EP84: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at our Peer-Run Mastermind


Ooh. Welcome. To the wellness business podcast, simple strategies, declutter the online noise to fast track the growth of your wellness business with Karen paddock and Kathleen Legris. Welcome back to another episode of the well, this was this podcast. I am pumped up today as always. And you know, who I'm hanging out with today. It's Kathleen Legris, my Mazen co host. Hey, Kathleen, Dunton like, wow, you're on fire ready. So here's a little behind the scenes glimpse. And actually you come over to our Instagram account for the podcast. We're kinda sharing some additional behind the scenes glimpse. This is normally record to podcasts. We typically do them on Wednesdays. The third one we're doing today. So I think for Phil low punchy low punchy, but hey, I have to say you're looking cute sassy and risky today. So lot right back at ya. We're having fun. That's our. And here's the thing. We're doing something a little different this week that we think are really gonna like one of the questions we see pretty often has to do with joining or running your own mastermind, and you may know that Karen I r- part of a weekly peer run mastermind, which means it's free because we're the ones that are running it, and we have two other people that are in the mastermind to. And of course, there are paid masterminds that you can join ours is free because it's just the four of us for business besties, we get together to talk business each week, and you can do this too. And we're going to give you a behind the scenes look at exactly how we do it. And since Karen, I were a guest on our friend, Lori Kennedy's podcast, which is called the business of becoming we talked about how we run our mastermind. We thought it would be fun to share that interview with you guys here on our podcast. Yeah. And and guys just literally from the time that this goes live. I think it's like three weeks from now. Yeah. We lice year you're going to hear about this. But we try to meet twice a year in person because there's just it's totally different vibe when you hang out together for four days and you're working on each other's businesses. Totally different vibe than our weekly calls in really the goals for that are completely different. So yeah, we're meeting up in Austin, Texas, and we're going to hang out for four days. And that's going to be really really good. I cannot wait. It's so much fun. But and it's amazing. We are very very focused. We're usually together. Like, we say say we arrived Monday. We'll have fun on Monday will work Tuesday Wednesday. We'll go to lunch or go to dinner, and then we'll leave on Thursday so were together two full days, but we get so much done days. And who are you kidding? We start talking shop right away on Monday kinda do. But we also we'll. You know, the shopping, but yeah, try not to. But somebody are always those there. So so during this recorded interview with the four members of our mastermind, which are Kathleen Laurie. Kennedy Alicia Streeter and me you're gonna learn how to structure your own mastermind. What we cover each week. How does it look what do we talk about also would to look for in potential members? So if you're interested in starting your own, and and we're going to take you in that interview back to the grassroots like how ours got started the next thing, you're gonna learn his should you? Join a mastermind that's already up and running or start your own. And then the lessons that we've learned along the way some good and some not so good, but lessons definitely help you grow. So our mastermind has helped all of us really grow our businesses, and really I would say in our personal life as well and has allowed us to get invaluable feedback. It's also helped us through some challenging personal times. So when we're together, we definitely talk personal stuff as well as business. It's not all about business because as a solo business owner solo entrepreneur your personal. Life in your business. Life kind of are all woven together. And you definitely want to that. It's knowing that we have a group of colleagues who we trust. And we always have each other's backs that just is a game changer. I mean, I definitely am a firm believer in masterminds. We think you're really going to enjoy this inside. Look, certainly you can check out lorries podcasts the business of becoming on your favorite podcast app. But in the meantime, come on in and have a listen to a very private and open conversation about our own mastermind. Okay. Has especially for you guys today today were doing more of a round table, sorta kinda discussion here on the business of becoming podcast because I have my business besties on the show with me today. And we are gonna talk all about how. How we've formed our peer run mastermind as we like to call it. You're gonna get a very honest and open behind the scenes look at how we run things what we do how we are with each other. What we share with each other the good the bad the ugly? The funny all that stuff in between. And I'm just really so happy that we could make this work and that awkwardness are good in on here today. So why don't we get started? We'll just sort of go around in a circle and everybody can introduce each other or themselves. I guess. And then we will we will dive into it so care, and you wanna you wanna start Burke church her. So I'm here and actually Laurie. Nice started this mastermind together, we'll tell you more about that in a minute though. I health and wellness entrepreneurs build out in Email marketing campaign to attract you clients, and I also co host the wellness decide cast with Kathleen. So that's that's my back story, unsure you're gonna out lot more than you wanna know. So then tough lead. Why don't you go next? All right. Yeah. So I'm Kathleen aggress, and I helped health coaches on nutrition streamline and scale their business by using done for you per grounds outlet, Karen said her, and I co host the wellness business cat's amazing n last but not least leash on malicious straighter iron fit. Pro sentinels. I work with fitness professionals and help them system is in streamlined their businesses. So amazing end. So this is this is us. This is our peer run, pure organiz, peer everything mastermind. I should just explain what that means. We don't pay each other for coaching or we don't pay to be a part of this. It's something that we do. I don't even wanna say for free. 'cause it doesn't feel that way. We just have committed to this as something that we value in our lives, but we don't. There's no fee that we pay to anyone all the positions voluntary. Basically four freeloaders. Basically. So I just wanted to clear that for everyone that it is in tireless possible to have a colleague based or peer run mastermind where you don't have to pay anyone anything. There is money that we expend like we meet two times ear. We'll talk about that. But we basically just split costs impair on expenses in that hundred. But no one's paying anyone for coaching. And so it's essentially it's appear run. I don't know any other way to sort of say it, it's a pure. It's appear run mastermind. And so caring. Why don't you start us off in just share how you and I met, and and sort of how this whole thing involved so rate at the beginning actually Laurie reached out to me to become an affiliate or her at the time. I had some personal things going on. I wasn't able to do it. And I said could you get back to me in the next time? You're going to do on late launch in she dead, and my personal staff have been taking off in this was in. I think lakes thousand teen yet. And so I ran affiliate promotion for her. It went amazing. I was like, wow. This is my first affiliate promotion. This is great Laura's amazing. So in March two thousand fourteen I bought a ticket to her live events. And I went with the attention of hanging out with their in and getting one month as time with her because I felt like we had national and she definitely set time side for me after the event we had along. The next morning, and and really kinda mapped out a way that we could stay in touch support one another more than Justin villi at. But as rans colleagues, here's and really that was the culmination of how he started since started slow in the way of one would make the slow regular that. We're getting on the phone together and helping support one another in you insure your marketing strategies with me, and I can share mine with you know, when we can bring storm together in that time, we get started. Is that did I miss anything Laurie? No, I don't I don't think. So I think for me at that point. I was in a in a mastermind. And there was very few females. And there was no one in alternative health that I could collaborate with and Karen Hudson kind of brain as me, so we can go down the rabbit hole. Eric easily when it comes to like marketing strategy in funnels and all of that good stuff that we both really like. And so not only on like a personal. I think side of it where we get along. Very well, but we we were able to keep up with each other from that perspective, and I hadn't really met anyone who wasn't necessarily like in fitness online marketing that I was able to have that relationship with. And I think that's why we and also too we both were so open with each other. I think if one of us were sort of holding the secrets close to the chest, it wouldn't work. Yeah. So I want to just say that. Although we started our mastermind really with a business conversation in mine. It quickly turns to we were supporting each other in all aspects of the offer their long in life than lorries. Oh, you know as things that happened with their kids or things were going on with her husband or interpersonal life? I was able to give her the wisdom of my advanced years. She helps keep me young too. We'll try this. What do you do the the displayed? So I felt like there was a really good synergy there not just for business on ener personalizes. Well, yeah. And we'll definitely talk more about how we support each other personally. And also how we support each other from the business perspective. But I want to sort of continue the story as to how it's evolved into what it is. And if I remember correctly, Kathleen, but your program. And was in your in your step program. And she was helping you with it because I remember Karen, I having conversations about Kathleen. And being like, she seems really cool. She act do it like, maybe we should talk to her more. Certain that set program Kathleen by the step program. And then I believe he did one on one private coaching with me. Right. Kathleen. Yeah. Yeah. I hired Kathleen to come into my Facebook group in help support my step into more prophets members. And. Yeah. And that it was like Jesus pretty off the I remember the day that I'm gay Kathleen, myself number. What he does not know what she's done here. Really get client myself on number now. So it was it was a big milestone. But yeah, that definitely propelled our relationship forward really quickly. Every single day since then. So that was the big mistake. Pretty much and then at that point too. I think you're caffeine, your health coach stuff was just getting started. And then you and I started doing some Phileas stuff. And I was still pretty new figuring all this out. I had just launched a few different done for you program. So I was really kind of the beginning stages of building my business. So I'll be totally open honest with sharing with you guys when you invited me into your mastermind, I really thought oh my gosh. Like, I'm not worthy. I I don't I don't know if I know an and as poising that concern dad a did. But it's how long do this for years. Yeah. You know, the SOGA. Yeah. And then and then the funniest part about it was when Kathleen asked me like, do, you know, a leash o- straighter like. Yup. Dot point a leash and I had been like chatting in friends in like behind the scenes supporting each other and just hanging out like at other conferences and stuff like that. Although we met for the first time like this year at conferences. But like, we knew the same people, and and Kathleen was like juice think she should come like, we should ask her to be in the mastermind, and I was like, yes. We're, you know, alternative health nutrition like health coach of Emily Shas, fitness. But a leash also has so much more experience like scaling her business. And she's obsessed with spreadsheets she's super organized. Do you want to share from your perspective show like what that was like for you? Yeah. While before so I kinda stopped you guys. What you were doing. And I I've been following you guys for such a long time and really respected admire you, and so I kinda was like putting Steelers out I've been a part of mastermind groups for ten plus years. I think they're one of the most important pieces of growing your business to feel supported at being around people that you trust in. You know, have your back. That, you know, having fun mindset, but I definitely stopped all of you. And like really wanna be a part of this group. I knew you had something going on. And you know, I knew I needed something like this to take me to the next level. Even though I still am other groups I knew wanted to be with you guys. And so I was messaging Kathleen, and Lauren Univer going back and forth. But I really appreciate being adopted into the group. For years. But yeah, I mean just finding people that share the same kind of driving ambition. That's moss on yourself with. So, you know, once I knew that you guys have your group. I knew I wanted to create something I didn't even think that you would let me into your little inner circle. And if you even had wanted to take more people on 'cause I know you as such close knit group before. And yeah, it was just a perfect set pre sheet being included in the group. But it was everything that I was looking for and it has like personally and professionally be just in the last. I don't know I've been in what five six months now, they can Jane you're when you have to first of making we are the least available. She can join. Yeah. Now missing. Yeah. Nothing about. But it is it so important that you buying the right? Yes. Eat gall, the right people because it was three of us for quite quite some time than we had someone else. Commend Annette didn't last too long. So it's kinda nice having having the four of us. Do each bring something different to the table. So is now is such a well rounded group. Yeah. Absolutely. And so what I what I think will do is we'll share how we run it. And then we can share what we all get out of it. And then sort of the highs in the lows sort of trouble shooting in things to look out for. So Kathleen is our volunteer chairperson. Ryan by default. And she takes charge of the meeting in keeps us on track. We're women we also like to shut a bit. So sometimes you know that happens. But we do have a structure for having done it. It's it has volved over the years. You know? And we've I remember that there to really good podcast. I think it was a care member. Who's podcast? It was but they talked about how they ran their pure mastermind. Remember, eighty masters. Shit. They actually recorded. They brought a guest in reported all of them giving him strategy marketing strategy back. Right. So I think she put it on her podcast, then hat Flynn, also polarize it is that Flynn's talking about the level of commitment. That's required and the structure of the mastermind and just all of that stuff. So Kathleen, why don't you take us through? What when we meet what we do in. How that all runs? Okay. Or so we do have a basic structure that we follow. But we don't always follow like, we get the basic, son. So we meet once a week every Monday the same time, Monday morning at nine o'clock Pacific, twelve noon eastern. It's an hour long. Call for the four of us. So the basic structure of the call is we first each share a win or some news, and we share if we have a check. Challenge questions something that we're working on where we feel stock mabley just need some input or ideas. Like, what am I missing here? And then the third one will do like is anybody hot seat? So hot seat would be more than right for an hour each only half, fifteen minutes of kind of service level, but if any of us are working on something more involved and we need a hot seat. We can dedicate more time to that person. So they can really get what they need a lot of times. It is shorter stats but wants to while of one of us is in launch mode or working on something new. We just need some input in. What am I missing here? What else should I include which I leave out in that? So it's pretty pretty straightforward. So start off with a win or some news that you wanna share in. What question do you have what challenge what do you want someone else to look out for you? And Dan kinda wrap up. Let us know what you're working on. Yeah. And that's that works pretty well. I I know at certain points. We were tracking our goals, and we had a spreadsheet going, and then that kind of fizzled out. But when we meet in person, which we tried to do two times the air. I wasn't able to go to some of them just because of kids stuff happening. I got zoomed in for one of them, which was super also. So I could be a part of that. But we also do we try to do two times a year in person because we all live in different. None of us live in the same city, or even I don't live in the same country as the rest of them. So we tried to do that. And so when we need together that's also when will go through like, okay. What do we want the next year to be? What do we want our program goals to be what do we talk very openly about money? There's no secrets everybody sort of knows where everybody's at from a revenue perspective. What we make what we lost? What we spend. There is no secrets at all. I think that's when the most important things of this group is that we hold nothing private like, you you ask you wanna know here. This now. And so that's super important. So yeah, so we meet every Monday. And then we do two times a year in a location where we can basically follow the same structure, right likely. Basically just given update us to where we are. And then we just get longer time to guess map things out. Oh, it's so good to. So for example, masterminds are two full days of say we fly in Monday will be together all day, Tuesday all day Wednesday the most fly out Thursday. So each day will focus on two different people. And by the end of the day, you're dead. But it is incredible will bring a Karen last time. We went to Galveston we went to Staples with. The giants sticky pad thing was like the giant posted notes that we plastered all over the wall in remounted Ono's. It was amazing. And so this way we can connect person we can go for dinner, and we can laugh in we can just like enjoy each other's company. Because for the last four five years we see each other every single week. I I would say you guys can chime in here. I think that the commitment has been one of the most powerful things about this. Not sure that we would have all gotten the value out of it, HUD, we only met once a month's absolutely. Hundred percent. And as as much as it's been a challenge for some of us myself mostly to meet every Monday, or I think we changed it from like survey, whatever it was. I think having that commitment is a huge piece of it. And I know that that's something that that is very important to us over time. So maybe we can just go around in share before we dive into like how that works commitment in. What happens in the good about the ugly? Maybe we can just circle back and say, okay, like what have we each gotten out of it? And and how do we feel like it's been like effective for us? Who wants to go first over? So for me, I've been another paid masterminds. And while those are wonderful and have definitely been beneficial for my business, they're all based on numbers. Right. And what are they gonna do? They're gonna measure where he started where you're at mental where you wanna go. And that's how they measure success. The the thing that's different about me in take me along time figure that out in you all have helped me to your that out and honor it in myself is that I'm not completely driven by numbers. Yes, that's part of it by there's a bigger part of it. That's about joy in happiness and on a different phase in my life than I was twenty years ago. And I'm kinda flow down a little bit into that was really hard for me to honor that in. So that's the piece of this mastermind that has so different for me because it allows me to bring those personal feelings in get so. Port on a motions and her sincerity trade Seig gas or or things that I'm struggling with. No for the longest time. I kept saying to guys something's wrong. I can't figure it out something wrong. He figured out. Can't put my finger on it. And that went on like a whole year. And then once the floodgates opened. I recognize what it was. It was hashing it out with all you that was a game changer for me. I mean, if I wouldn't have had all of you echoing a lot of things backs me in helping these work that out. I don't know what I would've done, and I wouldn't have gotten that kind of support in he'd asteroid. So from here mastermind standpoint that to me is more than any marketing strategy, and all of that it's that personal level of support in commitment. And like Lori said honesty, just let it all out we cry. We laugh, you know, we get mad. We have all of that. And it just. Feels like a really safe space to share and be as open of you know, everything is laid on the table. And then that's how it all comes out the new really good experience. And I think that's really important because as you were talking I was like I wonder how we created. I honestly think it's the longevity of it. I think it's the weekly fuck that with masterminds you can renew. But you're there to get something from the leader of the mastermind, we're here to support each other. It's such a different intention. Not like, I get I get support for sure. And I get all of the good stuff. But I'm here to support you guys. Like, that's what you know. What I mean, like, it's not I'm not like I think in a regular notch on you pay and you want to receive receive receive receive you make friends with people in that's cool. Go into it with the intention of creating these really really specific bonds with the intention of support both giving and receiving and a Dr. Dr currency, right. Like when you're paying your harder dollars, you want something back where this is more of a personal commitment on all levels. And that's what we want back. So it's just a different exchange of currency yet in a different to win. You know, you can let regard down so that you don't be real beef fully transparent. That's a whole nother vibe. An I know for me until the guys before I would not be wearing 'em right now if it weren't for all of new dies hands down has been a knife. Had the business coaches kicking a bunch pergram than those have all helped me in different areas. But Lori was saying is having the weekly weekly calls a showing up being able to support each other. And I think for me other than accountability. Which is huge definitely helps with your guest because you know, Kevin had this call. On a day with the people like like show what what I'm doing. So definite Oguz accountability. And Assumpta agree. You're sandy because face it growing business on your own can feel very lonely very lonely. So when you think you're going through these things on your own, you're the only one that's facing these challenges in having some of these frustrations, it can feel very discouraging sometimes. But when you know, you've got that weekly call you can Vance you convertible vomit. What's going on in? You know, you're gonna get from feedback to turn that around to some degree is just incredibly on both. So thank you guys. A pre all of these. As you were saying that about you know, the ice Latian. I was thinking about our GDP are thread that we were. When we. We were all just so angry about it. And how just 'cause you like because Kathleen's right like at the end of the day. It is isolating. We all sit in our offices at my dining table wherever and we work all day and were for the most part were alone in that. And you know, like all of you listening. We all have to be on social media, and we have to share our lives, and we all need safe spaces and safe containers to just be ourselves in share. You know, this happened in my kid this in my parents, my in laws are sick in my son's in like all driver's licenses in grandbabies like dogs in moving in all of that stuff. You just need that safe space to be able to just be like I can't today. Yeah. Or this is awesome. I just hit my financial goal and know that it will be celebrated without like do. I share this doing on. Like is it we are to talk about the money. Like there is none of that. Yeah. Go out to those you listening. Maybe you can relate to this specific forum for the most part when you meet someone in the row where all of your public and someone asks you what you do. You know, they're not gonna understand right? Okay. What is so important to connect with in be plugged into other people that get understand what you do that on part? Yeah. I would say like the big guys all touched on everything that I was thinking and the biggest piece for me was that connection, you know. And like really feeling like I wasn't a safe place meal the sheriff's up because there's not a lot of people that I do that with or feel comfortable enough to be able to do that with. I mean. Just that not feeling isolated in. It's lonely being an entrepreneur, you know, and. It definitely is we're in a world of our own. And so to have that with all of you and have complete trust in our little circle. That's everything to me. So I look forward to our calls. The are one mastermind meeting like that help be more on a personal level. I wasn't expecting when I went in. Because that was my first one I was expecting like I'm going to map out my business in we're gonna help refine the goals, and it was complete one eighty from what I was expecting like it really made it impacts of personal life on a deep level. And so land retrieved you. Fine. Join the Ganyu are we hundred I in person, which was in Galveston was Miller ended a. I remember leashes say, you should be a therapist. Which I still. Speaking of that like, the one thing for me that I've also been in masterminds, and that's fine. And typically, I'm in masterminds with men with a lot of men, and if I'm masterminds with women. Just it doesn't feel comfortable. And so, you know, I think I think it's safe for all of us. I know for sure I would certainly not be where I am both personally. I think more so than professionally if it wasn't for this. This mastermind are are masterminding guesses overhauling it, and it it's because I think the longevity of us going through personal stuff while we're building the business. And so for me, you know, as much as I get the marketing strategy help and like the pixel help and like just all of that stuff. When we talk business for me. It's definitely been also super personal because civically more Karen Kathleen in leash starting, you know, we've gone through years together who have you know, my divorce just working really hard kids. You know, parents getting sick babies being born not mine foot lake grandbabies being granted this stuff. Where we're able to really call each other out specifically Karen calls me out. But we're able to do that in a way that is so loving and so compassionate because it's not just business like we can make all the money. We want in the world, and if we're working and not happy and not taking time for ourselves. And so in addition to our hot seats in our funnels in our strategy stuff were able to really call each other on our stuff, which I think I don't get really anywhere else in my life. I don't have a partner to like call me on it. So I certainly appreciate that very much and there's been times where my Karen be. So proud of me, did whatever I took of -cation. You know, because I'm being held accountable that ways, well, it's not just to the revenue goals, which I'm certainly accountable too. But it's it's to quality of life. And I think that's because we're all very similar in our values. And I think that's a huge important piece coming together with people like having the same values. I know wouldn't work for me. If I was in a group where all people cared about was like Lamborghinis in like Prada purses. 'cause I don't value that at all. So maybe we can switch a little bit and talk about, you know, some tips for those people listening if they wanna form a mastermind like how we have also say to like you're hearing is everyone this is years like this is years of us showing up week in and week out where we do have a very high level of comfort and joy with each other at first it wasn't. When Karen I were doing this. We were just forming a friendship like anything like any other relationship. It takes so much work and so much energy and so much effort. If you want it to develop so do you guys maybe just wanna throw out some tips for those people listening who who wanna create appear run mastermind, what question comes to mind that I wonder if listeners are thinking about I don't know the answer. So see what you guys think if you were to start a mastermind would you recommend starting with just one other person and growing it from there? I don't I be one or two. I think three or four people in my opinion. This is the magic number right? I think actually I think for us four is the magic number. You know, Lauren I've had to we invited one more. And then it was likely felt like we needed one more. And so for us lower. But initially I would say Cuers three just because there there are bumps around. We've had our share bumps in the road to get where we are at with this master Murray in simply it takes a minute. And then you've got like worrisome the level of commitment. Everyone's gone all in the beginning. He had arrived. Let's do let's do wanna be part of it. And then when it comes to showing up or when they feel like I'm not doing as well as the other person. Can they handle that right? Has this? This mastermind will bring to the forefront. Any insecurities any issues? You have yourself any lack of courage or self confidence. It will bring because you have all the at levels in skill sets that are coming together. So get ready for arrive. Basically. I don't know what you guys think. Yeah. Yeah. I think three sketchy because things happened. Sometimes someone can't make the call. So at least that means at least two can be on the call. So I think that is good. Yeah. I think I think three is good. I wouldn't go any bigger than four only because it would run you longer than an hour. Also, like if you had six that's a lot. That's a lot of businesses to discuss that's a lot of personalities. That's a lot of time. And I keep ING it to an hour. Once a week is really important. And we do like we were like, okay, it's one o'clock like at one o'clock like we often I'll go calls at one o'clock like we're done. We keep. So yeah, I think that's a really good question. I think me personally, not more than four for sure hungry Lisa. Yeah. I think the fours worked out really. Well, this is the smallest mastermind group I've ever been in. And usually sometime I mean, twelve to fifteen up to forty forty five people, and you never get you. Don't get deep in any of those groups. So this has been entirely new experience for me. And I think that it's perfect having four three to four people in here. I mean, you guys are absolutely perfect. But I wouldn't never rush into, you know, just having people to have people make sure the right people for your group, and even if you build slowly like you find that one person I'd rather have one amazing person than for people that than in the cycle through over time. But yet just be really careful like I feel like this is a diamond group were diamond is driving soccer like just very intentional. That was one of the things. Like, I knew exactly what I was. Looking for. And that's when I reached out was like this. I know exactly what I want who want to be part of that that type of energy in that group. And that's when like a glove attraction like Brana together. But yeah, I mean, it was I think three to four people we've been able to deeper than I ever have in any other size group. Yeah. So okay. So Alicia said about the intentionally so I think you know, what about that? Like, how do you? How do you guys think you can draw people to the mastermind or like where do people find other people to create this like circle of trust with one kind of obvious choice would be Facebook kinda scout? Gosh, this person comments a lot. A like what they're saying. In the other thing. Kind of what leash the Aleve alluded to. I think it's really important. You guys think is to find people that are at about the same level that you are because of you if you've been building cracks refi beers. And you have almost a full practice is not going to be a good fit free to bring someone into your mastermind that they're in the very very beginning stages. Kinda wanna be at similar levels. That's really the only other thing. I would add to that too. Is when you're going and looking for people, I would actually decide I what you want. Like what a leash said like she took time to decide for herself. Like what she wanted out of a mastermind group, and she got really clear on that. So if you're listening to this, and you're like, this sounds amazing. This is exactly what I need in my life before you go out and like recruit people to be in your group. I would get really quite really still and decide what is important to you like in terms of time commitment and core values and the type of personalities. That you want to form these bonds with because you would go I would hope that you would go into it with the expectation of longevity that it's not just like a three month thing or six months saying to really get full of facts, it you need to go into it with with like the long game in mind. You guys agree. Who do you want to hang out with? I mean, you're gonna spend all of time with these people in our week. You're probably gonna be texting with them. If you do the in person of events, right or or get togethers, which I highly recommend because if it's really different level of every every piece of the mastermind is our dead when you're in person in your just past the Dipper conversation. So who do you want time with really like you have the like these people can't be like, you're picking your business rain? The whole package in that. Like, Kathleen mentioned, you know, we had someone else that was part of our didn't last very long, and it just we thought it was going to be a good fit. And it just wasn't a good fit for her more than us. And so who do you wanna hang out with and spend all of time in who? Do you feel comfortable opening yourself up because that's really where the business of becoming happens is when you start opening up everything made that transformation place yet. Was your listeners are in your face for Laurie. So that's not a good place to. Who do you know who who is a collie who did you go to school, Wes? Can I to that real quick go ahead? So for I think it's really important to not to get comfortable too comfortable, like just join with your friends for social our accountability. But specifically like people who are going to challenge you to be your best personally and professionally like like, you said call you out on yourself like people who aren't afraid to go to the harder places and go there with you. And that's what I love about. Like, you guys will totally call me out. Even I call you'll call me since day one once like people that you'll get your happy to get on comfortable with you know. What are you talking about? Sure called her out. I was like no young. You all call the stuff and a lot of that. Honestly, it's really helped me to change the way that I plan my entire day. And you know, my scheduling I was I was working too much before. And I was I was go go go. And you're like, what are you guys? Do what are you doing? And you know, I love work, but you call me out on things that you know, when I just go and go mode. I go there, and I love it. And I'm you know, I'm super passionate do. But you guys definitely helped me to recognize the things personally that I needed to make sure it's taking time out to do. And I think you all recognize that from the get-go. And it was very impactful to to hear that because nobody else would ever say that to me. So while we know what that's such a good point is most paymaster, my let Karen said it's pretty much all about the numbers all of the only measurable visually measurable thing. And the other thing too is like the I think the difference between a paid mastermind, you know, all of us have been in some form of paid coaching at some point, we still have this. Because at least for me, the paid coaching was always to go and learn a skill or like to get to a level or something. Whereas this is ongoing, right. Like, we've all started a couple years ago, we've all grown our businesses together. And so we know the business we know each other businesses intimately we also know each other intimately. Okay. So let's talk. Let's. Confidentiality because that's a big thing. When you're forming a mastermind, I think you can go and find people, but you know, how I did it sign anything. I don't know. Did we sign anything that were like we're going to keep this confidential? I don't even remember like we have. I'm sure we had a conversation about it. Can I do you? Remember, if we I can't remember, I mean, honestly, we know that our tension was ever to create what we created here. I mean, we just knew wanted different support. Like, you said asserted developing friendship in then it just started more face on the we forget, I think just intuitively knew like ours sharing really personal staff year are. Yeah, you're not anybody else for sure I mean, it's definitely, you know, understood at this point where we now all have very large brands that this is a safe space. But I think if you're. Just starting out like to really important conversation to have because we do share stuff about our mastermind each other. But you know, never to a degree that it would compromise trust or confidentiality or anything along those lines. Oh, you know, what I want to talk about? I wanna talk about how we all stay in our lanes and how we don't compete with each other even though from the outside world, it might seem like actually all four of us. Do the same thing. And so let's talk about that. Because I think that would maybe be people whose listening fears like if health coaches wanted to like form group with other health coaches, they all did weight loss, right or whatever the case may be. So let's let's talk about that for a second before we actually go to the commitment part. What do you think about that? Like, how do you think that we've been able to do that? And in a way, like, you know, still stay in our lane and a not like compete with each other. I guess. Yeah, we all offer similar to some degree. But also different enough that it's buried complimentary. None of us offer the same exact thing, but we have a similar niche or similar audience. I'm really glad you brought that up Laurie because. Yeah, you wouldn't want have two or three health coach is also on the same exact niche like who all do like Kito genyk diet Reiten? It's weird because then weekly all refer to each other to were -ffiliated each other. But regardless of that, we still refer to each other for different things. Yeah. By designed to we have been conversations like a great example just a couple months ago, I released a trio of workshops in Alicia, probably Wedneday. Hey, I'm thinking about creating my own workshops. Are you gonna feel like I'm like infringing in your space, like no money space around you're going to create tropics totally move forward with it which she took the time and was considered enough to just ask the question. So that I can feel like the hellish she doing right? Like, that's that's where we're at. We're super open and honest, and we feel very protective of one another other their businesses. So I think it's we treat each other businesses. Like, we what are all. I appreciate that conversation. What do you think I feel like very much designed to? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Going with that. Yeah. And it's also like having abundance mindset, like we all create incredible things serve amazing people. And I think we all like inspire each other to continue building new things at fun things like worried with your health expert newsletter and my Facebook product like some of those things can be similar, but we you know, I've actually changed for my twenty nineteen edition like some things that compliment would what you're doing in your program. So that people can do both in have incredible results with both things. So it's like, and you know, the resources are absolutely amazing in. So what you guys are doing with the workshops like having complimentary products in programs that it just helps everybody to get better. And I'll just add to that. It's really fun to make money with your friends. All pave the divert affiliate commission, and we all are really nice revenue from each other's businesses. So it's it's been really nice and that way too we can support each other's launches not only just from like, a you go. But like actually like have a little internal competition who's gonna sell more of a leashes Facebook product. I was fun. One last time. Kathleen koto. And it's just it's good fun. It's good fun to for us for us to be able to do that. So I wanted to make sure of that. Because I know that a lot of people ask that question. Like, do you do it with people who do the exact same thing as you? I mean to the outside world most people probably can't tell the big difference between our businesses, and I would say more specifically like mine, Karen Kathleen's, but we're very cognizant of staying in our lane. Right. Like, I would never do a webinar program because I would just refer people to Karen, right as an example. And so we're very respectful and cognizant of that. Because I rather just give the business then have to trouble of creating my own. Let her deal. Okay. So the last thing, and I save this one for lasts is commitment because commitment is a big thing. You know, our have in the wellness business academy. We got people to form accountability groups new year. This all the time like, you know, just filled allowed people weren't showing up and people weren't coming. And so let's talk about that commitment, and sort of how ours has evolved over the years and the time that you guys had to have a really hard conversation with me about my level of commitment. So I think we always done it once a week has years, right? Like, it's been. Yeah. And did we have a can't remember did we have a converse? Like, we must have had a conversation. Like, this is what we're committing to. Yes. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Definitely. And then. Yeah. And then so every so I'll just say the story. So we had a commitment. And we we committed to meeting and life habits, right? People. Get busy and things happen. I kit was on a front. I think it was on. It was on Wednesday. Right. It was on a Wednesday, and you know, life just it wasn't intentional. It wasn't that. I had any lack of respect or didn't care. But things just got booked for me on Wednesdays wasn't in my calendar. And I was missing, you know, two weeks in a row or week here week there, and and they sat me down, and like, a really honest and hard conversation about you know, is it are you? It's okay. If you don't wanna be included anymore, but like. If you wanna be here you need to show up. Do you want to share Karen what that was our own? Yeah. So yeah. Like, I was kind of leading driving force on that one. And so we knew what we pick that Wednesday that once a month. Laurie had a coaching call. She had to go for and it was like, okay. We know you're going to be gone once a month and then life happened for her maybe one other time. And so now it's two times of on. And for the people that are showing up Kathleen, and I it out like a big hole in our REU because Laurie wasn't there. Laurie wasn't realizing in arda had blocked remind while I have coaching hall. They already know about that this one hundred time what's the big deal. And so for us we felt like if you're not gonna be committed than just house like you don't wanna be part of it or it's not priority. Tell us and that was attack conversation because we didn't want her to leave. We also didn't wanna keep dealing Howie felt like we want to be part of the group. It's totally different dynamic all year than if someone is missing in. That was the talk conversation, lots of tears that day for sure. But yeah, I mean what it ended up being as we needed to change the data Monday. Because that was a better day Lori felt like she could permit and the rest of permit and Mondays has been great great on time ago that which made and yeah, I think it's been good resent that we're with. We are amass we try to give it Nance notice y'all like sometimes like is in a way. But it definitely you're gonna come at comment being there be in there. It is a top ranked wordy as in like, the health of your business depends on it that you're older small health depends on because of you take it as. If I can't then you're not only doing yourself into service. You're doing all your master my years disservices while so yeah, it's been great our since we the day in everybody had said what they needed to say. Yeah. No. It was it was really good. It was it was it was a conversation. I think that needed to be brought to my own awareness. I think the level of respect that we now have three other like, you know, if if you can receive hard conversations, it just strengthens your relationships anyway versus showing up getting all defensive I can remember Mori like you were kind of taken aback, I think a little bit because and what you ended up saying as I'm working my azoff like I'm running my ass off. I'm trying to be a Ma on trying. You know, do these things with my kids trying to build my business, and you already felt like you were at your mass your than I'm saying, but I need more. And if we wouldn't have had that conversation in benzel honest, I don't think we put a bass that react to on. It was both of us all sharing our feelings about the whole thing in where we felt this net was that we were able to come up with a solution that worked for. Yeah. Absolutely. And I'll say out of that conversation. I if you think now how much more help I've acquired in my business converstation, right? And since what that to my awareness, and my might instinctual response to that. And and and the the ongoing conversations we've all had about overwhelm and working too hard and bringing people into our business. You know, that's it. Just a lot has changed for me since we've had that conversation. Right. So much. So I think I think that if if you're gonna do this with your peers, a no that you're you're gonna be in for some hard conversations. And I think making it very clear that this is what is expected, you know, like expectations around commitment where if you are like, I don't know. But you guys like I don't schedule anything on Mondays because it could run late. I mean, the on time, you know, things happen, but I don't put a dentist appointment in our before call or anything like that anymore whereas used to before I had the talking to. Talking with. Yes. Because that just raise my level of ordinance of. Yes. I am committed into show everybody else the respect as well. Not that. I it was intended to be disrespectful. But I think that's important for everybody to understand when you're going into this to say like, this is the expectation because it does make other people feel not great. When the same person doesn't show up time and time again, you guys have anything else you want to add to that on one thing. I will say aleisha talked about this knocked Hormuz talked about Bush. We when you're growing your group. I think kind of a good idea. I think a leash you might access have been your idea is to maybe how thirty to sixty day trial. Let's try it for thirty days. Let's see if it's a good fit for all of us. I think that feels better to everybody the new person coming in like all my gosh. My by my life away Riley ship was. Yeah. Because you wanna make sure it's a good fit something you wanna continue with. And then you don't have to have that hard conversation at the end that and back out, then you can actually go through in know, analyze see how it went. And then see if it's something you wanna move forward with. So the commitments you're still committing full in and for that sixty days ninety days, however, long the beginning, but you have like a point where you're going to assess everything see how it went. It's beneficial for everybody involved, if it's something you wanna continue because it's a perfect fit. So yeah, it's okay. It's the September. You're still here. I know we never actually did reach your like trial has. Release yet. Because that's what I'm like. Why don't I give it a go persist days if you guys wanna keep me, and it's a good fit on my side to then. I'll definitely stay. But I know that you guys especially had your group going for a long time. I wanted to make sure that it was it was a good match on all end. So it so gay complete us. Any last tips for anyone who's thinking about starting appear run mastermind that we haven't covered. I think we covered the basics, but the most important stuff to say do it. Sorry. You just do these it over think it. Intimidated about it. But you're never been Nola try. There are promise promise. There's gonna be some bumps along the way down so kids to be expected. It's it's it'll it will probably be the best thing you do the spear south, but but for your business when you find the right people. I would be don't rush it. Like just do it methodically a little bit at a time and through law attraction as leashes said the right people will come into your world, and it's better to wait. And just take your time, and it will all work out. In the meantime, even if it's just one other person, you're getting amazing support. Yes, exactly for me. And this is also because it's one of my biggest challenges is be vulnerable. You know when you go in. You're there for a reason. So trust the people that you're in the group with and don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Because that's when you're going to see the biggest impact in the biggest opportunities for growth. So. Well, thank you. Ladies love, you all very much. Thanks for coming on. And for those of you listening the resources that we talked about will be in the show notes and all of the links to everyone in everything will be in the show notes. Everybody for listening, and we will talk again soon. All right. What did you think about that? So whether you're thinking about maybe starting your own, maybe you're looking to join a mastermind, we hope it gave you some just in a really good idea some things to think about and next week. We're going to share tips on how to launch a wellness podcast because this is a question. We're seeing a lot, you know, the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, and we do see questions quite a bit. Some of you are thinking about maybe launching your own podcast. So what we're going to be sharing are some of the again behind the scenes things. Karen, I have done to grow this podcast. 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