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So you've made it through three hours be regular show on terrestrial radio and you wanted a little bit more so that's why you've found the gun talk after show podcast where we saved all the best things that we can't say on regular Radio Hellers precarious situation by David couple to build and they are by Charles Cw Cook and lastly Teddy Roosevelt tr appreciate that very much Jim is in Bowling Green Ohio line three hey jim what's on your mind sir well I know from experience sometimes we find out things later that old okay that's what's going on in this case it it we're just gonNA remark you had that fatal murder of that Gal in Texas on the Pelissier erroneously shot through the window magazine subscription was Pretty Pricey as MAG subscriptions go it is but they they don't have the enormous sales at some magazine still possible council this a costly fee tom costly hold your skirmishing on the range by decline leary pretty good article and National Review does a good job really does it just I subscribe for Awhile but frankly the the Peter was the September Thirty S. three zero issue of National Review magazine founded by William Buckley on the top gun issue on that down right and there's a picture of looks like a Beretta on the frontier ninety two perhaps okay very good look I appreciate the heads up but there's some pretty good articles years ago there was one on chronic wasting disease oh I can't think of the name of the guy was fascinating He he was sorting outdoors guy and he had let me see we had some skirmishing we were doing finishing up our season there and that's all that's your family business internal squabbles the feel of being a bad shoot him but but it does open the conversation up to I think you probably heard newest stuff right okay well I appreciate the heads up good articles that now that's the September thirtieth issue of National Review People Got Lee in eastern Washington over on line two hey lee how you doing hello not too bad thank you for a good show being I guess a horrible tragedy and sounds like audible it's early to call it a murder we don't know what transpired and then we have the best defense and we have five different articles armed citizen by Robert Ferguson the right to make that is to manufacture Arms Kevin D Williamson previous caller said you know a lot of officers coming in today don't have any background and shooting all they know is the gun they were issued in what they trained with it the Kademi but no experience with shooting the city police kicked in the door of an apartment on a guy and he was standing at the other side of his living room holding a handgun a sport or shooting are people who own guns for self defense being the good guys well that's my opinion occurred here we'll do that just a bit but we've got some folks that are on hold that probably don't want to stay there forever and although we'd probably like like hear some of your stories let's see here got killed him on the spot he was for for for them that was justification the fact that he was holding a gun whether or not he was threatening in living room and the police kick the door in and it was all on account of his ex wife who was his biggest problem and kept calling I James Yeah whatever Michelle whatever gasoline Jim you get to be not Michelle get the police involved in do it for him it went down as a good shoot that was ruled on by the Sheriff I disagree check on his welfare check on his welfare really so if he wanted to commit suicide that would have been fine you know but course I remember and people are banging on the door kicking in the door and he reacted as a lot of us would grabbed his pistol to be shot because you did not exercise due diligence you screwed it up and you know the flipside of that is are shooting anybody or anything just having the gun was a death sentence but I guess it was it was standing in his of the problem with dynamic entry is if you have their own house and you kick in a door you should expect to be shot and if you want to do some real digging name Kenyon Blue Kenyan blue this goes back thirty years or more and he was a guy in mining the new but really seriously family skirmishes yeah knock on the door ring the doorbell for Heaven Sakes now I don't know it just drives me crazy I appreciate the call look I get it I got a lot of friends who are cops if you go to the wrong house and you kicking the door the natural logical consequence of that as you should expect really pretty rough and it was one of those moments when like you say many times I didn't think of that and one thing I didn't think of was just because you see somebody holding a gun in his own home does not mean that person's a threat it's amazing what could happen you can live alleviate a lot of this stuff you just go taking that Joe home invasion and keep in the door and they killed him so this is not new it has been going on for a long time and it's the old deal how do I open the door can I get out of here if we go down I need to be able to get out and yes where is the the locator beacon it was about it but I was wondering if you might have some comment in terms of as a passenger in a situation like that what what is a reasonable expectation well I'll tell you what you know hunting season's coming up a lot of guys might be flying out to their hunts and might find themselves in a smaller aircraft with pilots and the hunter and recently the experience of being in a small single engineer craft and we unexpectedly came in and some really bad weather and I didn't really have a plan worked out with the pilot in terms of what to do in the event of -mergency let's say he had a let's say he had a health problem ron you figure out what you're GonNa do but yeah if you're flying with anybody you should expect some type of safety briefing part of that should be you can flip that on the other thing I would say is this you should have your survival equipment where you can take the oak which is the steering wheel and keep the plane straight and level and you do that with fingertip pressure because every Eddie over controls at first so very very lightly you should be able to strum your fingers on the yoke while you are controlling the plane and from there we dive into that because actually when I went to I was in camp yesterday I flew my plane and so I I fly I've been flying for thirty five years rescue people and it tells you where you are within ten feet so eliminates the search out of search and rescue it should be on your person when you were flying into the back country and don't depend upon anybody else for your safety you need to have your po be on your person because if you go briefing at Paseo briefing if he he expires while you're flying there's not much you're gonna be able to do if you're not a pilot although look look what I'll tell you is experience what I consider to be light turbulence and what the FAA considers to be light turbulence you may think is really heavy turbulence if you're if stuff and getting your stuff out and you may be in the middle of nowhere I also recommended May I ask you this do you have a personal locator beacon that you carry with you is not flying around the cabin it's not heavy turbulence and I'm not being facetious that is actually the literal definition of heavy too extreme turbulence in business in his who's either apartment or House I don't remember and I think it was. ATF stage a raid no problem I had the wrong house Dan and the pilot is killed and nobody knows where you are. What are you going to imagine you're sitting there with broken legs broken for a brief from the pilot and for my skill set I'm not a pilot Right well okay let let me he had a heart attack right there what I didn't have communication with anyone one accept him inside that aircraft and I knew where the emergency beacon locator was reach it if it's in the back of the plane it's camping equipment it's not survival gear because the chances are in the event of a crash it's entirely Garmin or the spot I like regular true personal locator beacon has gps built in when you push the button it alerts discover what works and what doesn't Kidnapping Atm Robbery Home Invasion and other attacks learn how to save your life and the lives of attacks happen every day how will you react see real people put in real life criminal tax situations on first person defender Nineteen visit Brownell Dot com for guns ammo reloading equipment or anything you need to customize your firearm and enjoy the industry's only guaranteed forever your family get the entire first season on DVD at Shop Gun Talk Dot Com get prepared shop gun talk dot Com however if you go places where something bad could happen you could end up in the woods in the mountains in the water treading water a job can save your life Michelle has been out there doing her skirmishing thing to tell me tell people about what that is back bad day at blackrock I am a huge believer it's about two hundred and fifty bucks for appeal be whether you are a boater or hunter or would a huge believer in that you know if it's really bad turbulence talk to the pilot and say can you get us out of this stuff the other thing is now we'll tell you this we as a team compete to have the most hits in the least amount of time so everything that we hit is a so you can talk to them and say hey is this normal what's going on getting that information back from him is important that'll help you about the only thing you get out of there with what you can either wear or what you can reach because if it goes down and starts burning you're not going to the baggage compartment Tim before break okay let's do that Tim's and Carson city data hey tim I just looked down near that's the airplanes hunting what are we talking about here man National's eight and ten men to a team so and and it's any weather so you know we had some sticky rainy weather teams lunchbox and then you get what they call a garbage target where it can be anything that they make up it can be the group is and what you guys do our team is based out of southern Ohio we're actually part of the NS S A which is the north south skirmish association loading right and so there's teams dependent on how the competitions are you know some of the local matches only five members to a team where when you go to water bottles that are filled with colored water or beer cans or shape your shooting single shot it satisfaction policy to stay up to date with the latest and best deals from Brown els text to five five six to three home for all things firearms looking for retro rifle how about the VR in one eighty or one eighty s named one of shot chose best products of two thousand uh what kind of plane was I guess first of all take a small plane was a cub or a Cessna or something like that yes single engine to see never take the call sir run to the break here don't go anywhere folks got we come back we're skirmish light your end powder just tends to or the smoke from the from the gunpowder tencent just sit in the area and you don't know if you hit the target because you've got this billowing smokeout in front of you sometimes you actually Kinda ducked down below the cloud or something you do and there's a lot they are like our calvary was back in the civil war and that is very cool so now you're not exaggerating when you say you shoot wok powder reason we gave up that stuff now so award yup but I watched my husband do it for years before that and before then we did you know the traditional bullseye muzzle loading competition it now you have now you've been penalized now you have a penalty of time that's added onto what you thought was your cleared the I mean it was really tight in there I mean you should get and as a commercial pilot so you should get a so if feels weird to you and it's small plane you're bounce all around you get nervous the pilot maybe one nothing just no day at the office here of communication amongst the team you know top right hit because maybe you only knocked a little chip of the piece but it's hit the hit is a hit and so it's a dead target so you don't want anybody else still thinking they need to clear that target and waste our time but then if you all time too soon in you didn't get all the targets hit out there that have been doing it since not kidding the age of three and you watch him you're like what but having said that you also miss fast you know exploded of some sort so it's clay pigeons it's clay tiles it's wooden piece of tar out pot for the season Yeah Yep we started getting March Yeah Paulie have you been doing justice this is only my well this will be the end of my second year family you've you've spent lots of time with a over the summertime shooting in competing camping eating than you know so now you're are you guys done for the season we are done maybe three in a minute if you really fast yeah Oh yeah because it's all in a tube it's all self contained in a tube so we NFL teammates hate you now that you know people out there right there is that people out there that have you know shower muzzle loading black powder rifle Smith car beans muskets ah Yup so this is not just the accuracy it's also the speed of re and off this quickly as you can unload and reload and and recap your what's average what's lightning-fast everybody's different there's some people that Michelle what did you do shoot some yeah lever we were we a lot of fun you know something that you can't share with people on the radio is the smell now right no not yet okay piano pl you can gals again to garment with a couple of the Dolores ah there's there's actually quite a few women that are out there shooting it too so yeah it's a lot of fun I it's just the different Lotta ways you can see whether or not you hit your target guys wearing period accurate clothing that's where wearing clothing that was worn by level plastic tube that has the powder in the bullet pressed into it already in so really we're just shoot or horn have to stop drawing drawing quickly and she shooting and missing doesn't that you and your good you still have to hit here as they say dead is dead on days I mean we've gone to nationals and it is just raining profusely and of course that takes away the smoke in a hurry there so it's a lot of fun in you know you leave those people see and March you know it's and so you know one of the guys that I like to shoot he shoots like you know it's always a party when we're with you let's just like Confetti every and then you get the smell of that smoke hanging in the air and that's actually kind of a big part of the experience absolutely and that's Yeah I've heard that's what you just slip out in a cloud of smoke she was never here a of competing in and you know like you say it's it in a time when everybody wants to shoot like a reactionary target come try is what you're telling you yeah wool pants ooh yeah just a big part of you got the sound which is black powder guns don't sound the same senator fire got kind of all kind of a deal the Brownell dot com is your uh-huh shooting black powder now you're using true powder or substitutes now to black powder go expression black powder okay the smell is there's times where it's just so humid is just hangs it hangs of hangs in you literally are dodging all over the place trying to see or you're relying on somebody else to say you're in within that so we just literally Smith Carbon I just push a lover and you know the gun action breaks open and I feed a new two been close it now here's Tom Michelle and Jim for the gun talk after show or showtime we have Jim and Michelle is back hello to be as quick as possible but obviously fish is the big thing so but it's a reminds me of that old lines you can't miss somebody fast enough to to and your spin out at Camp Perry for my husband Alpha's zest in a re from the time you squeeze around off to squeeze the next it it gets in your clothes to get your hair oh it's just kind of ran with or without the rain you really don't need to bathe for three sookie though missing a hurry up I have I mean I don't know about that uh-huh reload quickly then miss that doesn't do right happens all of us weren't we try you know you want it's a hit but it misses amiss in minutes per round not routes permitted right right well you could probably get off shots summer that smoke smells electric which way is up from the crown good holiday we'll get one room and we'll just take turns taking hi this is Ryan Gresham with that's gun talk dot com slash win the two handguns triggers holster packages tactical gear optics and more residents of all fifty states can enter that's right what is not in the pack I mean you got there it is right there you know a California Massachusetts Maryland those five counties in Illinois everyone prizes from axion optics Coal Creek Schwinn to enter the legal everywhere giveaway presented by Timmy triggers one grand prize with more than seventy three hundred dollars in prizes including Osprey Holsters disentis proper timmy triggers and Walter enter now through November first at gun talk dot Com Slash Win Ooh talk have you ever heard about a gun giveaway thought I can't win that stuff I live in a state where I can't own it well visit gun talk dot com slash it's gorgeous day out here in Idaho the moment here do a little deer hunting actually it's more like walking in the woods this is nothing smell-a-vision radio stations man I know uh-huh well I tend to think it'd probably more of a comfort food in the cold hunting days it's interesting you mentioned that because last night we had a group of about a dozen and we had chili dogs so yes here where it's like fifteen to twenty degrees in the morning doc seemed like a good thing to have it was good Chili Chili dogs ballgame that's what he used the Chili Chili sauces they put on everything anyway anyway permeate on that one let's take a quick break we'll come back and it'll be gems turned to stink up the place aftershave who needs a shower just cover oh I love that that's great idea three year that's weird isn't what's up with that it is it's odd sure is she take a lighter so I'm carrying too much it and we haven't even started Chili Season Chili season is there a chilly this makes nature observing is what we were doing so that's all right good good workout these hills get steeper oh man I did like our range of part of the Guy who bought the rigor precision in twenty two magnum yeah and then it went to our agdam these days seventeen eight tomorrow kind of eclipsed it but it's it's a really really good caliber I actually had a conversation last night got about five millimeter image and Magnum he's bidding on one online so we're talking about the hold on you you had one tractors who so I just need to what I'm GonNa do is I'm just GonNa take the bolt out and extractor and send it up to Michelle and have her gunsmith put it in parts parts which we discussed where to get parts I had one actually with a broken doctor but now I have to count them so the one thing about that ammo of five millimeter ammos kind of pricey but I haven't actually checked to see if it's more than twenty two magnum forming send it back that we'd be more than happy to see you go there's a plan right there this it's about one hundred rounds save like twenty five cents around they'd be more than that the five millimeter tweet magnums up to that yet we'll talk about supply and demand when you can get nine mill for sixteen cents just so looking at those I get the email I was like you guys do and the prices are low and but you know well we remember was it only five years like well I bought ten thousand rounds been six months is not going to be any good it's not like that the other thing of course with that is okay and something like that I'm not predicting it but it certainly could happen imagine I'm sorry go ahead when you consider the shelf life but I signed up to do they call it their basic gunfighter class and it's a combination of a are pistol and so is cheap so why not invest some more in your training because you do have the ability to get the ammunition now too so it's a good point ah rather than buying it and horrid how about buying it and shooting it becoming a better shot right yeah good point I actually signed up time and people forget and you're thinking okay you know you might want just be buying ammo a little bit at a time and put it away we'll see it's like okay when I go to gun side I know I'm getting into you know when you go to some of these places you know and this was just out of the blue thought well let's just take a chance and see how it goes aw Brennan an awful lot with pistols but not very much they are frankly speaking of in my Asia's three hundred blackout build you had mentioned once in the past soon then I'm hopeful but I just needed a tune up and so I also just need more work with a ours as a fighting for Choi a shooting range in our area and they actually do tactical training don't know anything about the guys there door so when you just couldn't find him oh that crazy period and you would pay whatever it took if you actually needed it it was weird it's not that great of a home defense weapon and I was yeah I think you did or maybe I was just in a delusional state at the you much opportunity and I'm assuming you have in shooting the air pistols versus the air rifles have you noticed any kind of differences I'm thinking two hundred yards so I think the Ar pistol maybe the sweetest package out there and I was yeah Oh yeah then he had a good at the twin tower and it's great you know because you don't really hear these don't hear that much about the twenty two shooting a three hundred blackout around any five six shouldn't work but occasionally does and guns don't like that they will and main frankly take that and stick a can on it and your home free that's a great tool or three hundred blackout and you got thirty around meg personally I would load it to twenty seven rounds just for people to be aware they tend to be a little bit more reliable way with the Pan Guard armed guard brace if the brace the thing blade whatever people call it it'd be you're GonNa get more wall penetration with three hundred blackout than you would with a five six that'd be the only downside possible if that's not an issue where you are then I would oh coming to that for but for home defence tool you don't need an SBA are you don't need the federal stamp for it and you can shoot it off the shoulder about it okay okay but no three hundred blackout are three hundred blackout with a can on it would be nine hundred yards so hell yeah that's five six I look reports all the time home invasions and I almost never reading reports of home invasions of horrific coon defense tool and we talked about I think we did we talked about mark into magazines right right Oh yeah yeah so no people anymore it's always multiple attackers well think think like a crook I mean you want somebody near back when you need it uh

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