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The podcast like innocent on death. Row Mrs Dear Governor iheartradio APP on Apple Podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Welcome to worst year. Ever a production of iheartradio. Welcome America to an emergency update episode of worst ear ever this is this is an episode. Didn't expect to report but we have to do some absolutely critical events that that you need to be informed about something that has changed the landscape of America yet again. I'm of course talking about the fact that that Joe Biden appears to have soiled himself in an interview. Let's set up and punchline. Yeah out of the park. Got Him the first half. Had dissected Paul that the very start of this whole project in the first half of the year two. So I'm proud of that that that prediction rather talk about. Yeah Yeah I would rather talk about Mr Biden's Fart than the story that we are going to talk about because it involves horrific police brutality so I thought that was a gentle introduction. No Yeah and we also. We don't want to be irresponsible to we. Don't want to take charge. Far is funny to me. WanNa share fake news. Some excellent phrase it. Yeah it's really like inspirational Washington. Nothing to do with what we're about to talk about. I would definitely push for that to be the title anyway. Robert Continue. Yes activists this this. The actual thing that we're talking about is a very sad story. It's detailed of George Floyd. Who was accosted by four police officers in? Minneapolis on Monday and was arrested on suspicion of passing forged bills footage of him actually being arrested There's footage both like a people filming the police and of like Footage from a security camera. It does not show him resisting in any way Not that that would justify what came next. One officer put his knee on Mr Floyd's neck while he was on the ground and held it there for more than five minutes until he suffocated to death. You know throughout that process multiple other officers until eventually four officers were all on Mr Floyd helping to hold him down while he was essentially strangled so that that is the inciting incident for what has become in a we're now in what is our second day of protests in the city of Minneapolis. Yeah after this video went. Viral people started taking to the streets in large numbers. The mayor announced that all four officers had been fired But they were not arrested and so a number of things were sitting emotion. This point for one thing just people started taking to the streets like do to protests Largely peacefully some other things that happened where a mix of people online found access to The the address of the officer primarily responsible for the death of Mr Floyd and they started sharing that and it was weird because I was following this as it was all breaking. It was a mix of you know activists who were enraged. This guy doing this is where he lives but there was also like right. Wing people boo Gulu types. And this is a major dimension of this protest because there's there's been this movement growing in the United States kind of started on four Chan and then got free and to read it in facebook and it's the boo blue. This is something that you've talked extensively about on your podcast. Yeah I've been following the the evolution of this for a while because it's not and there's a bunch of misconceptions. I kept seeing crop up. There was a lot of people particularly like some black activists who thought the Bugler was kind of a synonym for race war. And I don't think that's accurate. There's certainly sizable minority of the group. Who see it is that but there's also like a lot of guys a lot of the people because I was following this community both in in Minnesota and across the country as they reacted to growing protests to the video of Mr Fluids murder. And you know. There's a chunk of them that I think are kind of callously trying to steer this towards violence for their own political ends which are probably racist but there was a large chunk who were as outraged as the rest of us for the same reasons that. We're all outraged about this right. It's because it's outrageous and there's nothing about being like weirdly obsessed with guns in fighting the cops that also means that. You're not honestly infuriated when you see a video like this. Everybody should be angry watching this video But so this started to develop over the course of the twenty six. The Night of the twenty. Six people started going out of the street and getting into confrontations with police officers in largely what? I was seeing at the beginning and like I was not there on the ground. I was watching a lot of different livestream And I think it would be fair to say that the vast majority of the serious violence deployed was by police. A lot of bullets hitting a lot of people in the face. A lot of t huge amount almost unbelievable amounts of tear gas being deployed As well as Flashbang grenades nightsticks. There's numerous videos of police. While arresting people having multiple will punching them in the face and head And there was there was a I would say retaliatory violence from protesters people throwing rocks people shooting fireworks and one of the dimensions of this. That's really confusing. Is that a lot of this retaliation. Was I think pretty understandable? It was people seeing violence used against them. Having just watched the city of a murder and being directly confronted with these police who are being so violent being like fuck it. I'M GONNA throw rocket them or I'm gonNA break in the window of one of these cars But there is also this chunk of these kind of far right agitators. These boo glue kids. Who showed up at the protest? At least sixteen of them possibly more. So there was one group of at least sixteen from the From the Big Igloo Boys facebook group which is Facebook Group for these folks? About thirty thousand people spend all their time talking about their desire to spark a new civil war so these showed up and they brought one of their boo blue flags which has like an Igloo. On it and stuff and it's a lot of the imagery is very silly but the kid holding the flag got shot by a rubber bullets now at around the same time another individual who was posting on these boards showed up open a handgun at one of these protests and he later claimed that a mix of ANTIFA and black lives matter had robbed him of his gun. I found video which Danell we'll put in here. After I finished explaining it I found a video of an activist who is live streaming at the time talking about confronting this man and the way he describes it that he in some other activists saw this guy with a gun re the decided he was almost certainly a white nationalist agitator there to stir up and took his weapon away from him and sent him packing and we can insert that that audio here. Danell League report to talk initial media black. Cnn gone on. We don't know comedy but he's only what got from expeditiously. Goodness stand for all people going says he's doing right now. That's worth nice form. So yeah that's kind of a a little. A hint of how complicated and intense things are in Minneapolis? Right now. So you've got these. You've got these protesters who are rightfully curious about what's happened. You've got these police who have been responding very violently and who also now at this point are cracked out haven't been sleeping and are like furious And getting more aggressive. And you have these right wing agitators. Some of whom are there at of honest solidarity some of whom are there because they think this is their best possible chance to start a civil war and there's a left coast right. Watch was a twitter account a journalist that I that I follow has been inside some of these boo glue telegram groups where people are talking about. You know the need to Get the police to start shooting with live rounds into the crowd so that they the boo-boys can fire back with live rounds. So there's this this this whole mix of things that's happening in. Minneapolis right now. All of which is extremely tense and extremely dangerous terrifying real recipe for disaster. It's just you get that much tension in one place and you know some little thing can set off a whole series of unfortunate events and I mean you look at like Kent State. I mean that's not even one little thing. Those were police terrified and ready to go and abusing people. You know you know what I mean. It's just it's just terrifying. Things popped off at a lot of ferguson protests because of like water bottles. Yeah Ronin stuff and like there's It's interesting the that everybody knows why these protests are where to do this like the the guys who are to start this violence They can't do it at the haircut protests. They can't do it at the ones that are like all these right wing militias with the gear and their flags Doing their Nazi protests. Because they know that the police aren't going to do anything but when the police are policing events like this with certain kinds of protesters they know that if they cause enough of a problem that the police response will be something that they can't elicit an add another maybe more I guess optically friendly. Yeah type approach. That seems to be very clearly understood by a lot of these folks so that the people who are outside Minneapolis and kind of the glue. Community started immediately. Churning up memes. Where like one of them was a screen. Grab from the video of Mr Floyd. Being murdered That shows like the police officer with a NEON MR fluids neck that says Something lines of You can't stop this unless you have a gun And then there was another one. That was a picture of Mr. Floyd's face in this kind of the specific kind of way that they it's like a patriot. Wave is sort of like the description for the way they edit these images in like a certain stylized way and they do this for a guy named Duncan limp. Duncan Duncan limp was a a militiaman Kind of a BOO Goo Guy. Blue activist. Who was I believe? Twenty one years old and he was shot to death in a no knock raid by the police. The police alleged that he had firearms. He was legally prohibited from possessing because of a juvenile charge. There's debate as to whether or not that was legitimate. Dunkin limps family claims. He was shot. The police say that he accosted them with a gun as they were entering his home. And he booby trapped his home. His family says that this is untrue when he was shot to death in his bed next to his girlfriend who was also wounded in the right. I don't know what happened. But they have adopted him as a martyr and so they for weeks. They've been sharing images of his of his face With like the phrase his name is his name is Duncan limp written on it which is kind of. It's like a fight club callback. But it's also their explicit sort of goal of to turn this guy into a martyr and hours of Mr Floyd's death. They were doing the same thing to his face and they have you know his name is Charles Floyd in the same kind of edited together in the same way and the conscious goes like we can get these people on our side. We can get them on our I to back already of fighting the police and the way we want to fight the police and I wanNA make it clear. I'M NOT AGAINST. I'm not even against fucking throwing rocks at the police in the situation like this but I don't think that gun battles with the police in the middle of a massive crowded. Protest is a good idea. Yeah that's not going to help anybody especially not you explain. Why by just saying that? Sentencing actually it would help the police. More don't start gun battles in the middle of crowded protests full of innocent people as a rule as A. Don't start your role to live by. Yeah Yeah it's it's this. There's a bunch shit that like I just don't know what the truth is yet. So one of the things that's been going around is they're worth three open. Carry protesters who appear to be both kind of into the blue blue stuff and more left wing. Although I don't have a clear concrete understanding of their political ideology they're definitely super at least one of them's definitely super into the big. Two of them were white. One of them was black. They were open carrying a long guns rifles at the protests They claim that they never discharged their arms And that they were there to peacefully show support and protect the crowd which may be true. I do not know I also found video of its terrifying video which has been purged from the Internet. This point but the video showed it was a livestream from one of the protests was a large crowd of of mostly black protesters marching down the street peacefully and as they're marching and chanting. There are a series of five loud gunshots. The sounded like rifle-fire although it's Kinda hard to tell and then the crowd likes it was terrifying. People very clearly worried that somebody was opening fire with a rifle into the crowd. That isn't what happened. But there were definitely shots fired It was not fireworks and then I found another video of one of the people who is in. That crowd was taking cover with a group of other activists claiming that the people who had fired were a group of dudes with AK47's. I don't know if she literally sue thought they were as or if that was just kind of like term for a rifle that occurred during the moment but that they had been the ones that fired and so that some people suspected that was that group carrying they have explicitly. Were denying it on facebook. I don't know but that kind of shows you the level of like how difficult it is to tell what is going on. There were absolutely shots fired at the protest. It doesn't seem to have been by cops in part because like nobody got shot it like it. Seems like someone was just shooting and we don't really know who it was or why they did it but it panicked to the crowd and given the number of people who are talking online on the in this bugle community about their desire to spark a gun. Fight like you have to look into it and I don't. There's a very real possibility that that comes from them to see what happens next right merely just making the sound. Yeah I mean I've already said this terrifying but it's an in many ways different ways. It's terrifying what this means. What this represents this escalation of tensions in general because we're everybody's primed right now and it's a perfect opportunity for people to come in and exacerbate tensions right but also there's like you're saying it's really hard to get track of what actually is happening or what's going to happen but there's so much news from a about. I was really grateful when I saw you tracking this story last night on twitter because it's so hard to shift through everything as is let alone make space for this very important thing that's developing and we need to be in our radar have on a radars and is going to continue to develop. Yeah keep a over the same altos. I mean obviously yeah. It just looks like someone sharing photos from Ferguson and calling it something else and like just thinking I keep thinking game time period and like how even like these protests like. There's so much going on. It's and then when the tear gas comes out it's so hard to follow what's going on and you need to like be really locked in and tuned in to local reporters there and just like to get a sense of like any sense of what's actually going on And the idea of doing that now. during during a pandemic and six years later When things have gotten worse and more polarized everything just just worse and yet the same. Yeah and it's their first off just as a note if you're looking for a good source on what's happening in. Minneapolis from a group of journalists on the ground in live streaming Unicorn riots. You can find them on twitter if they have a website. Google uniform Unicorn right you'll find them They've been doing great journalist for journalism for a long time. A lot of on the street stuff. They're incredibly good at covering this exact sort of thing and I can't recommend them enough. There Patriots supported so consider backing them. They're they're really good people. I met him at St digital stuff. They really well to getting. Yeah Yeah. Yup they've put together. Yeah incredible resources. So yeah the. There's this difficulty when talking about this. I've even gotten slammed by some people online for when talk about like the provocateurs coming in and trying to spark violence where they'll be like. Hey fuck off with this. You're essentially like means testing the protest or like arguing that only non violent protests is valid or denying the use of a diversity of tactics are trying to push the image that like these these protesters violent and I. I understand the concern over that because this is something that happens and I. I get frustrated when particularly people are more liberal bent get angry protesters for engaging physically with police in situations where the police are outrageously aggressive. As if it's OK. As if the fact that that that violence from protesters provokes more violence from police means that it's okay for the police to be escalating violence in that way which. I agree as I can't have retiro tests. Sorry go ahead. That is not. Yeah oh it just like that. L. Is really important to address. Talk about and it's one of those things. I already seeing like rehashes of every single conversation. That was had about about Ferguson. It's like it's about. Obviously there's a reason but like it's just maddening. Instantly that like we gotta do it all over again and have those conversations again and The the kind of pain that people have to go through just like watching this unfold. Yeah but it's also like it is what you're talking about that situation those people that's like that's the no. I'm not I'm not I'm not right. That's there's a difference. Yeah there's in what you're trying to say right now. Yeah there's and I want to read some of the quotes that left. Coast Right Watch At Elsie are w news on twitter. Found going through these blue blue focus like telegram channels with these guys talking about what they WanNa do with the protest us one person stating remember that these folks and he's talking about the cops are used to everyone fearing and cowering. They're addicted to the feeling and addicts will do anything for another hit. But they have to be the ones to fire. I we have to be acting in self-defense. But we can taunt the hell out of them to push them to the breaking point. Here's another post gunfires. Getting really heavy. This may be it. This may be the BOOB. My rose in an Emoji of praying hands. Yeah there's there's more a protester down to rubber. Nonlethal is not the same as drop from nine millimeter or five. Five six types bullets. We have to wait until it's intentionally lethal. Someone response intentionally killed that man that sparked this whole protest Another person's saying show up force. Just don't fire until fired upon and then another person responding make them shoot. I won't be hard. They will be pissing themselves in itching to assert authority. And there's there's a ton of that like the this hope that there will be that. The police will open fire on the crowd with live rounds. These this small group showing up with weapons can defend the crowd with guns and that. That's yeah that's pretty clear what their intentions are here. And I say this will keep happening because I believe that we will see this continuing to happen at different protests and the tensions keep getting exacerbated. I mentioned state because it's like far less happens to set off the police then. This as tensions are mounting. Do you know what I mean. And it's I'll just keep saying it's terrifying. Yeah so for example And I think the these these Google guys talking about their desire to get into a gunfight with the cops over this it's a mix of ones who are just so angry at the state of affairs in this country for some good reasons that they think the they've become acceleration as they think that just a giant gunfight with the state needs to erupt because it's the only and people who really don't care about the lives of people in the crowd and just want an excuse to have a gun fight because they're violent like it's a mix of those two but there's also trying to manipulate these these protests and push things towards violence element of just straight up Nazis and that's embodied really by what fortune did last night so there was this young man who was one of the very last and this isn't around had been around three or four in the morning. Minneapolis Time Derek Branch and Derek. It was live streaming. He's he he makes music and stuff and so he's been like has like a decent sized platform for live streaming and like it's I think. Twelve thousand people were watching his livestream and because the police had really taken efforts. Some people claim the police to take efforts to knock down to put like signal blockers and stuff to knock out livestream and I can tell you that a lot of live. Streams were taken down by facebook during the protests. I can't tell you that that hasn't been looked into enough but people are investigating at currently Derek. One of the only people up late at night when the police were trying to push protesters away from the third precinct. House in Minneapolis. Where like a lot of them were around and so one point in his livestream Derek Derek branch like is asked by someone on the livestream. Hey man how's your camera battery doing? And he pulls a battery like large black battery out of his like pants and he says it's like locked and loaded man and he puts it back in now at the same time on four. Chan's poll board These kids as they do time. Something like this is happening. It started looking for ways to fuck around with it and they found Eric's livestream and they all hopped onto the youtube video. The like the youtube post for his livestream and just not it was a mix of them like making a bunch of racist jokes but a bunch of them like also started trying talking about on four Chan and on Youtube how they could get Derek killed. And they settled on calling the police informing them of his livestream sending the police clips of him saying locked and loaded and telling the police that he had gotten. I was listening. Live to the police radio feed and I heard the police say there is a livestream. He says he's locked and loaded. He's flashed us with a gun and they were clearly now listening to his livestream and as this is happening on the the the Youtube video all these four Chan kids are talking very excitedly about like you know he's about to find out This guy is going to get killed like. We're going to get this guy killed. Isn't that fucking awesome and Derek is also listening in to the police scanner at this time. So here's his name on the police scanner and he realizes the cops think he has a gun and he fucking books it gets in his car and drives away and there was a fucking terrifying Twenty minutes or so just watching this kid in his car like almost on the edge of tears thinking he's going to get murdered by the police knowing that the police have his address and our reading it out over because he's hearing the police as and thankfully because this was all being publicized. It wasn't just the Nazis trying to kill this guy who are aware of his dream. A bunch of people started calling the cops and saying you've got it wrong like this guy is a is unarmed. Like here's what's happening on the video and the police backed off and he was not. He's fine there. Derek is all right but what a terrifying turn of events. It was fucking horrible. Yeah and these kids were like fucking Nazis. They're talking about Nazi stuff like one of them one of the quotes that I pulled out of it. There's just one guy saying FASCISM MR future so they're not very subtle about it but also like they're constantly talking about 'cause like after Derek. It became clear. He wasn't going to get murdered. They switched over to another life. Feed to watch Unicorn riot and this was like in front of the liquor store when the cops were trying to push people out of the liquor store that had been liquor. Store got occupied at one point And just constantly making comments about joggers in about like wanting to see police takeout joggers. Which after Ahmed Arby's murder Jogger is white nationalist slang for the n? Word now it. Yeah so it's not a great time to be an American good good. What yeah are there other protests things on your radar that they might also try to infiltrate and so anything that gets any kind of actual cultural inertia behind it? I do think you made a really good point. Cody and that the violence. We're likely to see from these folks are attempts at actually broken. The police violence way more likely to happen at sort of a more traditionally leftwing demonstration like this was although like being angry at at police. Murdering someone isn't left-wing or right-wing but the the days. Yeah Yeah So I think like the next time cops murder a black man. Somewhere in America tomorrow probably An- protests erupt. You can expect to see these. You can expect to see them. Continue to show up and thankfully like this time at least so far may changed by the time this fucking episodes drops but so far. There hasn't been a gun fight sparked by these boo blue kids showing up and getting in the middle of things but that could change at any moment it could change at any one of these protests because most of these guys when you get right down to it when like the meat he hits the metal most of these boo glue. Kids aren't gonNA ACTUALLY WANNA get into a gun fight. I've been gunfights. They suck like they're they're terrifying and it's very hard to react. Well trained for them. They're disorienting and confusing and even if you have a weapon trained to use it the odds of using it effectively or low especially in a situation where like at least in my case. They happen in war zones. I can't imagine the chaos of being surrounded by tear gas clouds and protesters people shooting laser pointers and lights and flash banks and then a gunfight starts like not the best environment for accurate right but like what movies though so. I don't have you thought of that. I don't think most of these people are actually likely even the ones who show up. Most of them are not likely to actually start something regardless of what they say. But all it takes is one and then you've got a lot of metal flying through the air and probably a lot of dead and wounded people and then more protests and those protests will start more amped up level and will involve more armed people and like. It's it's a cascade effect as we're seeing happened in Minneapolis right now. I think it's cascading It it probably could stopped him. The apple is this case. If the police immediately arrested and charged with murder I might have done something As opposed to just firing them his. I don't know if you know this. But in in the city of Minneapolis half of the times when officers are dismissed are fired for reasons like this for like police brutality. They are rehired. Because they're union sues department so people were yeah. Yeah that's very regular. It's actually more than one hundred hundred. The number of cities almost immediately. Yeah very fact. Just so fucked up. It's depressing this is depressing. We have something positive to say for our listeners. You know ways to help get involved support. Pay Attention I guess. Yeah I mean if you're in Minneapolis. Take to the streets and try to support people protesting and whatever we can to ensure that justice is done. Because whatever the like. This is a dangerous situation. It's not safe to take to the streets in these situations but I do think that of all of the bad outcomes. The worst one is not making the city pay when it murders citizens when it's agents murder citizens. I don't think the option is don't protest. I don't think that's the answer here But if you do get out and do a protest or if you wind up at one later this year because there will be more keep a fucking eye out for these kids. Keep a fucking eye out for people who are looking to. Who aren't there to actually support. The protests in a meaningful way. And who are there because they want to be the star of their own little action movie. Yeah that would be my advice And learn how to deal with a gunshot wounds by Combat Application Journal tourniquet. Pick up some CELAC SAWS not a useless skill to have in a country with four hundred million guns. Okay some positivity. The President tweeted that at his request. The FBI and the Department of Justice are already well into an investigation as the very sad and tragic death in Minnesota. George Floyd Oh good. I'm glad that he's asked for this. Investigation to be expedited Guy WanNA dump. He's Shit. I'm glad that we're already doing the things making sure they do. It really well. It had been announced the day before. Talk that unbelievable. Yeah but that is. It's interesting the way that he has talked about that. He's I know he's scared of this. Because this is a this is a largely. Although not entirely conservative heavily armed anti-state movement that is getting into the streets and aggressive during his administration. Which is actually kind of one of the things that might be it of all of the bad things about having trump in office part of me is like maybe it's not the worst thing that he's the president as this is hitting because this way it's not we're not seeing of a right wing insurgency form against a Liberal Democrat. We're seeing it form very very explicitly against the police. Who again even if you think that these. Bugaku kids are widely misguided and compromised by Nazis which they definitely are like fuck the police so I guess that's what I'm saying I can. He definitely he seems to be scared as fuck of this because he has no control over it and because it is going to harm his chances of reelection. And because every like yeah. There's no way to spin this to a Democrat thing because it's the fucking police and he has made it a huge part of his campaign to be filmed with police to talk about the support. He has from the police. Like there's no co-opting the Boo Movement for the president because these guys fucking hate him in part because he's passed more gun control than Barack Obama. Did which is another aspect of this interesting times. At least everything makes sense. Oh yes perfect sense Yup Crystal Clear Straightforward Times. Yeah Elon. Musk avoided blowing up a rocket to that. That's good that's good. I'm glad it'll be another day. The weather the weather was like not today. But he's GONNA kill go. Spend time with your child. He's GonNa kill on another day. That's good New York City. Hey No not today. We couldn't. We couldn't have handled it today. They were like no just like give it a do this do with this weekend. New York City rats are becoming carnivorous monsters. Hungary know what Darby in the subway system. Why don't we give the rats are shot like running have it? We're not verge right. Yeah they seem like they know some shit I bow down to our new overlords. Yeah I don't think those little midst can hold guns so at least there's that yeah yeah so are. Closing advice is take to the streets and vote rat in twenty twenty guys. They're just GONNA make tiny. There's you're right. Tiny guns didn't do a PSA at cracked for tiny guns. Yes a good take. Checkout are tiny gun. Psa on cracked from years ago and that stroke Song New York City Rats. You could check us out online at worst your sticker hand to instagram twisted Graham. All right Oh yeah. Yeah all right this is it although I wanNA know name one last one last bit of an update from sixteen minutes ago are still continuing around the police precinct. Walled off the precinct. Protesters appear to have retaken the liquor store and now have the high ground over the police are. Things are mellow music. I ground guys but would it doesn't sound like it doesn't love how my God I mean they're already using the was what I'm saying. It certainly does not sound like it's de-escalating now they've taken are. I'm sure we'll have more to say about this show. We all right stay. Powerful bomb worst year ever is a production of I. Heart radio for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows do you know what it feels like to change a diaper while wearing one does your sweaty face twitch when someone says you've got the pregnancy glow hi it's Katie. Lowes fellow Mama and host of Katie's crib. A podcast where we have open and honest conversations about what it's really like to be a parent this season. We've got power house guests like America Ferrera and Gabrielle Union. It's real MOM's real talk real tired. New episodes release every other Thursday. 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