Coming Soon: The TED Interview


Yeah. Hi, I'm Chris Anderson at the guy lucky enough to run Ted as in TED talks. Here at Ted were borderline obsessed with the power of ideas. Ideas are amazing things in other patent of information that gets inside your head, and it changes how you see the world. The question, I think each of us have to ask ourselves is when you see something, what do you do? Are you the person that see something and walks away and continues on with your life or e the person who stops and slows down and says, I'm complicit in this. But his thing about ideas, they don't just land perfectly formed. They want to be critiqued, played with its rated on, and sometimes that takes longer than eighteen minutes. The most important questions in human life are questions. We have to be able to talk about this up Tober where releasing a new podcast called the Ted interview. The history of human achievement is that people have done remarkable things from very improbable beginnings. I'll be sitting down with some of the most compelling Ted's speakers. I think everybody thinks that creativity comes in lightning strikes, but I think it comes in whispers and the whispers can grow thunderous over time if you're patient enough to explore it and inviting them to go Deepa to challenge them at all, and to encourage them to challenge us doom trust yourself too much. Over-confidence is really the enemy of good thinking. Episodes drop weekly, starting October, sixteenth, subscribe for freon of a podcast or wherever you listen, I hope you can join me sin. Ex-.

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