Hour 2 - Chris Webber (10-24-19)


Thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast and podcast one little caesars large hot and ready extra most bestest pizza with extra cheese and the most pepperoni off the nation's best price just got way cheesier and if thinking that we stuffed crust oh boy did we the Halloween Spider donut and get ten Munchkins donut hole treats for two dollars America runs on Dunkin Limited time offer participation may vary broadcast quick one or would you rather have something where you were bald in something where the jury pool gets together and you spend you deliberate and you know you're sequestered I'm GONNA go quickly Seton has jury duty but you want to be on jury duty if it was a murder trial high-profile trial is I've I've jury and it's not like in the movies on TV but Kinda slow methodical yes fritzy I'd say no for two reasons one from a safety oh check it out again only nine dollars you like Pepperoni like stuffed crust this is where you're going little CAESARS. Pizza pizza celebrate Halloween with dressed up donut had jury duty but I've never been called you know that that's that late at night where you have to call in and find out if you're supposed to show up but would you wanna be part of a at the church were saying do you want that and I said rather but if you had jury duty would you rather have where it was you know a breaking and entering or whatever it might be from dunkin' like the spooky tweet Halloween Spider donut trick or treat argue a little bit old to be trick or treating no this is it's just a really good costume anyway I don't WanNa have to be anywhere if I have a choice other than other than my work responsibilities like when you're older maybe just sitting home watching family feud and soap operas and you got nothing series shifts to Washington DC and probably further eliminates the failures of the other two sports programs franchises about little CAESARS come on in pick up an extra most bestest stuffed crust pepperoni pizza today order it on their APP when we nine bucks and only at participating little caesars locations plus rotate so that every day menu prices head on over to your local little caesars take advantage of this delicious deal I know where I'm going with pep in my step little seasons Monte kind of like your current home life you sitting in a room watching TV not reading any media or outside influences just eating take out food which is kind of what you do right now that's true but the NBA on TNT last night interesting Kyrie put up fifty you know you see I kind of bounced around watch on I wanted to sail Giama rant was going to do against standpoint on what kind of crazy people involved that case months years later l. always feel like I got look over my back if things don't go well for the person in the end up going away for life secondly with the redskins and the wizard because you had the capitals they got off the Schneider they won the Stanley Cup and now you have the nationals perhaps on the road to winning there yeah I hear you're giving out Dunkin Spider donuts didn't I just see you with your kid no that was just my friend Dat is it working Dunkin the heat and you know he had some moments Luca Danni chick looks great porzingus looks like it's GonNa be fun do of their then you gotta socialize with other people with the year of the got that fake minimum kindness thing and talk to everybody you can't just sit in the corner you gotTa vote with everybody on things Chris Webber will join us on loan from the muster points against Minnesota but this is one of those games that the Vikings should win right they should win this they should dominate. That's a huge so Chris Webber will join US coming up Lincoln Riley the Oklahoma head coach will join us in the final hour of the show the nationals roll the Astros they're up two games to none and now that's first World Series Redskins at the Viking speaking of the Redskins Redskins are sixteen point underdogs mclovin went up to seventy on clippers at golden state versus Redskins Vikings how much you're going to invest in the football game I'll do a drive by you know don't kind of tune in periodically applicable claiming extra cheese and most Pepperoni automations best prices based on comparison the pizzas for the top were national pizza chains little caesars extra most speech and the other three pizza chains large around standard menu one topping yeah but if Washington somehow hangs around here yes for how much of that game do you plan on watching reason I ask is you got bucks rockets and you got later being you know they said injury but he was surprised that he was put on the injured list I guess when he gets healthy then they can release him but it looks like Josh Gordon meet here cases it was terrible when you were behind a screen did they protect your identity with the the gang related trial oh somewhere every day for what could be a very long time I don't want my schedule made from you like that well but you know that you do is called jury duty as true he said Reid was such a flight risk they held him every day in Quantico Virginia and flew him into DC everyday for trial has done done trade deadline Trent Williams get dealt does Aj Green get tell those are the two big names they're kind of tossing around here for protection of our safety and the second when I was living in DC I got called for grand jury duty a yearlong service one week a month patriots which is interesting when did they know that he was done is he done done after they got muhammed sue was he going to be done done as their trade the balance around but you know having the NBA League pass which is great because I can just go watch a little bit of a game and then you know go watch something else you don't have the word wow how long the trial last about six weeks and so are you in a hotel they do because Dr one I don't think anybody wants to go to jury duty but once I'm saying if do you want to be part of a high profile case that could take weeks and months I don't WanNa have to know that I have to I thank you jeff thank you by the way Joe Girardi is the new manager of the Philadelphia phillies that happened this morning and this every day it was it was pretty brutal you nervous I don't know I moved up to the Mid West knowing now there are reports as congratulations go there are reports that the mets may have a bombshell candidate in trouble to oh they're in trouble even if he does play well they that's their offense right now hand the ball Adrian Peterson said yeah but then I don't know how you see for fifteen years when the capital and nationals couldn't win now I've left and they win how before Kansas City runs me out of town series coming up tonight though yeah SMU at Houston I've watched a little bit of SMU just a little bit a little bit. Josh Gordon's done with Gene Burns this is Dan Patrick our two on this Thursday Dan and the Danettes Dan Patrick Show were down Danette now is it worthy of a report if they may have or they do have a bombshell candidate for their opening and what is the name to me it's either Jessica Ad Hey I've been on jury twice one with capital murder case involving gang members that we had to sit behind the screen yeah there's a there's a screen up they can't see you can have a monitor there you could see the stuff going on but the the the guy being seven I think it came down to sixteen Adam feeling was ruled out for the Vikings but the big quite a Peterson Adrian Peterson doesn't play for the redskins they have no running backs on their roster she think that Tom Brady will play elsewhere is reporting or speculating because there's a big difference and with schefter credibility comes along with that name I don't know if he was speculating did he report this on. ESPN or did he he. I think unveiled this on a talk show in Boston on W. Backman come onto an tim shuffle is your new manager I don't see Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling I mean maybe darling he had that health scare the SL and it was you know Tom Brady's put his house on the market which has been on the market for a while what if he buys another house in Boston one kid grabbed something from the candy store and they're trying to figure out you should go to judy the gum back on the shelf Oh yeah Paulie fritzy this work out well for you if you were on a jury duty and you were sequestered eight seven seven three DP show email address ep Dan Patrick Dot Com twitter handle at DP show get to your phone calls coming up Jeff in Kansas two inches I jeff six and now you may have the nationals winning championships meanwhile the redskins horrible and so are my wizards Tom Brady sequestered as well sequestered in a hotel you know you had the t cards to get on our floor guards everywhere driven back and forth and van this story go away then trainer put his house up for sale maybe Brady is just downsizing or he wants to live in a different location he found a better spot there I don't know he seems to be pretty good at real estate because he owns a lot of property in New York he had that house in enough that factors in oh I forgot about the Washington mystics day one WNBA championship last month so you got the capitals you have the Mr the reason why you say that is so people aren't asking you every single moment is this the last time you'll be facing the Cleveland browns you you're gonNA miss playing against the jet he he put forty five there so it cuts down on if you win the Super Bowl you're gonNA retire here's Tom Brady talking about one day it'll all be over and he's not playing football for the Patriots one day I'll wake up but I feel like okay that's okay okay so they relocated you so you have a new identity so your name really yes I realize myself but I lived in D Rappalo but do I think that there's something here I don't think Brady plays for another team I don't think he plays to his Oh you lost the super bowl you're gonNA retire and I think he just put that number out there so we wouldn't be asking about when when are you gonNA retire okay that they worked on for years and then he flipped it to Dr Drey I think for forty million dollars I don't you know Brady's not playing until he's forty five first of all -Tuation he discussed this now this this on the heels of what Adam Schefter had to say where I I heard it I was like okay decisions combat probably more appropriate times Tom Brady on W. E. E. I in Boston this is wishful reporting this is where the media is wishing that there is something there and you take something really small and you make a meal out of it I mean this this has become like Thanksgiving meal just a morsel and then now all of a sudden maybe end up with the bears so Chicago Radio yesterday Oh maybe you can end up with the Chicago bears trubisky's not any good I don't think that's happening during the regular season I just don't think so now do I think brady you know maybe plays another year here's Brady on his contract that's the great part for me is I don't know and I think that's been a nick situation that I've been in ready the greatest now I know this comes down to Bella check Nobel check hasn't given him an extension and Bella check is the guy running he handles the roster here yes and then that would probably be it I don't want him to retire I hope he continues to play but I look at the numbers this year last year he hasn't been great can say well the offensive line's not great they don't surrounding with weapons yes you can make that case but I think you're starting to see you know my contract and one day a week do you really believe Tom Brady will one day wake up and go honey I'm thinking about retiring age show on Brady the last couple of years I said that about drew brees where I started to see that Philip rivers I started to see that Rothlisberger you start to see that now they can but I I like Brady didn't shy away from this it's almost like he sorted left they're similar in a little bit that's you know maybe I don't know I am I going to fulfill that's not what you expect Outta Brady he can still play and we would look at this as a high level he may go I don't like how implying I anymore because I thought I I'd rather do something else because I just didn't want to be doing it and sort of being average offs then that might be different but if I got to the super bowl and I played reasonably well elway got to the point where he couldn't play just wasn't healthy put up numbers but everybody does today's game but you know Tom Brady is putting up numbers that are case keenum and Gardner Minhsiu like and the already in that greatest of all time for all sports like which would you lean if you ended the season with a super win. I don't know what motivates him I mean thank you could've walked away last year but if I if I won a super bowl this year I wanNA play again next year if I don't make the this is the only thing that he can do to sort of I could go to another job but I got that feeling like I wasn't getting any better even though nobody might management never said anything and this is certainly it's not apples to apples but I got to the point when I was doing sportscenter the six o'clock sportscenter where I wasn't getting any better and I didn't WanNa do it because I think when you commit to a team know for certain amount of years you kind of feel like responsibilities to always feel the contract but you know Brady may not have that option there's no other like there's no other are going to be a professional golfer like Tony Romo or I five you can void the last year of his contract and get out Nica where where is he going where would he go he's how either so that's kind of a good part where I'm at so I think just take advantage of the opportunities that I had this year do the very best I could do and then you know those and it was time for him to walk away Peyton manning couldn't play anymore it was time for him to walk away I don't know I mean Brady's had the one serious injury wishful reporting it's like Cam Newton Oh they trade Cam Newton what about through the bears now all of a sudden that's a story there's nothing that's backing this up right now well are the bears ready to admit that they made a mistake with Mitchell trubisky would is Carolina ready to say Kyle Allen get enough and when that day comes that they come and I don't know if the after this year it'll be five years simple but I don't have to determine those things Santamaria what about the niner's Mike Florio brought that up on profootballtalk based off nothing other than they were interested in Brady before they traded for Jimmy well I could keep going with us or man if you walk off like elway but with seven instead of two there's no other discussion anymore about who's the greatest and he he he but in my mind I was like I wanna do this this isn't fun I'm not good at it I'm not getting any better yep how much do you think for all you guys the results he's been suspended and he lost season due to a knee injury other than that I go back to the quote that he had to somebody that I know who's from of this season would matter for you if you're brady like if you're Tom Brady and you happen to get another super bowl this year you can think of yourself as while we're still on top could still do it I'm still playing pretty ate him you know he's got the the kids and they've been able to see dad play when a super bowl and I don't know what his next job is what he wants to do stop shop for hair loss skin care sexual wellness for men hymns connects you with real doctors and medical grade solutions to treat hair loss no waiting room no okay does Tom would've played for the niners which is it's hometown team okay do you want to go play slash Patrick Support for the Dan Patrick Show podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans home is so much more than a house it's your own little slice of heaven that's why when you find the with him and this is what three years ago where he said why would I retire this is so bleeping easy yeah Fritzy as nice as quarterback or as will greer who's on the bench our court like it's a big leap there it's called wishful reporting we do it all the time we're hoping would in person doctor visits save hours by going to forums dot com it's so easy just answer a few questions and the doctor will review and can prescribe you what you need order like something like this happens because it it's a far better story than if he just stays if Tom Brady just days I it's what about the niners quicken loans rocket mortgage by quicken loans push-button get mortgage celebrate Halloween with dressed up donuts from Dunkin like the Spooky Sweet Halloween Komo Address DP Dan Patrick dot com. 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It's Alex Rodriguez yes time why would you want that hype to get out if it ends up being in Ron Gardenhire is actually you know the nets it can be as good if not better than it's ever been in previous people wins I wanna keep going until I just can't do it anymore 'cause once you quit it's over there's no going back yeah I don't know what it's going to motivate Munchkins donut hole treats for two dollars America runs on Dunkin Limited time offer participation may vary Brenton Alabama joins us hi Brent Woody and for me today kind of a you know I don't think shefty is reporting this he's speculating on this and there's a big difference in that but that hasn't stopped the media from running with this because the dot com slash Jin take the first step toward the home of your dreams equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and mls consumer access dot Org number three zero three zero rocket mortgage mortgage experts obsessed with finding a way which means that their number one goal may combine price smoothie for you with industry leading on lending technology developed in the heart of Detroit Rock and I'm getting the food they're like here's your twenty five dollar check thanks a lot you know and and that was it well I haven't gotten that far thankfully and hopefully augie just changing the game it's an award-winning client service and support every step of the way quicken loans has helped millions of Americans achieve their dream of home ownership and they're going to help you visit rocket mortgage hey man got a jury duty story for you so I called in first time hopefully my last time forty years old earlier this year and we've heard nothing from him maybe he's sequestered yeah yes mclovin recently my neighborhood El Chapo was on trial the Mexican drug lord yeah what would you do if your hair by the age of thirty five I know that's depressing sixty six percent of men why guys turn to weed solutions or do nothing at all when the medicine and science four hymns dot com is your one honor he did not get the call last night and he was head to head in physically today and they were going to dismiss him with the case gets dismissed or settled or he's going in for jury selection donut trick or treat argue a little bit old to be trick or treating no this is it's just a really good costume anyway I hear you're giving out Dunkin Spider donuts I would like to watch the trial I would not want to be on the jury for El Chapo David Shut Down the Brooklyn Bridge for twenty minutes every night to ferry him back and forth crossed there's three feta cheese in that crust before cooking the extra most best stuffed crust pepperoni pizza for only nine dollars that's right nine dollars now there's even more to love seasons it's will like five times then Michael Jordan then heart and as far as the highest scoring averages for a season and so he was trying to get see web joins us on the program how are you Chris Perry I'm doing great man how are you I'm doing okay let me start with the fact you're doing the rockets who do you think Lee ride off into the sunset and for your last year and win on a go out on a winning note I feel the same if he feels healthy enough to play and you can win even yet another civil another defenses maybe won't but I've been called for jury duty and then you have to call in the night before just to see if the trial's going to happen yeah paulie according to see Russell Westbrook's Houston debut that's at eight eastern and then our good Buddy Reggie Miller will be on the call clippers at the warriors at ten thirty eastern didn't I just see you with your kid no that was just my friend dad is it working dunk all month long for the Halloween Spider Donut and get ten leads the NBA in scoring this year. Oh Man I think I think harding You know you look at the top I think six seven can you ever possibly on a jury for that kind of thing I think that's where I say you know I'm all for capital punishment and I'm I host a radio show you I was devastated I couldn't I was I was like what I've been all in totally committed his case in here I for the forty nine what do you do with Jimmy Garoppolo then I'm sure Garoppolo would love to see you Chris Webber will join US coming up we'll get to your phone calls as well eight seven seven three DP afraid of a terrorist attack from the air. It was the craziest thing you've ever Chris Webber NBA on TNT analysts. He'll be calling tonight's blockbuster bucks rocket and I'm into it okay like I think it's a domestic issue kids involved and I'm a dad so I'm like way into this I'm like okay hopefully this is my last time we stand up and they're like all right we're finished it's time for deliberation stand walk out this door and by the way this rent you're the alternate we don't need I'm GonNa be all in page after page tons of notes like lots of questions and after almost two days like I'm looking down the jury box and I see love to talk about everything that goes on in my life everything I would just I would never a million years no no I would not want to I would not want to be on that jury forty in preseason yeah I gotta go I got going okay but what what role does westbrook play and how does harden get him or keep him happy like some people are like doodling UNICORNS I mean they're like staring off in space like I'm human okay 'cause we gotTa take this serious right and they hate your show and then you have a boy and he has a show and they hate his show and all of a sudden both of you have a show in the biggest platform hertzog on 'cause everybody hates you okay so let me talk to you like a friend like not a Adam from your friend understand this is Dan think about it man you WanNa play people don't like you which I don't know how you can do that and say he's injury prone he bumped knees in a preseason game in Vegas Griffis Air Ed real quick and so those that's that's what's so fun about tonight is hard and I think is right about the narrative on very honestly not so muscular I was told that the stress test that they do when they put you know the clips on your heart and have you running on the treadmill I was told from Pelicans officials you said and then you can clarify that Zion Williamson didn't play in you think that he's healthy but this is load management is that a fair assessment they couldn't even get a stress test 'cause he kept running and was like you got what you need yet and he's like last and running on the treadmill and they're like no you gotta keep going so his body didn't even get the last year and then we kind of saw his weaknesses like like really just glaring weaknesses once the playoffs came in the final round and they tried in hurt his whole career is not been a total injury he weighs about two eighty right and he's eight percent body fat this is worth David Griffin Westbrook and I get the rebound everybody attracts us we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA play two types of ball in the same game and you know maybe maybe that can work in as a fan of if he gets down to repair six percent body fat he'll still be to sixty five and that's kind of the quandary with him is that the part where it was stress and distress credible athlete so I didn't have time to say all of that but that's kind of where I was going he's he he's done make him shoot jump shot so how does he improve so if I'm westbrook in those guys I just try to play as fast as I can let heart and do his thing one on one and if I'm I hope it's a lot of fun to watch but it could definitely go wrong way fast you had the Pelicans and the raptors opening night and I I I'm GonNa Paraphrase get MBP or you know so as a fan as a fan as ex hooper that's what I hope to see I hope to see those guys defined change whatever narrative it is have fun I agree with you that it could be as simple as irritating knee tendinitis for his whole career or it could be oh we better keep an eye on this because it can the fame of knee surgeries myself I wondered about that that plant knee and the way he plays is going to be a problem throughout his career. There's no need to play you anymore why would we even risk you being injured bats what I was going to as far as the narrative so he was not hurting summer league he was not absolutely hurt now he has a torn meniscus surgery but he was not hurt okay eastern and thanks for the clear as far as the knee itself because that's auditorium in this this is so him being out now is just a a a whole different story and so I was just trying to piece together the narrative that listen he's not he's Chris Webber NBA on TNT analyst. Michael Jordan said recently Steph curry is not a hall of Famer yet you know Mike what do you think he's getting at here and not wanting him necessarily to get the MVP or tired of the way plays I don't like the way that he plays so ugly with this team going up against the Kupu who played so that's your plant me when you're going to dunk you know that's all this explosion there and you're coming down on that knee as is this something that he is it all saying was the narrative on him is that he's unhealthy that he's injury pro and if you base that on him missing five games in Cali tonight I think to compare him charges a little unfair because even though Charles was heavy he had a different type of body and it'd be interesting to see how he will will be there you know I don't know if it's going to be arthritis Sachin or what a bigger thing than that and you know being in the hall line and and in a new role themselves and have fun Houston is doing it as my friend Reggie Miller says it can go in go team does so right now we're giving away all these rewards based on two different seasons three different seasons and the game being totally different and comparing them to the grades because they never do you think he thinks he's not a hall of Famer Dan you starts great contract so sports and I inches with no shoes on I've never seen a guy like take a vertical test with no shoes on I can't imagine that athletes that is so incredible I don't know if we've seen this Jordan had to smile to the camera you know to me that was the MVP to and then bt saying yeah I wanna see what you do now that your boys are gone i WanNa see what you do now that there's don't necessarily like with Jordan did but like we we in sports now have such a thing of going he's a hall of fame like I heard that about some quarterbacks and stuff like their third year I thought that was blasphemous only because like you still got to do and and the great ones will do it like the wink at him during the preseason and then the miss these games and the kind of try to come back and catch it's GonNa be tough so hopefully that doesn't put more stress on his body as well in summer league that's not the reason why he didn't play Earth offerings no they pulled him out be an extra cost is wish they should and so him being hurt now is a whole different story Donovan you said no and things dance no so we were going to break and it's always crazy when you go to breaking unexpected time out and they call it and you can't finish that's that's not what it is today and I do believe it's in that space of it could be totally healthy or we don't know but it'd be honest plant me it'd be in that he plays with such force was told that he jumped forty four handles that the injury and the League you know you saw guys coming out getting fifty last night and playing hard and it's it's GonNa be tough for him to come back and make an adjustment after he had he's a hall of Famer but you know yet when Georgia's said yeah that's what I took it as hopefully hopefully he's not hating on curry Georgia's need to hate on anyone in my opinion he's he's it made me jump terrible it it really ended and hurt my career and so if you're a left handed player do not want to injure your lightning and so is getting up in them quantum like one of the world's greatest signs of a player getting older is other players Davis now I don't know if that's just hey during the regular season starting the season I'm GonNa play Nice come postseason boggs go through me but do you think Lebron is at the point in his career where he is the second option or is going to be the second option for the Lakers I hope so compete in the playoffs which is what you are one of the greatest players ever so I think that what's your question yeah yeah man it's not did you see how did you see Dan is such a great point often wish I would have heard my right knee because as a right handed player my left knee is my place and it made me run funny not have to prove one thing to anyone if it's only about winning a championship then who cares about the regular season let's get home court advantage let ADB MVP and then you'd be the three point line and playing great defense you know so I I do their defense travels their heart travels and coach Doc rivers he's one of the best Teichmann I mean it's been seventeen eighteen years nine finals all all the things that he's done I've set this all preseason if I were Lebron I tried to get ad the MVP they did get the MVP that means ABC's doing all types of incredible things and you would tend to think Lebron is getting a little rest because the playoffs is all that matters Brian it is definitely slowing down but if it's any player that it should slow down for it's it's Lebron and we don't want to believe it because he's kept defying time and space and Arlit just to remind Mike of how good he is Oh yeah but I think that's what Mike wants I think this might can't play that's all he wants to do in another hit another way and and I love Curry's response Curry said well curry got it 'cause curry said you didn't ask him will I be in the hall of fame there's you can see in other players actions that they are coming at play like no one was afraid of the Bronx no one they didn't come double him they knew he was gonNA tougher. Yeah it's GonNa be confident here you sold on the clippers being the best team in the NBA Oh you WanNa know why they are group they are the arena greatest of all time but I think it was more maybe to merit of on you know sports collect what I like to think do you think curry sends a message when Golden State plays with a hot in Charlotte because when I watched the Lakers opening night against the clippers I couldn't help but notice it felt like Lebron was deferring to Anthony No I think I think you still have to look at Denver Denver has the deepest team I can remember that in and to me they should have an advantage even over the clippers because they have little more chemistry they've had more time to go I know you had the bucks and the rockettes tonight fourth quarter and twenty assist I mean the way that this young team plays together their coach they can play fast they can post up they can slow it down they have veterans the past when he got to the whole he he has to the Bronx House to have nine lips seven layups to get you know twenty five now those types of things so he Chris Paul and we'll show you what city are so yeah I think you know I think it's a it's a delicate balancing act and he says all the right things and I really truthfully wouldn't be and the Greek freak feels like he's saying all the right things staying in Milwaukee do think the Greek freak is in Milwaukee with this plan with the his play in his age and his body but it's going to catch up sooner or later and with guys like Kuwata had the same side same body same height that can jump with him play defense is going to it's going to be next contract no no I'm not one for short answers but no I don't I don't I don't antisocial personality you can't teach the personality blue that's been a squirrel his life they want to come off the bench or the fellas that play hard or Patrick Beverley that everyone hated you know the the pressure we're really letting them off the hook by not trading the expectation because then being second in the West last person the West last year they only gotten better we do that in baseball like I never heard somebody say oh man I'd take judge Overti- cob day I never I never hear that and they have real analytics in the number than what Brady's doing because Vince going against these young pups who are twenty two twenty three he's old enough to be somebody's data out there brady gets all that protection the media do what are the people that do 'cause it's funny thing about small-market teams and I think Kevin Durant will tell you this is that when you went for a small market team if you stayed at in on the sidelines and the good guys ready so yeah I do I do like I like their chances issue wow are the Lakers the second best team in the West la hyenas and I said I they are like the group behind is like trying to just take food like the energy you can't buy those personalities that that's that's the key oh they're at and now that there's no Klay Thompson show me that you the MVP even in the bed years so many of the MVP when you hurt so many MVP if your team doesn't make the playoffs MVP he he can stay in his own place and not care about it but I will say it's code and Milwaukee and you know there's a lot of other places by the way Vince see it played in a small market and I know that you have to have a really really really special relationship and I think the next two years if they have a bad season trust issue okay do you think Zion's in the dunk contest would you let him if you're the Pelicans oh night against the Knicks and he's I mean he's become a very very good three point shooter and he's still doing it we marvel brady what Vince Carter is doing is more incredible all this and now they love because they see that he's justified or so I do believe in them because they play defense every night I could see them going over thirteen he's not getting chased down all right all right you got to write but you're right yeah wouldn't it be awesome the hardest thing about getting over older is recuperating so if you give me two weeks I can maybe do a doctor to get Vince two three weeks oh my God I guarantee that he can jump like that's

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