Footsteps to Heaven - How the Light of Christ Always Conquers Darkness


This episode of Footsteps To Heaven is brought to you by gents Oestmann good news ministries of G. N. DOT ORG presents footsteps to heaven. Life's journey full of challenges. Sometimes we get stalled sometimes we get sidetracked when we walk with. Jesus the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the father designed for us. The results are better than we could ask for or imagine. And now here's your host Terry Modique. The Gospel of John First Chapter Verse Five assures versus that light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it. What are you concerned? Learned about in your own life where darkness seems to have taken over. The devil seems to have been interfering The ways of the world world or interfering the the people in your lives are are doing ugly. Things are behaving in ways as that caused problems. What is going on in your life? That has you worried about the darkness that has you worried period because whatever it is you're worried about there is darkness there and we need need to realize that in the problems that we have darkness is playing some kind of a role if the problem is something like the Lord is asking asking you to do something. You don't WanNa do it. Then the darkness is within yourself and there's this struggle going on between light and dark in you and if it's someone outside of you someone who is causing problems darkness in that person's life is instigating their problems. But I'm I'm here to tell you that light conquers this the light of Christ conquers it because what John. The Gospel ready was writer was talking about because what John The Gospel writer was talking about. In that first chapter was the word who became flesh the truth who became flesh. Jesus Christ the word of God came to dwell among us. The light of God came to dwell among us the light of God the truth the holiness this came to dwell not only among us but in US Jesus came to Earth so that we it could learn from him and receive from him through his Holy Spirit. This very same light that he has so that we live as victors over. Every problem that we encounter in our lives so that we can conquer the devil darkness. Miss is weaker than light. Our problems don't feel that way. Though do they problems seem overwhelming unending. Gang problems can certainly seem like they're you know like evil is more powerful than good no matter how much good you do to try to rectify a situation Shen someone else's wrongdoing prevails and just and is keeps life hard or or miserable or you you know keeps the wounds going You know it seems like darkness overcomes alight. But I'm here to tell you to reassure you something that you already really no but probably need to hear again because I know this ministers to me whenever I think about how overwhelming the darkness around me sometimes gets and seems like is getting more and more so think about the power of light light over darkness in in the physical world you know. Let's we'll get to the spiritual in a minute talking about Christ but if you were to take two rooms they have no windows or the windows are all sealed off blackened out. There's no way for light to get in and if you were to make a hole in the wall that can work in the wall that connects these two rooms and in one one of the rooms. You Lit a lamp or a candle. Would the room that is without without that light. The dark room would the darkness diminish the light in the other room passing through that that whole or would the light pass through the whole and diminish the darkness. You know what happens. The light diminishes the darkness. The Light of Christ in you diminishes the darkness in your neighbor. Think about yourself as the room that has the light and who is it that you're concerned about that you're next to WHO's all in darkness light of Christ in you is leaking through to that person. Listen whether they want it to or not all you need to do is be Christ for them and they are encountering Christ whether they realize is it or not whether they ask for it or not and yeah they might hide from it. Run from it you know did this like you for it. Reject you for it but your light is stronger than at the light of Christ in you is stronger than that. So let's talk about the power of light from the spiritual perspective if Jesus who is the light of the world is a gazillion times brighter and more powerful than all the demons and put together all the darkness. All your trials you know. He is bigger than all of that and infinitely so when I said a gazillion. Well you know. That's a made up word. But he's even bigger than that more powerful than that. The light is brighter than that. Let me tell you a story about something that happened to me. Many years ago I visited did somebody's house and spent a couple of nights there and on the first night there in the middle of the night I was awakened by a sound that I sound like a gunshot but nobody had shotgun off and it woke me out of my sleep and as I was trying to go back to sleep my bed started shaking. You know now and it wasn't an earthquake and in my mind's eye I could see very clearly I should maybe Bitter wave saying it is in my spirit which was anointed by the Holy Spirit which is graced by the Holy Spirit. I saw behind to me. I mean because the head of the bed was was against the wall and in the wall and on the other side of the wall behind me. Now Mind you. I'm lying down and and I can't see behind me physically. I could see up. I can see front but I can't see behind me. I'm not turning my head around but I knew you could see there. Were Demons back there. Shaking my head trying to terrify me to get me to leave this house. I saw that and I knew that as clearly as I can see the back of my hand you know it was it was that real and I knew that to stop that all eighty to do was say the name of Jesus but these teams were oppressing me and I couldn't Get my mouth to open up so I started thinking you know. I'm not going to let this defeat me. The Light of Christ's in me is stronger than as darkness. So I thought the name Jesus and in my mind I repeated that name Jesus and the more now demons cannot read your mind if if you have the mind of Christ if you are a Christian fully alive and your relationship with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit and you demons cannot read your mind but the power of God's light the light of crisis so strong that all I need to do was start to think the name Jesus and repeat that in my mind over over and over again and every time I said in my mind the name of Jesus the closer to the surface of the closer to my mouth got until I was able to Actually say it out loud and the moment I said Jesus out loud the first time the first moment that that came out of my mouth the darkness fled led the bed. Stop shaking the demons behind the wall. Were gone I spent the next few minutes praising the Lord and trying to sort and how what was going on and I never really did figure out why that happened except for the fact. I knew that they didn't want me there in particular home. That's how powerful the name of of Jesus is and that's the same thing as saying that's how powerful the light of Christ. Let me give you another way of looking at it. Another example full of how powerful light is. Let's go back into the history of our church. Our roots are in the the Jewish religion member. Jesus was a Jew and Christianity is based on is founded on Judaism the the Old Covenant Giving Way to the New Covenant in Christ in Jewish understanding of light and darkness. They know they've you know all we back through the Old Testament. Jews knew that light gets rid of darkness. Darkness darkness gives way to light. Light never gives way to darkness. This is why the Jews begin the day considers. There is a new day to begin at dusk so that on a Friday. For example at dusk this is when the Sabbath begins begins. This is when and see the light. You know if you're seeing this on on podcast by the way I mean and video the video version of this this podcast. I have a window open behind me when I started making this podcast it was overcast out there. And that's why didn't close the blinds But as I'm talking and I could see myself on my on my camera The the sign is is getting brighter and brighter. And and looking at how. It's affecting what I look like here with. My hair seemed to be glowing from the light coming from behind. I I think God is trying to just illustrate what I'm saying here but I I just think that's interesting but getting back to what I was saying. The Jews they were so fool. The understanding about how darkness gives way to light that they consider the day begins ends with dusk when night time comes that is the beginning of the day. This is why the Sabbath begins begins what we consider to be Friday evening Saturday. The Sabbath begins for them Friday evening. We think Saturday begins at midnight and the Jews think Saturday begins when the sun goes down on Friday because when the morning morning arrives darkness is giving way to light so every day starts with darkness and gives way to light so when your day to day ends think about this as the sun goes down. You're getting tired right. You've been awake all all day. You've been doing things all day. And our body clocks start producing Melatonin are hormones. Produced the Melatonin tone in to help us be sleepy so that we sleep at night. Think of it this way. We don't get sleepy because the day has ended. We get sleepy because God wants to prepare us for the next day at night. Our New Day begins when we go when the sun goes down and then we go to bed to sleep and rest because while we are resting our brain is being renewed their chemicals that wash through our brain and reenergize the cells which is why we feel so much much more alert in the morning than we do at the end of the day. Why it's better to make decisions in the morning? Then at the end of the day why it's easier to remember number things in the morning. Then at the end of the day our brains have a call. Brainwashing God does the brainwashing during the night and at night. We are resting up for whatever God wants us to do. In the new day in the darkness in the darkness. Nisa of what. You're going through right now. Whatever trials whatever troubles whenever you thought about at the beginning of this podcast God is preparing you in in this darkness for what he wants you to do? When and the rest period is over and darkness gives way to light light? He's got something for you to do in the light. You bring the light of Christ into the world you bring the light of Christ into the darkness around you. God has a plan when you go to bed at night ask the Holy Spirit to come and feel your your dreams and to fill your your your brainwashing to feel your thoughts when you awaken with his own presence his own thoughts with the light of Christ with his calling on your life with the mission that he's calling you to nighttime is preparation for daytime darkness is not something that we need to look at as as bad. Yes yes there's bad in it. Yes it is. Darkness is not of the Lord. Darkness is of the devil. But we're not in any way defeated by that we're not in any way succumbing to that darkness for us who are followers of Christ. That darkness is the resting period the preparation period for what he wants us to delight. So use your dark times to get closer to the Lord to say come holy only spirit. I need you come. Lord Jesus Guide Me Come Holy Spirit filming come Lord Jesus and and blow your breath on me a new to fill me with your Holy Spirit. Father God I am your child your precious precious child child and I know that you have a plan that will bring goodness out of this bad stuff Romans. Eight twenty eight. God works all things together for our good if we are following Christ every darkness every trial has a blessing or multiple blessings in them. Satan doesn't want us to know that saint was us to be in fear. Saint wants us to feel oppressed. Saint wants says to feel Like we can't see in darkness. We can't see what's coming. We can't see what the Lord is doing saints. Says you can't see what the Lord is doing because he's not doing anything and God is saying. You can't see what I'm doing because it is hidden from you right now. But that's so that your faith ace will grow trust me. More in the darkness is the time where we grow in trusting God. We grow in face because we I need to darkness is when the beauty of God shines just beyond our vision but our hearts. It's in our spirits. No it's there and if you don't that means you need to spend more time in prayer in more time in reading what saints have said and what the lives of saints like more time Going to church maybe going to EUCHARISTIC adoration Availing yourself playing and praising raising no playing praise and worship music and singing along with it. The darkness is a blessing because because this is when we grow closer to Christ so that his light will shine more brightly in us. It's an opportunity where God is saying. Come mm-hmm come closer to me realize I am with you. I have not abandoned you. One of my favorite prayers very powerful prayer but very simple all when facing all the dark stuff going on in your life he say. Jesus here's what's going on. Of course he knows it. But we're in dialogue with him and he wants wants us to T- to talk it out. Jesus here's what's going on but I trust in you take care of everything. Take care of everything and then we go to sleep at night. You know. We rest knowing that Jesus is taking care of everything and when the darkness gives way to light we are part of getting rid of the darkness. Lord worked through us in US and for us. Let let me tell you another story that illustrates this when I was a teenager. I got involved in the occult. I had been raised a Christian. Jesus had been in my best friend but when I gave myself over to the sin of the Colt I turned away from Jesus and the darkness came into my life over a period of seven years. I totally lost interest in Christ. I'd still believe he existed. But I totally lost interest in being follower. I really was corrupted by the ways of the world and and enjoying it and trying to corrupt others but Jesus did not abandon me. Jesus the light of Christ came into my life. My darkness gave Way to light. Jesus rescued me. And that's a whole other story. And in some other podcasts. I've gone into it and You can read something about it on. My website is well where where you find out more. We're about who I am tells my story there the point I want to make right now. Is that light. overtakes darkness darkness gives way to light. When Christ rescued me from the occult the light that I entered into afterwards was much brighter fuller more complete more powerful than the light? I'd had in my life before I had gotten into the darkness. It was after Jesus. Rescued me from the occult that I met the Holy Spirit and was filled with with the truce I hadn't it's known before and became Catholic and and was called to ministry the Light of my post occult halt years has been nonstop brighter than it was. Before my occult years everybody that you're concerned -cerned about who is in darkness realize that your prayers are bringing Christ light into their lives and God is is using their darkness to teach them something and when he rescues them from it and your prayers are going to help make sure that happens. There are people people who who never turned to Christ. Never come out of darkness and they have nobody praying for them. Your prayers will make a difference. Your prayers united to Hugh Christ. Who is the mediator? Already praying for them as a mediator praying before God the father for their souls and the blessed mother's others praying for them get their their patron saint there confirmation saint the their baptism will say other saints that apply to this the type of situation there in get them all praying your friends in the church get them all praying. This makes a difference all this brings the light of Christ into their lives and when Jesus rescues them finally and darkness gives way to the light. The light it's going to be in their lives is going to be way a brighter. Way More effective way bigger and more important with a mission that they are called to then whatever their life was like before they got into the darkness. That's the way God works. That's the truth of the Gospel. That's what Jesus is all about. When Jesus gave himself into the darkness of Good Friday Easter was a a brighter light then what his life had been like before the cross light? The gives way to darkness is only temporary. It's just like dusk. Come as the day ends. Dusk settles in the night. Settles in and just like Jesus going into the Tomb. It's a period of rest for us or for whatever it is it's going through it and from that. The resurrection comes and it is always brighter. Then life before the cross rest in this truth rely on this truth. Both pray in the power of this truth because God wants to use you as an instrument of his light and is already doing so so use the times darkness to grow closer to God to make a difference and allow God to make a difference in you that prepares as you for what he wants you to do. When the darkness gives way to light to help with that? Pray this prayer with me. Open up your hands the up your hands to receive what God wants to give you come. Holy Spirit fill me come Holy Spirit. Renew me come Holy Spirit. Whatever is dark in me replace with the Holy Light of Christ come come Holy Spirit? Teach me the truths that defeat the lies of darkness come Holy Spirit encourage me to live in the light of Christ in the midst of the darkness. That seems to be smothering me or in in the people. Pull that I'm praying for come Holy Spirit. Make me an instrument of the light of Christ Kamali Spirit. You have my permission to change me Amen. God bless you. You've been listening to Terry. Mojica of good news ministries for more faith builders or to learn more about this is ministry. Come visit our website at G. N M DOT org. You'll find online resources and lots more to help you know. The father's father's love and grow closer to Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit Visit G N M dot org today.

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