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HOUR 1: Is Jayson Tatum Already A Superstar? Plus, NBA's Terrible Officiating, and A Look Back At The 2017 NBA Draft; NBA Insider Ryan McDonough


This scale kissed his Scalp House. Radio DOT COM the radio DOT COM APP. See through alongside the White Mama. Brian SCALLOPS. Rini coming to you here on a Monday. After what might have been the game of the year so far scale you had a front row. Seat Celtics Lakers yesterday. A million different storylines in that game that will get to whether or not Jason. Tatum has taken that next up. Everybody wants to put him in that superstar category now. I look at Eastern Conference in some of the stars and I go. Who is this the guy on any contender behind the honest that you fear the most in the eastern conference because I think tatum might have a good shot at being that Guy We'll get into that a little bit. We'll run through some guys because obviously Jimmy Butler Siachen. Whoever where does he rank and that sort of group of the next level to your stars in the Eastern Conference scholar? Starting to worry about the clippers. We'll get to that as well. You know they are what three straight losses one and four in their last five things. Don't look good. The chemistry is getting worse. I got a theory on a throughout. You there about the clippers. I'm also worried about Ben. Simmons in his injury is back injury. How that impacts the sixers plus part of the story was in yesterday's game was the officiating. And how kind of uneven it was and how it took away from really what seemed to be the game of the season so far but there was also some -ficiating errors over the weekend as well. Mark Cuban going off on twitter. I'm sure he'll get fine. I'll get into that and a little bit also G. League coach losing his mind over the officials. Little style will play a little bit later for you as well. But Sky Urine. You're Portland here. You're just trying to set and globetrotting on the on the on the West Coast here. What's going on? How was your weekend? How's the game? Because they watch it on my couch dude that would that was That might have in the game of the year so far in the league until the last five minutes because the game was phenomenal. You had you know what's great about those marquee matchups right. It's it's really the cream of the crop right you can you can. Obviously we all know. Lebron's this that guy in the man and whatever arguably the goat but to see what? Tatum has been doing in the last two months since being elected to the all star game and then seeing what what happened in that game nationally televised and the Lakers. Like you can make the argument that he was the most dominant player on the floor. Just like if they couldn't play him one on one they had to send a double team. He sent it double team to him. A half court didn't handle it. Well which is like. Hey if you can split the double spin shoot a fadeaway off the glass. Eventually you'll be able to handle the half court trap so I'm very optimistic about that. But I thought it was a great game until the last five minutes and I don't. I'm not one of these guys that are sitting here and telling you all the Celtics. Scott Screw No. I think the game wasn't that good in the last five minutes of the game. I don't and I don't know how they could fix it. Like the replays were are supposed to be to get it right. I think the replays are starting to morph into. If I'm an official and I made a call I'm just going to look at an angle that justifies my call. Even if there's one that clearly shows like the call going another way so I guess I was just a little bit down on the officiating a the last five minutes of that game. I agree with you. Let's do the officiating here than before because you kind of opened the door on here. Getting tatum a little bit. Because I I've never understood gallic. Why the officials can't get help like it's a tough game to officiate and there's going to be errors. They're always going to be honest with you. Replay that we have now like. You're going to see every error Mac Magnified by ten every single time and every mistake is going to be this massive deal for example you know we had. We were talking about this for the show. We had the Jason Tatum going out of. I'm sorry I was Jaylen Brown going out of bounds. He actually was not abounds Qadagha bump so he'd never clear view on it. Why can't why can't somebody because we're all watching at home? I'm sure you have replays at the game. There's well you're looking at your go. Oh clearly he wasn't unbound a balanced very easy. Call overturn it like that. It doesn't take that long like any like come on that. Would well how it yet but every no that would all my God. I would add fifteen minutes of the game. It's already I think there's I look at it if I'm an official now. Listen I'm not in all their training seminars or watching film the way they do but he clearly guest. He thought he saw something thought and it because he was falling out of bounds. He just like well. I'm going out of bounds and I've seen this before. I think he he was out of bounce. Well I feel like as an official. You can't guess you have to see it and if you don't see it you can't call it. I not that I'm saying he should get help from from New York or anything like that but just if you got bumped the excusive I got bumped in on falling out of bound is fine by the Lakers or the Celtics. Whatever it is just say listen. I got bumped. I didn't see it my bad. I missed it not I got bumped beep. It must be something wrong. That's how this thing works and with an and I think it goes back to the goaltender. This is the hardest call in all basketball. Because you're watching the contact. You're watching the guy going up. There is contact on a play. You wonder if it's a foul or not. The last thing you're doing is tracking your eyes up. And seeing if that balls ricocheting off the backboard and there's a goaltending call so that's a hard one late in the game. That could be one that they should. Maybe that's a huge difference because a lot of times a golden. It's a good bucket. That's now you're taking Nevada bounds. That missed layup because you know missile being goten 'cause four point swing late in the game. They fixed goaltending thing. And it's goaltending thing is a big deal and I don't. I don't know how they can fix it. But they have to figure out a way to to straighten it because it's a big big momentum shifter and you can't if if there's nothing called you can't go back and replay that so. I just think that's a tough one. I agree. We'll get into a little bit. We Got Ryan mcdonagh coming up in about twenty minutes here resident. Gm We'll get him on this conversation as well because we saw mark Cuban. Just go off over the weekend over a goal over goaltending call that really swung the swing the balance of that game and now the mavs they're basically looking at for a protest and they want to replay the final whatever however many minutes of that game because yeah like it does have a major impact but I I think the block shards and the goaltender are just I mean. Sometimes it's like kind of a gas in a way it's really kind of gas and then that's not a great way to put it but I mean you put these officials and it's really difficult position but like I. I just feel like in that situation. Where Jaylen Brown goes out of bounds? And it's clearly miscall. Everyone watching that game. The millions of people watching that game see that. It's the wrong call. Why can't we figure out now? There's the one you're obviously the goaltending ones are a little bit more difficult but we were talking about before the show is well like the issue is maybe that wrath knows because Lebron is is immediately barking in all years saying hey. Hey you know and listened to win the bronze barking at you. I'm sure that does impact how you call a game. I'm not calling out. The officials are saying they're biased one way or another but when maybe arguably the greatest second greatest player to ever play? The game is yelling at you about calls constantly. It's going to mess with your head it's going to. It's going to impact the way that you call a game so it's actually a great tactic from abroad. I don't really blame board even though I get annoyed by it. But they one hundred percent overturned that call that goaltending call because Lebron yell at them that that was it that was really and that's the that's upscale that that cannot happen and I you know again. It was such an obvious call. Why can't we just help the official out in real time and just say hey somebody in New York sees their buzzing their ear. It takes ten seconds. It doesn't take five minutes. It takes ten because what we did see was in that Anthony Davis. It was at the end of the game as well as they try to figure out who the ball went off and it was there was no clear angle on on on who the ball went off of so I think that replay which you're sitting the arena and it's a great game it's crunch time and all of a sudden the game stops for like five straight minutes. 'cause they're trying to figure out who the ball went up if it's not clear within like thirty seconds don't overturn the call on the court. I'm limit right okay. We had like you bring up the angle and you got one angle like this picketing angle watch it and decide. I don't need to find now. Here's the problem. Here's what I think is going on and I think this happens on the challenges to you. Watch one angle and you realize not a foul but if you watch enough different angles. A referee can justify their blown call. So all these coaches are like challenging vows. And you're going to the replay and it's clearly not a foul but in the textbook basketball on this particular angle. Yes you could justify the call so it's not it's it's the replays have not become. Let's get right to replace have become the afford the officials. Let me get my call right. And that's a problem to me at a big big problem for instance Brad wanted to re replay the Jalen Brown Lebron James Foul. Now Listen By textbook basketball. That's a foul but two minutes to go. The lack of contact that happened on that particular play with Lebron instigating most of it. It's it's yeah you're right you can't overturn the call but it was clearly like that's that's a bad. Call that way at the foul at this moment of the game. But once again officials go to the replay justify their call. Yes he right there right right there. Like Jaylen Brown. It gets Lebron James. He had his hand on his hip when he in that caused the Bronx. Miss that lay-up come on man. This isn't as I think it's becoming a good joke and by the way. If you're a coach you have to hate the replay. You Have Lebron James Calling Timeout asking for a replay of a play. That can't even be replayed and then the referees are you can you can have your time out back. By the way coaches are the only ones that can ask replace and then the fact that they gave him the time out just because this. Lebron James A distinct right. I'll say this to like. I don't think I think there were bad. Calls both ways so I don't know if it really impacted like necessarily outcome but it didn't impact like the just the enjoy. That's not a word but the enjoy ability of the game like how much like you're you're in this intense thing and all of a sudden five minutes stoppage we get oh is not as yet balancing those stop just do hurt like the overall product so while it was still pretty incredible. We'll get the tatum and all that stuff and a little bit I thought that maybe the most egregious thing was the tech the end to on Brad Stevens now. Antonio missing the free throws so it didn't matter but I love Brad Stevens being like dude. It's so loud here. You don't even know what I said. You can hear me so I I don't know we. We've talked a little bit about officiating. We'll talk a little bit about more because I don't want to do the entire first. Half an hour here on -ficiating but clearly like there's something wrong and you know whether it's digs mark. Mark Cuban coming out on twitter and bashing them. You know he's GonNa get fined. I'm sure because that's just how it works. I understand why you get you. Don't want owners kind of coming out and doing that but clearly clearly. There's something wrong clearly. There is a problem and I liked the I. I've always been a pro. Replay guys gallic. I almost get the cold. Right versus foremost get the call right. But it's becoming things it's one. Can you ever really get the call? Definitively right sometimes you cannot and the other thing is it does kill the flow of game sometimes so. I think that whatever this solution is this offseason whether it's getting rid of the challenger reviewing more stuff or making it taking out of the coaches Hans and just putting it in your hands. I like there has to be some sort of easy streamlined. Way By the way basketball the only sport that's dealing with this in the NFL. There's a billion different things about like what's the catch and what not a catch. There's holding out every single play. They have challenged the pass interference last year. Two years ago that cost. What was it the saints from going to the Super Bowl massive blown call in the EPL international soccer all soccer over the world. There are there's they have what's called bar. Which is the video assistant replay? That has been terrible. I mean terribly executed so it's not just the NBA. That's going through. It's an entire sports thing. Replaying sports is something that have we gone and we will bitten off. Maybe more than we cheer. But you early here like we put all this new replay and here. We want to get all the callers right but we're not really sure how to actually properly execute it yet now. I think that's what we're seeing. All throughout sports is that because the average fan can see every single call and can sometimes see better than the officials see it. It creates this environment like we have to be everything has to be perfect. We have to get every call right and it's sort of hurting the product overall sports. I believe Gal sure but I have a talked about this before. He's like okay. Scowl I I'm with you all the way like this is ruining the product especially down the stretch and he's like sure it might be for viewer right and but from NBA a GM or coach or some of the players out there like their livelihoods are on the line based off of mistakes so the idea of like oh well people are going to have to sit for four more minutes and get to sing ride in the viewership and whatever which I understand that they pay the bills. Jobs are on the line. Based off of these calls in the margin in these Games are so small. You lose a game. You win a game. You have home court. You don't have home court a playoff game. Whatever that is like causing people to get fired so in essence maybe i. I'm with you but five minutes of sitting there trying to figure out the Anthony Davis call is like causing someone to lose their job or their job. And that's that's the business that we live in so you you don't WanNa be the guy that gets fired based off of a miss out of bounds call and it's maybe not now in the regular season but definitely in the playoffs or as we get down the stretch for a team that's GonNa make the playoffs or doesn't era or not make the playoffs. Some of these calls like have major major implications. Let's we're GONNA do more on this with Ryan mcdonagh. Because obviously he's one of those guys that could have had his job impacted by different call. Who will get his thoughts on this? Because there there has to be some sort of healthy medium between what we have now is a perfect system or or you know always something close to perfect would look like but I want to get into the actual game itself because it was awesome game like it was it was. It was probably the game of the year the most most entertaining game. I've seen maybe this year And you know Jason Tatum. Forty one points Joe Tate and everyone you know even in the Celtics Scout. Tatum has the story now. I know like we can look at it and go. It's a great win for the Lakers. I think the Lakers. You know it's interesting. I feel like they didn't play as well as they could have. A lot of that was due to the Celtics and maybe some of their matchup problems like for for a lot of game. I feel like I feel like the size issues. The lack of size of the Celtics have at times doesn't really hurt them against the guy. Like Anthony Davis. I'll get to that in a little bit. But what everybody wants to talk about after the game is tatum's forty-one tatum's ascension to what is getting kind of close to superstar level here at least in the last couple of months now. I earlier this season. I'm looking at his boss scores and I'm going to eighteen four for whatever you know like a lot of bad shooting night so he's really really cleaned that up and has become a much more efficient player. I have always said he is an maybe one of the more underrated defensive players in the entire league and scale. This is now. The second time against the Lakers that he has been the best player on the floor and he was also the best player on the floor in both of their games against the clippers. This year is just a big. It's a big game tatum. That we're seeing. Is it. His game evolving into him. More of a superstar. Because I I'll tell you what like this guy as far as conference behind Jaanus. There aren't many guys. I fear more than Jason Tatum scale. So here's here's what's going on and this goes back to your four for eighteen to for he had a. We have a one eighteen one time. And Yep so what happens is and this is. This is a credit Jason Tatum. The coaching staff and mostly Brad Stevens. Think about it like tatum was going to the basket missing shots. Mrs. Schott couldn't finish at the rim. I think at one point in the NBA. I think he was under forty percent in the restricted area. With with a guy there so you know they take out all the fastbreak dunks and the back door wide open right but he you know finishing over people. He went from that to right now. He's in the top ten if you eliminate that and instead of date and you go moving forward and at at at finishing at the rim. He's he's gone to a whole `nother level like I don't know if we've ever seen that as like a guy starting out and it was in a small sample side. It was like you know eighteen games or something like that and he went from the bottom ten percent to the top. And it's like dude the Rim. Don't bother him he goes up the dunk. He switches it over to the lab. He he eurosteps around guy so that alone has allowed him to take his game from what it was which is like you said a kind of inefficient game. But he had all the other stuff and a lot of times. I don't look at a lot of times. I don't necessarily look at the shooting percentage at the rim if a guy is like taking taking the right shots but I do look at like. Are you getting there and once you get there and you have confidence in that and then the guy guarding you knows that. So now he's like man. I got a gap this guy. I can't let him turn the corner on me which plays into something. He's been doing since he was thirteen years old. Which is off the dribble. The step back to hang gerbils all the mid range game. But he's also doing that from three as well. So one thing that from an analyst standpoint his ascension is faster than anybody I've ever seen I've seen players that come in really good and they were fine. Some of their mistakes like he works on his weaknesses and and any turns them into strength. So He's like no players. I've any I've covered ever and really no player. I've ever been a part of on a team. I I don't understand how a guy could take something that was so bad at and turn it into something that he's so good at not not in a summer. We're talking like into in two months. So that's the thing that's really surprised me about tatum. And I would agree with you from offensive standpoint. He in a playoff game. It'll be really interesting. I I don't know how many guys in the NBA one on one will be able to stop him. So that gives the Celtics two guys now that you can give the ball to in. Have you know forty plus points on any given night which is entering them into are? They really are championship. Caliber team will tatum. Is that guy they might be all you know? I? I think it was. What was the last week I asked You? And who was it? Was it perk? He was probably perked. It was like what is the best case scenario for the Celtics. And I think perk and I both said maybe Eastern Conference finals and you said they could win the whole thing and I was like at the time I'm like I don't know I just don't see I don't know if they can. I don't know if they're legit title contender. The thing that I like about the celtics the more that I washed them. And then this new version of the Celtics. That's the last couple of months here. Is like a real their first and foremost. They're not afraid of anybody like they don't even going back to like when tatum was a rookie against. Lebron and was basically game seven away from going to the NBA finals a rookie. Like I don't feel like dude or Jalen or really any of those guys. I don't know if that's like a a culture like top on top to bottom type thing that you can talk about scalp but they are. They do not fear. People like the Bronze Star. Shocker whatsoever against some of these bigger teams. You look at some of these advance stats to. They are the best team against all the other great teams. They have the best net rating of against all the other top teams. Maybe even higher than the Milwaukee Bucks they are when they play the best teams in the League they show up and they give team Spitz and this is last night even without Kemba Walker. I'm interesting how that will sort of impact going forward. It didn't seem like they missed them. A ton and I look at the Eastern Conference and I go all right. Obviously you have honest but you know. I'm more afraid of Jason Tatum. Her Past Gal Siaka. Am I more afraid of Jimmy Butler or Jason Tatum? And my more afraid of 'em beat or Simmons or or Jason Tatum. I'm starting to lean a little bit towards tatum. Because we don't know all the kids want to talk about. Oh you know. He's got his Bagwell. He has pretty much every offense tool in his bag music. Great playmaker. He could shoot. What his what is his weakness. And he's only growing and I've always talked about this. We talk about. Everyone had him having a disappointing. Maybe second your sophomore season the NBA after a really impressive rookie year. We always think that these guys are just growing at the same pace like you know. He obviously went to a weird time. Why she you can blame it on. Kyw Or you could play on whoever you want. You can blame it on him working with Koby. Whatever whatever you want to do but clearly this guy learns in evolves as the as you know as he goes even midseason adjusting his game. I feel like whatever's in his bag. Fear maybe more than anybody else than anybody. Else MINUS JANAS IN EASTERN CONFERENCE Guy. Was that my my going too. Far Is that is that too far. No no because offensively. He's the most complete offensive player that there is. That's in an even Jimmy Butler. You know. In a way like he's he's on like okay. Jason Tatum off ball player. He could drive it. He's better at picking role you'd like him and Jalen Brown much much better this season than they were last season at making the right play like that's a a term that people use but none of those guys in maybe listen maybe Kyri. I don't know none of those guys are pressing out there ever ever now. They're just like coming off. Oh guys open wham hit the open. Man Like Oh. Here's Jalen Brown driving. Oh No. They took my gap away. Skip it to the weak side. I can tell you I might be able to count on my hand each one. Here's one time that those guys made the right play when they were aggressively looking to score as Jalen. And here's Jason like that's it like now. They're making five plays a half where they're just driving the ball to making simple play to a guy who's wide open because many people feel like they don't have to press as much this year. Maybe they feel like they're gonNA get forty possessions where the ball's. GonNa find him and they can get into their bag or jalen. Brown can turn the corner so no pressing at all by those two and when you talk about like a guy. Last night the Los Angeles Lakers. Who are the best offensive team and have probably the best rim protection in the NBA? Maybe the bucks are better than them but arguably the best friend protection NBA. They're like afraid of Jason. Tatum getting downhill there. Trapping him five feet outside the three point line. I been a part of the NBA for a long time. I've seen that a few times Senate with Kyri I've seen him with Derrick rose when he won the MVP. I never even see it with the Bron- because the Brownwood just pick your ass apart with his passing. So I've only seen that with a few guys in the NBA. Where teams just like. We gotta get the ball out of his hands. And it's only a matter of time but this is all new territory for the Celtics only matter of time before Brad Stevens says all right when you double team tatum. Twenty-five thirty feet from the basket. We're going to do this right here. And the I've seen it with Kimball Walker a little bit this season but the sellers are entering into a area. Where where are you going to put your defensive emphasis? You WanNa put it on Jason Tatum. Other guys are going to end up cooking. You Kimball was there you said. They didn't Miss Kemba. I think during the time in the second half and they double team tatum. I thought they really Miss Kemba because kimball would have stepped up like. Are you kidding me right now? You're going to trap him. Leave me wide open. Alright bucket bucket drive to the basket. Find another open. They just missed it yesterday. But it's only a matter of time before they figure out who they're going to put. Maybe is Gordon Hayward flashing to the middle and now going on one. Maybe it's it's Marcus smart and his playmaking ability so I'm really interested in seeing how the Celtics continue to get better as they go along. Yeah I didn't have any like obviously a great win for the for the for the Lakers. Like you know and it's not terribly surprising. I think what was? Maybe the most surprising thing to me is that like even the the celtics lack of size didn't seem to hurt them a ton I mean. Come on rebound late late late in the game. Yes but I'll say this like they had they had Jaylen Brown on Anthony Davis and I feel like Anthony Davis didn't really know how to attack that matchup. I I I feel like I've seen that a decent amount with Anthony Davis THIS YEAR. Where and this is and this gets into like what it'll be interesting to see how they play the rockets as well in the future is. Yeah Yeah 'cause 'cause I don't feel like Anthony Davis is an. I don't know if he's not assertive enough or he doesn't have the field or a take games over I think he does it in spurts but when you dumped the ball to him on the block and you're like hey you know. Use Your size having advantage talk. I don't I don't feel like he looks comfortable. I don't feel like you look so Jaylen Brown. Marcus smart. Those guys actually decent job on a D. and even eighty eight hundred thirty maybe it wasn't terribly efficient Gambia. Thirty two points you know. He was the the leading score for For for the Lakers and he had a good game and he did do some nice things especially with that size but in the middle of that game I'm going. He's not using his size and dominating that match up the way I think most people myself included thought he might do. I want to ask you a little later. Including with our Jim Ryan mcdonagh. Who's GONNA join us in a couple of minutes about like the team building philosophy about like is the is the celtics way this the clippers way of having to elite wings actually a better advantage than having an elite winging big? Because I don't I'm not sure I used to think like yeah you WanNa you WanNa big in a wing now. I feel like the the new look. Nba is almost more. Like I think I'd rather pick the two wings because they're up. Very Mermaid bigs in the League. They're gonNA take advantage of that matchup. Anthony Davis consistently has not been that guy. So we'll do that in a bit later disclosed that because so anti Davis is an average post player average. Yes he's an average post player. He gets average shots when he's in the post any gets very few follow ups which Zoe different design in this way like zeile shoot a jump. Hook land. Let's jump back in the air. Get rebound jump back to the finish on the other side of the room right. Davis is not like that but Davis is the best the best player I ever seen. Maybe start a Meyer with Steve Nash. Maybe maybe he was better. Maybe but the same thing could not play with his back to the basket but he is either at being on the move. Anthony Davis on the move. Okay so maybe I don't know I I would say maybe. Ad Can maybe prisoner of the moment but he is e lead like he'll catch a ball from the elbow on the move and somehow turn not dribble it take a huge step and dunk it. And let's say he caught the ball and a guy played perfect event. He threw it up and he was on the move. He'll come down. Rebound put that ball backup or tip. Dunk it in. So I don't know why Frank. Vogel was posting him up. But if Andy Davis on the move because the fact that he can pick and pop makes them even more dangerous. I I don't know why they just don't match up over and over again. The problem is he comes on the move they pick and pop he shoots he misses then all of a sudden they like get rid of it. No no you milk. That tells dead. Like tell. Eddie Davis MRS TEN SHOTS IN A row. Because he can. If you want to close out he'll drive you. So he is not a back to the basket player to me. He's on the move player to me and when he's on the movement he is ridiculous and they didn't do enough of that in my opinion which means that goes back to the rockets. You WANNA post up. Pj TUCKER YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE THAT BATTLE GET PJ. Tucker on the move he if page PJ TUCKER AD and eighty elevates PJ Tucker's right there. There's no way he's going to be able to stop him. But YOU WANNA post them. I've got PJ Tucker. All Day on that matchup. I'm glad you brought that up. I think I think eight point nine five points per post up or something. It's not there are very few guys that make that happen. All he's he's not he's not one of them for sure but your heart set right like I think the the pick and pop pick and roll. Lebron eighty is the deadliest. Most unstoppable basically play in the NBA. Right now. I don't think there are there who who has the answer to that. So you're right they get away with it and even do it with Rondo. A little bit too. Which is why I think like at some point Ronald still going to have you know something to say complete off time. Even though he hasn't had maybe the season or the season that lives up to his standards. But let's do this. Let's take a quick break. I'm glad you brought that up. But I wanNA bring Ryan mcdonagh because I want to ask him about sort of this roster buildings plus I want to ask him. There were a bunch of people on twitter. Yesterday scall- Lakers fans and sixers fans feeling like Oh man. We could've taken Jason Tatum number one or we. You know because both those teams essentially pass on Jason Tatum. I I know you brought up a theory about that. I want to get into that because I have a question for how that exactly how that two thousand seventeen drought could have played out. Okay so once you give us a quick read here from from five hour energy and then we'll be done it I will do. I'll do five hour energy then. Okay here we go. We'll get to let me. I'd rather get it done. 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Are you getting a lot of energy from five hour energy but it's like a tropical on the go experience checkout five hour energy today well said well said especially when you're traveling all around west coast trip waking up early? What time it's eight thirty there for you. So listen fire. Angie helps everybody out this quick shot and that you're good to go art was. Why don't we do this scale? I'm going to skip the break because we got our guy are resin. Gm Ryan mcdonagh. Omer Sunshine was joining us. Now we'll bring them into this conversation. I if our most mcdonagh what's going on Man. Good morning guys scale. Welcome back from vacation. it certainly makes it act like I actually a big chore to Get up early. I do this every Damn Day. All right eight eighty two nights a year. I don't know if I'm on eighty two nights a year but on the West Coast. Your we wake up. We get ready. For RADIO DOT COM. We eat breakfast and then we go on Scallon Pals. That's what we do. Yeah but but mcdonagh. You're not you're on that to our life not the three our life you got that Arizona time right so it's only what nine thirty there? You're that's not bad. Plus you've got already when the rest of the country spring forward and a few weeks. We're going to be on Pacific Time. I'll be up right in early also ready still sleeping. You Got Pillow. He's got his pajamas. Some hot chocolate in the morning easing into the day. We'll be up getting ready for Scallon pals combing through box scores and leaving no stone unturned to bring you guys the best content. Why do you look so Tan right now? Like I know that you live in Arizona. You still look tasty deal. Yeah Rick mentioned the same thing. Rick Euchre. When we had him on last week scale. When you were out I think it may be the lighting. It could be the fact that I've been playing with my kids outside some great question. No you know as an Irish guy whose forty years old in one hand the Times I've been complimented my life being Tan. So now this is twice in two shows and hopefully we can keep it rolling. You got a link. Mcdonagh you guys to be proud of me like. I made it all through Mexico. That's nine days. I didn't put one drop of some block on. I wear hats. I wear shirts hoodies in the pool. I was swimming in a pool. I had a Hoodie on and that put the goggles over the Hoodie. It was great but we could have a dermatologist on the show scale and I think he tell you that's idiotic to go to Mexico without going week and a half I was. I was diligent about hats and all I got a big straw hat that I wear on my tractor. I brought that bad boy down there. Like I'm telling you diligent about the sun not touching the skin and I. I got to know some sun is the enemy right. That's the that's the enemy. If you're wearing long sleeved shirts and hoodies in like ninety degree weather. Then you're probably not gonNA get sunburned but girl probably sweating a ton to scout but Let's do this we will. We'll bring into the conversation. We were just having which is kind of about Jason Tatum right. I want to ask you this Ryan because we talked about since cow. Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember US talking about like maybe the two thousand seventeen draft and you know it was. It was false. You know who goes one? The sixers trade up Celtics go back to three end up getting tatum. I saw a lot of people on twitter yesterday. Specifically sixers and Lakers fan saying man. We we pass on Jason Tatum. We could have gotten days and Tatum Ryan. You take us back to that draft like what the consensus was was the consensus. That foltz was the best player in that draft. I felt like it was a little bit more mixed but I also didn't think people bought the tatum would be the guy he is right. Now maybe approaching superstardom and top fifteen to ten player level right. Yes thirty two letter listeners. Know Jam of the Phoenix. We had the fourth pick in that draft so one pick after Jason. Tatum was selected. So we were right in the mix. We're actually slotted second in the lottery that year. Got A bad bounce in the Ping. Pong balls the Lakers moved up to two. They ended up taking Lonzo ball after more kilovolts and went number one and then the celtics took Jason Tatum three after doing that trade Celtics had the number one pick. They they drop back to three and then they also got a future first round. Pick for Sacramento. That I believe turned into Romeo Lankford last year. So but Vance your question guys. Marquel Foltz was the consensus number one overall pick. I don't think that's the case but I think most people around the League would take more careful now and I say most people I don't mean like ninety percent majority. I think it would have taken faults than tatum or ball or Josh. Jackson took the aren't Fox or whoever so that that's why Philadelphia did the deal. It's interesting in hindsight. I think one of the things that's very or I know one of the things that's very easy to do. So we city over two and a half years later is to say well. They should have done this. They should have done that but what I always say guys is. You can't take the field and what I mean by. That is if you said at the time that either Philadelphia with number one could Lakers win the number. Two pick should've taken Jason Tatum specifically then it turns out you're probably right but to go back and say all right team picking first second third fourth. Whatever let's look at these fifty plus players who went after them and then any undrafted player went after them in. Pick the individual best player and say. The team should've taken that guy. I think that's a hard conversation because you can't you don't have a choice of all of them. You only get to pick one. What did you think with Danny traded that number one pick like I brought Marquel Foltz in to a workout and then two days later pick is gone? And he's like swap with Philly. I thought he had about full-ti- thought the Celtics Organization concerns about full-scale on some of that played out in Philadelphia. He certainly played a lot. Better in Orlando I. I know we're all happy. Nobody's out here in the Cerruti your that. He resurrected his career in magic uniform. But I think part of that was the expectations and the pressure that go along with being number one pick. I also think scowl and this isn't coming from Boston but just what I know about the situation. Part of that was medical or medical concerns about about faults in his long term health. So I think that's part of the reason that the Danny did the trade. It seemed apparent to everybody when the Lakers moved up and got the number two pick that they were going to take Lonzo ball which they did so I think Danny and the guys in the Celtics Front office and ownership felt if we liked. Hate Him. The best we're GONNA take them at number one but we also know he'll be there at three. We'll do a deal will drop back to three and then pick up an additional asset that at the time the Sacramento pick look like it'd be very good Just so turns out that the Kings had their best year and decade last year when they won thirty nine Games and finished ninth in the Western Conference. But let me ask you let me let me ask you one question. Let's say I. I don't know if you know you know the Josh Josh Jackson. Situation in the draft where they celtics. Whatever I don't WanNa get into that. But let's say they take Josh Jackson Josh Jackson. And he's any with Brad Stevens and Celtics Organization. He buys into all that you guys take Jason. Tatum and does does career. Still in your mind Disa- career still look like Jason. Tatum is that guy. Josh Jackson stealing the G. League right now or do you feel like there's a lot of different things that can happen within an organization but I certainly think Jason Tatum's career looks very good. No matter what he he. He's a talented kid. We spent a lot of time on them with them and the pre-draft process. We liked him on and off the court that was going to be our pick. If the Celtics did take Josh Jackson at three. We were GONNA take tatum at four. It was kind of whatever was left in the age made the decision for us went Danny and the Celtics took Jason Tatum at three about scowl. Generally speaking you gotta be careful with this specific situation but generally speaking I think the organization were players drafted in the environment of player drafted into starting with the coaching staff. And the player Development Staff The stability starts at the top of the organization or lack of stability at the top of the organization that trickles down to everybody. I think that's super important. And I think that's a reason that you know we've talked about it. A lot on this show were raving about the job. The Miami Heat of nine this year finding some underrated guys. Bam Bio late lottery. Pick undrafted guys like Dunkin Robinson Tyler? Feroz late lottery. Pick Kendrick Nunn out of the G. League. I think there's a reason to franchises like that would destability and tend to get the most out of their players. They have a system that works and has proven to be effective over time. Nobody's done that over the last couple decades then San Antonio and I think other franchisers still searching for that stability or to put it a different way. I think that lack of stability really hurts. Those franchises and really hurts in particular young players coming into those organizations. I WanNa ask you this. I'll start with you scalise. I don't know if you know but I want to clear this up. I saw a bunch of people talking about this and I feel like I did hear that. You know Danny when he did trade back from one to three. It wasn't necessarily because he like was in love with Jason. Mckie like Jason Tatum right. But I don't know if it was like an hour targeting Jason Tatum. Necessarily do you remember like was there any sort of agreement with the SIXERS SCOWL? Start with you about our. We'll give you the number one pick. We'll trade that. But you guys can't tatum. Who wouldn't do you do that. That's that's that's what I thought. I thought there's no way there's no way Danny would do that and make sure you don't take the guy we want. No but I will say this. It was actually kind of made for them thing about this worked out folds and and Danny got off oats like within twenty four hours. This this other stuff happening. Lonzo ball did not work out for the Celtics and Danny was upset by that. Josh Jackson did not work out for the Celtics and Danny was upset by that he was like I listen. They'd love tatum. I know they did. They love tatum. Before the season started. And then he had a Guy Kinda dipiazza injury to his toe or something like that and they really loved him during the ACC tournament and Ncwa tournament. But but it was like the season with really easily made for them because no Lonzo ball was. They were really interested in Lonzo ball and no Josh Jackson. So maybe you gotta bring in the Inner Fox. But I'm here like Sacramento. Knew that they were going to get the Fox no matter what. By the way I think that the Celtics also tried to get five and ten and Sacramento would not budge because they knew that they were going to get there from what I understand. Sacramento would took Dr Fox at number one if they got the number one pick so we'll just have their guys but no tatum sort of decide. There was no choice to mate. Like I said no Lonzo Ball. They were foltz and no Josh Jackson in that Ryan. I feel like there are like they were always. I saw a bunch of people tweeting yesterday about like. Oh there's no way Danny traded the number one pick. If he knew he was gonNA tatum. I'm like Oh yeah I'm with you stomach. That's not how that works. Ryan go ahead. No I disagree. I think to some extent that is how it works but a little bit differently than the way you guys explained it. And what I mean what I mean by that is if you're Danny Aines and you're talking to Bryan Colangelo who was the GM of the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers at the time. There isn't elementary. You certainly have the right because you control the draft. You control the pick at number one you have the ability and I think Dante probably use this ability to go to Bryan Colangelo Bryan. I'm thinking about doing this trade with you but I need to know I need your word who you're going to take so you don't tip your hand. Scalp that'd be funny. You say you're not going to say well. You're not gonNA take Jason Tatum right but you say if we do this deal Brian. Who are you going to take and do? I have your word that you're GonNa take that guy and then if he says I'm GonNa Take Jason Tatum on the number one pick. Danny probably say no deal. If he says Marquel faults and keep in mind the Danny ainge and Bryan Colangelo have a long history going back to the Phoenix Suns. When Jerry Brian Lange alone the team and ran the team and Danny was head coach. Says I'M GONNA take Markelle Fultz do I have your word? Yes and then then we have a deal and in in that scenario Danny knows to Jason. Tatum IS GONNA be available at number three. But wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute. Wait a minute if they bring in folds and they look at the medical and the medical is all screwed up and they already did the trade. It can't go back on the trade right or can you go back on that trade. Let's just say I WanNa see what folks looks like. He brings enfolds and now both shoots all screwy. Then you're like well I'm GONNA taking. This guy is all messed up even though you agree to that beforehand well from what I know about the situation. Scalia believed the Boston Celtics. Doctors did the physical and so I- minor standing of it is that Philly didn't do another physical marquel false. They just exchange information from Boston. They might have done a few minor tests but I don't think they put false through a full physical. I think Philly was comfortable with the medical information they got from Boston. And your second question. I heard full says workout. What kind of a disaster and that shot a bunch of shots all screw you but at that point I think look this is where is much. Nobody likes to admit it. The public pressure does come in the false consensus guy. The the the the the deal to get them in the gym to work out to back away from that and unwind. That is really difficult to do. Even if it seems easy for three of US sitting here on on a podcast so they they. They went ahead and did the deal. Despite some of the medical red flags or any concerns they had about false shooting and obviously didn't work out great for and has worked out tremendously well for Danny from the Boston Celtics. I it's fascinating look back revisionist history on that because I you know you've got Lakers and sixers fans me like. Oh we have. Tatum added to our roster. And just like I don't play out that way like it's not it's not in a vacuum. All the other things have now happened. Like you don't necessarily end up with what you have now. Plus Jason Tatum. Like that. Just seems Kinda Ridiculous. I do want to ask you. Scalp Bala quick. I would love to see ball not necessarily ball but the Aaron Fox. They're like I don't know what's going on with Sacramento Indiana Fox. But the Fox. Been Simmons on the two most dangerous people in transition. You've embiid they're like that. Pick right there really set to sixers back big time like what would have happened if they would have got that right the sixers. Maybe they still are a cluster. You know what but it does seem like that right there. That moment of them drafting foles was like the downfall with the seventy sixers. Dr Yeah Well I. I am happy because as an Orlando Magic fan he seems to have somewhat turned his career around in Orlando. Now that he's the the guy the consensus number one pick that maybe people daddy wasn't two thousand seventeen but at least sort of turned the corner and a little bit. I want to ask you this Ryan going off of last Of yesterday's Game Lakers shelves Games gone. I did a big thing to start on it but I want to ask you this because I've always thought that you know the especially in this this era now of new duos right. It went from the Big Three. And our everyone's GonNa do again that you know. The ideal duo is like an elite wing player and elite big right so if you're Kobe Shack now obviously is the broader ad. Or Your Duncan and Parker. Whoever that is that throughout the course of history has been a really successful thing for NBA teams. And when it comes to duos but I'm watching the game yesterday and I'm going with the way that tatum and Brown can switch and obviously the way the Celtics but they give a switch on anything especially with Kemba Walker out there. If you're building a team would you rather have two elite wing players now rather than an elite wing player in a big? Which one would you rather have an in a perfect situation. I think it's hard to say in a vacuum. I mean the most talented duo in the league is in. La with the Lakers. Lebron James Anthony Davis. I don't think there's a ton of debate about that. Your your your point is we'll take thirty. I it's a good question and honestly not to pun on the answer but I think we'll know more after the playoffs based on what Houston does and some extent. What Boston does in the playoffs? And I agree with what scale said at the beginning of the show. I thought for most of the game last night Boston. Small Ball worked Daniel Thais watching him over the weekend on on Friday against Minnesota and then the Lakers. I think he's been playing out of his mind. He's been unbelievable. When you see the Celtics lineup against the Lakers. They are small and they're a little bit disadvantage sometimes on the offensive glass around the Celtics Defensive Glassy offensive glass for the Lakers and they don't have the size and length and Rim Protection. Lakers do so. I understand your point. I think it's a good one. Ideally you'd have three guys maybe two perimeter in one big and what you know. Historically the elite teams have and I think that ties back to the conversation we're having about the Philadelphia. Seventy sixers is the process and all all the work. Sam Hinkie did which I thought was was brilliant. I know that's a little bit controversial. But I think he really teed that thing up well. They came away with two guys. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid if they come away with three guys a scowl mission. Whether that's Darren Fox or Marquel Foltz you know. I think it looks a little extreme. Your or Jason Tatum. I think it looks a little bit different so I'll be interested to see it. Ideally you'd have to on the perimeter and one inside what I think. At some point you do need at least a very good big to protect the rim to rebound score in inside the pain right. I WANNA shift to Anthony Davis because last night. I think he's one of the greatest big playoff the move and I think he's a very average post player so go while. I'm watching that game on. Mike. I'm going back to the Houston Rockets. Which I'm don't want to give credit to the Houston Rockets. You're making acapella trade. But it just. The proof is in the results. These guys are really good and they're tough. So Anthony Davis for him to be the best version of Anthony Davis. How is he beating? The Houston Rockets is not going to be with post ups. Right isn't it GONNA be the two main game with him in the Bron- and him just catching the ball off the move. And letting his skill talent link athleticism to counter the small guys of the Houston Rockets. Seo One trend. I see watching league now. It'd be interested. Look at the numbers but what my is telling me. Is that the turnover rate on stationary post. A plays is extremely high right. If the offensive players stopped. He has his hands up. There's an entry pass. A lot can go wrong on the past. It can be off target. It can be too low to high. The defender can poke it away. And then when the offense player has the ball with no movement no momentum. The defensive player gets a bent arm. An arm bar to guard him so I bring it back to the Houston Rockets. Point what Mike Dantonio teaches and you know the scale screen roles is be a half half body below your man to hand bomb. Get in and out of the screen thirty so what? He means. He doesn't want you sitting there holding a screen waiting for the guy to come off. He basically wants the screen or the offense screener to slow down the defensive big just a half second make them hesitate maybe get a little piece of his body and then get out of the screen you get away from the screen and create space for James Harden and Russell. Westbrook the ball handler. So Scott I think they should do with Anthony. Davis I mean you. You mentioned his ability to score on the move with the size and length. The other thing is a lot easier to draw fouls when you're moving like that. You know the defenses and Saturday. It's hard to take charge when you're catching on the move. So I think that's the way to go and that's something movement continues. I wouldn't be surprised if you see the stationary post up. Almost disappear from our game entirely. Do you feel like is? I'll go back this doing the rocket up now last week. I was surprised. We ended up talking with scowl perk and it cost us who works. Who was on the you better? You Bet show. We had nick on because he was basically going rockets futures. You love what he saw. And I you know I was surprised that both perk and scowl were really. Kinda like two feet on this rockets bandwagon. I was sitting here going all right. I WANNA preach little patience. I WanNa see like the wear and tear of how it's GonNa look before. I say that I think that they are actual. Because they have the fourth best odds for the title right now behind obviously Milwaukee and both La teams which surprised me. I like what I see but is a team like I mean what's the Kryptonite to that is our first off. Are you as high as they are on this rockets on this new look raucous too small ball thing and is there Kryptonite? Basically a team like the Lakers or the nuggets. Like what. What do you see? How do you see that unfolding now? I'm not quite assigned the rockets those guy so I understand. They've done well and I understand this new in different than watching Houston's game against Utah. The other night I saw some confusion from Rudy Gobert. Who In my opinion is the best interior defensive player in the League as far as to be and what to do because the big guy who usually guards is not there and they were dragging away from the basket and they had the you know the clip that went viral. Russ Russell Westbrook in the Corner Wisconsin of Inbetween Harden drove and lobbed the Passover Rudy Gobert said and Westbrook Duncan on the baseline. So I think it's worked in the short term Mike West interesting at your take on. This Gal. Is Those two teams you mentioned in particular Cerruti. The Denver Nuggets wouldn't call Yokich in the in the in the post and not only the ability score on the post but it is really to pass out of the post and just the size and strength this advantage the PGA Tucker would give up in terms of the weight and more I guess more so than the physical strength but then especially the L. A. Lakers I mean that is a giant team scale. You do SOM- Yesterday. But Anthony Davis L mcghee Lebron James Kuzma. They have a lot of size and length on the front line. So I just have what we keep me up at night if I were Darrell. More your mic the Antoni is having visions of La Lakers playing volleyball and the offensive glass to shoot miss. Get it back shoot. Miss get it back put in scale. Do you have any of those concerns? Like you think. That could happen in a playoff series. After watching the Lakers playing person. Yesterday I walked away. I walked away more convinced that the Houston Rockets can beat. The Los Angeles Lakers after watching last night. I just I just thought the way that the Lakers want to guard you're gonNA eliminate that they wanna they wanNA pack the pay. They WANNA force guys to the paint. They WanNA challenge shots at the rim. That might not happen with the perimeter. Just loaded up if they post up Davis. That's not gonNA work. If they get Davis off the move short roles half rolls pick and pop stuff like that then. I feel like that can work but once again it would be a lot of switching is going to be a lot of wear and tear on the brand if I almost. I do think the Lakers will beat the rockets. But I feel like that series is going to be a dogfight. I do feel the clippers will beat him and I don't think the Nuggets or Utah would beat Houston Rockets right now. So that's where I stand currently as we as we go right now because I'm all in on because of my respect for J. Tucker a him him at the defensive player I am all in on the Houston Rockets and because of Westbrook's just having no cappella means Westbrook's not shooting threes. I'm all in on that too like the thing that I fear the most whether it be like if I was a coach and I'm watching it is dues attacking the rim from the perimeter. Because I think you. What do you give up guys? You're giving up thousand times the referees just guess halftime if there's a foul play at the rim and you're giving up the wide open shot if you rotate. So I'm actually leaning more towards every day that Houston Rockets are going to be pro. If they can play the Lakers. It's GonNa be a dogfight of a series. Yeah I've always said I like the I like the idea behind it. I think it was worth the risk. I'm still going to be a little bit patient on whether or not I'm going to believe you know 'cause I like. It looks good right now. I just feel like there has to be some sort of course correction coming and Scalia. Right if if Vogel and the Lakers sort of figure out the all right let's just pick and roll them to death. Pick and pop indepth. What is their answer like? Dirac don't have an answer for that rally. There's really nothing they could do you. But they're the big they're the the Houston Rockets to me. Besides the bigs are the most physical team. There is out there like people. Don't talk about James Harden being physical. He's big he's big and strong. Russell Westbrook is big and strong. Tucker is big and strong. They got big strong wing. So it's not like they're just not like they have a midget out there that they have to like dance around defensively they switch everything and force you to go delayed isolation. I don't know man. I just maybe maybe you guys are right. Maybe maybe WESTBROOK loses mind and jacking up a bunch of bad shots but the way that they're playing right now. I'd be super fearful if I was a team in the western conference having to play them. Why we do this. I want to talk about the clippers. A little bit as well speaking of You know you said that the Lakers and the teams you can see beating the rockets come playoff time. I'm actually starting to sort of worry. A little bit about the clippers you know. They've lost three straight including for the last five even like the encore. Chemistry looks a little bit off. Let's do that. We'll do that at the break here. But what scale once you give us another quick read here from five hour energy. And then I'll ask Ryan you about the weather or not prematurely worrying about the Clippers. All right you guys know. I travel all over the globe. I haven't been home in eighteen nights. I haven't seen my house or my bed at all but it's I'm telling you wait. You know traveling airplanes flights all that stuff man. I get tired so I you. Five hour energy five hour energy helps me get through those crazy days. It helps me get through the officiating in the last five minutes that Laker game because I almost fell asleep during the replays and one shot helps me stay alert. Maybe the referees could have used some five hour energy in that last five minutes and they can and you can be energized wherever you're going like to the game home to dinner late night parties. Whatever you need by our energy has you now comes in too. Great extra strength. Tropical taste strawberry and Banana and tropical birds. They're delicious and you can take a tropical burst on the go and you can enjoy the experience of being like in Mexico. When I was sitting on the beach for nine save with my Hoodie and my big straw hat and my five hour energy and I'm not getting burnt by the Sun and Ryan. Mcdonagh is super jealous of that. Zero sugar four calories and convenient portable size is perfect. Picked me up for busy hard. Working People like the white mob scaling bells. What's up everybody? It's Rudy. Thanks for listening to the Scallon Pals podcast remember. You can watch or listen. Live every day from eleven. Am TO ONE PM eastern exclusively on the radio DOT COM APP or on radio DOT com slash Gal.

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