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I really you think you're gonna love it the whole thing about sas complaining about about her roommate. We know that that's just a normal annoyance kind of thing for her roommate to ask questions during t._v. Shows and movies. She doesn't sh- not really complaining that she has a bad roommate. It's just a way to start this little piece of radio. Where you say <hes> <hes> sas you. Don't have it so bad <hes> at least and then you tell what the worst roommate thing you've ever had done to you is <hes> this is i think one of my favorites that has been sent into the d._m.'s. Don't worry sas at least your roommate doesn't isn't <hes> skype relations with her boyfriend. In the middle of the living room she wouldn't go into her room and shut the door. So if i came home and she was skyping she'd wave at me to duck down an army crawl to my room and yes i would army crawl like an idiot because i didn't want to kill the vibes susannah in the living room. Wow yeah you're right. At least she does not do that. Ah anonymous flu season more welcome to the t._j. Show makes us feel good roommate. Hey morning out <hes> so i was just going to say it's okay. That's at least your roommate didn't have her boyfriend. He accused of sleeping with walk you out of her apartment because he started living there and then when i got into my apartment saw that he had packed up literally all of my saying neatly so i got that wasn't that bad but hadn't made this patch and ready to go. Ooh ooh boyfriend. Had you packed up and ready to go 'cause he was <hes> well we we. We actually got along and her boyfriend like he. They started the dating he started saying they're a lot and then over time he just kind of started fighting there. He was there and i didn't make a big deal out of it because me and him got along along really well actually around wishy right. Now we never we never did anything we just got along. We would stay up late and mitch hedberg and i thought oh man hedberg. He's awesome. God okay well. Thank you very much all right. Thank you know choruses. Don't feel bad ass. At least your roommate didn't throw thumb tacks all over the living room floor floor when you used her mug ask. Are you using my mug. Thumb toys. Hud is dirty when you wake up sleepy in the morning and you're trying to find your mug. You're gonna get a surprise. Don't worry sas at least your roommate didn't make chore chart that you had to every time you did a chore and when you didn't do said chores they would set you got punished. My boyfriend at the time wasn't allowed to come. Stay at the house for almost four months. That's because of who are roommates who allows your who tells your roommate okay. I'll abide by the chore chart and like my boyfriend come over because i didn't do my chores. Sorry your band. I didn't vacuum like nolet. There's one that has been sent in the in the d._m.'s that is hilarious yet very very disgusting so much so that we're going to have to wait in and do it on more show after the show today when when we don't have to follow f._c._c. rules and in that kind of thing is hilarious so we do more show after the show every day at ten thirty eastern nine thirty central on our app. It's a it's free. Thanks to papa john's. They pay for all of it so you don't have to by the way i think that's their new <hes> advertising smuggling they pay for it so you don't have good <hes> so yeah we'll do that today. You can also get it on a podcast by my noon everyday. If you don't get it live oh and how it is don't worry asked when i was leaving college. I told my roommate that he needed to get his food out of the freezer because we intend living the power out. I moved out. He never came to get stuff. Power goes out two weeks later. He left his fish rush in the tank and all his stuff in the freezer. We now fifteen hundred dollars for a fridge and new paint because they couldn't get the smell out screw that guy. Oh how taste brigands fast rob connected funny on this is the t._j. Show would you be offended by hi. This roommates thing we talked about yesterday with you and your roommate people saying how you don't have a bad at all girl said <hes> don't feel bad pass. My roommate was secretly hooker. I thought she was just going on. A lot of different. Dates turns out. They were helping pay my rent. I didn't find out until one day. She asked me to go to lunch with her and a guy showed. We've turned out to be appear but they both told me. I was cute in one of them if i wanted to join the business oh is that flattering at all that they thought you were cute enough to be a part of the business yeah. It's i guess what business though there's so many different types of that business being a hooker yeah. That's what i don't or not i know is it a streetwalker is it a <hes> you know yeah is the is the pimp in dropping her off in front of a bunch of cardboard boxes to work every a day or do they have a you know nice little setup based on the way she described it. I it seems like it's going to date. They were one on one pre pre set yet like you know like an escort service. Yes that probably <hes> because i mean saying you know you're cute enough to be a streetwalker her. I mean that's not right depends on how they say yeah. There are things like that though that you that from guys and men and women the you're not there offers. You're not gonna take anybody up on yet. You know the fact. They thought you were getting afford it flattering. Thank you for asking asking but no way in hell. She had a choice like if somebody said hey rigorous. You know you thought about posing you know <hes> posing nude for something in your like <hes> no but you know what the fact that you think. I look good enough to do that. I appreciate that thanks. I have as a matter of fact not going to. I do but i appreciate it. It's way better than somebody telling you. You're knock you'd enough to be a streetwalker definitely absolutely absolutely absolutely yeah if somebody said you know ribbons you you're good enough to be uh called out to be a a male escort. Thanks i'm not going to do it but i appreciate thanks. It's like no. No you don't understand you don't have a choice. You're going to be a male last one. That's how this thing works got it. Oh oh mixed percents got it. Yeah so you kind of weird but flatter yeah so fast that you really see somebody with a cat on a leash yesterday okay okay. I don't know if it was a cat but it was not a dog. It looked like a ferret the way it was move inc because i've never seen a cat leash person just in videos always think it scripted or just the thing but it was not a dog i swear to you affair and of course how people still get fair. It's still popular. I guess i mean i don't know that they're popular. Uh-huh definitely walk them on leashes goes on a leash really yes. It was so weird because she would have to walk it would would. I don't need a walk but to walk because i don't know why they would need to leash. I saw it and went the opposite direction because i was freaked out. How did they come up with where what what is the origin of the ferret and the key actually i would imagine they're related to a prairie dog but i mean do they grow in the wild and then somebody somebody started breeding them domestically and get started you make so they cross a weasel and a prairie dog and this is what they got. I mean i don't how had an affair it come about. I don't know <hes> let's see <hes>. The domestic ferret is thought to be domesticated western or eastern european polecat a polk <hes>. That's what we called skunks. A country people called skunks poll cats when we were growing up where two ferrets originally come from <music> north america north african lineage of the species of the european polecat d._n._a. Suggests the ferrets carrots were domesticated around two thousand five hundred years ago <hes> so they're native to <hes> a native to i guess europe originally a european then somehow they're domesticated. North african brought to america. I know they have a very strong scent. Yeah yeah there. Actually one of the things that points out is a part part of the name pretorious. It's the mu stella who torius furrow pretorious is the from the latin putter which means <hes> the musky odor of the ferret also also gase yeah and furrow comes from <hes> feren meaning thief so they're they are like weasels. Yeah bigger yeah so <hes> yeah. It was knitting like that yesterday. Can they kill snakes. They fight snakes like a mongoose does wall mongoose will terrorist snake up. Yes it will. There's a guy on youtube that his whole youtube channels devoted to his dog and his i wanna say it's not maybe a weasel and they work in and pay it. They work as a team to run out. People's rats on their farms and it's amazing how this dog and weasel work together. The dock scares them up and then the weasel goes after it's insane to watch. He's got a follower but i'm just curious. How come you and riley. Don't have your own youtube channel yet. It's too much so you don't have all these other youtube channels. You have millions of viewers. It seemed like you and your dog. Riggins would be perfect for this <hes>. He's not skilled at anything so see if you can find us where <hes> we're a ferret and snake fight. Let's let's try to start that up. As a business the you know the i cage fighting but with people would would bring your bring your bring your fighting snake in the fair. We've got a whole compilation here and that's a fair yeah okay. That's one of them in the wild in right up in north africa. I recognize you know when we were there on vacation occasion. That's a rattlesnake too. It looks like we're about to go down the rabbit hole of fighting animals and that's going to be crazy just crazy other tapping. That's actually haven't missed him. You know on the anna on animal planet. They have <hes> friday night fights. Do they really were they show. Animals fighting a giraffe tear somebody a not somebody but if it's fighting with another giraffe or something they pull their next all the way down it's down to the ground and then just slam it back up as hard as they they can uppercut in the other giraffe. Oh yeah it's fun won a bunch of money on that yeah. It is a double throwback thursday when it comes to delicious audio. Do we have the song that after thirteen million views many calls the worst song ever recorded and one lady being tokyo. Police car makes a special shout out that is still used in means today. 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If you'll excuse me i'm going to go enjoy the meats and my labour in large meats or work for just twelve bucks only at papa john's not valid with other discounts fees and taxes extra ovarian t._j. Show presents today's delicious audio doubling up on throwback thursday delicious audio today. It's that good in april of two thousand twelve drew garrett and lauren willie released a song called well. They're really song a music video to accompany on april seventeenth. Their music video was featured on several news sites and received negative reviews some called the song quote the worst song ever inquiry and many you tumors claim it is the song that is far worse than rebecca black's friday. I love rebecca like a black friday. Yeah what's wrong with it but this video now has over thirteen million views. The song is called hot problems. The girls say on behalf of hot girls. Those comments are needed jessica's. They don't care about with this. One and people say things about me. The funny thing is i go to the party opera. I think fleet tasks they a new. They weren't great singers but they wanted to make a song and they had money to do it so hot girls. We we have problems. They were sixteen and seventeen. They're just having fun. Yeah just like you except for a high all right. I'm gonna start using that then. I'll have to really make sure people know. I'm joking bro now. We throw it back to twenty. Eleven twenty-eight-year-old donald rene godot jefferson county taxes was arrested. It's pretty serious or as she to accomplish this beat and stabbed a seventy three year old kansas man who is staying in a hotel room. They still numerous collectors coins from him then. They use his debit card to withdraw money from an a._t._m. Cording to documents during her arrest she claimed she was blind an innocent as she was being tucked into the police car. She made a special shoutout that is still used in me today. Lebron legally blonde. I can see barely read standard moments. I do not know what's going on our side of the store the store i'm gonna see my love. You will feel eh tears squad for life in every life. <hes> import went out for ghana though because she was she was stabbed to death in prison. Oh which is not good but we have these memories off. Just got killed over to forget these things that we loved her at once. Yeah thank the time we loved her. Thank you for those words brother yeah now. Since how dare you how how dare you asked me to flush the toilet at your house after i use it. You haven't heard the last of me i think the guy should have been arrested just for not flushing the toilet but he went on and did something else that landed him in jail that your first a man in florida the story of the day next is the a._c. T._j. Show t._j.'s grandkids. Videos are sponsored by l. Dun-rite go to jail. Dun-rite dot com for all your roofing and restoration needs more t._j. 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Look if you take a basketball player. They're twelve on an n._b._a. Team if the twelfth player only n._b._a. Team showed up to the wi to play with you and in your boys he would dominate you in shocking fashion. You would be in awe of how good he is like. The worst player is still unbelievable to play any major ager. League level sports crave so there's a forty six year old guy and his name is keith mounts. I don't know what his last name is. Boy daryl funny really he is in the tampa area and he was over at a friend's house and <hes> he used the restroom at the friends the house and he didn't flush so the friend said hey keith buddy flush the toilet bro so keith didn't like that you know being being put on as the kids say blast like that so he did the <hes> the thing that everybody else would do if they're thinking rationally he grabbed a machete and threatened to chop the guy's head off <hes> he threatened so so rose talking the police got there and there was a machete in the yard keith said <hes> he picked up the machete in self defense but then he couldn't come up with any any reason why he felt threatened with the other guy don. What have you threatening right so this is <hes> this is the best part of the story which lends me leads me to believe that <hes> keith mounts <hes> is pretty pretty chill. When it comes to caring about things in life you know how the <hes> the police will hand them a note book a little pad and say all right right your statement on here whether it's a confession or whatever you tell me in your words what happened right down and he just grabbed the pin and the legal pad and he scratched out something on it and then swirled at around so the cop could read it and it had two words on it blank happened. Ah that's really all you need to know right <hes>. I know you didn't grow your eyes at me. Oh who were you rolling your eyes at oh. Oh that's what i saw. Somebody meant to get called out somebody on the t._j. Show that's what we're going to. I'm going to nick this is the show wanna save up to seventy five percent on domestic or international airline tickets. Then call low cost airlines for prices so low. We can't publish them call eight hundred two eight seven forty-seven sixteen eight hundred two eight seven forty seven sixteen coming on the t._v. Zhou lady and i don't know a lot would say she doesn't deserve a second chance now that she has paid her debt to society and some people would we're going to let you decide. We'll we'll discuss it and it'll be very interesting and very funny and you'll be <hes> discussing all throughout the labor day weekend with your friends dance or your cats so you don't want to miss that you do not sass <hes> y you put up. I roll emojis on twitter did just put up a i'm. I roll emoji. Who who who you fighting with moving. What's what's the problem. You got. One of those girls all right as we no no. I'm talking to somebody right now. The ball way alloy and he's been very busy with works. We haven't been talking as much but he's really good at starting the conversation so i know he's still interested but we're not talking as much as i want to. We're not seeing each other as much as i wanted to see him and and that's why i rolled says no rather than like venting sentences and sentences and having a novel full of complaints i decided listen. I rolled because he's like talking to me and ask me how i'm doing and he's not making plans. The you really wanna know live so by doing that and making him feel bad about it and terrible and guilty not gonna make it better. I didn't make them feel bad. When you mean what he's gonna no no why you were hitting a house the twitter order and i'll tell him that in person the efficacy but but who's the who's been fit i mean who did you want to see the nothing i was just on twitter and it was exactly what i did in the moments i was gonna the. I don't even know you had twitter t._j. Don't reagan's told <hes> you're a jerk. What you're you gotta. Let me just live my life. I can't stand you. Where's he line. No he's not located. Let me just tweet you say anything about it on the radio. I say thanks for against appreciate you. I thought there why because i knew this was going to happen. When i saw i went. That's extremely vague. That's either about this person or this person. There's definitely a story there and you don't post something because it's your it's your radio twitter account. It's not even your personal once. I was like she clearly wants somebody to see. There's a story here. I just don't know what it is so i tell t._j. I was like i l let him break. I'll let him do the dirty that mostly for the women that follow name because they love to comment and tweeting back saying like ou sas a going on which was my reaction did it was just me for you but it was just me sharing my mood and that exact moment i feel like i've done something wrong this conversation 'cause i'm playing the role like oh. My gosh like what what is this t._j. Yeah no he wasn't supposed to tirelessly. Yes laughing heard but i didn't think about because she knows i don't i. I don't mess with twitter but what does it because i was going to be like the sympathetic like oh my gosh. What is that and i think i did it pretty well yeah. It wasn't like a serious. She dragged it out to me. Yeah <hes>. I really did golly well. I'm not going to tweet aroma is alone. No it was because i knew it was gonna be the about something good but did it work. Did you get a reaction from him. Does your response talking. They're busy with stuff and he's not feeling well from his weekend with the boys and <hes> but yeah just talking it i want it took the move them right so let me know salt innocent interesting conversation. What's he doing this weekend. Weekend hasn't made plans for the weekend at town. Oh for that kind of own you then okay well. You can't blame him if he hasn't made glad. You're going to be out of town this weekend. I don't know i just. I'm just glad it's all cleared up now. Yeah how is t._j. What a relief. I roll nature's coming up on now. Trending regan's quickly. They <hes> lot of stuff going on this morning. Including a star of kid show is hosted nut or straps out there is he's getting sexy less than ten minutes and now there's more as t._j. Off it it's not the news but it is the stuff that you'll really be talking about the rest of the day now trending with riggins on the ace and t._j. Show a lot. A lot of stuff from your childhood is is getting brought back getting killed off forever twenty. One looks like they're gonna file for bankruptcy that might be going away but not totally surprising a lot of those so thing shops that are found in chapter eleven <hes> forever chapter eleven. They should be forever chapter nine. I mean really in <hes>. It's called northlake mall here that day huge store huge store yeah. I wasn't there saturday in forever. Twenty one yourself ah daughter picking up just picking up something <hes> slide -til it was my girlfriend was forever twenty one picking up some fat vibes picking up some case where he was picking up the outfit that she made sure that you could see your from the bench she was sitting on out in the mid way went in keep you on the kids can we we still chick-fil-a i mean give them space to grow up but you know you still got to keep an eye on <hes> and kind of the opposite <hes> <hes> forever twenty one might be going away but blue's clues is definitely coming back in november. It's now hosted by this guy. This guy named joshua dela cruz. I think is his name. They showed a clip on monday in day of the reboot and it still features steve the original host as josh's cousin but <hes> people have just discovered that josh here's what he looks like on the show. You still got blue. He sounds the santita. Do your blue person. That was not that perot so so that's that's the host he watched it as a kid in real life that easings really excited about the big people have discovered this other picture of josh de la cruz bruce and there is and now people are people. Why is some <hes> this is the thing. Why are you surprised how somebody named josh delacruz. How crews not automatically thought of as hot. You know that guy's going to be hot yeah yeah daily daily crew post a side by side of those two pictures for everybody if you follow us on twitter will post it in a second at the t._j. Show put it up on our facebook page the ason t._j. Show the comments are hilarious because everybody's like i got a clue he could find eh terrible because that is a that was a my daughter's childhood that was a staple blue's clues and low bill where her two favorite shows to watch now every day all day. Get you know you owned the d._v._d.'s and all that kind of stuff and making you crazy yeah in in his hot picture picture he looks like a like a <hes> sexy nerd <hes> with obsessive compulsive disorder really yeah kind of see that you just you know i don't know why interesting hot take on that <hes> but he pretty yeah he real good leon and the top trending trending topics this morning hashtag thursday thoughts thursday motivation thursday morning so dive into that if you're interested great stuff wouldn't be interested understood exactly all those things are trending okay <hes>. There's a lady who's paid her debt to society. Would you be willing to give her a second chance or are you going to be all judgy for the rest of your life. It's up to you. You're gonna love this hanging on teachers show walmart family mobile check out their unlimited plans with no contracts right in the electronics department hartman at walmart and see how much you could save on mobile today coming up tomorrow on the a._c. t._j. Show it is just the world famous friday morning again blastoff kicking off your weekend then before we get to the weekend review tomorrow we will have a live studio. The audience is another radio family friday which is always fun so that's happening tomorrow on the t._j. Show listen carefully to the details of this because you know far too often in our culture we are unforgiving and and <hes> we're always told you should give someone told you give someone another chance. Don't be so judgmental. It happens in sports. All the time player screws up coach gives him another chance and sometimes things work out and sometimes they blow their chance so this lady in indiana back in two thousand one one that's eighteen years ago <hes> was in the throes with with her boyfriend and they were <hes> playing a fun game together now with with the kids listening and all that i'll try to speak in code here so you get it. They were <hes> they were playing <hes> cops. She was up okay. She was the cottons he was the arresting office. Yes okay so <hes> while she had him <hes> restrained in a <hes> in a you know the the consensual <hes> cop and bad guy guy <hes> pretend game <hes> she had some sort of mental break and thought that he was <hes> the devil and that he was possessed in hugh is <hes> in her head and <hes> <hes> someone was telling him to telling her to kill him so while he's restrained. She stabbed him thirty nine times. Kill him oh she admitted to it. She said i've done wrong. I can't erase the pain abroa- i can't bring tony's life back. That was his name <hes> <hes> she just she said believe with all my soul <hes> that people were actually telling me to do that in high and i needed help so she's been released from prison. She served eighteen years of a forty five year prison. Sentence <hes> good behavior all of that she was led out early way or the model prisoner <hes> now she's coming out of prison a single woman don't she's going to be looking for companionship because it's human nature. Is somebody gonna give her a second chance. It's in a relationship and say okay. She's a good person. She's paid her debt to society. Let's go get some fro. No is that basically the damning yourself to a lifetime of <hes> of being single or unless you move somewhere else and you never tell anybody what happened and why you were imprisoned. It's not like you go to prison for robbing a bank. You know the problem there though is to me t._j. You have to measure the fact that the last time when the incident occurred it occurred in the throws of passion and she had some type of mine lock and went crazy right the moment anything passionate began. I think any guy would have to be thinking now. Cautious watching for signals that things could be happening. You know but you know i always look for the good in people right. That's what i do <hes> at least a guy who may be wanting to date her can look at at one of the <hes> the pros and the pros and cons of she's not a prude true. She's she's willing to <hes> <hes> be adventurous and again. Maybe the good side of that is the fact that as long as you never allow yourself to be a <hes> restrained defend yourself well but i would be thinking you can't control win and win. The voices may come back and all that it could be while you're asleep. It could be when she's waiting on you to walk through the door. You know at the end of the day in this a surprise attack. I mean you never know yet you can be you can be forgiven but that doesn't mean people will forget and they have the right to be cautious washes. That's fair bad-looking. No yeah well especially in the only picture that we have over as you know in prison yeah being in caged heat. She's got one eyebrow goes kind of a stray like she's had <hes> too much botox on one side. You know how that happens and i guess that browse go our intern. Adam said i think she would either have to lie. Obviously find someone else's broken as she is. Surely there's a website out there for people like that. There is a website for that. There's a website for everything they're also so websites and they're also groups of people who are attracted to. There's a whole show called life. After laka love after lockup or something like that where these with these people date <hes> you know fall into relationships with prisoners and soon as the prisoner is led out they try to start a life together <hes> i. I think it's gonna be a guy who considers her to be out of. His league looks wise and in a hash general though t._j. Sheet at the date down a little bit. Oh yeah yeah sas flip the script on that back. You meet a guy and he says look beyond just got out of prison. There's incident happened eighteen years ago. Do you still give him a chance. No okay. I wouldn't move states countries. I mean if he knew my phone number that point no way so who in the ace and t._j. Radio family is the <hes> the best giver of second chances. What have you forgiven and either it turned out to to be the right move and you're happy or you look back on it and then go all right. I was a fool for thinking that person was changed now not saying it has to be on the level with she stabbed her ex boyfriend thirty nine times and then i went out with her because i thought she was okay. Okay i mean it could be you know he stole your car to leave you for another woman but then he came back and you thought he was changed and you gave him another chance and now you live happily ever after that would be a big one. <hes> and i like to think that and i'm forgiving person wouldn't yeah so i mean you can you can forgive somebody but still hold a grudge judge and and plot revenge right no exact opposite of forgiveness. That's so essentially the biggest thing somebody this radio family has forgiven yeah could be in a relationship or it could be somebody that you you know you like you met this woman and and you know her past and you said okay well. I'll take her on a date. I'll test the waters here. Give her another chance could be a friend situation. Yeah this <music> this guy that i met at work. He's he's very nice and he told me that <hes> <hes> he when he was younger he did drugs and he went out of his mind and burned his mom's house down but he hasn't done anything like this so we're buddies circulating more one to twenty three eighty. Five is one triple eight forty one as t._j. You can text us just text a t._j. And your message to nine six eight nine three arnuhar social media next t._j. Show now triple eight forty one it. You'll be connected funny with the ason t._j. Show on subscribe on itunes or simply search with alexa the a._c._t. Tapio on demand now j. quickly recap. This lady in <hes> indiana was released early from prison. After serving eighteen years of forty five year sentence <hes> her crime was murdering her boyfriend when they were <hes> engaged in <hes> couple activities stabbed him thirty nine times because she just had a mental breakdown kind of thing and thought she heard voices saying going to kill him so she not prison somebody's to give her a second chance and date her so the biggest second chance that you've given someone and did it worked at it. Not work doesn't have to be a relationship kind of thing. It could be a friendship. It could be a family member. Whatever list says a girl. I worked with her boyfriend tip. 'em ripped rip their sixty five inch t._v. Off the wall in they're living room at three a._m. To sell it to the neighbor for drugs on christmas eve. She led him back home three days later nice. I'll see that's when i ripped ripped it off the what i should have sold it for drugs never done that. Here's a text that we got. Do you forgive that sas what in a fit of rain drips that t._v. Out of the wall. Maybe klay soda for john christmas eve. That's what really hurt me. The most vulgar this text we guys said i chose to forgive my ex after he cheated on me and then six months later got his <hes> and then six months later he got his lesbian being best friend pregnant but not my best choice. It's funny that works out yeah. I'm wondering if she if she never ever was and he just said hey i'm safe but or if she was and then just you know had that one moment you wanna wear and how about this what happening right now. Keep me lucy a year ago. My husband moved in his ex girlfriend fran for nearly ten years ago to <hes> to help her. She has a pass with drugs and alcohol. She has outstanding charges so he had her turn herself in and we posted bail to get out out of pain bond. She lives with us for three months and my husband's starts arguments with me daily as he wanted to put blame on me for being jealous of her. I'm the wife but he would rather spend time with her. He tried to force me to leave with my two kids but i refused so he left and took her fast forward. Seven months later. I got the call from him that she's committed suicide and he needs me. I go to get him and he comes back home. I'm trying to be as supportive as possible but having a hard time with what will happen when i helped this girl and he did this five months later. We are living in the same home. He thinks things are good but i don't know if i can get through it and completely. Let go tough one. I know wow that's not funny the at all not at all <hes> then again i mean do you want to be friends with somebody who just has mediocre charges isn't isn't it great that she had outstanding charges. I mean bravo alone. Wow you're warrants are outstanding young lady uh-huh oh but then that other stuff was really sad yeah yeah so she really really giving second. Chances are given second chances if she's still not liking it. She allowed him to come back a second chance. You're just not sure if she can pull it off the girl that says hey classic example. My boyfriend cheated on me. I gave him a second chance and now we're getting married. Good deal. <hes> you say <hes> sas ask you do you don't want <hes> no way no way no no if ands or buts with you not about shading <hes> my book sorry all right lotta people are that way <hes> but i'm glad they're happy now i hope me to that's all i want is for people to be happy on. That's what my whole life is is trying to make people smile and be happy. Sometimes they just refuse in this one. That just came in. My friend of twenty plus years slept with my boyfriend. She's in the hospital right now and today i'm buying her. P._j.'s carrying them to her to visit her. <hes> that's forgiveness and true friendship. Yeah it is unless she's going to get in there and say i brought you these pajamas and because even mm sluts when they're sleeping in t._j. Show oh i'm sorry emma stepping on your oxygen hose. It's only since you you cut off my air. You know take that how should look with sleep all right <hes> ladies. Hey whether you've got a college degree or whether you never went to college. You are going to want to sign up for these classes. You are going to want to sign up for these college. Classes and you better hurry because registration is right now. Give you the details next as the show coming up on the acer t._j. Show you have a notes section in your phone. We establish that women keep a lot out of unusual notes more so than men but once there that's <hes> could be convicted could be mean gene who'd be sexing. We're going through the notes section of your phone at about thirty minutes on the future and we think a lot of guys are gonna in a very surprised at some of the things that are kept that come out of the notes section of ladies phone. That's in about thirty minutes on the ace and t._j. Show all ladies listen up doesn't matter your age is a matter <hes> your <hes> sexual preference. It's you could be singing. The song man i love college a hey twenty four hours a day because the university of texas at austin has just hired one one of their alma mater people alumni to become a professor. He's been a visiting professor and he's done guest professor before but they've just made him a full time instructor his name professor mcconnell. Hey i'll run. They were looking at those classes and they said hey as matthew mcconaughey. The professor and the answer was it'd be a whole lot cooler of iwo. Ah so. Can you imagine that sas. You're the closest one to the college age here if matthew mcconaughey hey where your instructor at a class <hes> would you be able to get get anything done. Purposely fell to have private tutoring and now it felt a class again and then retake it. The moment he the office hours the line is forming off hours on tuesday wanted to thirty yeah my email and my phone number. It is beautiful. You know every bit. It seems as cool as what everybody says that some people were really i didn't he's not qualified qualified to teach. He's not a teacher well in college. You don't have to be in on the fool on go to school and be you know get a degree in education education and all of that <hes> this is kind of a trend among colleges because he's successful in the real world of what he's going to be teaching which tim and that sort of thing <hes> my daughter goes to a college in nashville that is a very in <hes> in connection with the <hes> the music industry so there are classes at her college that are taught by people from the music world <hes> record company people <hes> <hes> production people that produce songs and that sort of thing but you have to have so many years of <hes> <hes> of success in the real world of that before they'll let you come and be an instructor. I've got buddies saints business classes and he didn't have an education degree. He's got a masters in business and so he just teaches basic level <hes> early intrigue <hes> business classes but i just think it gets its cold at matthew mcconaughey as now worried about getting tenure professor. I can't fire armie now. Love him as much as i hate college i would i would maybe sign up for that because you know the class would be cool. It just has to pull right coming up on now. Trending with regan's tick tock is one of the biggest apps of the moment and now now people are organizing strikes on their details now trending in less than ten minutes d._j. Coming up.

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