98 - Great Health on the Nutritarian Diet with Dr. Joel Fuhrman


It's only two point four percent of Americans that are at a normal weight because they eat healthily, exercise? Radio. So remember so that when people say are normal person or a normal young doctor died of colon, it's not a normal young doctor. He's a conventional eating smoking or drinking or junk food eating fast food eating. He's he's not a healthy person because those aren't foods. Those are food addicted addicted people and just because they're like other Americans doesn't make them healthy. We're not designed to be living on from it. We'll hello out there everyone. We are so so pumped to welcome you to the switch for good podcast. I am Olympic silver medalist and switch for good nonprofit founder Doc- bausch. And I am Alexandra Paul a certified health coach in a long time actress years ago. My life was radically transformed when I made the switch for good away from eating animals animal based products. My athletic performance was greatly enhanced much to surprise actually by the power of plant based eating dropping all animal products from my life has finally aligned my values with my diet. And now I feel more balanced and more at peace with food and with my body. Alexandra and I started this podcast with you in mind. We are here to take you on a transformative journey to learn the power of eating plants and help you redevelop a healthy relationship with food and a more whole relationship with yourself. Each week we bring you doctors, Dietitians, psychologists, prominent athletes, and other interesting guests who have deep rich information and inspiration to share. We welcome you every week. Join US on the journey to switch for good. This is the future. Hello and welcome to the switch for good podcast Alexandra Paul and I'm here with my. Wonderful. I know soon I realized that I didn't look at look. Senator. Yes. I didn't bring my source today. My amazing wonderful co-host dot C. Bow just throw them off and say like, lame co host. Say Wonderful. Well you know what you work so hard with switch good foundation you've put out this amazing report called dairy does a body bad. But you also have this power plate for athletes which. Also, kind of sticks it in the eye of the USDA's plate, their food plate, their pyramids, whatever they're making and So tell us a little bit about this powerplant plate that switch for good has put together and his and you're giving away it's an awesome a fridge magnets magnetic not so good. So stay tuned because that's going tell you how you can get one yourself. Yes for sure. So thanks from entering the port right that just got released last Thursday and it's going to be going to all of the college and university athletic directors all of the professional sports teams, performance directors, oncologists, gastroenterologist gynecologist it has a big release plan, but we released it just. last Thursday which by the time, this airs will just you know Habil had been freeze for about a month Kinda to the tribe right to to to all of our peeps and we're going to be doing a rally coming up where people can ask the questions and and just kind of like a drip launch because there's there's There's so much in there and it's a it's really unprecedented I mean never before have this many physicians and Dietitians reviewed this much research on dairy we site three hundred and twenty two studies, but it was written in a way purposefully for just. US. Regular folks like you and me to be able to disseminate to us and we're able to read. It and truly understand what it's talking about, and then with this with the citations it is is a very high level and and you know certainly comes across to any researcher or PhD or scientists in these fields. As you know quite legitimate because of all of the studies that we go through and reference. So I read it this weekend and I know it's really readable. So fascinating about why just from the history of why we're so obsessed with dairy in this country sure how government and business have colluded to get us to in consume more dairy and it's just fascinating. So I recommend that everybody go to the switch for good website and download the report themselves even. Just reading the first five pages I promise you. Even if you've been Vegan for decades, you will learn so much about why this y our country as you know. So dairy prone, right right and the and the and all of the ill effects that it has on people not only from a chronic disease standpoint, but you know specifically with athletes. Because that's who they've been targeting. You know in these in these most recent years and you know my story in in terms of you know as an Olympic athlete leading into the Olympic Games a couple of years before the the games I I went basin and I just I found it so frustrating and so confusing as to why I couldn't find. Any information on what I might eat if I wasn't going to guzzle gallons of cow's milk at the nutritionists and Dietitians really didn't have any information they didn't know where to source it. They just were literally being fed the information from the dairy industry via because they are the title sponsor and so in this report shoe, we unfold and of the the links missing links behind those studies, how the controls are quite often, and all of the with chocolate milk studies are done on less than ten subjects. So this power play, we can just go quickly but this is basically the answer to the the frustration that I had as an athlete. The US Olympic Committee has an athlete's plate and You know it's just a bunch of dead things on it. You know it's it's Brown and white foods mostly lots of lots of lots of meat you know just dead animals and then and Then you know products from animals mostly, and there's a little tiny part where some vegetables. So our goal with with this was to help nutrition was actually a nutritionist in. Minneapolis. That asks us to make this because she said I use that USOC, plate for my animal food based clients but I need one because I'm getting more and more plant-based athletes and I need something to help guide. Them, can you make one with just plant based? Wow, of course, and so we had a couple of goals. One was obviously to really source out the rose in the Micros and the interesting part of that we're going to go in today with this incredible doctor that we have on who really pushes a neutra -Tarian, diet as an athlete recovering when I went plant based I. Quickly realized that the micronutrients were so much more important and that's the conversation I should be having with myself not where am I gonNA get my carbs, proteins and fats because they just automatically you just come in when you focused on the Micros. So we focused just for audience who doesn't macronutrients are protein carbs fat like you said, micronutrients are like vitamin D, Vitamin A., and all your antioxidants. Chemicals and all of the wonderful beautiful you know density that it is in plants and really are the key to unlock premium recovery repair as an athlete you need the the macro but the the microbes are when I started when I folks are focusing on the microbes when I started really noticing like repair just you know speeding up and I was you know kicking my teammates butts that were ten years my junior. It really is focusing on this. So the the other aspect, the plate that was important to us, is that it when you look at it, you hopefully your mouth starts watering. It's beautiful, very colorful, which is a really important to get those fighter nutrients. If you get a lot of color and variety and your diet which we've heard from guests on this show, then you know you're you're you're on your way yes. So, people are going to want this. If you do. If you go to switch for good dot org, there's pop ups almost every page download your free power plate. But if you want refrigerator magnet, which is what we're holding right here, which are pretty awesome. For you when you open the refrigerator reminds you what you should be looking for in there and if it's not there, go get it go to your farmer's market Then you know what just email me info at switch for good and I'll send you one no problem great and we'd love a review. Remember you for the podcast to yes. Awesome you while she slips. Yes. Did I do that? Yeah. Okay. So it's a trade folks if you WANNA. If you WANNA fridge magnet. I'll send it to you and then you do a quick little review for us. That's just for your Karma, dot. You'll handed out anyway but but if you really good Karma, just give us. All right. Let's is your car mckeever apparently. Let's introduce our guest today. He is extremely well known throughout the plant community plant based community but also around America because he's been on. So many shows like draws good morning America talking about how important it is to to eat a nutrient dense diet. He has also written seven New York Times bestsellers including the book eat to live eat eat for life just came out in this year in twenty twenty We're GONNA talk about this he's. Also incredibly generous with his time and knowledge so that he could because he's very very passionate about spreading the words you might have heard him speak at a local veg fest or on the many podcasts he's been on on all over the Internet the we're going to talk about his term, Neutra -Tarian, and how important it is to adopt a neutral -tarian diet and what's different about it from another other whole foods, plant based diets and also. Secret. He was a competitive figure skater with a couple of world champion medals to his name. So you can talk about him. Tutsi is also lots of world champion metals to your name to. But so Dr Joel firm in we'd like to talk to you about your past and your present. Thank you so much for being on the show. Here everybody Nice I see. So let's start off with your figure skating days because I watched a video of you and your sister. Competing in the World Championships in seventy six and you. Since you. Tell us how you got from a figure skater to Dr. You know when I was skating in late teenage years, my father was sickly and overweight and he was starting to meet health books. So what does reading them with him? I started to read a lot of the natural hygiene literature from Herbert Shelton in nineteen that he wrote nineteen fifties and sixties about the harmful effects of processed in the. So I started to change my diet actually as it was in my teenage years I watched my father lose weight get healthier too but I. started. Become passionate about that literature and when I left when I quit amateur skating who knows as you had to be an amateur or professional because he'd couldn't compete Olympics if you took any money things like that. So So I started. So when I turned pro and started teaching skating performing ice shows and I started to to my father's on Shane of shoe stores that was going to take over his shoe business in the chain of shoe stores in New York City. I realized that my real passion was nutrition and I'm in the idea of becoming a physician who specialized nutrition would be the pinnacle of a career that would really interest me the most. So I met my started dating my wife at that point and she was actually Going going to go to medical school. So so that point with that kind of extra motivation saying White Dabble in some courses. So I quit I quit my father's shoe is went back to the Postgraduate Pre Med courses Columbia, with my wife that we got married both went back to the postgraduate premed courses Columbia sway reach the college forces. At graduate from college, but it hadn't hit all the pre medical requirements. Figure Skater wasn't dumb trying to which he medical school at that point. So so then I went back and took all those courses and went to medical school with us at the age of twenty nine with a specific intent to become a physician specializing nutrition. Ed Shoe become plant-based when you were a skater what and what actually drove was an ethical or was it a purely health reason that you? gave up meat dairy. Knows purely health performance stamina I enjoyed killing animals I just WANNA. Eat Them. God. Back then I mean there wasn't any that I know of real scientific data on it improving performance, and this is fascinating because even you know my day which you know to Olympic in two thousand twelve. I kind of felt alone in in the journey those couple years before which is now like ten years ago. So how did you? Yeah, how'd you get the memo that this could be incredibly important for performance repair recovery and output? You know mostly because I also found to became I advised the US ski team in Eric. Sloppy Eric Sloppy was in four. Olympic Games. When I'm mentioning for the Games because for a downhill skier to be there for sixteen years to get older and still maintain at the top of his career, we're talking about prolongation of your leg ability by being becoming more youthful when I got is doing it back in the nineteen early nineteen seventies. It was because I noted that the major flow people's careers during his get sick they lose training they burn out and they know the words the point is, is that When you're at the top of your career is the screen being the top ten in the world being no way are being the top three is all about timing and your ability to be healthy and not get sick and keep training or retraining, and so if you're not, if you have to worry about catching a cold or being sick or losing training or or being. So in other words by eating rights and you're exploring planes and exposed to different infectious agents, and so the point is never getting sick see contracts. You can train continue to progress every single week without overtraining training but people had as their out of their training and their training and their under training. They're sick and thrown back again, and so I I felt that eating so hopefully, we would never get sick and may also have better stamina get to the top of the skating world get their the ability to perform with a lot of Stamford still be fast the end of the program fast and strong as you're getting exhausted is the whole key to being top. At the top level in the world especially, the Russians used to be incredibly strong at incredible speed and strength, and we're. Talking about you know tennis basketball, skiing skating. You know these types of boxing is type things that whereas we know that the NAS study showed that professional athletes weighing more than two hundred, fifty pounds by linebackers on football teams have the shortest life span of any profession in North America. So eating to get maximum sides at a level of size that isn't natural for our species is not something that's going to radically short your life. So we can improve our strength stamina our ability to do like perform for a body weight jump why in move fast from side to side as a tennis player, but we're not going to maximize our size to get that big to do so you have to over chronically overeat. And the I'm sorry. But I don't think that any kind of Diet Vegan or non meat-based is good to eat to get that to get unnaturally large like that. Yeah. Okay. So you basically you eric, you're eating really to boost your immunity. Sick 'cause the whole cycle that starts when you do. So how did you know that this? Did you know that this was a nutrient dense diet and how did you know that was going to boost your immunity and that and and how did you realize and not believe that you needed animal foods to be healthy? Not even just large just just healthy I mean how did you guys kick that out? Did you start? Diving into reading and. Yes. Read a lot of books and I you know at that point my life by I read most and Herbert Shelton. Natural? Hygiene. Movement. So he was he. Was An organization called the American Natural Hygiene Society the National Health Association back then that advocated mostly nap eating natural plant foods in large quantities big salad nuts, beans you know and and trying to reduce processed foods, natural products it bad. A lot of crazy things they also advocated but of course, the Diet was clear that these undiscovered fighter nutrients were absolutely essential for normal humans which are essentially evolved from primates. were similar genetically, it'll primate structure and without a good intake of green vegetables and nuts and other things like that. We couldn't maximally EXPEC maximum system where performance and the idea the concept was set into place back then. That getting sick was unnatural at developing obesity diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease strokes, cancer, and dementia were not the inevitable consequence of aging and they were not natural for species. I was learning back there even as a teenager that it's normal for an animal to live out its normal life expectancy without developing chronic disease that preventing it from performing as performing through up to its later years and evolved the neutral -tarian diets. To enable people to live to be a hundred years old, which is not a blues on a blue zone. The average person lives to be a not ninety this some centenarians but I want the average person to be a hundred. We're talking about to do much better than the blue zone can do but in doing so we enable people have their physical capacity and therefore mental capacity throughout their later life whereas person America maybe lips to. Be Eighty still has such deteriorated quality of life between seventy eighty years old that the last ten years living in suffering. So there's no super talk about moving to a hundred with the actually living to ninety eight or ninety nine having a great act of physical life and that's what I think these advancements modern attritional science make possible, and now we have we can actually look it also some of the deficiencies flaws in the Vegan Diet. And my experience over the last thirty years I'd cared for about a mentor lot of these People Physicians who were actually established the natural hygiene movement in the American Vegan Society from the early nineteen fifties and sixties who as they became elderly developed certain problems like dementia. Parkinson's due to fatty acid DHA HA deficiencies or B twelve efficiencies paw. So I could look back and see, okay what are these people missing doing the blood tests and actually with the ability to supplement conservatively in conjunction with a plant based Vegan Diet? That's very nutritional, rich and complete. We can enable people to have the best possibility to liver disease through rice and also to reverse disease if they have something wrong with him. So. You've been. You've been in reading about nutrition for a long time how you just mentioned that your philosophy you've has changed how has your food philosophy changed in terms of how we can get the optimal diet for longevity and good health and recovery. Well. Occurred to answer that question but I have no philosophy. Philosophy means that some kind of agenda you have that you're trying to promote and you trying to get the science to fit that agenda or philosophy I just go where the the overwhelming amount of evidence. In other words, I wanna just let evidence in science and clinical empirical evidence of working with thousands of people shape the direction right of the where we're going. So I have no predetermined agenda or desire to be plant based or anything. I was eight years ago I was even thinking a little bit of fish would be okay in the Diet. And the reason why am I modified that more in recent years is because of the pollution of the oceans, the dumping of so much plastic and garbage in the ocean that even the small fish like sardines and scallops in any any kind of muscles contaminate with micro plastic and you have people micro plastic in their body and I don't even recommend brown rice at this point because brown rice is contaminated with arsenic because of the way we're using chicken manure and also growing rice patties fields in prior years with used also kind of chemicals on them in rice. The call custom brown rice very effectively sucks arsenic of soils and concentrates it in the kernel of the rice. So use other grains like It a grown in better safer soils also not as arsenic attracting as brown rice, and so I'm so in other words yes. A lot of bit This is not a philosophical base or even ethically base. It's just based on what's getting people most performance in most ability to get well reversed disease. So and I have that acronym g bombs and I. MUST must've familiar with that acronym, G Bombs B. O. M. B. S. to. Illustrate and have people keep in the forefront of their mind the foods with the most powerful association with lower rates of cancer. It's just as with the foods that have the most scientific documentation that have been folks protection against cancer in promoting longevity and Greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, and seeds, and we could throw a dart at any of those just to give an example. Mushrooms. Have the most powerful. Anti. angiogenesis effects and most powerful anti aroma tastes effects. In other words they block excess estrogen and black the production of fat storage hormones, and of course, they blocked a black. Sandals getting cells, replicating getting a blood supply that could cause cancer very powerful anticancer effects and a mentioning this compound called seen as an example because the cell receptors on our every cell in a body as earthy ending receptor that comes from mushrooms, our body is designed to accept certain fighter nutrients that are high and mushrooms. It's as if were designed. In advance with DNA stabilizing mechanisms that are based on much getting mushrooms as vital chemical. The same thing for with green cruciferous vegetables, the most powerful stimulator of the interrupt to transcription proteins, which prevent genetic defects being expressed like a GS P. One gene that causes breast cancer abridging with that preventing defects means breast and increasing. So repair DNA repair or the ITC's in Green cruciferous vegetables were designed to be taking these substances and without them we can't expect normalcy. So I'm saying that these substances are essential to develop a normal human immune system reaction, and in this climate of a novel infection that came into the world like Colin is a nutritional problem because it would never have the ability to damage. People are hurt people that have a excellent function immune system exposed to g bombs on a daily regular basis when we're eating the foods that body needs is designed to To to accept and utilized for. So function, we're taking the foods designed the human species. Then everybody becomes resistant to those diseases and we have multiple means of resistance BIOS still invade, replicate, evade capture mutates more dangerous forms, caught cytokine storm. All these things only can happen in people that are dangerously immunosuppressed because they've eating a standard diet without the nutrients and foods that humans actually need Newman's actually require I'm saying we require vegetables, and if you don't want green vegetables and you better live close to a hospital is going to be in there pretty soon. Can we get one super-quick rewind on the rice 'cause I'm if listeners are having the heart palpitations that I did 'cause I round rice how how about black rice red rice white rice is did they have this? Does that Husky bring in a the arsenic as as much as the brown rice husk like are there to just need to clip it on all the races? Will Way race, as you know, doesn't take in as much arsenic, but it is highly scenic junk-food shirt. No. The other is is there might be some wild rice grown wild environments for example that are raised that. Are you know hunt hunted and raised by? Indians in canoes that not down that don't have commercially race in commercially ray rice beds. But I think most of the on Rice's including wild rice or relatively high compared to other foods if they're commercially grown. and their commercially fertilized includes organically grown rice and I didn't do the studies on me rices consumer reports to the studies right after the arsenic levels. So you have to go back to consumer reports to get the data on the amount abortion can always have rice as they tested. So is it because of the chicken manure specifically or is an rice set tends to absorb this because wouldn't it be an argument that other vegetables would have the same issue? No they don't they, the vegetables don't take arsenic as much as rice does can even went as arsenic in the soil as arsenal soils but rice takes it up more avidly than other vegetables, other grains and vegetables do plus the fact that they grow rice of the old cotton fields, which used them a lot of toxic chemicals boy legal in other invading insects. To be do not put chemicals down and is still chemical residue in soils last fifty years. Cotton. We love cotton as vegans but it if it's not organic, it uses a lot of pesticides and chemicals unfortunately. can we just stop in the make one more park it at the g bombs I feel like most of our listeners and and and I have a good sense of the incredible nutrient density of everything on here except I'd love to hear more about onion. yummy timing. I eat a lot of 'em bit but it's because I like them. What is wonderful about them? They're so critical in what I'm saying right here is that I'm saying that these four foods to cooked foods would be mushrooms and beans because beans absolutely well cooked and much should be cooked and to raw foods. Onions Greens raw are the foods that have the most powerful effect to give you the healthiest micro Bayada, the bacteria in the gut. And to not only improve the microbiome to thicken the biofilm that adheres to the bill, I, Gus slowing glycemic effect of a moderate Klay scenic foods. We know that high glycemic foods like white potato, white white rice, white bread or things are dangerous. Learn not healthy especially for overweight people in the highly scenic food your scenic index or glycemic load of your diet is negative towards weight gain and cancer and things like that. What I'm saying right now. Is that when you eat a moderate sending food like? Corn Peas, oatmeal it lowers the Guy Cemig affect dramatically when you regularly green beans and onions and mushrooms because the thickening of the biofilm coach stabilize slows the transition of glucose in the bloodstream for moderate Lacina Food Saudi, make a tropical food. Low glycemic. You eat mushrooms and beans and greens the other meals. So explaining that but the point here about The point here about these foods like onions is that they contain an enzyme called Alleles. That's a L L I N. ASC Aglianese, and that's when you cut an onion. It makes your eyes burn with. So Phoenix Acid, right? Because you're forming a lot of other for generating compounds like MSN and another, and these studies onions it shows generally about a fifty five to eighty eight percent reduction. Of cancers of all type depending on the cancer type even from something like a Quarter Cup, right half a couple of today. So onions are some of the most powerful anti-cancer food. It's not just the bioflavonoids, Kirsten and fibers, and also the richly one the only rich sources of these sulphur compounds come from onions and the AGLIANESE enzyme forms these compounds when you cut her blend the onion. So if you took the onion whole, the leak of the scouting and you plopped it into your soup and cooked it first, and then you took it out with a tongue in blended the soup base, you would have not formed many of those compounds because utilize deactivated the aglianese before it had a chance to form them rather if you eat the onion or scallions law and your salad and shoe it really well, that's going to give you the most powerful anti cancer effects or if you take the league in the onion of the skeleton and blended it in the blender with a little bit of. Liquid in there. So at the blender becomes a chemical reaction which causes gas insulting gas in your standard forming all those compounds. 'cause they alginates is heat sensitive. You WanNa get deflected comments and then you can take that blender full stinky mixed and poured into the soup to cook because they heat won't destroy the beneficial compounds. It just would have inhibited their formation if you cook before you blended it or shoot it. But then when you eat your salad every day and you put the green cruciferous in there and the water, the Ruga by Baby Bok Choy or the cabbages whatever you're putting your salad. If you don't concentrate on shoeing and liquefying that in your mouth, showing up in those cells and crewing scallions true. In the onions, you're not GonNa get the philanthropy cancer benefits because most those anticancer nutrients are formed in the mouth as you're crushing the Cell Wall and Mixing the Digest, mixing the enzyme with the other substance that forms the most beneficial compounds we're talking about. The best way to use the cook food maintain the nutrients is to put it in a high powered blender. Cream into a puree and then put it into the venue could dump into coke it into the soup and that networks for also cauliflower and Broccoli and such. Those things. Yeah. If you're GONNA cook them. You're not gonna cut them small enough. You're not gonNA break open the cells of eating Broccoli and cauliflower in a mixed vegetable dish. Then we usually walk it in a dish for only cooking at three to seven minute three to six minutes we wanna Cook it like a day. So it's not wiping all those nutrients we wanna not cook until it's much. So it still has a little firmness to it. You know. So we're naturally walk the vegetable dish mixed with a Thai curry sauce or something we're not going to cope until solely will use Broccoli Lorettes Snow Pea pods water? Chestnuts. Boots and we're going to put into may collie flower dishes, but we're not gonNA overcook things to two. So we're. Trying to kill all the enzymes and don't forget though you gotTa if you had a little bit of that enzyme from the raw food, you eat say neal, it would help you convert some the cooked Broccoli into the took, make some of those it out of it. So that had also been eating some raw with every meal eat some cooked with because Roy Bennett you'd get the raw end benefit the coke foods to that happens in the digestive tract bombing. Yes I do. I do follow you because I've read quite a bit about what you've written in terms of your philosophy in terms of the neutral neutra, -Tarian Diet, and how to get the most. Out of the foods. That we eat not a philosophy. Did I say philosophy again Oh my God i apologize it's not. It's I. Know it's based in science and I we always want to have people on here talk about stuff that's based in science so. This is Alexandra and I have a question for you what devoting implant having common. The answer is forager project. Four project is getting out the vote. This family owned organic plant based. Food Company is using its packaging as a way to encourage customers to vote this November voting is so important and it makes you feel good to come like a plant based Diet does. I've actually voted in every election in my home state except for one since I turned eighteen that's a lot of elections thirty, nine I think and the reason I didn't vote that once I forgot to get my vote by mail ballot and time. So if you don't WanNa, go to the polls, make sure you get your absentee ballot. This cool. Undertaking by forger gives me just another reason to love this company. They already had me hook with their Vegan yogurts. They're nut milk, sour cream cafes and butters. And I really liked their organic gluten free cereals. So definitely try that. Forger is dedicated to making the world a better place and you can help them on this mission give forger try, and while you're at it, do your part to make this country better vote on November third. You mentioned Cova and how you felt that. People. WHO. People got covid. Tell me misspeaking here people who got sick from covert it was. The. They could have stayed healthy if they'd eaten. A healthy neutral -tarian diet. Yes that's what I'm saying. I'm saying that was seeing people get sick and we're seeing people die. And of course, it affects the most sickly and overweight people more readily hurts those people the worst their health is, and I'm saying there's no such thing as a healthy overweight person that all of the way people are unhealthy fat cells spew out ripe kinds inside Opini, Bristol reactive oxygen species, raise your estrogen levels, press, your immune system, keep you chronically inflamed the battery. He can't keep the flashlight turned donald time. If you want it to work, you have an emergency you have to keep the flashlights turned off. And on a neutral -Tarian Diet People's white blood cells dropped dirty low matter. Of fact, a lot of people see the two point five bledsoe county Newtonian Diet, and they go to the doctor you need a bone marrow biopsy because they see the normal range of white Lizzo Council between five and ten and I'm saying right now to make this clear is that that's not a normal range between five and ten. That's where most Americans lie. It's normal between like two point three and six is probably a better real normal range you know what I mean so that whole. Not, a neutral -tarian, diageo blood tests, even outside of the normal range because there's so much better than the average Americans I also saying that almost all Americans if there's no such thing as a healthy personal, American Diet because conventional authorities are saying seventy percent of Americans are overweight, which is not true. That's because they're using a twenty five BMI as demarcation between normal weight and overweight an all along that societies. Long individuals had BMI's below twenty three in an ideal be am is probably below twenty two for male below twenty one for a female when you use A. Bmi of twenty three as a demarcation line, then you get eighty nine percent of Americans are overweight not seventy percents. and. So we have a whole population of sickly overweight people and the people that eleven percent that are normal weight. The vast majority of those like eighty percent of those people are smokers, alcoholics, drug users, sick people, medical conditions, and autoimmune conditions called cancers, the Jeff Disorders. Normally, people are at a normal weight because they're sickly and living. So unhealthily, they can't because they're smoking. Only two point four percent of Americans that are at a normal weight because they eat healthily exercise radio. So remember. So when people say are normal person or a normal young doctor died of Kobe it's not a normal young doctor. He's a conventional eating smoking or drinking or junk food eating fast food eating or he's not a healthy person because those aren't foods those a food addicted addicted people and just because they're like other Americans doesn't make them healthy. We're not SUPPO- were not designed to be living on junk food and and you know. What I'm saying so I'm saying that yes, if a person was truly healthy, they would not be vulnerable to cove it. It's a nothing thing for we healthy immune system to fight off you hardly even feel you're sick. I have so many you know under the people who've been exposed with who've been healthy people the no, they even got it. You've actually said that you believe that we can beat the war on cancer completely just by dealing with our diet and everything you know that we've done is your standards are way higher Dr Furman Than, the American Medical Association etc and you. A lot of doctors won't ask a lot of their patients because they don't trust at their patients will be able to follow through. So they'll ask for less you are you're asking for. More more. So you you believe that we We could win the war on cancer. We could eliminate heart disease diabetes. Right Yes I. Define it more specifically. You know I'm not saying every cancer would never occur because. Obviously let's say eight unhealthy, the I sixty years, Uber Life, and then you switch to a healthy cancer anti cancer diet you risk of cancer goes down dramatically every year your cigarettes you can off cigarettes twenty years you risk of breast a lung cancer goes down by ninety percent but you really had never smoked for two zero. You know what I mean and and I don't think doctors should be the gatekeeper nutritional information I don't care doctors no nutrition. Because, it should be reading writing arithmetic nutritional science taught grade school because just think about how crazy this is like we want the people who go to the cardiologists to be told by the cardiologists to cut the salt out of their diet because they have heart disease will if it was good to cut the salt at the Diet was good to solve that a diet forty years before they had heart disease not now after they got heart disease so said. We don't tell a person to quit smoking after they go to their common knowledge in the lung. Oh. You better quit smoking I. You have lung cancer It has this has. So the real power to lower cancer rates has to be if the whole population adopted at all ages not just an elderly people adopted, but the point or the other point but since huge contribu-contributions of. Of what we eat in the first half of our life that's why the neutral -Tarian Diet can't be a moderate. It can't be a modern intervention. It has to be true nutritional excellence and I want people to go one hundred percent to nutritional. Excellent. So the body has the ability to reverse DNA defects and Menthylatim, becks, DNA breakages removed. So you really see dramatic effects and we have tons of examples of people that had recovered from early stage cancers even. And so. And even people who recovered from later stage cancer on what like for example, pump people who? You know I have a woman, for example Pam in my medical practice for years ago about seventeen years ago. What metastatic ovarian cancer that went went to Alumni Fluids of fluid. and. Now, this eighteen years later and she's in great host thriving know and she was only given six months to live there not many cases of people even going to chemo living that wrong after advanced metastatic ovarian cancer by Rossa people like Adam sure nutrition as a tremendous role. But I'm not saying it's going to cause a hundred percent wipe out all cancer I'm saying win the war on cancer probably reduces cancer rates by ninety percent but more than that. If we go back to the whole population, all ages eating healthily. For example, around the world from our historical records in tracking. One Fiftieth, the amount of breast cancer. Look. At data from the nineteen sixties, even we have some areas of the world that have one fifty, the amounts of breast cancer hands of America us. So those populations are filed and they moved to America, they've started adopting more more modern lifestyles and diets, styles they rate of cancer skyrocketed and This is not phenomenally genetic. It's predominantly the lifestyle diet people are eating but nevertheless. The breast cancer epidemic is not natural. We didn't see breast cancer thirty, thousand years ago we have mummified remains and we have we go back in history and we are new phenomenon in human history for this explosion of autoimmune disease in these type of autoimmune, any cancer related deaths, and it doesn't have to happen. Nutritional science gives us control of health destiny and a strong obviously advocate but people making neutra. -Tarian, which just means super healthy eating. Make It delicious making enjoyable it makes you gives you more pleasure. In life, it makes living like more fun and it's not you're not giving up tasted pleasure because I it will thinking they're thinking just shoot me right now I'd rather die than have to eleven carrot sticks in and let us the rest of my life. I'd rather die younger whatever enjoyment is what some people are thinking and that's their. That's their addictive self, the teas foods takeover, the brain, and they're completely irrational because they think that their diet takes better than our diet does the diets could kill tasting better. Addiction is you just get you can't think of changing that and you can't live without and you feel so bad if you try to stop it. But with the right information. People weren't join like just as much. The taste pleasure of food just as much great recipes without being addicted to those foods in having to have to have them. Taste ready do change in a very short period of time avocado a personal. For Him our content manager at switched for good. Her her mom is overweight has read eat to live and has found it just she just hasn't been able to stick to the regimen unfortunately, and and kind of really has not been able to follow through and me we know that it you know it's it's a multi layered approach when approaching someone who you know, she potentially probably has an addictive nature to junk food fast food unhealthy food How do you work with people who are just having such a hard time sticking? Obviously there's a psychological layer to this Yeah. What would you? What would you say to Christine? To help her. Some people need professional help. and. They need a lot of knowledge. You know I wrote the book the end of dieting to help people get over that addictive idea of food but but they have to abstain from their triggers for a long period of time. So those addictions lessons, some people can't dabble healthy eating right if they if they go into it ninety five percent, it doesn't work because when they go a little bit to those foods that suck them right back up into the reading behaviors again, they need to have some sustained supervision and we have counselors the give people supervision in. That worked for me and I also as you guys know, I have a retreat here in San Diego, where people come and stay here for a few months. I had this place developed and built because if people with food addiction, you couldn't follow a diet without some supervision and professional help, but it's not only the period of time of absence and professional help. It's also changing their attitude about life and having some training and has to go on some of these people because when you are when the more you're an addict, it makes you more self consumed in more angry were negative about life. It makes you more callous to other people think about the drug addicts or cocaine addict who can kill and steal do anything to get continue the cocaine habits. The same thing as food people, food lights they're angry about their their sooner angry people. But the point is they're looking for the approval of people. And when they're looking for the approved by the people, look at their their self esteem coming away and they're always. Being, fought and being the difficult situation can people aren't looking at them well or considering them well or thinking of thinking about them unfavourably, there's a lot of psychological baggage that goes award food addiction that we have to undo counseling and when people become mindful, they become more creative, become more grateful for the food they become more they. They're able to remote more and more care and love for other people they're able to appreciate the. Beauty of the world around them more, they become less competitive, less looking for other people's approval to get their eagles glorified and more satisfied with who they are as a person and their ability to like and care for others, and they become more kind to other people and and actually feel good about themselves, their ability to have goodwill for others and try to compete with them in best best them out. So I think that the there's some. Professional. Help that people can have to quit smoking or eat healthily people just need sometimes because their trajectory of what they developed in a is just to place them at too high of a burden and it's kept them in a prison. So to speak in the prisoners keeping them from really being the happy healthy emotionally happy person they have the right to they could have. You know I think what you're talking about in terms of really getting help with diet is is where it is. Now is where therapy was thirty years ago or twenty years ago people feel like they should do it on their own and they shouldn't ask for help and that if they do ask for help, it should just be from a book maybe but not from intense going away to your retreat for example, where people stay weeks or months seems to indulge it even though health is the most important thing that we can give to ourselves and to others really our own good health because we're better people like you said. You know when I do spend a lot of time writing and speaking about this issue. So because I know from my career less decades, a lot of people know learn about healthy eating and want to do it and they still fall back back and forth loose awake in back again, they don't stick with it healthy. So I spent the last the last two decades to figure this out and put together people to give these. That's my book. No my more recent books maybe take eat to live to a newly the end of dieting and east and. Each wife take a little higher level of. Dedication of what writing about to have people better at here to it's recognizing that some people just require have to see this other and as addiction and totally abstained from those addictive triggers for a while if they're gonNA succeeded this yeah that I think that's what exactly women a suggested Christine. For by her family, her friends ask to say we're going to remove all possibility. You're not eating these foods from your environment you the stay with this. Concrete cravings and really enjoy eating this. You've got to do it one hundred percent. We'll make sure you do that for the next six weeks I still going to have no unhealthy food around you WanNa keep you track through this perfect tastes change stop tro cravings will go down if you had a daughter who was a cocaine or heroin addict, I would white we keep our inner site and wouldn't let her out of our sight because the we just WanNa make sure you can get rid of a cocaine habit. This food is who is really serious it's killing people they can die in a short period of time addiction used to bait you know say all die ten years or Twenty years. Now, they could die a month now they get cold and they don't start eat healthy and get their weight off. Don't start to get down there. What we find is that even a person that's one hundred pounds overweight. If they start dropping weight like three pounds a week or two pounds of Kilogram A. League. Even a few leaks we see the inflammatory marker go down. We see their risk of their diabetes gets so much better. THEIR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE STARTS TO NORMALIZE THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEM MARCUS START to normalize. We see tremendous improvement in immune function when person starts to eat healthy and lose weight even before they've lost all their access weight just the fact that so I always say neutral terriers person us at an ideal weight eating a healthy diet or a person. That's overweight but moving towards an ideal diets extreme moving towards an ideal weight losing at least two pounds a week. If they're overweight not losing at least two pounds a week, they're not really on the program. And the process of continuing to lose two pounds a week is going to keep them in an immune protected state whereas they just stayed overweight, they would not be protected. Now are they. Are. They when you say they need to be losing weight. which is an indicator that they're getting healthier and eating healthier is that because you you believe that we need to eat just under our calorie burn for longevity and health, and so that's where you like to keep them or is it because the foods that are on this Newtonian Diet Whole plant based foods are lower calorie. All those things. You said either or it's both those things. We can eat I mean I. can you know you can eat? It's hard to eat more than four hundred calories with time if you're eating hot helpful occupy space in your stomach peppers and Cali flour and beans and salad vegetable soup, the fluid and. It makes you feel full it's hard to get so much. What I'm saying is that also when you beating my role vegetables and some of these foods at the cow is not all biologically accessible nuts and seeds by the way, some of those calories turn down the apostolic to make you satisfied. But all the calories that the fat passes through the toilet bowl is no absorbed beans. You Ratchet Down your appetite by two hundred calories in a cup of beads. But some of those calories mel out of more resistant starch that pass you go to the toilet bowl, they don't even come into. The bloodstream. So you're naturally caloric moderately courtly restricting by was agreeing with you eating all these high nutrient plans is makes it difficult to consume so many calories because they're so filling and because these nutrients also turned down the APP, the central nervous system, the fiber, the body forms Buta rate from the fiber and rate signals the stat hypotheticals to sell you eat less foods, the bulk chewing action all the activity it takes time it takes to absorb the speed of absorption. All these things naturally make you more comfortable eating less calories but nevertheless in the other thing you're saying is true to. that. The other thing that you said was true that as you eat excess calories, it speeds up your metabolic rates. So. If I was GONNA, eat two hundred calories over my metabolic rate a day. It's a hundred cats three, hundred, sixty, five, three, thousand, five, hundred calories a pound. So that's. An extra hundred calories a day but an extra ten pounds a year two, hundred calories a day next twenty pounds a year. No I'M NOT GONNA gain twenty pounds from the extra two hundred calories because as you take in excess calories, the body resume its metabolic rate to try to burn them off. So I only gained ten pounds the year, not twenty pounds. But you you speed up your metabolic rate, your aging faster and you speeding up the the bird, the loss of stem cells the loss of telomeres your body can raise metabolic rate by increasing its respiratory quotient and by raising its body temperature or by rubbing up the fire Reuter all biological systems that make you age faster see paying a pack with the devils when you understood your calories a little bit. I'm going go one hundred calories less than that. About needs. I'M NOT GONNA lose all that way because my body will slow down a bit get alot of the body temperature all be colder in the winter time I'll make the glimmers in my hands on girls skied and an extra maybe later on when which fired function may be able to lower in my respiratory quotient will be lower but that's the secret to the to aid to slow the aging process and you also said if you don't mind the Into that also term you said you believe. Also don't believe anything. Okay. You got call of everything. I'm trying to do the Best I. Can it at an in-depth review of all science looking at thousands of articles and seeing where the most evidence where the onerous evidence lines so people can make judgments based on a full degree of science like a lot of people in the field. We use some short-term binder controlled studies to come up with hypothesis. Advise people what to eat and I'm saying no, that's a hypothesis we've got to really feel good definitive. We're giving people good advice we have to make sure the learnt long-term epidemiologic studies therapy that have thousands of people looking at their health for decades that look at hard end points. Like death or heart attack or cancer, and see if they corroborate the short-term studies, they both are in agreement. If the all not an agreement, we can't come to any conclusion. So I'm trying to come to come to giving people advice based on whether was the most evidence and the studies agreement with each other to make the evidence behind degree of credence. Well it's cleared up. Why can stay lean because I eat at least three to five hundred more calories than I probably need every single day so It's interesting though it just want to comment on the fact that most of us want to we when we re books are there's articles about losing weight and be healthy. They're all talking about how to rev up your metabolism. But with Dr Firm and saying is that it's healthier to actually have. A slower metabolism because you you age less slowly I imagine that also goes with cancer will grow less slowly. That's right. There's no such thing as losing weight to relevant. It's the biggest scam. It's comic book information that people are trying to sell people rev up your metabolism eat more food did not get fat that's just nonsense. You know there's no, you can't. You're not gonNA get away with eating more not getting fat. You're still gonNA gain weight but the extra calories of what recipe metabolise. But you're still you're paying a price for the devil if anything if there was a magical pill that could rep metabolism see without kept putting calories in then there's plenty of those. I would talking. Only noxious or toxic substance then it's called a form of collage effects and logic effect comes from the toxic substance. If can't be can't do both can't be if I give you up till to you know to make you not hugh out making put you to sleep or to wake you up to make a urinate more urinate less. It's gotta be toxic because it has pharmacological effects. It's poisonous healthy things don't have those powerful pharmacologic effects. So what I'm saying is that exactly make this clear is we want to. Eat hopefully. So we get our nutrients that don't have to overeat to get them, and we want our metabolic rate to be a little slow. So we don't get too thin. We Wanna eat as little as possible and not get to want to have good musculature as we age good strengthened but so we don't want it but that's we want but we get healthy. We don't have to overeat getting good nutrients in. We're not have to when you're unhealthy to eat your become a coury consuming monster your. Fatigue all the time you have to keep calories coming in all the time to keep your energy up and you've forced to overeat. But because the quality of your diet is to well you eating a healthy diet, you feel great all the time and you could be touched with true hunger and you get the instinctual signals of when to eat when not to, and it becomes easy to eat the right amount of food and you more comfortable eating the right amounts of food and this becomes more instinctual eating. I let her go back to nutrient density I just have always had a pretty big appetite when I came out of my anorexia and Kinda catapulted into bulimia which was then obviously a lot of overeating The calories that I was taking in were probably mostly nutrient void and so although my stomach was filling up I never felt satiated. I've I've learned now on a very nutrient dense eating habit is still don't love to call anything diets but. When I eat more nutrient dense my brain is not telling my stomach, any more than I need more and when you eat void of nutrients, maybe your stomach starts to fill up but your brain still tells you that it's hungry because it needs to needs the nutrients and you conducted a study on hunger and the perception of hunger between eating a high nutrient diet, and then one that is less nutrient dense. What did you find? That study. Isn't it fascinating what proud of that study is used by researchers on hunger in Diet all over the world the people being that reference that studied in two, thousand, twelve I'm yes. It found that as people improve nutrient quality of their diets, they desired less calories of course. And instead of hunger being fatigue and stomach cramping and headaches it turned to become more of a now of flow and neck and upper chest sensation in here. So the perception of hunter changes and hunger was no longer as uncomfortable. It gave you a signal to eat, but you could go if somebody calls me up on the phone and say I'm coming home from work and I'm hungry when dinner they Called me up say Joel you want to play some tennis I'll say the tennis court I'll skip dinner later the it's not so uncomplicate just go go go with your place we'll do something now the point is and it goes away when you go start running start moving around anyway but so it's not so hunger in something that uncomfortable or painful it just gives you a signal it's time to eat. Hunger is not an emergency. Remember we. a lot of times that Can you talk about your pyramid just so people get a real idea you talked about g bombs but. Can you put the? Tell us what it looks like. So we could see what are the most nutrient dense foods, and which one should we get the most of in our diet and on up. Well Thank you for that and and I you mentioned earlier which one hundred per cent agreement with. Is that we have an unprecedented opportunity, human history today t the huge variety of different types of plants we can eat micro Greens. We can. You know we can eat fruit and berries in the wintertime we can get frozen wild blueberries we can get. Of, all types we have soy. And, variety is huge. So the Blues Jones had didn't have a huge variety in their diet. We can do better than a blue zone could have done. Now we can use modern science to pick the best habits of almost all the different Luzon's which all had one good thing they were doing, but there was nobody to put together all these best things from every blue zones over dietary portfolio, which is a neutral -tarian diet to try to put together all the lifespan anticancer tapped into dietary portfolio know so so absolutely that the That when we that the base of the pyramid is vegetables, we don't want to just eat one type of green vegetable. We WanNa have we don't have Kaelin strawberries and we want to have different green vegetables when both raw and cooked both cruciferous cruciferous artichokes asparagus and Broccoli and lettuces So but the fact that we can all this varieties huge and we can he colorful vegetables in arms things in squashes tip indifferent peas and Snow Pea pods and you know I'm interested in so much fault with with growing so much my own food out I. Moved to California I but when I was living in New Jersey, I had a garden I grew out of my own food I I had I made a greenhouse to and I tried to go with much as I could. I let hobby to gardening may get a thrill from eating something he grew yourself or picking it something you made yourself with good soil and so. But that's what you know. Regenerate organic. Our culture is all about and we do have a lot of farmers were very conscientious in just hopefully, the world moves in this direction when people start understanding that good food and good soil and putting planting and taking care of the earth in all this takes care of a body to allow the earth to continue to grow into prosper it's very different from the way the fast food you know killing the war world mentality driving the planet into extinction by killing animals and polluting in Clinton heating climate change in destroying the oceans destroying the earth soils just so that future generations can benefit from our planet. It's just a militant unreal on. Insane time because taking care of your own body has the same mentality and same long term projections in the idea of long-term intelligence means you do the right thing now aged down the road in the future. What do you fertilize? I'm your soil West. Wow, that's a great question I, use I have my own compost in which I put Red Winkler's worms and different types of worms in there, and of course, I don't just put coconut husks in with a little pete once but I put a lot of plant material the grass clippings leaves, but mostly I don't want us grasping some commercially areas. I'm usually using the pine needles from the truth wild forest you know putting there but the soil I purchased though has in it an earthworm casting and back one. Oh, I got in here instead of chicken manure animal manure. But I have some because they're they give the chemicals into the animals that are in the I I do have Guano in there, and I had jungle rainforest compost in there to and some prime soils and Burton soils. So I, really have some great soil. I've made to to plant my trees, the point, my vegetables in which makes makes it amazing because sometimes the rabbits elite something Britain and within like two weeks comes right back up and it's like sucrose incredibly fast crippled large amount of food. You don't eat that much space a huge amount of food. Yeah down. The elevated beds now put the wooden beds on top of cement blocks. So have the eight foot beds, bed sitting on top of cement blocks of the rabbits were up there need all the vegetables and also it keeps the soil, the high quality soil separately whatever was grown in this part of the country kind of any kind of You Know Talk Society that could be in the natural slow. Yeah. Yeah. I have a tower so they can't. Tower, we we have our condos, the worm condos no, no vegetable tower. The compost you rabbits or the raccoons they just it's it's a big base where the water stays and so they just you know it's just took plastics slippery. They can't even climb up. So you're kind of like don't even have to worry about that issue because it's A. Tough Conversation like you know through Jersey I had it brings fences. I had dig defense right down to the cement ground bath make sure no or or other animals, community vegetables and shipment woodchucks to come and destroy Oh. Yeah. Most definitely. I just WanNa just finish up on on your pyramid. So the vegetables are in the bottom and then tell tell us how you go up. And and because you add. Nuts and seeds some some folks feel nuts and seeds are not as crucial So can you tell us more about foods that you feel are so nutrient dense that are important for us to eat. Some g bombs and what cooling beans and fresh fruit and different types of vegetables. I don't think grains without essential but certain grain certainly a kmart healthy. I do think that dried soybeans that Annetta Monte are super healthy anticancer foods and should be included in the Diet and they're not as soulful in Simul more process. I want people to make an effort to include a meal soybean in there like a dry being there, and yet at the we give more credence to. long-term Epidemiologic Studies, and here's what they all show with an overwhelming amount of records. Those saying right now is that every study looked at the issue about nuts and seeds in the diet or out of the giants source of fat in Vegan populations in non vegan populations and every study with thousands of participants showed the same thing about thirty nine percent reduction of cardiovascular death and about a twenty percent reduction in all cause mortality including cancer deaths from including nuts and seeds your. Diet at least one ounce a day excluding nuts and seeds from your diet is a major risk factor of cardiac, Arrhythmia sudden cardiac death and increases the risk of cancer and you not absorbed phytochemicals in the foods you're eating. So the end in the seventh day adventist health study to which is one of the most important studies because it looked at people eating different amounts of animal products and showed more animal protein, mean more death and more plant protein made for longer. Life, that means paying some attention to protein on a plant based diet way eating etta mommy and you're eating Wa and Asparagus artichokes in beans that are high in protein and nuts that are high in protein not just having a macrobiotic diet based on rice fruitarian diet or It showed that paying attention to them. Rioting of these amino acid mix actually enhanced lifespan. But one thing that all studies showed conclusively I'm talking about literally scores of studies showing the same thing. That the exclusion of Nazis Diet increases the risk of risk of death and shortens lifespan. It's not a question even country it's not a controversy it's just you have radical components within the community but among those new nutritional scientists physicians I don't think there's any controversy, but the evidence shows that overwhelming, right? Thank you. Well, you've written over a dozen books including those seven New York Times bestseller. So folks if you want to learn more about the science that Dr Joel Firm and has put together and such great recommendations for how to live a disease free. Long Long Happy Life Than I. Really Recommend you go find his books. They can be fine found very easily because they're so popular and he has such a a strong fan base. So thank you. So Dr Ferment for being on the show, we really appreciate all the information that you've shared with us. My brother. Look for doing invested reports to you guys all you listeners. So, thank you so much for tuning in today if we helped you in any way, then click the subscribe button and let's keep hanging out together. We have so much more to share with you. And if you need more information on actually making the switch for good, please visit us at switch for good dot org for loads of Info, and you can subscribe to our mailing list with. All sorts of super bowl gifts. Discount codes to are very Fav- dairy free product and a lifetime of powerful health tips. So join us on the journey to switch for good. This is the future.

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