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Offside. With Batty. Yes offside from a basement. Suburb of New York City and from an apartment in Brooklyn. Andrew Gordon Jacob any what's up, brother, who I'm sweating Andrew I'm sweaty man, but I'm happy to be with you as you look his own kempter's as I've ever seen you. See I I've been telling you how I've been letting my hair grow on doing unabashedly I don't care anymore and I actually push through that period of time. Where because usually I? Keep my hair very short as you know. And sometimes it gets to that like you need a haircut spot like. Is it long as it's short and it's awkward, I think it makes people around me. Feel uncomfortable. I pushed through that. Though and now this is a long as my has ever been and I think it's I think it's working. You don't know. Absolutely it's way better than your Clint Dempsey two thousand and five S. Bose Code that you used to have. Yeah, I know I was listening to. It was a Dempsey look that I wanted and. Former New York. Giant OC Human Ura. I once met him and he's a big soccer fan and he told me he said. You know you kind of look like Clint Dempsey. And I was like. Oh my God this this is happening all know you now. You have a helmet of hair that could absorb tackle from you. Manure right now a great point nobody's. Now. We have a lot to get to on this podcast. The the US women had been speaking about. Some potential changes that they would like to see happen to the national anthem policy issue that we talk a lot about on last week's podcast, La Liga is on the of a restart, so we're going to have our kind of weird to call it a preview when you played twenty seven games of the season, but sort of like a previously on this is law league. We'll have that coming up. And Zlatan Ibrahimovic said something Jj. That I thought was very interesting. Because oftentimes, he's the last person that I would put in the category of sports. Stars really are just like us, but he said something. The cannonade which is just like us, so we'll get to that later in the podcast as well but. Oh. The big story MLS is now made it official their return plan. It is in writing. There's a lot to get to and to talk about it with us right here. Right out of the gate from Yahoo Sports back on the show. Now it's Doug McIntyre Doug. What's up, man? How are you? Guys, are you? We're good. We're happy to talk to you again. There's a lot to digest. With what Don Garber and MLS has come up with and I guess we'll just start with the question that was kind of on the forefront of mine mind, and you know sometimes I wonder about my own questions, and then they're validated to me when I hear them from other people, and so this is kind of thing that I thought, and then heard from others, and so I think I'll start with with you so they say they want. Want to have this tournament or they're not want to have it. They're going to have this tournament, but then they're going to have the season, or they want to have a season following the tournament as well and I. Guess The question I've been hearing is well if that's the plan, why not just have the season? What is not saying I dislike the tournament, but what? What is the purpose of it when you're planning on having season anyway? I mean it's A. It's a good question I think. We've obviously already missed three months of the of the twenty twenty season, so the season started on. February twenty-ninth diploid two rounds of games, and then everything shut down so. There are markets or at least one market I believe where emily teams are not even allowed to train. Let alone. Play Games so it's a matter of if you WANNA play games anytime soon. You'RE GONNA. have to go one way to do it and we've seen the as announced plans to do the same thing to go to central location. And all the Games in one place and Florida has. been really a free for all in terms of what's been allowed down there. We've seen you have see down there. See another sporting events. Begin their and. That's I think that's what the brass was thinking in in putting this thing together. The League obviously has a long standing relationship. With ESPN ESPN is owned by Disney the wide world of sports was available down to the in Orlando. and. You know who more more hotel rooms in that part of the world than maybe any other place on earth, so if you're ever GonNa, do it anywhere. It seems like this is the place you would do it. But there are, there are a lot of questions of players at a lot of questions. A lot of concerns garber. Don Garber to the Commissioner mls set on a conference. Call today. They would like to have started earlier, but they had to work through some of those issues. Not The least of which was getting a CVA ratified I mean a little more than we go. We didn't know if I'm less with lock out its players so. All that's been taken care of and now it looks like this thing is happening. BEGINNING ON JULY EIGHT DOWN ORLANDO, dog. Of the concerns that may be still haven't been ironed out, or or maybe we're floated during the conference. Call what what were some of those? Well? The one thing I really wanted to ask and I wasn't the only one to ask is there's been a lot of talk about you. Know the way to keep players safe to keep them in a bubble. Keep them together isolated. teams are going to stay together. They'll. They'll be in their own floors of the hotel and the only time they'll have. Any contact with with anyone else. Any other teams are are during the matches. So, or at least if they're in the hotel and everyone's being tested all the time, which they are they be able to control that situation and make sure that you know there's really very very minimal risk of anyone catching Kobe during this tournament but my question concerns some of the folks that are also going to be around the players whether that servers whether that's bus drivers. The folks to clean the hotel rooms. All these sorts of things which are things that you know the League has had to work through in convinced the players that no, you know based on all the medical information. We have that safe, and that's basically what I asked on garbage asset. You know how you can talk about minimal contact with players while you know. A bus driver is going to be on a bus with players for twenty minutes, or however long it takes to go from the hotel to the fields, and you basically said you know according to the Info that we have from our medical personnel. The risk of transmission in a situation like that is is is low, so that's I mean that's what they've had to sell. The players on the players agreed their their on board again. The NBA is is looking to do the same thing. There was news just before we started recording. Guys that the NBA would not require players that didn't feel safe in play in his in their the MBA tournament. To play in it and they wouldn't get paid, but they're not. Being forced to MLS has taken a bit of a different route. It wants all his players to play with the exception of of people that have underlying health conditions. Players, whose wives may be expecting Carlos Vela that raining MVP the league is the most obvious example I don't believe. He's GonNa. Play in this tournament So you know it's an interesting. It's an interesting work around. It's certainly not perfect, but I mean if you want to see MLS this summer I think this was the only way to do it in. This is what they're doing. Doug curious most sports over the past few weeks herself basketball hockey, most prominently among them have come up with some agreement to get back to playing again. MLS and baseball seem to be the last two baseball of course is still going. We know some of the hold ups. There are pro rated salaries the number of games with MLS. You're talking about some of the safety concerns. Do you know of what were some of the I? Guess, the more prominent. Getting them back to playing again. Yeah, just some of the things while. There was a lot issues actually mean there was there was the money component, so there was an you guys know this? The the League in the players had agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement by all accounts. It was the most amicable negotiation that the players and management I've ever had They agreed on it in. Know well before the season started, but didn't get around to ratifying when by the time the world shut down and. The owners basically went back to the players and said we need to change some things, and that obviously didn't sit that well with the players, but they didn't have much of a choice really so They've had to make some compromises. Certainly some bad feelings now coming out of that negotiation and You know again. It's just some of the things we talked about like. The players wanted to know that they were going to be safe. Once the money part was sorted out, players agreed so I think it was seven and a half percent pay cut across the border in that range. The League originally started out with the Of fifty percent pay-cut so you can see how. Contentious that that negotiation got but yet the the the union submitted a an enormous list of questions to the League that its its constituents, its players, its membership had saying look, these are the questions we want answered, and it took a while for the League to get back to the players with answers that were satisfactory enough to get them to sign off on it. Dog, just on the supposed to housekeeping of at are how it's GonNa work there's there's one point of of a little bit of confusion. Certainly from from our listeners, people I being interacting with on twitter. The D. Group staged a points. System that will then play on in to the regular season that we expect to happen later on. How how is that going to work? So my understanding is that the? So, every team is guaranteed three matches very much like a like a World Cup. Droop stage identical for the most part barring the number of teams, no two thousand sixteen analysts World Cup is obvious Ben's world, Cups, obviously thirty two teams women's World, Cup twenty four but every team will be guaranteed three games, and only those three group. Games are GONNA. Count towards the regular season standings so. So the knockout stage, which it will be exactly like the Real Cup sixteen sixteen teams advance straight knockout competition. Till you have a winter, those are almost considered playoff games, and and those you know those matches will be to play to win the competition. There is a birth in the Cauca CAF champions league on the line and there's over a million dollars in prize money for the tournament so. Those things are supposed to incentivize seems to. You know to to take it seriously to play their best. Their best teams I have to imagine there'll be a lot of squad rotation given the number of games concern for injuries of course five substitution allowed as we've seen in the boonies as we'll see in the permanently when it comes back. So again it's just it's very strange. It's very different than what we're used to seeing but it should be fun I. Mean Three Games a day. Guys, I mean Washington. MLS game with your your Cheerios at nine in the morning. It'll be fun to games at night every night for the first I, think it's the first sixteen days of the competition, so we've been sports starwood lots of lots of games to watch. I don't know about the quality of those games Giving a whole host of factors, not least the fact. These guys I haven't played in Monceau. Again not perfect, but you know you can't let the perfect. Get in the way, the good enough in a situation like this. On I'm just curious and I don't know how you feel feel about this really is a chance that if this is successful, as little tournament that it Kinda usurps, while comes after because you know the way it is, you see finds arguing over which well supporter. She is more important, and it's better because it's a proper league, and it's over X. Amount Games, whereas if you win the play-offs, anyone can do that. Could there be a whole new row? Amongst mls fans between MLS is back tournament, winners and mls cop proper winners while there's no, there's MLS fans love to argue about. And I think that goes for sports fans in general. They're no different. I don't know I. I really don't know I actually thought about that but but no I think that. I think that it's GonNa. Look a bit strange. I mean this is a made for TV product, but unlike we've seen the Bundesliga. Teams are playing in their own stadiums, these are these matches are going to be held on practice fields. They're gonNA. Look like training. Games on television I know the League is working to enhance the broad broadcasts. However, that means whatever that means whether it's making up players or different camera angles different access than you would normally get. But. It's not gonNA look like a typical I'm MLS game. I think that you know the plan is to get back into stadiums in the fall when it's safe to do so when it's allowed by municipalities across the country, and even then I mean the game games are not going to fans. Stadiums are not gonNA fans in the seats but to me that's going to be a step closer to normalcy and those games when they're actually stadiums, you know I think that starts to look more like the real thing to me and hopefully by the time mls mls puppets played which. will be in December or even later potentially in the New Year the Twenty Twenty Cup in twenty twenty one I think with any luck. This this whole sordid episode of the last few months will be in the rear view mirror more than it is now. It's just interesting, though because like this. This tournament is such a break from the norm of what we know MLS to be. I've been talking with JJ the past couple of weeks about you know. How's this going to be received a like well? People take this seriously. Jj Kinda verbally smack me back down to Earth last week and said just forget about all that who cares if you enjoy it? Just enjoy it and I'm wondering. Have you heard from whether? It's players or other media, members or coaches? Like? How is this being received among many of those who are involved? Yes there's two parts of it I. Think there are the safety concerns there are players are not happy to leave their families for a month or or six weeks for the teams that reached the final. That's a long time to to be away from young children. you know from from from loved ones and. It's it's not gonNA. Be Easy, so no one's excited about that, but I do know that players and coaches are excited to get back on the field to play games to do what they do. You know like all of us and we're lucky. We can still work, but a lot of people that have been able to work. They want nothing more than to to go back to. To work to feel productive to to do what they're trained to do to do what they get paid to do. There's the mental health aspect of it that I think's important as well so. These guys WANNA. Play soccer players. You guys know athletes. They're built to compete. They don't do while sitting around for long periods of time. So you know the Games will be competitive. About the quality and how sharp they're going to be, but I think I wanNA. Play, and and you know. Athletes are risk-takers by by nature. They're not. Worried about getting sick, even though they need to be, and they need to be protected from themselves in some ways in every precaution has to be taken to ensure their safety first and foremost, but you know these guys are itching to get back on the field Even if again, it's far from perfect situation. One more one more on this for you so just to be one hundred percent clear. The first two weeks of MLS happened all those months ago. Those have disappeared into the ether over happened note. Those games count every team I. I believe. Every team has played two games. I don't have the standings in front of me. But the might standing is those games will count I. mean they're looking at. There's no way they're getting normal thirty four game regular season in this year. I think when they come back. They'd be looking at. Probably eighteen game season. That's that's what I've heard in the changing situation, so they're going to want to have as many games count as possible and so yeah, all the games that are played so far in the regular season will count towards the standings as we'll three games, and then once the season resumes in the fall. Good because I just wanted to make sure that Jacob Closeness goal for the Union against AFC did not disappear forever. That needs to have meant something. And then last question for you here and this is kind of this is an unrelated note, but he referenced a little bit at the start of the podcast. Past couple of weeks the world is changing right before our eyes. US Soccer has had this policy in place with regards to standing for the national anthem. and. The US Women WanNa Change. Is there any sense as to how this is going to play out here I? Know the US. Women have even called for us soccer to apologize to their black players. That is US soccer prepared to go to was lengthier us. Soccer has repealed its anthem policy actually just filed story on it. It's been reported by the New York Times Grant Wall broken about an hour ago on twitter, so it has been it has been repealed. There is no longer requirement than national team. Players stand for the national anthem. I'm awaiting the statement from US soccer. It might have landed in my inbox as we're talking. When the show comes out, everyone will know if that apologies included or not. I don't have a good sense whether it is or not the. Times reported. It wasn't a unanimous decision so I thought that was interesting but yeah, it's you know I. I wrote a column about it last week and you're right. The world's changed a lot in the last last couple of weeks. Weeks, it's changed a lot in the last four years or three years since that rule was implemented so you know us. Soccer has new leadership, and I think they were eager to show that. You know that they're going to be willing to listen to support their players in if their players, this is something they're players want not just the women. The women's national team players by the way is something men. The men wanted to so They're responding to their players and they said they'll support their players. I think that you know that's what all sports organizations should be doing. Listening to the people that that actually wear their colors and. Making sure that their voices are. Good stuff we'll let you check your inbox. We appreciate the time actually I. Do have one other one for that. I just thought of this so with this restart on a personal note. What does this mean for for you for people who cover the sport? Are you going to do you guys even know if journalists will be allowed at the sites for these games or is everything to be done remotely through zoom calls how it's going to work for you guys really good question I mean I'm I'm? Pretty Sick Zoom. Nizar. It's great to see you guys by the waste. But. No I mean I think that there's GonNa. Be Journalistic. Go Don Garber said that they're working on a plan to make sure that people can cover these games. I have no idea how willing organizations are going to be to send journalists to this thing. I'm not going I can tell you that I would be. You know under you know obviously I. Cover. I'm less cover unless cup and he any big games. All Star Games have covered the league for a long time but we're going to continue I. Think to sit this one out and covered remotely and with the hope that you know once we get back in the stadiums. you know? Journalists will be able to be in the press box, but it's pretty far down the list of priorities. I think for everyone right now. There's no reason not to cover these games from afar There's no reason players won't be available on zoom or on the phone because they're gonNA have a lot of free time on their hands, so that's it. It should make it easy the if not, you know not easy to do the job, but possible to do the job. safely which I think is is important, but I gotTa tell you guys. I can't wait to actually get out to a soccer field in and you know, see a game and smell the grass and speak to people that have covered. Covered for a long time I really miss it and I, like guys can't wait to life, get specked normal. Oh my God, you said it man well. Hey, this was fun catching up a. we appreciate the time as always. We'll have to do it again soon. Thanks so much, Doug take care anytime. Guys Obliges Doug. Thanks so much to Doug McIntyre good to talk with him again. It's been land. It's been too long. excited. I would say for MLS coming back this is we've been talking about it, but now the details are out there I was not necessarily expecting to see that there was gonna be a season after the tournament but I guess I'm I'm good with it? The only worries that I have with that. Well there's a couple of worries that I. Have you tell me what you think first off, there's there's news just as latest today that. Corona virus numbers and Florida are beginning to spike against specifically in the Orlando area. So like I. DON'T WANNA BE DOOMSDAY GUY but. Where will we be a month? So? Let's just keep. Our fingers crossed the on. Well. I mean if it does happen. There's good academic work that's being put together. That suggests that you know if there is a surge in the fall, it's more likely that the regular season gets canned. It's probably. This tournament many be it. We are really in the unknown territories right now so I. Don't want to speculate on anything little bit surprised about them. Having the regular season I do wonder how that is going to play off against each other. Will we're? The MLS is back tournament champions? There's some people who will value that way higher than either a portrait but I don't know I actually. Don't know how to play out in the mind of an MLS fan, but if this is fun that the fondest memories may be of of this tournament rather than the adjunct an ancillary. Kind of regular season. Finish that we have I really. I have no idea but I'm willing to be completely open and just trying to enjoy it. Yeah with regards to the tournament thinking more about it and you know I keep obsessing over how this will be, you will be. Here we offer you. You are. Very you you are being. Your you know. But just listen for a sec and tell me this. Make sense to you I. I think that sometimes with stuff like this. We can't really know. How will feel about it? Until were until we're in it and by that I mean this. When the FA Cup is happening like when a teams run in to be to like an FA Cup title involves beating like a League one team, a League, two team, a championship side team and like a lower. Bottom half of the table EPL side like that. FA Cup title doesn't carry the same kind of wait to me. As if you know, you had to be Man City, Liverpool Chelsea and Arsenal something. That's even realistic. I'm just saying like. If you have some running like that, if this if this back to I forget what they're calling. The MLS Comeback Tournament. Right. By the way come I mean guys. Like. But anyway he got paid. Him Put that. Right, but if the winning teams route through this is having to you know like a Toronto team that sends all of their best players in L., AFC team that sends all their best players are like dogs said we don't know what Carlos Villa status. I think we won't really know what to make of this until we see kind of like who's playing and how? How the road to the final actually looks for these teams. If they had to really beat like full squads of good teams will, it's hard to know right now, or this is going to be treated like a preseason tournament like the Champions Cup before an EP L. Season is going to be treated like some tuna. Some tuneup the think the come we don't. Know problems is the way it's going to look like Doug said these are training fields. I'm telling you right now. If you a problem getting into Bundesliga an empty stadiums, good luck with this. Good luck with it. It's going to look jarring. Now. Now I can hear the the NBA is going to after their with that I. Don't know what it just have to accept it. Get on with it and really throw yourself into the soccer, but enough of this too much to talk about. So I did want to talk about one other thing that we spoke about dog just a couple moments ago now with regards to the national anthem policy like he said in the last hour from the time that we're recording this. The repeal has happened on the policy I have not seen like this happening in real time I have not seen statements yet from us soccer, so I almost feel a little bit weird talking about this. If like what wound up happening is flying in the face of what I'm saying, but I just want to ask you. Like I think we all know, we all knew where this was headed. Even last week talking about it that a repeal of their policy was going to happen. The US women asking for an apology, specifically to the black players on their team I was very. UN intrigued to see either what has happened there or what's going to happen there because? I don't know how easy that is for any governing body of a sport to admit wrongdoing like we saw the NFL and Roger Goodell kind of lay out the template for how that could be handled when the NFL players. Came together and demanded an apology from the NFL towards Colin Kaepernick and Goodell talked about standing with them. in their stance, but not necessarily going quite as far as. Specific he did as much as he do. He had to respond to those top ranking players coming out, and saying what they said and he did respond, but he never mentioned Colin. Kaepernick's then He. He didn't cross that Rubicon. I think US soccer is in a much better position than Roger. Goodell is right now because us, soccer can point to a previous regime and say we look, and we acknowledge the mistakes of our past. That can do it very easily. They can do it in a nice pr driven Wed. they don't have to get into the specifics I think they'll be okay in not regard what I would say about I mean. The writing was surely on the wall in the past week when you've had. You know I mean I feel as if the discourse has moved on so much from from from protests like it's gone beyond that right now we've had Weston, mckennie, albeit in a German publication openly criticising calling the president of the United States racist and we have A. Previous to that. We've had Michael Bradley, saying similar things. About the president of the United States this is moved on so much and. I honestly think the policy of of us, soccer towards towards needing and that. I mean it just seems antiquated right now. I mean that ship has sailed. When you hear Roger Goodell Roger Goodell's say black lives matter. I mean these things are unthinkable were unthinkable. Right, but I do think I actually believe it's important for them to take it all the way. Think and if they WANNA point to a previous regime fine, I wouldn't necessarily make that clear and obvious. In the way, my statement is worded or whoever comes out and puts a video message out there. I mean what is the harm of in this moment just saying we were wrong and we are sorry. Like. Let's just just do that and you know. Nobody is then going to pounce it you and say like see now. People need to be fired now. No, you're apologizing to writing a wrong and I think it will allow players who felt bad about this to to be able to move forward and feel more comfortable, wearing Wendy large organizations do that Andrew Rarely? That is the thing to do, but you've seen a whole host of corporate entities in the past ten days suddenly tweet out. Black lives matter put up a black spot on their corporate instagram these. Where were these organizations in two Thousand Sixteen when Colin Kaepernick started this? You know it's very easy. After the fact, organizations will do whatever it whatever way the wind is blowing feel they'll go in that direction. And now they're not afraid to say. Black lives matter anymore, and so they will and I think you're soccer will be will be no different, but if you want the magnanimous, sorry. The largess of a fulsome apology. Be surprised if you'll see it. Well, you know what one thing that's encouraging with what you just said there. You're right like everybody kind of waits for it to be safe before they do stuff like this. They like you just said the words you use. They want to see which way the wind is blowing and I'll just leave it at this. Thank God. The wind is now blowing in this direction where now the safe action is to come out in support of this movement. You know that was not the case for years ago. A lot has changed not just in those four years, but in the last four weeks. For the wind to pull an entire one eighty the way that it has so I I hate that it took. It took for us to get to this point But it now I feel like people are now. Are Now trying to figure out which side of history they're gonNA. Come down on and I think that. I'd like to believe that these statements in these feelings are genuine sincere. And the and these companies and these individuals are trying to make sure that they land on the right side of history, and that's it's important that history is headed in that direction that they believed that putting out a statement like that is going to get them on the right side of history. I think even that in itself, currently rewatching Bobby Kennedy for President On choice his journey Andrew from being a member of Joseph McCarthy's. Investigations into communism on his journey all the way through to the civil rights movement. And along the way huge changes in in his views, you know this is the man who announced the death of Martin Luther. King after being the man who had wiretapped. Martin Luther King before that journey is, it's a constant journey. It can't be for the next two weeks. It's gotta be for for long-term Hope. Everybody takes out on board. Yeah one other thing. sort of tied to this I also wanted to mention something that happened this week with Mites in Germany so apparently if you know more about this than I do, but in at any point, but apparently a fan posted something to the effect that he was cancelling his membership with the club because he believed that minesweeper now fielding too many black players. And the club became aware of this, and then minds posted this. On their official twitter account the message, a message that read not every canceled membership is cause for concern. Sometimes, we're relieved. About. I mean. By the way, just just to give you a sense of of how this conversation has moved from these shores to around the world, but particularly to to Britain and the League. We talk about the most, which is the English game. Raheem Sterling appeared on BBC's news night. which is the equivalent of what's our biggest new show? Would you say Andrew? Sixty minutes. That's a newsmagazine. To discuss racism in the UK and football's lack of opportunities for me, Managers Darren Bent did an interview for a darned bent experts did an interview with that Major UK tabloid. An entity suggested that open till he was twenty eight or twenty nine only a few years ago, he heard humor and club locker rooms. That was overtly racist. Daniel Story Who's been on this podcast wrote an article on how it's twelve years since the last black referee Urawa. renae refereed in England's top flight. Think about that. And right now there's no black referee in England's top flight, and there's no black referee in the English football league none. And yet black players. Make up one third of the playing population in England and right now John. Patterns is probably still on twitter, arguing that he did not get as long at Celtic as a manager compared to other unsuccessful Celtic managers because he was Black Garrett get, he said I know that I got an opportunity at Middlesboro when I wasn't qualified that can because I had worked at the club, and the owner knew me, but I couldn't say that opportunity would have been there for somebody else on I think we are all very conscious of it. and. He talked about getting rid of white privilege. In soccer like this is a think about that. Look at all those different examples. This is a conversation that has been sparked beyond the shores of this country and it's. It's really asking people wasn't. while. Yeah, so we'll continue to talk about that and I'm sure us. Soccer will have some sort of statement if they don't already that will. We'll certainly talk about next week. Jj, couple of other things that I do want to mention here. We'll get to La Liga's restart in a couple of minutes, but I Chelsea appear to be closing in on a massive signing team verner of RB. Leipzig I mean. This is potentially huge. He's scored thirty one goals in forty one appearances in all competitions this season. He still extremely young, although it feels like he's been around forever. These in his early twenties. Like. For you know for a club could be losing pedro and Willian I. Mean I think we're starting to see you know they've been linked with. A keen. Well they've bought a keesee. SAIC right adverts. They've been linked with as well. So for a club who was like a year ago this time dealing with a transfer ban, I mean we were wondering Oh. Maybe this is a new Chelsea now. That'll be dipping into their I, mean this huge signing. Like! You said they're buying a Boniface Star, Andrew. This is not you know a player that is. This is an established footballer, one of the Brightest in European football, and the getting them for sixty two million dollars, which again at an considering how things have contracted and the way the transfer market is, and the clubs are struggling right now. That sounds grotesque, but it really is a bargain considering his his reputation, I'm they're getting it from under the nose, the reigning European champions and soon to be English champions. It's it's huge for Chelsea. Interesting. To see how Frank Lampard utilizes. Team verner but I mean he was so. Most Liverpool fans thought this was a done deal, and for for Chelsea to to command gazump them and for Chelsea to be willing to pay him. You know. A reported two hundred thousand. Pounds sterling per week, think of that. That's that's an incredible amount of money, and you know my questions about Abramovich commitment to Chelsea have been answered. I think not signing so we will talk a little bit later in the mailbox about how that may affect. Sir Christian of Pacific! Yes a lot of American fans are GONNA be interested in that the German Cup the DFB focal going on the past couple of days, Bar Munich defeating track, Frankfort earlier today, and just yesterday Beyer Leverkusen advancing as well. So I believe that final is on the fourth of July. Nothing more American than taking DFB POCO final. Yeah I again. It was the Munich show for the first half. In fact, they game should have been out of sight. It wasn't. You know it that Load Eintracht Frankfurt equalize. For Really Andrew the game should have been over at halftime and and unburned Munich to the Juggernaut. The Hansi Flick Machine just rolls on. It's getting a bit predictable I must say. Yes let's see La Lita. We will get to the restart. 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Seven actions businesses need to take now and schedule your free product tour net sweet dot com slash. Get your free, guide and schedule your free product or right now at next week dot com slash offside net, sweet dot com slash off bloody love nest, week. Of what they do. Let's see here Jj. Lalita the restart all right so here we go, it begins. I think technically begins tomorrow. Depending on when you're listening to this, Thursday I think is actually. I gain. That is kicking it off. But whatever you and I have gone through tomorrow. We're going. Via and rail bet which which should be a tidy little game. Yeah Jeez. What a way to come back! Oh, man, what a shame! Like this, stating the obvious, but it's another one of these massive dirt when the when the Buddhists came back with Borussia Dortmund and FC Shoka. And not being able to play that in a building. You need to get over. You need to get on with your day. Come on. I can't be the only person who sees that that Dr that Severe Betty Starve is happening without. That is A. Day Without we're going to have a massive premier league preview for next week, right? Are you just going to keep saying Oh. That's a game I wished. There was crowds and. You can't keep doing that. You kinda mean. The murky side Darby is. Out of the gate important, that's unfortunate, but there won't be a crowd for it. That's you know. There was concern over that. They almost moved it to a neutral venue because the crowd was such, an issue for that were there were fears that people would be congregating outside like it is a story, but anyway whatever not be story, you and I have come. We've come together on this and we sorta of got our joint list of the three things that were intrigued by looking forward to what however you want to phrase it as Lolita get set for its restart in the first one really. It's kind of the title race, but specifically Lionel Messi is role in it. Now I guess just to catch people up here for if you're forgotten Barcelona, they're going for the three peat. They are in first place right now. They have a two point lead over Rail Madrid. but there are questions of course about Lionel. Messi so he has been sensational this season as is the case with Lionel Messi every season, nineteen goals twelve assists. But in the last. What has it been in? The last week or so he's come down with some fitness concerns although. Kika sets in their managers. Come out and said that he is quote perfect while there was a training video today where he looked devastating. But that's not my point about this so. Like you, said Barcelona have the two point lead with eleven games left, and all they need to do is just match rail Madrid's results in real. Madrid can't catch them both. The League has become this sprint and it's turned into the EFL championship. There's going to be a game every three days for Barcelona at most four days. That is grueling for Messi. WHO's like thirty three years of age? He's missed the two training sessions with Thai injury as you said everyone wants to see. MESSI play. There's no like I I'm not wishing injury upon him, but should he struggle? Surely that opens the door to some interesting and spicy possibilities for Rail Madrid. Yeah it certainly does now one thing before we get to the Real Madrid side of this Louis Suarez. Is Back for Barcelona. and. Their management changed that they've had like I. Just wonder. Is that an advantage for Barcelona that they've had time maybe two. For. The study the way he wants them to play. Or is it even worse than it breaks up whatever flow? That? He was maybe starting to develop with them I guess I. Know I raising questions like that. It's almost pointless because this is so unprecedented that it's really hard to know what any of this it's ver-. It's very hard to know I. Kind of go with with the fact that not so much tactically, because as you know, messy will dictate how this team plays a lot. We've seen how much the team defers to him but like. Arrest at this point in his thirties for someone. Luiz Suarez as you know. That's no no bad thing. ARRESTS FOR MESSI although we're talking about that injury as well. It's very hard to know match fitness a huge thing. You know they're gonNA come back, and it's GonNa, be interesting nor team. We'll have I think everything's going to struggle as we've seen in the Bundesliga from being that little bit rusty, and the quality will shine through. We saw that in in the early game in the League certainly and we saw I. Mean we've consistently seen it with our Munich so I'm not so sure it will. We don't know for sure, but I think. Barcelona's quality should shine true. If everyone is fit, and that's why it's so fascinating to even consider the possibility that Messi may have a knock going into eleven games in in in a very short period of time. One thing that is worth noting though you say farce on a match Real Madrid's results that. They go on to win the League which obviously we know, however in the event of the teams, being level on points at the end of the season Real Madrid would win the League on head to head goal difference so. Just something to keep in the back of your mind. Barcelona does have to finish. Technically with more points than Real Madrid, they cannot be level at the end of the year, which is certainly possible. They're only separated by two points right now now, looking at the Real Madrid side of this Kinda leads into our second point here that were intrigued by, and that is the unexpected return of Eden has art who you may remember. Got Off to a a pretty poor start well with the club. Reported out of shape suffer. Sorry, it was funny he he came down near. You come back from vacation. Yeah it didn't it was. It was visible to the human eye. Those training videos last August. The goat. I mean come on. Now, there's no way around it right then he suffered the ankle injury came over the United States had surgery in Dallas and that was what we believe to be. The last week we're going to see of Aden hazard in the two, thousand, nine, hundred and two thousand and twenty season, and then a pandemic happened, and now he has a chance to kind of rewrite the script of what this season is for him. and. It's interesting because. I, mean by all accounts. He's come back in training and he's looked fantastic. He had a hat trick in a recent practice game for whatever that's worth like. All of this is qualified with that as as kind of like a statement. Whatever that you take this for whatever you want to be But it's just interesting to me. That now is the dawn has a decision to make not only with him but with. Marco's ASENSIO as well who suffered an injury early in the year against Arsenal that was a preseason game I think and was supposed to have been done for the year. And now he's back and so Real Madrid could be gearing up for this title race in a way that was just not expected. And as reported that the Belgians Physical State has surprised club medical staff and has looked sharp, enough and training to suggest that Dan maybe inclined to start him against EIBAR. Talk about being handed a second chance to rewrite. You don't. We know what it's like a Real Madrid? You've got to make an impression immediately almost and he hasn't really done that. I mean under his focus was at best making it back from Euro. Twenty Four. Euro twenty twenty when he got injured. And now he's got this chance to kind of rewrite things. I again you know fitness. He won't have played very much when he goes into these Games bought. But I pictures of him today where he was running, and he was doing fitness work. And he looked a million times better than he looked. Coming back in August so. I it's a huge boost and a huge chance for it's going to be. It's going to be very interesting to see if sedan pulls the trigger on them. Being positioned as almost a hazard or Venecia's decision, that sedan is going to be faced with. I mean right now. It's just funny because they'd be. They could be coming out with front. Three of ASENSIO Benza and has are two of the three of that guys who had been ruled out for the season and now here's another fighters. Magnificent ship. I mean I think that something but? I! Don't know what Saddam event I mean downhill running bail against rusty players. Oh Yeah I think great. I I actually kind of. Something immediate fancies Real Madrid to do something. Win It. Trying to if I would, if I were to make a pick right now. I might agree with you. And it's it's strange to kind of. Had that viewpoint on it with Barcelona bars. Remedied has spotted Barcelona two points for this final run I. Mean normally you take Barcelona. With that. Like hands down but yeah I don't know. I think I might agree with you. And then finally jj the. We want to talk about the battle for the top four because. I mean some some good teams are going to miss out on this. I WanNa go through what the table looks like right now with respect to that right now, severe third on forty seven. Points Rail. Socio Dad. And Gustaf ar both tied at fourth and fifth on forty six points Athletico Madrid right now down six on forty five points and then Valencia still in it at forty two points. I. Don't know where you WANNA. Go specifically with this, but I can tell you that the medical Madrid story lines in the is an absolutely fascinating one. Because yes, I know all about the that. They were a club in transition more than most I know. You can say the same in some respects about what Barcelona were. This Yard Rail Madrid as well, but Athletico Madrid I think more so having lost. You know key players of their of this recent simione run and most notably Antoine reason, but I'm sorry. Thirty one goals in twenty. Twenty seven Games is rough. It's not acceptable for a club that just that still has sowell. That's shout out over one hundred million euros on Zhao Felix I mean thirty one goals in twenty seven Games Lavar. Aunty right now have thirty two goals in that amount of time there thirteenth in the table I know that they wanNA play defensive style, and I know they lost grease man. I I I understand all that, but I'm sorry. The players that they have on that team their way better than what they've been performing at the season. And we just have to wonder now. They've just beat. Liverpool in the Champions League. Like. Were we just getting to a point where we were going to start seeing that medical Madrid, that we were expecting and maybe kick on and take this. It's amazing. How that victory over Liverpool as kind of. Reset the narrative somewhat like there's no escaping. The fact is been really disappointing season as you as you laid out. An. Here's something we don't talk about on on the podcast at all I. Don't think it's ever come up. Do Know How much Diogo semi only earns. As manager. Best Manager in the word. He owns forty two million Euros A. That's a fact. You have to verify this ladies and gentlemen. Andrew is googling as we speak. That's a fact and. We have a perception of Athleti gone back. To the Jesus, the his was killed years of them, being the plucky upstart got relegated the cam back up, constantly, trying to nip at the heels of their lustrous neighbors across the way, but they've a brand new stadium in which there was European, Cup final played in only last season. They have a new training ground on the way they pay their manager, a superb amount of money, and they are out in the market buying young talent like Jau Felix this season as being a real disappointment and you're right. If somebody like, we'll say Real Sociedad or even more will be even worse if if you know Taffy pip them to a top four spot. This would be a huge embarrassment I mean. How. How is he on now? He's our. He has been tank of his. His CV is very good Andrew. It's very good, but but. It's Oh non-competitive. Any other of the highest paid managers in the world grew. Portion to anything we've seen. I guess they I guess they just revere him and are so. So, what's the word just so nervous of him? Leaving for a another club that they they just cannot ever allow money to do. Believe in I'm not sure, but I do believe that contract was signed. In the midst of the interest from Sheltie, one season, and the following season, the rumors of Arsenal like the Premier League looms large has loom large for only for ages but one. Talk About Lovers ganging incredible right? It's just incredible. and. If you look at how relatively small tiny? Fair and you look at Sociedad are such A. kind of I mean there are. You know they've got good history. Don't get me wrong I'm not disparaging them push. I mean they're nowhere compared to the the money. That's being pumped into lady. That's why the top four races is really really interesting. Yeah I sneak early. WanNa see you mentioned. It's funny. You mentioned specifically Associated Dad and Toffee you know I. Kinda WanNa See Socio Dad. Do this I don't know at whose expense. I'm not rooting against anyone in this race, but they have some extraordinarily talented young players. They're really fun to watch I. Guess The sad part would be if they go on and find a way to remain in the top four their fourth right now like. Will they just be pillaged? Heading into next season, and then you mentioned Hitaf as the other side of the coin here. For, however much fun. Watching socio dot is a tough air kind of the total opposite I guess. There are more of like an athletic Madrid model of just defend. Some people will call a dull others who are maybe more appreciative of that in their own fans may call it pragmatic. Choose whatever word you want, but I guess I. Would I don't know I sort of a not a purist in that way? I don't mind I. Don't mind a defensive style I understand why teams do it, but I kinda. WanNa see the team plays a more open fund style and Societas. We'll just on odaguard as far as I know he's on. He's on loan from Real Madrid so I mean they still ran the journal. When he continues to to develop like that Andrew. You're right. He's GonNA end up at a rail Madrid. To talk about that. If there was a young player that was vaunted for ages I mean he D-. He signed for Madrid at an incredibly young age. So yeah, he will definitely go back to them I mean societas will have no choice in that I gotta ask you do Sometimes Watch the league. And consider the Basque teams because they're kind of different, they're almost like a country within a country, you kind of root for them, a little bit and Sociedad kind of come into that bracket. I kinda do for A. Reason that I root for them. I don't know I don't want to know. There, it's not. Like the fact that they're kind of you know they're the outlier. Certainly the hipsters Joyce that's for sure. Let's see so. That's about it unless you have anything else under the law. We do have will close out now with a nice mail Bam. You're caught offside. pod keep the emails Komen at caught offside. ESPN follow US instagram. I demand that you do this and Where else are we on Andrew at soccer pot on the twitter machine, so please follow us all in all those social media aspects. It keeps me sane answering your lovely tax, and DM's and all that and also please leave us a review on I tunes. It's too long since the last one that start the start ramping up the all I. Choose Review Machine Again Jonathan Sanchez starts off. Which MLS team does JJ support? I! I I've enjoyed trips to Portland to see them. Play I've enjoyed I actually enjoy. Covering the Red Bulls like going going to their games like ground I, like the press box is close enough. You can smell the grass it's it's. It's nice. But I have no, I don't support any team. It's too much I support. Liverpool and slug, or over my local team. That's I mean. How could I possibly invest and I mean none of in New York teams do anything for me. I actually I used to enjoy going to Philadelphia Union Games when I lived in New Jersey so. I suppose. I don't support the Union but I actually. Do you know who I support Andrew? The grid construction men of MLS grounds. I think I said before in this podcast. The Talent Energy Stadium is one of my favorite visits in. An American soccer so there we go, made. Sure that the exact answer Jonathan well. He's A. He's a new. York, city F C, Fan. He'd be tired of their ultras. And I'm sure he was hoping that I would say I support them, but I have. Very little. Little love for their outcrop of city football group Jemaine. Thanks for the great show, especially appreciate how you have addressed covert on the black lives matter protests in recent discussion of soccer, returning in England in the US just wanted to remind you that the end of L. is coming back on June twenty seven for challenge copying Utah. I'm so looking forward to it and hope you're able to cover. Thanks from our cheers from Idaho Idaho, the home of America's finest potatoes. Andrew and NWS Al was actually the first pro league to announce that had had got its issue together and figured out a way to do a tournament with the challenge. Cup and assume a bit of reading up on it today and I went down a very strange rabbit hole. I went down a rabbit hole of trying to predict 'cause you know Salt Lake. City Utah is at altitude. ARE CERTAIN AMOUNT ALTITUDE? Altitude and wondering which teams will do well, which teams won't do well in this Challenge Cup, but as I as I read on I discovered that Megan repeatable and it seems kristen. Press will not play for their respective clubs in this tournament, and also from reading the Salt Lake Tribune. That's the rabbit hole. I went down. Quite a few games will take place on artificial turf, which is not. Not Good considering the objections dot national team players have had to it in the recent past. Yeah, It's unfortunate, certainly I saw this foam. Farid Been Stevie. WHO IS MEG? Rhinos coach with the rain, a he said I understand her motivations, but I am disappointed and frustrated that she will not be with us to compete in this tournament. He said this to lay progress in France. He goes on. On and says Meghan is important to the group, and we could have achieved something big. If she joined the rest of the group, she will be missed by the team and also by women's football. I mean reading between the lines there. That is a manager that is not happy. That will not have her. Kenny Ohio went back to training for Utada and today are in the last week. I believe and I think I I. Don't think there was any. Certainly no stated reason why. Kristen press is not back playing, which again I mean. You're GonNa want your stars playing in this tournament on I liked the idea off the bat, but no seeing that the surfaces that they'll be playing on for at least the initial stages, and then seeing top players, not being involved. That's that's not great. Look I'm not going to condemn any player right now for. For, not taking part in, they were giving the competition's like. they end, they have their reasons whether it's the turf whether it's some other safety concerns I don't know and I don't think the either player has made it not why they're not playing. The only thing I will say is that. I mean let's let's be honest. It hurts the credibility of the tournament if the best players are simply choosing not to play, and not because they're injured or anything like that just. If chosen not to like that that lends itself to a tournament to me. That doesn't scream. Credible champion. having said that I still look forward to it. I still plan on watching and I either. National team players take part I want as many great players as possible, but yeah the so those key players Emmanuel on. Who is the player that you that you wish your club never sold? I mean for tournaments alone joust. Where does one big I mean? Look instantly when that question gets asked, my gut is to say a Gareth Bale and Luka modric just because it felt like Tottenham. We're on the brink of something. And to have lost those players it was. It was such a setback for them. Now in the end it might have wound up producing something better. had a managerial change pocchettino coming in and the rest is history, but. I mean those are rough I mean. For Tottenham Yeah. You can go back a ways and say Pat Jennings who was probably the greatest ever goalkeeper who I think they thought was finished. And then he went to arsenal and played eight more seasons there, and he was clearly not finished. He was still very guess what a guy he is. He works for Tottenham No. He loves them He. He always considered himself a spurs. Campbell, obviously one that you can't help, but think about, although I would say that they didn't really sell him. The gas going to Latsis. Trading! Yeah. What other one? This is kind of more of like a sentimental one for me. I don't know that it really changed much of the club's trajectory, but it always like in a weird way just because I loved Ryan Mason. I love his story. How he broke through after all his years on the youth teams, he finally broke through became a first team player for them, and then wound up going to hull city and he still had many suffered his injury, his head injury, which ended his career tragically. But his love is still so clearly with spurs and even though Pochettino. Sold Him. He had such love and Chino had such love for Ryan Mason. I've heard them both speak about it. But yeah, that's one that I. It just always felt I don't know felt wrong to me that he wound up playing for another team after them I thought he was the way he talks about the club now you'd think he's just like spur throwing through which he is, but that was that was one that always out for me. It was Steve McManaman going to rail Madrid. Kind made me realize that Ya Liverpool. Are a big club, but you're not a big club anymore when you're. It was the first of like there was mcmanamon, and then there was Michael and we seem to be losing these these top players. Which? was just evidence. We weren't what we what we used to be and was Kinda hammered home by those transfers. Also Robbie Fowler. That Robbie Fowler left was wrong and I I really resented. Gerald Julia for loan that to happen and I actually got to talk to Robbie photo about that. A couple of years back when a preseason game here in New York and I said how it was, it was just terrible and He said if he had had his way, he might have stayed, but he just realized he wasn't going to get playing under. Jared Julia consistently starting, and that's why you ended up at. Leeds United Kerry, King. No, real quick, no But those? Those came afterwards Andrew like the initial blow of Losing Steve McManaman made me realize Tarez. Leaving was dreadful. Tars was worse than any of them Suarez wanted out like I know tars did secretly, but he never stopped training like the year we went on the title tilt I. Mean That's summer. Arsenal had made that bid and swire's. It dug his heels in that he was trying to to leave, and there was the whole. Arsenal bid forty, two million and a dollar, just to trigger his his bio. Claws are to attempt to trigger. What they thought was a buyout clause. But I kind of. I'd except it's wires was leaving but mcmanamon when I was like a teenager was was hard to take. Kerry Kane Kinda random would have been listening to an IRA soccer podcast lately, and they were reminiscent both the Auto World Cup qualifiers tournament got me curious about Jj's memories of that time. What are your memories of the Irish O. TWO QUALIFYING WORLD COM? World Cup campaign well. I mean this is all overshadowed by one thing we had in in the qualifying group. We had Portugal and we had Holland. Nobody I won't say. Nobody expected us to get out, but people thought it'd be tough to teams. The group winners will go out and the second place team going to qualify are a playoff game, and so we actually perform brilliantly, and we didn't lose to Portugal. We didn't lose a single game in qualifying and We ended up second in the group to Portugal. We knocked the Dutch out and the ultimate game. We beat Holland. One Nil Atlanta road on Roy Keane just was this force of nature that that dragged a good team, but was the leader on a good team and helped us dragged through. Drag us through some some moments in qualifying and then. We go to Iran and we beat around two in the in the first leg in Dublin and then we go to to Tehran to play the. I mean the the atmosphere and Tehran in the second leg was unbelievable. We lost game one nil, but we go through to one, and then of course Roy Keane has fallen Mick McCarthy. Right on the eve of the World Cup which was the biggest story of the two thousand and two. World Cup by a country mile and it didn't even involve a ball. Being kicked the Manchester. United Captain walking out and A rather being sent home, a combination of the two really and You know what we're going to go into detail on that someday day before this pandemic is over because I don't think people fully realize what it was like at that moment when Roy Keane left the Irish camp without kicking a ball in that world, Cup and things could have been different. We went to Spain and the second round, and had we had a leader like Roy Keane Spain were there for the taking. We lost on penalties, but Yeah if you allow me to do a piece on that at some point. Yeah not to go down the rabbit hole on, but in the time again. That was a long time ago I don't know how this. Huge thanks. How huge the story wasn't the US I. Don't know, but I feel like I remember hearing that the Irish prime minister at the time was going to act as an arbiter into. Shock! Who is the prime minister did exactly that he offered to be an intermediary. He was a Manchester United. Fan, he was irregular at Old Trafford and he was going to step in like the UN. Try and broker peace between McCarthy and King. The biggest biggest saga in Irish sport. It goes on to this day. The country was divided between pro cane. He was right to leave and and anti an anti queen factions. He should have stayed and played on own a never forget that summer. Oh! Crazy. Marian Rat Marian Wright for three three three. I am worried about our boy Christian. What team will varner coming to Chelsea? I know Varner like Stepan. The left wing a lot. Please tell me our favorite son will still get a bunch of minutes, please. Andrew. You have the floor. So I gave this. Admittedly I actually thought a ton about this and then I saw the tweet. And I kinda give it some thought and I thought well. Their positions are different so hopefully that won't be the case, but Jay. This was in the athletic just a couple of days ago. I'm reading now directly from the article they say. They're talking about Tim. O. Verner and I kind of pick it up there. They say along the way. He has built an easy chemistry with Yousef Poulsen. The six foot four inch Denmark international provides rb Leipzig with a more traditional focal point. It isn't hard to imagine verner and Tammy Abraham interacting in similar ways for Chelsea next season. If they do, it could actually be Christian Pulisic who began to flourish as Lampard secondary scoring threat from the left before missing three months with a groin injury. WHO faces the bigger fight to keep his starting spot? So, that is the athletic suggesting that who could be the player who misses out should team owners should all become official now I guess the point ultimate. They're making you know. The idea of Verner and Abraham could potentially look a lot like verner and Poulsen and Verner was so successful playing off Poulsen. Chelsea would be foolish not to follow that template and leave Tammy Abraham in their starting eleven so about to somebody else. Verner typically plays more on the left. That's obviously more. Pulitzer has been playing for Chelsea so you begin to look at him as potentially the odd man I mean it all depends on what formation he settles on, and and we've heard a lot of rumors that in training. At in whatever practice scrimmages, they've been having. He's being flirting with the you know. He's been looking at four. Three is being. He's been looking at four to three one or variations of that which would. PUNIC as. He can play as a number ten. He could play inside, although I will admit I, prefer coming in off the left hand side, making those runs inward rather than I do having him in sitting in what will be traditional number ten role I think I, think lampert is going to play with the three Andrew. And I wouldn't be shocked if Abram is the one who misses owed, and he plays Werner down the center. And? He plays -Peutic to the left and I think. I think. I. I'd love to get inside Frank's head right now. Have chatted to him several times when he was over here. Her But no I I would be shocked if Lampard has looked at the statistics around imperialistic and also his performances prior to the injury and decided that he's the odd man out in this I think you could be looking at a pretty fluid front three along the lines of what Liverpool have. And that would mean I think people that can do that. And verner goes more sally. Man It would just be so frustrating because it really felt like he was finding his footing there I saw a quote I. Think Kristie from Ron, but I thought I saw a quote from Joe Gomez. Who? was asked who most difficult player was that he played against the season, and he said it was. Pure specifically when? Liverpool Played Chelsea in Istanbul I don't know in the in the supercup. Yeah any reference. Joe Goal said the tool that was the most difficult player that he had to face the season because of how he said just how. Quick and he pulls people out of position. He starts on the on the inside. He he can move out. He starts on the outside. He can move in. He's versatile across that line. And you look at the way. I mean Salomon for me. No the way they move I. I mean dots the forward line of the future of love the president actually. and. I wouldn't especially in transition. I think that's what Frank Lampard. Lights, I. I think Frank Lampard was a few sieve with praise for Pulic enough to make me think that he has not abandoned that project to the point where it becomes a substitute are bit power player, or at least I hope that's. Yeah Hope. On finding. Andrew Joy Joe Joe Junior shabu. What you guys think of Hercules? Gomez comments on Mary Obama Telecoms MLS. Herk said that the lead can be very bland and vanilla, and that he can add as Latin quality to the League. And of course this week, the news that he was locked out of training. Mr Ballot Kelly so the. I mean the emotional homecoming to the town. She grew up with his adopted. Parents has soured and it appears as if he will be looking for a new home. Apparently, he didn't his. His insurance didn't cover him to come and train with the team so. It seems as if they're. They're looking for an exit strategy with Mario Thoughts. Andrew before I give mine. Neutral I. Don't think that MLS is in a place where they constantly need to have some sort of lightning rod. Can make things fun. I also don't think that ballots. Elliot's as good as gone so I don't know if teams will be quite as willing to Whatever whatever you think comes along with Bala telly. Does that scare teams off if they don't think he necessarily has to back it up. So I don't know. On it I could see a team taking a chance, but it's not no, it's not a huge was dying on a boat. His stats in France where he scored a goal. Every other game, which is pretty good, Golan, but I mean. Look the way I see it is if you look at Robbie, Keane Sebastian GIOVINCO. You look at Davidge via Joseph. Martinez I mean. Those, were owned believable players that have come into the League delivered. And haven't given you any of the nonsense that comes with Mary Bali and fundamentally is having good players in the league, not enough like those the US soccer fan still require this kind of blows to keep fans watching the league I mean. Do you have to have a guy letting off fireworks and said in his bathroom, and nearly setting his house on fire. For the League support or to stay interested I. Don't believe that's the case. I again, I I mean. Woods Latin what your point was. He absolutely delivered. Like he delivered, right also was quotable. Outside of being. I mean Panatela isn't even that quotable. Th The thing I lots on is. Ultimately, I think would hurt is driving at. Is You do something like that? Not like you and I are in why we're diehard soccer. Fans were sitting are hosting a soccer podcast? We're in regardless of its Joseph. Martinez, Lot Brahima, bitch, but MLS worried about you, and neither worried about casual fans. The word about a younger generation of fans may need something like that to to grasp onto now back. Though is not Zlata like his achievements are not salons. Lots on came from Manchester. just having been successful at Manchester United, he was in the public consciousness of both obviously die hard soccer, fans and casual fans alike ballot. Tell he's not that so i. don't think that. I just don't think that it's a like for like comparison I. Don't think that ballot telly. His name will appear in lights. The way that thoughts on does when he comes here. Even volatility if those antics continue, I think that like it won't. I I don't think it will resonate the same way because I. Just don't think that he's viewed the same sort of caliber that was. So I think it'll kind almost fall on on deaf ears. I don't think that it'll make waves in the way that maybe Herkus Andrew. Now speaking of slots on like I mentioned earlier in the podcast. He would typically be the last person where I would say. Wow sports stars really are just like us, but I found myself thinking that Jj when he voiced his opinion on how messed up the American youth soccer system is. He said this to G Q Italia. It has to be said that the sport is expensive very expensive for example. In, order for my children to play in a good football team I have to pay three thousand five hundred dollars per child. It's not the figure, but for the whole concept I dislike it very much, because not everyone has the money needed, and the sports should be something for everyone, because it unites people of whatever origin it's absolutely true, and it's him if people are looking for reasons why minorities of being locked out of of us soccer and certain parts, not all pirates, but in certain parts of this country. That's a huge part of it. Conservatively for a season, and this isn't including gas. This isn't including food. This isn't including travel. So, you can add them in afterwards, but conservatively a season. For a Yutaka player at the twelve or fourteen level in travel will cost you fifteen hundred dollars. That's conservative. There's some clubs that Ron discounts some clubs that if you. If you send in your tax return forms, and you can prove that you're on hardship that the club will look after you and waived those rights, but that's not every club. I mean you can't monetize a sports like soccer in that way at the youth level and expect to. You know create a it. Grassroots environment that that gives you the kind of players. You need to be competitive against the Dutch and the English and the Germans. You just can't do it. It's simple as that and it's good that millionaires Latin didn't multimillionaires Latin. Mentioned it. To G Q Italia. while. Very that. Very strange. Where was Jeff Carlisle? House lots I'm not telling him that and believable. One, last thing that I wanted to mention because I kind of mentioned this a few weeks ago when league? Announced, they were just ending their season that meant that too loose and Amazon would be getting relegated without really getting a chance to fight for the right to stay up I used to produce a show for Mike Lupu and he used to say something in these sorts of situations he would say there will be lawyers and sure enough lawyers happened and to loose an ambiance where fighting for the right for this relegation to be avoided they at least for now have one, and their relegation has been suspended. Now you're asking. What does this mean for the clubs who were getting promoted in this case, it would be a both Lorient and Lens. It's unclear right now. What's going to happen? And what league will look like next season? But there is talk of possibly expanding to twenty two teams in the League next year, so both so everyone gets to be up essentially for it now I don't know exactly what that means for promotion relegation following season. But. I just thought it was interesting that we kinda. Felt like one of those where to lose an ambiance, they were going to fight this, but like these crazy times, so you know you just have to roll with the punches and they were probably GonNa. Just get you know. Unfortunately get the short end of the stick, but no, they actually won and. I wonder if this could potentially set precedent for other leagues that stopped. Before reaching completion well, they're willie lawyers power to lead worn. Coventry have been declared champions and tranmere relegated as clubs vote for the season to end Wickham will replace Peterborough in the playoffs alongside. Portsmouth and Fleetwood so league one league. Of done the same as well and that's not being university welcome, but that's the way it happened and yeah. I. Think we're already hearing above potential legal action in England, as well, yes. so there you go! That is our show. I hope everybody enjoys the restart of Lollygag. A, week from today I believe it's a week from today. Jj the Premier League is is back. So we will, of course have it is indeed under. We will of course a previously on the EPL podcast out next week to get everybody refreshed and caught up, so they can enjoy the the final stretch run of the season, and that is going to be talking about league being a sprint. It's going to be very much the same with the premier league every day fast and furious. It's becoming so fun. Soccer's back. It is really it is really and truly back, but I enjoyed this very much. Our thanks Doug McIntyre for popping on his well. Jj to you. I say Jackie later. Fun Boy. Your on. Listening to US caught off-side soccer podcast.

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