Caught Offside: Wild weekend in European football


My name is Lauren. I'm thirty three. I didn't want my identity to be the smoking mom my first experience with jewel. I do remember being like distance good. It's it's it's like a cigarette. But not I don't miss smoking. At all. Like, I can officially say it grosses me out jewel is the tobacco alternative that delivers nicotine satisfaction without cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Make the switch and J U L dot com slash sports. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. Caught off side with J J D Betty. Offside for the Upper West side of Manhattan, end and JJ Davani. What's up in huddle? Andrew how're you doing? I'm good. It's cold outside. Maybe snow on Thursday. I know. Too soon for that. Whether talk of our favorite things to have small talk about on the early part of these podcasts. Yeah. It was just amazing to think there was a time. When if I if eleven year old me heard that snow is in the forecast like later in the week. Oh my God. I wouldn't sleep the next two days. I'd be so excited about it. But now, it's like the dread the dread that comes with a potential snow day, a hate it. Now, you've had all the the boy ripped out of you. Yeah. And now, it's just a husk of a man. Yeah. Blurry devote day to day responsibilities. Yeah. Yeah. No, I'll tell you what you have got considerably more boring. Even since I've made I know I know it's a problem. It is a private. It's not good for the show, quite frankly, it is puts a lot of work on me. Yeah loan. We we've obviously we're doing this podcast, and we will have another. Podcast with your mayo. Dragon and somebody sent me a mailbag which just pointed out what what an order buffoon. I am. Really? Yeah. Can you give a teaser actually, I'm kind of curious to hear more about that the Manny livid with you almost on a daily basis? But yeah, the people to see it. Yeah. Guys pointed out about the Manny analogies. I have made about one person in particular over the last Josie Marino over the last month. You lost your mind last week in that podcast? It was like it was like an analogy machine. Had just malfunctioned. You just were spitting them out left. And right. Like, I it was too many, cultural references, King Lear and bottle. Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't work. You lost sight of yourself though. Oh, I became high in my own crappy Lintz. Yeah. Sure. Did what a show this will be. Speaking of jersey Marino, he took part in the Manchester Darby over the weekend. We'll talk about that. In seconds. You can count them down in your head. If you want also Charlie Austin spoke and made some very interesting comments about officiating in this league. And VAR let's see enjoy will be on the podcast for the first time. He of course, is the one of the voices at NYC FC after they bowed out to Atlanta United f c but he's also one of the voices in MLS, and he was on the call of Bruce Dortmund buyer Munich over the weekend. So we'll talk about all of those things, and there's such a clamor on this podcast to do more Bundesliga. Well, you're gonna get. Yeah. You certainly will. And of course, the United States and England play on Thursday at Wembley. And again, that's suddenly becomes somewhat contentious and having nothing to do with either of the teams all the sudden it's become like the Wayne Rooney show. Oh, by the way, England and the. Are also going to play in a friendly match. Alan Shearer came up with one of the great quotes describe this. How would you say controversial how you say? How you say controversy. Yes. Said it should be an honor to play for your country your country should not honor. You. He he's right to appoint. I've got so many. I've I can't tell I'm very curious for when we get to that. Because I we've talked about this and other podcasts once this was announced that it was going to happen. But I still can't quite get a read on how you feel about it. I don't even necessarily know how I feel about it like. Well, we will talk about it. And I'll I'll try and get to the point of whether I care. Yes. Okay. That now we're getting to the heart of it. Right. We have to care about so many things. It's unbelievable. Like, you just like not to say that we fake opinions or anything we do tell you how we feel. But this industry is driven on caring about a multitude of things everything. Sometimes you just don't care, and that's okay. You can't care about everything. Yeah. And sometimes on this podcast. I will say I gotta tell you know. I don't I could just shut up and not say anything. Well, I'll tell you one thing that we did care about. And that was the Manchester Darby over the weekend because anytime United in city face one, another it is a match worth carrying about if you're a fan of the sport. And of course, if you're a fan of the league, and it's Manchester City surprising to no one that go on and prevail over their cross town rivals three one is the final score. And I was surprised. To read that. This was Manchester City's first win over United at the Eddie hod in four years or in the last four meetings. It's surprising. It is surprising. There was of course, the the inauguration that never happened last season when United came in and spoil the party in that second half, that's the one that that really sticks out in my mind. That was never like he happened again from the get-go Andrew this was just cities town. Yeah. It's certainly was the town is blow. There's no question about it. Now, the thing with Manchester City that is kind of it's kind of starting to rattle around in my head a little bit that. Okay. Look at the table. At the top. No one has really pulled away from anyone just yet of those of like the four clubs there. But I'm sorry. It's hard to watch Manchester City right now. And just not think that they are a bit different that they are a cut above the rest of the competition. Not only because of what you're seeing in front of you. But like the Gabriel j Zeus scored a hat trick midweek in the Champions League in start this game. Kevin debris. Anna is not playing it. Okay. Gunderson has now come off of injury comes in scores. The third goal like there's no end in sight. It feels like to how deep and how great they can really be on LeRoy, sonic comes off the bench right at the end as if to destroy United even farther, but look, you know, we've been dancing around this forever. The investment in that club over the last few years. You know, we kind of scoffed when old football men in England said, well, they've spent strike our money on fullbacks. Did look amending Mendy didn't even play last season comes in making a huge impact. To the team. Dave just got Bernardo Suva. They could use him sparingly last season. And now, he's he's kicked onto another stratosphere. And you've got both Zelda says the elder sive, the younger you've got a goalkeeper who they spent a huge amount of money on who can ping forty five yard pass straight into the channels from from his kick out. They are just bedecked in these Jews of players. And you know, they brought in Tiki begetter. Stan the entire bachelor in a backroom team before pep even arrived there this is a long term spend of money in dominance. And now we're seeing what it is. And we don't apart from when they throw this what good football, we probably don't like it. Now. Here's the thing though, that kind of separates them from you're right. There's no denying that they spend massively, and and that's well documented and well known of course, but they're not they're not the only ones doing that. And you have no further to look than the club that they were playing this past week enemy Lukaku wasn't cheap. Pago was record-setting when they brought him in Qatar in was a big move. So there is something to be said for recruiting the right players that, you know, fit your scheme and having a coach who can work these players in the right way. And I think that's where you're seeing the gap between then and specifically Manchester United you saw that team Andrew before the game your initial thought was they're not going to have a goal Lexus. Sanchez on the bench matter on the bench. He had no interest in going after this game. Now Lukaku bringing him on as a late so fair enough. But you look at the midfield Fellini madij, just Harare. The was no intention to try and win. This Marino's philosophy is don't get beat don't lose. Now. He did start Marcial did Andrew, but where's the creativity in that midfield to set him away to set him, you know? T- to get United on the front foot Lee Dixon at Brigham pointing commentary. He's like look at the Highline city our plan, and you've got a speedster like marshy Allen the team you've got rash bird in the tape. Why not play one bowl one long ball over the top? There's just doesn't seem to be Tactica plan to this on. It's it's okay for me to bang on a boat city football group on and the and the wet they've spent but United don't tell me somebody tweeted, a journalist that the biggest trick Josie Marino has played with this team are has played on Manchester. United fans is to convince some of them that that's the best that this team can do. Right. It's just not true. Now, look he did have an a certain respect one hand tied behind his back because you'd like to have Paul pas available to you. When you're gonna play don't have that you're going to get and you don't know what position. He's is going to be paid played in his ego to be given the the tactical freedom to heart Manchester City. I honestly, I think it will. Would be wrong to come on. Here known say that that game result will be any different. Even with Ogden the tape. You're not a district. That's not being disrespectful to plug visibilities. No, you obviously, you're right about that. Nothing in my mind was going to change on shot on target in nineteen minutes. Andrew city at seven hundred passes. Okay. City are at home. There are passing team you expect them dead almost twice as money's United. This is this is all heard they were overly dominated. And the penalty even was such a what's the word? It was such a false. You know thing to happen in the game because it was against the Ronin play. And you're looking at it and enersen has no need to make that play on the ball. United's one shot on target was the penalty. Yeah. Now, look if you're grasping at straws as a Manchester United fan, you can cling to that Rome. Lou Kaku comes on as a sub and almost immediately does draw penalty. So for a guy who's desperate for any sort of confidence. Moving forward for them to try to get themselves back into top four contention. You'd like he's going to have to be a part of whatever positive positively occurs moving forward. So I guess they'll take that. I wanted to ask you a question. Okay. About this. Because it just feels like the tide has turned in that city in such a profound way in terms of the balance of power, and I know the historian of this game that you at least claim to be is it strange to you. I don't claim to visit strange to you JJ. Like, for example. I think about the New England Patriots here in the United States. And you know, an entire generation of sports fans are going to grow up thinking that they are the end all be all in not just football. But. An American sports. Whereas if you were just a little bit older like our age. I mean, the patriots were like you talk about irrelevancy for their entire history. You know with a couple of brief moments of success they were just irrelevant, right? And that, but like the generational shift and the change in the fortunate that club occurred, so quickly that you have a whole generation doesn't know that that is Manchester right now, I mean, Manchester United of the historic club there, a great cl-, and they still are great club. But there's going to be a generation of sports fans in that city that grows up believing that Manchester is blue it's so strange Andrew, and it's so strange for someone of my age because we we spoke off air, and what did we save city where a joke. Yeah. They were joke. Here's what I did a little bit of thought about that question. And here's some striking things the year. Manchester United became the first thing this team to win the European Cup. It was actually city that won the league before all the money came in from at. Abu Dhabi the last time they won. It was United's most glorious moment city actually won the league that season. The next time. United will be crowned champions of Europe. However in nineteen ninety nine city were in the second division playoff which will be the league one play off right now against jailing him an utter joke, and I mean, much city were arrested almost every year a relegation candidate if they hadn't gone down already. This was the team of Alan Ball as manager Howard Kendall and Kevin Keegan a now there's just their own by a country. They're owned by a Royal family. It's flipped on its head. Completely anti Mitton who works for ESPN. Right. Some really great stuff about United. He is also the editor of the United. We stand fanzine. And so he tweeted this today the first issue of United. We stand hit the streets twenty nine years ago in November nineteen Eighty-nine Manchester. United had twelve had played twelve games. They'd won five drawn two and lost five similar to know the team. Finished thirteenth that season. With no league wins between November eighteenth and the tenth of February. That was when I was on the absolute precipice within a year eighteen months they had the FA call on the European Cup Winners Cup. And we know what happened after that. You do not feel like that. Is that moment right now, and it's completely turned on its head. Right. And you don't feel like it's going to revert back anytime soon. Now, that's not to say that Manchester United can't once again be a part of title race. Of course, they will. They're still a great club, and they're still perceived that way, and there will be many great days ahead for them. But Manchester City are not they're not going anywhere. No, they're not. And it's going to take it's going to take outside forces. It's going to take. Well, I guess we have to see how some of this financial fair play stuff. Shakes out. What else could carve them the really is no way to carve them and like we sat on the podcast last week. We're not entirely confident that the powers that be in European football. Going to be able to stop them. It's it's it's it's turned on its head. But but again, Manchester United have the the brand the cashier and the power to change this. Whether the will is there is what I don't know because the glazers do so well financially from this football club that, you know, vast important pieces of modern football clubs haven't been attitude because they're able to take such rich benefit. So they haven't a director of football. They have a banker in Ed Woodward who is pretty much involved with transfers along with Joseph Marino their way behind the times. And they need to show the will to a at the end of the season get rid of Josie Marino and start again, and the board is bereft of football people too. They they need a fresh injection of ideas. Similar to what's happening at Liverpool and arsenal with it happened. I don't know. Let's see if you are just a couple of notes on Manchester United actually, Ashley young is. Is in talks for a a contract extension case in point here. He's thirty three years old and not only is he looking for an extension. He's also looking for assurances of being a first teamer. It's remarkable. The I don't think. Let's that's their cards on the table here. He's thirty three years old Andrew is he a fullback? He's no. He's a converted full of a winner, a converted fullback in the first half against Manchester City pep Guardiola identify young as a weak spot every single attack. It seemed in the first half when down that man city left. Onsite the United right site of their defense. And I mean, he would anybody would struggle. I actually I like actually young for what he's done played in the World Cup. It's almost like this this Indian summer to his career. It's been really kind of interesting to see how he survived from being bought by foggy all the way through all these this Tomo United. He is being there on his to reestablish themselves from the team, but to think he's got this kind of bargaining power that he can say to them a thirty three years of age playing out of position. I want to Shorenstein is a kind of shows the Malays at the club right now. Yeah. I mean, especially to when Antonio Valencia is knocking on the door. If you're actually young and you do have a couple of bad games. They have somebody who's ready to slot back in troop Bettolo, Andrew neither of them should be out the football club. If this was if this was the Furby psychos of old when foggy will get rid of a poll Lintz on an consensus on America Hughes, and you'll be like what's going on. There's a Paul school is Roy Keane? There's you know, there was all this replenishment. It's kind of a happened a little bit because Ashley young was playing left back. But then Luke Shaw who I guess is kind of what you're referring to in that replenishment unseeded young and pushed him to the right side. But he Valencia was hurt even in that Luke show who's being whipping boy for two managers LV g and for Marino. A still at the club. Not only thought he signed an extended contract on big money. You just don't feel like how can you go from where they were in the managers reckoning all the way to being decided player that we simply must gave a new contract to there's there's a flux at the club. I don't know how it's being run. By the way, he has not. Ruled out a move to MLS. Maybe following in like, Ashley, Cole's footsteps or something like that. I would say this, and I don't want to sound like here we go. Here comes a very derogatory demeaning common. No, I will be an American football nativist about this. We should be able to add our top clubs develop US fullbacks who are in their twenties who have not that many miles in the clock to fill those positions. We we should not be throwing money at actually you. He's not that bad though. He could come to MLS and be a good player dot is an indictment of MLS. Not look good player, and he slang in primarily. We're going off. We're gonna try care. Why are we having this conversation, but I didn't want to. But don't poke me don't poke me. I what is that a threat? You don't believe in this country. What are you talking about? You don't serve you. You don't believe we can't get fullbacks coach him up to pay in our own league. We have to bring in doddering old man come on, by the way, also in a world of small victories. Victor Lindelof beat out slot tiny. Brahima vich for Swedish footballer of the year. Well, I'm gonna that. I'm going to be a contrary and yet again this one oh my God. I would have made that a joint award and giving it to his partner for Russia twenty eighteen Andreas Granville, they were bringing together they really were. And I I would have given it to both of them. The fact is Latin was nominated was taking this. Let's see we continue now Southampton settled for a one one draw with watt furred. But there are some who believe that shouldn't have been one one that probably should have been to to the hell, I would probably talk about it. But Charlie Austin, quite frankly was irate with the outcome of this game. Felt that Southampton were robbed of a goal. He was robbed of a goal for once again, one of those ambiguous rules in this sport. That drives us crazy. I know I it it bit Spurs against PSV in the the away leg the Spurs. One was not as their code as they some might view. I believe the referee of the decision. Correct. Really? So the ball comes across the box. Your Shida is between the goal on the goalkeeper in an offside position. If you watch it in slow motion, which vire would have offered had it been there. Austin hits it by the way, he doesn't hit it very cleanly. No looked like a illness. Hit it twice. Yeah. Hit it into the ground. Correct. Which is just so Southampton striker right now that Gabby Deeney scored in this game. All right. I won't I won't have it man's on fire, and and it comes towards Yoshida on. If you watch it you sheet a mix that move where he pulls back and the. If you watch both your sheet, and the goalkeeper the goalkeeper makes starters, I think the goalkeeper gets there if she it doesn't make that move. See I wondered if that's first of all I'd have to look at it again to see how much of a stutter there was from the keeper. But if that was the case, you don't think it could have been of the because of the way in which Austin hit the shot. How a kind of did take like, no, I it's concurrent with Yoshida. Pulling is pulling his head body. We're watching it in slow motion where things are slow in. I don't know. I think that I think the linesman got it. Right. But I don't think that's the point. I actually liked that player came out and didn't go. Well, these things Yao they even themselves out of the coasts of a season in he came out. And he went here's here's what Charlie Austin had to say after the game is ridiculous. I should mean guy. I get put we puffing to cook. Go Mike toenail games. Dun, Dun dust. It wouldn't guy. Fisher Costa street boys died standard? Explain can you. Explain. They said saw hit my had twice hit me. But that's what I'm supposed to joke about five days out officials out clearly they need help. Clearly, we the best league in the world must watch leak in the load give all to help they need because clearly costs three points today to joke. Tell me about the performance you struggling near the bottom you need. It's will gather. How many positives weather out that many is we come last week pull that's a bad this week? What's hot come? It's get free points. We deserve free points. I've been let down by the officials. That's why we didn't get free points. Mic drop, just brilliant. Because it's it's it's so strange to me how players who are impassioned come off the field. And they're not still fiery opened the moment, they go. So there so media savvy in media trained that they just go to this kind of banality all the time. And this is just an explosion of of of exactly what he felt on the field and its that's what poets match should pay. Yeah. You the reality of the situation. And I love that one. It's you seat me twice. That's why stone foster now, which is in total agreement with what you said right now before we go on before you do anything more you need to. There's we've got so many new listeners your love affair with charity. Austin is well highest used to adore him. I still do really like him. I mean, and that was my love affair started with him while he was still in the championship. Yes. 'cause I just thought that he was primarily quality. And I was just surprised that he was still down there. I thought upset by dome. Yeah. I was but he his career has been unfortunately, befall and time and time again by injuries. Yes. He's been very unlucky. And he is a potent goal score one face. Although he's not he looks like he's been in the gym a lot. He's big big that, and that's indicative of guy who's had time on the rehab table where he's just trying to to get really solidified. My love affair with him. Is the fact that I saw him tweeting about peaky blinders which is like the official show of this podcast. That's so true. Yeah. Man, we sponsored by some Birmingham gangsters, but he went viral at the weekend for that rant. When it was put to a sung by blur. This is absurd. Hit me. Sneaking must books leak in the world. His tonight. Spanish, we blood? But. So that's a stung by blur off their album parklife as the title track. And basically they sing the chorus. But it's basically the the almost stream of consciousness rant of a cockney. Right cofidence is a preference to the Pichu boy of what is now known as but live and so this guy on Twitter. It's people are so clever with the internet now, they just heard Austin's rant, and they thought this just sounds like pack life. So they put it to the music and now I won't stop playing a blur. Of course, famous in this country for song to yes, anywhere in a hockey stadium. You will see money money drunk, Canadians belting out song too. But then that their I'm with you on the Charlie Austin thing just because well for I should put a caveat in there. I'm with you in that. I liked the way he responded, it was very genuine. And I've said time and time again that if it were me in some of those situations like I give managers unbelievable credit sometimes for being able to rain themselves in because I don't know how I would be able to bite my tongue fresh after a match like that on a furious. I I don't know how they do it. And I hope it doesn't get fined for that. He might he probably will if it happened here. It would you know, how leagues are so protective of officiating. Look, we don't have to make it a VAR VAR conversation. But I wholeheartedly agree with him. I think it's crazy that it doesn't exist and the only area where I find fault with what Charlie Austin said is kind of what I referenced at the start of this Charlie Austin believes they should have one to one really if we're if we're going to be fair here, it probably should have been to too because Ryan Bertrand fouled who was at whole of us in the box. So it was a blatant penalty. Right. And which wasn't call. So as ours. Well, way, right. So it kind of. Like it kinda even itself out within the match. Now. I know Charlie Austin doesn't really want to hear that. And although Mark us when he was asked about it. He said, well, yeah that you're right. The referee got that wrong to more of a reason that there needs to be. So Mark us actually did concede that. So that that is the only area in which I thought maybe Charlie Austin kind of got away from you know, the facts just a little bit. But I totally get his frustration. And I enjoyed it. As a nice genuine show of emotion. Jones got brew is drew. He gets intimidated by the day. He pays ins die lava of him puck life deed couple more here. Quickly. Tottenham battle pass Crystal Palace. I didn't say this one. So I need your your low down. Yeah. It was well, no Wilfried Zaha for Crystal Palace. So they were always going to be against against it because they just simply don't win. They're not allowed when he doesn't play. You know, it was a nice little mini redemption story, I guess with one fourth for Spurs as they continue to develop centre-half's at at a pretty impressive rate. He's now come in. And at least for this match unseeded Davinson Sanchez, but we're coming off a week where fourth was called for two penalties. And then he comes back and now in this game scores his first goal for Tottenham to give him a one nil victory. But he was also brilliant in defense, which is really what his job is job isn't the score goals. But he's only twenty years old. And once again, it looks like they have this conveyor belt of for tongue into L Durrell to Sanchez and now to fourth you kinda like the American brain in me is sorta like Carter Vickers ever gonna play there ever know, it's become hard to envision right? They'd have to sell them at some point. I january. He's got to go on loan again. Oh, absolutely. He's on loan now, obviously. And and you're right is either that needs talking. That was a full season long loan or if that was just half a season. I'm not sure, but whatever it is. You're right. There's no place for them right now on this club, especially as long as El Dorados there. I it's kind of with Tottenham what we were talking about over the past couple of weeks is like it's funny. They're not playing the way that you have come to know them under Pocchettino over the past few seasons. But the results have been there, and they've even been more impressive than at least points wise than they have been in some of the last few seasons. So I guess you say keep doing what they're doing. They're kind of living on the edge a little bit these they're not putting teams away. Really these games are close like wolves. They built a three nil lead. But then allow two goals for wolves to come back and make that really terrifying. Finish. But they're getting getting victories at least in the league right now. So you can't fault them too, much, by the way, I did breathe a small sigh of relief when I saw that San Diego Salah was named took the interim tag off of him for the remainder of the season it Real Madrid. Well, I wouldn't trust that contract will be seen to its fulfillment. Well, it keep winning though this league rules, Andrew too. So so I understand, but if they continue to win under him if they have a good showing in the Champions League, I'm not saying Real Madrid have to win it. But it would be it'd be kinda difficult to fire him. After he turned them around from what they were in the beginning of the season. And did well in here is Real Madrid bills with no not in the least bit difficult. Let's see and last but not least your arsenal somewhat fortunate to escape the affirmation wolves with a one one draw streaming fortunate. Andrea Bernd Leno excellent. He was brilliant in denying him in his at one point took a booth and nasty boot on the ground on that one denied trae ori- late onto Obama Yang did Mississippi, Dr Patricia saved well from Tarare bought if you look at the chances and the preponderance go chances whoa should have won that game. Which again, we keep saying we've we've had some snow fans who saying, well, why don't you give us the grinding out badge? Because we always say Spurs Liverpool. Grind out a win an arsenal have been going up wins. But it's caught up with them. And they were looking to get away with that one. The Brady was interesting on the radio recently. He said, look he. I am raised report card right now is he's got that frontline firing that midfield Torrero. Very good. But and the book is that defense is not what needs to be for them to be back, which has been the case for the past few years. Yes, it has. But I guess if you look at it. I definitely think the upgraded goalkeepers helped them because you can safely say in this game. He earned them appoint JJ have a wait what stat for you, call that? Because sometimes you hear a stat. And you just say wait what you have to like read it again. Okay. Two teams have yet to have a lead at the half this year. Cardiff is one arsenal is the other. What? Yeah. Wait what? Wow. Isn't that? Crazy recently. That's crazy. That's crazy. That is nuts. I now it speaks to their grinding out results in the second half. And we gave you the stat a few weeks ago about how many goals they had scored in second half compared to I have cry shocking. Now, that's not even in the Fulham game. What? What did I just say? You don't you? Call me a liar. Yeah. But you are now with that stat thrusting Camry and Neil worn together. And I'm comfortable with it tooth Cardiff. An arsenal are the only two clubs that have not led a game this season of the half. That's amazing. Let's see we're going to take a very quick break. We'll be back in mere moments with a little bit of MLS talk. Also. Of course, we do need to touch on what happened in Dortmund over the weekend. And the enjoy will join us as well. Don't go anywhere. I think smoking always affected my daily life because I was a closet smoker. It really sort of controlled my entire day. My boss is the one that recommended jewel. So I decided to give it a try. You don't get any of the odor of smoking. There's no ash all over your car. I would say give it a try get the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without the mess of cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Switch to Joel checkup. J U L dot com slash sports. If you don't smoke or vape don't start warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. Lisa defending. Pixel. Clinical. What scenes that's keep prosecute on the call poor FOX. He was joined in the booth by in joy who will join us in a few moments to talk about that game, which was incredible. And of course, the talks MLS as well enjoy one of the voices of NYC FC. Boy that was that was awesome. That's that's the best game. I've seen anywhere. So far this season. It was just the level the quality even like just the way the bowl was moved the pace the intent it just seemed of another wordly standard. It was excellent. Yeah. It's nice when the hype meets the performance. Yes. You know, we said that about a classic co was when was the three two two seasons ago to two thousand seventeen right? And that was just a great great game of football. And this was up there with that kind of game. An look when Levin doffs key berries that header and there's no one macking him beyond berkey. And you're. Here we go again. But no Dortmund are different under loose in. They came back and went on to win the game Royce, by the way as good as Royce paid Royce could have had four gold. He was he was just I'll tell you. He's really clicking back into form onto this manager. And in a really great way. I just loved everything about it. And that stadium the visuals God, it's just so good. Absolutely. I if we've talked before about if we had to make a list of like the three stadiums where we'd want to see a game. I think that is on there. I'll tell you what after watching Boca and river. Which which was exciting in a different way. Wasn't a great game. But the atmosphere is just like the bumbling era was unbelievable. And just like the you talked about it last week. But like the architecture of that stadium is just a sight to behold, it's it's so steep. I'm by the way, what a second leg that's going to be. Yeah. Oh said oh, by the way. One other European football note requires Tyrian we watch. Don't rate daddy on the. Oh. Was the principal? Happy. But lord. That's. I mean, it's got all the elements there. Yeah. Sure. Does. That's what. So what do you got your? You're all excited about what not just to get. It goes from about two worst. They got a thumping at home to PS g Edson Cavani with a hat-trick neymar with a penalty on res got the vote of confidence already. God it's from the oil a month. Yeah. The owner said teary is not a firefighter basically saying he has to be given time to build and that he's not a firefighter, but. I mean, he's not well, but it will point you start worrying about getting relegated. It's disastrous. Hey, here's the thing. Don't appoint a novice. Don't appoint a guy who hasn't managed at the highest level to a job that is so tricky as a team like AS monocle in concert at the bottom of the league table. Maybe don't do it. Right. Like, it's not time for projects. Like, this is when you bring in San Allardyce, and you you get it fixed. And then you during next this. This. This Ella de right? This is the moment where there's no time for this. We need to make sure we survived the season. And we'll figure out the rest of it. When we have a chance to breathe again, Paul do. Yeah. Exactly. It's the French version of these people on impera Jews par to I could picture Sam he so desperate. He he could probably like throw on a beret and just show up at the Monaco training. Ground was on teaspoon cognitive oh he was on BT sports at the weekend. Saying it's perception that his team's pay play on the track to football. Yes. The perception of my eyes. Let's it's funny too. By the way, for something as simple as just getting a guy to say Terry on rewatch, Volkov, whom like the process and the coaching because we had one of the guys that works here in New York at ESPN Rodney Bellas air, we he walked in. And we said, hey, can you just say this force real quick? And it's just like like, this should should take two seconds. Here's here's some of. What it sounded? Like, hello. Hello. That's it. Ronnie, can you in a creepy voice say into this, Mike? Why would I be chosen as the creepy one? That's right there. That's offensive Terry on rewatch. Wait say that Terri T Ari teary on re on re watch watch. Carry on re watch. Is that creepy in the vide- say it, right? I mean, he's not sitting wait. Wait, wait. You're you're about 'em teary like Jerry tier Cup of tea airy area. Eerie one word teary, Kyrie rewatch. Carey teary on rewatch. Cherry on re honoree like Fritz on. Yeah. Oh, see this is what happens when you try to save phonetically. I'll just do actually speak French. Sure you only wash. We'll do it with the accident. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's go. Daddy longer. You watch Vallone. That's perfect accident. To see what you explained to me that. I was speaking frit God. So there you go you get to see the sausage being made good Lord. What a process so simple by do like it. Oh, yeah. Well, it will live forever. Now. Let's see MLS JJ. We're down to our final four go through these quickly because we're going to talk with in more about them. So I don't want to be repetitive but Eastern Conference we get Atlanta. United f c getting past NYC FC. I thought Atlanta looked really good kind of back to what we. Come to know this team to be I I wonder almost if they've just like we're getting bored towards the end of the season that they were just like, okay, we're good. We know it. Let's just stay healthy and get to the playoffs and in the process, the red bulls just kept going and kind of pip them there for the the supporters shield. Maybe Joseph Martinez looks like he's really on fire the ten penalty the weird penalty is site, which I don't know if that's a great system of striking the ball that volley was wonderful and alma. Ron's free kick. They look very very good. And what she did not look good defensively in real problem. No, the stakes feel pretty high. I think for Atlanta right now, you've got ta Martino who is leaving pick the holy trinity of Atlanta tattoo Martino Miguel Meron Joseph Martinez, and you got L owns agent talking about him wanting to play in the Premier League and Joseph Martinez whose name has come up for transport remembers basically for the entire season. I'm not going to go so far as to say if not now when for Atlanta, but I would say, well, look, I do believe that they are fully committed there. And if guys leave they'll remain, and they still have good players even time tina's fine around the place. Right. So. Again, it's not a last chance here for them. But this is like, I don't know this feels it feels important for them to win now. Well win. No. And if you don't win. No this good chance you've got a bridging year a transitional year, and that's another year before you, can you know, really cheap. What you want to? That's that's entirely plausible. Yeah. Red bull's dominate the second leggings Columbus three now. I guess it was well, I say dominate it was close for a while. But then the the two goals within three minutes. What was it the seventy third and seventy six minutes there help to put that one away the early goal which I thought was from Aaron long, but it wasn't a deflected inadvertently off of Moyle and the red are through and their dream is alive. And they looked confident and the celebrations afterwards were fire from usage considering they've won nothing yet. They were really pumped about this. And they believe they strongly believe. On gorse. Look at the way they played against Atlanta in the regular season. Why wouldn't they? Yeah. Well, the problem if you for Atlanta, I'm I'm so curious about this matchup in particular, just because not to pigeonhole these teams into a certain category. But you look at Atlanta, and you think attack just all out attack fun to watch. And when you look at the red bulls, you think defense like strong in defence incredible defense to MLS all eleven players in that defense Aaron long defender of the year. So but even even on excited to see how great offense, I great defense who wins that that'd be even in that crucial midfield battle. Maybe even rebels have have the the Trump card there because Tyler Adams was all over the field against Columbus. Like, he covered. Everybody to grass. I don't know. If Atlanta have a player like him the rebels didn't break the points record by accident. It's important not to forget that and Western Conference. Look this whole season was just kind of chaos in the west. There was never really any clear cut best. Team which kind of made it fun. And it's left us now with Portland who didn't win a game for what was it? They played five matches before they won. And sport a Kansas City who were pretty good and pretty consistent throughout the year. I don't think anybody can be all that shocked. No warning KC are there. But this should certainly be a fun match up as well. Couldn't call that one. No me, neither I really eat both of them. I'll be honest. I don't have a great feel for what I think. Just yet. We have some time to think about it though, first let's not till November twenty fifth quick turnaround to second legs, November twenty ninth. Yeah. But I mean, once you've had that long break, you kind of want the momentum or otherwise it loses a bit of juice. Yeah. I'll tell you what. Let's keep this going right now. E- enjoy of the yes network who covers NYC FC TV analyst for them. And also the Bundesliga over on Fox Sports yet and you nixed. My idea to call this segment joy division. I you're more than welcome to refer to it is that I just don't have the music prepared. I'm sorry. Well, that's what it will be from now on. Chubby call the joy division. Ian. And what's up, man? How are you? Thank you so much have meal, and I love the name, and actually it probably should be a regular segment if you're going to call it, the joy division, a happy to do it. But I want to jingle an Andrew was not prepared to put the work in. Yeah. I admitted foolishly RIP my mentions as JJ would say I admitted a few weeks ago that I had never actually heard of the band joy division. And I've been crushed it ever since I've I've gone back. I've listened to five of their best songs on YouTube and they're fine fine. I played Ian, volley against all spoke for some poli over joy division level terrace apart today because I was so excited for the segments goosebumps. Didn't you actually actually for for a fullback? He's leather. Did it's bringing goal while it was one. It was only one goal scored. So I might as well. I might as well have made it work. I'll tell you what let's start obviously. Like, I mentioned you cover and are the TV analysts for NYC FC on the network. Let's start with them. You tweeted this after NYC FC were eliminated far too many underperformers for NYC FC since PV Patrick Vieira left a few simply not good enough for this club. Extremely disappointing. I was wondering if you could elaborate on that. It was this a player issue for them was the say a manager issued that they just didn't kind of connect with this manager after Vieira left. I'm curious if you could go a little deeper on that. Well, I'd like to say it's all of the above and more. I mean, I feel sorry for players. I was once a player I recognize that it's not easy when you change your coach. And especially when you're all Bill until project, you of, you know, part of preseason the coaches sold you on something pretty special the team was absolutely flying. And they looked like they could potentially go ahead and win this order shield and at least challenge for analyze Cup. So losing losing that coach stop. Piece of the jigsaw. Is massively vitally important for us to why that team is just collapsed, and it just didn't work with to run he came in. And we expected it to be a smooth transition at least that was what was explained to us. This is a guy who knows the philosophy from Patrick Vieira will be able to try and continue wall left off and make it even better for simply on the players. Let him down. I mean, I'm sure the coaching tight were obviously opposite to what Patrick wanted to different ideas, different coaches, but still trying to play the same way. But the players didn't buy into it for some reason, the players lacked, their performance consistency was a real issue making mistake off the mistake was a big problem for this team because it can see it a lot of goals at important times in games, which lost then games and drop points. So I think it's it's all of the above. I think the coach has to take a large deal of responsibility. I think the players have to take an even bigger piece of cake as far as ability goes, but I was playing the clump in many ways for allowing this. Change to hop in at this stage in the season. I feel sorry for the players at sorry for the coach actual sorry for the club. Because all three of them are to blame in worship good feeling on davir right now is he coming back for another year in New York. Well, my kill and says he will be back. I don't think you'll be to Hoppy finishing off the way he did. And leaving the legacy behind without trying to push really hard for an Emily's Cup. The reason why I would say he might not come by. Because because he started to look tired. He's starting to look like his legs of going little bit. He's not as sharp as he was. He did struggle with injury. Only started twenty three regular season games, and and miss a chunk of games because of injury, and he was clearly frustrated I actually met him when he was in the middle of his injury problems right in the heart of the camp in and he looked straight. He looked like he'd lost a bit of har-. And when players thought to do that they start to question whether it's a worth that money will come into play because he's on a big salary. So you gotta pay this guy still scored fifteen goals in there. Regular season. So he can still perform any can still perform at the highest level. I'd like to see him stay because I want to see him score more goals allies, potentially get to one hundred goals. But I think it's going to be touching goes up. -solutely fifty fifty you enjoy joining us here on caught offside in. What about Atlanta? I mean, obviously the team that just knocked NYC FC out. They've got the red bulls coming up in the Eastern Conference finals, let's say Chris Armas brought you in to speak to the rebels before the the conference finals. What are you telling them about how to approach this Atlanta club? Well, first and foremost, I'm not a fan of the red bow. So very difficult for me to give a team talk in any way through outlook. Remind company man to the end. And I listen, I I know that their transition in the midway point of the season was a lot smoother than ours because they lost Jesse Marsh, and Chris armistead, and and basically gave them the best possible opportunity to continue on a cle- the way they left off an Armitage's in and which is the opposite from what Dominic Garand has in New York City. You know, there was no hardness and not twinning count. Whereas with Chris Armas, he is an obsolete machine. He will push this team on and on and actually going to go as far as to say that I think your favorite in this game. Lonzo very good site. No doubt about it. They score goals. They break records. They have the hottest striker in the league whose Ruikun the record. He's not even broken smashed and he has taught class, but I think they make mistakes. And I think teams who are connected together who are on the same wavelength who eleven players play for one another and can break them down and that topic toward. End of the season against with Lanka. Would would they struggled against Toronto? They struggled against New York. Red bull back in September. Where they were beaten red bull arena. I think it happens again, not my favorite school in all the way to analysts Cup finalists Neo red bull Atlanta. He and do you think it just comes down to a battle of defenses? Because I remember that regular season game towards towards the end where Atlanta went to the red bull arena. And honestly, I've I mean the defending was amateur hour there. And it does seem like you said are MRs team is more of a unit. They are absolutely more of a unit. They they all by by the project. They're they're a great team chemistry. Key is fantastic. I believe that they're more on the same wavelength. Then we'll Atlanta there's a few stars at line to line up. And when you have one or two players who are higher paid than the others. Who are clearly superstars and the others are playing catch up much more difficult for every player together in the same age. And even though I think it lands are very. Good. And they've got an excellent coach in Totta Martino you'll be leaving at the end of the season. And they wanted to make something special for him. I think the most complete team the most well organized teams the most difficult teams to break down is the rebels have an excellent goalkeeper and will bless as well. So you're right. I think it's gonna come down to defense. You mentioned Martino he was named manager of the season today. Did they get it? Right. It's a tough one. But I think they did get it. Right. I think consistency was very important the way they finished. The campaign was excellent. It's very difficult for anyone to say that croissants does have to and because Jesse Marshall veasley took part for half the season. So I think it probably decision a massive show Bengals and did a DC tonight. It's a it's not just win ruining my competent. So I give them a lot of credit as well. And Ben Olsen who's been through hell with that team. And but I think they got a spots on. I think Atlanta played polo play seventy five percent of the time. The most exciting soccer MLS is seen for a long time. So he and who's on the other side of your draw then because you have rebels going all the way to the final. So who's who's in the final with them from the west? It's a tough one, you know, like going through the regular season was always difficult on not west site because there's an obsolete bond till they're Seattle fun to form sporting KC tough to be an and of course, those teams they went quite far in the playoffs. Seattle just not really missing out to my former club, Portland and. I think a tough team to beat they they certainly won't be easy competitors for sporting Kansas City, and that's an old rivalry much. Where remember a few seasons by that? Unbelievable penalty kick session that went on for four days. I mean, it was incredible. So I think my favorite would talk to be sporting KC because they are so well organized their team probably deserves to be at this stage, and and should be in the final because again as a complete team from start to finish from goalkeeper to strike from the head coach to who the in the coaching staffs alongside of sporting KC. Our favorites to go all the way to final the and I'm curious for your thoughts on Portland even being at this point in the season the seasons started March fourth they didn't win a game until April fourteenth. Are you surprised? No like seeing what we saw at that point early on in the air. You surprised to see them still playing now here in November? Yeah. I think so I think having a coaching change it always makes it difficult on new coach comes in new ideas, and you have to buy into that project. And of course, we'll it was going to be a failure because they struggled, but MLS gives you the opportunity to start slow and finish strong and audio opposite. You could start stalling finish slowing skill make the playoffs. So they gives you the opportunity once you get into the playoffs. It's it's anyone's game. You have to be on form. You have to be lucky. You have to obviously hope that the referee's decisions go your favor, and and when it comes to penalty kicks it it's an obsolete Gumbo. So you've got to be on your toes and recognize that just getting to the playoffs. Even when you hit a low pot chills results in the season is the most important thing in Portland did. We remember some of the champions over years going all the way back to two thousand nine when I was at real Salt Lake. I mean, we just made the playoffs. And then not team went all the way onto win MLS company. Not can hop into to these guys as well, so Portland timbers and our team that nobody wants to face. And I know they've got a rivalry against us born, Casey. So it's a tough game for sporting in changing up a bit here, you talked about look, and you were lucky enough to be on the call for classic car at the weekend. Brush doorman I as Byron Munich now, I had DVR the game. I had family over and I went to the boozer, and I'm trying not to look at it. Because they've put it on the TV. The highlights are on FOX coming around again on on f s one, and I'm trying to talk to someone who's is keep dieting to the TV whatever I'm saying. It's just not that interesting. And every time it turned around, something brilliant happen. I went home. And I watched the game in full it is that as good a game as you've seen lately. Oh lately. Yeah. For sure and even go as far as over the last two or three years Bundesliga is probably as good a game. And there have been high scoring games more high scoring games that are thrillers but die game as far as entertainment value from start to finish. Did not disappoint anyone and I'm actually disappointed. You didn't watch a live with the sun blasting and say Dow cub because I tell my mates to do that. So get my voice Bouza. Yeah. I am. I find you find you in cost again to parochial reminds me of being at home. So I. I played key for that. No. I mean, it was just from start to finish just end to end action. Lucia Dortmund look for the tired in the first half. They were Shaw Plato possessed by occasionally buck to the best. And certainly dominated the first half without scoring not second and third goal. Which would have probably won the game. They allowed and hit home and to get back into the game. Having the scoreline only at one no off time. But the second talk just blew me away, the changes they made obviously father's experience. Coachie recognizes that changes to be made team talk must've been electrifying off time. And when you've got some Superstock players and young kids who are willing to go the extra mile for you. You always have a chance in this. Bruce Dortmund say right now are so much fun to watch they have talent. And right now, you know, you can't even see a Christian pulisic getting into that starting eleven at times. He's only started four games in the Bundesliga for them, which is crazy, but son chose beat absolutely on fire for them. And he was unbelievable. Yeah. I was going to ask you about that actually with Christian. We all yes, I'm very protective of young Christian because we had stiff on books go on with us a couple of weeks who covers Bruges Dorman for ESPN AFC. And we asked him as Christian. Okay. Is he being well taken care of should we be worried, and he said, don't worry. He's a lockdown first team player you've got nothing to worry about. He's in good hands here. And I said, okay, that's good. But now, we see, you know, it seems like he's struggling to get into the first team. And hearing you say that you know, it kind of it kind of fills me with a little bit of worry here. I mean, is is Pulitzer kinda now been relegated to sort of a sub or bench role for them. You know, I think he is a part of a terrific school in assembled by an unbelievable coach. And I think he's lucky to be there because he is at the right time. This is a world class player Christian pulisic up -solutely world class, and it some day will probably be more than seventy five million. And I think right now there will be a lot of teams out there questioning. The fight of his future Dortmund and seeing how stable he has his own mindset. But if you look at the big picture Lucia Dr and the German Cup there in obviously jumpings leak and compete in the domestic league. And there's no doubt when he plays in the Bundesliga. He's electrified and he loves to perform and enjoyed it weaken and week out. But he can't play again. And they've got so many talented players shit Dortmund young players that need to play. So the coach is doing a tremendous job of being able to manage Christian pulisic juden sensual, but Lawson type of players played in a similar position giving them all equal games. I mean, politic. If you look at the game is that Russia played in the Trump. He's think he's played, you know, a number of games for them. And he can be happy that he's played those games, and then in German copies played I think both games for them. So he is playing his fair share of games he has to be patient. And I think he is definitely in the right place right now because blueshield Dortmund are on the way up and if they win the Bundesliga he's one. Of the main reasons why happened the hope for loosen favor, you know, safety that he continues to play him because Andrew Andrew would take a trip to Germany and would try to enforce his views. He's he's huge the protective of young pulic. It's it's unnerving. You know, fly a plane right over that stadium. Father out get an Exxon. I'll do it. Ian is still still because you know, that this guy is a legend. Right. He's only be there for four months. But after the weekend is a guy that's very difficult to replace e- and talking about your own career path NYC FCC cheese such global entity. But in terms of a of a Colt football club, there really aren't money like Saint Pauli where you played they're very tossed. Our message they're fine. Based is truly unique. Like, what was it like to play for fun based like them? Great question. Did you end up things? Black so much memories. Every time. I get the chance to talk about some, paulie. I it just it makes me excited. I'm so happy right now that they're getting more recognition and to think that this is a team that's playing in the second division in Germany and still gets recognition as incredible. And one of the reasons why is because not necessarily what to do on the field. But what the do off the field ethos defines the support of groups the pull it takes. And and the push that they do to demonstrate on much days, and obviously try to push the Brun and they do an amazing job. And this is a club that I sneak ily used to go and watch when I was playing for the city rival Humbert. I would go on a Friday night. And I'd sit with sometimes I take my father with me. And we would we would hide on a Friday night. Just get cops on and go and watch them play. Because at that time they were in the third division. It was twenty thousand crazy some paulie funds rocking out to the hospital. Halftime she'll and the shocking soccer that was performed. on this place. They loved every minute of them until you go there until you spew it until you live until you recognize what's in Pauley as you'll never fully understand going to the melon Tor pudding jersey on the skull-and-crossbone is a feeling and and you're joining a religion, you're joining a political statement, you're joining a fun group, a group of people who believe in the same thing as you want the free world, and and give people every opportunity to be successful in life and notice crimen Asian and any whiz load. It's truly a wonderful place to be and they continue to push this club in this Brown forward. And I'll for help them to do. They will send paulie fans on the street if they see you they'll recognize you they'll they'll come to come over to their that kind of fan base. Right. I would look in. To play at some paulie at the right time. I actually moved obviously recognize my love for that supporters and the stadium at that time, which was was not going to be stadium. It was a whole, you know, it was a it was a dump. And but sometimes we couldn't even afford to pay the electric Bill to put the lights on in the warm-up. We'd have to wait for the tickets to be sold. You're in a game before Joel warmup. So that we could turn the lights on the other half of the field. What year is what it was doesn't than seven those to those and four two thousand five five six and seven. Yeah. All the way up to two thousand eight but I arrived at the right time and talk about Christian pulisic being with the right group of place at the right time. And right coach at hop to be me bucket. Not time. I went from third division to second division when all the way to the semi final of the German Cup. And we created millions for this club, and they managed to get themselves out of financial problems. They manage to build a stadium up to getting thirty thousand. No shallow stadiums for every game that they have. And they all be got the opportunity to have a couple of Americans Canadian on the team that we we helped spread the brand awareness and because of that success. I'll always be considered to be a key part of the unbelievable time for some poly. So every time I go back to Hamburg now put Maha on up at my who'd up. So that nobody knows. I may not be able to walk onto much. I'm going back in March for the Humboldt Darby. So it will be a test. Oh, that's cool. Good stuff. The even had Nike. I think was at Airmax Jordan's made Nike, especially ones commission with Sam police skull-and-crossbone on it yet. You know, what it was air force? Once I remember it was two thousand and nine I just laughed and they sent me up there. It was air force ones. And that's not where it stops. They went all the way from heaven, obviously, the skull-and-crossbone on on the Nike Jordan's. And it went all the way through close. It went all the way through like computers designed speakers, and you could even get your one simple condom how about. Oh, that's great stuff. Enjoy like, I said of the network and FOX thanks so much, man. We appreciate the time under did you? Thanks for having me on. Yes. So interesting to talk about that kind of cult supporter owned supporter driven football team on. No, Ian, is you know, part of the the commentary team for what is a global entity in NYC and city football group. It's a it's a real contrast. You have me interested in like wanting to run to YouTube now and look at a bunch of Saint Pauli. I would clips and highlights. I would absolutely recommend. It seems like it's a fun away day on it's one of those more niche. I'll definitely concede that if you go to Williamsburg, you will see some hipster fans who just loves him. Paulie? And they don't understand why you're not watching Bundesliga too. Right. I will start watching boondocks league to let's see what to watch for. I did not include that in what to watch for. I apologize UEFA nations league JJ Thursday to forty five. Stop me when you have something because I really don't know Croatia and Spain Friday to forty five in the Netherlands, and France, the Netherlands are experiencing a little bit of a resurgence Ronald Kumon. Are they back is Memphis now the greatest player in Europe? I mean, they're they're playing well after having missed the last two major tournaments you're wondering if there was just maybe a a massive talent turnover that was going on there. And I don't know. Maybe you're starting to see kind of like the seedlings of the next generation some ways. Yes, put another ways Ryan Babel is still playing for Holland. So in other ways. No, that's tremendous. Let's see Sunday nine AM England and Croatia rematch. That's the second time. They'll have played now since they played in the semifinal. Yes. So they know each other really well. And then international friendlies. This one jumped off the page to me JJ, very I felt very fortunate in that moment to know. Hey, I do the show with a guy who's from the Republic of Ireland because they play Northern Ireland Thursday to forty five. Yeah. And it's do how would I do the MAC twenty five years since we played in the last qualifying game a vital qualifier Northern Ireland versus the Republic of Ireland to go to USA Ninety-four. Well, that was just a huge game and Spain did his favor on the night beating defeating Denmark, and we took a point from Windsor pack being wound down for most of the game. And it was a time of huge political. Strife in Northern Ireland political violence on. So it was I mean, if you talk to players about going up there the atmosphere was was really roll there'd been a massacre only a few days prior to that game. So it's it's amazing. It's kind of heartening for me to be with a look at this fixture and not feel to there's tension or being politically charged. We've come so far into that doesn't when you see that that doesn't send like a shiver down your spine. Oh, it reminds me of that night in Windsor Park was some of the most disgusting scenes I've ever people who were there. And how is it? Now will they be able to like I they're going to be chance that are offensive is. They're going to be like is there a larger? I'd police presence. Or is it kinda like, hey, we're all we're all good. Now. Let's just enjoy this all together. I think the the defined basis have moved on in particular. I don't think there'll be politically charged chance. I think the only thing that might come up is again, James McLean will be there James McCain who came up. Endeavor played in the Northern Ireland jute system, and then defected to pay for the Republican violent is is choice is an Irish Catholic on he on the poppy thing might be the only crosswords that would be. But that depends on on what element of travelling fans come from the north and the element that I saw at your twenty sixteen when we were both at the tournament in France was a very friendly element on. I don't feel the same. Chills that I used to feel back in the day over this fixture. That is good. And then JJ Thursday at three o'clock PM England and the United States at Wembley in London. Yes. A friendly for which there will be senior caps ended out. Not a testimonial. But yet it does feel like testimonial as win Rooney will take his bow. Which is the main story coming out of this game, certainly from the English perspective, ending tabloid media perspective. This is Wayne Rooney's final bow. He will play some part in the game in the second half. He will not start. He was not captain. He will not wear number ten. He said he's made no demands of Gareth Southgate. He is just going to enjoy this. Yes is like a no pressure. This is supposed to be fun. And hopefully, I guess hopefully, it is now there's few people objecting to the use of an England English international where full senior caps are being handed out to say goodbye to win Rooney. And that's been a talking point for a lot of people. Now, let's. It's not like, it's it's obviously not a nation's league game, which is ostensibly competitive, actually, it is it is it is not want to take it seriously as up to you ladies competitive. So this is not a competitive friendy win Rooney has said that the, you know, his his his representatives, and the FAA had been looking for fixture that made sense to do a final farewell to him. I I'm not I don't know where I am on this. I I also let widely between these are proper England caps and should not be handed out willy nilly and also maybe. I really what I've come down on his that. This should have been billed as a testimonial. No senior caps handed out the US will come over and we would play and you'd sell out the house. The money will go Wayne Rooney foundation. Now, there is some monies from the game going to the Wayne Rooney foundation, but not ticket sales because it is a senior friendly at Wembley. I guess here's here's where I come down on this. Look, I I don't mean to belittle what it means to earn a cap for England, that's a major honor. So I don't want to belittle what it is that Alan Shearer says I don't want to belittle what it is that you're saying it's an honor to play for your country, you country should not honor you, right? But part of me kind of wants to say like relax to the people that are that are kind of of that opinion like calm down. All right. This is a friendly. Let's you know, let's not take this game. And and, you know, just the sport in general too seriously. Now, the only reason though that I feel conflicted about it is there are some players where I would totally understand it and be cool with it. Like, if the US ever wanted to do this for Clint Dempsey, would we have a problem with it? No. I don't think I don't think any things testimonial. He is retired. I would not use up senior cap Titus O. But he but to me like there's guys like Dempsey or Donovan like they've earned one more cap. If we want to give them one more cap in a game that is kind of. In their honor for all they've done for US soccer. I would have absolutely no problem with it. I really think that the only reason people are making a big deal over this is because it's Wayne Rooney because there was always a split among England fans as to whether or not he was beloved or hated as an England player. So I I really think this was like a universally beloved England player. Nobody would have any problem with this. It's a friendly. Let's all enjoy ourselves. Like he deserves it. He's earned it. It's a chance for us to give him the ovation. He deserves. But I just don't think Rooney's that guy. And that's the only reason that this whole thing is kind of surprising to me, and you say that. But it's amazing. How many people are going to go to this game that the ticket sales have been very very hot an I'm just wondering with the wind Rooney element to it did the FAA look at this game and think we're going to Trump of sending out Wembley for the US in in November international. And let's try entice something into this that is going to drive ticket sales. And that seems a little bit cynical. Also for the lungs time. I thought this money. That the ticket sales money was going to the Wayne Rooney foundation ticket sales aren't going to that charity. He's also retired Andrew fully retired. I understood papers of gone in. I I don't know. I I don't think great about this. All right from the US perspective. Jonathan clansman goes into the side for the for the Americans goalkeeper. So I hope to see him get some action. It's going to be interesting to see if not this game against Italy as well as that is also fairly high profile friendly that the US will be taking part in next week. A couple of guys who on most interested in. This is the easy one to say. But for an interesting reason Christian pulisic one I'm glad to see him healthy again to like we talked about with enjoy. He's not getting regular minutes necessarily right now for Brusca Dortmund. So maybe he has a chip on his shoulder, and that ship may be even a little bit larger when you factor in Jaden Sancho who has basically unseeded Pule sick right now for those. There might be starting for England in this game. A now I'm not saying that there's any tension between them maybe there is. I don't know. I have no clue. I would I would think that Pulitzer probably wants to show him up in some kind of install. Absolutely, the players are freshly funders have very much of the mindset that you've kind to lay it out there. It's not that he wants to to might be great friends say have promptly great friends, but it's point proving as well, especially when you didn't start the biggest game of the season, so fired Biggs domestic game. Anyway. So yeah. One hundred percent players are very much. It's a team game. But there are eleven personalities and eleven selfish people who every moment of every game believe they should be starting an stocky docked to get to the that small percentage of people who get to play at the highest level in football. You need that mentality. You're absolutely right. Yeah. That's thursday. Three o'clock. We will do a special podcast right afterwards. So you should see that one. Hopefully, we'll have it done some around eight eastern time. Eight thirty she'll be out around their west coast. People are going to have for perfect timing and you'll have it for your commute on Friday. And also if you have any questions or anything, you feel we didn't cover in the podcast hair. You can send us an E mail caught offside pottage, Email dot com. And asks you a soccer pot on Twitter. We love hearing from you got some really good ones. Really good ones this week interesting. I sometimes feel that our listeners are more interesting than us. Oh, yeah. One more interesting than you one hundred percent. One hundred percent, you know, our chat about comedies someone from who who is involved in the comedy club gun touch with us. Wait what? Oh about stand up comedians comedians. Oh, really? Yeah. That's cool straightaway. We've got we've got to vast sh- mortgage board of listeners to great word cornucopia sh- mortgage for these are great words, by the way before we get out. I did want to mention slots on Abraham bitch one goal of the year in MLS for that famous goal against L AFC throw this in. It's gonna fall. Fever. Now that was epic when he came on in that game against in the I'm okay with traffic. Oh and scored that goal from forty yards out that to tie it when they had been down that was one of the most memorable moments of the season. But for goal of the year, I think slots should have one. But I don't know. I kinda thought it may be should have been this one his his five hundred th goal that he scored this one against Toronto FC. Santos. Lifts it into the area e. Like that one that he just kind of like for sure Tacoma call. He's such good. So that guy I love to be that. I love the volley because of such a cool goal that I felt like I hadn't really seen before. Yeah. That's what I'm going for when I want my like Zoltan that forty Artor. They scored was awesome. Who's like I said super memorable, but I have seen it before that one against Toronto. I don't know. I think the context of the derby and all is being on that Carson California for that game. Carson Elliott rather? I think that's what tipped at probably on. Also, I would say this the keeper should've come. I know I know you feel that way you're very you've been very strong about that. Because you love to just rain on everybody's sunshine and parades, by the way before we get out. I know we're going really long now. And now, it's my fault. But with the US in England playing each other I went on the BBC's website, and they did a special kind of thing of American players that have played into for merely. That's handy. So they did basically. Gave you put four minutes on the clock. And they wanted you to name the fifteen American players that have played at least fifty matches in the Premier League. So I took the challenge, and I'm kind of shame to say that I got eleven out of fifteen. Now, I'm not gonna ask you to sit here. I'll tell you who you missed. Okay. Tell me who I missed. I have the list I took a picture of the screen because I wanted to bring it up two of the ones that I missed. I was so mad at you. Missed ROY Ray, Roy Wegerle. I did miss him on you miss John Harkes? John harkes. No, he didn't fifty matches in the Premier League Premier League. That's not fair wise enough fair, which John Harkes was like. I suppose John Harkes played for Sheffield Wednesday before the Premier League. So he doesn't get in. I missed like you said right waggling seventy show on acts more. Yes. Very good. I missed him forever. Ten fifty two matches. He played for them. And then these two can't believe I missed these to. I'm almost embarrassed to say it. You miss Joe max Moore, you missed you. Missed. Jay demerit. No. He didn't have fifty fifty now. Okay. Go on to me. He missed Jonathan spector. I missed oh. My God relaxed. I don't think you would have gotten Jonathan spot a lie. Birmingham. Of course, come on what he was not in the Premier League. He was never with Birmingham Birmingham in the Premier League. Wasn't that long wrong, man? United Charlton and mainly west him. Oh, you never played in the Premier League Birmingham. No. Okay. And then Carlos bocanegra, I missed with Fulham. You wouldn't have gotten that. Either. Look at you the blank stare on forgot about buccaneers even want to try to get the other ones. No, the hints that they gave. They did tell you. How many games and they did tell you the clubs. But here I'll read the other ones Brad Friedel. Tim howard. Clint Dempsey Casey Keller. Jeff Cameron Brad goose on Brian McBride. Claudia Raina Josie altidore de'andre Ettlin, and the one that I was very proud of myself forgetting, Marcus hahnemann clusky per reading goalkeeper and then of wolves wolves. Yeah. So there you go. This was a fun show, my friend. I can't believe how long we've gone, and I can't believe how much of it is my fault. It's a meaty podcast and people going enjoy it with one on Thursday. Yes. Well, hey, good stuff to you. I say. Ticker. Listening to cod off size soccer podcast.

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