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Get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply this message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races other things are fast like Xfinity X. by Z. say the survivors are still traumatized by losing their homes and trying to deal with everyday life I'm Jeanine herbst N._p._R.. News in Washington of the cranes in a controlled demolition before they fall on their own but the time line keeps shifting because New Orleans fire chief Tim McConnell says the cranes mission for NPR news. Jessica Rose Guard in New Orleans and you're listening to NPR news from Washington the endangered species list is at the center of a bitter conflict between the trump administration and conservationists the big question is how much of the west expanse of public lands said. Kurds were happy with the ceasefire deal but the Kurdish commander said it will have quote catastrophic consequences he's referring to Turkish plans to resettle millions of Syrian refugee a federal judge temporarily blocked the trump administration's attempt to ease some rules on mining drilling and grazing across millions of acres and withdrawal deal up for a vote next week meanwhile lawmakers say they will try to have a British court force Johnson to request a delay Frank Langfitt NPR news London the McConnell says the crane will come down sometime afternoon on Sunday authorities will go door to door to notify residents in the evacuation zone in advance of the area facing the heaviest fighting not from the entire Turkish border area Turkey's president says if the troops do not leave the whole area Turkey will resume its offensive president trump some of which is home to the greater sage grouse should be open to development specifically for Energy Lisa's it affects public land in Idaho Wyoming Colorado Utah Seven Western states for member station K. U. N. C. in northern Colorado Carly chuckles has more the ground dwelling bird the greater sage grouse which used to be on he said the US did not fulfill its promise Daniel Estrin NPR news dough hook a week after the hard rock hotel construction collapse in New Orleans engineers most lawmakers feared that additional brexit legislation might not make it through parliament by the October thirty first deadline and the UK would inadvertently crash out of the with no deal which he ause economic and political damage Johnson is required by law to send a letter to Russell's tonight because he's failed to pass his deal today but Johnson says he won't and plans to try to bring his Nevada California and Oregon the restraining order means government officials must fall back on previous rules that were adopted under President Barack Obama the federal judge did says withdrawal agreement today and Pierce Frank Langfitt has more Johnson's opponents easily passed an amendment that withhold their endorsement of his deal until all the related legislation is passed us to help his forces fight isis he said his forces will abide by us turkish-brokered pause in the fighting for five days but he said US forces with withdraw only from one I'm not saying his order when he will make a final decision on the case for NPR news. I'm Carl chuckles in Greeley Colorado Monday is the deadline for working to remove too damaged cranes that are standing amidst the rubble. Jessica Rose Guard with member station W. W. N. O. has more the to construction tens of thousands of Californians to apply for payments from the state's biggest utility PG and e. for damages suffered in a series of devastating and deadly wild in the area Kurds in Syria fear the refugees will be hostile to Kurds and force them to flee General Abdi said quote I would like to tell trump that he promised to protect the Kurds live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine herbst. British lawmakers have foiled Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plans to win approval for his the commander of the Kurdish led forces in northeast Syria is calling the US Turkey ceasefire agreement a really terrible deal and he's calling on President Trump to liars over the past several years but officials say a majority of those eligible heaven saw compensation PG and E. is blamed for many of the fires and is required trains are unstable and pose a threat to nearby residents businesses and historic buildings in the French quarter engineers have been working all week on a plan to take down the crossbeam to cover a wide

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