Hannah and Dylan


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Listen to your heart a six episode event Mondays at eight seven central on ABC. Tv podcast. One presents off the vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe. Caitlyn is creating space girls. Kim feel empowered to be themselves. Get ready for lots of last job on and wine get ready to shake things up. Here's caitlyn welcome to off the vine. I'm your host Kaitlyn Bristowe today on the PODCASTS. We've got power from Bachelor Franchise Dylan and Hannah are here. Being all cute and quarantined. Where are you right now by the way you go? You're in San Diego. Oh lucky you get to go outside or you guys on full. Lock down on people like walking around. We have a sorry people are walking around. We laid out yesterday in the backyard. Got Some Sun so it's really residential area so it's like people walk their dogs and stuff like that but you can't go to a beach. Yeah I mean yeah beaches I would. I WOULD WANNA fight you if you went to the beach. But that's good that you can go out go outside and get some Sun and what what is what is a quarantine day. Look like for you to well. For some reason I keep waking up later later. I don't know if it's like the time change or us just going to bed at two am which that's fine with it but Yeah we've been waking up. Lay on deal brings me coffee. I've been making breakfast and then we just do like little work. Things don't takes the nightshift which does not just Jason do the night shift. Do you have any clue what I'm talking about? I'm like sitting here so confused. What are you? What nate shift are we talking about the night? Shift a lot of friends since everybody's quarantined. They're getting back on xbox and like I guess whenever they're like why or fiances or girlfriends. Whatever GO TO SLEEP DYLAN? All his friends are hop on xbox. And you know playing the night shift I know during S- basically they just play all night so wherever us. We're just working the night shifts. Oh that's your secret little codename. It's the game isn't called night shift now. I'm a bit of Gamer myself. So I'd I'd like get mad at that I'd be like well I wanNA play to head. It does not want to buy you know I gave her over. There is not. We have like little headphones so that she can edit video and I live with my friends but I mean we need some sort of social interaction. It's whole again crazy. I've been doing a lot of talk. Check talk that's been taking up a lot of my corn Time I've just been like scrolling through it making beds. I hear that that's what I've been doing the same thing like kind of kind of borderline obsessing over tick tock if you will like that can be my night shift because it's embarrassing. How long will scroll that? And then like favorite all my videos and go back and try and recreate them. I think they call it why this might be wrong but I heard this they call it tick talk because like when you're on the time passes so quickly. I mean that would make sense. It really does like but my mic quarantine days are basically talk and grey's anatomy right now with a couple of calls mixed in there but that does make sense because all you do is scroll and get lost in like this like phone. Call of tick tock videos. We're both targeting. Oh don't get me. Started on tiger king basically all. I do is wake up in the morning and the second I roll over. I wake up Jason by saying hey hail you cool cats and kittens. And he's like Oh my God every time. Yeah so I'm definitely I I watched it. Did you guys finish it? Yeah we watched it in like two days. Yeah I watched it in one so I mean this is the time to binge watch shows. But what do you guys think overrated underrated? What do you think it's it's amazing? I think it's perfectly rated. I love documentaries. I I love like taboo kind of things so I was all about it for sure. Yeah no I'm trying to. I'm trying to find my next show to Binge Watch. That's an that's left me. I don't know how we're going to the bar set so high right now. I don't know how we're going to find another show. That's better than that one. I can't believe you can literally Buy Tigers for like five grand. No wasn't it like two. It was something ridiculous. It's insane. It is insane. That's a you know what's crazy too. Is that one of my guy that I know. And how my podcast he? His name is tyler rich and he lives in Nashville. He's a country singer. He was in the documentary like all of a sudden they like showed him holding one of the Tigers in Vegas and I was like. Oh my God. What is he doing in saying? Yeah anyways so okay. You guys obviously have some big plans. You had your engagement party need to know all the awkward run INS there and have you talked about this a million times that you're rolling your eyes right now it'd be like Oh my God. Do we have to talk about this again? I haven't really talked about it a whole lot honestly that night. We were so just busy like talking all these different people and stuff so I wasn't even paying attention to what was actually going on I do know that a lot of people said they had a good time. I was like that's A. That's a good. That's that's all that matters. It was about you guys and you know you're obviously you had family and friends and it was so nice that you guys could have that before all this craziness has happened because so many peoples weddings and everything's getting put on hold Do you guys have a date set? We don't we are just like saying how it's so sad. All these peoples weddings have been totally pushed back and with that we were like. Oh my gosh like it's not one of those things where you can be like. Oh yeah like maybe like a few months. We'll talk about planning it and all this stuff. It's like everybody else's weddings being pushed back now. So it's like the nice that you guys had the engagement party. What was the highlight? What's the highlight of your engagement party for you guys? My friends made cookies with like really really unflattering pictures may on them like when I was really fat nice all and then I just started like stuffing my face to them. I thought that was hilarious. That's good I like that about you. Hannah my dad. There's only told the story. Then which of the hi-fi or leaving or either one of the refunding you tell a high five one with my dad. He's your friend so my dad had such a good time at this Barbie What was the with your friends? Were like a bunch of my friends. I grew up with came and enhance. His Dad just grabbed it gravitated Pretty easily and they were doing these things were there. Laughing Boys Tommy G A bunch of twenty five year old twenty five kids and pouring beer in their hands and high fiving each other in my guys. Yeah he was like. Oh we have all these new handshakes there called beer high fives into their hands. And like hi Fi. Oh my gosh. He was the real. Mvp OF YOUR GUYS. Engagement Party rushed crushing the dance or Waas. That's so much fun. I love the idea. Engagement Party sometimes can be just as fun as the wedding. Because you have all your favorite people there and everyone's just like so happy to be around each other. Yeah I mean we got really really lucky with the timing of before all this craziness. Oh yeah absolutely and Are you guys in full blown like and using all this time when you're not you know gaming and doing everything else. Are you using the time to plan your wedding you know? We actually looked at some places in looked at some people that are doing it but I mean honestly right. Now it's like. How can you plan when all of these weddings right now or being so pushed back anyway is like all these venues are going to be taken? I think there's a lot of unknowns in the entire entertainment wedding everything type of Industry. Because it's like how long this is. GonNa last and planning right now just like near impossible. If you don't know which places or be open that's very but it is fun to look at places like I made like a little pincher spoiled with a few kind of fun things. But you know we're taking it slow right now and But it's been fun like while we're at home really why not. Let's look at some like spot. I mean you don't have to explain to me. I was engaged for three and a half years and didn't do any wedding planning I I. I did the same thing I was like well. I've got a pinterest board and that's about it. You know you go your own pace you go at your own pace especially coming off his show like the show that we all came off of. It's it's everything so rushed and you guys just take your time and do whatever makes you happy. And I'm I'm sure that's what you're doing and that's what it sounds like you're doing so do you own or rent your home. I'm sure you do and I bet it can be hard work. You know it's easy is bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowners and renters insurance along with your auto policy and it's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home so go to GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's GEICO DOT com. I was wondering this question. Do you think you're compatible and you would have met outside of this would have been together. You like like do you talk about that. Ever I know I know that Jason is say that all the time like if Jason and I met without being the show like definitely somebody I would. I would have dated by nine percent. Yeah I asked if we'd be friends in high school the other day. Oh that's a good question. And and yeah yeah throws yes. We're both like awkward. We have the same exact sense of humour jennings impossible to find it. Someone how do you? How do you describe your sense of humor? It's kind of dark sometimes dark but like really just goofy like that's how we communicate ally in? It's not like we don't take anything seriously. It's just like we always have a safe space just to say like whatever joke we feel like or like sarcasm or whatever and. I feel like I term really awkward. I don't know about other people but like if somebody doesn't totally get like Kinda my humor in everything. I just kind of shut off in. Like a like what? It's it's not a fun conversation for me so I feel like we. A lot of conversations are just like I mean we do have serious side but you know that's that's important. I mean I feel the same way it's It's it's important to have the same kind of humor and if you both can have a dark sense of humor that's even better because that's me. I'm I can get down with a dark sense of humor can't we? Were talking about April fools jokes coming up. Give me your best one. We had a few but I think the one that we went that we're going to go with is I'm posting like a retirement announcement for Khorasan and then I'm also announcing that he's actually selected me to replace him as the host out of owning by out of anybody start listing people misspell. Like I was like well and then blake misspelled. Michelle Blake's last name and then like Chad Johnson. I misspelled his name. Is Out of La La la in money in shows me to replace them. I can't believe it. I think it's GONNA BE HILARIOUS. So hopefully people ask if not direct. Burgos Dolan Dana did again. That's the good part about like having be known as like being just dumb and goofy. Not Seeing that. You're sorry I'm thinking about myself here because when you do stupid shit like that then. Everyone's like oh they're just for you know Dylan bean doing nuts. It's it's the best you can get away with it. There's a lot of dough and being thrown out there nowadays. What Hannah do you have one that you're GONNA do on now? I you know for me something like that. I think it's hilarious. I really helped him like kind of come up with the Master Plan. But you know it. It's not totally on brand for me to do something like big like that but there might be some like little things on April first. That's give you a couple ones that my mom was always a big jokester growing up and she she used to do. There's one that she did where she had a spoon but should the spoon the like long end of the spoon was broken. And so I didn't know that but she put it up her nose and acted like the whole spoon was upper knows in that she got stock and like was freaking out and really really committed to it. So you could do that one. Maybe if you aunt for for for the Graham maybe that sounds pretty. Good actually yeah. That's where I get my weirdness from also I saw on my Alexa. I was like this is going to make everybody's Alexis off if I say but I. I asked her to tell me a good prank to do. For April first. Hers was okay she said. Do you draw a spider on like the roll of toilet paper but like far into the role so that when somebody does roll it that they're in the right spot to be scared when the shit their pants. That's awful. That is a good one. Yeah Alexa came up with that one so I can't my my good one that I'm going to do on. Instagram is all you have to do during your stories is say. Hey Alexa play fart noises or like do something stupid so that everybody watching who has an Alexa. Then there's goes off and the jokes on them. I'm best that's beautiful. We have a google so you might WanNa do. Hey Alexa I hate hoopoe. Oh and then. Isn't it okay? Google I know we're living in a time where we get our robots confused right Okay speaking of it could be worse. We're in this quarantine time it's like people are finding the beauty in you. Know reconnecting with friends and being in a moment and staying home and Blah Blah. Do you guys feel like what is the silver lining for quarantine for you guys. Feel like we're living together. Which is kind of Nice? I think it's a good test for you guys So we don't know we talk about getting a house. I like silver lining. We've never had this much time together since paradise essentially which again still relying here. That's true the paradise thing is since you guys up so well like beam as you guys know on Bachelor Bachelorette you get not a lot of time with the person whereas on paradise you'll literally spend all of your time with that person and and now living together like you kind of know what it's like being around each other that often which is. I think I think reason for a lot more successful relationships on yet you know just like being like Corentin or whatever together like I like staying in anyways. I saw this the other day. It was like Maija of like a fun weekend. Or whatever is being like technically quarantined anyways. So it's been actually really nice and surprisingly like I don't think we're tired of each other yet or I'm not sure if you are you tired there there you go and you know. There's I know I'm dillon. You're really close with Peter and Hannah. You knew Hannah and from before this right yeah okay. So why is Peter Getting Shit on left and right like just because he made bad decisions or whatever? He's still a good person so to me. I'm like Tyler and Hannah are doing their corentin crew. They're working out with big groups of people there hanging out there. Doing tick tock videos. Everybody is obsessing over it and that's fine. I'm not hating on that at all. Whatever as long as they're being healthy and then Peter picks up Kelly wants and he's the biggest asshole in the world and is like spreading the Corona virus for for picking her. Like what is going on there. Yeah I think once you have any sort of Flemish people will just continue to Kinda like go after it or any capacity like Beers. Peter's kind of taking that right now until there is like a new like into kind of like hate on Piers Israeli guy so I I know he's he's he's he's been staying at home in it only working really a majority of it So it's just it's just the nature of the beast. I mean I feel like I feel like you. You understand that I understand that handed gets it got at least a little bit got summer but like it's so near being in this world psych like whatever they see on TV then they associate like you can do no wrong or you know one thing when you know slip up happens or something that you can do it right. Yeah so it's just constantly living in that fear of like okay like you know I should you this writer you know. Somebody's yell at me for this and you have aware of the stuff that's definitely. I think what Peter's getting right now as Hanane being one of my friends it's obviously like I am biased zip but stepping back and looking at the situation as a whole. It's like like you know. Sometimes people just can't do anything. Ride and being indecisive is in the bachelor world a big no-no which which if you live in that world which we all have. It's like a natural thing like of course. You're going to be indecisive when you've got all these things going on. It's just I said sent me a message. And they're like can't believe you're sticking up for Peter like he's such a jerk and I'm like you're literally going off what you see on TV or the Internet win. Like I've talked to him in person like you Dylan. You're a friend of his like know him better than a lot of people it's like. No He's not an asshole just anyone who tries to go on TV and date this many people or or go through what we've all gone through is going to make mistakes and they're going to be a you know a human flawed human being. Who's living this in front of so many people judging us like anyone would make a mistake. And so it's it's just so interesting that you know it's great that people get so invested because you know it's fun and it's entertainment and we all get to have like this great platform afterwards and make friends and everything but it's also so hard and like you said. Dylan it's the nature of the beast. Where and I think Peter not to and correct me if I'm wrong but I think he's handling it so well like in the real world just being like you knows. It sucks in that people are going to be awful but at the same time this too shall pass and there will be another person in who knows how long now that will be in his position and it was definitely a new for him. This was my assumption of it. Was that like 'cause the second finished the Bachelorette. He was essentially in talks to the bachelor and then went to the bachelor. So he's never I feel like had time away from it all. Yeah so I I mean he's he's doing a great job it looks like him and his family are all you know all as well which is always good to see so now. I'm having for him. Yeah absolutely let's take a quick break and talk about needing a break every now and then. Why not keep your brain activated while you relax you can have fun while engaging your brain when you play the awesome puzzle game best fiends. It's literally so much fun and you can take it everywhere since it's on your phone so when you need some meantime best fiends is a great escape from the everyday there are thousands of fun challenges and tons of cute characters to collect along the way. I've been playing best for a while now and it never gets old or boring. Honestly it just gets more fun the more you play and it gets more challenging when you move up levels you really have to think about strategy to solve the puzzles. I'm also really attached to all the cute little characters in the game. 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It's called visor right. Yeah Oh yeah. What the Raina. Yeah so every day you work out. You can donate a meal at right now. It's the Sandiego foodbank. But I think we're working on a partnership with Revolution Foods and Jose Andrey's World Central Kitchen. And so each time you work out in meal get donated to them and that's free. It's paid for by companies that we partner with and on the flip side depending on whatever city or in some like we have restaurant partners. There you can get free drinks. Outsiders what a great idea yet. Second San Diego. You can work out three times. Donate three meals. Go to like to Cairo. Ganic Art Mendocino farms and get a free drinks. So it's it's been a blast in its tried to make it as accessible Oslo So yeah no. It's it's been really really fun. That's a really great idea. I love when people do things and have the element of giving back in So what is your the CO founder? Right yeah my cousin and I started here because it that's awesome. And then so. How did you guys come up with this idea through? My cousin was have you ever heard of semester at sea? Now it's like the singer college kids get to go on a cruise essentially for a few months and just see the world at it. Sounds amazing I wish I went But shoes in a social venture incubator and like was challenged coming up that idea and she came up the original idea of working out donating and getting a skinny Margarita at the end of the week. And which thousands beautiful if you think about it And then so she came back and we talked about it for six to eight months just like every day where outdrawing screens on papers like trying to pass time and then at the same time. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer. And I personally just reevaluating lacking by life and one day we were just like. Let's just go for it so I quit. My job moved down from San Francisco. She moved out for Maryland. We moved into this like three bedroom. Duplex superstar like seven hundred square feet. It was myself salmon. Another girl all we didn't have any furniture. We're doing good dollar a day food budget. It was pretty crazy. But we've since come out of that which is great But that's that's Kinda how it started so the plans to open up the APP so you can work out anywhere in the country and donate a revolution foods who puts healthy meals entitlement schools. So that's kind of where we're at. It's it's been a blast we've got like a eighteen and twenty thousand people who were waiting to use it outside of San Diego. So it's it's been pretty fun. Wow what a great idea. That's for you for doing that. I always I just love hearing people's stories about you know Jason is someone who is very familiar with the situation as as people. Who Have you know these blueprints of what they think their life should be and and what you know go get this education and you go get this job and breaking that blueprint insane but this is what I actually love to do and going after it? Even it means. You're if you're doing like you know the dollar meal a day and like just going struggling a little bit to just do what you love to do something that you're passionate about and I think it's just that's when people in my opinion become so successful is when they do things that make them happy and when they when they break that blueprint so good for you for doing that thank you. I'm trying to get handed a to start her own thing. I think she would absolutely kill it. So maybe you can maybe you can crusher a little bit. I'll pressure the shit out of her. What what are you thinking Hannah GonNa do? Yeah like what? What are your passions? What like if you could have a dream. I mean you kind of have a dream job but what is like what. What would you wanNA start if you were to start anything? I think you'd be a really good person for me to talk to about my idea. Like we've kind of talked to a few people about it. Sorta and it is some type of accessory thing and serves. You don't have to tell me too much because obviously you'll law no like you know announce it on your own but yeah. I'm I'm definitely here to help. Yeah no I think we should definitely have a conversation about it some time. I'm like oh my gosh used to totally do it. So maybe we'll see that's well that's great. I mean I heard it in your voice. You lit up a little bit when you thought about this idea and started talking about it so I think that's a sign. It's definitely a sign. I WanNa talk to you about it for sure. I will Off off the record as they say we will talk about it. And I'll I'll help you in any way you need so and it sounds like you've got a little entrepreneur over to your side there so between the two of you and I want to know because I ask all couples this question. Have you taken any Graham test? No why do you notice? I actually don't really know what it is but I don't for like three or southerners. Is it that one? Yeah Yeah you're a number yeah Having taken it. That's I'm going to challenge you as a couple to do any of them. I think there's an APP I had any Graham specialist or like like she knew everything about any Graham numbers and she came on my podcast and she told me about an. I think it's called the any APP I'll send it to you guys and it's just like obviously as you know being in a relationship that seems if you ask me from falling you guys on Instagram. It seems healthy. But you know that communication is like obviously key in a relationship. And you're any Graham number basically gives you information about how the other person responds to certain situations how they deal with stress how they deal and happy times and there you have different ways of thinking like when you're in your healthy sell fewer you're a certain way or if you're in an impaired way of thinking you might respond differently to your partner and it works for all like relationships business partners friends like just just to know each other's patterns. I guess and understand them better and it just does wonders for relationships self and not sponsored by anything to say this. 'cause I just very passionate about it. Which which numbers are usually like the prettiest best shave like like the most compatible? You mean oh you're saying like prettiest Abe like physically probably the year. I sure three. I'm not going to tell you I don't know what it is. You could be tricking me in something. Y'All I thought I was three for the longest time in threes and I was so proud of it because I'm like oh I'm such a go getter and like bragging about this being a three and it turns out. I'm not I'm a four with a three wing. Which doesn't make any sense to you because you don't know what I'm talking about but do do the research and do the test. It's kind of you know how people talk about 'em relationships like love languages. Yeah yes talked about that. Yeah it's a more Dialed in version of that. But okay then tell me. Your love languages. This make him the shock to people but I'm definitely physical touch and then second probably words about formation. Okay and Hannah what are you? I'm the words and they do things for you for active service Exit Service on my. Gosh huge service. Now do you think you guys can change as like you grow? Because I think I used to be. Actually I still am a bit but like I've always been like I need words words of affirmation but now Jason is like he shows love with the words of affirmation so now I'm getting that and my tank it's foolish they say and so. I'm like okay. Now I need acts of service because like now just like when when the house is clean or the dishwasher is unloaded. I'm like ooh that's hot. Like keep that so. Do you think you can like change or have you always been that way definitely always been this way. I'm sure like we're only twenty five and we've been together for what like nine months now? Something that I'm sure I'm goes on. It'll change. I'm so excited for you guys. You're are you both twenty five? Yeah okay. So here's my prediction twenty. I always say on my podcast. Twenty seven is such a pivotal time for people. And it's just like a proven thing and so many people who listened to the PODCASTS. Say that they felt the same way. Like twenty-seven is just this time in your life where you really come into your own and from what I see on the outside. I see that already within you to as you kind of already been through unique life experiences and you know you you've gone through things other people probably have in life and especially in a relationship given the show you've been on that. I feel like you already kind of have come into your own a bit learned so much about yourself that you guys are going to be your best at twenty seven in the relationship and individually. That would rock. I mean not that you'll go down after that but like just you guys get get to twenty seven and see where you're at together and I bet you in that year. You will thrive as a couple. I love that now brochure. So Twenty so twenty. Seven will be good in the night shift. We're GONNA replace tonight with doing the Anagram Ram. Yeah I'll send you guys the APP but we how do you even like? When do you sleep dylan? If you're doing the the night shift I mean nationals. Not so like it doesn't go to. Am Okay like sometimes like. I don't sneak eleven to twelve twelve thirty in that I wake up at like eight and start my dad. Okay oh well are you guys early. Are you early risers? Because I am not know Hannah you were just saying at the beginning. You Get up early herb you later. I moved wake up like I would go to work out. I live right next to like a bunch of studio so I would workout like seven. Am but now. My whole routine is messed up. I mean we. We were sleeping until like nine ten o'clock curfew days like it was. I don't know what's going on. Yeah I mean that's Rawal all we're all in it together. I think I got outta bed at eleven thirty today so mine. Impressive is it. Is it or is it like a little bit embarrassing? I think it's fabulous. I mean what? What are we all get up for right now? Anyways I'm tired might as well just keep it's true for some some sort of like you know ambition or having seen a little bit responsible. I don't know you're right. I can get up whenever I want so life. Today is kind of a lot. And that's putting it lightly we always have to be on whether that's in our relationships work zoom meetings or just day to day life but every now and then it's important to stop crack open a mountain cold coors light and chill so when he choose to turn off. Choose the beer. That's made to chill. I so often. After a long day of interacting with other people whether that's in person or virtually right now I really need a moment to myself. Just relax some of the ways. I love to get my mind off. Things is taking the dogs for a walk watching an episode two or three or four or five on net flicks Taking a bath but my favorite way to chill is simple I crack. Open a coors light. There's only one beer out there that's literally made to chill and that's coors light. My favorite part is the mountains on the bottles and cans. Turn blue when your beer is cold. Cool coors light is brewed with a three step. Cold process called logger cold filtered and cold package so it's actually made chill the mountains on coors light cold activated bottles and cans turned blue wind. Chill to perfection born in the rocky mountains of Colorado Nineteen seventy-eight coors light is refreshing crisp. And only one hundred and two calories which is pretty amazing. That's why coors light is the one I choose what I need a moment of chill. So when you want to reset reach for the beer that's made to chill. You can have coors light delivered by going to get dot coors light dot com and finding local delivery options near you celebrate responsibly coors brewing company Golden Colorado. We have to confess because as you know that's part of the podcast and you had a good one last time. My Gosh when I peed on my friend shoulders Yes star. That's that's okay. You don't have to like one up your last confession but the the bars high for Dylan or you guys can do on as a couple what do you think or do you do one do. I. Yeah I mean I try to. It's as much as I say like. I embarrassed myself all the time. It's just hard to come. It's hard for me to come up with a confession every week. But I've got one for you. Oh sweet okay. What are you guy? You know it's it's it's quarantine time and toilet. Paper is Is a hot ticket. These days it's used for currency I think and the most embarrassing part of this is that we actually did have toilet paper and I didn't think we did and Jason was at the store to go look for some. I had to use okay. So the dog's always rip up their tennis balls and there was like a piece of the ripped up tennis ball by my feet at the toilet and I use that to wipe. Wow Yeah yeah. After it out it was a it was a low point for me but not not my most embarrassing confession. But I mean it's up there you're you and Ben Higgins one insane. What did he do doesn't have a rag that he showers? We does he ben definitely. We're going on his on on Wednesday so I'm GonNa ask ask him about that. Oh my gosh and I mean it's so funny 'cause the whole world we live in. Ben was on my season and then became the bachelor and now he's engaged so big congrats to him because he's one of the loveliest loveliest human beings I've ever met in my life. Oh great oh my gosh. I forgot he was on your season. I know I kind of forget to. I swear to God I blacked out that whole that whole time. Not because he's not memorable because I just blacked out my whole season and my brain doesn't go there so yeah. Could you point to a picture of every guy on your season and say their first and last name not night one people but everyone else yes I could. I feel like I'm still friends with quite a few of them. Just like jared was on my season and I'm friends with him and Ashley a Ben Nick. I'm friends with Nick now. Which is a funny story. Benzon like there's A. There's a lot I had a lot of really good humans on my season and I feel like I'm still friends with quite a few of them. We'll be back with more off the vine this Kaitlyn Bristowe. This is house of Kim with Kim Zodiac billions until excited. So thank you guys so much for tuning in this episode of House of Cam. We are number one right now. Just keep going and going and going and going poured glass of wine at this point. You guys don't know if that gave me a really bad headache. All good took him to subscribe to house of Kim Apple podcasts. And podcast one so you don't don't be Tony for any HA whatever now back to off the vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe back to you guys confessing. You're getting away from like the best but hey happens So this is how maybe like twice or so But like you know I'll be like out to lunch or dinner or wherever and But I'll say a specific time one time I was out for dinner and we are the pizza place you're going on and the family comes up because this girl like loves the show. Apparently she really loves show and she was like all my gosh like. Can we take a picture? Whatever and again I I I I love it when people this joke will like whatever but she was like oh my gosh and then she starts telling her family about their like she was like this is Hannah she was the Bachelorette only and the the worst part is that they literally walked away. I never told them. I wasn't the Bachelorette. I just went with it because it would be awkward at that point. The shoe so excited her family's like no way. Oh my gosh I just kind of like acted like I didn't hear it but you jeff introduced me as the Bachelorette so you know Sorry Hand Brown eyed wrong. Hannah story metlife what. That's more embarrassing on her part because she didn't know so it's it is what it is. Oh Jeez there we go. There's my story. Would he got Dell? You've got knocked this one out of the Park Mario. Yeah Mine's pretty good. Thank you for five in his mouth. And the football okay. Runs is pretty amazing. Not just like hype it up but it's pretty good okay. I'm ready. I was moving down to San Diego but I'm spending like a few weeks living with my dad like Taking care of everything and we went out to. He didn't come with me. But we went out to Like this popular bar in Santa Monica and the night before I've a fake front tooth. I was really nervous. For some reason. I camera wiles biting my fingernails and cracking it and so like it just fell out essentially so I was just walking around with like a missing tooth pretty much like I had like a little nub shaved down and they put the cover on so the cover broke given that kind of makes you look tough like you look like you. Were maybe a hockey player. I looked like a pirate but like Tiger King looks like jobs all essentially and then I went to CVS and I got like There's literally something specific like gluing your teeth in but I think it's Burger dentures glue- glued my thing in altogether might be girls earn. Mar. I gotTa look good and we get to is bungalow. So we get the bungalow and start and I started talking to this girl like all going. Well like wow like killing right now. This is big and then. I like ss really hard because it would like move the the frontiers and I said like some word with ask my tooth or spell out like right right there on over thirteen So being like the freak athlete that I am I caught it in midair and I just couldn't put it back in and she was just like looking at me and I was like so yeah and I just kept the conversation going. Never know you just acted like it never happened. Yes I mean. What do you want me to do like we looked at each other? We acknowledged did happen. Like she just looked at it and it was just like Oh my bad and I just put it back in long story and then just kept going so I'd say it was like top five. Smooths things I've ever done yet. Catch the catch really like That that that's a big win on your part because if it hits the ground you can't put it in your mouth but if you catch it like you're still good to go. I would apply second. Yeah I get back in the game. We'll have you guys ever seen the movie. This is forty. No it's like Leslie. Mann and Paul is unify in that. Sounds like a funny to you too. Now that's a good guess. But it's Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd. Yes I think. I've only seen parts of it actually. Well it's really funny. And she liked tries to get out there and go to the bar and have fun with her younger employees and it's Megan Fox and and all these hockey players show up and they're at the bar and he like actually pulls out his tooth and girls kind of dig that because then they're like he's an athlete so I mean your tooth fell out and you Kadett so you're like a true athlete. Espn were saying later on running it. But I'm Alex I was pretty surprised myself. Asthma's every other person at bungalow who probably thought so. Why is this bungalow? Plays such a big D- like I always hear about the spot. I'm it's pretty fun if you go with your friends but it's just like I don't know yeah before the show before the show it's a blast but now it's just kind of like a shit show what what is what makes it so fun though was just like an outdoor bar on the beach like it's just like a hot spot. Yeah it's a hot spot. Okay I got you. Okay we handle. What was your confessional yet? I had something to say. Oh the Oh yeah okay. So I was in Italy. This is kind of a funny confession but again it's along along the lines of your story but I was in Italy with my girlfriend and we're in the pool and we meet this couple and it's this this older gentleman and his wife and I was like you know just listening and my girlfriend close. She's she's such a like she'll befriend everybody and so she's talking to them and they're talking about guilty pleasures in. This couple was like. Oh we just love the bachelor and the Bachelorette like that's guilty pleasure. And I'm like my ears perk up and I'm like I'm not gonNA say anything like from much show like obviously not and and so they're talking. Cleo goes oh who is your favorite Bachelorette and the guy. No lie says well. Whoever is not that drunk girl from Canada with tattoos on her arms and I just laughed. I locked so hard and I looked to them. I said that's me and he was like Ha- like looked at me. Like I like what a Weirdo telling me and I was like no literally. That's those actually me. And his wife was more defy and they like came up and bought US abolish champagne after and he was like honestly. I was just trying to say something like because you would like. I don't know he was so panicked but it was hilarious. Like I was like totally doesn't matter do you. Are you know it's your opinion and I wasn't the most loved Bachelorette? It's all good. It was so funny but yeah that's on that same note. All right we know you love the bachelor the Bachelorette and of course bachelor in paradise. Now the next bachelor chapter begins Monday on. Abc The bachelor presents. Listen to your heart. This new show has everything. You love about the Bachelor Romance. Hot TUBS MR Chris Harrison. And of course the drama drama drama but with musical strings attached twenty single musicians will step inside the bachelor mansion to embark on an incredible journey to find love through the power of music. The harmony of the couples will be tested by their relationships and judged by some of the biggest names in music like Jason Mraz and Kenya and Bachelor Nation Fan favorites. Which of these new bachelor hopefuls will make beautiful music together? Who Will Strike the right note? And who is there for the song reasons the bachelor presents? Listen to your heart a six episode on Mondays. Eight seven central on ABC okay. I won't go. I won't keep you too much longer but I just have one quick game to play with you. I'm really into the Games on this podcast. Okay so we're just GONNA do a couples who's more likely and then we'll we'll We'll finish up. So are you guys playing so many games during cornering because Jason? I cannot get enough of any game like monopoly card games. Everything won't take me back. Who Won't takes you back through. Oh what do you mean no? I'm just kidding I'm not talking about what what what are you. Guys do is complete. I can't tell if you're like serious or if he's really not texting you back because he he was like. Oh tell them I say hi back. We're GONNA grew text with with Laura the other day and it was A. It was getting funny that weight. I feel left out I should but it was fair very fair. Okay okay. Who is most likely to clot back at a troll Dylan? Poet has more trolls than I think. What do people have? I don't get it. I don't even get what people bad things people I'd have to say about either one of you. I think it's my sense of humor doesn't always come off the bus. Yeah I get that totally get that I mean I don't have the the best boulter and like sometimes it's like what I'm saying just may not need to be in real life. I've I never am like really worried about like he's just like the sweetest highness amazing human ever with like little things always and then so. I see it online. I just want to be like a like no. You don't understand but I mean whatever it is what it is but they'll never understand though But I am. I am one to clapback while most likely to walk around the house naked. I would too girlfriend Tampa let it. I don't know that's great. I would be most likely in the relationship as well most likely to get arrested. Honestly probably him. No you get arrested for tax fraud for putting something off. Probably I mean like just because. I like this overwhelmed but I do. We do make sure that always thing. But he's always on top of the out he's like. Hey we need to do this this this Mike. Okay I got. You think you'd get arrested for what you're really push the limit. Sometimes and I feel like I don't know mine would be like peanut. Public are can be pretty infuriating. Sometimes if I choose to be like the little brother and so that could maybe like 'cause a fight but I wouldn't fight back but I can still get arrested really bad things like tax fraud. Yeah it's not ex- fraud now it's GonNa be like your tax issues. I definitely like the new pauly. D. D. J. Paul Dini like go to jail for tax fraud or no. It was not my situation. Oh you're right you're right. I've got my people mixed up. Yes you're right now. We are keeping the situation under control one hundred percent but I think get arrested. We'll put it on Dylan. Oh most likely to be on another reality show. Probably I've been trying we've been binge-watching Vander pumped roles so I'm trying to get Hannah job at Sarah. So she can get on perfect. Have you ever done a bartending job Hannah on now? That was a hostess before pro-life two years and we did a little bit of bartending kind of work so been pushing temptation island on us. I don't WanNa go. I haven't I haven't been pushing that show on US temptation island. Oh my gosh I always set my one thing that I say like I would rather and then you say something bad than do something. I would rather shit in my hands and clap than go on temptation island. Oh my God one hundred percent. That would be a terrible. It'll get worse now. Couldn't do it okay. Most likely this is good for you guys because you both have the same sense of humor. Most likely to wrap up. Wow to laugh in the wrong moment. Me Hanna Hanna Hanna definitely because she just I'll just like look at her and she'll just be going on. What you want is so fun poker face pretty well sometimes like I like if I have a single motion my head like I will think the exact off percents that I'm supposed to in like a moment like it always happens on the show like always constantly. I would just start laughing at something and I was like. Oh my gosh. I know I shouldn't be laughing right now. And it's just uncomfortable. I feel like we've told the story in paradise. Taj Ron was crying essentially to Hannah and Hannah just started laughing. She was no. I was just like I was kind of like semis. Filing in my head why am I smiling right now and then it made me smile more while idiot and then I was telling her I was like sorry. I'm just like so dumb right now. And she was like kind of laughing. But I don't know as I love with people like react like awkwardly in situations like that. It's because it could help the situation as well so you. You probably helped her. Yeah I'd like totally okay. That's the end of the game and then the to wrap this up. I just want you guys to tell me your biggest pet peeve about each other and what you love the most about each other there you go first you go first. You don't know now you know and will. I love Hanna because she's very selfless and makes me laugh. You know and biggest pet peeves We we have so many things that we want to do that. We don't do any of them like plan like plan. The wedding live together. What else get a dog. Get a puppy. Have a hard time. I have to do like action items to actually do it because sometimes I just have so. Many things jumbled up and I'm just like trying to knock it all out and then I just don't end up getting to anything sometimes so I really don't get that busy. Those are both really cute. They're busy. I read near ends all all in this house. I run eighty different errands. There's so many things that I do in the sporting team. You'd think I'd be bored. I have I not myself the new this old so busy busy. I bought a frigate a pressure. Washer the other day and wash my back patio like I am so domesticated during this on the desk and some chairs to what we're doing we're just redoing. Hey that's a great thing to do. I'm doing the same thing. I went shopping on wayfair today and went ham. That's awesome it's good stuff. It's good stuff okay. Hurry you're GonNa Vegas appease My biggest pet peeve is probably Sometimes he like will. I think he's still adjusting to this whole new. Like you know social media world so sometimes she'll react without thinking like Oh. This could seem like this. I have to tell him. I'm like you know it could be seen like dance. And I just feel like I. Constantly semi constantly have to remind him that. That's probably a pet peeve and I I don't know I. I was like sitting down yesterday and I think I was like. I like told him five reasons. I like Webcam so lay in the Nikon. Like we do exercises like that all the time like I just think they're so five but important too. I love that yeah I don't know it's like insanely easy for me. To just like hang out with Joe I guess okay. I like that. You are like a very safe space for me. I can say or feel however what he's very like accepting power however I feel or what I WanNa do and how supportive you're and he doesn't care that he's just supportive Makes seem like he's like the least like Alpha person in the relationship but he I don't think he cares because he's support him so that is really sweet and also very important. It's like one of my biggest pet peeves when people in relationships can't like support the other person or get like emasculated or insecure like you should be each other's biggest you know like fans so I love that. Yeah definitely her her parents and our our biggest fans. I I have most amazing support system ever so even if I'm like totally sucking something I stole like in the back of my head. I'm like well at least I'm pressing them. Somehow I love that I mean and for people out there who I know. There's so many people who don't have the most supportive family or if they come from tough times like you can make your own family. You just need to support yourself a you need to find people that support you and surround yourself with them. Yeah I definitely feel like super grateful about it. So that's amazing. Yeah I love ending it on that note. That was really nice. And you guys are just so sweet and Dylan. That's I love what you're doing with the APP and everybody go download. It and Hannah talked to me about whatever project you want to work on. I will support you in any way I can and thank you guys so much for for podcasting with me today. Thank you so much for having is anytime. It would be a lot more fun in person because I pour you my wine and we would be able to to see each other but this is how we have. Corn Team podcast. And I'm just so grateful. I still have a job to a happy hour three in France. Oh yes great idea. Let's we can also do a happy hour instagram live. Let's do it. Let's do like a date night because apparently we still have a few more weeks of this stuff in indefinitely after roll Jon like hibernating and hiding out than let's hang out or yet because you live in one of my favorite cities right now so yes. It's one of my favorite places. I love it. There was the jury still out but we might get in. The House. Here knows well. That's you know what that's my. Click Bait for this episode. Dylan Hannah Getting House together. In San Diego Godwin Tax Rob away. You're right that's that's a way better. Click Bait Headline Armor thanking reminded me of that so this instagram is GonNa come to you today from an account that Super Uplifting. Cool Fun to look at visually. It's called at positively present. They share really really cool artwork quotes and messages that especially now are really great to take in and remember so it relaxes me so much. Just looking through their feet so I hope it relaxes you too and that is my instagram. Any of the day. Thank you so much. I'm Kaitlyn Bristowe and I'll see you next Tuesday. Thanks for listening to divine with Kaitlyn. Bristowe get new episodes every Tuesday. It's police on podcast. One Dot com the podcast one APP and could strive on Apple podcasts TV.

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