Steelers Burning Question: Which Steelers players needs to step up for a victory vs. the Patriots?


Want to know more about what your favorite ninjas have on their minds. Check out the american ninja warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for any ninja warrior fan pittsburgh steeler fans welcome to another episode of the steelers burning question. Shouldn't this is not jeff hartmann. This is dave scofield. I'm filling in for jeff. Burning question jeff spent a lot of podcast this week. You had to loan on wednesday atlanta. Williams also went live earlier today with a with a special. The standard is the standard went with some the news was going on and what are you know. There was more news after the fact but here we are. This is the burning question. You're going to get a different host. This show <hes> from week to week. We're going to order switch it up. Sometimes it'll be me. Sometimes we jeff. Sometimes we'll be lance. Sometimes it'll be mr brian anthony davis we're. We're going to be switching it up some just to see kind of how things go and who knows maybe every once in a while. It'll be more than one of us so here. We are and there's a lot a lot of stuff going on in the live chat already. This show is talking about the steelers matchup tomorrow because we're recording it on saturday against the new england patriots as much as i don't wanna talk about it. I'm going to have to mention the news from earlier. I'm going to actually use the players real name mm-hmm but mr antonio brown was released from the oakland raiders earlier today. Jeff and lance went on and did a podcast specifically to talk about that and of course as soon as the news broke. When i was outside mowing my grass i'm writing on the tractor and i get a bunch of texts from jefferson lance and lancet santa told your show i told you so that we now know that <hes> the reason this can be brought up in the news. Now is because this is a player that is now on the team that steelers face this sunday now the whole reason. I'm bringing it up. Is that no. He cannot play play in the game tomorrow night. No he cannot be on the sideline for the game tomorrow night. He was not free to sign in anywhere until after four pm today and the and the transaction cannot happen until monday so it cannot be go through the office because four. PM today was the deadline in order for teams to have their rosters ready for the for sunday so which is really interesting that this was all set up so much easily before that time when although his agent was allowed not to speak to teams once she was released he was not allowed to do anything until that time but my father called me and said well no one must be interested in him because his agents here on TV doing interviews and whatnot if people really interested in them. You'd be working a deal and i said to my father. You know what i think. They already have the deal in place. I think they had to deal in place for a while. They might have already had this deal in place way back in march for all we know that if he could get released where he was going to go and as of today he is released and that is exactly where he went. I have not figured out yet how they are declaring the cap space for the new england patriots to add antonio brown to the roster. I think it's pretty sad that there is someone right now on that roster for this game this weekend that will not be there monday because of him most likely that player is probably not even gonna be active for the game day but maybe they will be. It's hard to say you never know so. All this is coming out but it doesn't affect us game on sunday tomorrow. The the biggest thing with me is seriously feeling pretty good about how the <hes> mister third fifth and fallen off the deep end in oakland and things weren't working out the fact that they got any draft picks out of the deal looked pretty good but guess what the for that. We don't care about that anymore anymore. Because what happened has happened and it's just continually makes fan sick. I think fans from around the league league are kind of sick that a player can behave in such a way and then get rewarded. Some people think he's orchestrated this from the very beginning. I tended to lean that way but i'm not sure that he's really has the intelligence to pull it off but maybe he does. It seemed like he knew what he was doing before this and this all seemed so uncharacteristic but let's not dive into that because that's not why we're here tonight. I'm kinda done talking about it. <hes> y'all wanna keep talking about it alive chad. That's a okay. I know there's a lot of action going on and i'll be honest with you. I haven't really had a chance to really look at it so if you had a question to go with everything tonight i have not seen it yet. I probably won't see it and i'll probably bobby. Wait until a time for one we ask but let's get to the steelers burning question. Let's talk about this game before we hit the actual burden question. I really wanna talk about one other thing that really affects steelers and that was a lot of steeler fans are pretty upset with the roster move that was made today by the steelers where they promoted johnny holden wide receiver from the practice squad to the fifty three man roster and doing so they've released outside. Linebacker virtues are skipper. There's a lot of people that do not like the fact that the steelers released skipper i for one thing. This is a calculated move. It was a calculated move. It was part of the deal of why johnny houghton was brought back a couple of days later. I think it was a plan all along to get him onto into the fifty three man roster and the steelers knew that they were going to do that that because he was the last guy signed to the practice squad. They went with just ten when they had space for eleven eleven to start because they hadn't worked out all the details so i think this was going to happen. The steelers were only carrying wide receivers. They usually carry six many many thought maybe there is an IRA move coming. That didn't happen or things like that. Here's the other thing that people might not think about when it comes to choose our skipper. If the steelers released him last saturday he gets claimed off waivers most likely he had more saxon anyone in preseason there was a very high likelihood that he would get claimed off waivers being saturday the day before a game in order for someone to claim him off waivers now they would then have to release someone for their game and with everything going on with game planning the focus on the game at hand. Do teams really want to go through that. So could they yes. It's still a possibility that he can be claimed off waivers but it's a lot more likely that he'll pass waivers favors now than it would have been if he was released last weekend. I know many people would have rather than released somebody else. Let's say like tyler medicaid which which was one that was popular floating around out there. The steelers aren't gonna weren't going to release one that was going to be active for the game and i done my predictions of who was going to be inactive if i had to go in and change it because i had skipper on the list that he was going to be active. I think what what the interesting changes there. Now is the steelers go to address six wide receivers and all likelihood. There probably not so out of their six wide receivers who isn't going to get a helmet tomorrow now. Some people would say well. It'll be johnny holden. If that's the case. Why did they bring him up onto the roster after other than there's only two reasons it would have brought him up onto the roster at four. PM on saturday if they weren't going to have him active it was either that was the deal worked out with him that he was going to be on the practice squad but he would be on the fifty three man roster by week one to get his higher paycheck or be another team was looking to sign. Him wouldn't be surprised if it was a team. I don't know maybe on the west coast that just released a wide receiver today maybe they i needed someone and wanted to bring him back home because that's where he played last three seasons before this point so there's a lot going on here that the steelers were trying to workout. I'm going to trust them that they were trying to do the best thing that they could do one for the players to their team probably switch the order that was best s. thirteen to what's best for the individual players and three. What's going to allow them to keep the the most talent around so that's kind of how it goes. That was the movie that was made so. Let's dive into the question so here's tonight's burning question which steelers player needs to have. I don't know exactly right alcee these to have the best game or is going to needs to play while to have the most impact against the patriots on sunday now. There's a lot of routes you could take with this one who needs to have the best game the number one obvious answer is ben rothlisberger. That's always going to be the answer whether it be ben rothlisberger. Whether it be mason rudolph wetherby whoever would be the quarterback of the steelers in in order for the steelers to win the game. It kind of the most important position is going to be for the quarterback to play well. It's really difficult for teams to win in spite of their quarterback play. It's not out of the question we saw it. We saw a super bowl win from that purple team in the division in the year two thousand from basically a quarterback tactic could barely get by but the defense one want one in their games so it's possible but in this current setup we all know that it's been rothlisburger berger who needs to have the best game in order for the steelers to win because you can have the best defense in the world but if you don't score any points you're going to end up in a zero zero tie unless the defense puts one on the board or make a turnover in and feel rage so let's leave the obvious ben rothlisberger answer out a no oh already. I've got some people in the live chat <hes> shooting shooting some people some suggestions out there and i'm going to list some of them because i believe they're right. Some of them are actually in agreement to my answer to a similar question. We have on the steelers preview but believe it or not. I might change my answer a little bit. You can look to the offense. You could say that juju needs to come through. You could say that someone like james. Washington needs to step up and so that way <hes> juju isn't drawn as much attention mentioned you could look for events mcdonald as another receiver to step up. You could say the offensive line as a whole needs to play well in order to protect mcbarron and for james connor be able to run the ball. All those are great answers. There's so many great answers on offense that i think i'm gonna stick defects and i've said it a lot of times i said it on steeler stat geico set it on sealers preview the biggest thing that the steelers need to do to disrupt the patriots offense is is to get it. Tom brady and tom brady does much better stepping away from ed rushers coming got him from the side then he does middle rushers coming right in his face. If you've noticed he he can step back step up slide forward gordon back much easier to try to elude those address edge pass rushers coming in from the side then what he does if there is someone coming right up in his face that he can. He can move much better for tobacco than he does laterally side to side. That's just my thought with all of this. So at first i wanted to say j von hargrave but the biggest thing with hargrave is how much is he going to be on the field. If the steelers are running running are running much based defense. How are they going to get him in that rotation and defensive tackle so then i'd say cam hayward well guess what the patriots know how good came hayward as they do same reason that the real answer isn't TJ what bill belichick gushed over TJ rot already in interviews interviews. They know how good he is. They have a game plan for him and my opinion who needs to step up the most is a player that they're not expecting. That's exactly what happened. Last year. Heinz field when i was in attendance when the steelers defeated the new england patriots seventeen to ten the last time new england has not not or did victorious that whatever game for the rest of the season after that and now here we are in week one. I was there and i don't think they really took into account or knew how to handle jalen samuels. He went for one hundred. I think it was one hundred seventy two yards in total between rushing and passing. You had a great game. They didn't know what to do. <hes> didn't have a specific not that they didn't know didn't have a specific plan for him in mind. It seem seem to be so. I think some people are already in there because here's ron kellerman. He's got it. He's about to say to it. Exactly i'm going going to say steph onto it is might be the most important person for the steelers to step up in order for them to win because this is like i said this is all my opinion. We're gonna look at some opinions here for you. Guys a little bit but i think that the most important thing is that inside pass rush. Do they know what they're getting from came hayward. He's pro bowler all pro player therefore who's going to benefit the most is the other guy i think steph onto it if he can if he can be the one that comes through it makes the place and we've all seen it. We've all seen it in flashes. Che's especially when he's healthy and right now i there hasn't been anything with steph onto. Its health all preseason so if he's coming in unhealthy we saw him beat cam hayward and bud depre- to the safety against marcus mariota. I say he beat them. Because mario was getting he's getting sacked for that safety. No matter what the only the only thing that matters which steeler was going to get to him first to get credit and to it got there just before hayward and debris so he he he he got credit for that so i think he's going to be the forgotten guy. J von hargrave had six and a half sacks last year. I think it was six and a half correct me. If i'm wrong that it was he had all those sax last year so they're gonna pay attention to him. There's no one that they can't pay attention to across the front but but what do pres looking great so i'm saying i think the person that's flying the most under the radar on that defensive front steph onto it so if he's steps up to have a big game name that's gonna that's gonna bring a lot of trouble to new england patriots now that ready to turn over some stuff into the live chat but there's a few things i want. I want to answer answer one more thing about this question and that is this because i asked this question of jeff hartmann earlier today. I'm like if the game is tied or one or two point game or even a three point game at the end and chris boswell has to come out onto the field for the tire the win how confident are steeler steeler nation in chris boswell coming out to make this kick. I have a lot more confidence now that last year but i had a lot of confidence going into last year so that's another question to say he's the one who needs to step up the biggest reason i'm not saying chris. Chris boswell was the biggest person who needs to step up sunday night against the patriots is that he he has has to be dependent on the rest of the team for him to get the opportunity. When he made the pro bowl back in two thousand seventeen he got all those game winning kicks six because the steelers put him in an opportunity to make those game winning kicks or he could even attempt them so his it all comes down to who is he going to get the attempts so that's why he's kind of a step back from the being the most important to to step up against the patriots but one given the opportunity if given the opportunity chris boswell is a very big factor in that so all right. I've got a couple of housekeeping things that i i would like to do here but before i jump into the live chat. I'm probably not going to go back and look at past things because there's a lot of past things i wanted to give given exact number two. How many spots are available in the in the contest and the behind the curtain <hes> survivor pool for the side david decastro football. We are up to six leagues. Obviously we are not gonna start another one because the deadline is tomorrow at one. PM and right now 'cause i know i had to send up the information to some people today that asked me <hes> there was someone in the live chat the last time that asked me i attempted to send the link out in the live chats on thursday night but it will not show up youtube will not take the website will not allow that website to come up if if you are not in the survivor pool and you need the link you cannot find it on behind the curtain dot com. I'm going to be typing my email address into the live chat here in a few minutes because that's one thing you can do. You can email me. I will send you the link. There are twelve spots remaining meaning. We are twelve spots up to where we'll have six legs full and now i know that looks like it's six hundred people but because i'm all six because i set them up that would be five hundred at ninety five people all right. That's a good idea. Peter says that i can put it in the description below. I might put it on youtube later. I don't know how to do that now that i'm started because we're actually not going through youtube. We have to use an outside service in order you too and it says it right there on the screen. I'm pretty sure on youtube up in the corner that we go through stream yard. That's the only way that we can now run a show that has multiple hosts and you're like it's just you. Why don't you do it through youtube because i like to be able to bring up wonderful wonderful comments like here of scott got decree that says. AB is a clown okay here. We go getting then with bo helped me out there. It is s. t. l. ourse superfan in dad at getting met with bill. Has it in there. I'll try to bring it up here with the actual steelers. BTC SEO's radio account but that's actually email you email me there. I can get you the link to get you into the contest as long as there's still spots remaining and like i said there's twelve left. I want that email up for another reason. I've i've got something that i that. I'm opening up to you all because i need to just open it out to the people that i know better. I'm actually trying to do is to help my brother. He has two tickets to the steelers home opener against seattle september fifteenth one PM game. They are in the upper deck in the end zone section five twenty five rosie. I even have a picture of you from the seats that pretty much you and actually they're the exact seats because between my brother when someone else in people that have season tickets. 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SP nation here's what you do download the draftkings zap use that code espy nation draft six players from the opening thursday night showdown between chicago and green bay and then draft laugh kings single game showdown contests with two and a half million dollars total prizes already a draftkings user. You can get in on the action to for a limited limited time. Both new and existing users can get a deposit bonus up to five hundred dollars. Don't forget to download the draftkings app and use code. SP nation for your your free shot at one million dollars. Only at draftkings make it rain minimum five dollars deposit required deposit bonus requires a twenty five times playthrough eligibility restrictions apply blassie draftkings dot com for details arden. Am i still there. I'm hopefully i'm back on the live chat. I disappeared there for a minute. I don't know if y'all could hear me or not. I've actually hardwired in <hes> but if someone would like to see those seats are actually for the for two seats. It's three hundred hundred dollars so that's one hundred fifty dollars a seat for the home opener that is fake. I already see that. I got some people e mailing me asking for the link for the survivor pool. When we are done this broadcast i will get those out. I'm really sorry if if if this is going on again i have a full internet connection connection right now so i'm pretty sure that the biggest issue that we're having is actually through the service that we're running through so in case you didn't in here if anyone is in. Please email me if you're interested to the steelers home opener. That's that's a big deal home opener a lot of good stuff going on there. You're not cheaper than that out there. They're great seats if you've never been to heinz field this is your opportunity so someone said mommy guess. I got my internet from new england. No i don't i. I honestly what i think is happening is that they don't like the things that were saying about the game coming up this week and so therefore they're they're trying to take away <hes> very trying trying to sabotage that much much like they would with the headsets on the sideline so i will. We'll say i didn't even really want to say this at all but since vodka drinker brought it up they've congratulate you on the honest attempt that field goal yes. I knew i was going to go out there and get embarrassed the most embarrassing thing about the field goal if you did not watch it on friday was that i missed all my attempts to the right. I'm i'm not used to missing any attempts like that. I know exactly why did i knew i couldn't kick it. The forty five yards plus. I needed to go across a go through the uprights. It's and i and my attempt to over kick. I i just did not get very good attempts. I will be honest with you it did it wasn't over when the camera went off actually we we lost our feet out there and it was not over at that point but i'm not going to say because i don't wanna make it seem like i'm i'm the one who's making claims because i did not do it on camera but you can ask brian anthony davis and jeff hartmann on thursday on the preview. How things finished up after the camera went off so let's get come on. Let's get in here to the live chat so here we go. Here's lance of course coming into say i already mentioned generally the show lance. If you weren't here at the beginning i gave you credit that lance like he got it right. He knew what was going on what i had to call my father back because that's exactly what i told him was going to happen which is kind of sad because my father is from the boston area so all his family's up there so guess. Which team may they report but but there we go. We got lots of burning question. What i want to have right now is if you all have any questions going into the game sunday. I'm not really wanna talk about the mood. The roster moves that new england made. I'm okay talking about the steelers made or any questions going into the game. Throw throw that out there right now and i will put that on here. People know at what point they can start asking because from this point on i will be looking. I will say that thomas thomas white did say those pants on bad or worse than the kicks. Those were actually talking about. Those were actually game warren pants by. BJ finney that brian had bought and he says i'm gonna put him on to go out there. Jeff was supposed to be wearing his steelers zuma's <hes> but he did not do that so here we got. We got some questions coming here. We go ryan. Kellerman says this holton catch a pass. I'm gonna say this. I'm going to say no. I'm gonna say he he gets a helmet is the fifth wide receiver. He gets on the field for maybe five or six plays. He might not even be targeted his he's going to be getting getting his action on special teams not as a returner but as a gunner and other other things on kickoff punt and all those other teams that that's what he's going to be doing so it would be great if you did catch a pass but i'm gonna say if i had a habit answer i would say no came so let's see what else we got here. I got lance chiming in here. <hes> got a lot of people. The biggest thing that people want to talk about is the whole <hes> antonio brown situation. Yeah snowman said i did have one that went wide left. That's when i tried to put my deflated football back on the t- just to see if it made any difference and i didn't even realize step that off right. I rushed it so that was an unofficial attempt. So if you have any more questions questions coming in here okay here we go. They asked why did two's skipper. Get cut bottom line. This is from jake. How bottom line is the the steelers caring too many linebackers. They were. They were carrying. I'm pretty sure to more than what they did last year. Last year i think they went for the for most of the season with breath with three outside linebackers and five inside linebackers now they did add a fourth ola came off the injured injured reserve last year the designated to return so they usually carry they carried eight or nine last year and they were up to ten so i'm pretty much they've they've almost always carried ticks wide receivers. They were a little bit off balance with that. I still think they did not want to lose to czar skipper but they also knew he was not ready to actually contribute to the team right now so therefore they put someone who could contribute to the team right now on the practice squad that they said we're going to bring you up and that's what happened happened and by doing this move now rather than last saturday like i said before he has a lot more likely to clear waivers so here's another one we have from dallas. It is barren gonna be rusher or coverage. He's going to be coverage in my opinion. I mean he was. He came into league as a safety so it makes sense that that's what he's in. If you've you've watched him in the preseason he covered a wheel route by the by the running back against kansas city down the sidelines to perfection that is what mark mark mariners here for. He has here for the steelers to for a pass coverage linebacker. Devin bush in my opinion is here as both that he's the guy that they're hoping can stuff the run and protect the pass much like ryan shazier vince williams. It's a run stuffer. He's he's a guy. That's a liability in pass coverage. You watch the game on sunday. Watch the game on sunday. Why am i doing your steeler fans. You're gonna watch the game on sunday but during the game on sunday if you pay attention the biggest chessmaster match is going to be the patriots offense trying to us personnel to keep vince williams on the field in order to pass the ball and exploit to match up who he would be covering in pass coverage though used use their personnel to try to keep vince williams on the field because the way the defense works works as they match personnel for personnel then they're going to use that personnel in order to you. Try to pass the ball and get a match up there. That's what i that's my prediction of what they're going to try to do so. Many many people are asking about about that with with a y. Two star skipper was was released so that's that's going on. We are getting some and here we go snowman who doesn't get a helmet. I actually just had to change my thing. This is something i did last year. Most of the time it will come out on saturday but because the steelers play on sunday and there was so much news today that article is going to run tomorrow morning as to my projected inactive list. I think therefore four that are that are pretty much locked. Yeah it was for sean. Davis is doubtful steelers all last year. Nobody was doubtful got helmet. I believe of course josh dobbs is not going to get a helmet because i don't think they changed their depth chart a quarterback and they are only addressed address to i have justin lane not getting a helmet because there have they have six corners and therefore he's he's the guy out of all of them that isn't as his NFL ready and i had a fourth one oh and isaiah bugs because even because they don't more than five defensive linemen and he's the bottom man man on totem pole until at some points he some point he would move ahead of of daniel mccullers that he's not going to be the case yet the last three of the ones that are up in the air check back into buying the steel curtain <hes> tomorrow morning for that article or the project inactive to see who you think are to see what what put out there trying to remember because i had to change job but there's a lot of different possibilities there so that was a great question. There's no man i forgot to tell people feel free to. I haven't seen any yet. I hope i didn't miss any earlier. If if you want your questions answered feel free to use the super chat feature where you can <hes> type in your question then hit the little dollar sign donate any amount of money. You went to the show you you do not need to do this but if you do i will make sure instantly. That's why i have my phone. Sitting here could get color coded on my phone but not here. I will see that question. I will bring up that the question and then i'll get back to the other one. So if you wanna use it that's great. Don't feel like you have to use your hard earned money for that i would. I'm okay with that. I'm not out here. Begging game for begging for money came here. Peter kay hill good question. I'm gonna try to get these fast. Get more of them. In just devon bush lead the team in tackles who ooh that's a good question. I'm going to say i'm gonna say no one will say no. I think he's going to have a lot of tackles but i think the patriots they're gonna pass the baltimore which could be with devon bush. I'm gonna guess i'm gonna guess. Terrell edmonds has the most tackles. I think he's going to be up in there to help. Stop the run and he'll be back in coverage to get tackles. Where what that well. Here's another one from dallas. Quanli will be a low scoring game. I took the under. I took the under the under keeps falling down to forty nine points points that i checked it. I have at the combined score is going to be under forty nine points. It was seventeen to ten last year in pittsburgh. I feel the both pittsburgh's pittsburgh's defense and new england's defense are better than they were at that point last year so therefore i think the indications go to a low scoring game and watch me have to come back back to do a podcast next week to answer why the world was the game forty five to forty three you never know but in my opinion i think it's going to be hello scoring game and with watching that game on thursday night if you could call it that where it was the final score was three it might be an indication of some of the stuff we have for the first week jeff hartmann article which which is on the website right now where we predicted every game against the spread and the over under we took an awful lot of k. Kevin wants to know how. I'm feeling about wide receivers. I'm feeling more about who's not getting a helmet. There is one possibility that i did talk about my article comes out. Tomorrow is what if what if the steelers choose to go with one extra wide receiver and one less tight end did did not dress not dress zach gentry that is something that could be a possibility because i think if johnny johnson is the guy right now. That's kind of in line did not get a helmets. If you want to compare johnson to gentry straight up i'm taking johnson all day and twice on sundays and since their games on sunday we'll take him twice. I'm i'm sorry i was bad joke but the question is position and that is they want to have an extra wide receiver and be tight end. I dunno okay. They asked <hes> we'll update. John return any kicks. I'm going to say no that was from aaron. Something i'm gonna say no because i believe that that he may not even be active for game day. Here we go cre- long <hes> big regular in the live chat how many interceptions it's actually get jeff. Brown told me i was crazy when i said that i i wanted to get six sacks the reason i want so many saxes. I think that new england's offensive line is not ready for the game not because they're not professionals but because they're kind of patch working things together especially at center right now. There's a lot of things that could be exploited there so i think the steelers could get that rush up the middle and get lots of saxe. I'd be happy with one interception. That would be really nice but everything everything above that would be a bonus so i'm gonna try to here. I'm going to try to get caught up here. <hes> thomas wants to know how many steps boswell take on kicks. I would say he he takes traditional three step drop so that's what we're doing i i. I'm afraid i could be lagging here some. I'm really sorry if that's going on because when i'm clicking on stuff here it's taking some time. I apologize so that's that's. That's the the best thing that i have to apologize for that. If it is breaking up again okay. I'm kind of skipping some of these questions. I do have a super chat question. That just came up here now. I gotta try to find it. Point was behind okay here. We go from from jake how he says. What's your take on ben's preparedness. This year versus the pats in comparison to last year well. There's two different ways. I could take that is a comparison to last year against the browns in week one one or last year against the pets because obviously he was more prepared last year for the patriots because it was in week fifteen so i'm assuming that you mean for week one. I'm going to say i. I have a lot more faith in that in ben's preparedness even just as the team because because i know the professionals but they haven't had a really big test i mean their biggest test was when they had to go into washington on monday night and they went in there trounce them pretty good but they've been playing cleveland the last few years where cleveland has not been very good right off off the bat so that could have been part of it. I think you when i liked the fact that their hardest game on paper before the season starts is their very first one 'cause. You've got to step up. You've got to go after it. You've got to see if you can get right off the bat so jake thanks for throwing five dollars and the tip jar. I appreciate that i'm going to go back a a little bit but i'm sure i'll probably skip over some stuff lots of people i liked how the people answering the questions in the live chat. Let's see okay. I'm kind of skipping and trying to keep stuff. That's pertaining to the game this week so here's one from jacob murphy. Do you think we can use holden as a gadget player like we did with spencer because of speed. I don't know if that's really his forte korte. I really don't know i think i think holden is more of a grinder that he's the guy that they have in there to take to go out and do the special teams stuff to do do the things that they might otherwise do so that's that's my opinion so using him as a gadget play and i know a lot of people like oh but they just signed him. He was on the practice squad all week practicing. They knew what they were doing. I have a feeling they knew on monday what they were doing with him so so he was part of the game plan. All along dallas has another question of has the best chance for an interception on thursday. My pick for the first interception for the year. I said was steven nelson awesome. I'm pretty sure i'm pretty sure i know jeff hartmann when joe haden and i think i'm pretty sure bryant davis davis what devin bush but i'm not sure <hes> here. This is a great question from mike. How many quarterback hits the defense get and the answer. Is it better be a lot. If you wanna win. You gotta hit brady. If he gets the ball away he gets the ball away. It'd be great to get the sax. That's why i wanted six six of them but i'll i will sacrifice sacks. I would sacrifice three sacks for an additional six hits. If you know what i mean if you could tell me we can get twice as many. It's if i give up not having many sacks. I'll take it because i think when you hit brady it's really going to get to <hes> <hes> so who started at safety against the patriots last last season so it was it was edmondson davis. They both played in that game because davis did he. I don't know if he exited game at all because i was at the game so it was a lot harder but he did not play. The following week was only game that he missed all season for sean davis so asking about the confidence in kelly or hilton i feel much better with sean davis just because the experience factor but i do believe especially with cam. Kelly kelly feels really like him but it's also going to be <hes>. It's going to have a lot to do with how he shows up in a game against the other teams once all game so the biggest thing is. I think this might be what they're going with. Watts kelly is a guy that's been in there. You gotta know what you're doing. You can't second guess. You can't have your paralysis by alice's. You've gotta know the calls. You can't blow the coverage. You're the last line of defense. You can't blow it back there. I'd rather have someone back there. That's not quite as good not quite as athletic but knows what they're doing one hundred percent of the time then someone that's back there. That's just all world athlete but they're going to give you four or five mental lapses in a game because at free safety a mental lapse very often leaves touchdown came so i'm trying to catch up here. I will grab a few more if we can. <hes> this is a good one from thomas white. What sheriff snaps do you expect between conroy. Samuel's i'm gonna go probably if jalen okay snaps snaps i was thinking carries it. I <hes> snaps interesting. I'm going to go that. It's at least i'm gonna say probably around seventy thirty when it comes to snaps. I think you're going to see i. I think you're gonna see samuels out there in some very situations especially if they could use them effectively as a pass catcher out of the backfield would not be shocked to see them both on the field the same same time so technically. It shouldn't be seventy thirty. It should be something that equals more than one hundred percent because if they're both out there at the same time that would be interesting. I'm just checking to see if there's any more <hes> someone did ask if abe could be on the sidelines and the answer is he cannot he cannot be with the team until he's officially a member of the team at the earliest on monday so still some people asked about that. Hey hey i'm spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nanny. I'm jason kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football podcast it says in the script dip into riff on what that means and basically what i mean is this all already spoiled every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters pro wrestling too unfashionable pants worn middle elsewhere. We also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want take college football exactly seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app. Okay someone says goes from joel. Can you explain to me. I'll steelers were able to be so successful on the versus. The pats is last year. It's funny because i didn't so much the breakdown because i was at that game and to me they they. They got tom. Brady they made they made him uncomfortable in my opinion and they stayed true to their i mean they. They knew their roles they they they didn't they didn't have a mental lapses on defense so that's been known for early on in the season on defense defenses those mental lapses so that's kind of that's one thing about playing the patriots the first week the number of tackles from devon bush to end up with <hes>. Let's see let's go with. I'm gonna go with seven. I'd say he's going to be. I'll go him seven and edmunds eight. That might be kind of small but i think they're going to. It's going to be spread out a a lot of different people so i know there's an awful lot of questions coming through. I don't know who's going to sing the national anthem. I'm sorry sorry so. This has been really great. You guys have been all over this. You've talked. You've been able to have a chance to venture frustrations about the situations that happened today. It was a big emotional roller coasters steeler fan feeling that yes we did the right thing and in and trading a player away and then it's just kind of sad to see someone act like such a spoiled brat and get what they want as a parent i know when my when my child act spoiled to just give him what he wants and get his way okay then he's never going to learn and i'm fortunately i think that's what was what happened here today. I want to throw something else out there for those of you disappoint that no one asked the last time i did the podcast podcast in this room. I was given a hard time for the sheet in the background that was covering the bookcase because i didn't want people distracted by the books probably about the only thing you can read up there at the tim tebow book that i have have up there but i took it down that way. It wasn't someone but people asking some questions so i've got a few people will get the emails to you as soon as we're done here with the the link to get into the survivor pool like i said there's only about twelve. There was only twelve spots last. NFL lincoln there jumped in. I'm hoping that everyone had emailed me still gets. It's a chance also if you're interested in tickets to the steelers opener. Please email me. I would love nothing else. Since then someone that i know is the steelers fan coming from the site to be there for the home opener and all the festivities that would be fantastic so lots of funding lots of fun <hes> we will come. I one thing i'm gonna throw it on. A finish on. This question wasn't wasn't the last question that was brought up there but this is from thanks mean joe dave dave final score. Prediction is my score that i gave on the preview on thursday was for the steelers to win twenty six to seventeen and i was flipping our of the flip flop lower the place not knowing which one i was gonna pick. I kind of waited to see which way brian was going to go. I didn't want to be the only guy to on the show to pick the patriots but as soon as you pick the patriots i felt like i could put the steelers because this is a big game. There's a real big game. We'll see what happens. That's my score your prediction. This is me as a homer. I know remember. I'm a fan before anything else so lance product to act full akaphol search strategy that say that right aca full that is what got mr third and fifth for him to get his way so thank you all for tuning again this week for the steelers burning question. We'll be back next saturday. It probably won't be me because we're going to rotate. This could be lance. Williams could be brian. Anthony davis excuse me jeff hartmann. You just never know you're going to have to tune in to see on fortunately tonight was an you're stuck with me so that's kind of how it was. Thank you for tuning in. Make sure sure you're checking in next week. We've got podcasts podcast podcast. They are coming at you every day. Will you have the steelers preview tomorrow night not preview post game. We don't want a preview game. Review it. After the game post game coming to your late on the east coast which should be jeff harmon lance williams of jeff hartmann could make it that late if not and he has to tap me in and that's going to be how it is all right. I love seeing the score prediction coming up there. Keep them rolling while we're closing up guys. Let everyone see what you think so that's that's one. We got the steelers hangover coming on monday with brian anthony davis and tony deaf yo. That's going to be talking everything from the game that happened the day before tuesday. I'll be back with the steelers. Stat gig will break down from some stats from the game on sunday. We'll look at some stats going into the steelers home opener wednesday. We'll be this the the flagship podcast the standards of standard with jeff lance who knows what they're going to be talking about. That's always great stuff with them. Then we'll have thursday the steelers. There's preview back at you talking about the next game friday lance we back with his yeah. I said it another burning question next saturday and then we started all over again people. We are constantly getting this. Getting content live on youtube. You can watch back on youtube. They're in podcast form everywhere. <hes> <hes> that the that you can that you can do it. I know stitcher itunes all that good stuff so thank you amar young for throwing some money into the tip jar the question along with that so but just want to say thanks for an there okay great time guys makes you tuning into behind the curtain for all your steelers news. All your steelers needs. We've got lots of stuff coming at you at least ten articles a day. We're having problems actually saying are we give give enough time in between articles to get him out there. If you check in the morning you gotta check back because articles are generally coming out just about every hour all day all through the afternoon and then of course tomorrow leading up to game time we've got the game threads going on tomorrow no website during the game you can get your live updates during the game <hes> all kinds content great stuff through behind the steel curtain. Thank you for tuning in and in the in the words of my man lance williams tune in tele friend and subscribe. We'll see you next time.

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