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Hello and welcome to the equator film review podcast. My name is Vince, Leo. I'm the author of the film review website, quips dot net. I have to check out over four thousand of my written reviews marine anytime quips dot net is where to go Q WIP S T R dot net. I cover all films new films everything in between. I invite you to check that out. You also get me link there to my other podcast that covers films of the nineteen eighties called around the world in eighties movies. I hope you'll check that one out as well. As far as the film on going to be reviewing today. It's a movie that debuted at Sundance earlier this year, but Netflix ended up buying it out. And now it's playing on their platform. Currently it's called extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. It is an R rated film does have disturbing violent content, some sexuality nudity and language. The run time is hour and fifty minutes. Zack Ephron lily Collins are the main stars with supporting roles going to Haley, Joel Osmond, John. Lca vich in Kaya scored alario they're smaller. Roles going to James Hadfield, Jim Parsons and Dylan Baker, the director is Jim Berlinger and the screenplay credited to Michael where we it's a movie about at least partially the personal life of the smooth talking gas lighting sociopath named Ted Bundy Bundy gets put into the spotlight in extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile which takes its name from a quote by the judge in describing the crimes committed while delivering his sentencing during bundy's murder trial. Joe Berlinger is director he's kind of a true crime specialist documentary. And he's directed. I think he directed. The second Blair witch movie a book of shadows. But mostly he's been documentaries since and mainly true crime. He's kind of a specialist in that category. It's one of two projects that he's directed here. In the first half of twenty nineteen alone on the subject of Ted Bundy, the other being a four part Netflix documentary series called conversations with a killer. The Ted Monday tapes. That features interviews with Ted Bundy himself while he was on death row, extremely wicked as I'll call it from here on out is more of a dramatization of events. It's from the perspective of bundy's ex-fiancee in a certain regard, Elizabeth candle in the movie KENDALL is a pseudonym used by the real life woman named Liz clip for the material here is loosely taken from the memoirs of Kendall's experience with Bundy called the phantom prints my life with Ted Bundy that book was originally published back in nineteen Eighty-one. It has been long out of print for some time. In addition to the relationship between KENDALL and Bundy, the film also covers the legal troubles at Bundy would find himself in and out of in that culminates in the first nationally televised court trial in United States history. Zach Ephron here he's nicely cast in the role of the road charmer. Despite all of the file accusations that are thrown against him. He finds himself garnering a bit of a heart throb status among women who find his. Prisma and looks to be somehow irresistible even underneath that beating heart of amoral monster the acting in this film is perhaps the best asset to this otherwise unspectacular movie Efren here, he looks remarkably like Ted Bundy you provide some of his better work in the role. Good supporting current here. Also by lily Collins, as the increasingly paranoid. Liz kendall. Haley, Joel Osmond in this film as Liz concerned coworker who seems to have a thing for her Kaya Scola Dario is bundy's girlfriend later and best public cheerleader. Once he is incarcerated John Malkovich. Oh, so in the film as judge Cowart who presided over the highly publicized case for the state of Florida on television, and in the courtroom, Metallica frontman, James Hatfield also makes an acting appearance in the film. He plays a police officer named Bob Hayward Hadfield became friends with Joe Berlinger when he directed the acclaimed documentary on the band, Metallica some kind of monster the sense of period in this film. It covers mostly the years. Between nineteen sixty nine and nineteen seventy nine. It's adequate. But I do think it often feels artificial his hair makeup. It's wardrobe. Just don't look quite right. The actors feel like they're more playing dress up than inhabiting living in characters of that time. We find this seemingly sweet courtship of the single mom. Liz KENDALL on the part of Ted Bundy, he seems like an ideal dream man when they meet, and he seems to be a very loving nurturing. Father figure to her young daughter over the years a real catch. You would think things take a bit of turn when Bundy leaves their home in Seattle to attend law school in Utah. And that's where he gets tagged as a suspect in the kidnapping murder case where he fits the description of the culprit, although the acts don't quite align enough for him to be the definitive person that they're looking for. Elizabeth does stay by his side. Bundy still continues to do things that seem to further sink though into legal troubles begins to make her wonder if he is the serial killer in disguise or. All of this is an elaborate frame job by an overzealous law enforcement community seeking to put someone away without waiting for incontrovertible evidence. That would kneel him for good Ted Bundy here seems become a media, darling. He has groupies across the country that fall under his dreamy spell by what they see on television, including Carole. Ann Boone in old friend who becomes bundy's lever and a source of strength for him at a time when Liz has decided to keep her distance. Although this is a film about a serial killer, all of the disturbing acts of violence are kept mostly off the screen, the exception of a couple of very brief flashbacks that thankfully are not particularly graphic nature. Although there is one photograph in evidence that is disturbing enough I suppose on its own I guess the point here is to put you in the mind of KENDALL who saw very few of the dark sides to Bundy that was being portrayed by the cops in the media that the economy between how he's being portrayed in the media. And the man she knows in the personal life. Don't quite jibe in that keeps her in this limbo as. How much effort she should take to stick by his side? Whether to see him try to clear his name or continue to put herself and her daughter in harm's way by having what could be a serial killer in the home as such if you'd really don't know the details of Ted bundy's story, it may have you a little bit more intrigued than your typical bureau as to whether or not he ultimately is going to be found innocent or guilty by the end, even if it is the latter. Whether he is actually being railroaded by the cops and judicial system by the end, though, I think it does become a little bit more clear, even if things remain a bit ambiguous along the way because we're supposed to put ourselves in the mind of those people who still believe in Ted Bundy, extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. It serves less like a full bio pic and even as an exploration into the rationale of a madman. It's a little bit lacking. Here. It's more of a cataloging of certain events that transpired within the personal life of Ted Bundy. And Liz KENDALL over the years they were together and subsequently apart during that. Decade as such. I do think that it often feels like it lacks purpose beyond the reenactment of these events most of which have been on record and in documentary form in the more complete and interesting manner than it is presented ear lackluster direction. I think here without a hook here in the story to keep us real into this film beyond the performances. It's kind of a missed opportunity to make for a gripping and thoughtful peek into this world, very few whatever experience in their lifetimes. I think the movie remains at the end pretty much what Ted Bundy was to most people who met him efforts glance attractive, but ultimately superficial you hope for connection underneath the initial charm. It doesn't offer the kind of substance that will sustain your attention beyond what you envision going in. So along those lines of a bit disappointed with this film and can't quite recommend it. I'm going to give it to and a half stars out of four because of the performances it will probably keep your interest in your somebody who likes these kind of true crime bio-pics. But certainly I don't think that this is a movie that I would. Commend going out of your way to see it's on Netflix. So I guess you can kind of give it a flyer. Anyway, if you already subscribe to the service, but it's not the kind of movie I would say to shell out your dollars just to be able to see so two and a half stars is the best. I can give extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. Thanks, everyone for listening. I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you have your own thoughts on this film. You can write to me can find my contact information at my website whip stir dot net is where to go Q W S T E R dot net.

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