Sex Talk with Dr Susan Block - ZOOM DiCK BROOMSTiCK (Bedside Chat 24)


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Bloch. insisted. Love. Artists and exhibitionists, voyeurs and. which is and bitches them sad tramps masked men of mystery and role playful women. Through history. Now, the dog. And Erotic Personas as nights grow law. From the witches hacks letter sent to the realm. Of scary sex. There there. Darling. Don't be afraid Tis, the season of masquerade. So come all ye witches you dark brides and grooms his time to hop on your broom. Fly Past, your fears and over the years of oppression re Being burned at the stake or stone by the shake or drowned in the lake time to rise up. Ye Sexual renegades join the erotic insurgent. Masquerade. Straddle Your Phallic Strap on flying brooms. Fly High. In the sky to that wild domain where the witches rain as goddesses and protesters fem dons and love doctors time to put on your. Party mass as you. Keep along your daily mask. Time to reveal which you so often conceal your erotic persona. Inner Bella Donna. Your secret identity, your scary sex entity you're evil twin, the wizard within time to awaken stirred and. Shaken. Your heart beating like a Bongo your blood rushing like the. Congo. Maybe you meet someone who looks kind of scary. Witch Bitch AQAP. Of Fairy. When out of the clear with a flick of the tongue those shivers of Turn to passion and. Fun See mixing fear and sex creates special effects. See what turns us on isn't always the nicest. So we're often afraid of just what excites us. Or are we excited by that witch we fear. Both my dear it's biological. It's neurological and it can be pathological. So be careful. Consensual. Practice safe sex and don't overdo. And Stir this recipe into your witches brew. A pinch of fear gets your Mojo in gear like heat in your mesquite. But too much burns the meat. So, stick that in your bag of trick or treat. Don't get Zoom Dick Confusion don't be Jeffrey. Toobin. But. This Halloween or sometime soon, take a trip to the moon on your vibrating broom. Erotic insurgent masquerade. Don't be afraid. Your inner which won't hurt you. Unless. You're really want me to. Do and happy Halloween season's beatings. Boo Boo Ville. It's my twenty-fourth bedside chat to the corona apocalypse. Inspired by FDR's fireside chats here to comfort inform Irada size and incite you to seize the day. In the noble way. Maybe, Kinky way because it's Kink Tober. Yes indeed talk about. Kinky scary sex though. As the Corona Apocalypse continues the American death count is rising over two hundred and twenty, four, thousand and counting. Well. There's a new. Affliction. In the land. Of. The free to be foolish. And Its name is Zoom Dick. Yes indeed, brothers and sisters forget blue balls Orange, head. Forget erectile dysfunction forget FRY UP ISM premature ejaculation pee wee's PP Weiner briefs Peeping Toms and liar liar pants on fire. Zoom Dick. Is America's. Number one penis problem. Yes indeed. And That's the way. It is right now at least on twitter you know. Just in case you've been looking at porn or cute pictures of Pomeranians or something instead of the news well, allow me the honor. Of spilling. It. Esteemed bestselling author New, York writer, and CNN legal analyst. Jeffrey toobin. was caught. The other day. With his pants down. Literally. Yep. masturbating. As. So many of us do these days and really every day except Most of us don't do it on a New Yorker. Staff. Meetings. Zoom call. Which is What apparently Mr Toobin was doing. On I, don't think too many of us Wenk on work pulse, but then again, I don't know. Maybe lots of folks are Kinda savvy enough these days to. Yeah to kind of turn the cameras off and bought the bishop or Polish the Pearl while. You know. The team talk strategy. To been. WAS NOT THAT SAVVY No no no. No Now, the we're call did involve electoral. Simulation. which some have said poor to been misinterpreted as. Erectile. Simulation. It's an honest mistake call it to been confusion. or You could say, it's a lawsuit stimulating case of sexual harassment. Depending on your point of view. Now. The call just so you know set the scene it involves several. New Yorker. Luminaries. Role playing? See Right there. You know it's Kinda getting a little. Kinky, right. but no, it wasn't sexual role play. Okay. It was political role play. You could say. and. Like, for instance, my Yale. Classmate. bestselling author of Dark Money Jane Mayer. she was role playing establishment Republicans. And Jelena COBB. Role playing. Establishment Democrats and Tuban. He was role playing. The court okay. So, when everyone went into their respective rooms. To conspire. Toobin. Being the court. He you know. He took a real break. And went on another video call. My guess is this other call was with a virtual lover or a Dominatrix who was? Commanding him to fat for her. And then everybody came back from the break to see bins camera. Lowered to a bird's eye view of his crotch. and. Well What did they see but well? You could call it. Packing the court. Yeah people on the call said that to been was touching his pack. and. Apparently no-one said Whoa Jeffrey Hey wait wait your briefs not your legal briefs. Your underwear put it on put that subpoena I mean. subpar. Penis. In your pants. Because yeah I mean been just hung out for a little while masturbating and then he left the call and then he came back on the call acting as if nothing happened. and. Yeah. Maybe he didn't know actually we we sure. It's a spooky time of year after all, which is and bitches and tramps sin vamps. Fly when all through the Kuroda pacalypse and ghouls like Rudy Guliani. Are. Well UNDOING, their flies. And then Mike Pence's hair is full of flies. and. Well. The various error. That they fly in. Is Toxic Skilling us. Plus we're all flying into a very scary. Election. And Yeah. Some people's response to stress. And pressure is. Self. Pleasure. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's actually a good thing. But yeah, not during a work call unless. You Really WanNa say. Take, this New Yorker job and shove it on a three masturbating man. And I am not ashamed. Now. If. Two minutes that. I'd say at least he's got balls. In addition zoom, Dick. But he didn't say that. You know. He didn't show Waker pride. He wails like the baby actually and an object Mayor Copa. Quote. I made an embarrassing. Stupid mistake. Believing I was off camera. I apologize to my wife family friends and coworkers I believed I was not visible on zoom. I thought. No one on the zoom call could see me. I thought. I had muted the zoom video. Well you thought wrong. Jeffrey. And Yeah it's possible that while on break from the New Yorker call. He figured that you know he could just squeeze in quickey with the DOM. Or whoever he was. Fat To. Anyway. You know he didn't realize maybe that The New Yorker camera was on got to put a sock on that thing, Jeffrey. No not that thing the other thing. Right. And then again, there's another possibility. That Jeffrey Toobin is just a risk. Loving. Danger and dopamine craving. Exhibitionist. WHO flirted with the fantasy Of getting caught. You know. Up? So. You know. That could be it. Many many guys love the fantasy maybe some. Emails maybe all kinds of people but mostly. Guys. Love the fantasy of getting caught. And so maybe almost did it a few times that's. My sexological. Conjecture. That he just kept Willie out of the work can. A while playing the other can. But Then, this one time. oops. There it is on the work can. Zoom Dick. Scary. Anyway. Yeah, you know when it gets real. Then, the scary sex fantasy. Of. Getting. Caught. Kinda. devolves. into. Grim. Reality. So execution was swift. Shortly after the call tubing was suspended from the New Yorker, not fired, he might be back. And he took a leave of absence from CNN where he has another important job and twitter exploded. into an orgy. Of Mockery. As they say in the Fetish World? Public. Disgrace. See. Zoom. Dick is one thing and then the Zoom Dick Outrage. That's quite another thing. They're related. But they're things. And I get the Zoom Dick Outrage of course. Hey, it's more fun to. Laugh and point at. Somebody else's erection. Than to worry about a very scary election. and. Yes I mean. People on all sides. Liberal conservative. trumper blue wave everybody just seems to love humiliating the elite exhibitions, White Male. and. I gotta say in a way. He asked for it. Many of my exhibition is stick sex therapy clients just love the idea. Of. Exposing. Their beloved. SCHLONGS. In parking lots. Locker rooms, neighbors, window sills on. Balconies. Coming out of the shower. That's a classic. Maybe, just laying there in bed as as A. Desirable but. Forbidden Family. Member just happens to walk into the room which you have conveniently left unlocked Yep. Then, there's driving, of course, kind of dangerous very dangerous. Don't do that. Don't do any of this actually You know there's being in a hotel room stopping away waiting for the housekeeper to come in. And do on a train I've seen that have you seen that on the train? Have you done that? Okay and zoom calls. Of course, there is doing it on zoom calls surreptitiously. Usually you you know you gotTa know your cameras. And Yeah, a lot of people. Are aroused. By risk. The dopamine baby. And I gotta say it's the ultimate fetish. Of the privileged. person. Risk. Danger, you see regular people. Face. Risk. And danger every day they don't have to go after it. It's part of life but privilege people they they like. In a very sheltered. Kind of. And everything is protected in given to them, and so they often fetish is risk. So of other people, but especially, the privileged and I try to teach my risk loving sex therapy clients to. Enjoy. Their scary sex fantasies in the, erotic theater of the, mind. and. Practice impulse control. Because In reality. Unless You're at a banana s nudist swinger resort. something that's getting to be more and more rare these days. Anybody know of any Bonobo ask. Nudist swinger resorts that are open call me okay. but yeah. If you're not in a place like that. You gotTa keep wonder Weenie in your pants. And even in those places. You can't be running around within interruption. Yeah. I know. It's Kinda disturbing. That we the people. are more collectively outraged by Public Exhibition Azam then we are. By, citizens being publicly gassed or clobbered or killed. By. Police. and. That is our society right now. That is what we have to live with. And some of my. Clients are quite disciplined. Actually I have to say you know sometimes with my help sometimes they're just you know. Innately disciplined. and. Sometimes, they're just kind of compassionate. Big. CARE. that. Even though it's not like a horrible thing, it's not a rape. It's still nonconsensual to like without your Dick in front of somebody that. Didn't ask for it doesn't want it. So. Yeah Two dozen appear to be either. Very impulse controlled. Or. Compassionate. GotTa say. I even find myself agreeing with the odious OJ Simpson. Who might have a beef with? This guy who wrote the people vs Oj. Yeah. and he said Dan Jeffrey Toobin. At least peewee Herman did it in an x rated movie theater? Yeah I love Peewee I do. And back in Nineteen ninety-one when peewee was busted in an adult movie theater for. And away. It was so unfair. And and Max and I were doing the show and I just decided I would masturbate. Right there in the studio and this was when I was on radio. In Solidarity with Peewee Herman. Yes indeed. My first time masturbating live on the air. And? No. I am not going to masturbate in solidarity with Jeffrey Toobin. Sorry. But. And his defense. I will say there are no more x rated movie theaters that you can go to. You know if you want some company when you're shopping You know you know certainly not in the corona apocalypse. When A lot of folks are going crazy. I mean. A lot of folks are certainly committing crimes that are far far worse than Zoom Dick. So. Then me Toobin Hashtag me Tuban. you know came out on twitter which did upset. A lot of metoo people I guess I can understand they said to been Zoom Dick. sexualize the workplace. And what that means I guess. Depends on your dopamine levels. What about Zoom Click is is that a thing zoom quit I mean Is that as bad as Zoom Dick, I wonder Anyway speaking of the female meanwhile to bins long suffering wife of thirty five years amy Macintosh. Well. She hasn't yet weighed in on her husband's Dick. Now, they met. When they were students at Harvard and I guess they didn't have sex week at Harvard like we had sex week at Yale or they'd have learned to put his Dick in a box. Like Justin timberlake right. Anyway. To bins no virgin. To Sexual peccadilloes. Apparently he cheated and. Yeah he has a love child. And at first he denied beloved child, right? Oh I don't know if I like this guy and he's been accused of harassing at least one woman following her from the Party. To her door. And saying. You know you really want to. You know. Exhibitionists love to imagine that women. Really. Want. What they've got. And just won't admit it. I don't know. Now. Some say. To Binge should declare himself a sex addict. And seek treatment. Now I, agree that he should get some sex therapy and. A Lotta people should maybe you. You know you got zoom Dick. Zoom Clint. I Dunno before you. Find Yourself, displaying it to your coworkers trick or. Losing your job in your entire reputation as serious human well, you might want to call the therapist without Borders of the doctors and block institute. We can help. But. Still, I I wouldn't label. It sex. Addiction. I wouldn't say that Jeffrey Toobin or you. Are a sex addict I. Know Some people get off on saying their sex addict. It's kind of like saying I'm a pervert on a sex addict but seriously. You're not. I mean like tube and he may be an over privilege spoiled Brat Have Lousy Impulse Control Exhibition is tendencies. Sex Fantasies. He might have job burnout. Maybe this was really an effort to get out of this job that we think is so great for the New Yorker. He may have a death wish he may have depression. The possibilities are quite extensive but. Sex. Is Not. An addiction. Like. Alcohol can be an addiction. Or opioids an addiction. You know. Sex is the essence of life. And by the way, that is the name of A. Great podcast I just did on sex and the pews so check it out. but. Too. Often, we pretend that we don't need sex. And that sex is not important that it's not the essence of life that it's the side thing. And You know something that you know we'll handle it tomorrow or maybe next week or Maybe next month. Or? That maybe. You know. We can just ignore our partners. Need for sex. That's a classic one right? You can ignore your partner can't you? Well. You, can. And you have every right to you should never have sex you don't WANNA have. But. What is it lead to sometimes not all the time Sometimes. It leads to. Zoom. Dick. Now at least Jeffrey, toobin can thank Rudy Guliani. He doesn't even need a costume for Halloween. For momentarily taking the heat off of him by putting his own sweaty hand down his pants in front of that cuddly young lady. Playing Baratz daughter and his new movie I think it's men touching their dicks in public week. Maybe. or maybe it's just that men just touch their Dixon Lot. Not, all men and not all the time but a lot of men touch their dicks a lot of the time. And Yeah I I mean. It's just A. True. I mean, I know I live with one. And I mean, yeah, he's laughing but hey. Touching of the Dick. Is a common? Action. For. Most men I talked to a lot of in grant I grant you I am a sex therapist. Of course, we talk about touching of the deck but. It's amazing. How much amend love to touch their desks and? You know you combine that with the fact that a lot of what we used to think of as. Private. is now. Public. That's right. The Corona pacalypse has made us physically distant. But not socially distant I don't like that term social distancing because that's not what we're doing. We're physical distancing. Yes and actually when we Are Doing, Zoom. We're not socially distant at all, and in fact, we're very close. Visually up close you can see everything. Every little pimple and hair out of place. And of course. A Dick out of place. You see it. You might not see it in a big meeting room or somebody's got it under the table you're doing zoom meeting. Yeah. You see it. So. This is This is something that we're dealing with and we have yet to wrap our heads around it. Certainly not. Belittle head. Now. Some tips for dealing with the Zoom Dickhead of gay. First of all. Look down every once in a while right? Make sure you've got. You know things covered. And Check it hasn't fallen out. Or. Maybe creeped up over the belt you know. Or. Maybe if you were shorts, you know go out. The side. or? Speaking of flies is yours open. Check. Especially when you just come back from the bathroom. It can happen. And if you must pull out your Dick and believe me I am a doctor I'm a sex therapist I understand you gotta pull out your debt. Just make sure the camera is turned off or you put something over it right? Cover it. See you don't just cover your cock now and your face you gotta cover your camera things have to be covered. Unless you're making porn. And you know. Maybe Jeffrey Toobin was making porn. I don't know. Actually. If. Any of the offending parties took an evidentiary screen shot. Jeffrey, toobin 's Zoom Dick. Well, then we the people would like to see it. What's reminds me I'm still waiting to see Jeff bezos is. Dick Pic right I mean we were all expecting. We were GonNa see it, and then we never saw it I don't know if it exists. Maybe he. Doesn't have a deck. Come on Jeff where is it? I realized many people don't want to see. Any of these dicks. And I'm not blaming them so just preface. The picture you know whether it's to been or bezos please not Guliani. Okay. Just No. Just preface it with a trigger warning. Like tricker tree. Yes. Trick or treat. And it's definitely a treat. To be here. With you. Brothers and sisters. And our Halloween foreplay show. Riding My Magic Dill Don Eck. vibrating broom With the vibrator in the middle and an ice dildo on the end and a broom. To give you a good spanking. Halloween season's beatings. and. Excited to talk to my guests I'm not sure how many guests tonight. I'm supposed to but maybe I don't I don't know we'll see but I know I have one. And her name is Lady Erica. Dawson. Oh there she is. Erica. A. Few. Halloween. I. Also. Oh you. A pumpkin. And I have. A TRUMP GIN. So Of course, we're going to smack trump can. All Angry is oh. Yes. So hearing yes, it's almost as angry as he is well one thing we have found with them other than it catches your Dick if you're showing it so be careful no well, we wouldn't mind seeing zoom Klett actually but but yeah, you gotta keep talking and then eventually we can hear you better. Here's my Trumpian. which is made by Miguel the great artist. Yes. and. He's got a mouth. ooh, it's Kinda gross in here but that's kind of like the thing, right? So you have acute, pompey. Hill. In No. I need to open his mouth more force it like maybe with my magic don- vibrating broom. Cook as teeth are GonNa fall out this way. Yeah. I So, Lady Eric. Welcome to the Dr Susan Bloch Show and why are you? Erica. Well, you know it became a my my handle on instagram and on twitter and I think it's fun to play with you know I like to be seen as royalty? Yeah. Why not I myself Yeah. The Queen of the witches, right? Join my coven. So you're also a comedian. And a cook or chef a cookie. Cook. and. Yeah, yeah and and how do you like to trick or treat I love to I love to do a little trick and treats with with comedy. You know like like playing little jokes on people but you know the treat is to bring some joing make a fun little magical Kooky experience I love to treat people with food. As you said, I'm a little chef I got a little web series that is it's comedy and it's cooking all in one So I just want people to be able to give themselves an a an oral pleasure a, and in the process they can have a little giggle pleasure to. Yeah. Food and sex a nice combination. Lot of people enjoy that I mean whether you're talking about dinner and a movie or you're talking about splash. Ever do splash. Again sorry splash. Are You into sploshed. Do you know about splash? Splash is the combination of food and erotic activity, and usually the food goes all over somebody like. You Bake a cake and you sit in it, you know or you. Spray whipped cream all over your body. Yeah. Yeah. We have a whole magazine on splash featuring Danielle Watson chef belied and Gypsy Bonobo and Yeah. I. Mean I I kind of an chef in. but you know you could try that sometime where you make something that is for splashing. Creamy things are good. Unless you're into be DSM. In which case you might want use hot sauce. I think I definitely go ballistic Marcel but you know respect that make the Hawk for some people to really just storage all hair all sensitive arts in. Oh Yes. So what is your specialty here? Cooking wise. Cooking wise. No. Life I episode of cooking is a Mac and cheese and MAC and cheese is in no she's she's in American sweetheart you know she she speaks everyone's you know soul. So I just love Jeez love dairy I love to bring a soulful love. In. People's lives. So that's the thing. I could do hands Taiba. I close. Right. Now, it's a classic American. Completely vitamin free food so almost but. I mean. It could. Very creative you're. I'm not to so do you make Halloween, candy? You Never Maple Lean ged but I've made some Made chocolate bars or you know make intellect. Little. Halloween. You'd like make moral chocolate community. Melt on or someone get all that could be one, right? Okay. So I am being told by my tech team. that. We gotTA call you. Back. We see zoom clint we don't. But we gotta call you back. I'm not sure why I guess the sound. A log into zoom again logging again too soon. Copy from. Can I have my drink my? Water please. Okay. So I guess we're going to wait a little while. and. Trying to reconnect. Only connect. and I guess. So can I ask you a question? You can ask me anything. So. How come people are so freaked out by. Event Stood Zim Dick. Yeah well. I guess. I don't think a lot of people are freaked out I. Just think they like talking about it. I think it's like I said more fun to talk about somebody's erection than. A scary election. And I think too. It's You know you can kind of relate to sexual harassment. So our guest is back bring the camera down farther down. Don't don't have it so up. Yes. Yes. I'd rather see more my. Below Okay and Yeah Okay No, I was talking to Gideon. Now I'm talking to Erica. Hi, Erica. WHO's? This show is full of tricks and maybe some treats. So, we're talking here about Zoom Dick? Right. Say That again. Sorry. Zoom Dick. Zoom dish agree to been right. So I'm sure you saw you know the twitter orgy of recrimination 's, and I'm sure you've read the news because you seem like you would. So what what is your assessment of these Dick Phenomenon? You know it's just. As you were saying earlier you know we're seeing another very privileged man who clearly you know feels like he needs to take out his dick upon people without their consent. To get off that's my take because it's like. This is all we have been seeing since you know this orange monster got elected is just he has encouraged you know all white men in power to be able to just whip out their Dixon end moment may be a professional moment. In, front of truly any woman and I'm I'm sick of it in. There are so many ways where he could show the Dick in a consensual way you know make an only for hands page is twenty twenty do your thing. You know like we will support you if you're honest why can't we just be honest? You know well, do do you feel can you get not so close Up Pier D Do you feel that That he was doing it on purpose then that it wasn't an accident. Yeah, yeah. He's been doing great looks you know eight nine months but. I. Have Yeah I kind kinda feel like. He didn't exactly do it on purpose I do feel like he's the Kinda guy that I talked to a lot as a sex therapist, which is someone who is edging so to speak and trying to get very close. To exposing themselves but not quite. So he's got you know the zoom call going on with his Co workers at the New Yorker, and then he's probably got a lover 'cause you know the guy has had lovers and I think maybe a dom or somebody like that saying fat for me now, and then he does it and doesn't realize. The cameras on. Or doesn't realize that it shows. He thinks, okay you know I I'm safe. Probably he has been doing it for months. and. He got caught this time. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I. Mean it's it's it's arrogant and I certainly council men to be careful and not do it and try to control themselves. On the other hand I'm just amazed that people are more upset about this. Then they are about all the people being killed and coded. By please by. All kinds of situations. Yeah but. People like to talk about. Cop Dog in. France. The naked, city. You know that's what I was saying. You know if you go to a nudist resort, it's great. If you go to a swingers resort fantastic the problem is these places aren't open right now. That's true. This is not to go when you're a privileged pervert I mean. Okay. I got. Nickel and money and. Internet resources. You know I feel like there's a lot of adventurous people out there communities that would. He could so be welcomed into you know but. Josh and how does it get any better for him now when he's like he got so close to the like he was exposed you know that is the thing that. Ultimately, we get him off the idea of being exposed to people. Not. Going to get much better than that kind of like ultimate. Yeah. He really did it. He really exposed that Dick I don't think he meant to I. Mean I'm not sure but you know if he really meant to then yeah, he would say. I'm a master BAITER and I'm proud and now I'm going to have a new career as a sapio sexual sexpert got no he tried to apologize kind of you know badly, it's hard to apologize for something like that and so yeah, you know a lot of these guys they don't. They don't get it. They get so close to the edge, and then if they do get caught, it's like. Such a comedown. It's like coming down from. Drugs. Yeah it's. It's very, very hard but no, I mean I'm not like on Jeffrey Toobin team like I was really on peewee Herman's team. When when pee we was just you know wanking away and. He was in a movie theater you know where you're supposed to do that and somebody. An undercover cop caught him and and You know he had he went got arrested I don't know if he spent any time in jail but I masturbated in solidarity with him. I was You know right there with peewee Herman I'm not. So in solidarity with Jeffrey Toobin I mean he wants to smash trump too. So I appreciate that but the other hand I just can't get behind the guy so to speak Sal. Yeah. So do you get on work calls? Have you ever been on a work call or a multi comedian call where somebody's done something sexual Oh. No I haven't haven't I honestly have not I haven't done any standup zoomed shows this fulltime. Just because. It's it's hard to get the same. You know feedback they normally get in person I'm sure very much understand that. But I in my work zoom calls. I've been on work zoom calls with females and it's been very tame. No Zoom. Zoom. Unfortunately under which in it leave the exciting. Are you bisexual? I. I am not really sure I. Have for the last couple of years kind of been. Curious about my sexuality I have not had any sexual experiences with women or like non rhyme airy trans or anything but if The I would I would be open to I'm currently in a relationship with a heterosexual But it's definitely something that I have voiced in my relationship and something that I'm GonNa need to explore. In some room you know. So are you living together with your heterosexual man? No I'm alone or in a tiny studio are like my space like. Like to have my own private thin. To be creative and just I'm someone who has time to. Like new threats from. Other people's energy and just like you know have a time independent. Will you must have a lot of alone time now? How are you managing in the corona apocalypse being all alone like that? Or do you just go out with her? I'm doing I'm doing okay I have seeing my boyfriend's a lot was very close by so fortunate aren't. but. I have just taken the time soon. The focus writing elect bright. I liked right along with like comedy scripts, I also great. News. and just stand up. So I take a debut agreed during prime, which I'm very thankful for do you write about sex? Yes I do. As I do I actually a lot of my music is very like. Comedic and musical and I have a song called tiny. But. A lot of people were as Bogelsong. Heidi at I I was thinking you were talking about two bins Zim Dick. To get. Look for its I've played UKULELE and I sing and is all about very tiny bubble and Ryan. How? Terrified Saxon I just I can never blessed. It's like a pinprick back there I'm saying so. We haven't worked at open. I guess you haven't like done. You know I a little finger with flu and maybe some lingus or as they say remain Have you gotten tongue back there anything Yes. You like tongue back there. On tickly. silly. Knicks me like super. Wet. It's It's fun I'm really opened my like you know. Well. A lot of people love sex as they say I think you know. Are More enthusiastic about it if they're into it, then women because that's their only whole. I. Think Women kind of feel like well, you know, I got another one. I don't need to use that one so much A. And some women are totally into it, but lots of women are not and. So. So I guess that's not a very erotic song. Do you have any songs about sex that you like? Like a positive about sack. Yeah Song. I've written artistic solvings in general. I. Don't know about. A song if you're saying. I can sing right now. Yeah. I couldn't think. If you'd like. Well I guess. So is that because it's so I I heard it. It's very Kinda I dunno, it's. It's very cute. It's funny. Okay. You Sing it. It's not going to make anybody WANNA have butthole sex or any kind of sex, but that's okay. We can just laugh along so Yeah I, sing that one I thought maybe you had a sex positive song but that's a cute. Get off marches. Nine in round, but in Independent. Now is matter any leaving? Then yes I am Tom. Titus. or every time I ne-. Sexual men. WHO ASKS THE MOOD In Share. With a Louis so big they saint enjoying. Then, I have to explain my ena smaller than monthly 'cause I got bigger but. An attorney, turn the birds. Don't eat. Brown. Asking me either to Wayne Book with a battle sub time. Don't try to get in offspring four nine. Hundred here. Very funny. Funny and you know I was saying that it's You know it's not sex positive really however. Weird perverse way I'm sure it turns on a lot of people that might WanNa get in that. Butthole. it does the here that it's too small and then that makes them Wanna get in it. It's it's like talking about you know the Zoom Dick, the whole doing something you're not supposed to do. And it's it's sad in a way that we have that in our society because we. WanNa be more consensual and we want to have sex that enjoys but I think because we say that so many different types of sex are wrong. No, don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. So it's like okay well, then I might as well just Do, something. That's really wrong. I might as well do something really out there like show my Dick to people that don't WanNa, see it or. Fuck that girl in the ass even though she says, no. And they're sure. That's not cool and I you know would blame the guy who does that sometimes it's a girl but usually it's guy. But I also blame our society for being sex negative about so many things just like like wh where can you show your penis I mean yes. nudist place. Very few places can be nude very few places can't you show your beautiful breasts? I mean there's just No place to do it. So some people just figure it's wrong. No matter which way I go I might as well do something. Really wrong. You're. Not Right. Nia Hits Nano and I like you know I have a song about my fear Butts next book I in no way an like think but sex is wrong. It's just like my own personal belief I am very sex positive via like. You know not trying to keep shame anyone everyone's into their own thing and and I actually might kinda like. Reddish door was opened why a years ago when I had a I posted a little song I did on instagram online and I interrupted myself with a belch because I I have kind of like a front belching problem. Wow. Last last show I had a woman who had a chronic farting problem and she became the Fort Green of the fetish. Warmer less that's great. So, yeah. In like an accidental way shout out to Valencia by the way high man. Martin so you became kind of a Belch Queen at least for one person. Yes wolfert quite a few people. because. I got a lot of response a lot of direct messages asking me if I make belts video this content and I didn't even know it was a federal for replied. Oh my gosh this is a whole market. Defend I am. A freelance. Artist and I started making these videos are make some generic ones in the custom ones and. Just, you know found this very niche community of, but there's so many people that you know are into belching and gas in so many different ways so. I am. Open up my my. Yeah, I had no idea. You made fetish videos. Your median. You don't so many people nowadays are doing. They're only fans or some kind of little fetish thing, and so yours is belching and you know what that is appropriate for a chef right talk about working. Right Through I actually added a lot of belching into my series, my Kooky Cook and web series to like. Honor that like falling in the fans that have helped helped made the show possible because I self produced in raise money for and a lot of them. Contributed money because I sold belge videos to raise money to fund my art, of course. That's what we do. So can you just belch for us? Yeah. New. I'm. Less than on command Belcher Bra, and I'm more of what you need a drink. Okay. Well, maybe. Drinking not. You didn't know you'd be belching those show. WHOA. Wow honestly. That's pretty small. Okay. I interrupted you you. Can you take another sip and try it again and I won't interrupt. Try I just. Saved that COQ one. Okay here she goes. I don't know whether I should I should talk. That, was substantial. AM. I heard that one that had a lot of the bubbles in it you know the carbonation so. So. These are mostly guys that are getting your belching videos. They've they've all they've all been. Men. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. No Lane so far. Well. Let's see I. Don't know I don't know ladies going to have a belching fetish the point of paying to hear you belch maybe I'd be interested but I can imagine that guys do and Yeah certainly they they like farting belching hey, it comes out of a different orifice, but it's still the emission they they just a lot of guys just love body functions. And there's probably different personal reasons why they liked that particular thing have you gotten to know any of your belching fetish fans to know How. Did you feel good. Yeah Oh They're so big it with me very painful Oh. Was that you Max? He nodded say yes yes. Notre three. I mean I belch too but not on command I can do right now I'm drinking anything. Yeah. I can do small in command. The soda really helps make videos I usually get soda or sometimes. Beer Mamata Funday. Oh Yeah Yeah Gotcha and how does your boyfriend feel about the belching? He's honestly very supportive about it. You know he he understands that it's a it's a community. It's also like my body by and has been very supportive about it, but it's not a turn on for him. No no he thinks he thinks it's really cute. But I don't think it makes them. It doesn't quite make like horrible one Reagan fired at all. So. What is what? What? What is the thing that makes the two of you hot hard wet what is your favorite sexual activity or Aphrodisiac? Meaning I am personally like. Really, need a need my partner to go down on me and I need like teasing, happening to Mike. Okay. Buried saw. A laughing like A. Soft laughing motion. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I like will like even like soccer. You know So I really love that I also, we are just like Berry. I'm very silly and where he's very silly weird So we like to just. Start kind of like just dancing deeply shaking my tits at now I know this isn't like generic when sex. Or? Said Click. A playful energy between us is like very necessary i. think that's very generically sexy. Your tits first of all generically sexy. Yeah go ahead girl shake him also play play is sexy. It's very been oboe. And Yeah. That's what we like so What about speaking of play rope play I? Do you have a what do you? WanNa be for Halloween. Question I. I really WANNA be. Austin powers. Okay. Baby Yeah. I dress up in drag. I love to I. Love You wait. Yeah I have i. have a quite like. Dominance a lot of I feel like I can tap into my masculine energy very well. It's just like something that I've always felt like like my comedy and in my life, I like to do. I like experience. All sides of? Mike feminity and my masculinity and I loved Austin powers growing up and I just think he's so Cillian in I like his raw sexual energy and yeah. So. I think I'm going to make you own a baby. Wrong. So have you dressed up as Austin powers or that's just a fantasy This is just a fantasy. Is that sending your boyfriend? Does he like that you dressing guy? World, you know two years ago for Halloween? We were We both dressed in drag and A. Very, turned on by one another there was like a heated making out but not quite sex. More like honestly we have like ardmore turned on by I, like to wear a lot of wigs. But like as a woman, usually as like playing as my own gender own gender. Case, you were a guy and he was a gal. Yet wow. Exciting, did you take pictures? Yeah we did. We did. Yeah Oh got to see those. Yeah. So he does he look good a girl, your boyfriend. He has these gorgeous cheekbones that just all my goodness little makeup Oh beautiful monster Oh. Okay. So maybe you'll be Austin. Powers this Halloween or you know just just dresses a guy and he can dresses a girl and you can see if you can have sex I mean you can pretend that he unpegging you when he's just. You know having sex with you. Exactly. Exactly yeah. I think it. We really you can pretend you're guy and that your pussy is actually your butthole. Exactly. That that whole will. Way With that yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well I still haven't given up on that but you know everybody's but holes tiny. Unless they're already having lots of anal sex. Yeah. Yeah. They've really like prepared experience understandable. Sings the whole song about a butthole would. Probably be interested I don't know. I'm not wake walked off to the idea you know so to speak, right? Yeah. So What was that? Or you're pointing. Oh, okay. Well, we have got to go but it's just such pleasure to chat with you. Lady. And good, luck with your comedy with your writing with you have a beautiful voice and Good. Luck with your your relationship, your sex life and your tiny little butthole. They good luck with all things trick nutrients sexy and thank you for having me on. Happy Halloween season's. Beatings. All right brothers, sisters well. This. Erica Dawson. As we did have another guest tonight, I'm not gonNA say who but. She's just. Lost in. The Sky. Around Magic. vibrating broom one hour before the show. Oh. Well, it happens. So I think what we're GONNA do shows some. Clips from past. Halloween's. Sexy. Stuff going. Dowse, to jail to cloud. Robert Room. Is over eighteen right. Excuse. Me Yummy. You are Yummy. Tonight's the is come as your erotic persona. And of course, you are kind of old in. Your. Your name is Daryl Hunt Man spelled H. A. N.. And you look remarkably like another daryl. Spelled H. A. N. A. She's system yes. Yes. Yes. got. Turn on my mind. Yes. Now, right. Over it girls, I was GONNA say Shit. Oh The. Oh that's beautiful. Girl Scout Jail A. Room. You're jealous. Are. You cited by seeing another On Jay. I mean I will. All Hung. Joe. You. Know. Harry Potter, each heart. Yes, I've been. Here glazed three different vibrators. And she is ready. For Partner incline. Oh yes. Daryl Hannah on. Jack. Up. That fountain. I go for growth. And to all a good evening. Is such a leap. Rated there Oh. Yeah. We're getting in touch with our avalon nature. We are hard. For Angel we are human. We are. and. To feel each. Inside Oh. Yeah. Give it to her This is Jack Fountain. And Daryl Hat. They obey, Earl. Tattoo. I Am Horace Really Nice Yeah. Let's beautiful going in there so. Oh you. Oh. Yeah. That wife. Call the warning housewife. Forty you us. Yeah go for it Jack. Daryl Hanan couple of the year. Surely, this is the foreign star couple. Just to show you how hot married sex. Can. Be. See, don't be afraid to get married. You can stay hot. You know it is Kinda scary promote people mostly they lose it but some would. Stay. Hot just like this. We have a new site. It's Dr Blocks. Pleasure. Shop. Right. Dr Blocks pleasure shop. So that's you are L. DR blocks, Noah Parker Affi pleasure shop, and you can get books and fashion and sex toys and accessories and all kinds of fun things so. Anything else that we have there and maybe you could even get my magic don- ICK vibrating broom, which one day we're going to mass produce. And Yeah this coming Saturday. I WANNA say. If, you have questions for me. You should sign up for Dom Khan Dom Khan is going to be. Going on virtually this coming Saturday. It's dumb. Con New Orleans. And WE DID DUMB CON la a few months ago. It was really great and now we're GONNA do dom con New Orleans and it's very appropriate that it's going to be on Halloween we because, of course, fem domes are the modern witches and New Orleans is kind of the home of the do which is and I witches go back to Marie lavaux. Who was the? Queen of new. Orleans, and no, you're not supposed say New Orleans posts in New Orleans but Iran's Queen. And yes, New Orleans is a great witchy Halloween. He plays all those above ground raves and Of course, an rice is from New Orleans I interview Dan. Rice. So long ago she was the wife of one of my poetry teachers at San. Francisco State. And She did an interview with me before interview with the Vampire I was not the vampire but she was. That book and ready to come out and become a big big star. And I don't know if you know this. But if you like and rices interview with the vampire checkout, her beauty books, the erotic series, very very kinky and She writes it under the pseudonym, the nondeployed them of. A Are Row Clare. And Yeah amazing kinky stuff. So At Tom Cotton New Orleans I will be hosting a room in the DOM. CONNAH's. Fear. Called Dr Suzy's speakeasy where you can ask Dr Suzie whatever you like hopefully, it won't be such an open ended question as this about Mommy Fetish? Pani fedor smell fetish role play. So many things. Okay. It's okay. If you have a lot of things and in this case, it's going to be back and forth with people actually talking to me about. Their questions asking me. So if you WANNA ask me questions and or tell me a story and get my take on it, you should sign up for dom Khan and go to the DOM Khan Dot com website, and then you can be there and it will be on Saturday since they're doing it central time, it's going to be in the late afternoon. And then there's going to be a Fetish Party and day. Yes which is going to gather for Dom Khan. It's going to be a lot of crazy magic fun and I'm going to, of course, have my magic deal Don. vibrating broom you get your own. On Dr Blocks, pleasure shop, and so much more lots of fun things that you can get for your sweetheart the Bonobo Way Splash. An art if you like that food and sex if you're more into spanky well here we have that and. He s we've got it all, and of course, the best thing to give your sweetheart if you're into peace through pleasure is the been oboe way speaking of Bonobos. The book that I'm reading right now is survival of the friendliest. That's right. So it's very exciting because it just shows you that. The way. To success in the world through evolution is not through power and pushing people around but through being friendly like Bonobos. Like dogs and Like some humans. So we have that friendly side anyway. I'm in the midst of reading. oops I didn't realize it was falling out. Oh I, have my voter thing. Yeah, don't forget to vote. Don't forget to vote. Okay. So survival of the. Readiness. Okay so I think where about ready to go. And it's kind of one of those spooky shows, lots of various. Issues but but. Yeah we've had fun. So we hope you have a happy Halloween when ever you're watching this anytime you can always dress up and you should always mask. At, this point in the corona apocalypse certainly, if you are trick or treating, you got a mask up. and. Make like Bonobos not babboons make love not war make love to someone. You love tonight even if that someone is you I love you. Talked about something you can talk about with anyone else you can talk to us. I'm Dr Susan Block your mistress of the Airway. But my day job is director of the Dr Susan Bloch Institute for the Erotic Arts and sciences specializing in sex therapy over the phone. Anytime you need to talk whether needs serious psychotherapy or a hot phone sex experience or a combination my world renowned telephone sex therapists. They're just a phone call away totally private. Absolutely. Confidential we listened to talk with you advise you role play for you fantasize with you know fantasy is to taboo and help you with anything from impotence to exhibitionism fears to desires fetishes two marriages for more information. Call us at two, one, three, two, nine, one, nine, four, nine, seven, that's two, one, three, two, nine, one, nine, four, nine, seven anytime you need to talk. You're listening to Radio Susie one. World Wide Web?

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