Biden, in Kenosha, vows that America will address racism and original sin of slavery


The Daily Two? Oh, two podcast is brought to you by facebook at facebook we continue to take steps to better secure our platforms. What's next? We support updated Internet regulations to set new standards for data portability privacy and elections learn more at about dot F. B. dot com, slash regulation. Cute morning. I'm reese Tibo with the Washington Post and this is the daily two. Oh, two it's Friday. September four. James is out but I'm here again with the day's top headlines, your three stories that should be on your radar. Up I Matt visor and Dan Simmons report that Joe. Biden thrust his campaign into the roiling national debate over police violence and racial justice on. Thursday. The Democratic presidential nominee traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin and pointedly embraced the nation's racial reckoning vowing improvements if elected president during an emotional meeting held in a church not far from looted downtown buildings. Biden made some of his most direct comments yet on the subject of race growing introspective at times and speaking barely above a whisper, he sent the shock over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the shooting that paralyzed Jacob Blake and Kenosha has provided the First, window in generations for the nation to address centuries. Old Problems. Biden said quote were finely now getting to the point where we're going to address the original sin in this country slavery and all the vestiges of it. I can't guarantee you everything get solved in for years, but I can guarantee you one thing. It will be a whole heck of a lot better in tone and dialogue. Biden's trip differed dramatically from that of president trump two days earlier. The former vice president met with blakes family and spoke with Blake by phone for fifteen minutes before meeting with community leaders trump had toured buildings burned after protests over the shooting and his audience was heavy with law enforcement. Once again, Biden opposed looting and violence but he also cited with the sentiments of the street Biden met for an hour with Blake's parents, siblings and legal team, and he spoke on the phone with Blake who was shot seven. Times and had just been released from the ICU recounting their conversation. Biden said, he talked about how nothing was going to defeat him how whether he walked again or not? He was not going to give up and up next a story from my colleagues David Nakamura Matt's Petoskey and Kobe quits on Thursday a chorus of election officials, legal analysts, and social media companies rushed to condemn encounter president trump suggestion that his supporters attempt to vote more than once. They warned that doing so could be a crime and they expressed fear that he was undermining the election system. The pushback included pointed statements from an array of federal and local officials, as well as direct action from facebook and twitter to attempt to limit the spread of the president's misinformation and trump had urged supporters during an official White House event in North Carolina on Wednesday to send in a ballot through the. Mail and then attempt to cast in one at polling sites on election day in an effort to test the system, he has stated repeatedly that universal mail in voting would lead to rampant voter fraud despite evidence to the contrary the head of the North Carolina. State Board of elections issued a lengthy statement emphasizing that attempting to cast multiple ballots is a class one felony and that soliciting someone to vote twice is. Also. A crime and Michigan's Democratic Attorney General and Secretary of State both vowed to prosecute those trying to vote more than once facebook announced it would remove a video of trump's initial remarks and twitter appended unnoticed two of the president's tweets ruling that they violated the site's rules about civic and election integrity trump and other administration officials sought to justify the president's comments and minimize the political fallout on twitter trump wrote. that he was only instructing those who vote by mail to follow up at their polling place to make sure the ballots have been counted. Democrats and state election officials from both parties have pushed to make it easier for people to vote by mail to help protect against the spread of the coronavirus at crowded polling places responding to trump's comments biden used the president of trying to de legitimize the US election system. The president's remarks in North Carolina marked his latest attempts to Impune the integrity of mail in voting, which trump believes would favor biden and our final story comes to us from Gillian Briquet cal a reporter for the posts history block retrievals house speaker. Nancy. Pelosi was slammed by Republicans this week after Fox News obtained surveillance footage of her inside a San Francisco Salon the Problem California stylists have been banned from working indoors for months because of the pandemic and the footage showed her with her mask pulled down her neck. The White House pounced on it, and even the owner of the Salon said it was a quote slap in the face. Pelosi. Insisted it was set up the stylist had told her it was okay to have one client inside at a time and she had her mask down only briefly while getting a shampoo but we can't say history didn't warn her haircuts styles have been landing politicians in hot water for a long time in nineteen ninety-three. The. Washington Post's reliable source revealed that President Bill Clinton got a haircut aboard air. Force One as it sat on a runway in Los. Angeles other outlets reported the trim had delete commercial flights. The rumours of an air traffic jam turned out to be untrue but the cost of the haircut two hundred dollars was still a scandal nearly fifteen years later, former senator. John Edwards seemed to almost repeat Clinton's hair force one fiasco once again, media reported on his expensive haircuts from Beverly Hills stylist. But this time they cost four hundred dollars the stylist was flown in the charges showed up on Edwards campaign spending reports, Edwards who is running for president on an anti poverty platform said he was embarrassed and reimbursed the campaign. But it turned out that wasn't his only hair reason campaign behavior. He was also having an extramarital affair. Edwards was eventually indicted on corruption charges at trial. He was found not guilty on one charge and a mistrial was declared on the other charges and in two thousand twelve, the New York Post claimed the disgraced politician was going to super cuts where the charge was twelve dollars and ninety five cents but political hair changes are not always perilous. On. The campaign trail in eighteen sixty Abraham Lincoln was described as gaunt hatchet faced and a horrid looking wretch. Then he got a letter from eleven year old Grace Bedell who advised him if you will let your whiskers grow, you would look a great deal. Better he listened and perhaps more importantly that style tip was free. And that's the daily two. Oh, two for Friday September fourth. Thank you for listening enjoying the holiday weekend and stay safe. Home. Among. The daily. Two Oh, two podcast is brought to you by facebook at facebook we continue to take steps to better secure our platforms. What's next we support updated Internet regulations to set new standards for data portability privacy and elections learn more at about dot F. B. Dot com slash regulation.

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