208. Feature Presentation - The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996)


The biographical people versus. Larry flynn tells the story of one man's rise from four kentucky. Child moonshine to tighten of the porn industry with the help of his hustler magazine empire along with his wife. And attorney alan. Isaac men larry flint battles censorship drugs supreme court an attempted assassination pair rhesus his own deteriorating mental health and of all the reverend jerry falwell welcome to another feature presentation amid double feature and on this episode. We'll be covering nineteen ninety-six. The people vs larry flint directed by mulas. Forman pick what's going on and gentlemen's jerks and jerk gets welcome back to double feature where covering the people vs plant as you heard. In the beginning the alpha to my larry. The the The jergens kleenex have ali. How you doing buddy. I'm good look at all these track marks on my own. I killed my husband. Kurt cobain So crazy i'm good. I'm doing well. I really am really came and talked about this. This is lost podcast of the year. I know it's very weird. That's very very about and it feel weird like such a weird year. Let me let me let me sit back and reminisce for. Let me just be like do it do it. But let me kind of like you just kind of like too darn haunts. We had a great year in terms of like not really missing an episode. We miss an episode of this year. I'm really really struggling now. We did too many of them. Pack them too close together. We actually. Yeah we ended up like tripling awake. Live with the burns faded than bad crystal. We we had a great year man like this was twenty twenty as as a year. It was we you know we did really well like in terms of just how lucrative the podcast became how amazing a members were and misao support. This is support. It was sean towards us and you know we. We can be more grateful. You know so. Yeah i'm i'm i'm i'm dislike is being really reflecting the past couple of days just about how well everything's been going. No yeah for sure i. I actually posted something in the after party. If you guys want to join in our social Facebook at double feature instagram at midnight double feature twitter. Twitter twitter twitter at md pod. You can find us over measures to conway You could find his mid will feature dot com and you can also join. Our group called the after party that some facebook. Everybody's invited and police stop by rate reviews on i tunes but with all that out of the way you call sorry you can also find us on patriot. Patriots dot com slash feature and. That's kind of what we're talking about this. I posted something in the after party. And i was like you know it's been crazy. I got laid off. I was doing doordash deliveries for like three months. And it's just kind of a crazy year bought a house in Started doing this. We launched bad crystal. We also were very successful with a lot of interviews that mainly like that zohab and matt cut spearheading that it was very strange. And it henry weird thing of like when you were a lot of people around you are not succeeding and you are succeeding. You do feel kind of like You know. I don't know how i feel about that. But right exactly but at the same time we worked very hard for this and You know obviously if we didn't think people wanted to listen we would not have made that leap so the fact that the fact that people are reviewing people are signing up for patriotic definitely definitely needs the world us. And we're right. I so with christmas. Being the birth of christ. I had to go with the antithesis of that which was larry flint. Now before we do before. I just You know like this being the last episode of the. I just wanted to take a second shout out patrons and i'm just gonna read them off because you guys like seriously like as much as we do this it's really really crazy to just wake up in the morning and say that's online for the patriots and it's just likely you serious you'll pay us like that is insane run So thank you so much two days guys. We really really appreciate it when khan have done. You know we do things specifically for every like everyone but you guys actually thank you so much danny okada first off the bat. I mean she signed up this morning. Thank you so much. She's very outspoken. In the in the body which is amazing roger hernandez. Thank you so much roger. My good my best friend damian. Mckay thanks for having dentist. I mean having christmas. Kristen is not so cool. The food that'll be cooked until i'm saying And i don't have a full name had voss four fifty one. thank you so much. Chris kreider of the height of your men. Podcast thank you chris. Damian's mrs olivia cry. I love you'll as she is and she's expecting an icon. Wait to meet him in april dude. I'm so excited for you. Live deigned from jamie. Thanks for staying main. i mean you know. We've remit reminisce so many times on the podcast about how this wouldn't exist without the. Thanks so much. Dane knowledge fright tests of haiti. Remember thanks so much. Kalis call us now. Yeah hey someone who It it's not just a guest on the podcast. Collins is someone that we talked to pretty much on a if not a day. database is like a weekly basis. You know yeah we talk with him a lot. And i'll turn like i guess champions all day one sign ups jose rivera in huntington dude. Thank you sound to especially like you guys alike. Al champions like you know like if you if this was the tons of gladdy at a roman times you guys would be as coming out of the gate in the coliseum. You guys carrying the tortoise for us and like and presenting like that's youtube is the thank you so much guys you know what. Maybe the best analogy is damn. I'm forgetting his name schlosser from a night sale rick. Von starry steadied cy. He studied so just to understand. Better of assasin silence. Whatever the fucking says. I picked up on that. That's amazing. yeah look guys. Thank you so much. We really appreciate your patriot You'll page patronage patronage patriotic. Whatever again. this is incredible and just absolutely amazing as a thank you so much does really appreciated. Yeah hell yeah. Thank you guys. So much and I honestly i think out of. There's only a couple of people in there. We don't personally know that's always a great growth Always always always really are excited to have strangers listening to us and you know that which is funny because there's a guy in. This movie looks so much like patrick. Airing tend to me. And i feel like he would be the movie. He pops up a couple times. He's the one who's like alathea. I'm sorry i think some things are sacred. Shut the fuck up like that guy. He looks like patrick harrington to me like not exactly but if you had to play him in a movie but yeah i mean with with that out of the way. We hope you guys have a good new year. We'll catch you later. We're at now. It feels like feels like a wind down that around but But no i was gonna say yeah. obviously Demoing everything that that. That's so head said You know we've had a lot of success this year. We trust through a lot of stuff. Wanna group chats lot of trying to logistical figuring stuff out. Know when there's four people in your tripler local Your workload a dozen more problems right there and we kind of we were able to hash everything out and it's been a lot of fun and excited to see what twenty twenty one does Podcast in where we're going to take it from there But beyond that getting back to this damn movie The people vs larry flint. So i picked this an honestly no not. Because it's the desisto christ but honestly i kinda i kinda forgotten about it and i just kind of picked it up i. I don't know when i i watched it. I remember talking about it with my friend jesse And he he's one of the only people that my as a big fan of this movie and it's kind of been a little forgotten as terms of like bio-pics go and stuff but what's interesting is everybody knows who hugh hefner is. A lot of people don't know who larry flint is but there's no movie about hugh hefner that's weird. As far as i know. I've never heard of one. You know so. I thought it was an interesting pick. We haven't done a lot of like picks But it's also like it's a bio pic. It's it's a comedy with like romance but also courtroom drama. It's got a lot of and it's it's almost like a black comedy in a way. I feel like it's just it's really. It's it just reeks of comedic vibes. i love what he carrollton in it. His brother brett harrelson is actually his brother. And i was like son of a bitch. I had no idea i. Everybody i think is pretty perfect. Vincent chevelle belly. Oh god james cromwell ever nya. I don't i don't corny lavas. Just she's sticks out to be in this movie. And i don't know she doesn't. She's not bad you know she. She doesn't stink. Just bring down the movie but she does stick out to me and there's moments where she's brilliant when she's all fucked up and she's acting like she's on drugs. I mean come on. But i feel like that's auto-biographical for her to say that but there's just moments it didn't stick the landing for me but what about you. Well i was just gonna sign like i feel like she really really reminded me of the sharon stern character and kasana at like. Okay we may. We have this great time. And then i discovered drugs. I discover grade. I just got low. She courtney love doesn't discover great. But like i discovered drugs. And i can't can't get away from it and that ends up being my downfall and like just ends up like like like the entire time of watching that by the way Month also the movie. I didn't have much of a history because this is the first time watching this surprise surprise. You know i'm watching it. I'm just like man. Like this really reminds me of stars character from zana but yeah i completely aca your thoughts. This is a really really compelling. I've was full on expecting a drama and it is a drama. There are dramatic elements in it. But i would yes definitely land on black comedy like it is supposed to be until we get to like that kind of like lost the lead. With courtney love character overdoses and drowns the cells like until we get to that. It's all a little kind of lighthearted like you know it's it's only like i can't believe we're doing this like i can't believe we're showing pornography we're putting up free on the streets like it's crazy So maybe relies on that. A lot and i was totally surprised that this was out the creation of like i had no idea was about this. I'd never looked into this movie at all. Obviously heard of milas foreman. And i've never seen a movie from milan's woman mike. I'd always wanted to save the three big ones which is this. Amadeus which by the way one is. I never saw that. I need to step one. Eight oscars and of course one flew over the cuckoo's nest which took our five oscars like Like i've never seen these three giant kind of movies. And you know milas. Fullness fomin unfortunately died died two years ago but yeah like he. He's just so incredibly influential with just does to live monthly because nesting amadeus sir like it was a bit of a it was a bit of a man like icon. I hate that. I'm coming to light to this direct. His work offer. His posture lay right. I wish i wish kind of took some time to go back into. This is kind of like filmography that i'd often who's beans just critically lauded But i just. I just didn't enforce laws and you know this being introduction to mills woman was fantastic. This gray really. Well put together. Movie great actors woody house and his incredible dirt. He was nominated for a best actor for this. And i didn't think he won like he was. He was definitely and it was really well. I think this is the year of forrest. Gump if i'm not mistaken ryan nineteen ninety-six four ninety four made him but anyway Again had no idea. This was about hotline. No idea who larry flint was like you said and i'm really glad that the movie addresses playboy right. I mean because it's like why can you put playboy but not hustler and like this very eccentric. You know this very like i have nervous backs for the courts. I have no respect for the authorities. I'm going to do what i wanna do. Because it's it's in the first the first or second amendment automate automate fucking laws unknown. Whatever the fuck. But like you know. Like i had a is a god given right for freedom of speech and yeah. This is something that. I love in film There are really loved. Must even spilled. I called the post and the rest is all about you. Know the freedom of speech and the freedom of press and the freedom of like we can publish whatever the fuck we want without government interference like you know like it gets into all of that And yeah like this. Totally totally enamored by this movie. In the story of this movie This might be one of the best movies. We've covered that you have saying that you've pigs and i've never seen before we get into these situations all the time like you know about like. Hey you pick movies. That i've never seen before like blur and you know. They made a lot to year. And i'm coming to like to then for the first time vis is probably up there with one of the best was like holy shit roll credits online. Yes he knew. I would love this. Because it's it's mostly courtroom drama. You pick this strategically honestly no also also okay but also i love the like edmonds. Legal strategy is. I'm looking at the same brilliant because he didn't really have mushoo requiem because his client was just an absolute like a like a suicide suicidal motherfucker. But if i majored the judges in this were hilarious. They are so patient. Like god yes. I'm dislike use series. You're not going to charge this guy with contempt of court like immediately like you'll allowed him to get to the point of throwing an orange at year like in. Are you serious man. But not even that but like the the. It's that lost one. That's hilarious to me. That woman the woman judge because she's a female so she's gonna be shit at a job like dislike. Just like many uso patient. Maybe it's because you are Just how kind of like higher high profile. This guy is. Maybe that's why you being a little bit lenient. But at the same time. If i was ajaj i would. That would be even. That would be called sameday guy. Even asha thanking that would be caused. Obey like dirt your fucking. You should know your place. You've been in court so many times. I pretty much the same same thing right. I mean like pretty much like you defaming. Libels land out one of a So it's it's clear to me that you are not learning lesson so like you know by the time you get to that loss cold case and you'll the judge you'd be like heavy heavy not learned your lesson by now Like rise we're going. Yeah it's like you. I don't know if that's the thing. I haven't unfortunately had the time to dig into the real life cases As much as i'd like to but yeah like that was really kind of like jarring vam dislike dirt like easier is like there is judge in the world would stand for this kind of like buffoonery like you know yes especially what you get to the supreme court at the end and it's like now no fucking way. Well he's pretty settled down by but yeah he's well he's pretty show. I mean like he's basically a cocktail of drugs by then right like he is on another planet like will the one of the supreme court. I liked that moment a lot. 'cause ever north looks at him. Like are you gonna shut the fuck up. And he just kinda like zips his mouth and throws way chill back here and eat an orange exact. That's a good that's good. That's a good one title but it was It was it was a story that i had nothing. No information about. I really enjoyed it. there's there's a lot of pointing this movie and i love it. Yeah i am. Yeah i i. I don't really know why pick this i. Just there's there's really not an of like christmas Yeah some point. In the course of fifty years it becomes christmas. I'd yeah there's there's not a whole lot of like bio-pics pics that are that are really like it. Where it's you know it's a pornographer a pornographer. And you know a lot of people all their smut peddlers in they're bad people and it's like and like this guy like he's very likable. It's really strange to watch that watching. What are heroes intern from the smart in guide to when he gets shot hamernicks karner. There are you jimmy stewart with a tooth ache. Like what happened to you. So there's something really interesting about that. Turn i cannot. Apparently they wanted bill murray and he wouldn't return phone calls and i cannot pitcher bill. Murray at all. And there's no fucking way. But i i really love meals foreign. Who also did man on the moon really really really really good movie I think he did that right after this like ninety six ninety nine really fantastic movie with man with jim carrey. That was my first exposure. Maybe well yeah before before. One flew over the cuckoo's nest. First meals form thing. I was man on the moon. That's probably one of the best. That's some hearing about it and it's about. It's the by pick andy kaufman. That's pretty cool. Yeah got jim carey. Courtney love danny de vito Soundtracks got like three or four songs by rem one of my favorite bands. Really fantastic movie. it'll make you fall in love with andy kaufman but the same way that he did this. And make you fall in love with larry flint and the fact that larry flint was not really a bad guy. He doesn't do really anything badness movie he doesn't abuse women he doesn't force people to do something they don't wanna do. He's not really. I mean they're their relationship is toxic at a time if an alpha. But they're both laying hands on each other's they're both really explosive embalmed aspic And yeah it's interesting according to love who's not really an actor by kind of be able to hold pace with woody harrelson. I don't think she's go. Woody harrelson but that's to be expected. She's not an actor. I mean at this point. Kurt cobain had just died like what three years ago. Two years ago You know she's going through a lot of crazy shit She was almost not. They're almost like impossible to have her on the set. Because but i get though your husband just blues brain dot. Two years ago and your. He's like the godfather of shed So it's it's all very interesting like that whole ninety s grunge staying and all that shit that's going on but i think she won a golden globe for this too which is kind of nuts. But there's just bonds where she okay there's moments where she's brilliant but then there's other were just really falls flat Everybody else rides really cool. Ever norton is not exceptional to me in this movie. He's just he's he is straight man to larry flint's like explosive on bass guy so there's not really anything that rocks my socks off from edward norton the nest but everybody else. I love vincent shia valley. I love seeing the people who constantly work with larry through all this shit throughout the years. There's a lot of the same guys. Crispin glover. Are you fucking kidding. Me as i are. And he's like you dislike a you fucking serious on what the happening to his i. What's his side. learns his hairs. How many how many pictures do we have exactly. And it's like and he's so and i one of like. Is this what this guy was really like a or was it or was it some dude just like the most boring guy in the world and crispin glover is like what if we took him and gave him i uh said like despite him into this crazy caricature but i. I love this movie. My brother adam loses movie. I think he might have been the first person that told me about it. I was getting one of my first or second tattoo. Get them at the same place. As i'm getting a tattoo i look up. And there's a picture of the guy on the wall and it signed and ask the guy tattoo him as who is that he has usually not know who that is and i was like no as eighteen. He's like leary flint. And he's like you magazine. And i was like oh okay and do you know larry flynt pops up in this movie. Actually we'll get to it. I won't ruin it yet. Alex december on it. And let's see if you can Poke them out also does have a same carville movie. Which french ranch like Isn't he that Carta doubt he's the his his a politician ryan. He's oh yeah. Yeah yeah yeah he pops up and a bunch of stuff randomly. Yeah yeah he he. He looks like the vulture from spiderman comics But yeah no for sure like like bald headed. And he's great. Yeah he's in a lot of stuff. But i say we jump into the show. I love this movie. I think this is probably honestly one of my favorite movies of all time. I kind of forgot how much i love it. It's there's really not a lot a lot. I can pick out that's wrong with it Buying to be honest. I i love your if you're listening to this like having watch us in a long time as of right now it's on amazon prime in the. Us elise so check it out if you want to check it out there Bite i've got it on. Dvd and It's on amazon prime right now. But i'm ready to jump into the shit. What he say you got anything else from usa for us. Let's get into this bitch. hell ya We open in kentucky. We see loud. Larry jimmy flint. Moonshine pedal children I don't know where he is in kentucky. But i can drive for fifteen minutes and being kentucky from where i live. I'm closer actually to yeah. I'm actually closer to the kentucky. Tennessee border that. I am to nashville so very northern tennessee and it. What kind hamid dude. I just started talking. I'm just getting like what the fuck is he talking about. He just like stopped mid mid sentence. I put my hand a shut. The fuck up actually. My question was is moonshine. Leaning still think like is. That is that in in the south. Because i mean like i am. I discovered moonshine. It was in the dukes of movie. And i was like i don't know i don't know this is not i mean. This is not prohibition you know at that point. This is like deflate forties early fifties. I guess so. I don't know if it's just a thing of like it's cheaper to do that. But i know that in the south like yeah. That was a big thing. Like people had moonshine distilleries and people would break down so they look like other parts of other machines so like one by going. Attractor this one on your car. This one would go into well and you would take them off and putting together and have a distillery So i i mean not as much anymore but you can definitely go to gatlinburg or pigeon forge and they have huge moonshine stores where it's like peach apple apple cinnamon on it's all and it's delicious by the way some real old smokey. Moonshine comes in a mason jar. It's really sweet and it's really good it gets. You are fuel rods. Like i'm like oh yes. Yes and oleg was the three three three six five or some shit like this released from coty Like you. I have a croatian friends and they drink this thing called rocky a- and it's basically jet fielder it's like oh i don't even know the percentage of alcohol it is but it's like it's a wild. Yeah imagine on was I think strong a drink was called fighting cock whiskey bottom shelf one hundred one hundred five proof whiskey o- bottom shelf get a get a handle of it for like five ninety nine. Oh so good but But no yeah. I yeah i think this the coty one fifty one. That's according to really strong. Oh jesus yeah. I think used to middle school bitch but I like this. You see larry immediately him. Jerry jerry him had jimmy good rapport. Yeah there obviously dirt poor a little. I'm just trying to make an honest bach. And i'm like okay. Let's we. I think you've tried to save an honest buck and yes shitty kit actor. I think that's what happened. But just a just the imagery of like look at how dull and grey in dreary and like their boots or covered in mud. And this old man holding up the dollar and just like Let me make sure. And it's like this is how fucking poor these people are and there really are people that still to this day and they're called trump support now just getting kentucky that's republicans. Yeah but but me especially back then. This was not uncommon especially in the south for families to be this poor like my dad growing up. I remember eating ketchup sandwiches and he was like because we were like a single mom before kids. You know so. It's it's a high fiber. Yeah right exactly But it's it's believable. It's very believable. But but i love him smashing his dad enough fucking head with that job goddamn kid but it does show you kind of like larry does have a temporary but what what did you think about this opening versus where remorse into the strip club yet. This is i mean look. I was kind of expecting like in terms of like if you're if you're doing a bio pic news off of brushing them as kids as children Yeah it was a bit of a stock difference though. Like i was just like man like i didn't think i would this poor mike reno. I didn't know that this was a rags to riches story. You know like a like yo your classic lice scoff is if you want to go down that route but yeah i had no idea that larry flint was this poll Saudi out. it's crazy. No yeah and i love the. I mean the transition to the strip club and it's obviously kind of a shit hole you know like you know june and katie from paris and london kentucky. He says it real low But there but there are there shit like that out there where it's like. There is a paris tennessee. There is a london kentucky and it's very very strange here that said about it. Just it gives you this. real sleazeball. kind of gives you this. rule sleazeball. Kind of sorry. Linda just brought a bottle of baileys coffee and we started talking about okel feed. We see more. It's christmas it's christmas. Yeah yeah hell yeah. We made hot cocoa and daley janet. It was delicious. wait here. We go but but the the thing i love it s seeing you know larry. He's got the bad suit on the curly hair. He kinda looks like a used car salesman. Is brother store to be famous. Yes he's really. I am going to jordan belfort ride like i'm going to really try my best to appear like a businessman like prop Businessman who has money and comes from money yeah. Nba his brother. Looks like the prelude to johnson's official right But you know i. It's it's interesting seeing the wills getting turned where he's like. Oh you know man we can only convince guys how good of you know lay. These girls are You that that's what kinda gets the but it's it's something where regardless of what larry's profession is. He is kind of ingenuity tive. He sees an opportunity and like how can we take this thing. We haven't we have something that people want. How can we get that into people's hands and a tight. That's that's commerce. That's a capitalist mind like that. That's that's a smart mother fucker. That somebody who sees an opportunity and like i don't care if i have to break a moral law like i'm at hurting anybody you know but it's not even that you'll you'll doing what you did with the moonshine as well. You're taking what people love alcohol and porn and distilling it right. I mean like you're not giving them what playboy does with the extra whatever the the columns and the article in the editorial you'll take that away in. You're just giving the people what they want. Why they coming to playboy and one in buying fucking knees by said. Yeah like you're you're you're taking the simplest element and making that on like you putting that on the front straight right well and i think there's something interesting between hustler and playboy where playboy tries to act like we're gentlemen. We were robes and we smoked. Cigarettes us hustlers cram in your ass like you hustler. Has that dirty like kind of feel to it where you know. Hugh hefner hugh hefner's on the record a lot. There were some rapper. Who was like man you know. How'd you get so many bitches you and he was like well. If you stop treat them like bitches you might actually have more. And i was like damn like he really outclass this kid. I wish i should have dug up a little bit research on what they kinda thought of each other. You have neren. Larry fleming surely they know each other but i wonder exactly what their relationship was as competitors you know by larry flynn. I mean dude. He's worth five hundred million dollars like he made a lot of money in his lifetime. I'm sure hugh hefner probably made a little bit more just personality. But what did you dig up something. Yeah i found this article from the hollywood reporter. Back in two thousand fifteen So the the the headline is playboy. Chafe hugh hefner has quite lust. His mind says larry flint. Speaking speaking on cnn flint was asked if playboys merv to become more like maximum. Jake in esquire was a smart decision to which he replied. Hugh hefner is nine hundred now. I know he's getting old. But i didn't know he'd lost his mind asked to clarifies. Point flint answered rhetorically. How can you take the most important feature of your magazine and drop it what. It became notorious full. Damn that's that's the and that really ties into this scene. Will i mean like this this moment in the movie. I'd like a Against this idea to literally just give the people what they want and that is pulling right one. It's also interesting to or is like moral reasons. Is that what playboy It's playboy trying to get away from a more exploitative kind of student who can argue that larry flint is exploiting people you know you can kind of argue that it's an interesting point. I don't know if i agree with it. You know there. There's a demand. There is a supply people are being paid consenting adults like i get it but it is interesting to kind of see this high road that playboy trying to take hustlers like a kid. You what's support. It was interesting to me watching this movie in twenty twenty when you can throw a rock at any instagram account. And find relief ends link Like watching it through that lens like goes these days Really urban and putting themselves out there and not really. I guess porn is still looked out. We can into this whole conversation about like porn being. I guess tabu in in in my relationship go pretty open. Montgomery mind pretty open about the we watch like we talk about it like like you know whatever it is what it is everyone fucking does. It is disney. You hide it right like you know because you supposed to because everybody knows what that black leather couches and don't act like you don't know exactly if i showed you a photo of johnny sends you would know him as the plumber. You know. it's fucking bullshit. How they do treat people in porn people who are sex workers and it's now that's bullshit man and i kinda love only fan for that where it's like you cut out the middleman you know. I'm sure there's something you have to pay to only fans and also if anybody's interested read about bella thorne and totally fucking on own fans and has asked hat but it's yeah shit for that they're like you deft fuck you now disney bitch like fucking shit upper i. I'm sorry man you an a middle of a pandemic you ruined something that is it. Somebody's putting food on the table with an you ruined. That's crazy but the the interesting thing about how you know. Sex workers and prostitutes and anything of that nature is kind of looked down upon is bullshit. And that's not you know. Remove morality aside. These people are here because there is demand and it's like it's not like prostitutes have to ask people to have sex with and it's like no. That's the exact year because people are asking doesn't make any fucking sense but yeah there is an interesting kind of like taboo around and you know you kind of get that bible belt we're larry flint is. We haven't talked about this. It's also very important. He's in ohio kentucky. And that is your starting to get you know kind of towards the south where this is really looked down upon where people are really judgy. Jerry falwell does very strong bright bright. Exactly so i think that's thing and where he finally just like. There's gotta be a place for pervert. She finally goes out to california. Makes a lot of sense But yeah that's an interesting conversation too. I feel like we could go on and on and on about episode. I think that would be great. Did did academy death lane like watching this movie in twenty twenty and you know saying how open goes on our better sexuality internally like totally right to do so rodham emailing right right right well. It's it's your body you do. What you fucking want If if people are buying you can sell it. Garfield darned give a shed because it doesn't impact may sound like it was interesting watching you. The people vs larry flint under that whole kind of like lens like this is again. Freedom of speech right. This is again Early fans is us is a platform where people can put themselves out there because they wonder then being full stir like because they want right right. Whatever happens between two consenting adults. None of my god emphasis and that's as there's go through printing and as long as they're adults like that is actually the only to qualifies. That's it right exactly you and kind of like church nor state nor individual should have any any business in that mid not patriots against sexual assault the midnight double features against speaking of sexual assault the catholic church non-scary loki going for thanasis jugular with the blade. I will any chance. I get but i mean we can kind of had a little bit. You know he's trying to get the magazine made you know you gotta have some kind of content like playboy. Does i love. This guy is such a pit part. And he's like why he's like their loss. You fucking like you can't just come up here. Do this interesting to me. Like just an like on qualified thoughts. Like because i did i just watch his once but like the idea of putting playboy out and you know everyone buys it for paul and he has been as everyone knows this like this right. This is one hundred percent true but like just putting a couple of columns think as as editorials around it makes it somewhat legal. You know like you see that that whole kind of like of the law all like. Where's the line kind of thing that really really fascinated me in this may dude. I was like a series like you know like you can put out hosoi which has like just spread eagle like pages of women but then the legal the playboy can do it as long as there's just like a an editorial about the assumption right exactly bright and also how you depict the body. You can't just have this like kind of blunt graphic. just legs spread ca. You have to do it in like a fancy way. And then it's acceptable it's more palatable and now it's just so ironic to watch this and be like nobody thought that you know there would be ad for pornography you know twenty years down the road. It's so fucking funny to watch like if somebody was like if i want to move in twenty twenty and somebody brought out a magazine or even a dvd. And just her. i'm like. I'm sorry i is this like your emergency porn. Like this why i keep coming back to that moment and family guy when quagmire discovers internet porn yes got the judge samy on our mode costs and the costs before but that is one of my favorites gets from from from family guy. Yeah i'm good. He's he's just out of breath. O'clock like shadow. Yes i've just been a some of that internet. I'm gonna go check out my mail over there right. He's hardly out of breath. It mean it's it's just so it's so funny to see like how how far it's calm But really what's what's crazy to remove at a clipper in the first ten minutes we see later flint. Does we see what his home life is. We meet his brother and then s he gets back to you know basically being shut down about the magazines this is where he makes the hustler hustler newsletter. And we really there's moments that are really great from woody harrelson show. Larry flynt does have a dark side. Where he's like he's like you know. What the hell are you gonna do with all this. Don't ever interrupt me while i'm talking. It's like that's fucking scary like that kind of freaking out a little bit as a damn dude but this also introduced alpha flint. Was he her dance. Her dancing is so awkward and so strange to kornilov. Who's supposed to be eighteen. Seventeen yes seventeen. Yeah thank you especially seventeen and her like when she goes to flipper top up she falls on ground is. This is strange as like. This is very very weird and not to say. I don't think that courtney love is an unattractive woman. I also don't think she's an attractive woman. There's not really anything in that. But she's gorgeous is only wrong like i can see why all day long i get it just not my cup of tea you know i would probably secretary that's like the pervert is backed. The perfect is backed by your fucking cue but other than that. Yeah i don't. I don't see the appeal for me. You know. this is not not my cup of tea but this whole thing about her being underage shrinking moonshine. It's it's it's so funny. It's a meet cute set in a porno. It's it's it's interesting. it's original. I really dug that And she is. This is one of her moments of brilliance. You see this. That's how close i and being eighteen. It's like that's great. She does such a good job here. But then there's later there's moments later on you know i just. She bats her she she she like blinks a lot and kind of bats her eyes and does this weird thing and i'm like it's just not my cup of tea like for someone who is a musician who has not really that acting is not your first thing. It's cool. i can dig it. I can look past that. Because i'm grading on a curve. You know if woody harrelson put out an album and it wasn't great. I probably would be a little bit more leaning. I mean not. I did like there is and this is kind of like taking behind the cut in how but we Going to record One of our breaking bad up besides just off to this other side and you know the the episode. we're talking about pekar. There is a woman in that who plays out of junkie like he plays at junkie. Really really incredibly well. And you know like you can kind of see if you watch these movies back to back right if you want to call laos kind like performance as a junkie. It's it's good. It's surface level. It's a little shallow like it's like. This is what. I imagined a junkie to act like whereas the performance in breaking bad with that bat woman that gives me not ms like there's something about that that particular performance the you know the the crazy look in her eyes is something about that that is not a is not present in coney loves contract performance. That doesn't make old morio right. Yeah that will in for breaking breaking bad is like bethsheba from the conjuring movies on top of that wardrobe knocking terrifying man. yeah But like i said this is their meek. You you know She says. I heard you being everybody in your club see now. Is that a prerequisite. I haven't made pass paseo bites. It's cute You know we we basically see they they start. They start banging. I liked it. I liked it. Jimmy walks in on them And we see that she this is. This is what's mind blowing to where he's like. Why don't you go fuck woman. I do fuck him. And he's like excuse me and it must be so like i feel like he must have hit like a gold mine where he's like. Oh i'm marion this woman. You know you could see the clockwork in his head. Way we see little things to you know. She's moving in with you. He's like oh you know this girl. She's adopted now. I'll the flint was adopted. Her her dad did murder basically her whole family And she in like one. I think she and like her grandmother survived. It wasn't like her entire family. She had siblings survived the at her dad murdered people in her family and she survived and write a list of a photo of her. She was a beautiful woman. My face was like naturally beautiful man like i. it's honestly a real tragedy. What to right. Yeah it is. It is really sad And so that moment. She's like you know. And they shaft there my face and their pussies for a god didn't like that's all very true. That's not made up for the movie. I mean obviously that'd be kinda fucked up if they did like a weird line there. That's not true but We we see that the also that the hustler newsletter is gaining traction. I love that truck driver. Who's like yeah came in handy know. And they're of laugh about it. I loved one out in the fucking bathroom right. Doodo truck drivers man like i'll dope pissing jugs while they're driving the roads so they don't have and they'll throw it out on the road and i guess for lack of a better term crackheads methods will drink the pass because they're taking methamphetamine and try and get a transition to piss. Oh my god. That's crazy the worst part is trying to get the taste out of your mouth. Goddamn it tastes like three times right. Yeah gentlemen playboy is laughing at you. You know we were seeing the groundings here. You know trying to get the the photo this is. What's funny the girl that they're that they're that they're photographing he's like no your other left hand the the. She's absolutely knockout gorgeous. She was funny is she's not just a bottle. When when jimmy carter sister call she is the secretary. That's larry you know. This is ricardo stapleton's on the phone. It's a it is kinda cool that it's not just like are your model fuck alec now. If you're cool hurry will put in for a job. And she's absolutely gorgeous to just is hilarious ter- light like he did the flint's just goes off and just like bourne bowlegs would what are you doing. What are you loved it right good. It's very like abroad. That it makes you of like. Oh like just seeing any woman have her legs. Just pull open is kind of like yeah it definitely gonna you jump a little bit We're we're seeing backlash from hustler. They're only having a twenty five percent follow through. The people aren't really buying the magazines it southeast birthday. A lot of stuff going on in the first twenty minutes of this movie crispin glover news talk cleared. Yeah yeah just the whole thing. The way he smoked cigarettes where he puts the cigarette in between his ring and middle finger and smokes like that. It's very very strange. Yeah absolutely they're sending back one hundred fifty thousand copies You know this this is great. We kinda see them. Start to fight and this guy. And he's like i've got naked pictures of jackie. O you know. I waited for four months one day. The commander door opens up and she comes. Walking is like your shirts. Jackie o is yeah. Sure is what are you. What are you see. You see absolutely everything. Trust me she's a good one. Say no mamie eisenhower. Lady bird labor case. You're not from lady johnson. John god linden yeah lent lbj. Thank you You know we're seeing also the effect. I love the congressman who buys the copy of it. And they're like they're like oh so you would have gotten pornographic images of martha washington. D like i'm I'm a buff about the first lady's dude. Like of course. Exactly stand ride. Like that's the like it. Your congressman like. Where's your line you know but like you will not you will draw a line at someone who is not famous and actively trying to scramble and scrounge and do pornography shirts to to put food on the table but He'll be fine with with jackie. O like you know like it's just brighter. What the fuck. And i need to correct. He's actually. The governor of the state is by copy unesco only jesus Were introduced to james cromwell. Love james cromwell lung is in so much interesting stuff and man was the longest yod the remain adam sandler. He's the one. But i mean like i mean come onto like l. a. confidential lack grain mile like. He's i robot of him. I write about. Yeah a dude. He is a toll man yet. he's you know how holiest he is. Huge was like six six. I guess i'm gonna look it up looking looking up. Yeah he should be slender man. That would be fantastic. Six eight six six seven. No but still his son. John is even told us that. Jesus christ jesus christ six seven. Yeah yeah dude. that's huge. Any is old dammit. Honestly i thought he had died. I think that's awesome. I i really thought i was afraid. He had passed away in the recent drastic Couple of years ago okay He does look a ton. Like charles keating by the way if you google him very not a whole lot but pretty pretty good actor to portray him But he's you know lamenting the downfall of the american society. We are the citizens for decent literature. We cannot relent. We must prevent the destruction of the soul of america. This is charles. Keating who famously with wrapped up in the savings and loan scandal in austin people millions It's just so funny to see these guys who are of us watch out for pornography and it's like this gave people jobs. This guy built industry. You did nothing but take away from people you know. And he served almost no jail time basically for it. And that's the like like it's it's funny because it's such a like the difference between a blue collar crime and white collar crime riot like this is you you. You have have perpetrated people's finances you know like you taking away what they've absolutely worked for your like you on the scum of the earth sir. And right you'll you'll you'll. You'll pushing forward this narrative that you know that larry flynn is the devil basically and it's just like that's did one of the things i love about this. This saying is it's low hanging furred and fucking gets me. All the time is these guys like carville. Character is passing on at magazines. And guys like i really like hot. I really want just like fuck you do it. What the right yeah. Everybody's fighting over him and shit. Oh he He served four and a half years in prison before those convictions were overturned in nineteen ninety-six. The this movie came out And ninety nine he played. He pleaded guilty to more limited set of wire fraud. Bankruptcy fraud counts and was sentenced to the time he had already served He sent spent his final years a low profile real estate activities until he died in two thousand fourteen. He was ninety so show like they live for a long time. cost the. Us government's three billion dollars when his bond failed. That's absolutely insane. Larry take your pants off. Why i've never fucked a millionaire before. Great line can't campaign to do. That's the might be my favorite line of the movie. It's really good. You know we see larry's lifestyle. He's got this party you know. His parents brought up he out the talk by getting married. I'm just summarizing this right here. It's a great seen. He's like she's like fucking she's like knows deep fucking lesson here. He is tearing up some competent just like absolutely ripping up the cop and he his head in the wall. It's like there's some great like physical physical comedy air out of mainland. He's basically going out to this pool. Fucking these girls. That just like settling into the bed. It's it's good stuff. I love that he said we've got this girl in here. And she's frigid. They're all out in the in the hot tub cool conversation between them you know. Or she's like you want to get married you know they started fusing monogamy for For marriage and stuff that such a mature an awesome way to look at this. Where it's like. I don't wanna stop overdue. I love the way we live which is interesting too because you know she she ultimately. She does contract aids. She contracted aids. She drowned in a bathtub. A learfield cyclists and she would have died within a year anyways and it sucks but you know honestly between just withering away of age versus drowning to death. You know he's like. I think i would prefer her drowning. He's at all as a freddie mercury exit. Yeah right basically But she will. I think what he said was she. He says she got aids from a bad blood transfusion. And i'm like listen. I'm not come. I have no. I have no evidence to counter that a goddamn like either need to be a rocket scientist to figure out. That might not code right exactly right. I don. i don't have any. I don't have any evidence to refute that. Take this word below eighties. Yeah it's eighty. This is back when people could fuck multiple with multiple partners at the same time. And worry about it right. A main like it's just the way it was like. It's you didn't get it from a bad blood transfusion. I am. sorry. I'm i again have not looked into the history of this. Have number into the evidence this. But i can tell you pretty much like ninety ninety five percent sentence like you did not get it from the transfers done. You're on there are absolutely absolutely people who get bad blood transfusion historic case of a kid. Who got a bad blood transfusion. And he kind of broke down barriers that it's not just people who are drug addicts and homosexuals. That a you know. It's not just people who are swinging tops. yeah right. He broke that stigma of aids patient. But yeah i just. I have a hard time by. She was on drugs. She was also having sex multiple people. I'm not saying that what happened was it. I'm just saying that you know just i. I don't know. I just i question. That is all i'm going to leave it out But of course they you know they get married I love where he's like. You know you marry me. And she's like are you fuck would be like yeah. I laughed my ass off that part man but we see emirates arrested Yeah that's the first sign of trouble. Here very are half an hour in were so successful we. We've got naked pictures. Jackie o you know. We're we're doing all this crazy shit and now pride comes before the fall. So it's like now we've got up we gotta go down We're introduced to ever norton as his lawyer. Are you doing her doing my wife. And he's like now he's like i love you. Specially you specialize in porn. He's like no god. No yeah he's this he's like it'd be like it'll be okay if you're doing like yours like dora about it. It's fine oscar. You like yeah. I had a love the the whole. Because we need patrick patrick when known. Oh no one's character in him because it's just like yeah. He is the straight man to the wildcat riders. As like we we need the voice of reason. Yeah like right right. Eighty need somebody to straighten. Larry out like there. There is definitely a respected leary has for allen when this is the guy who's always bailing your ass out who larry doesn't listen to anybody in this movie but allen like that. That's the interesting thing nobody can rain. This guy in except for know alathea a little bit. He'd never listened to. Jimmy never listened to arlo. It's very interesting to watch. Watch their dynamic. And i think they do a great job. I feel very sorry for elin man. Like what a crappy situation. He okay because he looks like a junior like nana genu- like maybe a couple of years into his law career. Because like you know we get that time jump. Ladder highrise whatever but here especially taking on this klein and someone who's so eccentric and unpredictable. As larry flint is here i feel sorry if he has a loyal qaddafi as the a allen is are being more snap shot. The he that that actually happened to like jerry. Something junior was a different kinda. Yeah yeah they. They actually kind of combined his his moment with that I get a for storytelling purposes. But i just wanted to point that out I love you know. They slam him like organized. Crime charges. obviously just trying to cook up whatever. I just got to ask you one time. Do you have any connections in any way to organized crime. And that's funny is. I talked to people all day at work about your debt collector. And i'll ask people you know. Hey you're balances nine thousand dollars. Is there any way that you can pay their balance off in full. And they're like no. And i'm like okay. Just gotta ask just gotta ask a now move onto the fun stuff. But i have to ask you that like i love that. We have their there. How many court cases where the guy was like well. My lawyer never asked me if i did. It runs that like set the precedent oven on like they teach you in school that it doesn't matter whether your client did not like you just the best interests like you might as long as if they confess to your something that gets in the way of Serving justice like you know like let's say I i hid this piece of evidence You need to tell a place like there are duties that you know you all bound to because you are technically a seven of the court and technically it seven of justice but also buell's native of in your best interests of the the clients so yeah it is interesting to me like you know that he he did he he asked let larry flint dot but like also he's not really breaking any fucking us laws. This is just the getting all uppity about like we we catholics in the united way. We like religious. You know this is. This is wrong. It's right well. Yeah and it's also yet. Larry flint pave the way for a lot of you know for not only a lot of freedom of speech but at the same time. What is socially acceptable. No i don't agree that you know coming off he's like you can buy a hustler right there in the grocery store and it's like not where i'm from those things that were behind the counter. They had a plastic divider over a little frail cover. It was like a shield As a kid dude. I we see where would be like a cover of like a cosmopolitan and it would be like you know pink like the artist and she'd have like a low cut shirt on and be showing tattoos short hair and they would put a cover up on it and i'm like dude. Come on man expect intense but they have this magazine. China cold zoo magazine zoo magazine. It's kind of like it. it's not smut. It's kinda like page thirteen on like they're wearing bikinis and and whatever That like those would be like in full year because like there is one super sexually explicit. You could bother as we actually did buy them. Like i kept him in sacred and must go back like the add. The right like. I remember getting some older friends to buy me some actual actual wreck really hot stuff. And i'm just like fuck you get your buddy to buy you a copy of wild things like able in east. Richardson like hell. Yeah and you wear. Vhs dared i've been come on outright. We see. I love this there right away. We see alpha allen. And larry this great report where she's like my cousin. Shot a preacher in the bag. What denomination can we talk about. The fate of cousin. Larry later or cousin. Bobby later It very interesting stuff you know. We see him finally get to court I i'm drawing a blank on this guy's name again James carville island must apologize for the unpleasantness of this task. He's like a hustler. Magazine depicts men and women and allude in favor hustler. Magazine show santa claus and lewd and shameful behavior. And you see you see have had to lean over to ever next playing in. Jesus christ i to me. It's weird to me. That wouldn't edward norton his learning about this now like you know it's one of the things in and look. I hate to be so boring about this because it is hilarious in the movie win when he explains it. To just as knowns non like reaction to it is just like god damnit it right and one of the things in like in law is the other side cannot be surprised by evidence. That's just not a thing. Econ right you. That happens in movies all the time like that someone gets up and makes us huge kind of like revelation of as something like that. But there's a thing called wadi which is like the admission of evidence right. I actually think that might be a curve. Who was in this movie in the movie. Like dare is like when you presenting all your evidence and the judge is like yeah you can admit evidence night be condiment that evidence like you know like it's just like okay. You see lot of law and order were there like the defense did not know about this piece of evidence and it's too late to say you can't rely on that piece of evidence if it's been excluded or if it's like a surprise thing you just con- like it's non like it's not fair to be honest like it's not fair to the defense sir. Yeah right well yeah you give them no time to basically prep for it. You know you can drop a bombshell on people You know And i love alan. Is six men defensive. He's a the are the magazines as ostler and immediately they. Will you know the throws out. This is larry flint. That judge is larry flint. Okay i are. Familia why was he. Looks exports shit out he's paralysed. He can't i was like okay because this really stuck out to me because you know the the prosecution gets up and says objection and he says stain and edgewood. No one's like really like what the fuck wise that's why is that sustained right because it's completely relevant right. I mean like you you get up and you objected things that are irrelevant to the case or whatever point you making his not relevant to to anything at all you just wasting time. But here he says objection and their job says society need. It's quite clear that the judge is. He's already kind of made up his mind ride like his is already decided. That like yeah. It's really interesting to me that. That's larry flynn. Because i was like. I looked at as of larry's went off the movie and i was like i. I've seen him somewhere. Where i'd say an hour and a half before but yeah i would love. I think it'd be so interesting. If one of us was one of us was the plaintiff and the defendant in case we argue chit either would be such an interesting such an interesting thing because like i know knowledge why she would kick my ass but i own you and charisma. I'll tell you what i'm like. This is something we can talk about. Two hundred two hundred eight episodes in in one of the reasons. I the plug costs because i'm not granted advocacy and like advocacy is obviously like the whole off of getting up and standing up in court and being able to articulate. Your ideas are satellite. Yeah you'll arguments among granted advocacy and the podcast. Has mercy helped with like you know with all of that stuff Yeah i'm still busy trying to get better at it. You know you're great at advocates aid. I think he's kick my ass in advocacy i. I like preparing things on paper and in writing. Like i'm i'm really good at like at at putting together an argument on pipe. And and that's that works in australia because in australia solicitors put together arguments on paper and like actual Actually on payback. And you can hire a barrister to articulate that idea foyer. Wow that's interesting. That is he is the way it works. I'm bad at writing stuff. Because i feel like boxes me in like if i can talk like i can have a shitty argument but say it well and my dad might persuade somebody a little bit better versus like i went to school for this. This guy is not reform. Our country winning you over fuck but now i i do. I love ever norton in this because he is very passionate about that you know he is very like whoa hang on and he. You know it's crazy to watch a lawyer questioned the judge but like now that's that's bullshit you know. And he's he. It's interesting to see isaacs men's respect for the court in its process but then to call bullshit when bullshit has dealt. You know what i mean. No i do know what you mean and you know what that happens. A lot more often in real life. Ben you would expect like there is. There is a lot of it happens. All the time in movies and really annoys me because lawyers and judges especially courtroom setting really dirt talk pretty casually like i've seen a lot of like lawyers in front of their clients in a courtroom setting talk very casually to the judge. The judge can make drugs the judge though the lawyer will respond back in a joking manner and i'm not saying that it's informal. It absolutely is formal. It's the most formal kind of situation that you can possibly have bunn. There is a like. I've seen especially lawyers who are present themselves in front of judges on a daily basis. Like you're like you know you can tell. The days have communicated often the they walk in and get finger guns to each other right exactly. I mean like especially especially criminal lawyers ride like who often wack the same courtrooms every day on a daily basis. Like these days like the judge is inherently familiar with the law. is that are in their chords. Are they kinda like build up the this poll and it always like interesting like whenever like a lawyer in a movie space very casually to a judge and because it's true it's real it's an actual thing that happens that yeah that is that is really interesting because you think of disease. I'm a robot. And i argue my case but like i love watching law and order. There's some great episodes where they're da will actually go and gleich have a drink with the prosecutor you know with with a defense that happen because it's not. It's not supposed to be as adversarial as you would expect. I like i mean it's still supposed to be because your colleagues right. I mean like you're buzzed lawyers. You both work in the same industry. Just because you know you'll like one is put away your client doesn't mean that you're supposed to be adversaries like right right now. One hundred percent The really this whole scene can be summarized in. They kind of argue their points back and forth. This is where he you know he. Yeah he won't he wanted them. They kinda convinced. They're like larry. What's not has. This is what i've got to ho about But he makes a great point. He's like you know there's these other magazines and people. I saw four word if you don't like hustler magazine don't don't read it you know. And and the but but norton's arguments so much better. He's like he's like. I'm not expecting you to like larry flynt as i don't like what layers went does and you can see larry like like like sighing. He's like but i love that. We live in a world where i can pick up hustler magazine and read it if i want to. Or if i think it's in the trash can pick it up and thrown in the trash and it's like yes free. Well make that decision for myself. Yeah absolutely and that's where the entire kind point hit the show and larry's argument of you know if a kid gets caught drinking beer in a tavern you don't ban budweiser across the nation. And it's like yeah like that's exactly that's a great. That's a great point Your honor you have made one intelligent intelligent decision this whole time. I don't expect one. Now knock yourself out. Holy the balls. They brought his balls in a wheelbarrow. God damnit in twenty five years in federal penitentiary which which is great. But a horse ridiculous. That's why it got thrown out after like too much. He was never going to hold up. I mean like sentencing. a law goes into sentencing ride. I mean like a lot of a lot of considerations going to sentencing including this guy like the chances of him being rehabilitated. On like you know like the seriousness of the crime like mitigating factors sir like him being like up twenty five years. I know like you will. There's no fucking way judicially like incorrect. Like you know. There's that a denying him bail and mmediately dude. You obviously have a personal problem here. There's an absolutely ridiculous i'm partial. Yeah right it's it's not really until they get out of ohio and georgia and kind of get to the supreme court that should even remotely starts to me and it's like okay dude okay. Singer like thousands and thousands thousands of dollars was spent to get to that point right no one hundred percent all the time and energy wasted like geez head had he not. It's very interesting. Thank you larry. Flynt had nocco go to court had not had to go to court. He might not have ever been shot. That's fucking crazy about. Like he was coming out was paralyzed. That's fucked up to think about but we get some teams of him in the prison. I need some more coffee for my bailey. Some starting to run a little low Guys we will be right back with the second. Half of our coverage of the people were flint go anywhere. Hey guys. we've gone on colin jumping in here in the middle. Just let you know some stuff that's going on at midnight double feature First off please please please. 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Bye bye Aw going on guys coming back the second half recovery. John the people vs refund where freshly squeezed as we liked his af topped off my funny sauce. My be lisa coffee and we're going to go jump in right into prison I just wanna see. I wanna see larry talking healthy and it cuts away. And it's like red. And andy talking to each other from fucking just like you say you see leaves pans over to the right. And there's this big black bandana. we go. It's bogs diamond from josh. You i like to tell you. That larry author good fight and that the left alone lacked. Tell you that but prison aid. Porno prison is not a one hundred million dollars. Pornographic industry want to know. So leery eventually larry gets out after five months. They contested I like this whole fake saying that. He has set up the people's republic for free or something like that yet. He makes up the whole thing. i love this man. This is really nice for people for united. Press by this out here. He goes you fucking idiot. Like i'm paying all these people. Do you think made this shut up. This is he. He really this is the same that he really made me really reminded me of jordan. Belfort from from the wom- walls right. Just just how. Well he is able to articulate his point of view and his like his very kind of like out bay point of view like he's just now well he is this. How just how good. He is convincing people about his point. Like you know like this is such a because you got to remember the time period that this takes place in this is pawn pornography. It's just not socially acceptable right embiid like if you put it against things like war and violence and things like that. Then it's like. Why is this acceptable. But this isn't like ryan right using that particular. Kind of like viewpoint really really illustrates. Just what is wrong with the system. I like so it's just. It's such a great performance from woody. Harrelson is just such a a really just reminded me of jordan belfort at him just being able to impact and persuade Just as massive crowds of people and bring around to his side. No yeah one hundred percent. He's like you now if you have a problem with breasts and vagina talked to the manufacturer. That's not that's not. i think. That's actually a lenny. Bruce show you know. He got busted for obscenity. A lot At the time but this whole thing you know it. It's a great scene and it's really insane. Seeing him like that screen is gigantic. Like when they do the faraway shot and it cuts between like you know hiroshima survivors and in some woman. Getting like you know her tit. And you're like. Wow what the fuck. And it's such a strange juxtaposition of these women flipping their Reach behind them. And in there. But cheats around and watch like nazi. Soldiers like move. But i'm kind of like what the fuck is the point of the. Are you selling something. Like what is the point of this like thing. Are you just trying to drum up like good publicity. Good job Publicity just publicity. Like on i took it as just let me just make my point kind of thing right because this thing is like this thing is only the closest thing i can honestly think to this as i could trump rally or inside but at least you were running for he running for something you know is his point like in hosting this trying to change. This is like trying to change the whitest societies like hearts and minds and perspective about porn. Like is that what he's doing like is that you'll end game like trying to make pornography's more socially acceptable say you can sell. More magazines is always saying right. That's one i'm like. What ultimately. I'm sure he's selling to merge series making some money but you're taking you're taking a bite meow of reading this place out paying these singers as announcer setting up all this equipment like what exactly is in game here but i honestly think that you know. He is a self destructive in individual where it's like. There's not really anything particularly to be war one. I'm not having a debate up here with billy graham. You know i. I'm just kind of doing this to disrupt the system. You know it's just it's just something to kind of show them that. Were out there were. we're doing it. That's kind of what. I took it as Because it it's an interesting scene but i i honestly could've done without it. I really don't need it. But i but i i like it though i dig it next re. We show arlo busting in forty love spread. Jesus is just like he. Walk in. And is larry and then he looks over to the left. I'll tell ya a are low. She's got her ankles up by your years. Flopped out like i loved it right A georgia prosecutors arrested some new dealers for selling hustler and the other retailers are getting nervous larry's The cavalry is on the way he gets arrested for renting the shop I love as soon as he shows up. He just takes that guy's hat and ten seconds later. He's around crispin. Glover buying the magazine right and we totally this by the way. I think we kind of went possible. That i this is the second time we see the shooter ryan. I mean like we see the. That's right this guy just reminded me of Slug with from like the old trolley factory. Maybe like he's just like oh. Yeah the creepy guy hanging around. They're like the child the chocolate factory. But you get a sense as to shit. That's not good news. This guy's up to some right right and there's definitely like some some foreshadowing there like what the fuck is going on. You know why they. Why do they show me. This guy he's arrested. He's got them right back out. There's a lotta people who support what you're saying but they're not showing for you. What do you have to say that. Hey why do i have to go to jail to protect your freedom Doing this like kind of like a martyrdom. Kind of act But at the same time you see this guy and he selling pornography as an immediately turns around and is like i'm offering a one billion dollar reward for information on who kill jfk and you're like holy shit like that that's kind of nuts or is it is a five hundred thousand dollars a one one million hundred million for memory one million but like this is also the same. You know moving on us all of the month. Oh yeah that's so. Good man one. The funny the funny thing is that you know woody. Harrelson's dad was a very notorious. I guess was he a mobster. Murder people like. Oh dude woody. Harrelson dad would conspiracy conspiracy theorists. Think that woody harrelson stat actually killed kennedy. And you're like what the wo- yes see you out of me right now. Yes woody harrelson dad. Murder charles harrelson. He died in two thousand seven of a heart attack but Wasn't american hitman an organized crime figure who was convicted of assassinating federal judge. John h. wood junior the first federal judge to be killed in the twentieth century. Now he is the father of actor. Woody harrelson allegations allegations of okay. Look we're taking a fucking time out. Read this allegations of involvement in the assassination of john f kennedy in september nineteen eighty harrelson's harrelson sanyo surrendered to police after six standoff in which he was reportedly. Honk arcane during the standoff. He threatened suicide stating that he had killed by. The judge would and president jazz in a television interview after his arrest. Harrelson said quite at the same time. I said i'd kill the judge i said killed kennedy which might give you an idea to the state of mind at the time. He said that the statements made during the standoff with quite an effort to elongate my life. Joseph testified that houses trial during house trial housing claim to have shot kennedy and drew maps to show where he was hiding during this as a nation charter said that he did not believe. Harrison's claim and the ap reported that the fbi court apparently discounted any involvement by harrelson in the candidates assassination. An even just to be like kate in it like you know yes be close to. I had no idea. that's crazy. yeah he he He there were some escape attempt in like a year before. This movie came out But yeah he he absolutely. What was a hitman. And it's so crazy to think that you know. He gave her to one of the chilous. Dude on the planet What are you hear. Allston has a great documentary about hemp as well and trying to legalize marijuana to really really good documentary. But i can't remember the name of it. Just mentioned he is one of my favorite actors working today. Like woody house is like he is absolutely killing it and pretty much everything that as in like we talked about him briefly i think on no country for old men but I mean true detective to me that first season with him and math mcconaughey many on. Hey gets probably most props in that entire like season you know like everyone. Everyone loves him in that. And i love him to in that bed like woody house into may man and that first as of detective just amazing dirt. Like putting in the fucking the lord's work a fucking love it man. I've never watched your detective. I've never gotten on. I've never gotten on that bus. Just the wash source the festive season Which is funny to a. Lotta people have pointed out that woody harrelson end no country for old man is basically his dad and i was like. Oh shit that's really cool I like this whole thing. You know like. I said him giving the reward for you. Know for information The the really interesting. They're trying to come up the asshole month sailor flint. That's really good This where we kind of get the first hint of jerry. Falwell that name popping up which will definitely get into of jerry. Falwell is just really quickly while we're here is named year because i'd never heard of him before gaza yuks he is. He was founder and head of a large church in the south in virginia. Called liberty university But i i knew him because I'm a big fan of journalist. Name was christopher hitchens. Christopher hitchens was yeah. He was considered one of the four horsemen of modern atheism. A very smart guy who said that when he was talking about his like his dick talking about saxon stop. he goes since Since my god given member decided to give me no peace. I decided to give it. No rest in return and dude. What a classy motherfucker. He's like a winston churchill to. He's great i love christopher hitchens yelich said asshole the month by ruth card ruth carter stapleton. Jimmy carter's wife president time calls in. He's like hello how she's i. Praise the lord. I found you. How luigia so good but she is. I like i think i would like this woman like as someone who's not christian someone who does not particularly like organized religion. I think i would like this woman very well you know and she even says i thought you and i will hit it off. He's like you know i'm paler. You're have angeles you know But you know what what do you want me. I don't believe in labels. I think you and i could teach each other a lot You know. And he's like i just i really can't get around to. I can't have dinner. Larry you know the great thing about people like us. We can do whatever we want like if that's not a white lady with power i've ever if that's if that's not that's exactly. Her husband is president. That is literally right. Well brother yeah. I was like wait. He's a farmer who's a peanut farmer but but and i didn't know how much a prominent role she actually played like in real life larry flint had like epiphany on his jet with regard stapleton and came to christ and really did all the stuff really crazy to think about. I love. Do you ever go to church like christmas eve. Easter new year's eve new year's eve this bullshit. It's good but we kind of see this thing of of him hitting it off with ruth and Alpha getting kind of jealous. This is one of the moment. I don't like corey is just her squinting ham it up a little bit more. I'm just sarcasm like you. Squint like you're about to stab this woman and i get it but it's a little heavy handed But i love were they kind of under his hope right about i. I love what she says. She's like hell fire. Damnation that sort of thing that talk is almost unforgivable. And i was like. Yeah co man like share a drink with this lady. You know. that's what's up But but the yeah that whole thing it's very interesting seeing where their relationship goes and she asks you know. What was your childhood like. It's dan this is this is something that's kind of as somebody who grew up in a religious background. Somebody who just asked you questions and listens to what you has to say. She doesn't come across as very judgement. I mean god knows. I don't know what the fuck this lady could have been member of the kkk. For all. i know but just as she is portrayed in this movie that is something. That's missing from like a lot of southern religious stuff from what i grew up in what i was steeped in You know she. She's really surprising. She's she's genuinely trying to understand where larry's coming from instead of instead of pointing fingers and telling telling larry what is right or what she believes is right. She is actually really trying to understand and she's trying to make you know. Don't get me wrong. She is also trying to make. Larry try like understand her one of you but it's it's a lot of if i give you something you can give it back to me to ride like it's not why it's not a one way street. It's not as i invited you out here for dinner to make try and understand my point of view. It's let's try and get to understand each other. Mike you know. It's it's symbiotic like you know. It's not a one way right like this. These are my beliefs. These fuck you. You're doing like terrible. Shit like yeah. It's it's really honestly really refreshing to wash this in two thousand and twenty. This course is very interesting. Just a conversation that's all it is. It's just a conversation right this to get you know leary's conversion you know. I'm the last guy. I want to come tap me on the shoulder. I had an epiphany. I'm getting laid six times a day. You know we get a little bit more of excel thieves background sexually abused. You know her family. You know shot. Her dad charter. Family had yeah absolutely But her being like she's like in are really going to do it. Oregon's we'll fuck you average jumps in the in the tub i love. That's a great way to in that scene I will say there's parts of this. And i really don't lie from courtney love but you cannot deny. The chemistry between this is almost like a sit in nancy type relationship. Yes this this is what this feels like very self very like when the heiser fucking hi there. Hi but when the lows are fucking low. They're really really low. Like i did that. It's explosive anyway that you cut it. Larry is eventually baptized. I love the quiet. Quiet director cracks me up time. He's just so into it Larry starts to kind of put pornography and with with religion religion. You know get get it on in the garden of eden. It's like oh my god to that sowed like it's it's almost tasteless to another level like by trying to ascend. He somehow made it even worse of like now. Taking religion and spitting in your eye with that kind of thing. Totally and i wanna. I wanted that as well because someone here asks a. You're only doing this just to selma magazines and that is what the end game like that. Because i was thinking that too. I was like is this some kind of ploy to mix things together. That absolutely should not be together. Like to end up running magazines like. Is that what you're doing. But that's not the case right but he actually had a religious the pisani and it's like totally not kind of like outfitter to assume that he only did this. Magazines are like that like these things should one hundred percent not made of right. No exactly. I love his brother. Jimmy his delivery of the line so great he goes larry. I plead with you not to do this. Delivery is so sincere like terrified. It's it's really great. If you do this you're gonna run this company into the ground and yes arlow arlow is like you're just doing this so amazon's arlo. Don't ever doubt my sincerity. And then vincent she starts laughing. Oh i love instance she availa doing he pops up in form. He's in one. Flew over the cuckoo's nazis and all the moon. He's ns like he is a staple of a lot of shit. Did you ever see ghosts with patrick. Swayze and demi moore involvement is question on the podcasts. Are saying that he is terrifying in that move. Oh look what. He is one of the scariest things. I remember from being from watching that movie as a child. I love a lot of like non scary movies. He is fucking terrifying in ghost duties. Great but this kind of all backfire. Fires on larry nobody spying. You're you're fucking magazines You know he kind of. Has this discussion with with al thea. I can do anything. With god's help i could bring that wall down. It's like do it. then do it. You see jimmy kinda get up off the couch and move like it. He'd probably bullshit but he won't take the chance to to to to risk it But i like this. You know basically in georgia i mike. I'm guessing they don't say specifically which one because this is alan with the eminently reasonable reasonable district attorney and he's basically saying that they want to cut a plea bargain with larry because he Yeah state of georgia. So yeah this is from i. Guess him buying that stopping. Grab whatever place for an hour and basically wanna cop a plea bargain because leary found religion Listen i love that what what. I'm sorry i have to read this word for line. I've i've got a. I've got to read what he says he's sitting there with you and he's like yeah absolutely he's like you need to many favorites like yeah. Yeah give me the second you tell them. Miserable old grey haired basser to go fuck himself. We're going to trial and he's like okay right like oh and god bless place. Lord he shuts has the phone third allen. Plays this oh well. He's just like what he did. You notice larry's thing on his desk like is where jesus vickie did. I'm just taking the piss. He must be taking the piss lightly. Jesus christ jared. I got light. I just laughed. So and what is the. What does the h stand for. That's what i wanna know. Is it herald. Like what is what is h stand for and cry like for you know. I've heard a lot of introduces a lot any forgot. I've never been told the h. For and i mean i'm not asking you as somebody who wasn't raised a christian bad way like i mean. Come on let me say. Actually church. And i'd be a church. Someone who passionately that communion bucket. Now go shoe krahn and then take it and pass it on the next person who you're fucking child of hell. Apparently it's something in in latin. Not oh okay interesting. I'm just curious I think it actually stands for herald. That's what i'm thinking heroin. Jesus christ the mon. My favorite my favorite. Bob can you imagine if it was like the simpsons where it's like herman j simpson. It's just very why a jesus h christ h h. but now i think my favorite I think my favorite kind of like. Oh jesus christ from zodiac wherever Robert downey junior is like jesus christ and rubber crutches. johnny that's my favorite. So we're in georgia's thanking seventy eight mr flint. How can you as a good christian. Defend this filth. This is great so at the end of this movie. you know. we're going to have a little capper where they kind of say. Hey this is what happened. Isaac men would happen charles keating this what they did. Eventually they didn't catch jerry. They didn't catch his shooter but he admitted that he shot larry flint. Okay and i will pull him up real quick. 'cause i looked up the the the the fate of dating because i was like haiti's pretty old so he's not alive anymore and kidding ryan obviously did way In the show someone else. Oh they shot a full. Well full pasta as well right. Yeah jerry follow. You passed away. March six seventy eight during a legal battle related to obscenity and georgia the flint and his lawyer jean reeves junior were returning to kinda courthouse when they were shot on the sidewalk. On the front up in front of the building blah blah blah blah by gum standing near an alley across the street. The shooting left lint Partially paralyzed on core. Damage blah blah blah joseph. Paul franklin a white supremacist. Serial killer confessed to shootings many years later claiming outrage by an interracial photo shoot in hustler. Franklin was never brought to trial he was ever to try for the tip. I would never have guessed that it was the racially related. Like oh man dude. This guy murdered several people on like a race related thing too. And i don't wanna make any excuse. He was later found to be schizophrenic. And this was not a time when that was easily diagnosed. Mental health was not what it is now but he definitely and even larry flint was like he came out and was like i am against the death penalty. I do not want this man to die and they're like he paralyzed. He's like i don't care and he's like he does not deserve die because of that as son of a bitch but he yeah he actually murdered like several other people He was never brought to trial. He's made statements indicating he believes franklin story he was eventually charged in missouri with eight unrelated counts of murder and sentenced to death a month. Before franklin's execution in two thousand thirteen flint expressed his opposition to the death penalty. In stated he did not want him to be executed but he was on november twentieth. Two thousand thirteen executed anyways. But larry flynn says he believes him. You know there's no evidence to prove it. He could just be taking credit for something he didn't really do but it matches him his. Mo of eight other fucking murder so take it as you will Let's say leary shot and paralyzed well. But he survives This is a man the irony and a porn king being shot to no longer be able to procreate. Shane not stopping larry flint though because now he has sex still with use of like a prosthetic. Somehow you can win. I was how yes yes. I don't know what the details are. But i know that he uses something to still fuck his wife wherever he's been married like five times. He definitely uses something some kind of contraption to help him he got out with judge for family guy right or he's got some kind of like stem from upgrade. Like thing imagine. Larry flynt just like right. He's just modern people So when they when they Boyer larry balls depleted depleted reload reload. Please wait three hours for optimum charge level. Nine out of ten. I love you know ruth coming to see him. Larry how are you. You know what short circuits because as comes a week. Shorts backed up a. I'm back. I'm back on it. I'm over here with with ruth carter satan with leary. Fled being paralyzed. And he's like. I can't ever walk again. I'm just thinking. Now yeah right. Tony stark's i. Technology was ever meant to be used this much. Larry you got jill out. The technology falls into the wrong hands. Leary says i can never walk again. If i can't make love to my wife you know i just i wish he'd kill me You know there's no god he renounces everything. I like all this where. It's it's understandable. His reaction is definitely understandable. out the comes back. Take all this christian shutdown. We are going back to our roots. We are smut as happy sir. Happy with it. I love it right. I fucking loved it. I loved them bringing gary home. Yes and They're like so. What do we know is like. Well i think it was the fbi. I thought i think it was. I think it was the kkk. Only never down to like every fucking crazy but the crazy thing is them saying kkk. I think arlo is the one that says racial photo shoots you actually kind of hit the money on the head. Like right That's that's very interesting. You bring that it could be a jfk. Somebody trying to silence You know somebody tried to silence him about that to be someplace where they allow purpose like me and just leave me in peace. Basically is what he says. They move out to california. I believe right. I took this is moving. I don't know what 'cause they showed them in a limo and then they cut back and i don't know what that iconic building is with with the three black domes. I think that i don't know where that is. But i know is his hollywood in the next shot. But it's i don't know what that what that building is it the referring to Apparently this mansion that they Sorry you you say the You say wilshire like one wilshire which is wilshire boulevard in l. a. And then you say the walker fame so yeah. It's definitely doesn't california. Right right in an even says like hollywood but i was wondering what what is this building where i like maybe lead with hollywood sign. Because i don't know what the hell is. Building is showing me Apparently this this mansion was actually larry flint at one point. It's not anymore but then it wasn't at the time of filming but at one point it definitely was leery flange by leary's not doing good You know he's a young obviously strung out on drugs. I gave you twice your dose you. Now he's begging for for more and this is where we see out the kind of start to dip her toe into it as well You know he this is kind of the downward spiral here. This is the merman in the movie where kornilov declined to participate in the rest of the movie and they replaced with holly quin. Because after this us you start looking more and more like holly quin man. It is crazy dude Now i i never really caught like crazy here like all that stuff Yeah they're both. They're shooting up together. Sharon needles What i love though is she. She can shoots up. She passes out and i think right after that is when yeah that door shuts quickly. It's like oh my god like what. What the fuck man. Just six years of your life like gone like that Larry has his like wink. Wink nudge nudge. Call saul dr. Show up This is just goes. Oh yeah. I can totally see. Yeah larry this filter for your diabetes Apparently this guy really was one of the doctors that kind of like under the table helps likely flint blizzard. But he lets note. Hey listen there's a life saving operation This ray we're running out of options you know it's it's it's it's really not looking good and it ends up being a total success. Larry comes out clean on the other side. he's not in any pain quits drugs cold turkey. I love alpha trying to shove the pills like mouth and stuff. This is yeah there may yes. I was just going to mention like you know. He is out of it he was. This conversation is really tough. It's really tough to watch. Because she is quite clearly addicted to drugs right. She's not she's way to fog on. There's no pulling aback and he's just like i took those drugs because i was sick i was injured. That actually made me feel better. Now that i'm feeling better. I have name for and she's she con. Wrap that around ahead right right. Yeah that's that's why lobbyist. I feel good you know. And she's like you feel good. He goes yeah. I feel i feel great. You know and she's i gear either a fucking rooker. You're hooking mirror liar. And he's i. Is it so hard to believe that i don't feel any pain like after the surgery. I think it has like a black widow situation where you know the the woman is like keeping a man like really medic and like ill shaken. Keep taking the drugs. The south right. She just keeps popping his veins at nightfall stop and And yeah that's what's interesting. Though is just like the fact that it's no longer acceptable is unlike. I was taking these because i was in pain. You know this is not this. you're just. You're just a spectator tourists in this Oh well if. I don't take it. I'll go into seizures and i'll get really sick and it makes me feel good. You know. It's all god just every just trying to throw it all the excuses in the world but her he's like you're going to go. Cold turkey goes. I'm going cold turkey and so are you okay. The look on her face. It's like oh god please no here. He but i mean that's essentially. It never really works out though. Never ends up back. She basically never goes cold turkey. As far as i can tell She just she. I don't think she ever really bounce back. He kind of comes back into the fold. I love he calls a shows up. What's your name While what the fuck is her name. I'm drawing a blank. God it sophie is. What's your name. Sophie tom bergeron back in the bag. By the whatever it is back this giant building flint publications. That's big dick energy. Man this is i. Yeah i love how the movie shows like the passing of time. Like i love that. I love saying just how far hustler's become like like it has like hellfire come in the six years that is being in a six year stupa like in our own. Yeah that the changing of the guard you know once they once they get in this guy. Who's like mr flynn. You know i look back at the stuff you did in the seventies and You know and it was sorta racy and crazy but reagan has reshaped an yes cow this guy this asshole the guy who starts talking about reagan is the guy that matt damon goes. How about them apples and good morning. Nice nice nice. I've i recognized. Never seen goodwill hunting. But i know that scene and i i watch and i know that guy and i took me about ten minutes and i found him on i finally they. He is he is. He is credited as blow dried asshole in this view. Seem okay very very tangible. Have you seen johnson. Bob struck back. No oh my god. I need a link. You something afterwards like. There's a scene in that where they go to hollywood and it's literally like partout. Yes it's part to gus. Van sant is like sitting. They counting his money. It's like i'm busy gentlemen. i'm busy. Yeah i've seen that. I definitely know the by definitely. Seen that scene i love. I love a larry shirt. Jesus is an anarchist. This is so good. He opts his shed game. Let we'll get to the courtroom s. Fuck definitely assured gay. I want i so. I so wanted to like his t shirt collection in. This is so good. I want some of those man. Yell larry says on the big kahuna around here. The plan is simple. The establishment took my manhood away from me but they fucked out and they left the part of the brain. I'm gonna use it to get back at them and then being formed this weird thing with like the delorean tapes. Yeah with with norm mcdonald. I love seeing our mcdonnell. Don't normally where the greatest like underrated comedians. There's ever lived. He's absolutely hilarious. I was just waiting waiting for him to just. Where's billy that's cool man. Yeah dude he. I saw an interview where he was on conan. O'brien with some. I think one of the co stars of chairman of the board with carrot top and like the early nineties. Terrible carrot top movie and nor mcdonald is just like. Oh what's his mommy guy going on ear and she's like oh it's called chairman of the board with a carrot top and he's like oh you know what another another really good movie. It would be a society's poison. He's just making these terrible jokes and conan o'brien's so there is no than the name of the movie is to be determined right and she goes. Oh no it's chairman of the board and conan's like okay chairman of the board and he looks at nor mcdonagh's try to someone head you sick freak and norfolk. Donald goes mcdonnell goes chairman of the b. o. r. e. d. And did i lost my shit. It's so fucking clever and funny man but This he's got this tape basically saying that i'm still confused. Honestly by of this. What exactly is going on. I believe he's trying to say that this is in treatment on the fbi or the cia. Post i believe what actually happened. And i don't know if he i don't know if this actually you know Affected the the case which delorean. I actually think that At this at this point in the movie larry flint is just bang as much of an anarchist as possible and trying to bring down the in any way shape or form as possible will making them look bad publicly as possible so again. Six eight in his arm vessel guises we are going to. I'm going to publicly publicly. Bring down the government whether it's the fbi cia. Whether it's you know whoever that is trying to prosecute me in any other way possible. And i think that's the that's the. I guess the the point of this whole kind of thing this. Yeah this was up into a huge thing like the fbi gets pissed and everything like this is a a houston right And this this Nine hundred eighty two delory and was charged by the us government for trafficking cocaine following videotape sting operation bubble blah. The fbi set him up with more than sixty pounds of cocaine worth about six point. Five million in a hotel or hotel hotel near l. a. f. arriving from l. a. After arriving from new york. And the faa i say delory. I think we briefly mentioned this on the back to the future episode. Did very i think we did. Yeah basically what happened. They said he was a financier to help his financially declining company in a scheme to sell two hundred and twenty pounds of blow estimated at twenty four million dollars Now the crazy thing is a former neighbor who reported to his fbi superiors that delorean had approached to ask him about setting up. A cocaine deal in truth has his former neighbor Same as james hoffman had called delorean and suggested the deal which he accepted as part of hoffman's efforts to receive a reduced sentence for a nineteen eighty-one federal so. This guy was in trouble. And set up john laura and basically created something to get to save himself time taking together And basically hoffman whose name was redacted and the original diamond also say that he was aware of delorean's financial troubles before he contacted him Taken together these two elements allow delorean to successfully defend himself at trial. With procedural defense of police entrapment so he got out of these charges. Because it was technically entrapment. And i guess that's basically what the issue of with the video is that this is video evidence later on larry. Flint said this was not that this was staged. This was not true. however i'm ninety nine percent. Sure this footage that they use for the movie is actually john delorean's like i think that is actually john delorean getting busted But this whole thing is very interesting. Your him going back and forth with You know Fucking fucking with shod lorient tape and stuff and how much trouble it gets him. And it's just absolutely insane. I just the fact that it. It played a contributing factor to john. Delorean getting getting out of a huge. He would have probably have gone to prison for the rest of his life. Like that's absolutely insane. Two hundred twenty pounds of blow yet right. You're fucking god dude see ya. That's insane right absolutely We kinda see this Campari ad the liquor. Campari this is a jerry. Falwell talks about his first time. This is really. Were starting to get again. We're getting kind of like fed. Dropped this i guess jerry falwell kind of kind of aspect of stuff larry over the subpoena to give up the source of his tape. I was gonna take this chunk because they go back and forth back and forth back and forth him going to court Burly by favorite part of this whole thing is you know. He issues a he issues bench bench warrant for his arrest. He refuses to give out the source. The best part has got to be when he was like keeping a very tight leash on your You know on your client. He is not leave. The state of california and it just cuts to running across one word. But i also love him like in the chair in the wheelchair just like like watching the monitors as like they come together as soon as the warrant ride and he's just like waiting for abc. He's like come on. Come on it. Yes. this is absolutely this this my you one. My favorite moments of the whole movie is when they start storm in his house. He's got the shirt says. I wish i was black. And i'm like oh my god dude. What the fuck but yeah he he. Basically i've i've turned the whole world into a tabloid is his whole thing like damn. That's that's fucking crazy but yeah this whole thing can really be summarized by that you know. He gets over the bench award for his arrest. He refuses to show up for the subpoena. Eventually he is fine ten. He's gonna find him ten thousand dollars a day if he refuses to give up a source. I the hustler. Chicks coming into the money on the fourth so fucking baller dude bugging love it all star not hold up and i mean like you are not right. The code never specified. What i mean like how it's gonna take its payment right. Yeah Now this whole thing where he actually. I read a little bit about this. He was talking about this woman. I think vicki morgan You know she was alfred. Alfred bloomingdale's mistress and she did like alfred. Bloomingdale is really good friends with reagan's and she was basically an escort and Alfred bloomingdale set her up huge and when he died his wife cut her off. You know obviously And it ended up being a big thing where she was writing a book to expose a lot of people and her roommate beat her to death with a baseball bat And it's fucking really random. A lot of people thought she was set up to be murdered. But unfortunately the guy was just crazy and beat to death But what. They say what she would've expose would have really blown wide. Open a lot of crazy shit about these people and Larry comes in. He's at the you know the helmet on. He's wearing the american flag diaper. Espace fifty thousand dollars in bail like right on the spot this time. We'll take a cashier's check This is the great. This is great the last time he's in this core but this this judge the fucking white suit and a black shirt that says fuck this court and like dude. I really think you'd get away with that. I don't think you'd get away with that like there's just. I'm sorry. I sign like this judge and the we get off this i just before the supreme court there is no standing for this like you wouldn't even be allowed inside. The court stopped at the doors. You know there's this right. And i like it because it he toned down and the supreme court you know he just sits in the back. She's chill. i don't think he. I don't know if he has anything. I don't remember anything vulgar on like he's just kind of chilling the back eating orange. I do remember him eating the orange from giving the ryan's to the security guard. Throw away. i just that makes me laugh. My favorite part of this whole thing is he's like you know who sorry you're ready to reveal your source samarai. He's like excuse me. He is like is curly undergoing acupuncture treatment for groin injury. And alan trist odds okay allen. That's my favorite date. I will die laughing. It has delivery of that You know he he. Fires alan alan's like you know what fuck you i've had enough. I'm re represent yourself There's no cursing in this courtroom. He starts spitting. They put a gag on them. We recommend this. Is you know we were talking about the trial of the chicago. Seven this happens in. The trial is regarded as evan. Not legal Because you instantly make like well look. It's not because you'll physically assaulting someone but also to the jury i didn't think does the jury amount among particular show but like in that in that movie you've made your Defendant look sympathetic. Because he's being like gag of injuries just like oh my god god being gag. That's a automatic mistrial deb but like here is just like that is not acceptable in the court of law. I'm sorry you just con- gag someone i feel. I watched like a bunch of courtroom. I love watching like courtroom freak outs and stuff like that. Where people get sentenced. You know they murdered some kid a cry for like forty minutes. 'cause it's two nine hundred years in prison But i've seen one of those like recently like like in the last five years. Somebody with a ball gag in their mouth because they were either talking or spitting or something they were looking at the victims families and saying just crazy ship they ball gag this fucking guy and as For the shit he was saying. I remember being thank you. Jesus christ but i mean really what do you expect. They put they put this ballgame. They tape his mouth to act normal. He said immediately throws an orange and he's fighting to the bitter end he's rippin the mic out of the table You know he asked for bail because he's being sentenced to fifteen months at a maximum. You know a psychiatric facility. And larry flynt was totally to be like bipolar. Later on he is He is kinda fucked up. Yeah and yeah. This is where she this. This definitely again feels like another lapse of time. We're larry is just in this like loss. He's just in this limbo But as this is going on this is where these divinity students at liberty university. Bring the campari add up to jerry. Falwell you know and there's you know the whole thing about him having sex with the mother in an outhouse dude this is so great love Yeah and yeah a bright right on the heels of that everything is starting to crash down around larry flint. You're in psychiatric prison You are going to be sued by jerry. Falwell here in just a little bit alpha tells you she has aids you know that. She's basically extremely sick sick sick as she puts it and she has aids Larry jeez dude. He looks insane. Double like the bloodshot eyes But what's really fucked up. That makes me really sad about this. As she says nobody at hustler will shake her hand. Nobody will talk to her. And at the time like you know that was kind of a fear that people didn't know how you got aids. Do they thought you could share a drink toilet seat and that's how you got it You know but the fact that it actually is like. I remember the first time watching this and getting kind of emotional because you see even the larry is fucked up. Even the larry is just gone. The second the walks in and she's like people won't shake my hand and he kinda tears up and he's like they won't look at you like they won't talk to you. It doesn't give a fuck about himself. All he gives a shit about as i i. My actions landed me here. But you are out there and that is not how the people i built in my empire will treat you. I think that's so fucking awesome. I love that sofi. Oh yes sir. Yes sir code. Pink code pink. I love pink pussy. that's his code. Can i yeah. Yeah i was i was just gonna ask. Did you read the rail. Jerry falwell no. It didn't so to be a chimney. It's okay look. I'm not going to go through all of it but let me let me. Just try and raise them. This is the. This is the fake. Campari ad hustler. Put up. And this became obviously the landmark falwell versus hustler case. But anyway this is the article. I falwell on what. My first time was in an outhouse outside. Lynchburg virginia interview Wasn't it a little cramped falwell not offer. I kick the guard out. Interviewer c. e. must tell me all about it full. Well i never really expected to jamaica with mom but then after she shared all the other guys in towns such a good time. I figured what the hell interview your mom. Isn't that a little bit odd full. Well i don't think so. Look star main watched me woman. Interviewer gone foil well. We were drunk off. Outgoing god-fearing office. On campari ginger ale. And sorta that's called. The fire and brimstone time and mom looked better than mum. Look better and mom looked better than a baptist or one hundred dollars donation. Oh my god. I'm gonna read his whole thing. Actually it's not too much longer. Yeah interviewer campari in the crop. With mom how interesting. Well how was it bulwell. The campari was great. But mom pasta before i could come interview. Did you ever try again. Bulwell sure lots of times but not an ad house between mom and the shit. The flies were too much to bear in a home mike viola. We meant the campari. Well always get sloshed. Before i go to the pulpit you could lay down all that bullshit dear cheese. That is amazing. That's the entire article that fuckin- here's the thing i think that's amazing and i hate jerry. Falwell bud that is like that's that's almost asking for. That's almost like putting target on your back. But i you have incest. You have an outhouse. You have liquor you have have like loss against you have this the slot against religion at the end ride like i contact that bullshit with drunk. Yeah the like. It's all in that right. Who may sweat. And i don't believe any average like oh and really tell. I mean this the veracity of that. Yeah if i was doing well. I'd find hot against that as well. That's fight that has some venom to it. That's got some now. That's rough oh Who solari calls and he fires everybody. You know which is kind of they kind of take half-heartedly out the goes to see alan They're getting you. Don't see exactly what it is. But they're being sued by jerry falwell Aluna's take it to whoever larry's lawyers are an you are are lawyers. Alan like i. I'd like her delivery here. She's good there are moments where she's where she's really good. She actually was with ever norton for like a few years overnight over time Had to be physically carried into the office. Yeah at this point. It's like you know. I admit if somebody comes back near like a you have aids i would be larry worse the drugs like fucking hit me do like i'm gonna stay fucking i'm going to stay doped up There's just no way. I would stick my dick anywhere near according to of them. Sorry looks like aids like if you would have put son of life hades here like she looks like it. Well it's it's not innuendo. You're wrong with the character of south. She's been fucked up on drugs. She she's dying of a terrible disease but like personally no no way in. Hell there's something about courtney love that. Just kinda scares me. And i don't know what it is. There's a really really great book. I think is called like love and death but it's about cocoa baynes air quotes suicide And they try to point a lot of stuff too corny. love of courtney. Love's dad according to loves dad meet mallika grocery store and then drives like fifteen minutes to the other side of town to make sure that courtney love has not followed the guys that are following her. Dad dad is like i will. I will not have anything to do with her And apparently france being cobaine pain you know their daughter Kirkman daughter apparently that she won't as far as i can tell they have like a really bad feud between the two of them But i just man. What a talented fucked up individual. But he Alan goes to see. Larry tells them he's i. Hey i know. The timing is lousy but little campari ad. And i love leary's kind of like yeah you know. Won't jerry fall on his out house mother. Yeah i'll well he saw it And i guess it's safe to say he didn't really find it all that funny and he is suing you for forty million dollars. And it's like like the air sorry for libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress. And he's asking for forty million dollars and the the way larry's face he's just gone. He's jerry falwell. Yes this is jerry falwell in his home state soon you for forty million dollars And it's genius because this is not. Obviously i don't think that literally just had his back pocket. It probably took some research to figure out exactly what happened. He suing me for heaven's sake. On what grounds well you xerox does add and you sit it out and you send it out in a million fundraising gladys success. Oh and you didn't ask permission. That's copyright infringement of his president bounds like valmont as well be the line of the movie. The depth of his birdies knows no bounds. That could be the tagline the posta right and this is larry. I mean at his worst. This quarter appears. He's banging his head against the metal on the on the van The us district court roanoke virginia nineteen eighty-four allen east. Jerry falwell's asked for breakfast so this is so good him just absolutely tearing apart you know. He sets him up. He's like you know you achieved certain notoriety. You're you're a great man. You've done a lot of stuff he's like. You ever had sex with your mother at suckling right up. It's like an uppercut dude You're the you're the more majority. Your membership is over five million You've been awarded and recognized for efforts all over america. This is he setting him up so well that even fall follow can't the he is setting he is setting you up. You are the person of the year in good housekeeping. So how could anybody reasonably think that this is what happened. And i'll admit having to add read to me. It depends on if you it is. I can see where somebody might take that seriously. You know if they don't get the context of it that's the only thing if they don't get the context i get that but it is so ridiculous and eventually you have to hit a point go. There's no way jerry falwell said this like there's no fucking that's how i mean like look we. We live in a world right now in. Twenty twenty with satire is so rampant. And it's everywhere it's in it's announced social media. It's tv movies. I mean south park like family guy. All of these things is a typical dagnon. The like yeah we have we have a thank. You called the advocate which calls out like all of these like satirical it. It's it's interesting to me sort of an interesting to me. It's just it's hard for me to imagine a world west seattle. I like this didn't exist and people took it seriously like you know like we sir I guess spoiled that satellite where it's to the point where it's hard to tell what's real and what's not to the point where he being legit 'cause like if you're making a joke but like here it's just like like we don't even understand subtle like they speak. Do when you need to explain a jerk to someone that's when the jerk didn't really work ride really but then that's also because you made that jerk not understanding your audience right so like you didn't really understand who you tell telling this jerk charters and now you'll falls to explain it like that's kind of what this reminds meals. No yeah absolutely And i think that's only gotten worse as time has gone on because with with inter deepfakes was some like. There's been how. how many times have you seen. Somebody share an onion article on ironically. Yeah and so you have to explain to them now. That's that's a joke like you don't you don't get out So i ask. Have you ever gotten any ever had a few too. Many lunch. Went back to the radio is now that is a totally outrageous suggestion. And he's like that's outrageous. You don't think that some people despite your reputation might have reason to believe that you could do that. I would find it very difficult to believe. And he has signed his own death. Warrants a reasonably. You're telling me that nobody can think that these statements about you re true. Yes that's what. I've been saying all right here we go. I let me get my four can knife. 'cause i'm gonna put my bib on. Have your shoe see porky pig. Southern asks for dinner. This is so good. Oh dude this guy he looks. He looks kind of delicious re prologue at the beginning of this trial. Judge kirk gave very specific instructions to the jury. He says she said if a reasonable person could not believe that hustler. Magazine describes actual facts about jerry. Falwell than you must dismiss the libel claim. Like do you remember this. And he's he's obviously not. That's so fucking good. You know what is as like. Why are you so in my client reliable. He's a lawyer mr isaac sanchez. Great because i'm a lawyer. I can't figure it out either. This is probably my favorite scene with ever norden. Why almost quoted this word for word as he just destroys him. But it sucks because you. You feel allen's frustration. Where he does all of this he is fucking michael jordan out there and then you know larry turned around us. This like foul can crazy. Birsh it my god. Yeah far well the whole thing about oh yes. Christopher columbus like once again. When when you see allen take the case and it's just like god dang you don't really know what you're in full and then like seeing him work hot defend this guy like you and look in the story of the movie he got shot ride like granting you didn't get shot in real life but in the story of the movie got shot literally took a bullet for this guy and he is still going to bat for you even if you publicly fired him. Which by the way was on a public record like that would have been recorded right Like he is still going bad for your and you'll still gonna do this like faatoia. Shit like bright moments like this. That doesn't i. Don't think that woody housing and meals foreman intentionally set out to make larry flint flint. Likable by the end. I think he's supposed to be like we're supposed to understand his point of view in that he is publishing content that we that that should be published ride like that people would want to say but he's supposed to be super lockable. A supervise one hundred percents of athletic. All the time right and and you can. Actually i appreciate you can find him in court. It's points during this time on youtube like there's video of real airy flint. That's very interesting. But are you also known as larry flint. He's a k. Faa jesus h esquire and allen's react. Jesus christ for christ's sake that's what he says. God damnit that so good But yeah he's basically says you know. John is sir fucking patient. Ter- like she's right quiet in the courtroom you is that all you have to say is that all you have to say right. We'll anything i love. He's i. I haven't that mr will is a liar. A glutton sheep a file and he's like you know euchre deliberately created this you know he wanted to You wanted to 'cause my client trouble. He's like he wanted to destroy his character to assassinated. And it's like oh that's such so good man. I fucking love this yeah this whole thing mocking about you know religious. You know a religious leaders and politicians and stop. And it's the one time. That larry actually kind of hold so what he's saying he's like. What was your intention to hold. So it was your intention to hold him as a hypocrite. Yeah what he is. As i this one time you cut through the bullshit and actually say what you mean and stick to it and our when he actually admits it. It's really refreshing. It's this like all like for us like fully ends. It's like a breath of fresh air. Yes it was your intent to destroy his integrity his livelihood. If you could to assassinate it that's so fucking great Of course it's a weird decision He does not. he's not guilty of lyle liable. He's an Inflicting emotional distress yesterday on two hundred thousand dollars of course fart. Well-considered this the win. This is where you know. A- larry. I think i think larry eventually is able to come home after this and he comes back to hustler magazine. Everybody thinks she's going to get fired. The security guard that always with him. He's got the mustache kind of like the crew. Cut kind of the bigger guy. Same as doug he is actually at the time was leery flint's bodyguard real bodyguard And i like this. He comes back and everybody thinks you know. They're fired and he calls over jimmy he's like. It's cool bro. Don't worry about it. Like you can kind of see the larry is cooling off that he's getting back to his normal load cell and i love everybody. You remember alpha. And it's yes. I fucking love that dude. Like because there's moment to watch larry and he's a fucking crazy person and he's calling themselves. Jesus squire then. He's like no you shake her fucking hand. As yes like this woman that we worked with for years that sat around tables with us and we joked and stuff you do not treat her any fucking differently. Like i love that. I think i think fantastic. But i mean it's kinda yeah it's it's short lived though Unfortunately this this scene is really hard to watch as she goes to take the bath. Leary gives her a ride in there and he's talking to the doctors. What are they doing in europe. You know you know. The money is no option. Basically i'll do anything to to save to save her life. unfortunately I think officially she drowned to death. I b but like i said larry flynt said that she would die within the year. Anyways right yeah exactly. Yeah flynn says that at the time she was in advanced stages of aids and would have died within the year regardless of that point who taking care of in claims that she was practically bedridden Dude she was the fourth wife of larry flint. Yeah well i think the longest run into. I think i might be wrong. I think unless there's one that kinda beat that record but This is this is. This is what such sets in motion. A train of events We jerry follow you. Cannot ma god. You cannot full god if you violate his laws. God almighty will judge you see here. Eight is a plague and this is crazy. Shit that he would actually say these perverted lifestyles have to stop. I am going to read a small something. Don anything not crazy. This is on. This is a a an article composed the worst of jerry falwell. Now this has definitely this stuff. That's absolutely true. Jerry falwell said on september the eleventh this is quoted word for word the abortionists have got to bear some burden for this. Because god will not be mocked and when we'd and when we destroy forty million little innocent babies we make god mad. I really believe that. The pagans and the abortionists and the feminists and the gays and lesbians who are actively trying to make that alternative lifestyle to The aclu people for the american way. All of them who have tried to secularize america. I point the finger in their face. And say you helped this happen. Jesus thousands of an actual that was on the fucking day. September the eleventh bigger issues with the fuck. Oh this is jerry fall on feminist. I listened to him list feminist. And all these other gal's these women just need a man in the house that's all we need. Most of the feminist need a man to tell them what time of day it is to lead them home and they blew it and they're mad at all men feminist hate men their sexes. They hate men and that's their problem. I i one hundred percent believe that he was fucked me auspey price when he was younger. I mean there's no way that he wasn't like that is Here's here's one that will hit home for you. Jerry falwell on islam. I think mohammed was a terrorist. I read enough of the history of his written of his life written both by muslims and non muslims that he was a violent man. A man of war show jerry follows. Jerry i just i just wish it cut to like like an old eighty like sitcom audience i. I'd just like everybody laughing. What a buck piece of shit dude. Seriously a man have passed away in two thousand seven of a massive coronary while. I mean look at them. There's a his sons really a piece of work to you. Know i don't wanna get into that But there's a great. There's a great quote from christopher hitchens where he said What once said if you could give jerry falwell senior anima than you could bury him in a matchbox as like. Oh fuck fuck. That is such a great. Put down this guy so full of shit But anyways that's really what sparked this whole thing with with Larry that he wants to take this higher to the supreme court. The great team between him ever more than you know why they would probably hear us and this is the court this is the kind of cases that lawyers kill for. They dream about it and they would probably hear us. I'm not taking you larry. He's i i don't believe your bullshit anymore. I think that's great. It's the one time you really see somebody. Kinda stand ups larry. And you watch larry buckle under the bullshit and i can't. I can't do this on my own out. The has gone. A lot of my friends are gone. A lot of these people are gone. Like i have to kind of he to someone else's call if i wanna be able to take this higher. I wanna basically have been jau thea in a symbolic way. I think that's really You know he says straight up. He's like we're friends. He's like you know this. Is you know i. I liked that that this goes beyond just just professional relationship. I would love to be remembered for something meaningful. i think. That's really really cool I'd love james cromwell gibs volleyball's attorney the stack of hustlers. He's like the tin man goes. Yes that's the tin man. That sounds good so the supreme court. Here's the case. This whole scene is really fantastic. Like you said it's fun to see kind of isaacson cutting up with the supreme court justices as What did think about this being the climax of the movie. Well one of them is a judge. Antonin scalia who is Like like the i guess. The one of the guy one of the judges that worked with Cheney when he when he came up with the law. I guess what is god damn. It was used in the movie vice. A basically it's it's it's emergency palace and how vice president can use palace But yeah it looks. Clear is like bigger than he's he's lodged than life. This was good man. I really enjoyed this. This is this is really great to watch. It was interesting to watch like this being a bit lighter than what i expected like. This was the lafayette cracking jokes. I was like cool. Yeah i thought that was interesting. Like seeing them kind of everything's been so like uptight and everybody's being so serious so far and to see them kind of just cracking jokes. These we wanted to bring jerry falwell down to our level. I level that was admittedly much lower than his not supposed to join. But that's appoint hardly yeah. Well that's what i was gonna say. This is like my favorite edward moment. Like this is the morale is just like fuck. Yeah you're you're really selling You're really selling flint's kind of like point of view and that's really what you can like nature and he's he's doing is doing such a great job at it absolutely dude absolutely You know this whole scene is great. You know he saying we just want less deflate. This structured bring him down to our level and what was the point of this ad. He's like you know. It's no different than gary trudeau saying that. Reagan has no brain or johnny carson. Saying what he says on the tonight. Show you know. I think shuttle. Right when i think it's actually scalia. Who starts talking about the rule of public sites of satire What about other people who value should be able to enter a public life and the public service the rule you give us as that if you stand for public office or a public figure in any way you cannot protect yourself or indeed your mother against a parody of committing incest with her at an outhouse Do you think the george washington would have stood for public office if that wisconsin wins I love the comparison that he does. You know that. There's a political cartoon for over two hundred years ago with employing a donkey and it says oh. This stocky is leading an ass to washington. I can handle. That jordan handled that i think joyce can tiredly dirt absolutely. I mean you're in the public spotlight. You're going to have to expect it. You just you just like it's just going to happen. People are gonna make judge to agree with your your policies like you know so. Expect some level of I guess criticism rheinland criticism in the form of seattle right when in evens like squeezed one. Who goes is there any. That's a far cry. And he's like it's might be a far cry in terms of taste but not in terms of content. You know that technically their textbook the same thing It's it's just satire. that's all it is You know and basically Yeah they they kind of the kind of go back and forth and he kinda makes his point. I liked it. We don't really hear anything from jerry. Falwell side of things that we don't hear their arguments that it's really this is. This is edward norton moment to like this has his fighting drako in russia. This is his life taking all taken this shit to task. And he's so well-spoken he says such a So great but outside the courtroom. He's like a of the way the way that he says. Is i Because that's the first memo protect. What had grumman commie scumbags got like me will protect all of you. I hate larry. Do you have any regrets. And i was like jesus talked about setting somebody up and for like only we. We need a good transition year but it's sad. The way they to the house the empty swimming pool all the shrubs like dead. But you can tell. The party is over like like. That's at this feels like georgiana monologue at the end of blow. It's fucking over man. We see these giant empty rooms. Big picture of al. It's really fucking sad and just watching him. You know saying these old home movies. His wife is alive. He's not paralyzed anymore. allen 'cause i brought Brought their decision in Well it's unanimous unanimous decision lady in rehnquist's Larry o'brien quist wrote it himself. He's a cut the bullshit al. Now i want to hear this At the heart of the first amendment is recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas. Freedom to speak. One's mind is not only an aspect of into an individual liberty but essential to the quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole and the world of debate about public affairs. Many things don with motives that are less than arable are nonetheless protected by the first amendment. Love it love it. Love it fucking love it and he just says thank you. Allan thank you. Don't mention click. Hang up the phone and of movie. That's it me. The man like it's it's such a great Such a good way to go out like such a good way for the movie to go out on unita watch. The i like the steven spielberg's the parts like really really really similar. Kind of like. I guess the matic's ride i mean like it's all about fest amendment and the freedom of speech and liberty. Tom hanks tom hanks is the lady. Tom hanks straight got really really awesome. but yeah i love this story too. I love the idea of this young kid from kentucky or you know used to sell moonshine changed the way people you're the first amendment and view the law and like. Yeah it's it's really really such an important story. And i can't believe i'd never seen it before. Sorry i'm kinda getting into my closing thoughts. I guess Yeah go for it. Yeah they were here mandy. Yeah i love it. I love this city. I think is really important. I think it's really well acted. I think it's really. Well shod well-directed woody house and his goddamn pow awesome this movie. It's such an important story and it's so into it like it's so entertainingly told it's a black. It's black comedy. It's not a heavy hefty drama. And it's just. I actually think it's really watchable at conway took actually go back and watch it. So i'm glad you d- this is. This is really fantastic movie. Hell yeah dude Yeah i i. I could sit here and probably talk about this movie for like another three hours. Because it's got the humor like you said it's really a deep down yet bio-pic but it's also a bio pic about a guy who threw fighting kind of his own demons and through sabotage at every corner. This guy pave the way for a lot of shit and that shit may or may not be good shit but it shit regardless that alan is have been set great. I love that. I live in a country where i can pick that up where i can throw it away. The ultimately that's what it comes down to like maybe in the morning i wake up. I want coffee water. Melker orange juice. Maybe i want one of those but if you come in and say all this is legal because of some bullshit reason and it doesn't hurt anybody. Yes kind of bullshit. I at least want the option of that at least want the freedom of that. This movie is full philosophically and morally really really interesting. I i think there's still so much meat on that bone when it comes to censorship. If the i love talking about censorship especially eighties and ninety censorship getting that parental warning on avance. Mpaa started cracking down after harrison. Ford god. Damnit indiana jones because indiana jones. Safe for me for me. The interesting part of it is essential. Censorship for the advantage of the government like Like not not right for the advantage of the papal but for the government like to protect the government's interests are and god again. I'm i'm comparing to pars because the post is a censorship for the advantage of the government as they tryin conceal important information about the vietnam war and things things done things that are necessary for the public interest like things that it is important for the public to the things like that man. I'm just like damn it like that really interests me man. I love that stuff. Yeah absolutely Fundamentally someone who was raised not far away from from larry flint and but years and years and years later like i understand that the struggle of trying to break free of that. Especially your your stuff around you I can really relate to to him in in terms of you know. I love his head on his bad taste and selling a magazine. you know. that's basically ed but people act like That this thing is a world inter when it comes down to it and unfortunately living in a state. That is very end wrong. There's parts of tennessee are very nashville's very liberal. You know a lot of cal. College towns get very liberal But unfortunately living in a state that really does kind of want to turn it into mayberry from Andy griffith you know. They want to act like this is still the fifties and not on a lot of places but there are some hold outs left. That seriously need to kind of change it up. And i think that that is fundamentally shaped who i was as a person and i did not fit in in a group of people who are like. I was questioning things and saying. Hey this is not making sense. This does not this religious thing. Or you know. Even though i believe this. I don't think that you know if we weeded onto the same school together and they made you say the pledge of allegiance. And you're like i don't believe in the same god. I would be pissed that you had to do that. I've never been a fan of that. I think that's absolute horsh shit Even somebody who went to a private christian school for multiple years. I was like this place is bullshit and second weather doing is bullshit. I'm totally fine with if you believe whatever you want to believe it keep it at fucking home and keep it out of my house. And i'm like and i don't care what it is you know all i want message. Yes exactly keep your goddamn god out of my house. Now i'm just kidding. Ultimately at the end of the day be nice to people. Don't be a dick. That's my that's my. That's my christmas message to everybody. Now i fucking loved this movie. I think this is probably a ten out of ten. I will never get tired of watching this. I seriously i worked from eight. Am till six pm. And i repeatedly watch this as. I was walk as i was working. I didn't sit down to just watch it six times back back but i just. I would just restarted as soon as i stopped. 'cause i just loved this world of hanging out and doing drugs banging unprotected sex and you know maybe possibly fucking jimmy carter sister in a in a peanut farm but but ultimately it's it's also crazy. We really didn't talk about the shoulders. That larry flint rubbed of political intrigue. And you know smut peddlers and you know a lot of presidential shit. Jackie o jimmy carter jr the supreme court like a lot of crazy shit for a guy who sells a porno magazine. And it's really. It's really quite interesting. But i fucking loved this movie If you want something very interesting on censorship the ben twisted sister doth edifice. Take out okay. their lead singer. Dee snyder had go before some bullshit committee that was like alan tipper gore in the late eighties or early nineties about censorship in music. And he absolutely pulled. An isaac managed that ask for breakfast and he shows up in like blue jeans. That are cut up a sleeveless blue. Jean vast with like a t shirt has hairs down everywhere. He pulls a piece of paper out of his back pocket. That's all folded and he starts to read this like unbelievably amazing speech and just destroys them and apparently denied. Twisted sister had written some songs that was about their bass player's throat surgery and it was kind of a graphic song and tipper gore wife was like. Oh well this song is about sadomasochism. Bedia sam he goes. I would affirm that if tipper gore found sado-masochism bedia symonette song. She was looking for only like. It's really good. I strongly urge anybody to to check that out. i think that It's anything with censorship. Anything like that is really really really interesting. But i think that's going to kind of wrap it up for us guys. It's been a great year I wanted in this podcast on a bang. I think we've done that so far. Really enjoyed this episode. If you like again if you wanna check out any of our staff we tagged soldiers at the beginning but a big thing that if you have any questions or anything like that. You can't find something. It's probably at midnight double feature dot com or you can go to patriot dot com slash midnight double feature sign up for the green room. It's five dollars. They're crazy europe. You can't support us if you can spare. The five bucks stopped by rate views on itunes That's free helps. Podcast immensely really helps us out of the gate with with other podcasts. Kind of sets us apart. We hope that you guys have a safe and a fun. Christmas hanukkah whatever. Whatever the fuck you say. Boxing day or whatever the fuck you celebrate we hope you guys enjoy it You know go rub one out on us. We'll see you guys later spanish took.

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