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The. I welcome to around the world in eighties movies. My name is Vince Leo I am the author of the film. Review website. Quip Stir Dot net I, you to check out over four thousand of my written reviews read anytime quips. Dot Net is where to go Q. W. I s. t. e. r. dot net why they're doing. Courage you to check out my other podcast. PODCAST, it covers more recent movies. You can find the link to that at my website. It's called the quit stor Phil Review podcast. Good equipped, stir dot net and check it out. If you'd like this show, I hope you'll enjoy that show as well today. I'm going to be getting into the final part of this four part series looking at the jaws films two of. Of them from the nineteen seventy s two of them from the nineteen eighties, and this will be the second of the two from the eighties, jaws the revenge from nineteen eighty seven. It's a PG. Thirteen raided film, the first of the jaws films to be PG thirteen, even though they all should qualify, it just happens to be the only one of his made after PG. PG Thirteen was instituted. It does have violence, sexuality and language run. Time is one hour and thirty minutes making it the shortest of all of the jaws films. Lorraine Gary is the main star Lance Guest Mario Van peebles Michael Cain Karen Young Judith Barsky, and Lytton Whitfield are in the film. The director this time out is Joseph. Sargent and screenplay credited to Michael De Guzman. Now if you listen to my episode on Jaws Three, D, You know that that film began as a national, Lampoon project. They were trying to make that third jaws film. This tongue in cheek comedy named Jaws Three people zero well. The idea came around again here for a humorous effort for their fourth entry this time this would not be related to the National Lampoon effort or the prior jaws entries at all. It would have a killer shark as the antagonists, but it was meant to be a comedy universals motion picture chaired Frank Price. He developed this jaws comedy. It would be surrounding these. These surf punk culture in Malibu. Steve digiorno was drafting script for that, but in Nineteen eighty-six universal pictures experienced a very bad run of films without a single movie among the top money earners of the year, their highest grossing films for that year were out of Africa and Legal Eagles, but those were both so expensive to produce that they were not really profitable and other high budget comedies that they made that year Howard the Duck Brighton Beach Memoirs and Brazil they were major busts at the box office, so MCA, President Sid Sheinberg. He knew that universal needed a hit in a hurry. But. It wouldn't be by throwing away their most lucrative franchise by making a pricey comedy unrelated to the first. Film on top of this Sheinberg did not care for Jarnet script because it didn't have part for his wife Lorraine Gary who had not been working in many years after appearing in the first two jaws films after seeing Twentieth Century Fox score big with their scifi horror. Horror Blockbuster called aliens. Sheinberg felt that his wife's character Ellen Brody could be the next. Ellen Ripley pitting her against this table, killing machine of her own in the next jaws film if they did jaws right if they brought terror with the same kind of emotional underpinning for the heroin, this could be the cash bonanza that they needed, and it might make Lorraine Gary Assad. Assad after actress again. Something Sheinberg definitely wanted to do so universal. They rushed to put the film into production. They wanted it for a summer release. Just like the other jaws films they scheduled about nine months from the idea to its release, instead of the typical two years that are normally allotted to major film releases Sheinberg was personally taking hold of this new jobs film He. He cut through many of the hurdles that tended to slow down a movie schedule including putting together the shark builders and the visual effects crew before a script was even in development or director attached at a substantial pre-production cost. He read all the revisions and attended the planning meetings to make sure everything was on course to hit their deadline throughout the production when Sheinberg I. I told his wife Lorraine Gary about his plans. She thought her husband must be joking. Gary had not worked as an actress since Steven Spielberg's nine, hundred, forty, one back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety nine. In fact, she had stopped trying at all once. The phone no longer rang for parts for her play. You would think that with her husband running one of the largest. Largest movie studios in Hollywood that she would be able to easily score roles, but it turned out to be a handicap, because directors did not want to hire her on their films, either because they didn't like Sheinberg personally or because they thought that they would get into trouble very easily with her husband, if there was ever a disagreement between them and Gary on how she? She should portray her role during the phone call from Sheinberg in October of Nineteen eighty-six Jusuf Sergeant. He's known for drinking a lot of dramas. He also directed the taking of Pelham one-two-three among many other fine films. Sheinberg asked him basically if he was interested, but he questioned whether he was the guy for the job of a killer shark blockbuster. Sheinberg insisted that this new jaws. Jaws should have a more human element to it when audiences genuinely care about the characters, they find horror films. Much more terrifying sergeant had a reputation of putting characters above conceptual elements in finding the humanity in his stories, so in China's mine sergeant was the guy who could get this franchise back to what made the original so special and sweetening the deal Sheinberg offered something. That, he could not refuse total control as the producer produce his own film his way on top of being the director now sergeant just had to deliver a movie that didn't have a story, and he had to cast it within ten months half the time of a typical film, he immediately hired a TV writer named Michael De Guzman to script sergeant and deguzman got to work made a conscious decision to connect their story to. To the first film, only they ignored the other two sequels that came before it in their minds. This was to be the actual sequel to jaws given no guidance on what the studio wanted other than Ellen Brody was the protagonist. They plan to have Martin Brody die at the beginning a moving funeral after that, and then the rest of the story would focus on ellen brody getting revenge on the shark that killed her husband. After turning in their draft Sheinberg love angle in the execs, a universal felt that they really had something special. Going Sheinberg was so enamored of this story. He sent a copy to Steven Spielberg who replied that he had only gotten eighteen pages in, but he could read no more because it brought back too many memories. He wished Joseph Sargent well. He knew from experience at a jaws shoot was the. The most difficult of all shoots, despite vowing to never return universal hope that Roy Scheider would come back if his character died at the beginning of the film, but Scheider was really not interested. Universal asked him name his price Scheider said Okay in dollars for only ninety s working for so thought that was outrageous, but the could not go. She ate him down from that million, so they wrote out. As, having died of a heart attack, years before from living in continual fear of sharks, the death at the beginning of the film changed the focus to the younger brody son Sean. He's now the deputy for the amity, Police Shaun's funeral scene was the one that was meant for Martin it originally had a phone call condolences from Matt. Hooper, bringing back Richard Dreyfuss whether his voice, or whether on the screen and a visit from Larry Vaughn from jaws. However Dreifuss had absolutely no. No interest just like Scheider did in coming back for another jaws and Murray. Hamilton had died of lung cancer, so he was not going to be available. Ami Community bit-players from jaws like Mrs Kitchener and Mrs Taft. They would appear. Discipline had a somewhat larger problem, though in explaining why the Brody family we're going to be the targets of so many attacks from great white sharks. Sergeant thought that they could play with the mythos a little bit. Maybe even get a little mystical. Mystical that this new shark was angry for chief Brody, taking out two of their own and be carrying out a vendetta against the brody family, despite the scientists in jaws to telling paranoid Martin Brody that sharks don't take things. Personally the shark would be kind of metaphor here about the deadly nature of fear and obsession of keeping people from being able to move on with their lives, and how such things can consume us and our families into stagnation despite Michael de Guzman's attempt. Attempt to complete a script. In the five weeks allotted, it was still incomplete by the time date were scheduled to roll film and revisions would have to be handed down nearly every day that changed some pass it to accommodate shifts in the budget or the availability of the talent that they had on any given day given an initial fifteen million dollars budget sergeant used his carte blanche mandate to set most of his film in the Bahamas. He wanted to spend time in. In Paradise if he could use any place in the world. Hey, why not the Bahamas? The familiar stomping grounds of EDGERTON ON MARTHA'S VINEYARD? They were provide the setting for the opening scenes due to unforeseen delays throughout the shoot, the release date of July first of Nineteen eighty-seven. It had to move based start. Actually feel that the released would actually move well past. July might go into August but they managed to Russia's fast as they could pull together something that they could release. Release for July seventeenth for its release date, although this is the fourth in the series, it does not carry the title of Jaws Four, and that was because there was a deliberate attempt here to continue the series by ignoring jaws three d altogether, and that's why Shawn. Who is deathly afraid of the water. Josh Three. He gets eaten here, but for going in the water. He doesn't have his phobia. While his brother Mike, who we learned was a construction engineer in Jaws Jaws three now. He's actually a marine biologist. It also really doesn't hitch anything onto jaws, too, but it doesn't really contradict it too much altogether. It ops to make references only to the first film. The first proposed title was jaws, Nineteen eighty-seven later got shortened to jaws eighty-seven. It was scheduled to come out on the fourth of July weekend, and of course nineteen eighty-seven, eventually they changed the title to jaws the revenge, and that was in an attempt to continue the series with. With chapter names instead of numbers, so that going forward all of the jaws films would not necessarily be continuation of the previous film that we'd be much more episodic new characters new adventures, so to speak Michael Cain here he plays hoagie. The air taxi pilot. He takes the remaining brody family to Nassau where the waters are said to be too warm for the liking of great white sharks, the setting winter that makes it the coldest time of the year for the waters. And that's where Mike Brody works as a marine biologist, while in a new and beautiful place Ellen. Let our guard down, and she begins this flirtatious relationship with Hoagy soon. They have an unexpected visitor in the ocean, of course, as seems to only have a taste for the brody family. Michael Cain says he took up jaws the revenge because his films were too boring for his thirteen year old daughter. This would be the first movie that he made that. She and her friends would enjoy of course the one point five million dollars that he received to do the film. That's two and a half times Gary's paycheck. While enjoying this Bohemian vacation that might be much more of the real answer. The one downside for Michael Caine was that he missed being in Hollywood to accept his first ever Oscar. He got best supporting actor for Hannah and her sisters, because it was a lot of bad weather in the caused. Caused multiple delays, because of not only the weather malfunctioning mechanical sharks, because they were in danger of not making their goal of their July release, they had to finish their shoot in the tank for underwater sequences with water, died a special sheet of blue to match the Ocean Bahamian waters that was all done at universal studios, including a back lot recreation of the Nassau village for additional scenes, these delays also caused Michael Cain to be unavailable for his next scheduled moving. That was switching channels. His part would eventually get recast with Burt Reynolds because they could not wait any longer now. While promoting the film Michael Caine called. Called Jazz two and three so awful. He was rooting for the shark for those films, and he thought you know. This was a chance to redeem the franchise. He did not realize until later that most fans of the series considered jaws the revenge to be the worst of them all, and once he found out that jaws. The revenge was even more critically panned the other sequels, Cain glibly responded that though it may be terrible, and he never did watch it. The House that he built with the money he received is terrific. He also said that he would always have a fondness for his time making jaws the revenge. Revenge because of not only that house, but his Oscar win and a great vacation. Mario Van peebles initially turned down the role of Jake the assistant to Michael Brody. He had been turned off by jaws. Three D and he thought this was just going to be more of the same, but he did read the script. It caused him to change his mind because the character that they wanted him to play was entirely different than anything he had played before, and just as sergeant had carte blanche to make jaws the revenge, his way sergeant extend the same courtesy to van. Peebles van. People's created the Jamaican, accented Jake and. Including pretty much. All of his dialogue Henry Miller he took over for Joel elves in constructing these new sharks about seven different variations of the shark in total, including four that were about twenty three feet long, and that required the work of about eighty-five craftspeople and technicians to put together and manipulate and one of the sharks used in the underwater shots. It needed a self-propelled prop, and it was created by altering the five foot. Wail. That was created by industrial light and magic four star trek for the voyage home to promote the film as withdraws to Hank Searle's a novelization based on one of the early scripts, and once again when you look read some of these novelization based on early scripts, it usually will reveal several supplies that were written out of the final draft in that certainly the case for jaws the revenge. Revenge I think the biggest among all of the reveals. If you read the novelization of where they wanted to go with the movie that there was an actual reason beyond just simple revenge for the shark, targeting the brody's in the novelization based on that early script, the shark is actually under the control of this. Haitian witch doctor named Papa Jock Jock in the story becomes Michael Brodie sworn enemy. Enemy after he gets called out as a con artist by Mike Birdie for exploiting the Bahamians. He puts a curse on the brody family by controlling this shark to attack them whenever they go in the ocean and to show Mike. How legit his powers truly are in the end when the shark is killed, pock is with it as he and the shark were one of the same that definitely. Definitely would make sense for jaws. The revenge would be a revenge story pox. Story it instead of just some shark who we have to presume is somehow friends or cousins, or somehow related to the other sharks that we've seen in the prior movies. Now there were other subplots to that were cut out. Hogi had a money laundering and drug running back story that put his life in constant. Constant danger from vicious gangsters hoagie gets revealed as actually a good guy. He's an undercover agent. WHO's trying to take down the struck Lord? Who's responsible for his daughter's death and we also learned that the shark is indeed the offspring of the sharks from jaws and jaws to born as she was electrocuted during jaws to. If you can believe that, and so even with these plots, maybe it would. Would not have made such a great movie. After all now five days following the release of the film into theaters in July seventeenth of nineteen, eighty-seven universal decided to reshoot the ending in the tank at the universal back lot, because audiences hated Mario Van peebles character Jake, dying in the mouth of the shark so instead he is shown to miraculously survive that complete modeling in the mouth of. Of the shark and this new winning was specifically for foreign prints, it also made its way television showings as well as home video releases. They tend to think that this made for a better film experience for most people, the also added an introductory voiceover narration, and had the narrator talking about or circumstances that was driving the shark's behavior, and there are also two different endings that were done for. For the shark in the theatrical version, the shark is gored by the sailboats, Bowsprit and Bleeds Out, and then sinks to the bottom of the ocean, and this ending was done because Sid Sheinberg mandated that Joseph Sargent have the shark died in a manner that is completely different from the other films, and this was the best he could think of in home. Video releases though the shark inexplicably. Loads upon getting impaled, which ironically happens in the first film, so not exactly sure why the shark explodes or why the decided that would be more exciting, but apparently they thought the ending that was originally designed for the theatrical release was just kind of boring for some of the viewers and they needed an explosion. The final cost of jaws revenge was twenty three million dollars, so it went. Over its budget, not including advertising or promotional costs, either despite debut at number three in its first week of release, word of mouth was not kind to the film, and it fell out of the top ten by week three, and all told it grossed about twenty million dollars in the United States, not a very big amount, but it did score another thirty one million dollars worldwide, and that brought its grand total to fifty one million dollars, so guess it didn't really lose any money didn't really make that much money, either, but despite Sid Sheinberg trying to recharge, his wife's acting career jaws. The revenge did Mark Lorraine Carey's final acting credit. It really did backfire for that intent, and it would also mark. Mark the end of Joseph Sargent? As a director of big screen films as well as for Michael De. Guzman, as screenwriter of big screen films, and it also would mark the end of jaws, has a big screen franchise to now few, but those nostalgic for the nineteen eighties schlock champion it today holds a rare zero percent rating on rotten tomatoes, and it also received seven Razzie award nominations, those Golden Raspberries, worst picture, worst actress for Lorraine Gary worst supporting actor for Michael Caine was director for Joseph Sargent Screenplay Visual Effects, which it actually one and Bruce the shark for worst actor, and despite the drubbing by the Razzies Razzies Co. founder John Wilson. He put Josh revenge prominently in his book describing. Describing the hundred most enjoyable bad movies ever made so this might be a bad movie. It still liked by people who like bad movies. Joseph Sergeant would wonder years later. Though, how grown men with years of professional training could get involved with something so idiotic? Looking back in hindsight he thought all of these ideas that he had for the film were good, but now looks over it and realizes boy way in over their head, and they had no idea that they were making a real stinker. He rationalized years later that the issue was that there was such a push for a fresh approach with jaws, the revenge and such a need to finish the production at twice the speed that nobody really wanted. Wanted to put the brakes on by scrutinizing or trying to overthink the impossible now. Anybody who's ever heard of jaws, the revenge knows that it is considered one of the worst films of the nineteen hundred. Maybe one of the worst films ever made so reviewing it here as far as what I think about. It might seem unnecessary but I thought I'd take a different approach here. Because a negative review for jaws, revenge is a given so I will try to do something different here and come up with ten positive things to say about the sequel that ended the jaws franchise once and for all, and we'll see if I can scrape up that many so without further ado, here are the ten. Quote, unquote good things about jazz revenge number one ignores the equally awful jaws three I. Mean I cannot decide which of these films I like less dust three was probably not quite as mind-numbingly stupid in its plot, but it also has a really shoddy factor that jaws the revenge seems much more professional, even though it's just a dumber film, but because you know both. Both films don't necessarily agree with one another instead of having to see Josh three before you watch jaws the revenge. Now you have the option of ignoring at least one of these awful movies. If you want to get to two different endings for the series, it's kind of choose your own adventure, but the best available option is to ignore both films I suppose. To it does have the shortest running time. All of the jaws films now just who is not musty entertainment, but at two hours it's burden by stretching out its thin material to the breaking point Josh Three is about twenty minutes shorter than jaws to, but it contains about as much fillers jaws, who, but here jaws the revenge. It's the worst of the films in the minds of many, but the creators shows mercy here by not assaulting our intelligence for. For longer than the hat to ninety minutes is kind of the typical run time for a movie that gets down to try to get more screen showings number three. It is the funniest of jaws films, although the humor here is completely unintentional, I do think jaws the revenge. If you're having a few beers watching along with it or maybe not, it's still funny on its own. The laughter quotient rivals some of the best comedies ever made for its period. For you will learn things about sharks that a lifetime of study of sharks would never ever reveal. Did you know that sharks carry out personal vendettas against human families? Well, we'll see that here. Who did you also know that they can form psychic links with these humans and humans could form them right back. Did you know that they even though sharks typically don't go more than twenty five miles an hour, maybe thirty five. If they have a short burst that they could follow an airplane, traveling hundreds of miles at high speeds and find their destination well, you will see that. That here did you know that sharks like to growl tacking despite their lack of vocal cords, somehow the roar, while in the ocean, or at least coming out of the ocean through the top of the water. Did you know that sharks could glide for hundreds of feet with most of their bodies above the water, and all of this and more is learned throughout the course of this highly educational film I mean the camera never lies. Certainly, this kind of footage should definitely at least 'cause many people who are shark experts to have mouths agape for one reason or another. Reason five jaws is good. It shows that the suspense of the jaws films was not all about the John Williams score, despite utilizing the same score is Steven Spielberg's original jaws. This one cannot even muster one hundred of the amount of tension or intrigue or fright. As the original ause, the soundtrack does however feature a few late nineteen eighties pop tunes that rank very high on the scare factor. If you don't think that the jets you've got it all. Is Nausea inducing and by the way I happen to have owned. During, the late one, thousand, nine hundred, a couple of jets albums actually thought that they were quite good at the time, but you got it. All is not one of the ones I. liked we t you see the slow sensual, close dancing of Michael Cain and Lauren Gerry that accompanies that song. That's a lot to take in number six. It will remind you of how great the first jaws is. Ensure we all know how entertaining Spielberg's original is, but the constant flashbacks and the allusion to the first film can only make everyone viewing this travesty think that jaws was the greatest film ever made just by the sheer comparison, interestingly, some of the flashbacks characters that were not even there to witness them. You'll have the urge during this film to stop jaws the revenge all together in order to re watch jaws. Stop halfway outright just in the pain. Number seven it eventually ends now. Very few viewers probably stuck around to see the final credit, but painful as they are to get to I have and yes, if you're wondering, there are people who want to take the credit for making this film. Number well I. Think I've kind of ended my list here. Okay? This was only seven out of ten, but anybody who knows and who has seen this fiasco has to realize that coming up with ten positive things to say even if they're not really positive, I suppose is about downright impossible, and so you can watch this tripe only if you mean to laugh at how astonishingly bad it all is, you'll love the psychic connections. The Spiritual Mumble Jumble Mario Van peebles terrible, full roster, accent, man, and Michael Caine really cashing his check here and about the fakest shark. Put to celluloid. I mean this one is so bad. It's kind of like a car wreck. You can't avert your eyes from it. No matter how horrific it is to take in, and just as jaws made people everywhere afraid to go back into the water jaws, the revenge proved to be such a stinker of such magnitude. They were actually afraid to return to the theater for another jaws excursion, and that's why we do not have a jaws, five or even a jaws remake. kind of got remade by a hundred different jaws, ripoffs, and that's why I cannot give jaws the revenge more than one star, one star out of four, you know this movie has a lot of talent on board, but the rush production, and the really insanely idiotic idea of a shark, trying to get revenge on a family and traveling all over the world to get to this family who don't have the common sense to just move their house to someplace. That's not right on the shore. Well, it's kind of insulting to the intelligence I guess the more you think about it, so one star is the best I can give to anybody who's wanting to take in jaws four for any other reason. To laugh at it I cannot in good contents recommended. Anybody who I don't know is going to watch it for that purpose. So one star out of four four jaws the revenge well, we won't end the kind of the underwater menace. Here because next week we're going to start off a brand new trilogy and the first film I'm going to be talking about well. We're going to go back to the nineteen seventies yet again as we did with the King Kong films and the films for the first of a three part series, the first film I'm going to be talking about is called Piranha directed by Joe Dante a Roger Corman production. You Know Steven? Spielberg called it the best of the jaws reports and you will find out. Out The reasons why when I cover nineteen seventy seventy-eight Piranha definitely much more of an intentionally funny film and much more successful than a lot of these jaws, sequels tended to be so check out piranha from nineteen seventy eight four next week's episode. Thank you so much for listening I. Hope that you enjoy this retrospective. Look at the Josh Films I know that there's a huge dropoff between the first one and the sequels. Really even though I do think jaws who is respectable enough to sit through. You have your own thoughts on jaws the revenge. If you think that deserves more the star, certainly you can write to me with the reasons why my contact information is at my website. That's I quit stor dot net WIP, s. t. e., R., dot net leads to my twitter feed facebook page instagram, all of that any way that you wanna get in touch with me is perfectly by me and until next time. Thank you so much for joining me on this trip around the world with a shark Intel waiting to get its teeth in our butts. Somehow it will follow US everywhere around the world needs Bubis.

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