's like you're ordering a smoothie in a restaurant you could select that you want so I'm loving. This idea. It was it was it was. It was interesting. Yeah I'd like licorice. Thank you very much right. Brown booth. I can't get in you know it's it's always a busy place. We have a number of our ambassadors who you come by. We've got Loofah REGNA. We've got from a number of the social media folks so busy you know for a long time. Brown house was just this quiet little under the radar gun Suissa pipe place. Yeah and you're not that at all anymore. No you know. The thing is I think brands have to on personalities of WHO's in there and we've got some incredible personalities over the top gun people hardcore folks and it's time to wear those colors right and it's time to tell people who you are excellent so what you got. What new this year at shot show for us. It's kind of. It's kind of our continued. Tribute to Eugene Stoner fellas that you know Develop the early platforms everybody. Hopefully your audience is familiar with the Retro Retro Thing. So those have been out for a couple years last year chart show we we announced. Vr In one eighty. Which of course is a similar firearm to with with modern technology or upper last year to the eighteen. We've got a lot of feedback from the customer base of A. Hey you know what that that? Beer one eighty s where we call. It is really cool. Yeah we're out within the in a sixteen and a half inch barrel and inch barrel but everybody was like. It's really cool because it comes out in adapts to MIL SPEC lowers some people. Were actually like. I don't want it to two MIL SPEC lower. I want it to look more like an original area. Okay yeah so this year we have this year. What's new for US TO BE? Our one eighty lowers. So there's the firearm part. Yeah the actual firearm part. It's not being sold as a gun. It just being sold as a lower budget but you take your beer in one eighty. Drop it on there. And now you've got this authentic looking out closer to authentic looking originally eighteen. Okay Yeah so. It's kind of neat people who like to shoot them either way. But they're definitely shooters are good absolutely definite shooters So the the the beer in one eighty we have to open. There's the beer in one. Eighty one eighty m lower. Okay but the beer in one eighty lower again. It's GonNa look very traditional closer to the original air eighteen. But the cool part is that has a rail on the back. So you can to all these Sp tactical braces. And that's right thing where you could you can adapt collapsible stock of the back. Goes around to the back of that. Some thought into that. Yeah that's what happens. You have gun people. I was GONNA say gun guys. But that actually is not correct in your case because you've got gun gals again gallison's in the office. You really do. Yeah yeah absolutely all right. So what else are you sure people now so the one eighty is the lower the beer in one of the M lor is a little bit different. Take so more of a standard looking air lower. But it's in bill and it comes with that but continue rail on the back or so and those are that one eighty is going to be available that the regular one eighty available probably in a couple of weeks. The bureau in one eighty M is available the site now and they order from Brownell they have to get shipped to a NFL. Yup Yup and you've got to do it or network are set up. Yeah because close to ten thousand partner dealers across the country so you make it easy. Yeah yes no no shoot not want to make it hard for people to give you money ever right right. We don't want we don't want to abate folks exercising there so I can remember is anymore. The Nets Yeah. They want to have another gun. We're we are actually in favor of that. Oh entirely okay expressly entirely all right so and then the the other kind of in that in that piece of the tribute to stunner pieces. We're actually working with hopefully number of your listeners are familiar with. Carl Reiner Inch TV. And then Ian from Forgotten Weapons Youtuber guys. They launched a project at twenty seventeen. Called the what would just owner do rifle. And both Carl being real students of the firearm game and you know history is and this sort of thing said back in two thousand seventeen. Hey given today's first off going back to what Eugene stunners? Charter was right. Well a rifle. That's more efficient and lighter and for those who don't know using star developed created the original. Ar Fifteen became the M16 the Vietnam rifle all the way up to the US. Today that townhall started with Eugene stoner. Yes the case if somebody's wondering who is talking about. It's incredibly important. Because before I got an industry I didn't know okay so that's completely fair point. Thanks Tom so yeah so they did this. Deal in two thousand seventeen where they said okay if he'd been given the same charter but he had access to today's technology this is what he would have done. Okay and so. The two thousand seventeen project was an interesting project but they decided to Redo it and they're going to bring it to the masses and it's a partnership with in range arms and Brownell so exclusively sold at Brownell so they're gonNA to come out with what's called the what would do twenty twenty rifle. It comes with the facts and barrel at comes with a polymer lower. All polymer lower. Their they're trying to have it at about five pounds. Wow I like that. That's a really cool project. I just because Carleen in inner engine forgotten weapons are massive reach channels and so we've already have tons and tons and tons of interest that project where we see a product on that. Yeah so may of twenty twenty is the plan so in talking with Russified over K arms and Carl Caserta at in range. It's a it's a polymer lower and there are certain issues around designing pieces with with polymer. They're still finalizing the right. The right grade of polymer the thickness and all the things that go with. It expecting steel. No you're right. Yeah me is definitely not an engineer. I didn't probably appreciate What it takes when you're another one of those where well this ought to be simple. Yeah Yeah you're right. We'll sleep simple meal talk about it and you guys do that right. What's the big deal? Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah I I could run my mouth all day but I'll let smart people with the guns. Yeah and that's that so like I said may twenty twenty. They're available for preorder now Brown. Okay Dot Com. They're gonNA come in Right at sixteen ninety nine price point all right so pretty cool there and then a couple of things. That hopefully shouldn't be news to your audience would be the would be the broncos retro scopes people familiar with the old cult scope mounted to to carrying handles. We decided to do that again. To sort of complement the Retro Rifle Launch Right. Let's come in at a really nice price point at two ninety nine. So it's really affordable really manageable and the interesting part is the optics company is doing those for us in Japan. It's the same exact company to call you. Just no kidding yeah. That's terrific. Yeah and for those who are wondering. Why would I do that because it looks old fashioned? You would do that because it looks old fashioned. That's precisely looks cool and for a lot of us in the gun world. We celebrate the history. Actually we study history through firearms. Yeah yeah no right well. Firearms are a wonderful way to talk about history right. Yeah we got a guy. My team named Roy Hill and Roy is like the most incredible historians psycho pedia. Yeah it legitimate encyclopedia. But so he's taught me a ton of things in history for eight years and he's taught me a ton of things about history by just talking about firearms right interesting. Yeah really melts. Yeah so all right so we got all of that. I mean obviously you got everything a brown hills. That's all branded. Save you thousands hundreds of thousands of things online catalogue. Are you still able to count on we are? We are shipping the cattle not nearly as many people use that as they do just the online. Right it's really getting hard to attribute the the the value of the catalog right but we also know there. We also keenly aware that there are plenty of guys and gals out there working on guns. Who absolutely still use it as a resource. That kind of thing. We are going to switch the timing of it though. Yeah so we're looking at. We're looking at potentially. Having the catalog traditionally come out in August and we are looking at changing that timing to be Come OUT RIGHT AROUND. The same show comes out. Okay I love the catalog but even more so. I love the search ability on the website. When I need to find something I could just go to the website and find it. Yeah into me. That's the big deal. Yeah Yeah it's certainly easier but that we talk to customers a lot and I've heard from guys. Let's say you owe. Let's say you own a custom gunsmith shop. You don't necessarily have a retail store but your custom gunsmith shop. You got guys who've got their pages mark. They know what they need. They're working on similar things. They're just able to go through. And you know the the boss comes through and walks to the center aisle while the gunsmiths working and they still call in so there's still certainly value to having right there and and you know even you know a lot of people are so yeah. It's the older. Older generation likes the Cadillac. But we still talk to lots of young people who like to well it through a book. I'm talking about the catalogue as you find things. You didn't even know you need it but you go. Wow that's cool. Yeah I didn't even know that existed but I. I think I want that right. There's there's a certain experience when you have. That just happened in thirty seconds. What else do people didn't know about? Brownell is what you guys are up. One more product is the match precision. Optics it's a PR s aimed aimed product. And it really cool. Thing is a thirty four millimeter. We've got a couple sizes available. Just go to the website. Type in match precision optics. You'll after yeah. Yeah and they're really P. R. S. Optic a lot of those optics of course are going for a great optics out there. The four tech stuff those are going for well worth it at a pretty significant price range. We're coming in about ninety nine for those optics which is a heck of a deal but everybody else is making great stuff to go. Ryan Rep. Thank you so much pleasure Tom and you you you always get it done appreciate it. All right don't go far. We'll come back where we talk about some of the other new guns. That had been introduced here show. You may be the first to hear about a partly. This may be the first you get to hear about it. I'm Tom Gresham. He right back with more gun. Talk for Twenty Five Years Crimson. Trace has led the industry in laser and light technology and customer service now Crimson traces proud to offer electronic sites and rifles scopes for tactical target and hunting applications with the same crimson trace offer of free batteries for life on all products. The new rifle scope line is also backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty from the brand that you have trusted for over two decades find out more at Crimson trace dot com thirty six years the US sportsmen's Alliance has been fighting to protect hunting fishing and trapping for sportsmen from coast to coast today. We are under constant attack from extremist animal rights groups who want to end your ability to hunt in the US join us to protect sporting heritage and our way of life outdoors to join or for more information on how you can help go to. Us SPORTSMAN DOT. Org that's US sportsman. 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We're having much funding comes traits booth over here at the show and yes. It's not rely because the shot show a few days ago. That's okay this on Thursday. You're here on Sunday. It's all good because we're gonNA break you all the stuff that's new here all the stuff that's cool or at least as much as we can because there's really more than anybody could keep cover here. It's it's pretty crazy. How big this is and honestly how many new products have been introduced. It's a really good time to be a gun person because there's so much cool stuff going on here young a lot of join just right now from Smith and Wesson and Thompson Center and all these other things you guys do. It's pretty crazy. What you guys are up to these days and we were just meeting with you and you're starting to tell us about a few of the new things right. You got a busy man. What'd you been up to while? Yes certainly leading up here and the shots show. We had a lot of new releases of products that were kind of showing for the first time here right at the shot show audience. So it's been a really really busy. You know. We start months and months ahead of the shot. Show kind of preparing design in the booth the grapplers. And just how we're GONNA present all that whole new lineup of product to to the audience here. Okay time so it's actually kind of a long ish station period when you have like a really new product starts. It's actually more than a year out. I'm going to have a new platform. Komo. Yeah Yeah. It's a starting with the any kind of research you have to. You know understand. The consumer wants needs kind of start to development process on that and depending of course if it's a new platform or if it's a line extension caliber extension thing right. Mention vary certainly in in that station period bringing you got some of all of that I mean. What do you want to start with when you start to tell people? What are you walk into the booth? Well I'd say. Probably the most recent product introduction that we made in late December was the nine shield. Easy was hoping you were going to start. That is so cool because I was a huge fan. I am a huge fan of easy in three. Eighty right have recommended that to so many people who are people say you know I just can't operate the slide or have problems and it doesn't matter if you're new to if you are small personal with small hands or on the other side of things arthritic hands are old hands you. I just can't grab it and what we could do. The three eighty and then we would always follow up. With and three eighths Ammo is very good these days and it is but now you've done it nine well. The day relaunched the three eighty shield. The question came up. You guys make this in. That's great. That's what everybody does. Yeah tell me about the pistol. Okay Great Well. You hit the nail on the head. It really found a whole consumer category audience who really is benefiting from the easy functionality of the shield easy platform and three what does it mean? Well we designed the pistol so that it's easy to rack first and foremost yet to manipulate your slide rack the slide that first round in the Chamber and as you said you know if you have a hand strength issues a type we made that a lot easier to to load that first round then we added a easy to load magazine feature where you can just help poll depressed magazine. Spring with some tabs as you load the rounds from the top easy to shoot it has some great ergonomics to make a very comfortable shoot and pay low bore axis it's slim and then easy to clean so we I think we we hit the easy to use on all fronts. Co the MP's been long enough. People may have forgotten are taken for granted now that when it came out it had that exceptionally low bore axis and when you shot at it was as wow it feels like recourse reduced. The amount of recall coming back is actually the same. Can't do anything about physics but it feels like it's less recoil because you get less muzzle rise right right that that's benefit the lower. The bar access. You have to your grip right the less kind of flip. You'd probably experience recall about this. If you're headed a barrel that was even with the palm of your hand it would come straight back right and if you if you were to hold up the grip on any of your pistols down to the very bottom of the grip and then obviously the you'd have the leverage and the most would come up so that's really all you're doing it. Sounds simple but there's a lot of engineering and you combine that with the other ergonomics at the Pierre so announced for the eighteen degree grip angle where Ronnie was a genius. So you had some really good ergonomics where you have. A natural point of aim with that eighteen degrees grip. You don't have to you know raise or lower your pistol once your client your site target so okay. So what's What's the price on the nine millimeter? You so with the nine millimeter. It's four seventy nine. Ms RPM starting. Now we also have versions with and without a manual thumb safety we have crimson trace laser guard okay. Factory installed versions of that easy sighting. System Laser and nine millimeter. Of course is the big story. Taking these features have been so well accepted with the three eighty and now now in a nine most popular policy ball less expensive ammo variety of ammo bullet weights. Everything else I do want to mention if you get this pistol or any of your pistols that have a laser installed. You still want to remind people it's not cited in around you still have to adjust O G. It came out of the box laser. It doesn't mean the laser sight in. It's not a big deal. I mean you can actually do it without even firing the Guy you light up the sites and just look the laser on the wall. We did all the time. Oh Yeah we do. And the heck ski is right. I mean honestly if you're slow it's five minutes for most of two minutes. Yeah he's just understand that when you pick it up. It's like when you get a rifle package with a scope on it outside it in right. Yeah may have been mounted but better go to the range and you rounds down range. That's the fun part okay. So we've got that very cool pistol. What else we got also in the family pistols and we have a whole lineup of the performance center. Mvp Two Point Oh. Pistols launched out of the performance out of the performance center so we taken the MVP to point out with all of its enhancements pistol and added the core capabilities so yeah the competition optics ready optics cuts and the sly. Okay you can have porting of the barrel. And slide a fiber optic sights performance center trigger so available nine millimeter forty. S&w Four and a quarter inch or five power lines. Hold that thought too quick break here. Probably Watch these guys right over here. Chopping block would wait and see finger spurs. This is crazy. We're at the shot show. We're busy Jahic from Smith and Wesson wish you were here but you're not so we're going to tell you everything that we're seeing here and try to share with you. Tom Gresham beer. Beer right back with more gun. Talk all right back to the reloaded show from the shot show in January gun talk show. It's Vegas we're doing it all over again. It's like Deja Vu all over again or groundhog day or something but man. We love it here. We just got a lot of friends here. Chris Sale is just sat down with us. He'll be joining us just a few minutes. Here we're talking to WHO knows we're talking with. We'll talk hunting. I'm here because we always do visiting right now. A Yawn Melodic from Smith Wesson but more than that and during the break. We're talking about what's going on with Thompson Center and it's like your whole line exploded this year. What would you guys do right? Well in the Bolt Action Category. We really started with a whole brand new clean slate of new Bolt Action Rifles that we just launched a new show Moore Rifles Yup new rifles or advanced Jenner of the original generation. And just talk a little bit about that. So we really positioned it into three categories starting with the Thompson Center Compass Utility which is very much the same trigger but enjoys the Amway. Five are rifling. That is you know goes across the Thomson Bolt Action Rifle Line Bright. And what's really exciting about it? As the opening price point and also available as a sculpt combination really so from from the Thomson Senate Compass Utility within step up to the Thompson. Center compass too so this is the next generation of the compass rifle. All right so well known out in the mark. Bright has a generation to trigger again. Which is a lighter crisp about three three and a half pound Turkey? Poll set at the factory. Right available all the popular calibers also in combination with scope already mounted or without correct. Yup We'll come bundled with a crimson trace optic or without okay if you WANNA put your own glass on it all calibers and that's kind of like the next step up and then also within the compass to compass to Compact version O. Which is real real snazzy? Sixteen and a half inch barrel link popular caliber rees also Combo sets and you can add three quarter inch inch spacer in the butt stock grow into it either for smaller shooters or for people who say you know just a little bit smaller lighter rifle going up and down these mountains exactly or take the spaces out when I'm going to be wearing heavy closed. Winter closed down the stock going to fit me better. It's just a very it's kind of like they are fifteen stock. You can make it fit you exactly. Yeah I love that idea yeah. It's it's really great. And that also will be available in scope. Combos as well and then we step up to the Thompson Center venture to so also like their compass to this next generation the venture bolt action rifle. That has the genuine new generation to trigger comes in the weather. Shield finish and as the venture action also threaded muzzle like the compass. I don't mean to put you on this out here. I don't know if you know the prices offhand. Just giving you because you've mentioned like kind of a good better best kind of thing. Yeah that's a great way of putting it so the utility without the scope packages starts at three fifty nine. Msi payment okay. It's a lot a rifle for that. Oh a lot then you can step up to the compass to at about a four zero five. Amazon eight good right you know. The optics packages are a little bit more and then the venture to Starts at five twenty five and we don't have any scope packages because at that higher end venture to figure people might want to choose their own scopes that xactly thread barrels for some of these for the compass to come standard with the threat of barrel and also the venture to stand with the threat of Barrel. And of course the big thing is they all have five are rifling and emo guarantee which is kind of the hard gear and minute accuracy. Yes on all of them. It's pretty sweet. So that's the so that's from new rifles to introduce all at one time. Yes yes We had the the technology and the innovation and I would write to to keep up with the able to offer generation trigger. I remember at one point just very few years ago. It may be the case I was Smith and Wesson plant and it said actually some industry group said you guys are the largest number of CNC machines of any manufacturer in the country. I don't know if you do that. Yeah I think it was under one roof roof multiple machete this credible production capability there. Yeah which is really something. And they're so good one thing that they told me it was very eh for those of us. Who are older shooters were thinking? You would always go. You'd buy your pistol than you. If you wanted to upgrade you'll get I've match barrel. They said No. No no the barrels. Were making now out of. The factory are more accurate than the match barrels of last generation. When you look at the precision machining capability of modern. Cnc equipment that tolerances that you can hold the Fed where he used to ages ago at the file and fit may evolve our action or something. Now everything could be so precise precision made to come together crazy really. I obviously more Smith and Wesson stuff. It's Smith Dash West Dot com bright and four Thompson Center. What is tea? Cr DOT COM Tom? Senator OTC DOT COM dot com could also get off main Smith spent DASH WESTERN DOT com. You can find all linked to the main TC arms dot com website and all the information and retail price points and everything that we just talked about. The show is up and ready to websites. Perfect Yang thanks so much again. All right we'll be right back and we'll be talking about lucy hunting triggers guns shotguns turkeys who knows world. We're at the shot. Show Twenty Twenty in Las Vegas Nevada for more than seventy years. Tim Knee triggers has been enhancing the shooter's experience whether it's a local competition a day of the range or even the son of a lifetime setting the standard in aftermarket triggers. Tim Knee is now producing more than one hundred and seventy models triggers for Bolt Action Rifles. Shotguns a are rivals end semiautomatic rifles proudly made in the USA since Nineteen forty-six. Find your new trigger at Tim. Knee TRIGGERS DOT com. This land once wild and free fades now from our memory but I remember what it was like what we were like what we're capable of when we band together perhaps more than any other landscape wet less embodied the light giving UNDIS- that nature has to offer and perhaps more than any other organization ducks unlimited. He's working to ensure that our continent's wetlands not only survive but thrive for generations. Well beyond this one. These natural wonders are where waterfowl began their cycle of life with the deer and the antelope playing. And where we? The people gathered together to see and share. What makes the outdoors so great but time is now to band together with organizations like ducks. Unlimited time is now to rescue our wetlands mental health and guns at walk the Talk America. We're working with both the mental health community and the gun industry created by a gun industry veteran. Walk the talk. America's seeks to raise awareness and create change through suicide prevention and firearm safety without legislation we strive to eliminate the prejudice that firearms and mental health. Face for more information and to support walk the talk America please visit walk the Talk America Dot Org in Twenty Twenty Brownell continues its tribute to. Eugene's stoner the legendary designer the AR fifteen eighty one eighty more the what would stone her. Do Twenty Twenty rifle answers. The question of what stone would have done with modern lightweight materials inspired by another stunner design? Brown els one. Eighty lower receivers helped complete firearms optimized for folding stocks pistol braces visit. Brownell DOT com today and pay tribute to one of America's greatest firearm engineers. And here in Las Vegas. Ed Fiat. You have this is just. This is one of those. Love hate relationships. I love going to the shot. Joe I hate going to the show. Chris. Priscilla's join just right now with Timothy triggers. You know what I'm talking about absolutely do enjoy our little. Sit down. Though it's quiet and here we get to talk to one of my good friends and it just breaks day up a little bit after about day to. I'm pretty worn out. It's like I don't know maybe it's like going to Christmas with the full extended family. You know it's GonNa be fun for a while and then maybe not so much. Y- you come here and get your annual beating. Let's say you got about fifty fifty shot at coming out of this thing. Hol everybody gets sick here and it's wears you down. Somebody said trying to kill you all the time because you're the desert anyway there's no moisture here you got everything else going on so there. It is and you return home as an introvert. All you WANNA do actually said some shit about. I'M GONNA go back a practice for hunting. I'M GONNA go sit in the corner and squat down with a cup of coffee in my hand and not talk to anybody for like three days. You knew it. I'll be doing because February one of my Squirrel Time Mall Time favorites. You'd West Virginia West. Virginia I've been blessed. Scroll Dogs Bondar life and a lot of you have no what you're talking about. What's a Squirrel Squirrel? Daca me anything that locates. A squirrel specific breed of mountain feist. He uses his nose and his eyes and these ears to locate a squirrel when he finds a Squirrel Hill. Stand at the base of tree. And let you know by barking. So then that's what really helped me become a better hunter when I was young. You gotta you hit a very small target at the top of sometimes in West. Virginia women have seventy eighty foot trees. You're shooting shooting shotgun shooting twenty two to twenty two. Yeah so the. The dog has done his job to locate. The squirrels announced my job with a good pair optics. Define the squirrel with an accurate reifer trigger take squirrel to complete the whole partnership with us and a Good Squirrel. Dog will actually move the squirrel around the tree trunk for you. Aren't yeah exactly the way you want her or him to hunt so if you need help and he recognized dog named Boogie. My wife took the dog named Boogie the Boogeyman. My son said that he could just see the little squirrel bouncing Nanna tree. Squirrels is get real. Big looks as there is the Boogie me. So there you go. That's how it got attacked for those who are no. You look it up. You got this end the squirrel if he sees you he's going to go around to the other side of the Tree Yup so that you can't see them but that Squirrel we'll lockdown dog down to the base of the tree and look look look and the dog can actually move squirrel round to you now. The squirrels hiding from the dog and exposing himself to you in a perfect world. You'd have two or three buddies with you so you can kinda corner. The tree surround the tree. Much time like I promise as soon as I get home. The first time new farming technique walk with my dog. You leave me and my dog Sunday afternoon Saturday afternoon. And Yeah he will learn to if he can't see it or I'm taking too much time. He'll move into the tree start. Barking Squirrel around the ME. It's just a it's a friendly partnership it's a good good gentlemen sport. You know you're out actually hunting with a friend. Yeah unit dog named Oh yeah. I don't play golf. So this is my Sunday afternoons at after Takata. Golf course don't you the ruination of a shooting range? Well we're talking about that if you try and for those who don't know we're trying to make shots hit shots on square so we're talking about up target. That might be an inch and a half across twenty two with the scope. It's all about accuracy and now we're actually having dinner and talking about accuracy and triggers and trying to figure out how to explain what a good trigger does for you and we kind of landed on the idea of it leads the gun. Go off win. It's a timing thing because a bad trigger. You're not exactly sure when it's going off. It's like that old thing. They said well. You know the triggered surprise you and I think that's dumb. We figure we make triggers to help you become the most accurate you can with that firearm show it becomes muscle memory when your brain says. I could make that shot goes off goes off. It goes off. There's no physical nothing. Hinder there's no drag. There's no creek. There's no change in in Trigger break cool weird radio thing here because I'm going to bring up this other microphone because there's this lovely lady over here. Linda pal join just and you are now live with us on the air young lady. Because you're over here and you're a crystal buds. I mean you guys have been together a lot. We happen and I'm fixing your wire there as he's talking. I'm looking over here and you're just not absolutely an experienced hunter. You know the deal I mean and when you have it right the gun just goes off when it's supposed to go off exactly you know in and out of actually shared a day or two of field with adult pappy. Really we have right in west. Virginia kidding yeah our very very well we had adult named patches. Yeah patches was a dear friend of mine he's at to be the DNR director to tap and he always kept squirrel dogs as well later now went down an old country road on a beautiful day the lease returning and follow. It was just one of those cold. Chris Follow football should be played a vegetable soup should beyond an adult patches over the hill and chief treat she tree day squirrel in a big. Shag Bar Hickory. Okay all kinds of stuff hanging on. That's true yeah and that squirrel was way up top and it was hidden and it took us a long time with a pair of to find that Squirrel people wouldn't think about taking Menaka Squirrel hunting. You better don't you're GONNA see him up exactly people who don't like a mile away. Yeah but you're trying to find this little thing that's hidden and camouflaged itself get. Sometimes he'll get on top of a flat mouse like they melt into the top of lot that particular squirrel all in the could see was the ear on top of that. We had to get into position. Make sure she was comfortable and had a great shot and she did she got a great shot is one of my favorite hunch really was. I agree with you. You know. I have that squirrel mounted and I don't know if you remember this or not but the bullet actually lodged in the back of the squirrel at didn't exit. Yeah I had it mounted with the board and I'm not sure I was GONNA say strange. Tom Trains cool. But you're not know what is going to pal district and let it. I one hundred strange things in some interesting places over the many many years we've known each other and you are hardcore hunter. You know and it happened later in life and I think that's probably what name me even harder not realize that I missed growing up hunting and out in the field because I didn't start until my late thirties. So yes I've gone at it pretty hard but I found something. I'm so passionate about. Love is really something I love dogs. It adds so much to it. You know the whole deal and I gotTa tell you I'm a rifle shotguns but I love rivals you get a good rifle the jacket and he will tell you what we come back. We'll talk about that whole deal. Put a good trigger in and what you get out of it okay. We're talking with Chris. L. From tammy triggers. We're at the shot show in Las Vegas Nevada. Having fun here Atlanta's over here we're GonNa let pipe in now because you're fine tune all right eight. Don't go far and we'll have more news about cool products right here at the shot. Show now back to Tom. Gresham at the Crimson Trace boot from shots. Show twenty twenty. Okay I admit I love this place. This is way way too much to go. Talk with cool people and meet interesting. People seeking meat products in new stuff. It's introduced you know. Why don't you surprised we're talking to Chris? Ellis from Timmy. Figures in Chris. We're talking earlier actually. Had spent some time with Dana. Horner a word oppressive not just shooter but depress a person is you know from the army marched. Actually most of the people I've ever met who with. Amu are that way absolutely. My grandma would say he's a fine. Young Man yes. He's grandma approved. Yeah but he's also pressure type. I mean if he when you start shooting the targets like everybody just get out of the way. He's like superhuman guy super folk three gun s all the stuff and now you guys have a project within your data undoubtably the best multi gun shooter. He just he's zero one of his passions is is. He LIKES TO DESIGN PRODUCTS. He came to us and he said. I know what this trigger should feel like after. He's pulled future Nokia so he said I got this idea of can figure out how to communicate my brain. How the field to your machines into year engineers. This'll be a cool project so we spend a year collaborate with him so he started with what's supposed to feel like what it is. It was all feel and his his triggers pretty educated. We've got some folks at Tim. They know a few things about what triggered so it was. It was interesting meeting with him in our engineers and a year later we came up with the product. We lost here. Shot show right. It's a product that we're proud of. Put a name on the side of it. He's proud but his name on the side of it. So it's the Daniel Horner signature trigger and it's went through rigorous testing ridiculous about it. Just go to ziprecruiter DOT C. A lot of ar triggers out. There people are going to go. Do we need another archer? What's what's different about this. The main differences at this time in history and is the absolute best competition trigger. There is designed by the best. There is and what we wanted to do is we wanted anybody girl gala. Whatever be able to take this year go local club. It compete with exact same equipment that dating homeowners pulling and we wanted to be able to last a lifetime. Okay this should pretty. They think if you think about mastercard. Bbn from the south. It's like nobody like Dale earnhardt. Helping Chevrolet disaster racing car. It's Kinda cool all right so dan don't come up with this sugar It's a two stage. Which makes it unique. Okay it's got things like very very very little almost no over travel and very fast reset because Dana was. He shoots really actually outrun the action on our bright. He needs things that trigger. That helps him to run as fast as he kicked gives him no hindrance right right but also helps you perform with his accuracy. Okay we had to make a very accurate trigger had to make very dependable trigger and we had to make a trigger that you can learn to run fast. What's onus poets adjustable? For POUND THE HALF TO THREE OKAY. Power half it's kind of competition or varmint being readiness to stage. This is totally. Oh you can actually get the second part to break down to a pound. Okay now. It's a really nice varmint trigger and on the higher end for me. I like him a little bit higher. The net for hunting. I would use it as a hunting rifle. Well exactly you could easily. It'd be fascinating. Accuracy matters out to a distance. If you'RE GONNA shoot Barmanto cody's or whatever right even dear out to addition you're going to have to have an actually trigger to Bayer's your choice. This is a great and then you can take it and run into three gun range at the. What's it called the Daniel Horner signature? We call it. A. D. H. Three for short. But everybody has something for its Daniel. Horner's Timmy makes us go to the Timmy website. Put it up yesterday. But now it's there now and you can just drop it into your your super simple ease. And if you're not sure about how to do that they folks tim you can help you. They got videos on the phone. Absolutely Chris Thank you Tom. I know you're GONNA go hunt. Some squirrels get back absolutely. Walk off his curt. I'm at me. I'm envious bad at all right. Always a pleasure appreciate you very all right here. Tell you what we will be back. So don't go far because we have more news about north coop products. Some stuff that I actually had a chance to shoot. We'll share that with you when we come back right here at the shot show.

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