Rams, Emily in Paris, The Good Lord Bird and The Salisbury Poisonings


Welcome to the clashes. This andrew young and this is called quinn on this episode of the clap. Is we talk the good lord. Bird we talk the soulsby poisonings. We talk rams we talk. Emily harris something for everybody. Why undo it sorry exciting cinemas in melbourne in victoria in open again after seven months in which our closed with the exception of about a week. And that means you could go on c. Rams which is pretty good from. Sam neill michael keaton playing brothers who are sheep farmers in w i have not talked to each other for forty years. Exactly why is never quite understood or explained and a a disease sweeps through the valley and the health authorities order all of the sheep to be killed and Some neal's character colon Squirrels few away. Although i don't know if you call it squirreling when they shape that's probably the wrong word isn't it. He loves the sheep so much that he's going to secretly protect them. Which of course poses a potential risk to the rest of the valley which they might be infectious and who knows what will happen is sick have been shocked by the discovery of a highly fictious disease. Control plan has been putting price into of controlling. the outbreak. spent half our larceny. Everything to them the whole bloody valley. They'd take our smaller at finish the job. You got to follow the rules. Mike of two thousand and fifteen film From iceland or cold rams and that was a very very bleak piece of work. It was billed as a comedy. But i need. The iphone scandinavians could have called a comedy. It was pretty chilly This is more obviously in the in the sort of rural quickey all the comedy. Kind of spice. Although i think it falls into the trap sets some votes those films do it keeps a pretty nice balanced. I think between the darkness of the original and alighted kind of our quickey. Quick quickey community kinda vibe and i. I rather liked this film. I think it's worth checking out especially with checking out because it's it's actually showing you can go to a cinema. Yes i saw the original filled. I loved it right. And i probably wouldn't say it's blake silently. I can understand. Why some would you know. I'll just say and without inviting you to give it a while. Just say the final say has a reminds one of douglas. Stewart's play fire on the snow about sir. Robert falcon scott's doomed expedition to the antarctic. The titular seen in that reminded me. But it's i love this film. I thought it was marvelous. In every every respected is mean. Nasty frankie unkind which some people might say qualify for the term bleach rather than this is so the brother brother this bad brother righteous brother verses cool brother kind verses painless as it's it's it's really interesting in an australian context because we have. We are so fortunate here to have a radic. Aided ought to have held by certain diseases that devastate livestock in europe and the united states. And while i think at times you side with Keady the brother who want to kill his shape in the original film at the same time. You implied by michael keaton. You be aware of what dangerous had devastated when something like foot and mouth bovine spongiform syphilis. All those different things that can really devastated whole zone. Animals it's really interesting. Can moral conundrum but this this film unlike by suspect the strain film which i won't be saying this is very very funny. I can't imagine this film being. This film was made by takeaway. Td in new zealand with sam neill and some other new zealander are would be lining up for sure. I just can't see with michael. Keaton and miranda richardson it really carrying the tragedy slash humid in the same way. I'm just making that prediction. Well i think we could see it. Definitely changes the timing of it. It's it's not an exact replica. By any means the miranda character she plays vet in this bail even exists in the in the atlantic film. She's a i think. Well i suppose to introduce a kind of a slightly different dynamic forum for colon That samuels saving the sheep guy. Yup yup germy sims. Who has directed this. I think really just wanted to render. It's because as he said to me she's the he thinks he's the most underrated actor in the world and he would put her in anything. And so i think he. He called her up from the public and she said yes great. He called up from the pub and she said yes. I am the most underrated. No she said yes. I'll do it if you want. If you want only to see the the icelandic version but with a streamlined landscape. You'd be disappointed. Don't want to completely remake something. He exactly what. I don't think i think that's a time it's not like gospel san remaking it is not the same thing while you're talking about films just really quickly. Is it a film right. It's not your favourite show though. Feel free to me your full time but one that you find without realizing to actually think about it. You've seen an inordinate like a lot of times more than makes any sense to anybody. Think now it would be would be my sort of My gut feeling maybe alien. Okay which is probably my favorite film. And that's one that i've sort of sought out repeatedly but favorite you. Yeah yeah yeah and you know. It's a film that i'll rewatch every so often to see they've still holds up you know and i think it does. I mean obviously the special effects look a little bit dated invoices. But i think it's remarkable But now i see so many that it kind of feels like a luxury. I can't really afford to just watch film of already seen because there's always something else that i should be watching instead. Yes and it's a bit like My wife writes about restaurants and the idea of going back to a place just because it was great. Is something which you can't really do. You know what i mean i do. I miss i. i mean. I'm not expecting the world's smallest violin deke. In at this point in time those a lot of upside in this but but the downside is that a revisiting a favorite is actually a luxury that you just don really have time for. So why why do you ask a couple of films of famous accidentally watching. And i realize man who i've seen this film sign many times not to the point where i'm i all the dialogue but some of it and it's the strange thing in any kind of top ten list of films. These films would never appear mine or anybody's top ten list of films. There are some that hmo which i see see some different inflection will be a different different perspective on on it than than i originally saw and it's one give you one to john. Frankenheimer ronin right once. I've seen that like. I taught him savak. And it's really good. We discussed a while. Owed the car rig in. I was wondering so much about this. Year is a bridge too far goldman wrote a bat mag market garden a completely failed and dangerous foolish plan by montgomery to shorten the war somewhat in were in the world to wall asking that so many times and why i mean i didn't because there's some really good moments in an interesting historical films and battles but it's just the funniest thing how like that creep up on this one i can think of that i've seen quite a few times but again it's sort of deliberate and that's wonderful life theft. Never seen that really. I think i'd never seen it. Never seen it never seen it and they got to a point where i thought i don't want to save his corning embarrassing which which it is. But it's also great under the soulsby poisonings. Now the re poisonings is a mini. Would you call it. What do you call them. Mini series mini series. It's got one episode is another term. They've been using but as apposite is that appears to be to at times would suggest watching the soderbergh film. I if you tend to what's that. Sorta contagion i came into that. Come out i think it is. It is set in a wilder two where a series of of strange events occur very similar to. What's been happening. Now where the whole world ends up in a panic mode with people dying in in the millions from a disease it's initially spread from bats to peak to men. We're talking contagion here right. Which two thousand. Eleven of checked right now get the souls poisoning. Okay okay. so it's it's a similar situation where there has been a terrible event occur. No one really knows what it is but then now that people in apparently random why starting to safa these horrible symptoms and no one knows how to fix them some of them. Some of them die. Of course we know we know we now know what that was which which was these A soviet double agent and his daughter were poisoned by soviet agents over not called soviet anymore. They called russians by russian agents and a That that particular poison found its way into the various parts of the small city of souls brain. I can't remember the name of the poison but it was one of those poisons that is is just the the worst kind of thing i think it was. It was a sprite that sprite onto the the two people up by In a crowd by possible and then that sprague it strenuous penins. Someone finds the spray from the and sprays it on themselves leaking. It's perfume Man it's a it's a really terrifying a look at how a terrible toxic poison deliberately might to to kill people can be spread in an in an unwitting careless way drummer. It's it's not fiction but it's l. The people the actors in a play humans abbott the scripts. The script has been made from interviews and from dossiers and documents that have been made public subsequent to what happened and it is even though you know what happens in the end. maybe but many people would. it's thrilling and it's frightening and especially in the way that you have a one person making all these suggestions about how to reduce the spread and how they should lock down what they should do and they constantly being ignored and it gets worse and worse. And it's it's a great show. It's a british. Like i say three episodes and Really something to enjoy. While in this period of covid nineteen restrictions soulsby poisonings. He's on is on demand. I'll check it out my day as jan king king team trinity stash. Whatever he believed he believed didn't matter if it was true or not the old man was nutty. Squirrels heard like a lot of programs. Good lord starts with one of those this triggered. It's not really true. That's been coming. I do indeed kind of. I guess it's annoying. Necessarily i mean it's it's revisionist history. That sort of. I guess posits the idea sort of implicitly that all history is to a degree you fabulous. Yeah the that. There's always going to be subjective. Interpretations is always going to be a little bit of a licensed. i can with the vince. I well i kind of think is in that. But it's also i guess it just allows for licensed to be playful as well. I've only seen the first episode of good lord. Bird and elected did feel slightly on size. I think that's a good way of putting it. I think the suggestion. So it's about abolitionist. John brown who was executed. And i think the the show starts with An arriva a boy describing that. And i didn't know much about him i wanna. Sra card from great to is is the extent of my knowledge. john brown. If you don't know what an sra cut is look them up. We can occasionally get the whole sits or complete sits on ebay for quite a lot of money depending on which ear there from. I don't think i have thought of sri card. Since i was in three. Do you think about them. Probably more than any money. I loved it. It's very cards. If people want to know that. I graduated comp english comprehension but also including arts biology's sciences all kinds of things. You read the card on the front and you turn the cadaver and your answer writing down questions about the coddling. The teacher will give you heaven. Many you got right marks. They start very easy. That text get stints the cowboys the same size. It's about the size of attained inch record cava. Now probably small that about. I'm a loved him. And i can remember at the end of grade six when that was going to be at first alright cards my great sixty saying so anybody wants to finish up the rest are is getting all the way through the like down the front who white to get to the into the is one of the make. Sure i complete it. My sra program including one. On john brown. That was great too. So i'd move beyond nathan hale is a revolutionary figure. Also learn from i to be a killjoy. But can i suggest we get business out fisher so good. Little bit about john brown abolitionist. That the very start of the program that he's some kind of fugitive from i'm not sure which government it. I'm not sure if it seemed like the civil war has yet to be declared so to speak and so there is still just one government in the united states. Slavery is still something that is is not illegal and open a central to the economies of the southern part of the united states. He is a very religious righteous man. Who makes great big speeches and seems completely unhinged. An office rocker. He somehow adopts ago. Who is not a girl. But he thinks is called ago henrietta. But he's really a boy called henry and he gives him a dress to wear and henry just goes along with it. He's a house not a son of a slave. I don't think he's vowed shot at the very start. I think by accident accident now. Okay sort of well. I suppose accidentally sort of collateral damage. But it it involves white racists and you'll you'll neglecting to mention that henry slash henrietta is in fact. A black kid was about to ask. Sorry sorry jumping okay. It's absolutely significant. That a- in rita is black. He'd they travel on the run. They get into skirmishes that john brown has Sons accompany him on this grand much. Not quite sure where. And i'm not quite sure what they expect to. But they armed and the angry and they're looking a fights peak with representatives of the forces of evil who condone slavery as a salve in the first episode. But i would say that the mission. John brown's mission should also decide that he's played. I think quite brilliantly by heath and hulk them with his just sense of He's somewhere between inspired and just a lunatic I think their mission quite quite clear mission is to provoke conflict between those forces we represent slavery represent liberation. I'm sure i just said this. Did you just took too got less than science. Research associates cards of those guys. It stopped talking about him. Don't get me so how many episodes of you watch. Sandra are three or four with think Yeah it's great not unlike the garibaldi. He's asking for men willing to lay down their lives. Few nothing but cold hunger forced marches and suffering. I sign exactly so it's a little bit like my experience of hiking in new zealand. Quite you experience with the plight of african american slaves in the saying it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't raining andrew. I want to skip gear like massively here and ask you. If you've watched me in paris. I think the answer is going to be no. I have not watch the entire thing with my wife and finding finding show to watch with my wife is like very hard and finding a show that she will watch and stay awake. Four past about the eleven minute mark is like almost impossible. She wants this whole thing so it was like. Oh my god does that. Say about your. It says that. She's a delightful woman. Hello bonjour. I'm emily cooper from the gilbert group in chicago. I'm sorry i don't understand. I'm going to be working in this office. Don't severe whole. I would say that. Emily in paris was some of the most ridiculously paulie put together. Tv in some respects that. I've watched in a long time. Compared to all the incredibly beautifully crafted and wrought drama. That's available to watch. Is it drama. Romcom bicycles series. And it's from darren style. The guy who gave us most recently younger. But going way back beverly hills nine o. Two on melrose place west. I mean he's he's been prolific and very important figure in contemporary american Tv this i would say it is the most frippery kind of end of his work and it just like it's terrible. It was really enjoyable. Was like eating a bowl of pringles or something. A whole a whole canister a whole canister of amid had absolutely zero nutritional things actual value but it was kind of fun and i i have to say towards the end. I actually genuinely laughed at a few scenes. Not in derision. I actually laugh. Because i thought that was quite funny. So a lot more head. You become a carpenter what you do now. I don't think you'd be anywhere near as generous with the filmed in time that you watch as you are meaning someone meeting had to get up at six in the morning. I'm going to say that a lot of people would see that as a good quality of yours and not cashing and really critical. In fact. i think you'll being. I think you being passive aggressively critical yourself self andrea. I'm i am quite capable of being critical. But i'm but i also i think tried to engage with programs movies. Whatever on the terms. They're setting rather than abstract set of terms. That i bring to bear on them so if it's a kids movie on not going to assess it as if it were a a kubrick film you know it's like y- you you have to. You have to come at it from. What is it ambition. What what the parameters that setting for itself what is its target. Market its audience. And how does it achieve or file to achieve on those on those bases. That's how i in. Paris is designed as light into timing fluff. inc deserves more. Sorry the audience the target audience. Emily impasse. you deserve any better than i think. The target audience for emily harris gets exactly what they think. They're getting get exactly what they sign up for which is get exactly what ladies question. It's loaded andrew. You're being used you letting your your snobbish slip show. I think it's it is what don't forget. It is it is i who brings the ryan murphy to this podcast. Don't forget that. Ryan murphy. Is the darren star of his generation. Is what i would say. Dan stein is no ryan murphy. Comparing comparing is in kane with neighbors. I think it's entirely or would say that ryan murphy probably is elevated camp whereas darren stars. Just camp feel free. Continue to call me a snob. It's not a badge. I way with shame. Not a with pride. It's just what i i'm left handed. I make no apologies being left handed to go around telling everybody had great left. Handed biagio do but You know i'm left handed and that's just how it goes and it's the same with my snow berry doesn't make me better than you. It just makes you better than most other. What can i say that little than what emily harris is what. I'm going to say that. Don't all this on. Emily in paris by saying that while we would locked into our homes. Not i will go much further than the end of the street. Watching this fantasy version of paris really did hold a certain appeal. I can say well. I'll tell you something in paris. Said i know that if you've been in hospital and you've had to have generalists city and you've come out of genuine. A city and one is not oneself and one is under general anaesthetic and take quite a while to get that allowed system. A person who is still groggy and insensible and slack of limb and feeble of mine from generosity can watch the whole season. Emily harris from soup to nuts and get a strange sense of enjoyment. Decide this personal experience. I know somebody has everything that i've just said. I would actually suggest that emily. In paris is such a strange con- you know contrived. The region of the experience of an ex pat anywhere in any foreign country let alone in paris and such a bizarre fantasy version of paris. That it probably is a little bit like being in that post anaesthetic hallucinatory state anyway. Yes i'm saying. I'm saying it's the best show if anybody out there is Is having a procedure. I'm saying i'm saying you can approach the state of somebody who's had the procedure without necessarily having to go through the pain. Everybody wins with emily from paris in paris panthers. Thank you for listening. That's for the clippers to mixed by.

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