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Hey everybody says prestige jay. I want to tell you you know now you listen to your favorite radio radio. Show or your podcasting <unk> well. I could do that though now with anchor you can. I love you in anchor <hes> because this is one of the many way that bakti down gets to grow more on <unk> more people and you can do it too so if you sign up for anchor today you could be on your way to get your listeners. You could find the show you you want. You can do news you do sports. You could do talk you could do trivia just be yourself. Be who ever ever you want to be but most important have fun. That's why have fun. This is your show. This is your moment. Make it what you want to be sign of anchor and you will not be sorry that you did this. Prestigious have a great day. Elijah cared way to go home. I just can't ed way to go home. I said i'd yes and way to go. <hes> i don't know when the mic on home program for the big need down is before i go to carnival oh on october six leaving on the fifth from here in springfield for the i do tell you this man hopefully smackdown will be as crazy with the quarterfinal actions on dea dea king ranked tournament. There will be a straight winner because after the craziness of having to have to heels fighting a baby faced in a triple threat match meaning a <hes> barron coleman and also <hes> samoa joe he'll be fine ricochet for to be in a final indicate rain over at classic champion that was absolutely positively the most craziest ending of a quarterfinal match in monday night raw <unk> completely bizarre and i don't have no other bailey. She turned heel know-how the bailey she turnhill just like at the sites turnhill <hes> <hes> after she was at analogy was talking about her father who passed a year ago when when that attack happened so number huggers are no more bailey and <hes> well thank has always been the boss but so <hes> no doubt about dance. Oh boy so everybody likes the bad so everybody the bad bailey i'm i'm the only one that likes to hug her belly belly and i'm the only one in the whole in his whole country a country in the in the palace session and i'm the only one who likes hugger bailey. Anthony meat is the meat is what are you a night empty country or where do you honor a prince or princess and i'm the only one who likes hugger bailey. Am i man everybody else that all's bailey is grave at the he'll bailey is great after you. I love the hilton. I loved him to what the cat well the cat really i don't like it. I love her belly and i just got at thad win win after the all out pay per view when i heard that cali right the part of the county ray and not going to be on awa anymore i mean come on. I'm the winner over here and i'm the lonely widower over here in a very lonely palace. Come on really <music>. I mean come on. I'm just trying to get over bronchitis. I could go home so i could regroup matter of fact. I'm going to have a show on home because i'm going to bring you the show on the high seas. I'm gonna bring you that but nonetheless i mean i don't have a yard per pallet. Is the princess listening to this show. I had the princess <unk> fans of the show. I don't have a regular president. My my only princeton student heaven my only prisoners navon orne born paradise. I mean come on unbelievable unbelievable but anyway i mean it's hard to recover because i'm trying. I'm i'm in process of getting ready to go home and then i wind up not being able to get on the tank while something to mix my water with because because the water somehow in a city whenever it gets warm. It is completely nasty already. I've already recovering being from getting sick and i don't want to stay six for the planet. I had to switch my trip but nonetheless. I don't want to switch my trip up because i want to plan for next year right in the middle when i'm planning for lieutenant governors on but i wanna play my crew for next this year. It may be charged t._c. Vike long crews do another birthday clues do that but nonetheless <hes> press still going out for the people in who are affected by hurricane <hes> dorian who is very slow moving. I have been watching reports in. It's been devastating. I've been in the grand bahama islands when i went on the <hes> the the grand bahama paradise and i tell you it's not pretty not pretty so w w what are you doing. What are you doing but providers are catching tashin yeah we. I've always wanted to say that. I don't know i had said gala winery on this show yet or maybe maybe i just you have a paid any attention so tonight the quarterfinals of smackdown now we'll conclude into one who will represent smackdown in the final that take place over at class of champion and made. I tell you if this is anything what's been happening on raleigh better. Have your assurance paid up because you have a because an a tailspin while or jali holly anyway anyhow so i'm gonna go ahead and get my perdition up here ear on running and i did get two sources the i got the w._w._e. Now i've forgotten part of the w._w._e. Universe all the u <hes> that though that does like like grasping and also <hes> also i did another search for king rang and i was like does any email for people to <hes> watch on <hes> w._w._e. So <hes> on the car tonight i four the king of the ring <hes> allie allie clashes with elias out allie was one of my pick to go on on <hes> but he faces alliance he should a fake kevin on kevin owens but that was meant to be <hes> kevin owen was taken up by shame shame man because statement man was the referee a he cheated leading elias win and now we got ali versus alliance and then i'm gonna go with elias on this one. I'm definitely going to do that. I'm not not not elias. Ali <music> forgive me. I had to try to get these under drink. My medicine and everything is always over but i'm gonna alley and not going with the lies. I'm i'm so mad because i can't seem to get nothing squeaked the train so i can take my medicine and it's ridiculous so i'll say it again. I'll take out allie allie to be elias allie to be elias and sanyo ben outlets today because i'll fire you from the broadcast. Ask and never let you listened to the podcast though allie will be alliance for to go onto a <hes> to the next round for the semi-final and they will eat the n._f._l. One of them eat amid me chad gable or for <hes> yeah it will either be tagged gable or andrei now. Both of these are good. Competitors attack gabel gable end the andrea. Who would i pick on this one. I am so wound up by now. I i can't get a larger that will last me the whole day in the nineties for two consecutive <unk> ninety two consecutive days and yeah. It's not allowing me. The function today is not a noun me the funds but i wanted to give you a pre show <hes> before tonight eight or stride say pre segment before tonight that stability and i'm going to tel thin yeah. I'm really tailfin yeah but anyway so. I don't know who the pit between tag gable i on trail i mean both of those are pretty good. Pick <hes> to to be either in a semi-final but if i had to pick one i picked tag gables to <hes> be andrea this time <hes> for the king the king of the rain and be either to me <hes> alley or elias and hoping ally but i- tag able to eat meat alley or elias in the semi-final to represent smackdown at the <hes> the semi finals or so forth so my predictions are once again allie and also tag able to go further and to the king of the ring tournament semi final action so there you haven't so <hes> don't forget the big deep down is listener supported especially on anchor heard that f._m. And also on radio public if you listen to some radio public <hes> anchor dot f._m. This is listener supported at well. Well <hes> don't forget to support the show <hes> anywhere between a ninety nine cents at four ninety nine as well and you can help the show out that way. Oh i forgot my thing y'all we rally now not that one but let <hes> if you are listening to us from big d country dot net and other places that big d don't ed. I casting. You're on the right play. This is big d country where d- country strong see you after the king and rain on on smackdown and find out if i'm right if i'm wrong. Is it going to be more. Craziness is going to be more awareness no because i just and weighed to go home. Ideas can wait wait to go home. Oh i just can't wait a to go on aw because they're no place like home.

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