The Sunday Service 10-21-18


Entertainment design just for you, then checkout customizable streaming TV from expanding it makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended, he gives you customizable streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Good wits spin dot com. A one, eight hundred expanding or visit a store today to learn more restrictions, apply. That's that's bills. Holy cow. Welcome to the Sunday service toast dot com. Pasteurize Koi Coleman over here. I know real pass. Not only about me fake as past. I'm past past rows coma over here. I got a whole milk martime doing doing all right. This whole mess can be. Mess can be coming in from Houston. Houston. Yeah, man, we'll see we can make you holy away to this show because you are tired. You said I don't am too late. My mom's birthday. Oh, really? You know what? I'm a little sister. Oh, shit. And I should come home early, got some sleep, but we end up talking again this morning of course the modern way. Now Tom's run them out. Up in the morning. We out in the morning on that. Javan. I'm good catching up with the family. Yeah, dukes doing doing all right. That's good. Yeah, till oh course. She asked about you every time. Does she get any met me? She has. She. Oh, let me see. I'm gonna tell you something. Y'all come in, Manitoba, you you, you you, you get it on time somebody. Yeah, somebody else we started late. So y'all talk about us being late, but then all these people show up late. Yeah, yeah. Sammy's be nice enough to let them you made semi, get up, you know, saying, don't wanna get the. He doesn't have to do that. The nicest way. The thing. Yeah. You know, seven. I want to get up sitting. I want to get up. Tell him don't get up and leave as out there for a little while. Let them figure it out. The weather's finally nicely. Let the let him in in throwing a cinderblock through the glass. Eight, even send there, just bring with them. Would've known. The doors love. I'll be right back. I'm here good. Good for you. Not talking has left out there. Put your ear to the glass. Okay, Jesus, Jesus thinking because his name Jesus, he gets best. You know, Jesus, you'd walk to the wall. His power set though, isn't that? No, it's walking on the water and water into wine people back from the dead, the x. amount of power Jesus. Look. I like he was making these stuff of food come in. That better be treated us. Now he just sat down just start eating all on his own. Is that a was that she called pan express gene gene, the Asian place. Okay. That's next tell them of the deliver to San Antonio. Well, he made he to give Jack. You can stop and get a quick chicken sandwich, and then you had to go and get fans with the majors. He just came here to eat in peace. The restaurant. We got a cafeteria victims. All right. I will leave you. I'm on the enjoy a meal. Coming down to eat now, Washington. Clubhouse. Eating at the restaurant. Raise his hands. Let's bring. Neck and please moisture's get a refill on t. What'd you get? Man? Y'all glass? I let you. I'm gonna keep fucking with what you mean. What you need like nothing because you won't let me what is it. Okay. Lantin pepper cork. Oh, I thought he said abras and spotted dig. Hey, someplace in my serve, I heard I heard. A delicacy, some countries. Anyway. No. Give, but how did you hear spider ticks unless you already thinking spider. Say that you. Probably. Spider what you spotted big, but now. Spot of dig a spotted dick spy. Oh, Gotcha. Never talk. Spider spotted spotted pick spot of dick. Spider-man's dick. A good show. Oh boy. I'm scared to look in the man tell what kind of image they couldn't. They're probably spider just Brit eagle. You know, if you say there is of course. Yeah. You see all kinds of spider point out there. Oh, let me tell you. I was gonna be on the show today. We don't do me like this. First of all, y'all don't worry about their Devlin Meese born for you today. We're gonna talk about daredevil season three. And what we're doing is we're talking about what I'm gonna do a quick review. Awesome. I'll talk about whether or not good thing for Netflix, Hulu, Netflix, because having rough, are they. Oh, yeah. You know, all these cancellations going on. I figured they aren't having it rough going. All right. We ain't paying for this and we ain't paying for. Okay. I'm sorry. The defenders have apparently aimed to finish. You've been defend yourself. Having a hard time right now keeping this out there and somebody wondering. If if you boy dead cane, do it, then is done. All hope is gone. Going like, hey, man, you guys weren't. Nobody. We put you on the men. Yeah, but that was back then we gotta going on. Yeah, yeah, exactly. What now we awesome buddy and guess what you still ain't. And even bitch ma-ma we don't want to. Find another him. No man. We. We're going to talk about that and whether it's going to be something good for Netflix are it was going to be probably then that last nail in the coffin before Disney snatched at all of y'all ain't doing with this. Give it here. That seems to be Disney's thing. Oh, yeah. Disney might get a chance for a little bit. Yes, somebody before we got here sold that to you. So we're gonna wait for you to fuck up and just take it back. Yeah, yeah. Day. Yeah, I'm watching every movie. Fuck up. Go ahead. I seen him big circles. Lubinov your mouse man drop it. See how fast I mentioned back. We'll talk about that. Also. We'll have a talk about Hala weaned, a Halloween movie that made so much money this weekend. We found to do a little spoiler talk on that because some people we haven't got a whole lot of lot of a blowback from that, but you know, some people are satisfied that we gave it a very good man. May they didn't like that. Not everybody, some people cool with it, but some people donate still don't understand. We say we Keiser said unless they're mild spoilers in there. So today. Yes. So we'll talk about that today in. We had the starters on Halloween will also have some emails for you. Do some calls top top five bucks office the top five movies in the bucks office and who knows what else who. Guinean even watching. So he into his food right now. Honestly. I've gotten to the point. I know people love the Alamo draft house, but I've got no point where I don't even like the mixture of food and entertainment was that, here's why. Because I look over and see people say it's a movie comedy club, wherever food and this is moments where the stuff happened on the screens came to see, but they're busy in there skit, all the right amount of cheese on nachos or put the sandwich together. And I'm like your focus all down here. It's supposed to be there. You know what you just not have food eat before or after as well. I don't sit next to you with elommal. Yeah, overnight Mon will judge o- as Steve. I have never eaten chips. So careful is when I'm sitting next Mark talk about Joe is like I normally mon- come back on the show and Belay. Chips. You was smacking on like eating chillis different thing. Maybe we heard you eating popcorn over there cling. All right. It's at a movie theater, but okay. I hear u. s. MAC and on it. But I, I try not to bother the and I don't wanna hear. I wanna say. I, I have to eat saga ships. I did my chips in water. Oh, a one and not to drink, but the slug much in before I eat this. Wherever, but yeah, I've seen you so invested in which you're chips in case, oh whatever your salsa. And I'm like, Dan nickel, happy on the screen. And later you're gonna be like daddy make no sense. It may sex. You watch the back and we'll say we have. We have a good time. We had a good time. What you right now? I'm a mess with, you know, it's actually other people have seen, no, hell, no, you're talked about me. Good. Good. Chips because about mama, talk about him trying to eat does smacking, but you smuggled PowerPoint too. Oh. Listen, you don't smack on chips any louder than anybody? I don't. I don't do. Gymnasts soak much of water, moisten them. So they have no sound so that I can please Mr Thomas air and do not ruin his movie going experience and so that I can also pay attention to the field. Solemness anything. I don't get distracted by the case o'byrne. If it's not you it's the weight is coming up asking get you anything else, sir. Can you be fucking quiet while we try to watch this. The way it is. Oh, that much, but I loved that by the way this KOMO because Martin's be rubbing it in. Even try to help you. So we're gonna bring you. I'll take the utilities. Cut this book. It's funny because his, no, he doesn't mean anything. You wanna live. What is going on here serve Martin his shit before the movie starts in. In credit and don't come back OK even if he asked. DOE come bang, Amman all one at the Alamo. They ask you to raise a flag. If somebody's talking to you raise a flagging us away. Take this, what does it say? Shut the foot. Mondo play with. Let us brother enjoy his movie and let him smack on his popcorn. You don't smack back on this. Smack crackle and pop. Is amusing man. People talk about the most, the grit experience of that's just a nightmare. Mark. Do not be this man sitting next month. Crunchy crunch crunch. Oh, yeah. Oh, speaking of the channels go walking. You guys here a lot of smacking and cracking up in men, man, Martin, but y'all better be quiet. Man get on you better set the fuck up chat. There's Mars poster right there. I want you to set the fuck. Oh, there we go. Open. Plebes up, hey, what's going on? Yellow Daniel knows hard to tell isn't it? Hornets hill of me here today doing good to see you. Good to see. Let me go ahead. These other folks over here and to the to the show. Yes, you you there come on and join us, please. Now, you know, Saturday night, I ain't judging. I, I do the same thing. You've been out to hone sending drinking all kinds of things that you know everything that's fun that you're not supposed to do on a Saturday night because you know, you got got talked to lower the next day with come up. It'll look comb. Don't judge back down. Courage, come on up into the church can corrupt you even more. That's all worth nothing. Anyway, this is the dirt. Yeah. Yeah, you don't use that shit up already. God don't want it. So you might as well just throw it away. Come on in and have a good time. All you gotta do. I just pop open keyboard and type in for us. K cool man dot com. That's KC in n. z. dot com. Email us. Email us with any kind of questions com- compliments input in. Shows asked me to the jets, bringing us on in here. Skied concentrated Google hangouts up in there. We might need to get a hold of you Chris into. Up in your home, bringing this the host. Who do the house calls about us on Twitter type in Tulsa arcade on Instagram at page, face type toasted? What's the problem with me typing Komen dot com. Busy, corruption souls. Oh, look on Mr. Thomas on Twitter, Instagram, undisposed, no fro or just look. Thomas Facebook, Mark, Thomas right up in here in the world, famous dump those studios. Now, couches and little Mexican Chinese people there. Okay, cool man, gene dot com. Food come on their hands or the. So it is going to be visiting visited Austin move here, but the ultimate sin as you don't come see is so pleased. Beatles. Beatles details. You almost the frame. To mass and this right here. Will you got that creepy. Nothing. Borrowing when when. I wanna jazz to some people. I. Sure, Rhonda. Thanks run to the mad at me to come in here was surrounded want to come to a party. You know, the listening part of that I had and she couldn't make. I told, you know what? What can come to the house anytime you want to since I know you will in I asked if she wants come over this Saturday. So she sent me a text and I didn't recognize the number. And so her and her boyfriend to come by. The boyfriend's name who remembers boyfriend's name. Exactly. Hey, you ain't got nothing to do with me. I don't even know if he's going be here next week sit you because you know me if I wasn't married chewing, fuck about that boyfriend. Exactly. Old habits die hard. Yeah. I don't remember boy for his name's. That's, that's that's a habit from the old days. Like you said, I use to tell you got a boyfriend. Well, I made it a habit of not remembering boyfriend and girlfriends names because I'm like, listen to. There's a ring this month. Fuck is going to be around. Exactly. Exactly. I learned in no names. No, I'm around. I know about them though. So nothing is the boyfriend, I say, bring you and your boyfriend, but if you want to. So she said me, and then she said, the boyfriend's name. You said, I mean, we can't make it by and tell. I had Chris Harman, combine Christmas on thought, I didn't know. Apparently I don't know what's going on that day, and I thought it was from somebody else, and I thought it would. They got me mixed up with the wrong number. So put out there. I said. I don't know what the hell you're talking about now is joking. That's because I thought this was somebody got it wrong. I wanna make a joke in response. I say, I don't know what the hell you're talking about, but say Hello to name boyfriend, whoever he is and put some other smart thing. I hear. Plan. Back to the law response you. The one end invited me over, you told me to bring my boyfriend, but you know what? The hell with me, right. My bad. I guess I'll talk to you later and I was like, oh my God, all came. You remember Italy was, oh yes, that is your number and try to you know someone these messages back, say, listen, I I did not know who you were thought it was somebody else I was joking around. I'm so sorry. I don't take that seriously, and then I just wait. And it's one of those things where I don't know if she got it. She lost her phone. Maybe everything's cool, but she did not respond. Maybe she decided let you sweat sweating since yesterday and our is. I don't know why she got me like this. I don't know why feel this way, but I was thinking about that shit last night. I woke up in the middle of the night. Sweating his out, like damn. Back, you know. This guy used to hit on back at the data. Now's been two hours. But I haven't heard from. So I just wanna station Rhonda. I was joking. So please Email me back a text me back. Let me know something. I'm pretty sure she's subscribed at this point. See, that's the way it is. I don't want to be paid him, but I wanna lose money. I don't wanna lose that. Why are you put me out trying to around trying to see. Custom. I mean. Girl cancelled it. I don't get down to this couple Sorondo take that money. You'll fringe. That means a lot. It you'll seven dollars. You know, friendship is worse. Friendship costs. A lot of other people, man, I'm cheap eighty four dollars a year. Again, I'm cheap. I don't ask, but don't even ask you to help me moving on. I'm just asking for seven dollars as that's not much not much a lot of friends as I asked the bar, none from nobody, Anthony, because you take. Yeah. Begg. Borrow. Hey, we still frizz Nasha Ron. I didn't mean it if you get my text text me back because I feel bad about that. I did not mean to go there with them. Sorry. Yeah, I understand. Because you know some people. I would like to say they'll get over there on the stand, but you know, you know some people who they use lip one time with them. True. Whether land and nine. Yeah, mistake, nuts mistake. Yeah, they don't. They don't consider mistake and then you see them years later, hey, what's going on? And they give you Airfoil. Side I was on the state. It was a joke. They in about hearing that then some exactly people. Sometimes they didn't hear what they want to hear the first time. So they get pissed we used to Marta remembers to access show. There was one guy who use come by the show and he went and he sent. And so one day we notice he wasn't there. So he sent an Email on, do you remember this? Not sure which got you referred so this guy, he's all the time. He was an Email saying, sorry, haven't been by the show because I've had a lot of misfortune. I lost my apartment. My girlfriend. And and I lost my job. It was, I mean everything a move. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong in his light dog bit him. You know, it's like. You've been there before. Foreclose on the farm? Yeah. Yeah. All that man. Oh, man. And so I made a joke on the show I did. I made joke on this show, emailed him after a joke on the show us like I do. Yeah. Man brought up on the shows. I recognize while we're wrong, but I say, yeah, man do expect us to pick him up. Yeah, that's what it was. You said this? I had all this misfortune. I will let them see the show. So is a possible you can come pick me up and bring me back to the show and then take me back home. Gill lost everything except this show. Can y'all stop what you're doing and give me a ride to your show? Yeah, so we got a joke about it. It was kind of a crazy request. So you know how mine and I get like we, we start talking about. We just, we just can't. It gets rolling get rolling ourselves. And I said, some like, man, I look if you want to wait out thirty five and jumping the car through the window when I pass them by. Yeah, I'll pick you up only on the way to and that's an Email after say, man, we just joking and yeah, we can't do that because of logical reasons. He sent us a emailed back will fuck you. Then I'm having a hard times. I thought you guys my friends and you go kick me when I'm down the all people believed this funny. Clearly you have been watching this show to care. I don't believe in me. You believe in you. The last eighty worried about this. So you need to be getting a job. Yeah. The employment line that's gonna pick. Can you pick me. I know I know public transportation ain't the best and Austin, but that was pretty extreme. It was like, yeah, I'm not going. I'm not gonna Paula Jones for that. No. Laborat- shit on air. We will. Got a rude awakening. We'd known you for what for weeks. Yeah, it was some light that he was about five weeks ago. Yeah. But when you say no, him really know him know him. We knew who he was. Oh, no, exactly. And honestly, I can't remember his name, say my life. It quickly became obvious to us that he was crazy. Yeah. And then it became a number of those things where we just put it all together here relate, okay, this is why you lost everything. 'cause yet, your fucking mind yet? No. Similarly, we did a few. Remember when we did kind of a remote thing. We had the fans come out and we will giving away tickets to LA LA war. That movie. But the LA Spacey. Oh, LA competent LA coveted competence. You can remember the name. Yeah. 'cause Elian the war. Yeah, yeah, Elliot confidential. We were Kirby lane. Have on people come out. We had tickets mingling with people great night out to two in the morning. I'm going to collect expo couple months later. See guy recognizes me talking to males of biggest fan of your show, but you partnered, oh man, that got pissed me off. Why wouldn't do everybody was having a good time. I saw him talking to people, man, I, I came out there and I want to. I want to go live on the north side of town and I want to do it. I wouldn't think and my wife say, go ahead and go, you love these guys, and I drove out there and your partner and you talk to me, but he talked to me for only five minutes. I'll say, yes, it was a lot of people that at night he we try. We will make the rounds, everybody man, but I drove all that way. And he talked to me for five minutes after everything. I did to come out there and watch you guys. I was like, man, don't. They'll be like that. It was just a big night nam and you guys lost me that night. I'll say, I don't be like that. Just just come back. I'm sure if he was here. He'd apologize you. It'd be done. Yeah. No, that just that just pisses me off to think about that. Say, I mean, he tried. We were all every I'm telling you he would. He would feel bad if you knew you felt this way. No. No, no man. You guys are good. I loved you guys, but after that, all right, man, I try. I stuck with him for a good ten minutes trying to convince him not to feel that way. I saw him a couple months later. Another show as a higher to me, and I was like, oh, yeah, you what's going on, he'd say, oh, well, I got divorced, and I was like, yeah, bet you did. Talk to you, you really a real asshole because you should have accepted that apology. I don't know why you thought you was more special than everybody else. Yeah, we'll man. I came out, say, fuck you. Everybody came out, get away from me. Yeah, you know what Martin. Wanted to know that that man is in the chat right now. J. d. that was me. You ask those told him. I said, yeah, I can see why you went you really? You told him while I was done. Hero tell you what you better than me because you know me, man, I do talk to me for about two minutes, man. I drove all this white man. I'm sorry, man. All the things that went through to get him look, man. I'm sorry. Now, man, I was thinking about now come about change. What when they do. Get the fuck out now. Tell you what dried a long way back when you came from take shit with the I. I felt resentment after all I did to try to convince him not to feel that way. And then afterwards I thought about it. I was like that motherfucker. Yeah, I tell you what next time bring the book of your life stories that we know exactly what happened to you so that we know how to react to you'll. Sorry, man that that is somebody right there, the chance, Tom, but man, that was a real entitlement going on. Really. That really is. It really is listen. I want Java. Somebody's at the guy was Kendrick. He learned that day. Be hambro. Nah, man. Listen, let's on those. There's a, I finally had to tell somebody Deontay the guy that was past weekend. I find it to tell him. I said, look, man, I said, I met when I gotta be honest with people where we mean a whole lot of people get so busy sometimes and it's it's not meant to be offensive or hurt somebody's feelings. If I can't remember somebody's name, it happens all if you just remind me becoming a look at just I'm at the point. I ain't even line no more. I don't remember. Yeah, if I I asked people now you can try to play, hey, buddy. Hey pal. Hey chief, hey, man, you know, I don't and waving them say their name. I start right off and I said, man, I don't remember have we met each other before? Yeah, I barely remember names as sometimes don't remember faces. Often it comes down to somebody reminded me of a met you here in this city and it's what we talked about, and then I go, oh, yes, now are exactly exactly most people just let them know. Do not get offended because I do want to do to know yet. I wanna hang one everything to be cool. Just just remind me of your name again and where we were, and we will start over man best again because I always like all the people who come and talk to me mass back Thursday night that screening that you missed at violet crown. There was a kid working there who's very friendly to me and and I was, you know, back to him, he was super friendly and kind of a million. And I was like, fuck, I don't. I don't know really know who he is and it wasn't until I was walking onto my hand on the door to leave, and then it clicked. I was like, oh, that's Luke. Nukem have. Yeah. Remember who you are. Let's talk a while. Meet people. I'll feel so bad every now I'm going home. Right? And STAN. I want you to know. That's why we've had Lukin here a bunch. He set right next to me, and he told that really bad joke. We have funded and yet I was talking to him and just like no memory whatsoever. And many finally clicked, no, we listen, we don't. We don't want to be ruled. We wanna remember everybody we don't, please don't take it. Don't please. Don't be offended. Don't be offend. You know thing is if y'all wearing a shirt from DT merge dot com. Remember you ever. I mean, who forget that classic with the black, the black shirt with the white logo. I mean, you wearing artists of the Munster. I'd be like, oh, I met you October ordered their serve man who you are, who can't Luke maye? Who can forget this vibrant backpack right here if you wearing then pecks nice. Who am I? You're the go with the backpack. Do with the. I remember you. Damn. She maybe got hoodie on forget that. And they Yuna bomber that Yuna barbeque is probably be scared, but that look the logo DT fan. All right. Good for you, right then. Nice shirt and. Put the babies. I call them crumbs now with a little little toasties crumbs of the world. This got the baby tease this we got. We got the limit growing. That's growing man. Yeah. Time for Christmas. We made a joke one time like it ain't like we saw him fucking sneakers. Brings them shoes and we really. Yeah, yeah. We ain't fucking sneakers and broadband TV. Maybe we could talk to. Somebody said, we just gonna let spider dick drop. No, we'll be much wind. Spy to dig ball, kind of good, Stu and got the phone covers. We got here the gift certificate in more. Got hats. Keep your head warm, you know, winter's coming all kinds of things for in Goba, double toasted dot com. That's why we can't remember anybody. 'cause we got so many people so many, yes, some good. So mini muid spider, dick somebody with finding their uses swing into the city. Spotted spotted. Bravo. Whoever did that. I don't think anybody in the Ted, but if somebody, of course it'd be Chester just the molest with us by. Spider out text me, but that's all we can't remember. People got so many support of toasties out there. We appreciate that, but we'll do our best if you become subscribe right in, you know, we, you know, she'll fall because you keep this site going that we can't remember about it. You make us successful here and we would like to get you even more. No, no, no. Well, please subscribe and help keep these shows and be part of the shows. We stream almost every night of the week, and even though you can get subscription, you could try to seven days free. You can listen to the audio for free anytime. Audio, decide if you want some of this right here, but I know some young comeback because that does the goodness, just too good for you. And when you do and you subscribe, you can do it many ways. Try your Amazon account is just sitting there. You ain't doing on wood and use Amazon pay button put using any password in presente in Jesus. Jesus feels that toasted goodness. Look at Mike. No. The holy toasty the holy toast. Getting them toasted vapors. All over me. Oh, and the chat says they got rooks Russell Crowe. Russell Crowe is for Luke cage says, I'm black, yo. Certain days, I'm sure. All right. Let me see here since this does Justice is way into the spider Dicky's one he wasn't is created now, was it a dick bit by radioactive spider. Okay, bro. You're thinking about this way too hard now. Sure. Why not? It would be a good origin story. I'd take it. I'd like to that movie. All right. Let's go ahead. Get into things so safe and sound here. Houston. I'm glad to see how you so families. Okay, families, good families, good minded. I want see how you word just before we start up. I did not tell Martin about this, but I wanna tell them before I forget because I know you get a kick out of this. I told this on on what upside thing maybe last week. But I know some of these things at different viewers ships in different people watch different shows of, yeah, and heard this because I know Martin and heard this, but I went to. It was a weekend I got into this. It was weeks ago. I got into a huge fight that fight to change all fights for like, we don't even fighting was huge fight between us. But you did talk. You did tell me about it. Tell you about that. Okay. I didn't tell you that I went to, maybe I did get a flowers. No, you didn't tell me that. Okay. Because I was like, you know what? I'm just I'm going to be the one to. The settle out of this, you know, walking with an apology and some flowers even bought. Thank I'm not wrong what your wife flowers. Yes, she does. Yes, she kills them every day. Go and buy all these plants plans diner and you can better keep implants love, but I only got us some flowers because I don't even like give flowers to give stuff you can use lower than just shirt. I like buying chocolates, taking somebody out and do something by some last Sunday can use, you know. So I wanna hitting looking flowers that day and. I, it was late and I had to find someplace and type them phone. All right. Flowers near me that might still be open. Saw one place of was it run bird. Oh, brother. Always go to the grocery store. See, I know then, but she'll know. You know when somebody's mad like she was that day at grocery flowers weren't gonna, do it grows, flows grocery store. Flowers seemed like just them on the way pickup real quick type shit. You know. Putting a work in to go inside and pick them out. They have a riot things. Yeah, she'll know. She just grabbed the first thing I saw Turkey. She, no, she and she did. She did know she just has that kind of sense about things she wants. If you do it an apology and you doing something to make amends, you'd better put some work. Intuitive is sincere. So I was looking for a real flower store where they advise me on what would make the best bouquet. So little run bird, and they said it's place was open and I went over there and. Does line just decided just close when they decided to close, but the time that they put up for their business plus anyone out there should know that Austin is is a, it's a swing city with no ghetto except Runberg run. Berg. I should have known Rembert flowers. It's where the ghetto and the and the bar he'll get together to step. You know what? It was just a fill. You just picks. Yeah. You're going to do is launch shavings. Ueno. The known Runberg Grundberg run bird floral. By flowers on. Remember you got drugs. Yeah, maybe that's what they meant. You will see a lot of flowers. You take. Given this whole lotta bouquets. Put this into water, but a man with up there. There they sit down. I'll be damned. I walked there. Downstairs. Older Pakistani do talking to these two other women to all the women and looked at me. And as I was going away. You need something. Yeah, I was trying to get some flowers, but it's closed up there and I only gave us information hoping that maybe he knows the dude up there. Sure. And he's life. And told me the obvious close them away. Oh, yes. My closed just told you this shit, but. Okay. All right. Thank you, sir. Appreciate he's. I think I can help you come on. Let's get some car insurance. Why. Okay. What when he bugs. Like, you know, you see me in a car. Drove up what you put the fuck you trying to say, what are you doing. Because that's that's how they do this. Like I gotta give it like people from these other countries. You know, they hustle put mind game on you say that shit like you need it. They don't say, do you want it come on? Let's get some shirts. Who. Some ice creams. Sure. Well, he's right. You can't have too much. I'm here. Double coverage. Gotta get one little boy to you. I'm shielded. Do I just I'm at the dog and I was like, I couldn't believe it hurt us. Did you just say, come on, let's get some cars serve like eighty been. You need some car insurance like a minute, car, man, I got insurance. He's like a little. My mind might be better. Let's talk. Let's talk lands. Do you hear in a parking lot with two holes talking to me, big is car. How is your insurance possibly going to be? This is the shadiest cars. The shit comes with a car wreck. I Rex free. Yeah. The moment you drive out the driveway. Get you what you. My. Like you got a hell of a sales pitch, man. A man here in the parking lot, bud dumpster at six thirty pm trying to buy flowers utility. Let's get some cars come on. That's what you do. It's all coming up on Christmas, everybody's their major hustle. Into schemes, kind of trying to steal your shit. I mean, I don't even know might have been legit, but I ain't going no. Might've been legit about Jaffar's car insurance. Gonna is an actual match. Help him. Good driving. That's alright. Squire. Sign of. Y'all float outta here like our magic carbon. Ted. Bro- broke commune. Yeah, man. Rembert floral. The best car insurance car insurance yet. Did you ever get you flowers, or did you go to HEB? Knock gave my wife car insurance. They last long. Not that insured. You need health and it's coming when the last pedal falls on. Covet anymore. He said he'd probably steals prepaid phones. They they line? No, of course. Yeah. Probably says magic lamps. Imagine. Oh, cable. Is. By this insurance. Let me see here we got Denise over here going Denise before we get into legend void into our daredevil talk, come up and tell us about the the pub crawl for next weekend. I hope you'll have about an hour. She. Hour. Okay. You. Weekend this weekend on Saturday, October twenty. Seventh St. on talkin factor like working on your pitch car Karsh. So I told the twenty seventh, I tell her twenty seventh starting at eight o'clock. We'll be starting at seventy seven degrees through top on the third floor. Okay. I thought you're giving the weather. Wait a minute. I was just there on Friday, so I know exactly what she's talking about. Seventy s right next to Jack gingers. Okay, that place yet the Denise has done a great job of securing three places force for pub crawl for the Halloween event. Going on this weekend, kinda mini event that's happening here. Seventy seven degrees rooftop seven, seven seventy seven degree ruse for top. We have to hold their floor from eight to nine thirty. I'm trying to get a string specials these other fighting with these. These, like they're going to break. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, they probably lying. This is Friday before Halloween. We make a lot of money, Saturday Saturday, right? Yeah, some but hey, anybody can do it. Denise can. So we got that going on thirty so where nine thirty and we'll after that they'll. Let the public comment. Oh, exclusively. Eight double toast until. Posted just for us in our Halloween costumes. Nice, very nice. Now what's after that after that. It's either Dogwood or comfort though we do come FU saloon next Lyn. Okay, that's right across the street was Friday. Yeah, we'll do come food saloon and then after that, Dogwood. So across street from there. Yeah. Yes. So we'll probably spend about an hour and a half at Kong saloon and then right after that it'll be what nine thirty thirty. So yeah. And then after that we in the Neidl Dogwood so we've got a plan. And the thing about the domain domain is not far from where the studio is about fifteen minutes in it's very close together. All these all these bars super close. Like like you're here. You go cross street and you go back across the street. Yeah. Yeah, you don't. We don't have to worry about losing people on the way there. I mean, you can go your own way pub crawls and do what you wanna do, but we decided kind of keep it manageable for people. So that's the deal with mixed weekend. And before that, we'll have a show of some kind. Here at studio now I don't know what shows going to be, but we'll have show of some sort. So we hope to see you guys here. And that shows probably going to start at five o'clock. Plock will do their show and we'll get out of here. And that's all. I don't know if we do a show of Sunday. Oh, corey. Spooky handle. Kinda rough. Yeah. Yeah. So thank you to needs percent Neta. And are we go and do a Facebook. Yes, we are. We are. We will do that. So we'll set that up now that we have on the information. So everything's good, right? So these guys, they know becoming last time I did something like this. Something I was told that we were going to be able to do this. It was in San Diego and almost beat the shit out the owner that place. Now they know we're coming. I know seventy seven degrees asked me to arrive humanitarily. Okay, everyone just to like set them up, let the managers know everyone else is coming and everyone should be end their costumes has good question. Can we wear costumes or is there a dress code of these bars? I would recommend, yes, I about yes. You can wear your costumes, but I would recommend that you don't bring anything with a weapon or if there's a gun on your costume, you gotta make sure that it's probably going to orange cap is not black in Texas here since this is the open carry place conceal carry place. A lot of people. They don't like having weapons look real brought into their stablishment. So that's what I would do. And also if you're coming to the show on Saturday at five o'clock, you should be wearing your costumes because you won't have time to change into costume and then go to the puck roll through. You got every little detail lockdown. Very nice. Now, from what I understand, we have close to forty people to be in town coming. I thought it was fifty could be. It could be unknown. All right, fifty. People are not fit in the studio. Well, yeah. Yeah, we'll figure it out. I'm some tears. We think we could probably fit fifty people in here won't be making audible. Let me see. I mean, so we can we, we fit fit to people. Some people sit and other part too. I don't think all fifty people going to get here if we even have people showing them. So my recommendation is and I would take, I would take a list and I would get the. Thirty something, but you know, people don't pay attention to their right. And I guess I believe is still toasty meet up Friday, they've okay. Yeah. So and on Sunday, there's a meet up too. Okay. Okay way. Go to needs appreciate that. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. Thank you. All right. Well, thank you and we will you got any questions. We'll have the Facebook page up pretty soon and I, you know, what is there anyway? People get hold of you in case they need Denise vow on Facebook, Denise bell on Facebook own. Another thing is some people may say, no mask. Some businesses say no mask, but we'll find out you might want to call people how. Lean. Yeah, just ask just to be showing some people have weird costume policies for the bars. I know it sounds crazy, but as I've seen it happen before. All right, Denise. Thank you very much. We'll have all that information for you tonight. And we will talk to you all seventy seven degrees and seven degrees. Let's see here. Let's go ahead. Throat. I don't. I gotta get some some. I don't know what's going on with cedar around here. What. Wonders. I don't have a sore throat throat. Lemme get hunting, olive leaf extract is out. Does that help olive leave? All right. One has like help out for a whole. You. You like a donkey with this, the music shit. I fucked up to liquid. All right. I'll try not try man because I need to watch me get addicted. This. Okay. All right. Then I got you to niece. She got excited about that. On this. All right. Go ahead and talk about daredevil. The man without fear the man with a fish at the fig in cancel. Well, he got his out there. The same plane the day, they, they say, we got money. We got some other shows and all you folks will you know you, you you, you old timers, thoughts out grandfathered in. I don't mean shit dust, right? We don't own you outright. So once on just the new black is gone, everybody is that gone that that's getting council that's leaving? No shit. Yeah. And you know it's about time. It's it's about time honestly about time, but you know, we're talking about today. Where we have all these shows Netflixing world ain't the same Netflix, that it was a long time ago, Martin human in day. In addition to all the other, Netflix shows that you had out there like like oranges and new black house of cards. These shows that people like them did. Everybody was so scared 'cause they will lose all these movies and people read a dropped description and Netflix lately, man, don't you worry about shit. We who've he's got something better than that. Yes, we the new Hollywood bitch. We got some yard just hang on tight. In back in that day. They had the biggest one. The biggest Nasmyth announcements that they made with was how they announced that they had the marvel show. You know, they had a. You know they had these shows are going to be the own little grounded, many marvel universe. You had their devil yet just Jones. She had Luke cage and that other boy. Was was name glowing handling this and. You know, the hype was real about that. And when daredevil, the first season came out the one that kicked it all off. And everybody talked about how good it was. That's when everything real with it. You know, this is. This is the one where everybody gave everybody hope that Netflix could actually pull this off. They say, you know, let the vengeance go out there and do all that fancy shit. We got hitting the streets who's protecting us. Yeah, exactly. Man on the corner tech than the who. That cosmic shit and fight robots that kind of stuff, but who who's gonna handle that gangsta shit. And that's where these shows came in. And once a daredevil came out, people couldn't wait to see where this was going, and that's one Netflix, sauve excitement. And they said, yeah, we're gonna give them hood of inches out there. The defendants all coming together, man marvel. You know, they got that model. We are under marvel. We don't try to replicate what they have on all level right here and y'all gonna love it. And then I just came. Fucked up. Everybody did kill them on minimum. It did. It really did see the thing with with with all the other shows is that they're double was gritting, but then you had just Jones that made a statement of social statement about trauma from sexual assault. Luke cage made a social statement about. The black experience in in black lives matter and police brutality, and I'm fist insane shit. What I did have to say. Nobody was trying here. All these other shows had their own. Yeah, they really did. And is mad, took all kind of Asia. Didn't do sit with it? Well, it took Asian cultures, and then it was a soap opera. Telling novella. Like I feel like there's no clear vision here know what ever since then it's kind of been downhill for that that Renan street that they had the defenders. Defenders was a week disappointment. That was something that was opposed to being the event the equivalent of the binges in just consume the catch. It man couldn't catch that match contested at some moments, but not enough, not enough, not enough. It was it felt a little rushed. Luke cage season two came out and now a strong. But even then people said, hey, you know something that's kinda hit missing some parts and then just Jones and iron iron fist to those met with mixed responses, even that Jessica Jones season two pretty bad. We'll see. I don't even watch. It wasn't bad. It started out. Okay. But it reaches the halfway point. Really the Claire who the villain is, and it was weak from that point on. Vicar wrapped up into that would have been fine, but it just dragged on. And it's like, this is actually terrible. Our season two was not as bad as season one, but just not really good. It's it was just like, all right, is better. That's that's the most I can give it see that that when when you're thing is well, you in a piece of shit. That's not a glorious. Recommend Dacian that's just saying, well, you just not much of a disappointment as that less thing. Right? Right. It just barely hovered above watchable. Yeah, yeah. So now, so now we got the cancellations coming on. Everybody just hurt the news, Luke as guy. Counseling fish, go, fuck that Luke flu case got cancelled. I I got cancel you like well, yeah. Cool. Yeah. What took Luke case? Wait, what. Yeah, yeah. People like got cancer. I know. Took you so long, but Luke cage was the one that was getting some getting a good reviews. Yeah, I like season to season one ended on clipping. I mean, both of them did sorta, but, but I fish. You like I don't need to come back. Yeah, yeah, exactly where Luke cage was worse. So this is a cliffhanger and we can't wait to see what happens next and my culture, so. Perfect for the role. No, he really is. And he was in plus was out. They o. k. a lookout Lou case isn't three coming from what I understand. They already working on it. It was. It was green lit. It was a done deal. It was. It was a creative differences right finally came in and the differences. What does that mean? It either means because it never means creative differences. No, it means you ask for too much money and we said, no. Are, are you wanna control over scrip where we said that's not gonna work all you know somebody said no to a request somewhere departed ways also sound like from a little bit from what I read. Marvel wanted to go this way and Netflix wanted to go this way and created what we try to. Please both the all like, you know what? We can't agree. No, in a lot of people saw this was happening. The bigger properties have been strand away further from the smaller properties. So at this point, this was bound to happen. A lot of people already kind of prepared, but none, no less disappointed, but does some certain things that are giving people hope. Now, one of the things that everybody said like, don't know by like emphasis. No, by like unless he's with his boy, right? If you now, if you, if you remember watching a Lucchese season two, that's one people ain't no man. You know for people like me where I was like, oh, Danny. All right. Be like, you ain't seen mail like I have, but everybody, everybody loved the fight scene that was in there and shit. Computer don't like Dan Iran computer, like trying to play this clip right here. Yeah, he's high. Computer, like I don't wanna watch this. Beautiful. I no. Watch it on your own. But the big hope that they have is that they said, okay, listen, everybody knows. I of phys in Luke cage together. Right? So you heard it already out there. I mean, it's no surprise from me. You've heard a lot of people say they have probably if they're going to do anything, they're probably going to lead up to heroes for hire. Now, if you're not familiar with these characters. Iron man. Iron. Fist is the martial arts white guide. Luke cage whose power man, he's the black booth who has bulletproof skin these guys in a book together where their best brands and it goes off and crimes together. So like they've been doing since the seventies since since the seventies. And so they said, well, that's, that's the next logical conclusion do this. And a lot of people are still holding out hope that that's what they're going to do that the not gonna just cancel a popular character like Luke cage and the Nago get rid of a care to that. They've invested so much in like iron fist in the when they have a chance to actually put him on the right track, but another popular character. So there's hope for that, although don't get them up because no telling what's going to happen at this point, especially with Disney having a streaming service. That's the one thing I think is that with Disney having its own streaming service, it did make all these properties seem like, well, how long are they going to be on Netflix before Disney says, you know what? Gay. Back our shit. Exactly. Exactly. Now. That mouse can come in and take his shit. Anytime he wants to, whether it's doing good, we're not. So no one should get their hopes up. Mic looking day day you get hope snatch-thefts should aware like smash these shows up. You be a hopeless motherfuckers. Don't get your hopes up for this, but some people said between Netflix, possibly putting these two, these two characters, Luke cage in arm fist together and making an anticipated show. And also daredevil season three lot of people out there have said that daredevil season three. Is not only good, but probably better than the first season and some people are saying issue can be as good as it is for a lower budget TV show right about a second tier superhero. I used to listen people asking for help. Trying to help. Myself. Swaps. I'm daredevil. Mistake. WCHS except dent. Because of. Presume has changed me. What is it? You're saying I want to make a deal. Oh, bring everybody back. Sure. Of course the kingpin up as you see, of course they got daredevil and everybody's talking about how good is in daredevil just came in until everybody at this point. He just Louis autumn, y'all fucking up a good thing. I started this. I see. Let let me let me get it right. Sit down. That's why we went off track anyway to too many cooks in the kitchen too many super cooks. What's me? Let me let me let me do this and you know what. Have to say that I enjoyed this. I enjoyed this enough to wear again. I'm not going to do spoiler review of this at all, but hear me and I'm gonna talk about this in a way I think, and be accessible accessible to people who don't even like comics. Okay, and know nothing about this character and also think that I can talk about this in a way where Samuel Samuel, simultaneous, Samuel Samuel, tuning exam. You'll Tena Slee. You know here right? Mr. Tena how you doing. But I think that I can talk about this in a way we're simultaneously I can talk about how dare devil might come mean not just saving hell's kitchen, but he might just say the marble shows for Netflix. And one of the things that I like about this say, man, they brought this back and brought this back to the core of what made their devil season one, so good. Yeah, they got a story. I mean, that's what it all comes down to instead of trying to push the property ways because fans won't that the business wants to go. What's to go that way. Now, man, we're getting back to basics right here with this. Season three, we find they're going up against, you know, his greatest nemesis fat as Wilson Fisk. Keep talking. RAV has them ham hawks. Also known finally initial as the kingpin. So he makes a deal to be released from prison as we saw a little while ago, why he's doing that. He's the by. He's devise a scheme to frame Matt Murdock who is dare devil all go. And he plans to turn the city all the city against him and also binds another ally. And I care to the comic book fans love and sure those don't know the comics watch the show him like man, kind of cool man talking about Obama index to, oh, like a nerd Bouza. Oh, shit. I know. I don't know who who that was, but it threw me off because in in comic, sometimes a lot of times they call him Lester. But then yeah, appeared in here. I was like, okay, it's guys come a Ben. I wonder if he's somebody and he called him Poindexter and I was like point. Oh, oh shit. Yeah, I like the way they gave him a name that like like prompts you to talk shit about gives an excuse to kill. You pick up this mouse and thought shit because that's the guy that can throw any object with deadly precision. Yeah, I read never misses. He never misses. I read a story, somebody punched him and knocked his tooth and use that to shoot a bullet at his mouth. I'm not lying like actually somebody that they tooth. Yeah. Now what he does something that bad as this show, I'm not gonna say right now you have to see for yourself. But as I said, I wanna I wanna go ahead in talk about this in a way that I'm giving the review recommending the show, but also giving you points as to why this really could be a resurgence in the Netflix show. I'm only four episodes in. I'm. I'm really enjoying it because I gotten with the Netflix shows where Mike, I'm gonna watch it regardless. Let me just go ahead and suffered through this and I'm like, oh, I'm actually really liking this reminded me of watching devil. Yeah. Yeah, but I'm only four episodes in. So I'm wondering how you going to do this without spoiling. Let me tell you. I watched this be grudgingly because I didn't watch just the Jones should ways my time with iron fist, right. I had shit to do in like, you know what? I'm at the point where I'm done with these shows. I'm Lou KGB lucky to have you watch is next. I'm tired of these those man. You thought they will get a little sloppy, right, and watch this and I was apprised at how, how well the show was put together, how well it was made. And that is what I'm saying is going to have a reflection on the Netflix shows because this doesn't have to be for dead devil. The things that are good with the things that are that are good with this could be applied to all these shows this. This could be a lesson learned, and let's start out with the first reason why this could be a big boom to the Netflix shows. And number one, it keeps things grounded. Yeah, it because listen as much as I love the idea of. The mystical and magical being brought into the these shows because always thought like, you know what? That brings it closer to the marvel cinematic universe guys at grounded, but this is the world with this stuff kind of happens every now and I think it was seeping to these other superpower people's lives. But when they start doing it on the defenders, that's win should just got stupid. Well, they don't have the budget for it, so it never looks that good. No, and because data will had a so grounded that all this mystical stuff seem out of place. Yeah, this the first episode of the first season, and even this season is so grounded that it did seem out of place unless a less they had the budget to actually come in and make it look cool, and they did not have it at all. I'm an ignorant shit turns straight up in the mumbo jumbo Gumbo up. You must. We're talking to miss Cleo's. You must have been reading a fortune. Iron-fist had been talking about dragons for about three shows, a nobody seeing one dragon at all, partial skeleton. Very in a big ass paperless. Say Skelton cost about fifty bucks. So you that I like the way you wanna dragonflies go over the game of thrones. Tell you what you do. You make your own edit. You had a game of thrones show acts in the bottom that Stockman. Yeah, you got a computer cut the sit in yourself. We ain't gonna do it. Man. Man, we ain't seen one drag at all. But what we did see is is in the show we saw that they don't need money man in order to do this, what we saw was essentially an action show. Yeah. This is more of an action show than a superhero show, and having a low of budget should be an asset. And I think that that's what this daredevil did is showed you, how is not that we just worked with a lower budget is that we actually used it to make certain things better for us see in the in the in the marvel cinematic universe is all about. That's one with iron man and captain America, Black Panther all about how much CG that we can throw at the screen show that we got money. What I like about their doubles that they said, you know, we don't need money for CJ effects. What we got is great camera work in great fight choreography that has always been the biggest part of this show. True now has been the trademark of the show the the fight choreography and I'd be damned the moment. Deva walked his as hallway. People still find his ass movie step foot in a hallway that is a, that's a, that's a great continuous shot, but him fighting one person after the next and his fights are are real. He he gets hit a lot and just keeps going. But he has a consistent finding style also, but it's a lot of being able to fight while on the ground. It's a lot of that in his in his brutal man. I mean the the fight choreography and this has gotten better season after season. What things might have started dip in quality, this gotten better and it's not just the fight choreography. It is the it is the the camera work. Everybody remembers if you've been watching this and I'm not spoiling anything. This isn't a second epoch. And you haven't got to the second episode, you'll get to it and you see all this context, but there's one scene here where it's a prison fight, and this is him night as daredevil, but as Matt Murdock. So at this point, he's, he's, he's trying to defend themselves. He's trying to let her by daredevil at the same time. He is naturally getting his ass. Go. Attacked. Attack that he'd helped put your hairs. I think. If y'all notice he throwing one punch it, he got his has beatdown is just trying to fend himself by the way this the fourth that that's the one that the fourth episode. Okay. Go. Right here. Yeah, man, this this fight right here. You don't need a lot of money for the great camerawork, this rivals. Anything that you would see on the big screen like a movie like the raid like that this is except it's, it doesn't have the flashy kung FU. It doesn't mean know for this character the bell street level that he is. I mean, this is a brutal fight, man? Yeah, street level fighting conventions you that he is a brawler, and you know what, what he does that no, the superhero does was that he gets tired. He's breathing hard through this and you never say that any kind of movie or TV show anything. Oh, Martin you get on the point. I'm going to talk about a little bit. I'll talk about after this point right here. Accessibility. You know when you when you're watching these marvel movies, these marvel movies they, they're so in a connected. By the time you get the vengeance for Ewing on what the fuck you watch. If you have not kept up. The benefit of this being a an action show where it's not only giving you great action itself, but also you know, I could. I could show this to anybody at some point. Don't even have to watch the first series. Yeah, because it's so pared down. They could watch this and they could fall right into it because it's really, I'm gonna, say, basic. I'm not insulting way there really is a basic story of. Good versus evil, powerful versus weak. And I mean those that those classic themes at work for this excess ability level of this show is amazing. In that brings me to your point that you're talking about, which is when you say he gets tired, I have done here that point. Number three, he's Rable man. You know, superheroes that a bundle because we see all these other superheroes. I mean, look at the time there CG affects they get even ironman who's supposed to be humid his ass, get thrown one hundred yards across across across a city. Still get up and no broken bones. They'll be it always got that look on right. Armor protecting. Protected you from that g force when they open up that arm and it'd be number jello up in man. That's not that makes no sense in this, we were talking about the fight scenes in this, their moments in here where they beat the fuck outta him. Yeah, there moments where they, you see this. Like. Go up early in the scene right here because there are moments where he's getting beat down this, how vulnerable he seems he's getting beat down. You just saw cards like clubs and shields. He's getting beat down by other inmates tone him against the wall. WWF. Yeah. Jesus. I can't say if you. Nah, man. You can see where this supposed to be guys, superpowers, regular dudes, beaten his ass. It's like everybody's that man, fuck it points about like get a beer. Well, his superpower isn't invulnerability or super strength is just extra senses. No doesn't do anything to help you fight? No, no, no kind of sense. What your opponent is coming from when this man gets home, he doesn't have cut some Gruden. He got gashes in blood all over his body. This comes home from a fight looking like raw hamburger meat half the time, right? And it's believable enough because you know his Trenton kick in plus he got drugged right before that yet. That is true. Yeah, you know, you look at this. You know, it's like a sedan. Not right. I know there really was some WWE. NIA blind man. In this. What does that do come from? Wouldn't even know whenever find was a bitter fight. He was like everybody. That came fight, wake where everybody get tired, kaddish take, look what I did. I did work. He got his ass be saw. I don't even think it was. Don't even think it was thirteen episodes. Going to be like fucking road credits bag one shit. I'm out. When you worry about a character. When they seem as vulnerable, they're not only physically vulnerable to you, but they also emotionally vulnerable to because they become more human. We're more invested in when he's care to the show and we can play on the weakness, man, I'm. A wrestling moves on. But you see, I still gets up man. This is this is like a Gymboree now. You know, doesn't like eight year olds. Backyard wrestling something. A homeless people find this man. This is this is, but you see what I'm saying like you really do. You are invested because he seemed human. Now, you know, he seems he seems like he's he's weak and you know, you'd be surprised how much person when they seem physically weak, how much they can appear to be motionless emotionally vulnerable to. So this is something where. It shows that Netflix really does have a unique position here. They got ways telling stories and tones that much as we might like marvel. They just can't really do it the same way. Sure. It's the difference between the movie and the long form of a series. Yeah. If you if they take this Molly fears that if they take this and put this on something like the Disney streaming service and who knows what they'll do, but my fear is that they do that, then you're not going to get damn. But if they if they do that, then you're not going to be able to get to get the same sort of trying to crawl away. Chris slipped by real quick. He's be a superhero up trying to get the hell out. History. Look at this, they're not gonna be able to do this, the same depth, the storytelling, the not going to be able to do it. The same dramatic flair that's the same deep, dramatic of stuff. Supplies they have here. They're not gonna be able to do it with the same amount of things and making these characters seem fundable the mount of debt that they see the amount of blood that they that they spew after every Pfizer. You know, it's not going to be the same. It could be, but I don't know a lot streaming they could play could. And you know if they do, I think that, but again, if they do take it from net flicks, that should be a sign, don't change the tone too much do it. Right. You could do this even better than what they did with the right elements. Yeah. 'cause 'cause it's Disney so they'll have more money or resources to put behind xactly. Exactly. You know the other great thing with this is that number four, what Netflix should take a hint from Disney is that it's way more focused now euro episode, four, if you notice, how do you feel about it? Because. If you notice season three introduced a lot of good things. That's the one introduced the punisher, but a lot of. I mean, I'm, I'm sorry. I'm sorry season to season two of daredevil. That's one introduced the punishment, but it also had Electra also had the kingpin in. They're also had subplots going all the people. It was. It kind of went to many places. Well, the first half seemed to be all about the punisher. And then the second half is about electron that here. This is the point where the hand was fine when it was kinda handed. Mystical element is magical, magic ninjas, and it was fine in the beginning links one where it's sort of this thing that's kind of mentioned in the background, but the more it became it came to the foreground. The more was like, this is bordering on silly and doesn't really work, but everything else did you hear what you say? You got this one storyline. That's a totally different story line that's for a separate character in so-called dare devil, and then they concentrated on this other character. The punisher. What is all story to in a movie? I mean, I show a show about their daredevil had get scraps in his own show. Yeah, I see what they're doing with all three seasons. They're pulling a lot of elements from the most popular runs of data comic books from the comic books. And even I'm only four episodes and the way episode four ends. I'm like, oh. Okay. You guys put this season which I thought they might the pull a lot of elements from the born. Again, graphic novel or series of books that was collected in the graphic novel, but they're using out of order. So it's kind of throwing me off, but, but the thing is, is that. No matter what the references from they'd take it from in this season is more focused on one character the kingpin that you see right there, right? And how his storyline connects to every character in the show you haven't got that far. But one of the things about this show is that it keeps you on edge because Wilson listen fister the kingpin. Got everybody. Oh yeah, nobody making a move without him. No, right, right. Even when they think that they got him, he's he's already worked it out way ahead of time. He got. He is ten steps ahead of everybody before this show even got Greenland be. It was amazing because what it does create so much tension is like this is a man that has everybody in the palm of his hand. He can just squeeze at any time and they wouldn't. They would either die out. They have to do what he says. It makes you think. Okay. How superpower these people are? I don't care how much people have influence in government. I don't care how many people had journalistic integrity s shit on me. Nothing in brains lot attention because I don't think these people win. It really does look like up into the last minute like this man is going to pull it together like like next off is going to be the king right. Faulk them on my own show. Dr. And no references to the marvel cinematic universe. Right? And I wonder when Netflix got these, if they're thought was, okay, eventually these things together and that's when the money will really start rolling. It just never happened. They say that there could be some say, there's there's connections in there, but it's not obvious is like it's nothing. It's nothing what we put it out there because I can never say it the blond guy with the big as hammered the Armitt playboy. They finally gave that up. That's a distraction. They kept it focused on these characters and the story in what made this work, which brings me to number five, keep concentrating on your villains. Everybody said the marvel head a Bill in problem. Why there was a little bit exaggerating. They really rained in with kill manga. Sure. In Black Panther. In what they have going on with daredevil, come to the page from kill, mung, kill manga. And they said, you know what? We, we have a fearful, scary villain. And that's bullseye as bows out from the comics as we said, got any been Poindexter, but. But they done is, is that in the comics, he's just a psycho. These just guy, you know, laughing, love, killing the guy that just typical billon. What they'd done here in the in the show is that they've actually given this guy and you don't. I'm not gonna spoil too much. I'm not gonna show too much with him in there. But what they've done is in the show they've gone in and given his character. A lot of backstory, they've gone and made this carrot. They made you feel sympathy for the psycho. And again, you do something like that. That just leads to strong character developed, sir. And you know something. Granted, it makes a really great fight scenes to union, get to the point where you saw like I'm just going now show a little glimpse of this. You want to watch, but it's it's not much, but it's the, the fight scenes were bullseye. Amazing what they do with that. Like some of the some of the most bad as bite scenes that I've seen in any of these Netflix shows today. Cool. I'm not gonna watch. I can't help myself. Washes party. Oh, break. I thought he was. It's this guy won't start again. You just have to watch the rest by yourself, but. He he, he does things. He richocheting stuff. He picks up the smallest object. It has such precision with. And what I love about about this is that you know, you don't. You don't question this, how great the characters written characters rinse, so great. You don't question how I got those powers. You know, they don't handle a long backstory because you as Dunkin donuts, they don't, but the, they don't. The character himself is so good. You're so gross in his bag store. You never ask was shit where you get these powers from. You know. You know as a supernatural. Inhabited by the ghost, famous baseball players. No, it's nothing like that. Man. You don't care because it doesn't matter. They play it down and play up the story more to where you really do find yourself going with us going with. You might be like, okay, that's odd, but really focused. Gotcha. Naboth found out later, don't know, don't really care on noisy, no baseball. At you ask you about a partition and Meghan look bad ass. Wrap it up here with a with more. And this number six more grounded material. It means that you get better drama here, man. Yeah, it's not only the characters better written, but I mean, they they've, they've, they've got all the details down to where even the the, the minor characters have really great stores. Subplots backstories. Elden Hinson who plays foggy Nelson? Yeah, much better actor. I think he's a much better act because he's not just a sidekick anymore. Sure. In. And look the guys. He's a nice guy. Well, I thought things turned around for him and in the first season through most of it seems like, man, this guy's the the weakest link. He's not that good. He's a sidekick, and then they had that one episode where they showed the two of them in college where you really got see them as friends. Yeah, NFL from that point on, then he actually inhabited the care about you don't get fired if you don't get shit together. 'cause he still he is not even those good scenes that you see historic is a lot better. Yeah. And he's talking about acting. I just don't think he was that good. I thought he was actually pretty bad. I have, but very good here. Yeah, and his storyline is very good. As in the reason why is because all connects to the bigger picture, say thing with Deborah Ann, whoa, plays Karen page. I hate her character and that's that's actually compliment they. It's almost like they want you to be kind of a torn on how you feel about this care. They give her back store and you see some things about her that you show me while I read in this business. You ain't making better, but also is very morally ambiguous to where it's kinda like they ask you like they're not gonna blame you which side you fall on on how you like this particular character, but they put it out there. They say, this is life. You see how she is now, you know how she was back, then you decide how you move forward. But again, even what have backstory Elise into her character how she is today in her motivation, which lends itself to the biggest story. Okay. Everything is tight is what I'm seeing here in even smaller like like sub sub characters, like her boss? Yeah. Who the play by Geoffrey cantor, man, this guy, I love him. Man of met John Wiley may. Oh yes, a system Maggie? Yeah, like everybody gets all these people at least get one moment to shed a tear they get, they get. They get the AMI moment. Once I noticed in those first few episodes is how much they developed the sister, Maggie character. You never spend that much time within the comics. No, no. Here they man. They give her a very, very moving, emotional. Man. I mean, seriously, I mean this like if you want, if you wanna get your AMI moment beyond their season because everybody gets a moment to cry. Everybody gets that moment to. That dramatic moment. It's amazing how much they they trimmed. They look loose ends trim the fat here that yeah, man. Man, you had done this show on how it starts out strong, but then gets week, then I could go. Okay, cool. I'll go back to plan Spiderman, but I gotta keep watching. Man keep keep watching this. It gets a look. I don't know. It gets better and I will tell you this man. My last point is that number eighty, they don't try to hard as. They were trying too hard to work themselves up to the defenders. Right. That's that was the that was the biggest mistake. Defenders spill forced if felt like they were trying too hard to make their own adventures moment without having a natural progression to feld bear rushed and with with daredevil day, pulled back to make it a to make it a world where they concentrate on that particular character and only the characters. That means something to his story in the kingpin story. Yeah. There's no big cameos from other characters will float in and out of some of these other shows. You know, there's no. I'm not spoil anything. When I say this is no resile daas Dawson. I'm telling you this because you should be happy to hear that. You know, there's an SM other things I won't. I won't say, but you don't have to worry about because that means nothing except, oh, look remember her from this other show that connects us all together. Like, Nah, I don't care. Because at the time, if we get this people in other shorter shows. And if they do have somebody from another show is because it was absolutely necessary necessary. They don't do if any other reason. Comic book nods out there, they. It's not that they've got about the comic book fans out there. The kingpin. Got that. That white suit man even got the point where he gets a little rose. Look, I ain't got number. That's a man who knows what works. Hi ho. Which ones should I. Pick one dollars. What did you say. Nah, man. It's got that in their in their some of the moments where that don't wanna spoil, but it goes back to being true to the characters in the comics almost show anything else, anything else. But when you see it is like near the end, you'd be like that was a glorious man. I was waiting for the freak out. Okay. Yeah. And if I had one complaint about this, is that. Do. I think it's still needs to be thirteen episodes. This'll be the one was amazed that they were able to to actually fill to thirteen episodes. They might be able to pull back though. It still might be able to could be a little tighter. Okay. But this one thought, okay, you you justified all these episodes here. All other went by quick for me. Okay. But but look, man. I notice do got super blonde powers and shit, but but blind is blind, right? And they got this. Thank you might have seen this is might have been episode to look. There's some, there's some scenes where they got their devil. All to eagle met Murdoch walking around being, you know, the blind manage shit. They show him trying to sneak in the places and he's grabbing shit that only a person who can see own there. I don't care what kind of power is. He has like this right here. Was on this jacket right there like he's trying to walk into a place in disguise. He just grabs the first Jack and he could find like the delivery. How do you know that's not the janitors van or something? You know, he, he probably van it was, but there's no way for him to know for sure that coat says what it says. No, without actually feeling it could have been clowns. She could had kicked me on the back. I mean, he didn't know. I have moments like that where he just kinda grab it. Things like, look, man, I don't care how how great your power is. Our only view a blonde not do that. Well, it's what he's saying where so if you read it ever, you know he has a radar which is kind of based on echo-location and it's always been a thing where every artist who works on the book has their own way to portray that. And with with these TV shows, I was like, how are they going to do it? And they went, we're not do. It'd be like the wrong. Less years. Wait a minute. That's. That's my second job. I love hike. He's going to place going anyway. Let me see your ID. Oh yeah. I know I had it and they just looking at him like, man, they do that. Actually, that's another complaint, and I'm glad you've got him thank about it, but he doesn't only do that. There's about two other times. Other characters do that. Somebody walks up to guards and and they just look at them and the person like, you know, they line you walk up to somebody that's protecting I if you walk up to the FBI and you like, oh, I seemed. Exactly let you walk away like what was that all about? Flap, it looks a phone man. I left it right here. Have you. Well. Get his. Head Dr though. All of them. Wintering, so happy. That that mad minute. No man. But outside of that, loved it, loved it, man. I was at the gauge of it is to any of these episodes drag out of thirteen episodes. I always say if it dragged anywhere it was near the beginning. So it picks up picks up later and all these characters end up in places that you don't see going. Yeah, it's pretty amazing. Man what they were able to do. So please I would I would. I would love to see them continue with what the Luke cage show. I love to see them continue with. Heroes for hire a Luke cage artificial. I think they worked well together if they cancelled both those shows just put them in one show together. That'd be fine. Yeah. And I'm not saying you have to take every element here because only works for somebody dare w they do something like this might have a slightly lighter tone, right? Probably little more humorous, but the way they're double concentrate on character in tight storyteller. And that's what they could apply to something like this. This can business not have to be a lost cause for anything. This is a a signal of how to improve on all these shows. So as my vice minimize vice us to keep watching. Oh no. Like I said episode four. I'm still enjoying it. So I wasn't planning to cut it off. Yeah, no, it's good. It's good. We'll see what the Chad has to say about this. You see here, fuck there. I'm just so many TV shows and I keep wanting to go back to play Spiderman so that competition but always comes first man, you would like this man, I think you'll like this and just talking about damn. I can't wait defend Darb Marcus and I can't wait to finish the season. Three. Yeah. All you guys are watching it. Excuse me. I did. I ruin anything for you. I did not. I did not give away anything if anything. I think you guys more more excited. So please go on finish watching man, show good show. Oh, let's see. We got talk about how. A little bit. Can I p? I know. No, he's like, okay, this starts PM right there. Quake? No, go ahead. Let me see here. What on Halloween? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You can do that. Got opinions and shit. You don't. You don't like that camera over there. Okay. All right. All right. We'll come on. Come on after no. Starters, top-five and shit. Thirty years. Hebe. Carlos Carlos keeps calling me baby for some re- really I don't know why. I mean he has a girlfriend. He can call her boyfriend, I guess, man in Puerto Rico, this way. Yeah, I was saying other day Carlos, you sent me a text dick pic. Probably next. Okay. Well, let me check. Ronda. Apple is really, she sent me something that didn't require baby being in it at all. He's he's the, he'll he left his card. Okay, the human. We wanted to know my car. Now he sent me Texan. Hey, baby. They overcharged me for my car and I was like, okay, that's bad. But what the fuck Yukon. Text. That's absolutely she's your wife, but Arlen. Arlen that's been that's going to get you in trouble. Yeah. I mean, I don't bring it up old shit, but like the shit happens to you where like Mia should hate you and should be mad at you when you've done nothing wrong. Do you remember that postcard? You got like last year. From like Florida or some shit like that was like, hey, baby. We had a good time. A fake postcard. The crazy guy sent it to us, but I looked at, oh, whatever. And then I gave it to you. And then why didn't you flag that? Like, why didn't you look at? It's your mail, but apparently it was about like what somebody said, you had a good time in Florida is a good time flow, and I was like, look at this surely stay. She's like, I say this craziest, craziest person to me and she's like a, maybe you're so in to cover up your life. You mind your business. I will say that whatever rumors of, oh, corey's in unfaithful always a Hooker. He's Manhor all the time, but not during anytime weeks ago, but I don't. But I don't. Carlos. He's he's right there. Puerto Rican about Carlos sent me a message on my phone. Hey, baby, they they overcharged me last night on my car, and I was like, okay, I don't know if this plan and has gone too far, but that's that's a message that does not require you to call me baby. Right. Starts calling you different desserts. Then you've got. You know, I, you could be like, hey, baby, I'm just kidding, but no, seriously. I left my car and got charge. You don't say, hey, baby, follow up with the normal conversation. Yeah. 'cause then I think that's what he really wants his girlfriend. I read online me. She don't. She likes me, but she's, this is I'm getting sick of hearing you. You know, Carlos talks about you two months. That might be on Carlos Carlos might be hidden. Some of the man. You might need to give it up or some as he did make your computer. Did did you solid? That's what I'm afraid of. I'm Ben me when I'm like, he's like, what are you gonna come out to the hacking thought he was already going to do that. Oh. One time because he's he said, he told me that the house and he's like, I'm finished with it. I'm finishing look at every part of it. I'm looking at. He's like, not look at the back of it for that. All the way back. Underwear. It was really weird. This is how we do it too. Beck beats. Why are your accent always vampire. Mine are all Bill Cosby. Yours are all family. Oh, man. Drag down. Turn to a band. Oh, you'll this evening. And the next, hey, I'm bracket. Dragon, I'm trying. Who. Oh, let me bring up these clips fear for. For Halloween. I didn't bring it up 'cause I just decided talk about them away out. I was so busy watching daredevil that I did not think about doing. We watch it. Did you like, oh, shit. I gotta show to do. Nah, I woke up early trying to get through. It was going with. I was gonna finish watching the yesterday, but had a birthday party get to all this stuff. So whose birthday? Tim Harrison, my friend tend to alternate your friend. I know. You know, we got short members. These people. We just thought about that. Tim's house, man. It was stayed over there. Late head a. Chris harm was coming over to do something for me, not took him there with me. Okay. The party end up being like not as big as I thought. Oh, really? Just like Chris, Harman me, and in Tim's wife. My wife's in awkward. Doing Chris, I know drink. Yeah. Chris Adams of wells long as you put a drink in his hand, he's he'll he'll get the drank and cross that leg. You just sit back and just don't get fucking. Soaks it in. Sophisticated sit there always feel like I bumped into. Get them in a sport coat because it just seems like every time he poses he should be in a sport coat and Spokane patches on the elbow patches on the fuck. I love Chris, man. No, he should know you right about that the smoking jacket. Definitely gonna get them there. Let's see. Cheap as Hugh Hefner. Pull up the review, Halloween, get together, hold on. Hold on pulled up. Is a Halloween. I'm gonna put up a couple of clips for this because explain my point here and let's see. And let me see bring this other one as important. Is organizing, I can't what your Halloween costume. You figure it all out. Do you have everything ready? Shit. I forgot about this. Because Martin ended, I talked to him before he didn't have anything. I have mine. Mine's very basic, but it's a pun. Well, that works so it'll it'll be clever for people who get it and then for you. I mean, if you haven't thought about it as you would have something for you, couples, costumes, couples cost to do. You know what I think I could probably get together. Thanks reminded me. I need to go look and see if I can get it because they won't be that hard if I can do it. I can get it done, you know, by Thursday and get all the stuff on me about Thursday. Otherwise, I'm gonna be. Still got latex outfit. I'm gonna be Black Panther again. S. and m. Black Panther, you bought that actually, I thought you rented that about this. Once he tried to return, they will. What this substance at all. Up in had all kinds of skid marks, and he'd be like, it was my. Could smell it from here this yours. Why are the skid marks on the back. Well, that's what my back. Drag it up on the way heads. Tight. Little tiny. Yes. Get a little too fun. Black widow with that. Gender swap black widow. Actually blacks, workout. I mean that not only do because I'm going to try to be the falcon got it together, but I gotta get it last minute. 'cause she says you don't tell that fight over the wings us trying to make her whole thing is like she just does Halloween. 'cause he's in America. She thinks it's stupid. You don't really like it. The whole thing is just like this fucking do something right. Cut this make weighing just cut it out. Not in. I'm almost twice, won a, let them at the costume shop. Talk me against. You should've seen. I'm embarrassed even show anybody, but I let them talk me and get some fairy wing. Yeah. Did you see. Yeah, I was like this one time. I sprained my ways and got laughed. People across the parking lot Levin took this should back. She's like, I tell you, I can make some wings really, and I was like, well, Megan, and she just did some shit. You know how you mom used to make costumes for you. 'cause you know, she'd feel like buying bags or plastic bag plastic bags and convinced you that she could actually do something had no choice, but to wear it because Hala wean was there you put all their faith harass, you fucked you over. So you know, that's what my wife does. She just took some some cardboard does Brown cardboard cut out some wings, like, you know, like the shit with the zigzags on the new. Say Safeway on. We can't wear these people who you are. You're black, you have wings this. Okay, I can't. I can't wear this. I did much at the last minute. She got mad because I won. Well, I made her winnings look even worse. This looking in Lega mess what ego, but she was just about why are you a grown man taking too much time doing it. You do this, you got to do it right? I mean, yeah, otherwise I'll do it. And your friend group has Halloween parties like they go all out grant has to the granting people like in full regalia and I'm like, okay, maybe my makeshift Reiter outfit where I'm just wearing a skull mask is not enough. Yeah, man. But we, you know, talking about a cultural appropriation we adults have appropriate at how. Let's and adults taking. Yeah. Yeah, they ain't that. It's not as not yours anymore. Our kids not me. I won't do it anyway. Just can't get. Can't tear shut up hill. We spend. We know what grow got money to spend on cost Costco. I guess. Here's a big ass bag. You don't have to worry around for this. When you can't dress sexy. Shouldn't do not us, but there's some people out there. Come the loss third for the record. I don't gross. Might be the niece for Halloween. And make me it'd be alad. A black face saver here. Guy Kosta. What the what is that? A guy costume? What is that. Okay. You have an extra Batman costume. She said a guy cost him. I thought she just like an average man. You. Put on zip it up man. A Batman costume. You must have been doing some like Qasr play with some dude, some shape, some numbers Wayne like, yeah, you where you can't women, Robin, which one would you? Okay. All right. Are you offering. What you ain't gonna do with walk around bag as bet, MC. Hey, yo kid a man's. Let me check it out on my way. I mean. Clutch. I don't care. That. I'm with the blue. Oh, sit, okay. I should like the Batman with the dad body. Had a western had no muscle. He wasn't fat. He just didn't had no muscle was he just had a dad by man. You? I don't. I still know what a dad, but is that's that. But I knew we had it. Totally. That bet. Dan. Let's see. Let's talk about Halloween. This weekend. Halloween made a lot of money. We'll talk about how much made a little while courtesy Samuel here. But let's just say that a lot of people went out to see it this weekend, and a lot of people seem to have had a good time three innocent teenagers in the nineteen seventy eight. He was shot by psychiatrist and taken into custody that night. And spent the last two years in captivity. Mike. Have something might like to see. This shit fucking around. Well, thank you for bringing it to me. This is a spoiler talk that we're going to have about Halloween and. We haven't is because you know, usually every now and then when I was a movie, this big a lot of people gonna see it, and it's now become sort of culturally relevant in a way that by this weekend, everybody's talking about it by Sunday today or by talking about it. So it's kind of safe to say that there's probably not that many people who don't want to spoil a talk because people who didn't see one, you probably not gonna. Listen to walkaway to you planning on seeing it in. Maybe don't want to have this bowl for you, but then maybe stick around because some people they get off all spoilers man, do they do your kids? And we will hear sport is an make us want to go watch the movie, but more well, because we were probably not going to get to see the movie. That is true. That is true. It's somebody who saw it and they came back like permits with the fire, just like sit around the campfire. Let me tell you guys what happened. Oh, yeah. Especially if it was like the big brother took your friend to like see a it on. You know, you wanna go see mom on that. You see it. And then plus it would take two years to come on HBO video. So you know, you just fucked. Go ahead and tell me, yeah, you don't care. You don't give us it about the movie. So you're not planning on going to see it. And if you do watch your profit about what we said through this whole discussion. So we warned you, it's a sport discussion stick around if you want to. And if not, we completely understand. That's why we saved it for this part of the show. Now. With this film going later to know what the ratings are amongst group right here, I gave it a man named Martin also gave it a med name. You gave it full price price in that is what we're going to discuss in a not a long amount of time on a reasonable amount of time to discuss. What is it about? Sammy that made him give it a full price? What is it about us? What do we see with this move there by lows that made us cut back on giving it that higher rating in. Law. So try to figure out what if they are truly planning on a sequel, what they could do to not follow the traps of what they did before, if. Well, you know. The menu never know, and it's just wishful taking. I up on this lead us alone. I can't bring myself to say weird. I can't do it at that. I wanted to stop right here, but you know, we everybody's saying sequel at some point. So we're going to discuss what this could do to void the bad movies that they did in the previous franchise and start what you Sammy came back excited. I explained the thing about the trauma in the movie. With a with what's the name? Laurie Laurie, Laurie strode. But what's actor's name? Jamie Lee, Curtis managing the Kurds goodness, but. What? What is it about? Because you did a very quick review when you want show, what is it about the trauma that went on with her that major like the movie so much is an interesting side element where you go, okay, horror movies happen, and there's a slasher. There's a monster, whatever. And then they just stopped they. Okay. The monsters out there, whatever here it was like, no, this is a physical thing that is still out there that still imprisoned that still exists. And in her head, she has real trauma. Three refrains were murdered. The guy tried to murder to her. She had was in the closet hiding. And so you have the story that they kind of fill in here where it's forty years of her just waiting for him to get out. And even she knows that the next time they move them if they do anything, he will escape because that is what she's experienced. And so that little bit of build up and having seen the first one right before it's a really good tandem when you haven't seen the ones in the beginning in the middle. I'm sorry, like three or four, five minute that that actually thinking about this movie, some of the things that I was talking about did. Either make more sense are they weren't? They would just. They weren't Hance by me. Thinking reflect on the film. One of those things you just mentioned was talking about how she's like, look, some dumb, try to move the son of a bitch, right? I've seen this too many times and he and that's what it was the. I thought the movie, what I saw the trailer for this. I thought it was one those those tropes Okla Shays of Oma God, the bus had a wreck. We would like trying to avoid a Scott or something crashes like no, Michael, Myers waiting on this shit for years. Right. And there was even apply to the doctor helped us there too. Yeah, yeah. It was kind of like somebody will try to move him. And that's why Mike. Mike, I wait for two years. Somebody fuck about their day. Yeah. And when they moved them, that's when he was just wait on that moment. That's when he took over the bus and I like the dating splaine. How didn't do a whole thing to take the opportunity to show this big gore seeing him taking out the bus drive, anything that they kept that to your imagination. But I thought about that and put moving in different context. We know in that a lot of things think about the people told me about the made me think about the film in a deeper way of talking to somebody said something that scared me with this, and we weren't like people in -ticipant. It'd be scared. We don't want any kind of jump scares. It was the whole thing of. On Halloween night, all these people, even the doors open. And I like, you know what? If somebody just wants to today, people tell you about this. People have lost a false sense of security in the suburbs. Sure. Big, always tell you, man. People think I'm lying if you buy a house, make sure zombie prove to the can stop zombie proud to stop Michael Myers. Well, they do move at the same speed. Yeah, exactly. You know you can. You can at least hear rumbling at the door. Run security system gets them, oh, shatterproof windows because somebody told me the what scared me is the way people don't just don't Mark the doors if a guy wants to just come in and walk into your house and kill you. Sure, you can just kill. You said you remember the movie like Mike, Michael Myers went to about three houses like he left one house just went to the next one and just went to the mailman of death from one house to the next. He knew the right David who had never locked their Bill. Last forty years that they would lock up after the first time. But yeah, the murders or famous. Yeah, yeah. Somehow they just been like, well, they caught the guy so that one time one time has been forty years. We can. You know, we back to be made there. White people. Good, you know. But the thing about Michael Myers is that it's not that somebody can just walk up your house. What you realize is that it's ability protecting people. And this movie is kind of a statement on that. Is that. People don't want to go into your house and kill you because they a repercussions. They're scared of getting caught. Sure. They scared of a of going to jail in Michael. Myers, somebody that doesn't give a fuck Michael Myers. Look. I've been in change last forty years. I've been on plantation, good. This is the guy that just wants to kill and wants to thanks about nothing but that so for him to go into somebody's house with no fear of any kind of repercussions for him. Just a scary for me like somebody just doesn't care. They can just walk up in your house and kill you at some point. This is like it was like six thirty in the even to six thirty seven on Halloween night and everyone's saying, oh, he's gonna cost costume, whatever, holding a real knife, but they're not thinking nobody really looks at everything at once. So he could just be in the background and all these other people's minds and all this shit has happened. Yeah, yeah, knows. But he did seem scope it out as if we went. All right. It's just the woman, no adult male figure here I got this. I think what he saw he was walking by, don't even think he thought about it because I don't think Michael Myers showed that he doesn't think that I think he was walking by. He saw a tool shed and thought is a weapon in here. And then he saw something he could use as a weapon to get a bigger weapon. I his Dr his weapon of choice. I think he was just kind of he was like an animal. He's just kind of just walked by just notice things. He's like a kid like I want that I'm going to kill this person for it, right? This version of Michael has I think I admire this movie more because I think they did a lot more to actually take a call, the character this shape. You know, for some that's supposed to be a mindless shape. It's going through killing people think they added more depth to this character. Right? But a lot of people said that this movie took away some this character talking to people after the show or movie, and they were saying that will like in the second one where. John carpenter? Yeah. Giancarlo was involved with day was saying like, oh, it was Laurie sister, and that's why he has connection with her, but they got rid of that. They read condamne this one thing. So why does he kill what is other than just to kill? Why is he after Laurie? And I had my own theory, but it's like the main motivation. What is that other than just to be a murder, but you know what? What is that for us theory is that since he Lori was the first woman he saw back in town once he escaped when she dropped the mail underneath the door, the first time they meet, I think that got him imprinted on her like a sister. So he needs to kill her to satisfy the craving might theory. But you know what one thing that was said is that in the movie Laurie strode she's the one that got away and not a lot of people get, you know, Mike, Myers people don't get away from me. On the slows motherfucking the world yet everybody, if nothing, he's a complete assed. Yeah, a lot of people say that that's what it was like. That was the one that got away before he got caught that night. That's the, it's not that it was imprinted that that was a sister that was imprinted on. I have to kill her. That was my last thing to do before I got taken away. And that's why he's back then night. Like once an interesting theory is once he kills her, what will happen after that? Well, he want to kill some more. His job done like the dog catching his tail, what happens. Right. That's a good point. Yeah. So why is he killing all these other people besides her? Because he has such a desire to kill such Pugh able to anything gets in his way is going to die, but his big goal, the big fish, Laurie strode. He's a psychopath. So go to no matter what to like just like, did he have to kill that woman to get that knife waiver that women make sandwich and go to bed and take the night? Yeah. No, I'm Michael Mars kill. I'll leave bodies as much as common card. That's what he does. And even therapists when. On, say like, oh, what does he feel when he kills? What is his reaction? How does he feel every time he makes a kill, so might have to do something with that where it's like it provides some relief of something that he can attain. So why does he killed the babysitter. That's a good question. Let me think about that to put that together because that's that's that was one of the things that was bugging me was what's his motivation to kill you bring that up. It's the always wants to kill Laurie because she's a sister. No, she's not assist. Okay. We wants to kill it because she was the one that he didn't kill before. Okay. Why is it killing other people? Now he wants to kill he. He was the the babysitter killer. So that's why killed the babysitter. Okay. But then why people who aren't babysit killing she wanted to have sex fucking. That's right. I forgot as main element he hates fuck because in the first movie, did you see assist to haven't says sister having sex implied sex? And then the other couples who were having sex trying to have sex. So, yeah, think his thing trying to fuck trying to have sex before marriage, trying to fuck you up. So that is no wetness bunny because I think was was that this was a fried that thirteen. I'm not sure which one, but this one came before for thirteen. So maybe this is where we stab the rule of if you have six. Teenage sex Friday. The thirteenth did that. But this did it before because they are the because they're like making out. Let's take it upstairs watching from like a foot away and they're not paying attention to them. So when they go upstairs, these win for them to finish up. Yeah, this came out seventy nine. So so then they went upstairs and then they had sex, and then he stabbed him against the wall and then killed her choked her out the phone. That was after that six. So yeah, you know there's, yeah, there's that seeing because there's other things that we're talking about, like, why does he kill the babysitter? And then when he kills the babysitter, why. Dress up like a weaned decoration needed on the first one. He didn't. I in Carlos talking. He's like you so imprinted on that day. Like he's not, he's he's conned close to being mindless killing machine, but there's certain things that mean something that triggers him. Yeah, you know, Halloween, he'll do this because you know Halloween means something. That's all. That's probably the only thing that really kind of makes sense to him. Yeah, that's last thing he saw before years in prison for his entire childhood. Yeah, a Halloween night used to have a sister and then they took him away. So he probably saw somebody in the sheet being a ghost and that's all I have from the outside world. So why kill the drunk kid? Because that's what? Yes. Yes. Drunk kid that was that was about to have sex with the girl. He wasn't about to chubby kid because he's trying to fuck. You can't even try to fuck around. That is true. I was just a creek. They stab him as a creepy was trying to in n he was in the way. It's like, look, man. Mike is like, hey, listen, this is too easy. I got you in a cage trap, Clem offense. Opportunity. Oh, by the way, sex end drinking in these in these movies and these guys, David Gordon green in Danny McBride fans enough of these slash movies to where they plan around these these rules in a way that not being satirical are that's not being obvious screen working into the story, subtle ways that guy's been drinking. He's obviously drunk, you know, he's closed the fucking rapist guy out there. Those your true. True that knows movies to, whereas, you know, you got these guys were being a little too overzealous with these girls and he was that guy, man. He went to kill the girl too. Want to which the the mango Laurie Laurie granddaughter. Oh yeah. Yeah. What do you like what you related to. Which is of killing drug kids, or I'm killing you to save her from you. Now I will kill. Everything in his path. Michael Myers is killing machine, everything in his path. He's going to kill that girl was on his way to getting her. You know, he, he has a bloodlust. He has a thirst, but death. So anything that along the way that can be a bonus snack or something. He's he's gonna take it man if you will. If you live around him, you're going to go why? He's on his way to the bigger goal. I mean. I'm asking, I'm not. I'm not looking. Does that make sense? 'cause this. I don't get to that. He's walking around and he talking about snacks. All these Halloween kids just Ballo lean running around him in his way. Any did slice the snap the neck of a little kid like that was the first thing. He didn't know it was fuck it was was that seeing also the move? He beat like they made it clear and I like this because it says, Mike, Myers, he does not. He don't get fucked and this too because they set up one of things with these scenes that they do Martin say, they sit up somebody with the with the joke. Kate was talking about, but had I just wanna dance dancers hunting. Next time with you, but I wanna dance that this boy day. Mike Amar killing his daddy will, but they set it up. That's awkward things. Aren't you feel about this movie so much? They stick. Did these awkward things when he set up a joke? That was funny. That was funny. That was the thing. You know me, I'm Sarah on jokes in movies, like just pudding jokes for the sake of it. But every single one, they didn't hear fucking worked somehow. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was the tone of the entire movie. Maybe the fact that we all knew that it wasn't taking this seriously that moment right there was just kinda thrown in to build up the scene and lowly kind of distracted mode. So when you get to the senior. Oh, oh shit. So it kind of brought you provide a little bit attention ticky right to apart where a kid shoots dude for real and then gets his next napped. All dark that really that was that was a that was a quick descent into darkness because I think the reason why they hit somebody's joke around. Instead of doing some sappy drama man, what what endures you to a character is when you get a good laugh shirt the moment you see somebody you can be polite. Are somebody you tell a joke to somebody, probably put it on, walk away saying, I like that guy. You can't be so dark all the time. You can't just have him to slice throats and doing because yes, on a downward set. So you have some like a kid like all learn how to dance dad, like it gives you a little bit of levity to then be like, all right. Now, knock you back down when you when you let that kid is like, oh, like this kid dance, you may be left. So it met, you feel worse when that kid got killed. What talking about the part, the kid in the truck. And if that was Cole, he shut. That was fun too, because everybody knew was gonna happen as I do because I was like, he's he's gun trained. He's from the south, whatever north. But like, you know, he's walking around dad. Where are you? Sees? A guy index is shot because there's all these crazy people that would happen is a cable to be trigger-happy shoot a guy in the chest because the other, the doctor was fine. And if you remember gar was on the bus after crash. Rose up and first of all, I think the guy kind of had to come. Totally had it come the guys we see later. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I'm talking about the gotta got shot have been popping up like a whack-a-mole something Dr. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He had to come in man. Choubey. Here's a kid with a gun walking around cockatiel. Did you go pup. Blown his ass the away like arcade games. Demolished. Like moving targets. Party game. Yeah. And then the other you're talking about the police officer who was like half tore up and dead. It's like. Just dies like, yeah, that kids going to be on edge that kids die. I wonder who the guy that plays the new Loomis that joke jokers. Fucking funny. You know. You know, Larry, I liked a lot of those on the nose jokes where she was like, oh, nice to meet you and laureate was like, oh, so you're the new Loomis. Yeah, we. Go. I've seen the first movie. I got that joke. That is. I was kinda same way, man. I, you know, it's one of those things where 'cause I heard people in the movie. I'm trying to find the actor who played him. Let me see if I can find the actor the guy that plays. Do you remember the doctor's name? Nobody. Yeah, I'd never seen his guy Waco last vaguely ethnic, so I don't know how. Doc was his doctor Sar tain, but that's the comic book insane. I'm Dr saw the. He talks with INSEE. And he talks just like the eagles out there were so spooky every time Gary, how Bill. Bill Jenner Haluk builder. I can't even smile. He's taking normal pitches. Hello snapped the photograph, but this dude at the start that he wanted things I didn't like in the movie because it was obvious before that's why that joke. Oh, you're the new Loomis is like, yeah, we've been seeing for the last hour and a half. These talk British accent. Donald Pleasants does right with with the heart of the tech accent too is like as kind of British, but you're dot narrower. You know what I'm saying? Sound like it was. It could have been part of talian of. Yeah, and he comes up at the same accident. You know, it's like they like. Obviously mitt to have another Donald pledge protect him to see what he's all about, but we must protect and we must study him. Even the why. So fake British. Laugh came up and I'm like, oh, you're the new Loomis. And not only was it obvious and then had to say it because I would have thought it would. It was better had they just kinda hinted like, okay, there's this guy who is walking around with the same crazy exit. Like if I. The funding. They don't explain his his origin there, but, but when somebody say Jamie Lee, Curtis, Loomis, somebody behind me was just kind of like not only they laugh like put your day was fine chuckle about like. What about like. I get that. Yeah, man is like, fuck you said in the first two minutes of the movie, I was a student of Dr Loomis. That's what he says. That's the whole setup. So yeah. So damned picked up his accent. He was before. I have studied him every way. But. How'd you feel about this character win. They like the movie. Got so it took these insane turns where this character, the new Luma's doctor, the crazy, whatever. Sar Tayo, whatever team. How'd you feel when he put on the mask himself and was like, I know how you feel now, Michael. Maniacal guy. I knew he was going to turn that. I did know he's waiting for the moment to let them free, and then he stabbed to doing the aisles. Oh shit. And then he put on the map and I was like, whoa, is he going to is he gonna start killing people now, but then he knew that was solved right away. So I was like, that's a loved his death. Got this seventeen on his head. Turn came out. That still here Frikkie bowl. Turn his shit into jello, man. That was the mom was. I'm glad this movie's not getting to to gory, but that was one of that's 'cause you're because there was some kills at disturb me like the one that was done off screen one where the woman died. Offscreen one kept showing here with women. I thought that was more disturbing anything where because again, it goes back the whole hardware at least at it to your imagination. Are you heard what the sounds of a head and beat in? Oh, yeah. The kills in the early part were very dark and disturbing and then the it turned when you got someone just the girl up, like a Halloween ghost and that point on they were more like those fun classics. Yeah. The one in the clerk at the gas station, John was separated the desk. I looked all my God. I didn't see that a like that because they'd get how it happened. But it left to the imagination in what I saw was horrible shit. Joe is separated from his face. Because you see in the trailer where you got that part where Michael goes to the bathroom and drop the drop those teeth on that girl. Yeah, yeah. And what I saw that I was like, okay, that's great for the trailer because you know somebody bad for him to get. Got some bad dentistry that day. I going back to Loomis over here, won the things that I thought move while was comic in intentionally in some parts thought some parts overdramatic when he put on that mask that Michael Myers mask, it was the way he popped up when he put it all. Like Brown suit and shit. So he had arm cast yet. It's like, yeah, I thought, you know, that's I'm glad they got that carried out the way I did not lie was happy that they made all that quick because when he did that whole turn, I was like, say what? Yeah. And then it just seemed kind of silly him putting the mask on, and I was like, oh, this wasn't a tone. This was going for. I mean, it could've worked headed. Not been. It felt like a shock value kind of thing. Right. So killing him off right away. I was like, okay, good deal with this couple of things I'll conclude with because I don't want to keep going on too long. Talk about this on night, but biggest thing is new, the end or the ending itself? Yeah, the ending itself. I did not. I didn't like it because listen, I know they got to leave things open for a sequel. I thought they did it really sloppy because I thought like. Okay. If somehow he got away in a missed him. The nest bind that couldn't find they were. They were this close to like really like finalize things built in his head, but fair by remembers the in Laurie strode daughter, Jamie Lee, Curtis security daughter, granddaughter. They got Michael Myers. They got him trapped Michael Mars looking at their right. He's not even trying to move. He had like, I wish you will pull that trick and they don't. They just, they leave to let him burn the death. And if this woman had been sold as Laurie strode was so terrified. Prepare to the point. She's making a like a nuclear war bunker to prepare for a man, like what you see that man, you got shot. You blow his fucking head, right, right. Efficient, a barrel. All all three of them just firing on it. Yeah. And they didn't. They didn't take the shot. And then what do we see? Oh, well, they just leave him to burn walk away and they show that basically go, well, here's the thing I thought since we're doing spoilers out if I mentioned this before because when lawyers looking through the house for Michael and she sees the blood trail as I shot him him, she gets up there and realizes that it was Judy Greer's daughter's husband in the closet, and he's not dead. He's hurt, but he's like. So she says the house on fire so they can leave. He's still up there live, they just burned his. Make noise. Yeah, not. I killed him. They killed him. He was dead killed. 'cause I swore I heard him saw him moving around like, oh, man, he was folded up in the in the cabinet. No, he's gone. Oh, that would have been funny. Fucking. Man, it's no, he, no, he was dead. He gone Michael, got his. Let me see if I can cause a full them up, like a lawn chair. Michael got his ass and snapped issue that was like the first kill because he throws one of the first girls in the first movie in the closet. The headstone things turns around and befriends folded up the same way. So yeah, that give it to. He was gone. He snapped it in the Tomba a dot as. No, he snapped issue. Yeah, he pulled his as up and you heard as it his limb. So you might as well be would cause. You might want to bear the buddy. Michael Martin, trying to bear that buddies. They could've shot. Somebody go up and pull over Frank down here, shoot him in his head in case she comes back together. You don't know him. I will give you this. That babysitter. I'm trying to find reasons for becoming resent there, but that is one of the moments where with the babysitter, it was just they did it because it's a throwback he has to kill babysitter. Okay. Because that's what happens, you know, like why her? And she was cool that we had the whole set up with her and and the and the kid. And I know it makes you like them. So it hurts more when she dies. But like. So like, why did you pick her? Well. She was fucking. I will give you. This is not a good reason if you just do it because these other rules, if it doesn't fit within the story. Like somebody told me my biggest complaint about Mike and the movies that he was driving somebody's. He drove in the first one, and I said it makes sense in the I know all making sense here either say we learned how to how to drive in the first one. And as I how well, they said he read a book like, nah, someone inside. Yeah, it was not even. He played GTE man, I, I didn't buy that. So I get it when you say, why did that happen? I like to say that there's a reason why he did go for her and I can't remember right now. So I'll give it to your net one and plus I get why you didn't want her to die man because she was actually kinda cool like usually people in these these slash movies what I liked about the movies that they may fun of the reasons why slash movies don't work today like that. One guy who got killed, the guy that was about to have sex with the babysitter here. This the, he's the guy said, like. Why care about this dude and these people that he killed five people not many people died today, bad things happen, and it was kind of a self awareness of why the slash movies don't really work that world today, but I'll tell you this. Does another thing they turned around though normally the babysitters kind of bitchy, but she was cool which I guess, like you say it makes it harder for you to see her death and that kid. Great offer. I heard you laughing in the theaters. You're to wrote three rows down below me, and I saw you cry, hilarious. No, I love this kid with that little list. Got up a gut. This kid's name. I had it written down, but this kid right here, the black kid who was being babies being babysit. I wish I could find his name, but that kid was hilarious, man, I'm gonna tell you something. This kid goes on the big things because I don't use it Larry's, but he was like the only black person movie who was in danger and he gave he gave her reaction like real nigger. He ran past shoot this. The boyfriend. Come home with me. Come up with me and what he tried, what the boyfriend do, try to be hero, man. He's got us. Yeah, that's true. That's sit here clip my nastiest toenails cracked. Yeah, a little banter. They had a great. Yeah. Yeah. In the Chad is saying that day he was dead man. Dead has gone. I did have one problem with the movie though. Ours like mad. It's a little nit pick. I was a little upset about it. They didn't kill the jerk. Jackass boyfriend the one that three phone in the pudding. Fuck that dude, all this right kill him. Every other every other people I was like, really, Mike, you gonna pass him up all these others drinker and biggest four Nicanor come on. Yeah. I mean as far as drinking and fornicated he could've just my Michael, my prom. Walk slowly got a huge body count. That is true. That would have been officiant. Last question would done. Being that the ending was kind of greed a little bit of a real stretch, getting the sequel, what can you do so much? What can you do to keep this the this franchise from going into sequel territory like it was the original franchise? Oh, shit. That's hard question. What you do, keep Laurie live as long as possible to keep bringing her back unless you wanna get crazy and killer like right away in the next one where it's like something has or she just dies. That might even be better where she just dies of old age or she dies a stroke, heart attack, whatever. And then it just gets moved down to where what is Michael do and then you just you play with what Michael does when she's gone. You explain that element of it because we're asking all these questions about why is he doing this? Wisey killing to give them a reason, find a reason why or make up a reason why? Because if you kill Laurie authen- it's like, okay, well, it wasn't just that. That's why killed everybody else. So I said you play with that, why he does it a little bit in this one and I think you can afford in the second one. Okay. What about you? What do you mean to keep it from being. We don't. We don't end up with like this when he's brother and on the kind of stupid shit like we didn't plus what the way this ended in a ready to look like. A going into territory wears a little. I mean, he has three fingers now I want hands getting a little hooks on each spring is used to be. I don't know. I mean, okay. So I was going to say, assuming he escapes from the fire escapes from the fun. He's reading at the end of the credit how we don't know, but he got through south, right, right part of it collapsed. And he went through a whole even though she had to play super fortified, but he, yeah, I would. I would take Loretta pitcher, Evan start over elsewhere except this time be people who were not her. Just kind of not not so much ready form, but people who who aren't such victims where they do fightback. Yeah. And honestly, I'm asking you, honestly, in an environment that is a wear of these kind of things. Yeah, because he operates on the fact that he the element of surprise. I mean, sure, he's got his stripe, but it's also the elements apprise. He seems to be where despite the fact that he killed before, there's still people who were like, oh, what is this chatter saying? He should fight Jason boy. He's the next one. That's what we're trying to keep from going with this yet, and I have no clue. Man. I have no clue other than I think explore the character little bit more right? Because it's still things that we don't understand always say, you know what aliens wosa great about it. It expanded on alien how you expand on slasher. I don't know, but there's still questions to be answered. Why did he pass up a baby. Yeah, baby and all those little kids in some of the key is what makes them like target people from others, you know, and again, put him an element with those, and those questions are explored. But yeah, we get into something where we got a force it and we put stop putting in these dumb ass up lots demand, or there's. There's inside them, there's a cult that controls them, whatever you do, keep the supernatural out of it. Yeah. Yeah, nobody. Nobody's see that. How about this? How about just stop the shit. Push on. Much money. This may know speaking of which let's go ahead and get into real quick run behind. We're gonna do this very quick. I'll say, start us what tomorrow, which is do this very quickly get into the box office and I'm going into the music and let's go hang in the box office right now and let me see him before. I'm going to further. Further. Let me go pull up music and in. We'll be on on way. All right, Mr. Tom is sir. I'm not going to stretch this. I that we need to Martin. What is the number four movie. Right. I wanna get out of here. Let's get out of him. I more new right. It is. I man. Was never I in the bucks. We came gross eight point, five million dollars total of thirty million to two weeks on a budget of fifty, nine million dollars, and this is not the success that they wanted this movie to be a disappointment. They wanted this to be a lot better. I think what they did wrong was put it before Oscar season and they had a little more traction out of it. They could put it in like the first we can remember, I think would have been a lot better, but the fact that there was another counter programming effort that's doing a lot better than this movie. This one's just got lost in the wash. I think maybe they looked at it and just thought it's just not quite that Oscar thing. We had hope yet. Some people pushing it and look like they have made money. You know how these things work. Even people think is all that good food themselves thinking that this had been higher gross in moving, it would have been nominated are considered to be an Oscar contender. Yeah, that tends to work in those things favor. But you know, I mean, what it comes time for making nominations who know who knows that is true. We'll find out it will certainly get some technical nominations, whatever. Yeah, yeah, I'm interested. See how this would do something you'd have drops out this early as usually kind of put to the side, not the now. What I see happening with this is that it gets a Oscar nomination because maybe a slap to field, right, and and it won't win. Anything kind of get forgotten. Let's go ahead and get to our next one. Martin number three. Biggers oh, we can grow not point seven million dollars total gross at twenty. Eight million two weeks on a budget of thirty. Five million dollars was up with this. This movie did exactly what I thought it was going to be for kids that venom sue scary for. So you can't go see venom, then you go, oh, let's go see, goosebumps. Got the name. You got family fun for everybody. So internationally, this made what this thirty nine million worldwide. So that'll probably make it probably in the next week, they'll probably make its budget back domestically. So this is in the clear and this movie will go to the DVD or VHS or whatever the hell it goes too and then home theater and then people will watch it there and it'll just be on loop a backup. So it's going to do fine. Yeah. I mean, we talked about gettable this is very this, but it did. I mean state longer for longer than house the clock in his walls, but that people's thought that to be better did. It is the second week. Third week, second takeaway. So this is. A week, it'd be the same as that movie, so. All right. We'll see slim. And what is the number three film, sir? Everybody's favorite. I don't know venom. The brain right. Weekend gross eighteen point one million dollars this way. Probably mega two hundred million domestically has one hundred seventy one million after three weeks on one hundred million dollar budget. So. Spider man get wrapped up in this again. Liquid about the pull this down into it. I mean this, we're going to get a sequel. Yeah, you're gonna get Karnik. There will be carnage and Wendy's wig. Chucky, Jerry curl. We'd. And this is I mean, we deserve what we get. Some somebody was talking yesterday, Chris, you made a good point. He said, listen is a lot of people who just love how the character looks. This extends beyond the comic book people. A lot of people grew up watching the cartoon pronto. Ricotta venom that character. A lot of people love the character grown up just because he looked bad ass. A lot of people are gonna comics who dull say like, oh, yeah, kinda hard to this guy. This guy right here. Yeah, Spiderman character. And this made four hundred sixty one million worldwide already. So yeah, we're definitely getting a sequel and in like a couple of minutes, it'll be the number ten movie vault of all time of this year and domestically. So it'll be crazy rich agents probably after Tuesday's. So question is from people out there. Does this give Sony the big the power right now to cause some shots over marvel they will and then they'll fuck it up. Got Spiderman. Now. Not a smell of themselves. Up and then they'll have to bring them back into them. See you again when he's like twenty five thirty, the carrot. That's exactly what I say. Marv USF carnage. Looked like carrot top. He looked just like that except not as buff is this? Yeah. That hair was just like that. Well, we'll see we, we hope that marvel. We'll have enough pull me right now. Marvel's on the Disney Disney is probably the most powerful entertainment company out there having just about FOX. So hopefully I have some pool to say, look, we don't care how much my venom may fuck venom. Call the stops on this. Say stopped at like make you money, which you gotta do, but don't get greedy trowel trade. I would trade all this other non superhero wants from FOX and give them to Sony four spider man. Like what are some of the properties kids trading action fig. Yeah. What are some of the FOX properties that they have that aren't superheroes like I can't Simpson's or FOX, right? Yeah, yes. I like give them the Simpsons the Simpsons of Sony and then just take the superhero. Nobody gives you crazy or something like that, right. Whatever they have. I, the only thing I can think of trae she was Sony's like now we just like fucking with you. The biggest and a bad, so we got that one thing you want. Yeah. 'cause you're funding round with hulk right. Yeah, they gotta got yes solo. Yes trait something for these people, but Marlins. Right? All these people like, man, you know is just to say that we got something over Disney. It is fuck with everybody, but not the righted. Got that one car. Plan, but then they'll get eventually again is amazing, amazing venom to and nobody will watch it and that'll be it. Yeah. To get another. We all thought this will be as bad and people keep going to see it. So how bad can have been a movie be to make people not go see. Zang seaman she'll see. Let's go to the number. The athlete named a stars, born shoes, man, this movie right here. Biggest stars out of stars. Ready. Bradley keeper, his debut doing credit the business. It'll be great at the jump up to number two jumped up to number two. Yet drought Bill, the venom. That is true. Man. Last week in venom was was what one or number and this was and it just went like maybe possessed lady Gaga. This right here brought in nineteen point three million dollars for total of one hundred twenty six million after three weeks on a budget of thirty six million dollars. Now this is what I'm talking about movie. That's not only good but made a lot of money. So they're like, you know what is good for business to get some Oscar hype. Yeah. Yeah. This is a weird movie where like I was doing the research, whatever. And this was number seventy in the highest grossing films that never made it to number one. And so if it has another weekend like this or it's like fifteen twenty, it'll jump up to thirty and like movies that are kind of in the thirty thirty. Rank of that type of movie are lame as LA La Land fury road Django Jane, the original beauty and the beast. These are all movies that mate will make about that type of money and never made its number one night. It'll be in good company if it does that. Very nice. All right, then let's go ahead and get into the number one movie out there which is no surprise to anybody. In fact music, right. He has it not hat. It was basically. Eighteen Bouma d, three this year. Just remembered, killed keel, Medina. Michael kills Medina. They make that the. In Norwich working on that was it you'll think tell the Perez already working on that. You know what? I think he's gonna boot three, but not with Michael Myers, but I think we can do some Joyce it now Medina for smile. Somewhere. Actually you shirt in her mask, but this seventy seven point five million dollars is what it brought in as weekend on tint while ten million dollars budgets tell you. Blom house man days and blown just raking Ilya. That's a gas guys got the touch. He should've does man, Michael, Mark, geek, killing everybody, but he is Jason blown bid. He worked for him. Funny thing is blood house and universal, his dark universe. They wanna start one. This well, in order for it to be universe, who else would be a universe mart? Where. There's no other slashers at they own does what I'm saying? Who would you put in that universe? I don't know which ones they own. So you got to have other characters to get the universe. Versus michael. Thirty two. I'm just trying to keep from universal fucking with you. Man. Well, what we will, what we've got. We already got a universe month. You wanna fight Michael. Got a Di. Dracula. With according to your accents, Carlos. Killed my eyes with that Saria on. Look at you. With your job. So last year. What are you going to fix my fucking car. Fuck. But no, we could have had this be the number one movie of October, but it was three million short from venom. So the number two highest of October. Show up, but this is still this October generals wanna big October ever. Especially this weekend is one of the bigger ones because those two movies together and the stars born, there's a lot of good things going on right now. So this is a big October for movies. We see here somebody chats is the baby lotion mob. They say, apparently Denic, Brad, and David Gordon greed. They already wrote a sequel and try to shoot back to back. But Jason blunt went to see how this I was gonna perform. So most see Jason blow, man, he knows he, he knows man, that businessman, right then. Fuck days and don't make money out. Good. Wouldn't that be funny if they didn't make any money? Me just tacked on ending where they just killed my. Broke mother, funny which broke game. Right? That is, oh, no, we got one more if you want, you know, want to expected this. This is not this wish this could have done better, but I kinda expected this. Okay, you give the, hey, you give came in at number six, seven point, five million dollars on ten point. Six on. I'm sorry a we can grosses seven point, five million dollars. Where's the other three million coming from full. That's total tastes. This model released attitude thousand three hundred theaters, and that's on a budget of twenty three million dollars. So, but this got a ton of great review the mortgage. It might be one of those, for example, land where we opened five then intend, then fifty then a couple of thousand. So hopefully it being out in more theaters this time around getting more word of mouth. It might jump up to the top five spot or or a top five spot people just going to all these other flashier movies. Yeah. Yeah. This was just one that nobody really heard about, but people love the book. What's the theaters? This was released, two thousand three hundred thousand wow. Jump from like fifty or less than that. Even. Not too good. What you got a har- movie. You got a superhero movie, love story. A movie for kids got a lot of competition. It there got some good news for you guys a bunch of money on your car. Hey, we're not sponsored but DT March. All right. Mill Breen from zero tickets. Zale yo. Says, mill Breen has posted some screenings twist appear on his Facebook page. It will be showing fit that Alamo draft house, approximately seven thirty pm. People saying, no, I can't be the only one out there that would love to hear you guys review this weird as movie. There's one if you had any plans to check it out. Let me see what better soda could be sold out in. Let me see when of physics how they do a screening. This will one day only thing we sell at that early especially Brady and he'll bring has his word is out. Now for another movie reviewers, they do movies all the time. So the fifth is on a Monday, seven thirty. You know what? If I can go see it tickets for our land Lalli go see it a crowd. I've been missing some movies that I've been one to see. I'm to go see the Trump prophecy would Accra. Only for like three days. It was a special event or whatever, whatever they wanna go, put this shit open on the weekends, waste money. They open that on Thursday, negligible, a bunch of old retarded Trump and motherfuckers out there watching them Trump side. And that's that. That is an insult to the word retarded right there. People who went to go see a movie, thanking God chose Trump president people. The move is of far about this, the firemen who I'm going to review this when it comes out. I'm I'm dying to see, but it's about a fireman trying to for this now, are we gonna see? There's about about a fireman who was on a rescue and ended up getting injured and had visions in his mind of God. Tila him. That Trump was the one that the chosen one and funny because God comes down and like this, this orb of light and it's got like a a tumor. Get your brain right now. Yeah. Through. It was just lying. Yeah. Brad Jones, but see us was telling me about, he said, you gotta go, see, this couldn't go. I couldn't see this because they they had the screen is shown on nights that we had, you know, real movies showing so so. I didn't get to see it, but the benefit of seeing what is going to see it with other people who really buy into that shit moves was full of like late seventy eight year old people. Yeah, who just eight Nash, just by the whole crowd was was a plot. Something like lived hard said some shit, like they say, how many has did you see as like more than one is too much maga- hats yet? I've only seen one in the wild. It was at the seven eleven by my old house. And so you saw shit out that guy because the previous conversation I had with that guy was him in another guy talking shit about California and I joined because they didn't know California's sucks. They go by the way I'm from California and I walk out and the guy who is in front of the counter came was going, California's find their food is good. Like shut the fuck up the next time I saw with the maga- I was like, I want to suck the shit out this guy, but. He works at seven, eleven? I don't even want to jump on guys. I just feel bad. I'm like, damn. Say, look, you can Voguly be want to is one thing. The vote for somebody that you want to be president to thank God chose the least godly person out there do fucking around on his wife. She said, voted for Trump. Okay. She was. Okay. Raise the Hannah. He believe somebody who had vote for Trump. She went straight, I'm sick. Jervis afire. By just cheap looking. It'd be like the big blazin house. A couple of flames. Mr. channel, four feelings coming killed. My work. I've seen everything. What I saw last night. Scared me so much. Recently masturbation. Fire. PTSD was I. Done. This is like in the two thousand present time. You know, this is like twenty fifteen that nobody knew what PT is. Right, right. Of course, everybody Will Smith discovered come on. Feel scary. I very Gregory dreams. Sometimes it's. Dreams are import, they can give us a window. What's going on. Not. The commander in chief prophecy. God is telling us to pray for our country, its leadership, and those authority is left at you. That's what we need to do. Martin almost Ave, but look at this newspap- look, did you notice them. The actual article birthday. Fuck these people. Oh, oh my God. He's greeting. Oh shit. Trump a lot of Greek follows. Really. Religious. The last stop it with the Bosniaks arrows ever? Yeah. We end up some demon Trump. That would be the tip off that you've had a stroke when you. It says gibberish, you believe it, everything leave everything thinking and then read that and go on no new Taleh best Boola knee at us all onto ego liberal in their, oh sick. I get rid of those dirty liberals. About these movies is that he's telling me like, religious people are like, oh, yeah, Trump is the prophecy, but it's like there's a whole thing in the bible about false prophets. People who say that they see God. That's just brain damage. Yeah. Like, imagine, like, just take the take the story out of it. Guy goes into a fire has a bunch of post traumatic stress has a bunch of dreams. He's not a crazy person, but he is a mentally damaged, man. Yeah, take him serious. I'm very, very tolerant. Religion. I do not try to look down on people trying to make fun of people because you know me being somebody does not by religion. I don't believe in God. That doesn't mean that I have all the answers and I don't look at people better than them. But you got evangelical y'all, y'all fools the ones that went this far. You are the ones that I'd point my finger at not say you are the most hypocritical dumb as ever seen. I'm saying prep myself until you, we got these people who are they. They call it. You come out and you jump ambushing people who there's a, there's like this church will be here a couple of people that we know can't be one of them, right? She's walked out in. They stopped her and said, you know, have you found Jesus for your Lord and savory? She's like, I'm just trying to get a drink. And somebody else's made a joke about the strip club. I said somebody says, oh, Billy somebody say it is the place to eat around here and I'm new here. Nice. It'd be a whoever was strip club next door, like you mean that place of filth and evil. And I was like, okay, I'm just joking. First of all, second of all of antibodies late his anybody. On your life? Yeah, I'm just saying I'm just waiting to get ambushed about one these people so I can just tell them what I really feel like you because I won't go. I haven't gone home crying like Utah, you believe this shit like, but I'm shitty Catholic. I know I don't go to church, so it's like you found Jesus. Yeah, he's a cool guy. What what else am I going to say? Like you said it studio. Chinese food. He's fucking. Three of them, but I don't think I'm talking about religion. I'm not mocking anybody, but though I can't stand people who try to act like they memorial nearby. Trying to tell you something. I'm like, put a fucking a hole in the White House. Yeah, come on man. Yeah, literally got nothing bad to say about and get the fuck away from me with that. All right by that. Is it. God bless. All right. Everybody we oughta here. I would emails. We gotta go a lot on the day, having a good time. So please, please, please check out the artists of the month actually got to tell you where to go for her artwork if you like what she's done on the shirt and you don't catch it in time or even if you do and you just want more of Goto sabre bash that is her Twitter account that has all of the great great outward that she does over there. See, she's at a new set of all the time, so please very good. Check it out. Check it, Eric. Good, amazing. Go to DT merge dot com. Speaking of the shirt, check her shirt out along with a few of the items that we have over there represent represent remember that we got the Halloween pub, crawl, toba twenty-seventh. She just come on. She'll tell you, look at, I tell Tony, seven Saturday at eight pm at seventy seven degrees rooftop starting. Starting seven, starting at eight o'clock at seventy seven degrees through top far, then five o'clock show on Saturday doing show at least. Yeah, we'll do some figured out and just be ready and be ready to be turned away in case became fitter. But in the studio, if that many people come still don't know. Presumptuous egotistical guess. People come. Famous in just don't don't tell them the address the studio. So if they're smart enough to figure it out, then they deserve to be here. Yeah, you go. We'll put clues around the city. Play a game fun, and you can come to think of it as running side missions and your favorite video. Picking up all the back. That is it. That is it. Done. Site subscribe. Thank you. The niece, everything. Thank you for. Get out of here on the screen is coming through for doing absolutely nothing. Thank you. Appreciate coming through. Thank coming through Allen. How you doing man you out online about coming through here. Next time I had to come when we read emails may have come up here and join us man. Next time that you hear look out on the motorcycle. Look at. Say, I would love to see them long legs. All the money. Does dragging. Alamo wheels. Okay. Got you. Drive off the down fit on that thing. Man findings around the mopey. Barney. Got. Sports eighty three eight three. Okay. Now that that a that. What is it? It's a Harley hardline. You got a hole in her. Nice man. Are you going to gain. Not yet. Working on it, you wanna know bunch of fit five, your white man who got Harleys man. Oh, is that what that is? Oh, damn. I'm like the newest one. That's why I was kicked back then. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Well, I'm down the street. I'm just a blur. They didn't get girls say, hold through. I gotta take girl, just be girl. Yeah, you got that bike and just get out of here. I can do better. Now they got the biking, all these girls. I'm looking at him on this. You gotta go, gotta. Get a girl could measures by. I don't get back. Vin diesel. Fast. Mesh that by. Blog on black. A man black lightning out them. Women here comes. I mean, girls you talking to right now. He's like. Counting fingers. He looked up in the sky. I don't know. It's so many. How many does black lightning? Let me. No, I hear you got the most like you referred to yourself and I, I. His bike. Get out. What he's doing. He could be doing good to see. Knows. All right Allan thought he later. Oh, and guess Dr. Martin Thomas, the cat, daddy. Hey. I love your face. Why do you? What do you? What do you do you just because you look down on me when I do it. Down on you. Do. Yeah, like that. Like that, man, it's the first time you smile when I did utilize same in mama, do it to you like you do messing in Martin Thomas as the kid? Dumb. Fuck. Exactly what. Is that what I got? Yeah. All right, then I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry. This is going on here. Everybody in that is deck. Remember when I was thinking about you. So please, please, please in an Email type in us k. Coon at Gino dot com. Emails of questions. Coupling insoles in put an advice before the show will be pub- the church. We outta here. What does so that's no, but we'll be back more shows this week. So please in an Email phone number Skype contact you hang out with my need and up up in your whole brain speed. All the host on the pastors in the work house calls. Dosen archaic. Instagram type end page on Facebook type and double toast some private time with meets corrupt. The also type and core dot com dot five. I'm convinced the corrupt and so's minister Martin on Twitter and Instagram. Martin underscore, no fro- looks aren't Thomas Facebook. And if you do find me, then you should join the group children the toast where you'll also find. Sam is on DT on Facebook, the mex- Lance on all forms of social media to come, join me studio, go right back to, you know everybody out there. The world, famous studios, couches and Alan. How're you doing. Allen doing. All right. Alan over here. A few other people when you come into town by emailing us k coom is Jim dot com already by that. Is it good night? Good evening. Watching goodbye instead.

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