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REShow: Cody Rhodes and Howie Mandel. Hour 3 (05-26-20)


Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production available on spotify apple. Podcasts podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You get your podcasts. Hello Rich Eisen. Best is the rich. Eisen show otas Suzanne nationwide televised online at richeisenshow dot com. The Rich Eisen show earlier on the show amid qb senior writer Albert breer two time superbowl champion Peyton Manning NBC sports NFL analyst Rodney Harrison coming from TNT's all elite wrestling cody Rhodes slows. America's got talent judge Howie Mandel and now you're rich is funny richeisenshow here on this Tuesday on. Sorry it's the final hour of the easy husbands show as I don't know if that fits on a Mug. I don't think fits on a Mug. I don't think it fits on a Mug at all. Charles Barkley it's one of revising otas Suzanne Hudson's thanks Charles. Eight four four zero. Four rich is the number to dial here on on his program. Here live on a Tuesday in Los Angeles California. We had peyton manning on last hour. He said that he and tiger had a lot of preplanned shenanigans in grief and smack. Talk that included. I guess the weather is what prevented this because it was tigers home course so. I guess he had everything that e could bring anything that's in his trophy case. He said he was painting. Said he was going to bring his three. Us Open trophies to the course and bring them from the parking lot into the carts tiger had one he was gonNA GIVE. Peyton another and then hand the third to filled hold and that they had more other crap to give Brady and Phil but when Brady started melting down they. They held up fun stuff right there. A lot of fun chatter with Rodney Harrison. As well Abreu is our one. If you missed any of it go to YouTube feed YouTube dot com slash richeisenshow. What's our poll question? Chris that's Over there I hit that with a re tweet during our commercial went with the four guys from Sunday. Who would you most want to play around with? So who would you want to be a share the cart with If we could do so Dr Phil Tom Brady. Peyton Manning Peyton manning leads the way forty one percent tiger second thirty percent really keep going Fillon Brady each at fifteen percentage. I'll tell you what Phil was beyond engaging beyond him describing his chip onto what it what he had to deal with the blades of grass. How they are pointing a different way. It would affect how he stroked the this crazy if I'm in the PGA Tour Home Office. I'm thinking how do we convinced the players to do this to be miked up around all the problem with Mike Up as you see? Got The pack on the bag annoy them. You can't do that but just in a way like as you're walking up and they take a look at it and you step aside. Hey before you hit this. What are you got here? You can't do that. I don't think anybody sign for the caddy's could wear the Mike Right and steadier it. Oh Yeah I know that you couldn't hear them talking. But I just thought that was amazing and that's cool and and just the Camaraderie and the grief that you were hearing. And also the competition constantly talking about upping the stakes Phil was phenomenal. Wouldn't people WANNA play with him? Talks a little too much. Maybe well I forget. Who Was it? Justin Thomas who said when you're playing with Phil you'll never have lock of information whereas tiger barely said anything while but he definitely told Peyton if you hated here the pace it's going to go in and talk about. He said he felt pressure. Peyton manning said that words said those words pressure why not? I was amazing this weekend. Just unreal and Tiger and Peyton were not the only ones who had a great championship weekend in the State of Florida. The first and new I ever a e w TNT champion fresh off of the TNT tournament championship pay per view. Double or nothing back here on the rich. Eisen show the very popular. Cody Rhodes how you been cody than just letting a man. Just there's a lot of how about you. I'm doing just fine and Dandy. Where are you calling from? Are you calling in from the State of Florida right now? Cody Yep I'm in Jacksonville at Daly's place right by The stadiums worked out on the JAGS. Wonderful Flex field. Because you're all over that field cody. I mean walk me through what you guys have been doing during the pandemic and how you've been able to put television shows together and obviously an incredible competition over the weekend it's This has been such an honor and a challenge to to do with the large scale production in terms of our largest asset as a wrestler especially as a a good guy. Wrestler is the crowd so now we have no we have no crowds and we. We can't get crowds during this pandemic. Obviously and every room you walk into gotta be tested temperature scan but all of that aside we were able to put on this really just kind of magical pay-per-view where I think most of our wrestlers and I was pretty proud of the roster tuned into the box. That is the hard cam you four cams and they really address the viewer sitting at home. The father son family Because we don't have our instant feedback. Pops the booze. The cheers of a live crowd of this paper view. This past week we can The sequel double or nothing show was just gangbusters every match very diverse. Buffet of styles have an Iron Mike. Tyson narrative the TNT tidal. Yeah Konia Mean Getting Iron Mike To kind of give you a little bit of an assessed and then officially award you. The belt How'd you get Dodge Mike involved in all this Mike had come to I double or nothing which was at the MGM grand a year ago? Right and he was. It was a fan of Just a pro wrestling in the industry and He he had wanted to do something and this seemed like a really great thing for him to do he. He went above and beyond his obligation was to to bring the TNT championship in presented to the winner of the brand new belt. And he also you know true Mike Fashion and then true Shenanigan pro wrestling bashing Paul the Snake Roberts and that was a beautiful moments. I also shared A. I haven't told anyone this but I shared a nice moment with Mike behind the scenes where he used a little my baby oil to put on his chest and his arms and I I helped him rub it in. It was actually a pretty surreal. Pretty Surreal but I wanted him to look his jacked as possible. That guy looks great by the way absolutely great his so fun to have him cody. I have some follow up questions off. Okay so did he asked for the baby oil or did you offer said Baby. So he asked for the baby oil Because he just you know he's I think he saw the other wrestlers or typically putting on a little baby oil or water. You know wrestling tradition. And I I may I may hat it but before we went now. He just kind of sprayed. It was a little spray bottle of it. You just spraying it on his chest and his arm. You can't have you can't have. Yeah no you gotta you gotTa give it to classic nature boy buddy Rogers before the nature boy ric flair where you up that stuff in and I was able to assist in that moment. River real bond. Over that moment I was doing the same thing so I That and of course the fact that he handed me the title were big big walkaway moments for me over the weekend and in terms of Tyson you say you know As we saw he looks very much in shape that he can give us. Some rounds is is it true. He's he. He might get back into fighting with bare knuckles And what's going on with him? He's fifty three. Cody what you think I I. It looks like Mike is GonNa fight. I know He's close personal friends with with Tony Kahn. And Tony has offered The run of the mill in terms of I saw him Pushing the big dumbbells In the in the weight room at the stadium I saw on training would with tour Belfort on strike so even when he was here for something fun and character driven. He was training for something. And I I believe they're they're pretty close to maybe announce deal. I could be wrong but I people WANNA see Iron Mike. They WanNa see an iron mike knock out they. WanNa see him. Knock somebody out So I I mean fifty three but in great shape I think it's a a a unique story. I think we all kind of want to see it right. Well cody I gotta be honest with you. I had Mike on this show a few years ago. And that was back when Right in the middle of the hour with the radio clock not to get too deep in the woods about the actual hosting of this program but our radio clock we were required to take a sixty second break right at the bottom of the hour and usually we would have guessed of like Mike on before that break. And then we'd sit there for sixty seconds and then we'd continue the conversation. I asked him right before the break. Hey do you ever about going back? How many rounds can you give me right now? And his response was. I don't like to think that way because it sends me to a very dark place many looked at me. I took the break on the spot. Cody and the sixty seconds. Felt like sixty minutes. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you so I don't know I don't. I don't know how Mike would fare in that ring or who would fare with Mike in that spot to be very honest with cold sixty seconds. It sounded like I held onto break. I held onto that break. Like a rock in the ocean. Cody I was. I was holding on for dear life. Sir I mean that guy is I mean. He's been there and he has done that. That's for sure I'll tell you the muscle memories there. The fast fast hand know that twitter and social. They've seen it. He's he's he's got a knockout left am. I don't know about how many rounds definitely knock out my bet so man. Hey I remember when you came in studio here you've been here before with your lovely wife. Brandy this the A W was just getting started and I remember. You're you're caught in a lot of politics involved with wrestling. And and and the forces of the business in the politics of the business kind of working against you In a way and this thing has been a home. Run to use that phrase and it's different from the sports that are normally associated with but I is this exactly what you dreamed of or thought about when you started this thing it's been Genuinely be than I anticipated I. I knew the audience was there for it. And a hunger was there but the production and the scope of it in the success of it on Wednesday nights with dynamite and and how it's doing opposed by WWE That's such a beautiful competition showcasing. How many wrestling fans there are. I think since the last time we spoke I really stepped outside the political aspects of it and and really just leaned into things that I can control this specific talent that I manage solely and help work with them on their interviews and there's their segments and then my own personal stuff Tony Especially in this pandemic era wrestling. Tony has proven to be such a significant leash smart wrestling owner and matchmaker. I mean true. Just matchmaker. Helping we've had to do a lot of taped content so the patchwork together throughout the pandemic was amazing and made my job a lot easier. Okay and I mean look if if we held a pay per view event Chris Gear right and I was fighting if you will just thrown out into. I'm looking at my guy. Chris already worried for you. I would have to win it right. Yeah I mean the executive vice president of All wrestling one this past week. I see we're speaking to him right now. I see what you're saying right boss right boss yet. Yes there is. That is that in the fine print. I mean I know you're not I might have a nondisclosure but I I don't know right so I would say it this way we would win. I was if I was booking it and and you coming in as a celebrity guests for the pro-am style aspect. We would absolutely have to do a tag that tag match. Maybe it's you and I against wardlow and Mj F to you know not so savory characters and obviously I can do some heavy lifting here you come in you hook the leg. One-two-three all over every network where we're often rolling viral moment. Of course you're coming in you know there's a little element favoritism but people like you. You're winning cody. I appreciate that and plus you know you married somebody who went to the University of Michigan. So you know how smart that's where we are so put it all together. Once through the other side of this thing I would be more than happy to have a cameo in any way shape or form that you would want to on all elite wrestling And I'll bring the baby oil. How does that sound that? Is that's a recipe for pure pure success? That that right there. And hopefully we're worth through the woods you know sooner than later safely and responsibly. Getting crowds back and man getting getting you do an event you've stand on the Apron. Take the TAG I. I'm sure there's a couple of move Popol in the Michigan guys. I'm sure you could do a soup. Flag needs to happen all. Yeah we could do that. I'm two years younger than Mike. I might need a little bit more In the weight room to get to Mike Level on that front. But it's possible. None of what we said is is impossible. None of it was put pro wrestling. And like you know you already kinda called me out on the boss at a man. I always enjoy our chats. Best your lovely wife and best to everybody there. Keep doing what you're doing. Stay healthy stay safe. Let's get through this and I would love to be part of Of everything that you're doing. Wednesday nights eight eastern on TNT. It's it's it has been dynamite. Congratulations on it Matt. Thank you sir. So so much. Look forward to chatting with you again. Thank you and the match you got. That's it did you enjoy that loved. It was great right. Your what's your handicap. You play. Oh are you. Are you talking about Golf? Bro? Yeah of talking about. Are you talking about wrestling? I I loved it and I caught. I caught wind of the discussion of who you would rather ride with. Tom Brady not winning. Tease deadly. I asked who wouldn't WANNA ride with Tom. Like my hero. I'm Tom is my legit sports hero. Sports too. How do you not want to ride with Tom and again? You know we could beat them. Do you know what school he went to write. Cody you know what I do. I do my wife and I'm sure you're going to remind me I know. Hey look he's at the top of the flow chart in terms of all time greats to come out of that great institution of higher learning. I'll bring it up any single time. Who is currently winning the poll? Right now Chris braced on dead last yet brady dead last twelve percent. Manning leads away. Forty-one go to at richeisenshow and vote. Cody okay I'm GonNa vote a bunch of I'm not a boy you take care of yourself you be well. That's cody Rhodes. At Cody Rhodes on twitter at American nightmare. Cody on instagram. When we come back judge on America's got talent he is Howie Mandel one of the funniest guys that's ever been here on the show. He will join us in a moment. Yup Boss you've got to win boss on that. Oh all right you help create this thing. You've built it into Ju Ju remember when he was here was it him. Who said or it was wasn't Kevin Smith who said that he was going to promote. Somebody said they were going to promote something and when they were on all elite wrestling the. Wwe Don't come down as Kevin Smith wasn't that Kevin Schmidt was like that's that was part of the you know the booking wars you normally hear on talk shows like we if you say yes to that show you may not come on ours by the way we don't have that sort of thing here on the rich. Eisen show wasn't a Kevin Smith the director. He came on with Chris Jericho. That's why yes. He had Chris Jericho. They were two of more here. Johnson Bob Bay that right the cameo and we won't say what the Cameo was now. It's all coming back to me and And they were going to promote it on all elite wrestling and also show up at. Wwe Here in Los Angeles right and they said don't come don't come. So cody had vision. It took guts. It took determination. Con- Family Tony. I interviewed shot in London last year. And shod said he had to be convinced by Tony. Hey this is an idea like that. We should do start a new wrestling and organization. It's working so yeah. He took the risk and put his reputation out there to help. So of course when you have your first championship. Who's going to be the winner boss? Yeah if we ever have something like that I'll tell you right now. You're not winning. Yeah I wouldn't expect Mike Tyson. Come out here. How about that whenever somebody says on the show. Hey I haven't told anyone before you was a host. This is great terrific. Had No idea that Codes the in the five plus year history. The show saying here's something I haven't didn't share with anybody. I rubbed baby oil over Mike Tyson this week and we shared a nice moment. All righty. Then I'll have a follow up question or two in store dot actually just happens. Tyson. Workout videos have you seen some of are circulating. He looks you still fight. He looks like he did thirty years ago. When Tyson fought if you did not see the first minute you're running the risk of missing the entire fight. I think my friend one of my buddies went to the bathroom as they touch gloves against Michael spinks. Any missed the fight right. Isn't it stingy? Knockout spanks and like thirty seconds. Thirty seconds I forget who it was. We're back with Howie Mandel in a second. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work you know what easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home go to Geico Dot Com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's GEICO easy. Visit GEICO DOT com. Today that's Geiko DOT COM G. I. C. O. DOT com the rich Eisen. Show catch all three hours anytime on. Podcast one so you can listen on demand you can watch on demand at YouTube dot com slash richeisenshow or obviously watch US ON NBC. Snl between one and three eastern time Last week we had Terry crews on he is hosting America's got talent season. Fifteen premieres tonight to night. Tuesday may twenty six eight eastern time and one of the judges of this show back here on the rich Eisen show. Is Howie Mandel? How are you sir? I seem to be okay. I'm just waiting for the applause to die down. Give me a second now. There's no audience here. We are audience. Free how a but I would tell you if we had one they'd be standing. Can't we? Just pretend we can. We can really but I heard you talking about Tyson. Holyfield fight the one where he hit him close. He bit them. What that's the one we evanger right. And what's your recollection? Gary night in my sports activity ever in my life wouldn't believe what I was seeing. They stopped that fight a couple of times before because I think he was biting before yes but when he spit out I was close enough to say what. What is he eating that? He just looking out his gum. Wait that's not that's west that's low. Let's let's Lo by the way lobe doesn't stay fresh after for like a minute. Apparently it doesn't know that I was just trying to make a joke. I'll be very honest with you. Howie I shouldn't do that. I shouldn't try to sell you should you? Should I love that? You Cop to it when I get back to stand up. I'm going to use. That message is no there is there is Sometimes in every comics world yes there are cricket right. Not Everything works not. Everything's that Jim but I love following up in that silence. Hey people I was just trying to make a joke just trying try. But the whole thing is trying a lot of heavy lifting and that statement because You know what I mean because if somebody says why would you say that? Or what do you mean by that then? Clearly it doesn't work Payton on earlier. I did indeed. Yes Oh my God did you watch yes? That was a that was what you think. Exciting boring at the things with a blend of exciting. Because you WanNa see sports but gave me new ideas you know I also produce on the side. I WanNa like like at Lebron. I WANNA see Lebron lawn bowling okay. not so much to make it different than what we saw not rain but with just an overcast day of Lebron lawn bowling lie overcast. Is that add a little bit extra trying to because it worked yesterday? You know the cable stations hit record. Numbers did and it was. It was rain. Four guys golfing in the splitting pants. You know I just WanNa do. I just want like I don't want to add. He wanted here to the formula success. So I don't WanNa say oh he's just copying what they did so I just wanted to be overcast. No rain you know it's interesting how 'cause I've been. I'm kind of ready to go full circle here on this conversation because of what you said that it was watching the Holyfield Tyson fight. Person was the scariest moment of your sports viewing life. What is that? What did that displace? What is the second scariest moment that you've ever had to know who you're talking to here? And this is pre pandemic. I've always you know people calling this pandemic. I'm calling told you you know I'm GonNa Biggest Germaphobe. There is also the fear of any sporting events to you know I like sports but I and I predominantly watch sports on television or listen to sports on the radio but I go to things because that's what people do and just being amongst the crowd just being shoulder to shoulder with people is horrified has always been horrifying to me. You know and so. That's so anything you go ahead anything so anything. You're saying any any sporting event you ever went to is was the scariest that you've ever been to is what you're saying. Yeah and every just being amongst people so where else are you amongst that kind of crowd of strangers and being touched by going through a turnstile and if any arena and he coliseum any place that I've ever gone to see a sporting event is terrible I go in terrified and I hope that the game will kind of alleviate or take my mind off of pervasive darkness that is going on in my head and it usually does get into the game and be distracted so now when I'm really scared of the crowd and I have a really good seated a fighting match and I'm just starting to ease up the pain. The man in the ring is eating the other men. And that's scary. And thus the scariest of all time Howie Mandel here on the rich. Eisen show so I was Gonna ask you that because so how are you handling quarantine? It's just a no I've been in quarantine you know. I've been at a moments that people see me on television where I'm out of point. The I live in I lived in you know the I felt responsible at the beginning of this with the shortage of. Bpa I have been hoarding hoarding it all from day. One of my career in nineteen seventy seven. I got known for putting a rubber glove a latex a surgical glove over my head. Where did I have that? I've been carrying them from the time that they were available to the general public. Because I didn't want to touch things so I've I've actually given away all my pb and now that the world is living cleaner. I'm actually you know I. I don't know that misery enjoys company but As I'm everybody's in my nightmare with me this is horrible. I do remember that part of your standup act. I do remember that where you would put the rubber gloves. Yeah the rubber gloves your head and right way before and I had surgical masks and I built another little guest room off of my main house for when I have kids and they got sick I would go into the other room I was. It was like a rehearsal for this. I have been rehearsing all my life and now I'm an expert at this. That's why you call it told you that's why it's you and hey you're you're memoirs called. Here's the deal. Don't touch me see that. And that's a that was a New York Times bestseller five years ago free. I'm like the Jewish nostradamus. Oh my gosh how we Mandel here on the rich. Eisen show and this is all that was all your standing at that was pre saint elsewhere. I mean you're you're yeah that was nineteen seventy seven. Who would you do? Stand up with in seventy seven. Walk through a seventy seven. You wouldn't have known but I get a young comedians special. I think in eighty or eighty one okay on my young comedians special. Which was they used to do that. Annually to kind of give a showcase. The young kids who were coming up so on my special it was me Jerry Seinfeld. Come on what he ended up doing. Richard Lewis Harry Anderson and me and it was hosted by the smothers brothers at the Roxie and La on sunset. So who is the most neurotic one on stage that be it just? It was just a short bus of neurosis. I don't know who is more. But we were all pretty neurotic now. the least was probably Harry Anderson. You know sure. Who May he rest in peace right so but March we had Richard Lewis here on the show once and I I think I asked one question at the start and then he talked and then that was the end of it? It was just it was it was therapy. That's why I ask. You is the most neurotic because he would have. I take him out of taken Howie. I've come you know at at this age and I'm an old guy now you know. I've become very comfortable with my discomfort. I'm uncomfortable but I'm very comfortable with it. I'm also very medicated. I am I go right through. This pandemic has moved into a he. He just informed me he's He's a little upset but he's happy. I moved him a whole new tax bracket. I don't know if you're being serious or not that my beaten. Mike is serious but laughter is the best medicine you unless you have diarrhea. Is that the best? God I tried. Stand up in college. It was the toughest thing I've ever done. But it was the most exhilarating getting people to laugh. I feel you know my analogy. I Love Thrill ride you know and love like being scared because maybe it's because I'm medicated. Some kind of flatlined most of the time so I love excitement right and the the higher I'm being tossed and the scarier it is and the bigger the drop and the closer to death. I think that's the more I enjoy my adrenaline. And that's what stand up is to me. That's what getting up on stage and going ladies and Gentlemen Howie Mandel and then I love like now after forty years I got a safety net of a ton of material but I love to not have material. I love when something technical There's a glitch. Something happens not so much a pandemic but short of this pandemic I enjoy trouble and I enjoy getting in trouble and I enjoy And that's the electricity on GT which premieres nine BC. At eight o'clock. I was about to make that u-turn for you. Howie and look at Joe. Making you turn. I was really about the driving. Apparently driving your show. It's great. Don't take over now. No it's no. It's great I was literally about to say it. Sounds like you were describing an act on on a America's got talent. Well these people show up with their hopes and their dreams and they're not for the most part incredibly trained or having put A. I'm like sports. They you know when you show up on the field or on the court just you know you put in tons and tons and tons of a lot of these people have but then they don't have the experience of playing in the game and this is the game and to see that awe and that joy and that fear in these people's eyes and then within two minutes hopefully their life is changed forever and their hopes and dreams have come true and it's so exciting you know there's one. I'm not giving away anything better tonight. There's a there's a viral video already on Youtube. They released last week from our show. There was a man who who was wrongly incarcerated. Dna freed him after thirty six years in prison. He was a kid and now he's out in his sixties thirty six years he just got the freed in March and all wanted to do it used to watch a GT on TV. He just wanted to sing and he comes out. He doesn't even you know he's never even used a cellphone. He's never thirty six years an attorney and he comes on our show and sings the most heart warming tear jerking rendition of. Don't let the sun go down on me by Elton John. You know. If you haven't seen it go. Click on Youtube and watch archie. It's incredible I watched us over the weekend. How often your twitter feed just remarkable? This guy's story. Yeah and there's there's a ton of those and and the beauty of ADT is. This is a platform these and you're gonNA take that right with us. The beauty of tonight is we started taping. You know Seventeen days before the shutdown of the pandemic. So you're gonNA see the crowd of four thousand you're GONNA see it won't be like the. It'll be a lot louder and more exciting than the than the cost match yesterday. Exciting for me. Because that's the only sports that exists but the truth is it's like it's like an old friend and you'll be cloaked in cheering audiences and tears and laughter and everything and then the pandemic happened and we got. We didn't get shut down right away. They removed our audience. You'll see that in a few weeks so we have these people performing like yesterday. You know but they go and then there's it's like crickets. There's nobody there us for you. Know and I'm sure Terry mentioned that. We have Heidi Klum back. Sophie of a garage is just so beautiful and witty and smart and funny and Simon and Terry were all there. But that's all that's in the room when they go cut off and then Heidi got sick and Luckily it turned out. It wasn't coke at nineteen and But she was sick and she was three of us and then they shut us down and we started zooming all develop and unfold. And we were just we were just. We were just looking at the The I guess. Promotional not the photograph. But the it's sort of a graphic where you're all photo shopped clearly but you do look the most socially distant. I'll be honest with you. Look like you're standing together. You're talking about the five. Yes yeah yeah. It looks like they even photo shopped. You socially distant. How I'll be very honest with you. So it looks like socially distant I was born socially well. Also I've been you know I've been married for forty years and anybody. We had our forty th anniversary in lockdown and my were either probably will not be a forty one in lockdown. She really learned who I am. And what makes me tick? And she's really not half after four decades. I've been married for more than a decade knows. What social distancing is. Don't touch me get away from me. I feel you breathing on me now. And now you've got the marriage exactly and now you've got the backstop of honey. I was just trying to make a joke. Now you've got that backstop. How yes because of. It's no joke now. People have always said like in Hollywood and I've been married all this time to go. How do you make it work? Well I was doing one hundred to two hundred lives as a year. I was doing a GT. I was busy. I was not at home and my wife was thrilled. She said distance makes the heart grow. Fonder a pandemic in lockdown Kind of Epstein and by the way you forgot about turning people who open cases into princesses how you did that Shit. That Shit's Dow. Pardon me my bad screwed that one up I was in. You know you didn't always. She's always been a princess in your eyes but she's a duchess and Meghan markle out. No what was a Prior to that Chrissy. Teigen is well again. Also there and then you're forgetting number eight. I'm on number eight being Bellary Clinton who knew who knew then that also career. I missed that one how. I totally missed that episode. I gotta go back I got. I got my dvr contract tonight. Eight o'clock yes. Do not do not miss it season. Fifteen premieres tonight. How this has been awesome catching up with you. Thanks for doing this. You'd be will stay healthy body right back at. Ya You got same. That's how he mandel done gave him an ice rather applause. Go there you go. Play out to play US out He just cracks me up. He's got a similar style and riffing is a SAG right free form. We don't know Robin Forgot About Number. Eight Hillary Clinton that just I was trying to google like who look you. Look it up if I miss of money because you know about. Oh my God crack me up. And then a new a new phrase short bus of neuroses. Did you write that down? That is a great fantasy team name. Oh Gosh Eight. Four four zero four rich the next segment to wrap us up as yours will empty the phone banks and we come back just. I didn't see that one comment. That was funny. By the way I got quite the list of fantasy names from this last two months of the last two months alone. Just pandemic all right. Well we'll let that in a minute. pandemic. Oh we gotta get through this together folks. Let's do it. I've seen some people in the four five fours laughing. They found that funny is five. Fifteen seasons of America's got talent so fear Regar- could you imagine he's Germaphobe? He's freaking out normally just being around anybody and the pandemic hits and he's still he's still there so you gotta show up probably was an easy form and then Heidi Klum gets sick right and they don't know what's going. Oh my God he might be freaking out. I know he's laughing and making having fun. Or Wow here's the deal. Don't touch me all right. Eight four four two four riches the Number two down here on the show where we're efforting some more guests for the rest of the week as they say okay. Where are you going to tell us? What happened at Your House over the weekend? I'll tell you the minute if you want okay you know because again. We're just trying to. We're trying to Jalen Ramsey. Said he would report to training camp without a contract extension. That's the latest thing. Ask all that yeah. That was good. That happened over that we finally. How would you rate back AIN'T GONNA PU BONNET? How much time our back? It's one minutes where back we normally take a break. You know with like twenty seconds to go I I I wanNA give this the proper amount. He's July get more or less than goonies. I don't WanNa talk right. Jeez I don't WanNa talk right now because you're in a mood and I don't. I don't appreciate slept. Did you really? Yeah congratulations my house is empty so I have no excuse. What do you mean? Sarah took the baby had enough. They left me now. She wanted to go visit some family up north. Okay so just the dog all my God. I know this is the first time you've probably got dressed in twenty four hours. It's been a while. Oh my God okay. All right do you own or rent your home. Sure you do and I bet it can be hard work you know what's easy bundling policies with GEICO GEICO makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go TO GEICO DOT COM. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico DOT COM. Today that's GEIKO DOT COM G. I C. O. DOT COM. Tell me something good Gary Bettman right here on NBC and ninety minutes time. Tell me something good. Let's see her announcement about the League's return to play plan. Is that announcement saying that? They've got an agreement. And here's a date and this is what we've got. We're GONNA do this. They're going to be the first ones in of the four major North American sports to say we're back. Is that happening later on today and ninety minutes let's hope so then the NBA. Let's get you to Disneyworld. That's figured out baseball. We haven't heard a word last. One was Bryce Harper on twitch. Feed right as last time last. We heard from any player. Or member of M- they they are buttoned up. Man They are buttoned up. What are you want to see the NBA duty? You want them to come back have it? Just be the play offs or do you want to see them. Play out as we're talking about. I just want him safe and healthy. But they can't they can't drag all the if they drag all the teams in because if they drag all the teams in Damian Lillard said he's not showing up so if they drag all the teams in. I think it would be a problem. But why can't everybody have their own training camp and then start playing and we know that the first round of the hoops is could be a little bit choppy but who cares right and make it best to seven so your one seed can't make it a best to seven so you're one seed can't get clipped easily because they have their rusty what I'm saying round Robin for the seventh and eighth seeds. Maybe that way. And and how about this? You get staff and Dame how about this for the first round you may not have on your roster anybody who was injured at the time of everything they got there. You stopped one of the things that art I'll aired along long grievance. Do you remember the Pine Tar Game? Of course you remember the Pine Tar game with the Yankees. Oh they got beat by the royals back up. And then the Yankees Had the George Brett homerun overturned because the amount of Pine Tar that was on the Bat. Just everybody look it up. If you're of a certain as well was the American league had them replay from the last out they restored. Brett's home run and you know who closed the game out for the royals. The famed submariner Dan Quiz Berry. O on the day of that home run was hurt. I don't believe this fake memory. I remember being pissed about it as a kid in summer camp and I'm pissed about today so if you are going to restart a league you know and let's just say the warriors show Klay Thompson shouldn't be stolen on that floor. These are the competitive things that I would complain about. If we're getting down to the nitty gritty but in the era of Kobe. Nineteen where we're just trying to get everybody who agree to play. I'm telling you the Premier League if you're in your if you are in danger of being relegated you want no part of coming back you want to just say. Let's just freeze it right there? And that's the end of it didn't the French the French basically name Psg The champs and just stopped like. We're done when I come back. We're done is a lot of teams that would say. Why are we coming back? We're so far back. Were CR- crap. The season's over we're not we're not doing that so I would basically say you made the playoffs. You're in the top eight comeback or tell all the other teams you're coming back and you're playing to play in for the eighth seed so we'll make it worth your while like Cleveland and Golden State like Minnesota. They have they. Don't even have twenty wins the hockey's going. I man hockey's making a statement today and we'll hear what they've got what they're cooked up. We'll hear what they've got cooked up across eight four four two zero four rich number to dial. We'll take your phone calls In just a split second so Some housekeeping from last week. We had a lot of conversations about sports movies and then just decided to have a conversation about the movie period. That were most embarrassed to say that we haven't seen and I shared. I shared Brockman. You were removed from that endeavor because the blind spots in your movie viewing history or just so vast which is assuming it's embarrassing to begin with according to you. I'm not embarrassed that I haven't seen any of those okay so it's so vastly canyon right. Okay sure okay. I was like you never took a film class in your life right the last time you guys saw the Maltese Falcon. I get it by the way great. Have you ever seen it? No you're missing. You're missing out ever seen citizen Kane. American Film Institute is so outdated outdated. But that's another obviously so. I shared that I have not seen the Sandlot which I knew would disappoint you greatly in embarrass you for me and whatever for some reason never seen it you know. I knew about it. I kind of knew what it was about. I mean I knew about you. Know the Great Ham Beano. I knew I knew of it. I just not seen it of course so Friday night other Friday night. We're just starting off the three day weekend. Say to the kids at. Let's watch the film. Let's watch the SANDLOT. The immediate reaction was you talking about a black and white movie. Not a chance. Why are we not watching any of these airbud movies these days these days? Let's watch small foot for the fifteenth time. You know like no. We're going to watch the SANDLOT problem. Is I? Try to make them watch groundhog day a couple of weeks before and it was a disaster because they they were too young for Susie realized it was. You know the scene where Bill. Murray's trying to get over on the check that he's walking in and seeing every day and uses his groundhog experience to get her background information and use it to try and get her into bed. It's definitely not a bad moment for dad to try and suggest the so. My reputation was proceeding me by saying. What's watch the SANDLOT? Susie comes in over the top. And it's like we're watching this film. The end of it. That was the end of it again. Barkley will tell you what the name of the show is any single time on revitalizing older Susanto. Thank you Charles. We watch the SANDLOT okay. I fifteen minutes dated I. Fifteen minutes is the photograph. I snapped of me proving in rope rectified. And tweeted at you. Mike. I love to full the show an and at to Gygi which is social media grandma star of the show. Tj Jefferson's twitter feed so all watching. It kids aren't inuit kids aren't into it. I'm surprised pleasantly to see a very young Dennis. Leary it's the Stepdad right Karen Allen who was in every movie back then every movie back then good to see her and then the kids aren't into it about five ten minutes later my oldest looks. Amigos not too bad debt. All the kids are into it. What do I? What was the scene that kind of flipped? It don't know don't know but it was a delightful film and actually delightful clap. That I responded. I was my reply back to you loved. It loved every second of a lie. It's about friendship and Camaraderie. Oh It's Great. And if a father son stuff that's what makes a good sports movie with father son relationship. Great the Dog James Earl Jones coming in at the end. Okay spoiler alert. Don't want to give up too much just in case there's somebody else maybe number one. What is it one or to feel the dream? It's still please feel the hoosiers number one. How rich who is yours is to get back. Keep it to the sample hoosiers. His number one then after that we can go anywhere you wanna go with the natural or field of dreams or bull. Durham I mean. I wouldn't say sandlot crack my top five but I enjoyed immensely. It was beautiful wonderful film. My kids liked it so much so much that once it was over and you know whatever APP. We were watching it on our apple. Tv POPs up and they showed the Sandlot. Two kids wanted to watch that. They wanted to watch that until the next day. When we're like fine you can watch. We're like we can watch stanton to in the middle of the afternoon the next day because we knew we needed a break and when it came time suddenly not interested in anymore my son is into as e land on Youtube Right. Now that is she has only about eighteen. Gha Jillian more followers on Youtube and my my oldest cannot get. I mean can't get enough so but at least we snuck the Sandlot in and I was able to basically see it and it was excellent now makes me want to get Dennis leary on the show again. Yeah certainly I'm very happy. This is great news. Feed because you really Poo Poo goonies and so. I was really worried. It's going to go down a similar row. Thought would be a lot more of a romp than it was and Mike again. My two youngest were scared. Out of their minds. Watching it chunks hand in a blender guy understand all of them but yes rectified. While I have now watch the San Lock. Iq and I'm better for. I really really liked it. Let's go to David in Buffalo New York. You're here in the rich Eisen show. What'S UP David? Hey Rich Love this show man. Thanks for having me on Want to about the match with tiger Philip Brady and Manning I loved it man. I've actually been lucky enough to play. That course a couple of times is beautiful. Golf course it's tough I thought Tigers game looked incredible. Back is back look super health. Amazing Yeah Yeah. He looked like even working out and he looked. He looked in great shape As far as Mickelson was was fun to watch too especially that t shoddy hit on eleven where he drove a grain Kind of typical Mickelson. He can pull shots off when you least expect it Brady you know I thought it humble timid and look human and Peyton manning you know. He's one of those guys. He's just even though he's one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and you know he he's got all these records he just like a normal guy it came off like and I loved it We're not love to match love to see in the future and I don't know if you'd like to see it but I'd like to see Tiger team up with Jordan. Go Up Against Justin Thomas and Steph curry and played either at medalist. Jordan's down there somewhere down in that era because there's a lot of Nice courses down there thanks for the call. Appreciate that one thing. Jordan's not doing that. There's no way by the way I would love it. It would be amazing Jordan and Tiger together. Jordan's any gap is I want to better. There's really no. I don't think Jordan would WANNA put his game on television because it's well two things one. You're you're running. The risk of having Tom Brady moment happened right. Okay that's number one and if you think Brady was steaming could you imagine and you also want to have somebody you want to have? Somebody who can take joke. Jordan doesn't seem to me as a guy would be able to take a joke. Just maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm wrong. I just don't know I mean I know all right that's number one and the number of Mike Jordan Jordan's GonNa want some candy right if he goes out there on national television and crushes it well according to goes out there and actually like shoots a seventy five on national television. Which is what you'd WanNa see from Jordan. I'm sure he'd want to put that out there to do his best he can. But you're also putting out there for everybody that you trying to get money off of the golf course next time. You're putting your game out there. I don't think he'd want either one of those things. According to this site. Jordan's too so you can hang Ben. I'm then I'm all in. I want to see him and tiger together. We would be locked in. That's not a bad suggestion. I don't know why again justice Thomas was was great. He did a great job. But Phil Mickelson. What why do people want to kick fill out? He's tremendous we'll just trying to get some new blood and they don't need new blood. It's the same blood tiger and Phil going against each other and swap out everything else I bring in two more all time greats. There's no doubt this format was better than just tiger versus Phil Straight up. There's no doubt K. Because this adds the more fun aspect of it and I also think the personalities more voices like Wolves. The weird rules were cool with the alternating shot the only use one club pro the alternating shot adding you know the strategy of well. If Tom's great off the tee here that means Phil can you know hit from one hundred yards in which you want rather than Tom same thing of tiger instead of you know Peyton but if this guy doesn't hit it very well then it changes the strategy? I really really enjoyed it right. So the format needs to stay the same. They have improved on the format by bringing onto others in. I don't mind I wouldn't mind next year just having Peyton and Brady swap and teams and seeing how that goes but you could basically say well. That's I've seen that done that you could bring in other athletes curry's already set out one. Ears great layer fitzgerald offer. Tony Romo will. How about Steph plays with Phil and Michael plays with with tiger and gets to stay at the Mike and Charles gets to stay at the Mike knowing what the history is. Apparently of recent days with Charles and Mike. That's how I say things I is is a is not in the is as not allow Jerry Rice at Marsh. Say It's just not on Jerry and Marshall would be great Jerry. Rice Marshall would be amazed but I think you want to switch sports right here. That's not a bad ones. Thanks for taking it in this edition of the rich Eisen show. I want to thank Albro. Rodney Harrison cody. Rhodes Howie Mandel and Peyton manning really appreciate him calling and just a fresh reminder in ninety minutes time Gary Bettman will hopefully give us some good news right here on NBC SM. We'll see them all. Hey Hey hey this. Nfl Hall of Famer Ray Lewis. I'm excited to announce the launch my new podcast every day greatness. Ray Lewis podcast. I'll be talking with friends. Family members ole teammates atheletes celebrities moguls. And guess what I'll be talking to you. Listen this is all in the search for everyday greatness. So I'm asking you to come along with me on this ride. Download new episodes of everyday greatness. Ray Lewis podcasts. Every Friday on spotify apple pie cats and all PODCAST ONE DOT com. It's not what you have. What's inside of you? That actually inspires greatness.

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