CBS NEWS AM Update 07-18-20


I'M SUZANNE LEMONADE HERE? Are the stories making news at this hour? At least eighteen police officers are hurt in twelve people arrested after protesters clashed with officers at the Christopher Columbus, statue in grant park fireworks were thrown at police as well. Some protesters tried to tear down the statue of Columbus. A large crowd raids department store on the MAG mile and a massive smash and grab leaving shelves Empty Chicago. Police say anywhere from fifty to eighty people broke out the front windows of the fair store just before midnight. No one is in custody. Seven people are heard in a five car crash overnight. This was near Yates and seventy fifth and south shore police say a man spent through a red light at that intersection and slammed into four other cars. Everyone hurt in the crash was taken to a nearby hospital. Police say none of their injuries appear to be life threatening weather today the high is going to be in the mid nineties with a heat index near one hundred five. There's also a heat advisory effect from noon until ten tonight, so stay safe out there. Join US ON CBS to or CBS CHICAGO DOT COM for news updates around the clock I'm Suzanne Legno.

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