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Coronavirus, Medicaid work mandate, NRAV, GOTV, Detroits SotC. With Robin Erb, Kerry Ebersole Singh, Linda Campbell


The presenting underwriter of the Michigan podcast is progress. Michigan providing a strong credible voice that holds public officials governments accountable in assists in the promotion of progressive ideas. Got The fever. That is something you know. The the news feed God Michigan Prepares for the day when the corona virus mix. It's Michigan debut as health. Experts are just to chill out and not panic over. The disease is your this. Is the Michigan. Podcast all about Michigan Policy and politics. I'm also org. I'm Christine. Bury the twenty eighteen. Democracy reforms passed by Michigan. Voters are having a big impact as we get ready for the state's presidential primary and the redrawing of congressional and legislative boundaries also impacting redistricting is a census. Count Will Michigan get fully counted. We'll talk with the states. Census SAR carrying Ebersol. Sing and as we approached primary day in Michigan some thoughts on South Carolina and the reawakening of the Joe Biden campaign along with the announcement of a massive. Get out the vote effort by the nation's biggest public employee union. We begin with the virus of crippled Wall Street. Shut down a lot of China and Italy and caused a run on surgical facemasks. No confirm cases of the current. Oh virus in Michigan but state officials aren't taking any chances to get an update on what the state is doing. I checked in with Robin Herbs. She leads the coverage of healthcare for Bridge magazine. Robin Hood. This has become your life the last few days. Even though we don't have any cases of the krona virus in Michigan everybody seems to be freaking out a how the state officials handling is. Are they ready? Now it's an interesting question If you think about it I think a lot of folks think first about what schools will do and what public health will do or hospitals. But there's so many agencies so many systems involved on Friday. The governor activated the Michigan Emergency Operation Center. Which brings a lot of these agencies together to coordinate offer. So you're talking you know you're talking closer contact between like public health and the schools and the different local health departments a lot of different agencies. So they can talk more quickly. React more quickly if krona virus does arrive in Michigan. What are some of the things that the state government can do what? What are the practical issues they have to deal with? If in fact we have an outbreak or do they start a lot depends on who gets affected. I on they're dealing with what con- what might happen Coming through the airport. We have a lot of passengers who have arrived in Michigan. Who let me be clear? They are not symptomatic. They are not sick but they've traveled to areas of concern. So we have you know About three hundred and fifty people right now and that number every day in Michigan who are self isolated for Corona virus for fourteen days and that means that local health departments for example are checking in on them during constant contact to make sure they don't get sick because it does take about fourteen days for the symptoms to develop at least. That's the current thinking you know. Part of this is that we don't understand exactly how Corona Virus Works Krona Virus family viruses been around for you know for ages but this new corona virus that they you know they just came up two months ago. We're still trying to understand how it works it. A lot of this will be handled by the local health departments but then there's funding questions. Their questions of of you know. Is there authority to close certain places if it becomes a pandemic? There's a lot of coordination here. There is a concern that they may run out of supplies. If there is in fact an outbreak. How serious is that concern? Well it's not super clear again. A lot depends on what kind of problem we have here. You know when the governor announced on Friday that she was opening this crisis center the chief medical executive did tell us that supplies they're limited. I think in in in most situations they would be fine. But depending on what the cases become that could be a real issue. And what we're talking about here. Mostly our supply for right now for health health professionals. So I know everybody's been panicking and trying to run out and get these masks. Which by the way are not recommended who were talking about the masks. That health professionals use to protect themselves. We're talking glove talking test kits. We're talking gowns. The kinds of things that front line responders will need you know. The other thing is testing the CDC out tough to different to the the different state health departments a couple of weeks ago but a kit only has a few hundred tests in it now. That may be fine if we only have a few cases here but if they're simply a pandemic that's when it becomes concerning you also talk with an infectious disease expert at Msu College of Pethick medicine and his advice basically was a Chil- do commonsense things but don't go crazy in. That's the thing you know. There's so much information about crony virus out there that it becomes almost overwhelming and confusing. There's a lot of bad information to but the good free. There's good news. Isn't this the best way? Your First Line of Defense is one. Just stay calm and to wash your hands. Wash them well in wash them alive. And then you know truly basic hygiene you know if if you are sick day home if you sneeze us all the proper precautions disinfect surfaces all of those things that we normally know about flu season. That's what you need to do right now when you're worried about corona virus both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan have very large populations of Asian students. A lot of students from China no at Michigan State University. Are they taking special precautions? Because they are such international Bekker's really and they have so many thousands of international students coming all the time. The three universities have been very concerned about students traveling back and forth. Of course they do. They have large study abroad program. So on Friday Wayne State actually suspended. It's spring break summer abroad programs. They had about eight programs And that affects about ninety students who were getting ready to travel to different areas Michigan State University of Michigan. They put out travel advisories. Awhile ago another all very concerned these these students can come back after. Let's say a study abroad or spring break. And who knows what they can. They can bring back to the student body. The strangest things. I've heard so far the discrimination. The people just jumping to conclusions. A friend of mine owns a really good Chinese restaurant and he says attorney his business just because people are afraid of all things Chinese. Unfortunately there is a lot of really bad information out there and there's a lot of information that's driven by this folks not knowing any better. And frankly folks being pretty phobic in some cases I've seen some pretty awful social media posts and they're scary and they're not faced on good information and we probably should wrap reminding people that despite what you read on the Internet. Drinking Bleach is not going to cure you of coronavirus or protect you and neither will eating animal dung or any of the other things that you hear the best ideas to go to the CDC website the World Health Organization website or here in Michigan the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Rovner vic you for joining us of the PODCAST and I guess it's a good time to say be well and you as well. Thanks so much for having me. Christina's was made very clear by Robin in our discussion. They're dealing with a lot of unknowns. Right now there's some precedent for having diseases of this kind become epidemic or pandemic in the state. But there's an awful lot of things they don't know like what corona virus really is how to deal with it other than they do know that in most cases it's not very serious just as something that you know. You don't WanNa mess with and they do not contagious. Yes so you know. Just in general corona viruses are very common. There are a number of them that humans have been dealing with for years. This one is a novel Corona Virus. Meaning that it's never been seen in humans before which I think is about the extent of what we know about it. This new virus. The proper name is coveted nineteen We don't know where it came from. We don't know everything about how it's transmitted. Let's talk about the politics of this. A little bit robin covered the substance of it. Of course our jobs of the politics which is anything he can trust. The governor's pretty measured response. Let's be prepared to the insanity in Washington where it was clear. The trump administration was really flailing. Did No it was doing. Yeah they you know. He comes out and he calls it a hoax hoax hoax hoax. And then he walks it back and says no no. This is not a hoax. This is very serious. He does it on the same day that his staff is still calling it a hoax. Meanwhile Wall Street is. I mean The top indexes are are down double digits. The Krona virus is going to have economic effects. And that's clearly trump administration's PR primary concern because of the economy is his ticket to reelection in his mind and so he has to say that it's a democratic plot as a democratic hoax. Of course is the George Soros actually spreading the virus and trump. Junior said that they would be the Democrats dream to have millions of people die from the corona virus. He's a total moron. He really easy. He wouldn't embarrassment to have him out there. Saying these ridiculous things but That's the way it is going. What's intriguing is that? There's a very related story on healthcare. Right now we're prepared especially Ken Ford. This disease but for tens of thousands of Michiganders the access to healthcare may be going down because once again. The Republican Party's declared war on the poor governor Whitman attorney-general nestled fighting back. What's this involve? There's a law put into effect It's Snyder's last year. I think that says if you want to get Medicaid you have to be working so if you fall under these work requirements. It actually goes into effect this year and in. May people will start getting notices saying. Look you have to be working if you want to maintain your health coverage and so governor? Whitman wants to suspend these rules for a couple of reasons one is that she certain that the law is going to be found unconstitutional. So it's just going to be a waste of time but also second and it's just you know it's not a very human thing to do but what I find intriguing about this is purely an ideological fight on the part of the Republicans and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce's leadership as well because the people who are caught up under these these work requirements are low wage workers who aren't going to be getting sick pay. If they end up being offered due to illness they are if they had to avoid a workplace due to concerns of transferring. An illness too vulnerable person. They have at home so even if you set aside the humanity of it. There's there's a huge potential for greater outbreak. If these work requirements go into play. I mean. They're going to go to work because they have no choice even if they're sick. Yeah and so. This is ideological for them just for the Republicans just to sit. They noted the governor and I I understand. They think that if you get distance suddenly you'll be dependent on a businessman's taxes for the rest of your life but the rules should be suspended at least until we know what's going on with. Kovic nineteen because this could actually spread things more and you know the Federal Reserve chairman is the one who came out saying the corona virus poses evolving risks economic activity. So let's just suspend these work requirements for now that people keep their healthcare and it not force them to be going to work in the event that there's a pandemic this is just going to make it work. These people are working with the public. A lot of them public facing could impact small businesses supply chains. It's just a bad idea. There are six hundred fifty thousand people who gained access to comprehensive health. Care as a result of the Medicaid expansion not all of them would be impacted by this work requirement but certainly tens of thousands would fall off the rolls and everyone of them poses a greater threat to having. This pandemic hit Michigan and really devastate. The state the best thing that you could do would be to wear a mask if you're coughing So that you help prevent transmit whatever it is you have Make sure you're washing your hands all the time but don't make a run on medical supplies keep soap and and I guess hand sanitizer around. Don't worry be happy. What can we do to make an impact in our community? We can share our knowledge be leaders for simply participate in the twenty twenty cents. A the census was our community to be counted accurately. That cow informed decisions that affect funding for hundreds of programs like Medicare daycare and arts education and the community comes together. Anything IS POSSIBLE FUTURE. Start you learn more at twenty twenty. Cents IS DOT Gov the every ten years count of Americans is happening. The Census Bureau's working overtime right now to count every person living in our country. He -ffective April first of this year. It's a massive undertaking with huge political and financial impacts. Michigan has a comprehensive effort to get everyone counted a drive his lead at the state level by carry ever sell saying I talked with her on Friday to get the status of Michigan's preparations for census. Day We are ready. All the departments are mobilized. They are putting posters up. At all state buildings they trained employees and are ready to help support the census ever. I would say even beyond that With a late appropriations last year were able to partner with Michigan Municipal League and Michigan Sleep Foundation Department within to offer select communities some grant opportunities so additional community support. Also on its way as well as a media of course worked to layer in some additional media starting march ninth. Full have additional billboards as well as he'd media across the state that will be focused on both a general audience and also tailored to specific communities that are traditionally hard to count. There was a lot of concern about general distrust in government and specifically distrust of perhaps how the trump administration would use the senses and a concern that that would depress the county. Are you running into that in the field? Is that going to be the problem that we'd anticipated hanging? Actually the biggest challenge that I see. It's folks don't understand or are maiming. Unaware of the importance of the sensor how that connects to them in their communities. That's what I'm I'm seeing most are and you know. There's thirty billion dollars at stake for our state and that helps fund and support fifty five programs That's an annual number so roughly that rate. Send a three thousand dollars of earth over ten years. Thirty thousand dollars and this. The census count is just one way we draw those other attacks. We've already paid back into our communities to support our community so that's wine huge piece obviously the congressional apportionment as well as a big deal and you know hopefully we are able to maintain our total congressional seats. We may be losing another one because we haven't been growing as a state. We have just less quickly as other states like Texas and North Carolina. That's primarily the the big piece that folks don't understand why we we do a census why we've been doing it Every decade since seventeen ninety. So that's what we're trying to build our awareness around in reading these statistics from previous censuses. I was actually kind of shocked. At the high level of non-participation in the census what factors attributed to what I know from the Research the Census Bureau has gone on as it relates to do a survey prepare ring to conduct a census and leading into the twenty ten cents as they surveyed folks. Do you plan on filling out your census form in twenty ten eighty five percent of people. Yes of course I do now. That takes ten percent hint of the application of actually filling up a census. What does that mean? The national average for self response is seventy six percent Now when they complete a sense census when the US Census Bureau complete census. They talk about the Self Response Period. And then they enumerate by door right by hand every address the attribute a number two when they finish the census they believe they have counted one hundred percent of the population. But we you know. We are aware that some people do still slip through the cracks as it relates to being counted. And that's for a variety of reasons and there's also over counts as well Folks that may help their kid in their household even though they may spend over fifty percent of the year in their college out so so yeah so it's rather complicated actually but I think our biggest challenges are twofold. Wine is letting folks building awareness around the importance. Also what is actually asked some offenses? There's only nine questions here in twenty twenty it's GonNa take ten minutes and a lot of folks will ask the Oser a long term. How long is it GonNa take and It's a really. It's another important point. I drive all night. It's going to be more convenient than ever to take. The census this year is the Census Bureau. Still hiring at this point. Oh yes absolutely And they are still under the recruitment numbers for the State of Michigan. So I would encourage anyone that is interested in making a few extra bucks or want to change up and have a new job. Apply at Twenty Twenty Cents Dot Gov Vac slash jobs. And that will get you to the online application. And they are they did have a backlog In terms of their hiring process but they are working through that and hiring as quickly as they can at this point and I think for the positions setting aside some of the other challenges around the twenty twenty cents in some of the cuts. The bureau took to the federal budget process leading into the census. We want to ensure that every position that is funded for the state of Michigan get spilled fire Michigander to be reaching out to their communities and ensuring everyone gets counted carryover salting. Thank you for joining us on the PODCAST amid the force. Be With you. Thank you take care in the twenty eighteen election. Voters overwhelmingly approved two major reforms in our democratic system proposal to ended partisan gerrymandering instead of legislators drawing their own districts and in effect picking their own voters the appropriately named group voters not politicians pushed to turn the power over to an independent citizens commission but for the Commission to work. People have to apply for to do the work and while you're one of the folks who've started voters not politicians so this guy be cool for you is like watching. One of your kids grow up. So what is the status of the Commission Project Right now? Well our child is growing up. But it's growing up. Kind OF UNEVENLY. Right now so far there have been about six thousand applications to be on the commission sent to the Secretary of State. They've processed about half of them and they do not proportionately represent the state of Michigan. They will be adjusted by an independent. Cpa firm so that they've pool that is selected is representative of the state demographically and in terms of geography. But right now it is really overbalanced. Forty three percent of the applicants are sixty five years or older and that kind of makes sense. Because you've got to take a year or two out of your life to serve on this commission it's a full-time Gig really pays pretty good. It's forty thousand dollar. Pay Annually but for a lot of people would mean interrupting their career so we have a lot of older people that are applying for it. It is overwhelmingly white eighty five percent of the applicants overwhelmingly male with sixty one percent so far and politically. Interestingly Enough Republicans are not applying invest numbers only fourteen percent of the three thousand that have been processed so far identifies Republicans more than double that thirty-five percent identifies Democrats and fifty one percent. Identify is unaffiliated. So if you know a Republican who's willing to serve the state and take a really interesting year to in their life to serve the public. Good get them to apply for the The commission the applications closed June thirtieth and the only qualification to be on the commission. And you have to be a registered voter in the state of Michigan. There are some who are disqualified because of their political activism including elected officials and former partisans candidates and folks like that it is designed to be voters not politicians deciding where these map lines get drawn and the second begged change was the passage of promote the vote initiative which made it easier to vote. Perhaps the most impactful change was giving everyone the right to vote by mail now. You don't need a reason to cast an absentee ballot. You can just say I want to for any reason at all including the old standby just because just because a good reason to do it I know here in Lansing where I live. The city clerk has been very aggressive in promoting absentee voting and as a result about three quarters of all votes are cast by mail now. This is a huge problem for the politicians that are running for office because they don't know when to send out there mailings they don't know when to. Pique their their promotion for their campaigns. In a lot of cases people that are running in the presidential primary a week from Tuesday. The votes are already cast alloy as for myself. I'm waiting until Wednesday. Kinda WANNA SEE. Who's still alive? After Tuesday. A lot of those votes have been cast. The same is true in California for Super Tuesday They're estimating in California that a lot of the votes have been cast but in Michigan where it is very easy now to vote by absentee ballot to do to your training room table. Most people I suspect if not in this election but certainly in the next couple of cycles will be voting from home and not all voting on election day. I think that's great. I see that absentee ballot. Requests are up by more than seventy percent across the state. So people are just embracing it. I know we got ours. shoutout Tobar Byron for helping me do that and I'll have more detail on on the numbers around absentee ballots in the show notes One of the things that's That's kind of interesting how this is going to be really logistically challenging for the clerks and it's been brought up in lansing. How are we going to help the clerks? Count All these absentee ballots because it's more labor intense It doesn't look like they're going to take any legislation to help them at least not before the primary obviously but It'll be interesting to see how how we solve those provinces. What do you think this presidential? Primary is a is a good dry run for the clerks in terms of how the general will be handled with all these absentee ballots. It is for a lot of them. Some of already experienced because of municipal elections. Although the numbers will be a lot larger I think the in refusing to give clerks the help. They need to allow them to start counting ballots before the polls close on Tuesday and at least begin the processing. I think it was a political because basically we only have a democratic primary. There is a Republican primary officially. But that's kind of a foregone conclusion and I think the Republicans would like to see the Democrats embarrassed in the primary election. And that's one of the reasons they just taking this up. Even though the bipartisan coalition of clerks are begging them please give us give us some help. Because we're just going to be overwhelmed with all these absentee ballots coming in for the primary. But you compare that with what's going to happen next November where we're GONNA have record turnout no question about it. It could be quite a nightmare for some of these clerks because they a lot of them. Don't have the high speed of tabulates to process these. All these ballots the come in and as the law. She's right now. The kids start until eight o'clock on election day and I saw that if you have have a ballot where maybe you spilled coffee on it or something. That ballot has to be recreated by the Clark before it can be counted. Yep that a one other thing to people who have already voted and have since discovered that their candidate is no longer running. You can go to your clerk's office have your ballot spoiled and cast a new ballot for somebody. Who's still in the race in Tom? Steiner and just dropped out over the weekend. We've had a few other dropouts. I think we've got eighteen people on the ballot and we're really only down to about a half dozen candidates so if you voted for somebody who is no longer running you can do it all over again. And if you haven't voted if you're not registered to vote you can revert to vote on election day. Just go to your clerk's office sign up at cast your ballot right there. I don't think we'll see all the dividends of this Promote the vote initiative this year but this is just amazing. And it's no wonder to me at all I will why. The Republicans fought every one of these reforms every step of the way so the Republicans happy is the Service Employees International Union. The largest public employee union in the nation. They have earmarked one hundred fifty million dollars on the twenty twenty elections and they're focused on getting out infrequent voters to the polls and basically. That's that's to the benefit of Democrats and they are targeting eight battleground states Colorado Florida Minnesota Nevada Part B. Nevada. Be careful with get very upset out there. Pennsylvania Virginia Wisconsin and Michigan. And they're going to be looking especially at infrequent voters from the African American and Latino communities in those eight states. That could be a game changer. With one hundred and fifty million dollars working to get those people to the polls. Yeah that's that's a big investment in a very targeted community. They've been in Detroit since the fall. I like very much their strategy of staying out of the primary and just focusing on building a field operation for the general Two million members there's no way they could have consensus on a primary candidate. No point in doing that so they just have single united and more effective purpose for the general. I think that's great. I think this is going to be really helpful. The strategy makes a lot of sense to it can be argued pretty convincingly that low voter turnout in those communities is what beat. Hillary Clinton certainly in Michigan Wisconsin. And maybe Pennsylvania's well Clinton basically underperformed Barack Obama seriously in the major urban areas and voter suppression part of it too And making it harder for people to vote and are discouraging people from voting. That's all a part of how Donald Trump became president almost by accident. And it'll go away. Voters know that they can more easily vote by mail and register same day. Okay ten for some quick takes I the hamlet of Michigan's congressional delegation finally makes up his mind Christine. Thomas yes fred. Upton finally made a decision. Apparently realising that his district is competitive. And he's the best chance to keep it in Republican hands. That is not what he said. Though why he said was that his first grandchild was born last month and he's running again to make the future better for his new grandkids which is nice since he's been screwing over everyone else's kids since the late eighties But twenty eighteen was his most competitive election. Ever I believe and I fully expect John Hopefully to give him a run for his. Massive amounts of money This year whole shooting on the fundraising as well up in doing better with the PAC money coming in but in terms of vendors contributions holy spectacular job. I was surprised when I read about Upton decision that that he was running but this would be his eighteenth term in the House of Representatives. My God he's been around forever. Okay somebody who used to be a Republican but as an independent our friend Justin Amash from grand rapids. He is swimming against the tide on a bill that passed almost unanimously in the House of Representatives. And that was bill to finally make lynching a federal crime that bill passed four hundred ten to four with Justin. Amash one of the four. I mean the guys if nothing else he is consistently weird. That's the thing about Justin he votes against the US and people who don't really know about him saying Oh you know this is terrible. Well whatever you think about the actual bell and personally I support it because it takes a moral stand against this awful act of racist violence. Justin is really consistent on constitutional Choosen he explained. It's already a crime. Handle by the state creating a federal crime for it obscures. It you know who is responsible for what so. It's not about the moral stance to him. It's about the practicality of the whole thing on the other hand if if you can support something like a second amendment sanctuary resolution or that kind of thing which does nothing but send a message than certainly should be able to support a bill that makes them moral statement and says by the way this is. This is what we're going to do about it. If you act against it you know it also serves as a reminder there were more than four thousand lynchings most of them the victims being African Americans. That are very very said history. Disa- horrible number. Well An and horribly tortured before the lynching just awful every lynching started out with somebody being physically tortured also under quick ticks. This week there's another ballot proposal underway. This one would get a graduated income tax in the twenty twenty ballot. They just launched from Fare Tax Michigan. Which is a group I had not heard of? I don't know who is funding it but I do know they've only got about one hundred days to collect roughly six hundred thousand signatures. It's one hundred twenty nine days from today actually and they need four hundred twenty five thousand fifty nine valid voter signatures which means really need to collect. Six hundred thousand take errors into account unless they've got a whole pot of money coming from somewhere they're not going to be able to make it. That is a huge huge huge number. Yeah I I don't know how they're going to do it. I don't know what kind of support they have. I think it's great but I don't think it's going to be. I mean I just don't know how they succeeded this election. I would totally support it. Obviously I supported a graduated income tax from a long time. I'm intrigued by the name fare tax. I think he has been referred to as a fair tax before but for decades the day name fare tax has been used by the people who want to do away with all taxes except for the Sales Tax Libertarians. Like that a lot I find it interesting. Rich steadily causes a massive tax hike proposal. Will it might be for him because rich makes an awful lot of money but for most michiganders' this proposal would mean lower state taxes. It this is another thing where I think it's driven purely by ideology. We are losing companies. He said he said specifically at risk if we do this graduated income tax were at risk of losing businesses to Texas and Florida who wouldn't have tax system like this but we're already losing businesses to other states specifically Texas due to infrastructure duo security for example says they can't expand Ann Arbor because they don't have what they need. They're so they're looking out of state. I don't really feel like riches in touch with those kinds of things before we leave our quick take segment. Frawley should reflect at least a little bit. I don't what's going on in the presidential sweepstakes. We're going to be voting in Michigan next week for President of the United States at least on the democratic side. Joe Biden is alive and I don't know how well he is but at least for now. It seems like it's a three way race or two and a half way race between three men who are seventy seven seventy eight and seventy eight years old. Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg seventy eight Joe Biden seventy-seven and everybody else is becoming pretty irrelevant. Tom Steiner dropped out as a result of his poor showing in South Carolina after he spent a small fortune a large fortune. There and did very poorly. It would appear that people to judge and Amy Klobuchar are on life. Support it on the verge of having desired vote because their campaigns are hopelessly Doomed what do you make all this you know with Barack Obama. Being the outlier. I I think that you have to have a very long life a very long career to be able to get to this point where you can be a contender for president of the United States or you have to have a family name. That's part of it but it's disappointing that so many like like what's done in the others. Who could be contenders if their message? Just I don't know if it reached more people. I think the problem was that the money got split up so badly that they couldn't run competitive campaigns. It's so expensive to run for president. Especially when you've got to billionaires spending money like there's no tomorrow and that they have unlimited resources which they basically do. He Got Mike Bloomberg. Who hasn't even run in an election yet and he spent close to a half a billion dollars of his own money. A star has spent over a quarter of a billion dollars of his own money. How do you compete with that? When you're Pete Buddha judge from South Bend Indiana unless you get back into conversation about public funding of elections. I don't see it ever. Changing Bernie had his movement and he has been consistent over years and he had been on a look how long he was on. Thom Hartmann just taking questions from the public before he ever ran for president. A Tom referred to him as America's senator because he would get on the phone every Friday and just take questions from the public and explain everything so people knew Bernie and he has built his movement up around that Joe Biden. We all know lifelong you know career in public service Bloomberg billions. I don't know how anybody else could go up against that wall of will one way to do it. The last few Democrats who were elected president were two of the greatest public speakers of our time. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton no matter what you think of them politically and I like them both politically but the fact remains they were fabulous speakers and they could get a crowd going with the height of their rhetoric and none of these current candidates has those rhetorical skills. I think that a Bloomberg is actually the the smoothest so to speak. Bernie's just always yelling at me and Joe Biden Gaffe machine. It's really an interesting contrast between the three of them with Bloomberg. You've got somebody who's got a lot of positions in his past that. Do not sit well with Democrats during his time as mayor of New York the fact that he is supported both financially and politically people. Like Lindsey Graham and Pat Toomey folks like that very conservative. Republicans and Rick Snyder. For that matter he helped get rick. Snyder elected what I find. Ironic would that even though he dumped a whole ton of money into hope helping Rick Snyder get reelected the guy who lost that election mark showers now supporting Bloomberg. Hey I don't it's it's nasty business A lot of his investments were strategic. There was a really good and long threat on twitter about how each investment he made was due to a business decision or a political decision that he made and it was a way to get heat off of him. And that's why he's had money go to so many places like Hayley Stevens Amberg Snyder. And I you know I can embedded in the show notes. I can't remember all the details but it was really really well done and well thought out. By the time I was done reading it I just was so with money and also I wanted more money but the other thing. That's intriguing about these three candidates only one of them's a lifelong Democrat. Bloomberg has been everything. He's been an independent he's been a Republican Bernie. Sanders has always been an independent never identified as a Democrat. Even though he caucuses with the Democrats Joe Biden's the only one who could step a member of the Democratic Party since the days of Franklin Roosevelt and the thing about Joe is that then they take that and they say okay establishment establishment but in my opinion you know. Joe's record it over time and some of it has been attacked and they've been like legit attacks through the Lens of today but he has worked with the Democrats for his whole life on top of that. I I really think that because of his record in public service he's the one who best understands the world. Today is the one who can best help us. Get into a better position now. I'm not comparing ideology by any means like his ideology with Bernie's or Elizabeth or anything like that but his record of public service the positions he's been Bannon. Senator Vice President. He's the one who best understands. Our position in the world is going to be a fun convention is going to be a brokered convention and is going to be nasty. Yeah it's going to suck but this is the you know this is the dirty work that you do. This is the making the sausage right. Michigan's largest city is usually on the cutting edge of all the challenges facing our urban areas in Michigan. But the city is definitely on an upswing highlighted by major investments by General Motors in new and upgraded manufacturing facilities but a grassroots organization. Says the story of Detroit can be seen as a contradiction? It's the best of times. And it's the worst of times as illustrated mayor Mike Duggan state of the city address in just the last few days for this week's work in progress segment. We're joined by Linda Campbell. Who RUNS DETROIT? People's platform with her thoughts on what the mayor said and say Linda Campbell. It seems as though were talking a tale of two cities in Detroit. The mayor obviously focusing a lot on the positives things like the GM investments especially That are certainly important for the city and a lot of the other investment. That's going on but also there's an awful lot in terms of problems faced by the residents of Detroit. Beginning with property taxes even overcharge six hundred million dollars in property taxes and the mayor really says Gee. That's it's terrible but that's about as far as we went that's true. I was sitting with a group of residents here in the city of Detroit. We were watching the mayor's State of the city. Something that we do here at the Detroit People's platform each year because we want to get a sense of how the mayor's message is being received by everyday detroiters. We all know that. The folks who gather in that space for the actual address by enlarge or pretty much the hand picked folks Members his administration folks who have an investment in his leadership so as activists. We want to hear from the re- Dave detroiter. How's how's the mayor is same resonating with you and there was an audible. Gasps in the row at the mayor's almost of handed response about essentially bugs. There's nothing we can. Do you know all that money has already been spent an redirected to schools and I think he named a couple of other investments. institutional investment. But I can tell you that did not send well with the detritus in that in in our room in our Gavin many of them who have been homeowners and property owners in this city fifty sixty years some of them are third generational property owners in the city of Detroit and many of them like myself. I'm a property owner. I watched the value of my home. Plummet and you what I did was. I just put my head down an every every month wrote that you know pay that mortgage you know given question because I was committed to remaining here in the city and whatever it took little. Did I know you know I was being over assessed? I don't think this is going to be something. That goes away quickly. There are numerous efforts across the city. of or residence organizing Looking at legal options Many are Go into directly appealed to city council. About what some of the opportunities may be to make them whole again so yeah. There's there's going to be continued pressure in this coming year round. This issue looks took those down the ground level. We look at these things so often from the thirty thousand foot level and say Oh yes. Six hundred million dollars. That's a lot of money. Yada Yada Yada but what does it mean to the average? Homeowner what does it mean to you? what what is it costing you and what does it mean in terms of the prospects that you'll stay in the city that's the issue for many of us. The folks who are most directly impacted are the folks who remained in the city. We're the ones who stayed through the tremendous downturn of the great recession. What the The over tax say should means for many of us is that you know folks struggled to pay those taxes what we know as the over assessment actually impacted those folks at the lower income bracket whose homes were valued the lesson so it's a tremendous burden on those of us who are committed to staying in the city and helping this. Sydney drive and and be prosperous again. The idea that For many of us don't get the city services that we think we deserve. We don't have the kind of community infrastructure Like recreational centers Harksen libraries. It just caused into question who's being served by the way. Our municipal finances are being managed by the current administration. How much of this do you lay on? State government and particularly the legislature which year after year after year is under-funded revenue sharing. It really starved. Not JUST DETROIT. But cities all across Michigan. I'm no municipal finance expert. But I do understand that with repeated. Legislators that have not seen a value of fair taxation beer-tax practices sharing of revenue. That it's harm not only Detroit but it's harmed cities across the state of Michigan. I speak directly about the experience of detroiters given that we are the state's largest municipality And the Han. That it's brought about twice but yes. I acknowledged that this is a structural issue. A lot of this fog can be laid on our Michigan. Legislators the other ongoing crisis of many actually the detroiters have had to deal with have been shut offs in the water system. Obviously you can't have much of a city if you don't have a reliable water supply. What progress is being made to deal with this problem? Which has been going literally for years? I have worked with Many other advocates Those who who taken strong leadership position on addressing this issue water shown up both through the lens of affordability right now. Many of our residents complained that the rate searches way too high and also to the lands of what happens when you disconnect water services for thousands of households and witness set. What's so public health impact? I would say that although the administration talks about the water assistance program many of the advocates who spend lots of time a working with families Interfacing with the leadership at the Detroit Water Department. They will say that. That program is inadequate and so right now. We just recently learned that. The governor denied the request put forth by several of the major advocacy groups including the ACLU to declare a public health Emergency here in the city and Restore Water shut offs and caller moratorium. So right now. In light of the announcement that came out from the centers of Disease Control. Many of us are wondering. What does that say or our families who you're in Detroit. Many of whom live without running water routinely when the Centers for disease control is her moaning a very common sense prevention approach around the Corona Virus Mendez to wash your hands and to clean surfaces in your home on a regular basis. Now were wondering will do. We have a whole class. Some families those who were unable to pay for water will be excluded from that kind of prevention effort so As we speak folks are trying to sort of a think about ways to revisit. This conversation with the Governor Raimondo. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you for joining us on the PODCAST and we will keep tabs on. Not only what you're doing now but also following the Renaissance of Detroit. There's a lot of good things that are happening in the city. It's just the the progress is excruciatingly slow and a lot of these issues. Well that's it for this week's podcast. Our thanks to carry ever sauce thing robin herb and Linda Campbell for being part of the discussion for more information on this week's topic head over to Michigan PODCAST DOT COM and so. Does your comments complaints suggestions. And even instant cooking tips visit. Google email machine m. i. Podcast G. Dot Com. Thank you so much for joining us and giving us your time.

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