Badass Unscripted - Authenticity, Originality, and The Year Ahead


Hey guys well winter's here I'm wrapped up in a blanket. I have T- going into tastes awful. I've been nursing the same cold for three weeks now. So it's official. If you're Canadian I mean this is this is our season. This is our time to shine. This is what we do so you know the days get shorter is everything gets colder as we wrap up the season we wrap up another gear. Hey we're wrapping up another decade so great time for reflections a great time to anticipate renewal and is that begins. I've got so many new new exciting beginnings for you in the coming year and you can just see them rolling out the next couple of weeks one of the areas where I've really been contemplating a lot really thinking about ought one of my favorite subjects and spoken on it a few times now I think is authenticity in the past. I've spoken about your authentic voice being who who you are but authenticity also means honesty as what we do especially as we communicate more and more digitally has become increasingly artificial though you find so as I look around on social media of which I think Lincoln is probably my favorite because just so much more relevant to our field and there's a lot less fluff there's lot less glitter on Lincoln. which makes it a great form for communicating being? You know the big issues of human development enterprise development but even there. There's so much stuff it's just. It's almost like social media textbook stuff at this point. How often people post what they say? The kinds of imagery have almost become predictable. Repetitive redundant are. We say people know when they're being marketed to just really feels like we're being marketed. To so so strongly and so routinely just after a point when it becomes saturated with the same kind of content in the same kind of intention. It doesn't matter how you bend it. It doesn't matter how you dress it up. It just feels wrong. Feels like everyone's an imitator in. There's no true originals. Journals left so it's time to shake it up so if you're like me in a lot of what you do is communicated via digital means through social media through the web through podcast through video this is a reminder that if we're going to lead the pack in the coming year we gotta be more authentic authentic and here by authentic. I mean the opposite of predictable the opposite of formulaic the opposite sort of artificial. Let's stop following the herd and instead let's be the shepherds let's dictate a a new way a new model a new paradigm. Whatever you WANNA call it for me? I feel poll to focus more on the individual connectivity between people between leader and team between Creator and audience. It's so in the coming weeks and months I'll be talking a lot more about stretching growing pushing your regis's I'll be talking more about service. I'll be talking a lot more about strength. Exploration is an individual leader exploration flirtation as a team because my authentic voice was about creating a certain kind of person. Who Do you have to become in order to lead eight teams? That's the big question that fascinates me so maccagnan year. I think we're going to transcend even more agile technique and not casting it aside but progressing beyond and moving into those issues of leadership development. Is I think now more than ever. It's crucial to know how to communicate that when I look around I see enterprises. Moving more towards conformity more towards sameness more more towards formula and. I really feel that people are not only looking to be recognized to be accepted and to feel safe. I think they want to contribute. Do you think they want to make massive difference. Man We're looking to inspire movement we're looking to infect people with change desire you're fine fulfilment and freedom satisfaction happiness and their work. I think true agile performing makes those things possible. And that's what I love about it. So much is that it encourages. Courage is these conversations about authenticity about connectivity. If you've spent two and a half years getting bad ass with me it's it's time to level up our game and we can't sit still we gotta do more. We got to become more. That's what I'm excited about here as I sit with my cup of tea taking in the steam wrapped in a cosy blanket. Thinking about how far we've come as a crew and the important work that's left for us to do. It's a tall order sometimes. But you better believe. I'm on it if you guys are with me like I know you. You're but I feel like we've got this really excited for what's coming next. I thank you so much for being true. Believer's I wanNA thank all of you for tuning in for being part of the movement. Don't forget to reach out a bad job com find me on on the twitter at bad ass. Underscore Agile on instagram at Agile. Look forward to hear from him a see next time until then stay date Aw.

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